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1. Queen’s English

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Queen’s English

Address: 3410 11th St NW, Washington, DC 20010

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 5PM

Telephone: (202) 751-3958

Business type: Chinese restaurant

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Queen’s English: what do users think?

Ema Klimaitė: I’m in love with this place. One of the best discoveries Thai year! Super elevated and delicious food. The oysters dish is to die for, the squab looks funky but honestly, one of the best meats I had - so soft and tender. Shumai dumplings - also a must. The owners are very nice, we were celebrating my boyfriends birthday, she offered us free glasses of champagne. A lot of attention to detail, 10 stars!

Tania Abraham: So glad we decided to make a reservation to be seated at the chef’s table! It made the dining experience all that much better!! With a front row seat to the kitchen, we also had a waiter/chef/mixologist ready to answer all our questions and give GREAT suggestions on which dishes would pair well with our platelets and appetites. I will definitely be back because nothing was a disappointment!! From the King Crab… to the Cumin Pork Jawl… to Nasturtium Cress… to the Foie Gras & Chicken Shumai…. EVERYTHING was a winner!!!
Response: Tania, such a great time having you in. The chef’s counter is a special place, so glad you got to experience it!

Matthew Mai: Absolutely delicious and cozy vibes. Love everything I ordered on the menu especially the shu mai, silken tofu, and lychee panna cotta

K Mart: I rarely write reviews but QE goes so far above and beyond, I just had to tell the internet about it. The food is always fantastic and the menu is always updated for freshness and availability of ingredients. But the real standout is the service. They go to great lengths to ensure that you have an incredible experience every time. From cozy blankets for the patio to staff finding me a luxury cigarette once when I was craving, they go the extra mile and then some. I love this spot and I love how they make me feel when I’m there.
Response: Thank you Kristin! This is the sweetest note. We always love to see you!

Jerome Becaas: Great Place and Excellent Food! Strongly recommend Daikon Fritters, Paddlefish Caviar and Drunken Noddles! Overall great experience and excellent service!

Martin Watson: Really a perfect restaurant. Every dish I had was excellent, and one, a lobster and lobster-bottarga custard, was on the level of global all-time faves. Warm and informed service in a cosy but open gem of a room. Wine list is a brilliant little idiosyncratic collection of mostly natural wines that not only work beautifully with the food (a challenge with the spice levels and general creativity of the dishes) but are also serious wines on their own. Can’t say enough good things. Can’t wait to go back.
Response: Martin, can’t wait to see you again and share more awesome wines and fun foods :)) so glad you had a great time!

2. The Queen's Ball: A Bridgerton Experience Washington DC

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The Queen's Ball: A Bridgerton Experience Washington DC

Address: 1235 W St NE, Washington, DC 20018

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 6:30PM

Business type: Event venue

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The Queen's Ball: A Bridgerton Experience Washington DC: what do users think?

Susan Anderson: A perfect late afternoon/evening… an early dinner before the event and then a wonderfully grand time at the ball. I really enjoyed myself at this Bridgerton Experience. It was well organized, appropriately staffed, and the number of guests allowed during the session was perfect. Actors/artists were professional and gracious and ready to make sure it was a fun evening for all. I’m glad I didn’t miss this event. It was simply FUN!
Response: Hi, Susan! We really appreciate you taking the time to review this Netflix & Fever experience. It encourages us to keep up the hard work. Thanks for discovering new experiences with us!

Sus O: I went to the DC location and it was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!!!!! Since I’ve started watching the show, all I’ve ever wanted was to step into the TV screen and be a part of the show; and this experience allowed me to do just that!!! The ambiance, the performances, the staff, the outfits, the musicians, the photo ops, the Queen!!!! Everything was spot on!!! I literally felt like I was in that century! Worth every penny!! Put in some effort on your outfits & dress up like the 1800s, dance the night away, & maybe you might end up being chosen as the Diamond of the ball like I did!!! 😃😃 Even if I wasn’t chosen, the experience itself was magnificent & a dream come!!!
Response: We'd like to thank you for giving us the opportunity to enjoy this Fever Original experience with you, Cali. It's been so much fun to host this event for so many people and leave a smile on their faces.

Purplelover 36: Dearest Readers, This night was soo magical. A lot of great picture opportunities. What a wonderful way to be immersed in the world of Bridgerton. The Lady Bridgerton drink was delicious! You have to try it. The Queens entrance was grand and I loved it. The ballroom dances were also amazing. My friends want to go now so looks like I will be returning soon. Any reason to dress up and have a great time.
Response: Hello. We're glad we made such a great impression on you with this event that you gave us a great review! We look forward to seeing you again soon.

Carolyn K: Great experience, horrible location. I understand they needed a large area to have the event in, but this is in one of the worst areas of dc. The event was fun. It has a ton of photo opportunities, and the actors did a lot to engage the crowd. The main couple actors were very realistic, and looked like the characters.
Response: Hi, Carolyn. We regret to hear that you've had issues at the venue. We'll share your comments with the whole team, so that they can take them into account. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

Alysia DesCoteaux Guin: Such an incredible experience for an incredible show! It was so fun getting to dress up and be immersed into the regency era. The dances they taught were so fun, the people we did the experience with were so kind and courteous to one another as to not ruin anyone else’s time and the actors were fantastic. Highly recommend!
Response: Hi there, Alysia. Pulling this Netflix & Fever experience together took a lot of work, so it's really rewarding to see that it's making such a great impact. Your comments are very useful for future attendees to know what to expect during their visit. Thanks for discovering new experiences with us!

