Best Xiaomi Technical Services In Washington Near Me

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1. Best Buy - Washington

· 2198 reviews

3100 14th St NW Ste 203, Washington, DC 20010, United States

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Best Buy: what do users think?

Kiffa Shirley: Excellent service, clean store, full of big screen TVs ready for Christmas shoppers. If you’ve not been to the Columbia Heights Best Buy, is so convenient to the metro, and other shopping, and it put me in the Christmas Spirit.

Lady Elexia: I love best buy as a rule, no matter where I find them. The columbia heights location is nice, but it is a bit on the small side. While I could find the basics, their selection of new items was a bit lack lusture. Customer service is always perfect, at least in my experiences.

Dawn Develin: Mack was amazing. He sat with me patiently and help me with my phone purchase. I very confused and not very savvy with technology and he treated me with respect and help me through every step without getting frustrated. Overall everybody at Best buy has been phenomenal but he went above and beyond.

2. T-Mobile - Washington



· 97 reviews

1146 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20036

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T-Mobile: what do users think?

Sebastian casino: do wonders for this location. Thanks guys! I had such a great experience here. Gayland and E (I believe is her name) were amazing to work with. They made switching to T-mobile a fun and easy experience. I suggest you keep them around, they will do wonders for this location. Thanks guys!was smooth and that I would have no problems while I was switching . They transferred all my information to the new device and also put the case and screen protector on my new phone. They were very professional and I highly recommend this T-mobile. Easily, the best T-mobile store I’ve ever been it. I Came into this T-mobile store to upgrade my phone. Nicholas and Jessica went beyond the call of duty to make sure my transition was smooth and that I would have no problems while I was switching . They transferred all my information to the new device and also put the case and screen protector on my new phone. They were very professional and I highly recommend this T-mobile. Easily, the best T-mobile store I’ve ever been it.

Huck Rocca: Worked with Katie and Nikki to switch over from Verizon to T-Mobile and they couldn’t have been more helpful during the process! They stayed late past closing time to resolve our issues and made my sister and I feel extremely valued as customer. Thank you so much!! :)

Wafa Faith Hallam: I’ve been a T-Mobile customer from the very beginning and always appreciated their amazing customer service. I stopped by this store to check some phones and ask questions. Brice helped me through it all clearly and honestly. He couldn’t have been more helpful or more patient. Thanks, Brice. You’re the best!

Brett Raud: Brice Gibson and his colleagues are honest professionals. He matched my needs to the tech, no upselling. Just great customer service with high substantative knowledge (he knows his stuff).

Valentina Apa: Chris was extremely helpful in assisting me with transferring my service and phone number over to T-Mobile from AT&T. The staff here is very personable and friendly and they work efficiently. I definitely recommend this location. Thank you Chris for your help today!

Sholz West: Efficient Tech guys were on standby very helpful.

Honey Marie: I visited this store on my lunch break yesterday and was really in a rush. The store was busy and I was frustrated I had to wait. I was pleased however to have been greeted right away and logged in to save my place in line. The representative figure out what I needed and because it was a quick bill pay, he asked the two gentleman that were logged in ahead of me if it was okay to quickly take my payment so I could make it back to work in time. Luckily they agreed and I was finished in seconds. Ashamed to say, I came into the store frustrated but left happy. The rep quickly looked at my account and let me know I was eligible for some additional savings and offers; I wish I remembered his name :-( He even mentioned something about business offers. I scheduled an appointment and will def be back at the end of week to review what I have available, just started my own cupcake business. Thanks!

3. Verizon - Washington

· 133 reviews

1001 Connecticut Ave NW R1011, Washington, DC 20036

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Verizon: what do users think?

Natalie Thomas: Super nice staff! I worked with Nikki and she was so nice and helpful, I was in and out in 15 minutes with everything I needed to upgrade my super old phone. She got me set up completely and answered all my questions. Everyone here seemed really kind to other customers as well and it looked like everyone was having a good time.

Rachel Murphy: Great experience today. Mose provided excellent customer service as we needed to reactivate lines and purchase a new phone. He was patient and ensured we we 100% setup before we left. Will definitely come back.

4. Asurion Tech Repair & Solutions - Falls Church

· 605 reviews

1071 W Broad St, Falls Church, VA 22046

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Asurion Tech Repair & Solutions: what do users think?