Katarina Vercelli: Had a great time with friends and loved the performances. Photo ops abound, but the night was sold out and lines were long enough that you couldn’t try everything before they nudged you into the ballroom and closed off the interactive space. I would gladly pay $5-10 more per ticket if they capped ticket sales at a lower number so lines for everything weren’t as crazy. Alternately, increase the time to interact first before performances started. This also would be good considering the venue is in the middle of nowhere in NE and can be tricky to get to considering DC commuting delays. Drinks, while good, were expensive. Especially considering you’re there for a while. A good first round of things for sure. I would love to see this programme run longer into summer if they made some updates.
Response: Hi there, Katarina. Pulling this Netflix & Fever experience together took a lot of work, so it's really rewarding to see that it's making such a great impact. We love working for our guests, and your kind words encourage us to keep it up. Ready for the next adventure? Can't wait to see you again!

Tommy Ricker: We got me VIP tickets to this event. We drove 5 hours for it and it was everything and more. The actors are amazing and everyone was so pleasant! They were very inviting and fun. The experience is amazing there is so much I do recommend getting there earlier than later to be able to experience each and every thing. Also eat before if hungry lol vip gets you a free glass of champagne and seats up in the stands as well as right away jump the line going in. Recommend!
Response: Hello, Tommy. We're very happy to read that we made such a good impression on you with this Netflix & Fever experience. Thanks for your time!

Alicia Tate: I was transported back to 1813 during this 1.5 hours experience. I would do this again and again. I laughed and danced while drinking a deliciously strong drink. I wore an amazing dress I would never have had a chance to wear otherwise, and I heard lots of other patrons saying the same; the costumes are the best part. An absolute must experience.
Response: Hello, Alicia. We're very happy to read that we made such a good impression on you with this Netflix & Fever experience. Thanks for your time!

3. Echostage

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Address: 2135 Queens Chapel Rd NE, Washington, DC 20018

Telephone: (202) 503-2330

Business type: Live music venue

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Echostage: what do users think?

Brian Copes: First time checking out this music venue space in DC. I loved the big space for DC standards. Multiple levels with plenty of bathrooms and attendants working the bathrooms too. Went to DC capital pride event and it was nice. Overall, plenty of staff to ensure your safety and good lighting along with DJs. It’s a great place to have a club night in the area.

Gavin Chen: Spectacular venue for electronic music. Strict security (goes through wallets). Free water if you walk up to the security near the stages. A lot of bathroom space available. Great audio quality and open space for dancing.

Charlie Butchko: It was awesome! I got to see DJ Diesel (Shaq) perform life. The bathrooms are very clean, with attendants there to soap your hands and hand you paper towels. As well as that, was close to the front during the performance and there was staff handing water bottles out to the crowd. I got a few drinks at the bar (tequila sunrise and 2 shots of vodka,) each were $10. By the end of the show it got pretty crowded, so if you’re claustrophobic make sure to mentally prepare yourself, or stay further away from the stage. All else aside, for sure gather a group of buddies and find a show you like to check out echostage!

Brian Keith: Great time. The staff were really professional and caring. I liked seeing how they were treating everyone. Make me feel welcome. I would definitely go back.

So Maryn: The dress code here for DJ events seem to gravitate toward “less is more” or think “beach attire”. Pants optional in the sense that bikini bottoms are acceptable as minimum bottom half. Shirt optional for some men. Beware of “bikini trains” moving quickly through a crowd. Noticed an innocent couple who got divided instantly by a train of arrogant bikini wearing club goers. If you don’t pay attention such bikini trains can step on your foot as they stampede you by. Forgot to bring my glow sticks but it was nice to see some colorful glow shoes and even glow fingertips. First level has an open wide space and second level has table service. Restrooms are easy to find and each stall has a note to remind those that only one person per stall is allowed. Once you get in past thorough security it’s not easy to get out as although exit signs are marked, where to actually exit from a lane perspective is hard to find. Parking is challenging near the venue and expect to pay $40-60 right next door. Echostage I thought you were a top notch global venue but you fell short when it comes to servicing your global clientele. An Asian bartender refused to serve us drinks at the bar even when we were standing right in front of her with no one else around. She did however serve others who approached after us asking them what they want. She seemed to be racially profiling my friend who was wearing a religious head covering. We found another bartender who was much more friendlier and we still had fun.

Aaron Shenk: This was my first time at this venue, and I was so so impressed. We saw Chelsea Cutler, and the venue and staff were so great. For starters, there were so many staff on hand to answer any questions and there was plenty of security to keep everyone feeling safe. For the actual experience, the sound system was phenomenal, the security guards passed out water bottles to the crowed between performances (!!!) and just went above and beyond the entire time. I will definitely plan on returning to this venue!

4. Washington Union Station

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Washington Union Station

Address: 50 Massachusetts Ave NE, Washington, DC 20002

Business type: Transport interchange

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Washington Union Station: what do users think?

LJ Aranda: This has the nicest building among the metro stations in DC! The archicture is so nice perfect some good pictures. :) Some stores are still close though.

Rian C: Only used the station for the Metro and the usual touristy moseying around. Really nice architecture and for the most part looks clean. The food court wasn’t fully opened partly because of the pandemic (May ‘21), but the ones that were open were busy. There’s also a few places to shop around, but again, most were closed. Stepping out the building to take a look around, I can’t help but notice the aggressive panhandlers which was kind of a bummer.