Joseph Sanford: This Falls Church location had my S21 Ultra screen in stock and set aside the last one for me. Took my phone same day and had it fixed under 5 hours. Rep was super polite and helpful, and as professional as you could want. Cost was $314 with tax, no insurance.

topgun2325: Not all their stores have the same stock & repair capability. Falls Church, Virginia was exceptional. Very capable technicians and can get parts quickly. Very professional and courteous in-person and on phone. Strongly recommended. 😎👍 -- Sneakers N.

Jessica Statz: I dropped and broke the screen to my IPhone late on a Saturday night. I was at their Falls Church location when they opened. The gentleman that helped me was awesome. Fixed it in 3 hours and far less than other locations! I highly recommend them!

John Meyers: I brought in a dead chromebook. During the course of the repair, I had interaction with three different people: the first during intake, the second on the phone, and the third when picking up the device. Each one of them was polite and professional. I have to give a special thanks to Kaitlyn as she was the tech who not only serviced my device, but was the one who was there when I picked it up. Not only was she nice to deal with, she also told me exactly what was done. And it was done before the promised date (several days early in fact). The bottom line is that I had a great experience with them. They will definitely be considered for any future repair work I may need.

Rafael Gil Figueroa: Same day screen fix on a Google Pixel 4a. Excellent staff that ensures the best products/services needed. Would recommend, will more than likely return the next time a phone gets broken.

Adam Kinnaman: Highly appreciate the great customer service from this store. They knew they would have to stay late in order to get my S21 Ultra screen replaced today but they told me they would get it done. Thank you.

5. Astound Broadband Powered by RCN - Washington

· 119 reviews

3734 10th St NE, Washington, DC 20017

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Astound Broadband Powered by RCN: what do users think?

Redietu Haile: Excellent internet service for an affordable price and the BEST part is that it’s so easy to get a hold of customer service and they ALWAYS help out! What an awesome service! Very satisfying!

6. Astound Broadband Powered by RCN - Washington

· 109 reviews

5756 Georgia Ave NW, Washington, DC 20011

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Astound Broadband Powered by RCN: what do users think?

Richard J Breault: RCN installation person ,was top Notch.very personable And efficient.I was throughly pleased with , install,,.and,up and running, timeliness,of use. Since, installation,...the only, disappointment,is the occasional buffering,of video or signal during a watching of some Movies,on Showcase channels. Otherwise,I am happy with my purchase of RCN se vice.

Maureen Vilchez: Awesome and efficient services were provided to me and my family. I was surprised with the turn around time to get everything set up. I called Thursday and my services were set up by Saturday. In addition, I got a great promotion!

Ed Barber: The response was prompt, and service was restored though it took longer than initially estimated -- probably because it was an area problem, not one confined to us. We did not have any personal contact with RCN personnel, though when we have had such contact in the past, they have been uniformly professional, personable and efficient.

7. Micro Center - Merrifield

· 3637 reviews

3089 Nutley St, Fairfax, VA 22031

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Micro Center: what do users think?

Joseph Pietroluongo: Micro center has everything. I had never been to one before but if you are doing anything gaming they have pretty much everything. Feels a bit like a used car dealership inside however. The staff always approached me which is engaging but I just wanted to browse and didn’t want to be sold anything. It is probably more helpful for people who don’t have any idea about computer components, but it felt very off putting to me.

Devon Janes: Came here a few weeks ago to pick up a gaming laptop. I found the one I wanted online, gave them the SKU number, and had a quick and easy checkout. It probably would have been easier if I had reserved it online for pickup since they seem to have a good process for that. The store is well stocked and well staffed and should be the first place you visit when looking for electronics.

rareflowersinatomb: I was looking at gaming laptops and found some great deals at MicroCenter, and a good price on the exact model that I was most looking at. Store is a bit out of the way for me but not much of a selection at other stores nearby unless you want to WAY overpay at Best Buy...and hope it never fails since their support is trash. Only way to get a better deal would be to toss the dice with an Amazon listing, and even then could only have shaved off about $100, which would be gone if you ever had to ship your computer off for service. -Large store with a lot of stock, and they keep it clean and organized -Staff has been friendly and helpful -Very competitive pricing

Fronzy 101: This computer superstore has everything from building complex circuitry projects to building high-end custom PCS, workstations and everything into between. They also have a apple section and a home theater section with very knowledgeable staff. I use the micro center CC card that gives me an extra 5% off as well as better pricing with rebates.