James Phillips: Visited Union Station for the first time today, it was my first impression of the capital of America. I noticed the front of the station allows camping, which is a nice idea for the family. They have amenities like free bathrooms, seating, and charging while camping which is a nice touch. There are some very friendly but odd gentlemen and women in old clothing that smell weird muttering to themselves and making people uncomfortable, including a group of tourists that just arrived. I’m happy that one of the major train stations in America doubles as a shelter for these people! Very charitable!

Casie Chilcote: The main venue/entrance area is absolutly stunning, and I love Uniqlo, but bathrooms, food options, elevators and more are falling apart or insufficient. Apart from the main entrance, the rest of the building gives "dead mall" vibes.

Mischa: I love this place as a train station, as a matter of fact, the architecture of this place is amazing. However, I do “not” like this place as the new bus terminal (which is in the parking garage). This station would look better if the parking garage was not here at all, and I liked it much better when the train station was the train station and when the bus station was a bus station (in its own separate building, prior to 2012). As I said, this place is great as a train station; has some great shops; and I never get bored of taking photos here. Restrooms are very bad, though...

Eric Amaral: I arrived at this station in the evening when it was dark, and I loved the way the high ceiling was illuminated with the limited lighting. The view of the Capitol is also incredible. Unfortunately, there were several tents outside the station used by homeless people. 😞

S He: Beautiful building. I have no problem with helping those in need, however, being harassed by several people is not a pleasant experience while waiting for transportation. Also, please keep up the restrooms. The reality is this is a needed area for those less fortunate, and working, safe bathrooms should be a priority in a major transportation hub.

Erin Majette: Don’t let the reviews scare you. It’s a big station in a big city, so of course you’ll have some eclectic people and unhomed people. However, it’s also bustling and active and full of regular people going about their business. It’s not a dark, scary wasteland like it is portrayed in some of these reviews. I heard rumors that the bathrooms were horrible so I did avoid those, but everything else was consistent with a normal transit hub in a metropolitan area: not scary but not somewhere I’d choose to spend a ton of time just because it’s a crowded and busy space. Knocked off a star for the lack of seating in the Amtrak area.

5. The Modern at Art Place

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The Modern at Art Place

Address: 400 Galloway St NE, Washington, DC 20011

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 6PM

Telephone: (202) 919-5677

Business type: Apartment rental agency

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The Modern at Art Place: what do users think?

Alexis Torres: The staff at The Modern at Art Place are extremely accommodating. Especially the lead concierge Courtney. She goes above in beyond to assist and resolve problems for residents. Anytime I’ve had an issue, Courtney has helped me resolve it in less than 24 hours. Also, I think my dog loves her more than he loves me. All the dogs in the building adore her.
Response: Alexis, thank you for your kind review; we are happy to pass along your comments to Courtney our Executive Concierge here at The Modern at Art Place! Thanks again for the recommendation, and have an amazing day! -Jennifer Gebhardt, Assistant General Manager

LaTonia Winston: Living at modern at art place is great. Tonight was a karaoke and comedy night that had all the residents hyped. Bring them in again and maybe a game night! Woooloo
Response: Hi Latonia Winston, we are very happy to have provided you with such a positive experience! Thanks again for taking the time to leave us this information about your recent visit. Take care! -Jennifer Gebhardt, Assistant General Manager

POLLY C: The management is communicative and helpful especially Jennifer who is so amazing, and the apartments are nice! Everyone around seems pleasant.
Response: Polly C, thanks for your praise and kind comments about our team. Your satisfaction is our top priority. If you ever need anything else from us, please feel free to give us a call or stop by. Have an awesome day! -Jennifer Gebhardt, Assistant General Manager

Cory Carter: I truly enjoyed my experience at the Modern. I lived here for two years prior to purchasing my first house. The location is great, the amenities are great and the pricing is comparable but slightly higher than other apartments in the area. However, in my eyes you get what you pay for and I didn’t mind paying for everything that came with living at the modern. Around the clock security and concierge was a huge plus for me, they hold your packages as well. You also get 24 hour access to the gym. I highly recommend paying extra for the assigned garage parking spot. Never had any issues with pest and all work orders were filled within two days. The biggest issue is here is the constant turnover in management. The area is safe and there is a Walmart and soon to be chick-fil-a up the street. This is probably one of the more affordable areas left in DC. I highly recommend the Modern!!!
Response: Cory Carter, your wonderful feedback and rating mean a lot to us. We sincerely thank you for the positive review and wish you all the best in your new home. Until the next time! -Jennifer Gebhardt, Assistant General Manager

6. Hyatt Place Washington Dc/Us Capitol

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Hyatt Place Washington Dc/Us Capitol

Address: 33 New York Ave NE, Washington, DC 20002

Telephone: (202) 289-5599

Business type: Hotel

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Hyatt Place Washington Dc/Us Capitol: what do users think?

Melanie Brown: Hotel is nice, breakfast is good, everything was clean and well stocked. Giving 5 stars because the staff is exceptional! Above and beyond meeting every need and SUPER friendly! Another bonus is the cold water they keep in the lobby. It had ice and was full every time we came down morning or night. What a comfort for busy tourists, especially in the summer. There are drugstores, food and coffee right around the corner. And ubers into all of the tourist attractions were fairly inexpensive. We will be staying here again! dispense in the lobby

Pola P: The sheet of the bed was dirty. The road outside was very loud and I could hear every car going by while being in my room. The walls are very thin and I could hear people from the other room almost all evening. The bathroom door was very loud! It was squeaking. The breakfast wasn’t that good. The room was spacious and nice. The air conditioner was very easy to operate. The elevators were very fast and nice!

Jen Bradley: Pay for the valet or your car WILL be broken into!!! At least a dozen cars had a window smashed out during our stay & center consoles ripped out. They put two holes in my window trying to break in but couldn’t get it to shatter. Everyone else, not so lucky. When I told the front desk they said they tell everyone not to park on the street (when we arrived they said valet or street were the options, no warning whatsoever about the DAILY break-ins and complete lack of police presence). Breakfast was ok. Semi convenient location but not safe (vacant lots flank half the street). Coffee shop across the street was nice. Room wasn’t that clean. Needed a blanket for the pull out couch and had to wait 30 min, as no one was attending the front desk. Phone did not work. Need a key card to gain access to the lobby and to activate the elevator, even in DC that says a lot,

uthra pakkiriswamy: Towels were smelling full of smoke! That means they haven’t changed from previous stay or they haven’t washed properly. Whole room was filled with smoke. For 4 people, 1 shampoo and 1 soap was provided. Exhaust fan wasn’t working in toilet. Worst room service in my entire life! Kitchen, valet service was good.

7. Hyatt Place Washington Dc/White House

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Hyatt Place Washington Dc/White House

Address: 1522 K St NW, Washington, DC 20005

Telephone: (202) 830-1900

Business type: Hotel

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Hyatt Place Washington Dc/White House: what do users think?

Erin Miller: beautiful hotel room. very clean, and amazing breakfast with all vegetarian options. the ladies at the front desk were super nice and informative. the valet was great too, I left my phone in the car by accident and he gladly retrieved our car for us so I could get it. thanks so much!
Response: Thanks for the great review, Erin! It's wonderful you enjoyed your stay at Hyatt Place Washington DC/White House so much! We strive for excellence so we're thrilled you appreciated not only our remarkable team and cleanliness, but also our gorgeous rooms and delicious breakfast offerings! Your praise lets us know we're doing our job! We can't wait to host you again soon for another amazing experience!

Catherine McGuckin: Wonderful Staff And Convenient Location!! This is a well-managed property and highly recommend! Your staff should be commended. Your valet men are hard working and made sure my son’s truck was out the night before he was to report to USMC Quantico. Thank you gentlemen!! Miss T! Thank you!!! Miss T saved the day ensure my son’s shirt was dry before his departure! You were so pleasant and we’re so grateful! Great property, nice variety at breakfast, rooftop bar was great! Easy walking distance to Metro!
Response: Thank you for taking the time to leave this wonderful review, Catherine McGuckin! We're thrilled to know you enjoyed your stay at Hyatt Place Washington DC/White House so much! We strive for excellence so we're pleased to hear you appreciated not only our courteous staff and prime location, but also our amenities! Your praise lets us know we're succeeding! We can't wait to host you again for yet another unforgettable visit! Have a lovely day!

Elizabeth Towe: Just completed a 5 night stay for our vacation to Washington DC and while I struggled to pick a hotel for us to stay at, I’m SO glad I chose this one. From the moment we checked in the staff was so friendly and welcoming. The hotel is so clean, the bed was SO COMFORTABLE - like sleeping on a cloud. Huge bonus for us was that they have Chromecast on the TV so you can watch your Netflix and other streaming services. The free breakfast was outstanding. It was different every day and they had such a nice variety of options. Location was convenient and within 30 min walk to National Mall and other attractions. Only a 5-10 min walk to the Metro if you choose to go that route like we did several times as well. I do want to note that the only disappointing thing we encountered was one night we heard what sounded like a band very close to the hotel playing drums and music til close to midnight. We used a sound machine app on our phones to drown out the noise so we could go to sleep. I HIGHLY recommend you end your hotel search now and book this hotel for Washington DC!
Response: Thanks for the great review, Elizabeth! It's wonderful you enjoyed your stay at Hyatt Place Washington DC/White House so much! We strive for excellence so we're thrilled you appreciated not only our courteous staff and comfortable accommodations, but also our amenities and prime location! Your praise lets us know we're doing our job! We can't wait to host you again soon for another amazing experience! Have a fantastic day!

8. Courtyard by Marriott Washington, DC/U.S. Capitol

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Courtyard by Marriott Washington, DC/U.S. Capitol

Address: 1325 2nd St NE, Washington, DC 20002

Telephone: (202) 898-4000

Business type: Hotel

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Courtyard by Marriott Washington, DC/U.S. Capitol: what do users think?

BC Turk: To start, the valet parking is outrageous but there is a garage literally right down the same road for about a third the price. The staff is super friendly. Housekeeping would speak to us and ask if we needed anything as we headed to the elevators. Everyone was always saying, Have a good day”. The amenities within the hotel room were good. We checked the sheets and filters and all was clean. Sheets are super thin but worked out okay. Fridge, microwave, coffee maker, and sink/bar. All the you need. I like the security they have coming in. It is a two minute walk to the Metro (red line). Would recommend for location being close to a walking path and the Metro.