Stoonookw: Bought a bunch of hard drives and misc stuff. The customer service here is absolutely next level!!! Thanks Christopher F for you superb knowledge

8. Apple Georgetown - Washington

· 1399 reviews

1229 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington, DC 20007

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Apple Georgetown: what do users think?

vze1nv91: At the moment Apple wants you to order their products online and only go to the store for pickup. I got there an hour before my reservation time and asked if I could get my product. They were gracious, did it and I was out in ten minutes. It was so enjoyable I almost splurged on an Apple Pencil. Apple is very particular about the buying experience and it shows in the professionalism of the staff.

9. Micro Center - North Bethesda

· 2412 reviews

1776 E Jefferson St #203, Rockville, MD 20852

Address Website
Micro Center: what do users think?

Roger Torres: One of the remaining large retailers where you can buy electronics. I have bough almost all mine from Micro Center. Micro Center has one of the best warranties around. If you purchase the extended warranty from they in almost all the cases they just give store credit for the full original price. No hassles. The staff is highly knowledgeable in each of there departments. Now and thru the pandemic they have been fully staffed and fully stocked.

Kay Pepper: Its Micro Center, do you need an introduction? The one stop shop for all your computer needs at good prices and a place computer lover would enjoy and visit over and over! The service is great and the staff is knowledgable, very helpful, and happy, nothing better than seeing staff with a smile on their face! Highly recommend it for your tech. needs. But all I bought today was monitor cleaner spray for $2 on sale... Works great~

Nik Rama: Micro Center is my favorite store. It has everything you could ever want when it comes to computers. As soon as you walk in, you are hit with just how many computer accessories they have. They have an entire section dedicated to computer monitors and pre-built desktops ranging from personal used to gaming. They then have an entire section for televisions, Rose upon rows of accessories and chords for computers, and at the very back of the store is there “build your own PC” section. The section contains all the parts you would need to build your very own PC. Everything from fans to water cooling systems to GPUs to CPUs, they have it all. It’s really exciting walking through the isles and seeing all the different choices you could have. I also appreciate that they have some sections for video games, virtual reality, drones, and recording/streaming equipment. This is a store I can easily spend several hours perusing the shelves, and I highly recommend it for anyone with slight interests in technology.

Max ツ (Amanuel Anthony): Sebastian was a great employee, He has the time to help me out and even look at my list and find the parts I needed! I also asked for recommendations and He gave me the best he thought was possible! I am currently building my pc and it’s going great! Sebastian was the best person there that could help! I’ve seen another review where a man was partially deactivated by his color of his skin however I am black and I was treated very well! 10/10 I would recommend this place! P.S. Sebastian if you see this thank you once again, this will be my first pc build and I am happy tot have an expert like you to help me pick out the right parts! Untill we see again, goodbye!

Victor: I had a great experience, I did a online order pick up I have no knowledge about computers. I ordered like a older refurbished laptop and literally the next day it stoped working. I go back to the store and a Daniel P. Pointed me to the right direction. Matt form laptop sales showed me what I should have bought to fit my needs he was very knowledgeable. My exchange and new purchase was so smooth. The girl Shahinara rang me out both times and she was wonderful and very patient.

10. Walmart Supercenter - Washington

· 7111 reviews

99 H St NW, Washington, DC 20001

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Walmart Supercenter: what do users think?

Sassy Sauce: Mixed experience with this store. It’s a good location and there is parking available in the underground garage. First 2 hours are free. The store has items locked in a case that I couldn’t understand. For example, women’s underwear and some personal hygiene items. Also, the store wasn’t too crowded while I was there and the associate I asked to help me gave me clear directions as to what aisle the product I needed would on. The parts of the store I visited were clean and the overall shopping experience was ok. No major complaints. Just strange observations about profits being locked behind glass.

11. Best Buy - Jefferson Houston

· 1822 reviews

3401 Richmond Hwy, Alexandria, VA 22305

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Best Buy: what do users think?

Subrina W: Ammanique was great! Extremely helpful and very knowledgeable about products at Best Buy. Took us immediately to what we were looking to find in the huge Best Buy store and helped us with product selection.