Garrett Robak: Extremely friendly staff from the front desk, the cafe, management, housekeepers, and valet. Everyone was so pleasant and made the stay that much more enjoyable. The hotel is very modern and has very comfortable amenities. The hotel is also located in a really great section of DC where there are a ton of restaurants and shops that are within walking distance.
Response: Greetings Garrett Robak, Thank you so much for staying with us at Courtyard Washington DC US Capitol and providing us with feedback on your experience. Our team understands that providing genuine customer service is the key element that makes our valued guests such as yourself continuing coming back! We hope to see you on your next journey to the Nation's Capital. Hotel Leadership Team

Jean Ng: We read a lot of negative reviews about this place and some is kinda true. Parking is an issue BUT we found a garage just across from the hotel inside the ELEVATION BUILDING which a full day charge is only $16 max. We left the car in the garage for the entire week stay and just use the metro as our main transportation. The room we got was nice and comfortable. Although we have an issue with the AC. The temperature is constantly at 73 even tho we set it for 68. A little stain on the couch but no big deal. The room also have good noise insulation (maybe I just slept through it since we walk so much during the day) Big shout out to Miss Nu who checked us in. She just brighten our day and made us feel special. There is a refreshment table set up with coffee tea water and cookies for free after the breakfast period. Tons of food options around and trader joe’s is just 6mins away on foot towards Union Market.

ESB NYC: Busy and basic Marriott in NE DC. It was fine for what we needed but I’m not too enthusiastic. Room was clean. There were some kinda gross stains on the sofa/ottoman that were unappealing but we’re not too fussy. They charge $45+tax for daily parking but you can self-park across the street for $16 a day including tax, literally 3 minutes walk. The morning coffee situation was not very well organized. There were also some strange service issues with the front desk. We stayed in the same room but we utilized two separate reservations, the front desk seemed very confused about this and they came up to our room with a rather confrontational demand that we come downstairs to check out and check into the room again although we had been told on the phone that we were good to go. Not really a big deal but I felt that the aggressive posture was unnecessary and left me with a bad taste. On top of that, I am a gold Bonvoy member and I would’ve been entitled to a room upgrade which I declined for the convenience of remaining in the same room. One thing that I believe some other people commented about is that you cannot control the temperature in your room effectively. There is a thermostat and you can make the numbers move up and down a bit but it doesn’t appear to have any effect on the temperature in the room which seems to be controlled centrally. There were a couple of evenings where we were uncomfortably warm. On the plus side, you are just a couple of minutes from the Noma metro station and there is also a Dunkin’ Donuts close to that. You’re also about a 8 to 10 minute walk from the Union market area which has a Trader Joe’s and some great restaurants and other food options inside the market. If not for the convenience of the location and the comparatively reasonable price, this would probably be a three star review.

9. Days Inn by Wyndham Washington DC/Gateway

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Days Inn by Wyndham Washington DC/Gateway

Address: 2700 New York Ave NE, Washington, DC 20002

Telephone: (202) 832-5800

Business type: Hotel

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Days Inn by Wyndham Washington DC/Gateway: what do users think?

Brittany Watkins: The reviews on here are a bit extra I think... This is a decent hotel! I stayed this past weekend for the 1st time visiting DC and it was clean and they were very helpful. You have to get your own extra towels and they dnt clean your room until u checkout but it was not a bad stay at all. I will stay again. They have a laundry room and vending machines and ATM in the lobby.

Michelle Casares: I rent rooms for our construction crews several times throughout the year. Working with this motel has been THE WORST experience I have had by far. I should have known that a chain that would not allow us to "direct bill" was not trustworthy. They gave us a monthly rate since our crew was scheduled to be in the area for 6 weeks. The project was postponed so our crew only needed to stay there for a few weeks. I asked the motel to charge us the regular rate and credit our corporate card for the remainder. Of course I got the runaround and they are wanting to charge us for time that our crew will not be there. There was no where in any documentation that said we would have to pay for time that we did not use the room. DO NOT do business with this motel. Fair warning.

Scarlett Fascetti: The place is really dirty, their were cockroaches in the lobby area. We had no choice but to stay there for one night since we could not get our money back or find anything better in the area. This is not a place that I would ever stay at. I don’t do fancy but I do clean. The bathroom in the lobby was so gross and smelled like throw up that my mother eyes teared and almost threw up herself. I felt bad for my guest and I apologized tremendously. The pool as you can probably guess, close with a cover on it on a 85 degree day at the end of June. There’s nothing I can say that’s positive except the bed was clean, the bathroom in the room were old and gross. We got up at crack of dawn to leave. Pay a little more do research about the area before you go there. Cause the area where it was was just as bad.

Charlie Decker: Made reservations on line using, it set the wrong date. I made another for the right date and had the original reservation cancelled using hotels,com with a 100% insurance. It was cancelled 15 days prior to check in and they or Days in will not refund the money and says they can do anything. On to the staff at front desk , the 2 people I felt to checking in and checking out were great. Very helpful and informative. The rooms are good , the screwed down tv was funny. But after watching the drug deals go down in the room beside my I understand. I would have given a 4 ⭐ but the refund policy is a joke.

10. Fairmont Washington D.C. Georgetown

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Fairmont Washington D.C. Georgetown

Address: 2401 M St NW, Washington, DC 20037

Telephone: (202) 429-2400

Business type: Hotel

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Fairmont Washington D.C. Georgetown: what do users think?

Iris Savoy: I went to the hotel to attend a luncheon. Everything was done professionally from the Valet to entrance into the hotel.It was clean and inviting. We were escorted to reception area, check in, and inside to the venue with professionalism from the staff. The food was excellent and presented it in order. They catered to every need that we had from a coffee, more utensils, to food options they provide. I will return.

Steph Dobson: Beautiful, well-maintained hotel. Safe and convenient location in Georgetown, about a 10-minute walk to both the Foggy Bottom and Dupont metro stops. Friendly staff and clean, quiet rooms. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay and will keep in mind next time we visit DC! If you are driving, just make sure to budget for the overnight valet parking.

dionne davis: Customer service was great.. Room was awesome. The ambiance of this hotel is great for wedding. The only thing I did not care for was the chicken sausage at breakfast. Close to Rock Park

Carey Kokkonen: The hotel is lovely, clean, and fancy shmancy, but what really makes it great are the people that work there. Everyone was kind and genuine. Above that, the hotel is pet friendly AND located next to a large dog park! The location is pretty and perfectly situated — walking distance to DuPont Circle & Foggy Bottom and to Georgetown. There are enough walkable restos and coffee shops (Das Ethiopian and Bread & Chocolate are faves worth mentioning) as well as pharmacies, groceries, etc., however, walking out of the hotel, you’re not hit with a busy street and gobs of traffic. We quite enjoyed our stay and look forward to our next visit!

11. Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott Washington, DC/New York Avenue

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Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott Washington, DC/New York Avenue

Address: 2305 New York Ave NE, Washington, DC 20002

Telephone: (202) 266-3000

Business type: Hotel

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Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott Washington, DC/New York Avenue: what do users think?

Irza Migchielsen: The service, room, pool etc were all very good. The breakfast was very delicious, there were many choices and all the food’s tasted amazing. I’m still very very curious which waffle recipe they used. I’m hoping you can message me because they were the best waffles i have ever had!:)

Mariana Olivera: This hotel is very convenient in location, 20 minute drive away from the capital of Washington! However, I do not recommend walking around the area if you are not familiar with it. Staff was helpful and friendly. The complimentary breakfast consisted of fresh cut fruit, oatmeal, bread-based, etc always tasted great. Rooms were clean and the house keeping always provided us with fresh towels. My only complaint was about one staff member, very nice guy, but he got too comfortable and approached my partner and I about “going to his house” and “checking out local strip clubs”. Very unprofessional conversation.
Response: Hi Mariana; Thank you for taking the time to share your recent experience with us. We are delighted to hear that you found the location and good breakfast, as well as the cleanliness of the room all made for an enjoyable experience. We work hard to ensure our guests have a great stay and providing friendly service with assistance to local destinations and things to do is something we do every day, for every guest. We truly apologize for the way this team member came across to you and we want you to know that we take a complaint such as this very seriously and please know this one person does not represent all of us. Rest assured this is is being reviewed and will be addressed with the staff. We do hope that you consider another stay. Thank you, Fairfield by Marriott, Washington DC New York Ave.

Matthew Kadlubowski: Clean hotel with great staff. However, the hotel is not in what I would call a great neighborhood. In addition, I would strongly encourage women who are traveling alone to consider staying elsewhere. I did not feel safe walking around outside and the hotel had some sketchy characters hanging out in the lobby. As a Titanium member I travel often and only chose this based on rate. Next time I will consider staying at another property even if I have to pay more.
Response: Thank you for taking the time to write a review about your recent stay with us. We understand that the guestroom, staff and hotel overall met your needs, but the location did not. We apologize that felt uncomfortable in any way here. Rest assured, we are in a safe, urban neighborhood, in a busy city filled with tourist, business people and our hotel is very family friendly. Just like traveling anywhere, the guest should always be aware of their surroundings, we are sorry we cannot change where we are located in the city but we thank you and appreciate your business as well as being a long time Rewards Member and frequent travel, your opinion means a great deal to us. Sorry that we cannot change your impression of the area. Sincerely, Fairfield by Marriott, Washington DC New York Ave

12. Hilton Garden Inn Washington DC/U.S. Capitol

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Hilton Garden Inn Washington DC/U.S. Capitol

Address: 1225 First St NE, Washington, DC 20002

Telephone: (202) 408-4870

Business type: Hotel

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Hilton Garden Inn Washington DC/U.S. Capitol: what do users think?

Siobhan Walker: My stay was amazing. My room was spacious and so clean. The front desk was polite, helpful and very professional. Octavia was awesome. She was most helpful because the hotel I had a current reservation for had canceled my reservation and I had to make a reservation here last minute. She provided me the most outstanding customer service possible even with my frustration from the other hotel. Any questions I had was answered and my stay was relaxing. I definitely recommend this hotel to anyone.

g watson: Customer service here is EXCELLENT. Very friendly staff - extra praise to the office manager, Reina Munoz and guest agent Janay! Hilton - you should recognize this location and their staff, they go above and beyond their call to make guests feel welcomed and comfortable. All hotel/hospitality should take this location as the example for service. The rooms are clean, and quite comfortable and roomy - this hotel is conveniently located, just a short walk from Union Station. I was here for business and I was delightfully surprised for the work space and seating area. I was also happy to learn their fitness center is open 24hrs...with my stay being business in nature - it is difficult for me to get a work out in at most places, due to the limited hours fitness centers are available. 100% recommend the US CAPITOL location. If you want to feel welcomed and comfortable, stay here!

Angela Baca: The air conditioning in our room never worked even after they had someone come and fix it. The elevator stopped on every floor. The pool was available but it was foggy and couldn’t see the bottom of the pool because of this. Burned my kids eyes and mine. This hotel is older and not maintained well by Hilton. There are no fans in the bathroom so if you take a hot shower your whole hotel room fills with steam. The people are nice and it is located near a metro. Those are the only two things that are good about this hotel. Only stay here unless you just can’t find anywhere else to stay.
Response: Hi Angela Baca - We are sorry we did not live up to our high standards of exceeding expectations. Thanks for taking the time to provide your candid feedback regarding your experience with Hilton Garden Inn Washington DC/U.S. Capitol. Please reach out to us at so that we can investigate further and make this right.