Henok Garedew (Henny breezy): I like this Best Buy so much, they have everything I need for same day pickup.Very helpful staff. I recommend it.

Kev- keepingitreal: Great atmosphere! Staff was helpful and friendly! Best Buy offer a wide variety of electronics, accessories and appliances. If you buy any equipment from Best Buy, the Geek Squad can help you with installation in your vehicle and or in your home.

Dottie “Dottie” Mount: My Best Buy experiences have been hit or miss, but this location has removed any hesitation that I had about Best Buy. The young man that helped me, Ezra, was fantastic! Very knowledgeable and made sure I got what I needed. I was very confused about what laptop to purchase based on my needs, and Ezra cleared it all up! He stayed with me, shopped on until I found what I wanted. His customer service skills are exceptional and made me feel like I was the only customer. His follow thru and patience are worth the commute to this location! Thank you!!!

Houston: Yesterday, I had a great interaction in the elcectronics (PC/Laptop) section of the Best Buy in Potomac Yard (Alexandria VA). I was informed of products, directed to the appropriate section, and escorted to the cashiers counteres by Jefferey. He was a pleasure to be around and was very informative, sharp, and gave suggestions for a proper purchase. I left the store feeling comfortable with my purchase and will go back for further business. Thank you Jefferey!

12. Walmart Supercenter - Washington

· 6250 reviews

5929 Georgia Ave NW, Washington, DC 20011

Address Website WhatsApp
Walmart Supercenter: what do users think?

Arielle M. (Mermaid): This is the best Walmart in DC. I actually drive out the way to go to this walmart. They even have a better food selection than Giant. For Easter I found 48 count of empty eggs for 1.98!! Which is amazing because I would of spent way more if I went anywhere else!

Sarah West: A large mixed selection of items you can get any 3 for TEN DOLLARS. Selected high end new items are priced accordingly. Kids, mens, and womans apparel and shoes. If you have the knack for treasure hunting in thrift stores.....THIS PLACE IS FOR YOU. thrifty and unique pieces all year round

13. Best Buy - Arlington

· 1492 reviews

1201 S Hayes St B, Arlington, VA 22202

Address Website WhatsApp
Best Buy: what do users think?

Matthew Schumacher: Best Buy is great as everybody who has ever gone to one knows. We stopped in to Best Buy to price some washers and dryers for our new home. They have fair pricing and what is even better is that they have a 4 week turn around time for the LG washer and dryer we are interested in. From what I hear from others, delivery for a washer and dryer is extremely delayed from most other companies. Having a 4 week turn around time is all the more reason for us to purchase our LG washer and dryer from Beat Buy.

Michael Patrick: Good experience today when buying products in store while waiting for an online order to be fulfilled. The product I ordered online was ready for pickup in 15 minutes. I was greeted by staff when entering and exiting. The store was clean and organized. The staff at checkout were fast and polite.

Lyn G: Mohammed was amazing in helping us set up our new phone and made sure we understood the entire process and answered all of our questions. This is refreshing to have such amazing customer service which seems so rare lately. Great job Mohammed !!!

Carla Dunlap: I recently purchased a elliptical fitness machine. Best Buy delivered it and assembled. I am so happy with my investment. The service was excellent.

14. Walmart Supercenter - Washington

· 5946 reviews

310 Riggs Rd NE, Washington, DC 20011, United States

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Walmart Supercenter: what do users think?

Kev- keepingitreal: This Walmart Supercenter offers a wide variety of fresh fruits, vegetables and other optional food and items to choose from. Staff was friendly and helpful. This location offers a free underground parking garage.

Nsoseh Quistoran: I went there to pick some stuff for myself. Good prizing and amazing products. Recommended to go shopping 🛒🛒

K A: Easy, convenient and affordable shopping. I really enjoyed shopping at this particular Walmart location. It’s big, organized and well stocked. They have different sections such as the pharmacy, bike shop, auto care, money center, entertainment and household items section to mention a few. Express Self Checkout✅ ♿️Wheelchair Accessible Entrance✅ ♿️Wheelchair Accessible Parking 🅿️ Adequate Parking Space ✅ Shopping Cart Conveyor ✅ 🚻Restroom ♿️Wheelchair Accessible Restroom

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