Natalie Martin: The staff was nice and did what they could, but the hotel was overwhelmed and not well maintained. It is unequipped to have more than 1-2 guests arriving or departing at the same time. It also has intentionally inadequate air conditioning. I have stayed at Hiltons in other cities that also have valet only parking. They’ve all had a driveway to pull in and unload your vehicle. This one has only a small shoulder that a maximum of 2 cars can pull into. Everyone else has to just stop in the middle of a busy street. There were no luggage carts when we arrived, left or had to move rooms on the second night. Other guests also told us that there were no luggage carts when they arrived. On the first night the room was consistently hot though we could hear the AC cut on and off. After coming to look at it twice, the maintenance man determined that the compressor in our room was broken so we were moved to a new room (again no luggage cart, we had a lot of stuff as we were traveling with a toddler). The maintenance man explained that the AC units are motion activated so guests will always return to a hot room and it will always get hot in the middle of the night so that’s why it took him so long to figure out that ours was actually broken. This seems incredibly stingy for a Hilton (in addition to being illogical as it takes more energy to cool a hot room than it does to simply maintain temperature). Stay here only if you are a single traveler with one suitcase and don’t mind an 80 degree room overnight and when you return after being out of the room. Other reviews mention how slow the elevator is, that is also true.
Response: Hi Natalie Martin - We are sorry we did not live up to our high standards of exceeding expectations. Thanks for taking the time to provide your candid feedback regarding your experience with our service and amenities. Please reach out to us at so that we can look into this further. We look forward to making things right.

Geoffrey D: Parking valet lane is terribly short. Stains on the comforter. Breakfast included not properly advertised on elevator or through hotel. Laid out of first floor is very awkward, why have steps instead of escalator to second floor. Front desk staff were superb. All throughout the stay they were informative, helpful, positive and available! Wait for valet was not long at all, which was surprising. Minor issues, overall decent stay.

David: Very nice hotel - staff were very friendly and attentive to our needs. The Manager greeted us as we were leaving and just make the stay complete. Nice pool and restaurant - special call out Kevon our waiter for one of our evening meals. Great place to stay - close to a metro stop as well.

Chippy McLain: Guest services here should be renamed "guest hassles." Checking in and checking out were lengthy, frustrating ordeals. Paid valet parking was ineffective, slow, and overpriced--and apparently the only option. Showers were inconsistent, with cold winning two out of the three mornings we stayed. One of the two elevators was broken leading to overstuffed rides with no option of social distancing as well as long delays in the lobby. The spa had a new twist: a hot tub colder than the pool. I had hoped for a classy, Hilton experience for my family. I wish I had stayed at a Motel 6. I am thankful that I saw no rats inside the hotel. There were plenty just outside the front door; I assume due to the construction and vagrant tents across the street. This section of DC has some big rats. My littlest did think these were cool; my wife, not so much.

Sassy Sauce: The hotel is pretty decent. It met all of our basic needs. It was as clean as I think it should be but the rest of my party felt it was ok. Parking can be a little challenging in the area but we managed. The front desk staff were pleasant and very helpful. I would go back if I needed to.

13. Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport

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Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport

Address: 2400 Smith Blvd, Arlington, VA 22202

Business type: Subway station

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Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport: what do users think?

Alexis B: Came here for a lay over and it was pretty good. I had to wait longer for my next flight tho because they didn’t have enough people to fix a plane. The airport is really big and there’s a wide selection of food which is nice. It’s also very clean.

Ramona Moore: The lady that took my order at the Starbucks after I arrived to the airport was surprisingly nice! One does not always expect to see and experience in a very busy airport. It was refreshing! And the guy who made my coffee, delicious!!! Y’all did good.

Rian C: Easily accessible if commuting with the DC Metro. Only quirk I noticed is when leaving for a flight, if checking in baggage, you have to go up the second floor to check it in, there weren’t enough signs to mention that. We ended up at the gates where the TSA is so we had to go back and ask for directions. Overall, the facilities are clean and well maintained.

Jordy van Es: Very nice airport, staff is helpful and polite. However, The line for TSA can take a while.

Walker Kapral: Beautifully atmospheric. But most stores and food places close by 4pm. Really sucks when you have a 3 hour layover and land "after hours"

John Ferreira: Nice small airport in the hectic D.C. Area. Flying out the day after Christmas and had an amazing stress free experience. The airport is clean and the staff is friendly. Bathrooms are conveniently located throughout our terminal. The whole airport has a nice open and modern feel. Nice options for food and drinks too.

Dave Feitl: The last few times I flew there, my baggage claim spot has been misreported, meaning my suitcase was delivery to another conveyor and after a long delay (30 minutes), I was told about it. When I left, the conveyor screens were still wrong.

Jenn Z: I have been to DC a few times but never flew in. This is first time for me. I liked The terminals that were clean and pleasant with tall ceilings and huge windows. Lots of sun lights brighten up the whole place!

Jay France: Perfect location at Reagan National. Lots of hotels, restaurants, and bars two or three train stops away. Saves a ton of money and time instead of getting a rental car when my business is local. Also great to have this stop if you get stuck or delayed at the airport....easy to leave and get back quickly if you want to grab something to eat or get a drink outside of the airport.

14. NACA

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Address: 7731 Alaska Ave NW, Washington, DC 20012

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 6PM

Telephone: (202) 328-6333

Business type: Non-profit organization

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NACA: what do users think?

Admassu Woldemichael: AW&RY It was around end of 2018 or January 2019 that my wife and I first heard about an amazing NACA home purchase program, so that we immediately signed and joined the NACA program. Everything went as planned, and we found a house and made an offer for that house and finally because of a finance or one of our incomes was not added, and as result, we could not move forward and suspended for some time due to Covid 19. Then we reschedule around 2021, which is certainly not an easy journey, but with the help of God and her help, our professional and helpful counselor, Ms. Diandra, tells us what is needed. With help of her, we are now very close to the re-qualification. NACA is a great home buying program and the counselors are very helpful and professional

Mustafa Sidiqi: NACA home buying program is an amazing opportunity that help you own home. The Counselors are very helpful to make sure that they help you through the process until you become a home owner. In addition to that not only help you buy a home but help after closing. My Counselor Colin is amazing person, he is helping with the process now and it has been very smooth with the documents that I need to submit. Also, he is very easy going person to make sure that pre submitting documents were easy and explanatory to make sure I understand why we need certain documents. Most importantly, he wants to make sure everything that is required are being submitted. I have recommended NACA to a lot of my friends and family to get involve and become a home owner. Lastly, I would recommend for everyone is that take your time reading the action plan and spend good amount of time understand your action plan.

Tyana Trotz: The NACA program has been very instrumental in helping me achieve my goals of home ownership. They have simplified the process and created very easy ways to complete the steps to achieve home ownership. My counselor has answered all of my questions and has provided details about the program. They are always available and the phone answering service has been very helpful answering different questions I have as well. This is a great program for first time home buyers like me, who are just getting started and need assistance. I am so thankful for the people who have helped me so far. I am excited to continue this process and achieve my dream of home ownership.

Chauncey Dennie: I have just met with my NACA counselor Colin yesterday and he believes I will be approved relatively quickly. I might even be in a home before the end of the year. I am very pleased with my journey with the NACA process thus far. In this program, there is no down payment, no closing costs, no private mortgage insurance, no fees. In addition, they provide budgeting assistance. I truly believe NACA will help me to realize my dream of becoming a homeowner sooner rather than later.

Constance Best: I joined the NACA community in 2021, thus far the process has been seamless. My counselor – Ms. Mercado, is very professional, timely, and patient. During my intake session, I was given an action plan to follow with the goal being for me to come back in 3 months ready to move to the next phase. I am grateful for this opportunity and look forward to completing the program and receiving my qualification letter.

Tamuno Daniels: I had my counseling session with my NACA counselor today, and she was amazing! Both personable and professional, she made me feel very comfortable during our session. While reviewing my web file she made sure I understood her review process. At the end of the call, she very sweetly congratulated me on beginning the home buying process! I look forward to working with her and feel reassured that she will help me have a pleasant home buying experience.

15. Federal Center SW

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Federal Center SW

Address: 401 3rd St SW, Washington, DC 20024

Telephone: (202) 637-7000

Business type: Subway station

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Federal Center SW: what do users think?

Patrick Cassidy: Average metro station. -has dot matrix informing time of next train -has some trash 🗑 containers -No Toilets -Single Set(up/down) of escalator -single elevator -attendant that is super bored. -Push button intercom lines -handicap enabled station Station serviced by Blue&Orange Lines. Items to improve: better dot matrix or a screen showing service advisories. Current screen cycles at inconsistent rate. A Map of the metro. Not a single map was found around the station. Standard Metro Architecture with blocks of Stone/Concrete.

Kyle Hartmann: No complaints with this station, except the trains coming through are very inconsistent, which isn’t against Federal Centre, just the whole Metro system in general. I would use this stop when visiting the northern part of the Mall and the Capitol, but especially the United States Botanic Garden which is really brilliant and free, too. The platform can be very loud when trains are coming through, just as a warning, and benches aren’t too frequent. If you commute here, I would try to aim for the rear cars since there is only one staircase and you will have to double back to get up the escalator which can be annoying if you’re in a rush. Cheers.

Alicia Jessee: Stood there for 20 minutes trying to get help from the guy in the help box, we had no idea what we were doing as we’ve never been on this before. He finally helped us with 6 minutes to spare and told us we had to buy tickets from the kiosk behind us. Didn’t tell us how or what we’re buying, kiosk was super confusing. Couldn’t get our passes in time to board, overall terrible customer service.

G Aquino: Standard underground station with standard amenities, minus restrooms of course (boggles the mind how ambitious civil projects like the metro would fail to provide this basic amenity). Anyway, this station is centrally located and provides convenient transfers between subway lines.

james malone: As far as stations go this is among the more boring minus one star for not having a Staircase from mezzanine to the train platform. Only two escalators and an elevator. Services include a Starbucks, potbelly, golds gym, and various mom and pop places. Conveniently located to the air and space museum as well as the native American museum and the botanic gardens.

Nexus Yang: The internet speeds are faster than the train speeds. In a sad sadistic way, it is fine by me. At least something in the system is blazing fast.

Kindily Huio: Was very very good 👍 👌 👏 🙌 😀 😊 👍.

Nathan Driver: Pretty clean station - the staff was friendly and was helpful when there was an issue with a card.

Fred Irvin: Best Metro stop for American Indian Museum, US Botantic Garden too.

Lamark Medeiros: It is necessary to expand to Brazil - Paraíba- Campina Grande , The Good city.

16. Staybridge Suites Washington D.C. - Greenbelt, an IHG Hotel

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Staybridge Suites Washington D.C. - Greenbelt, an IHG Hotel

Address: 10500 Eastgate Drive, Lanham, MD 20706

Telephone: (301) 477-7200

Business type: Hotel

Near Staybridge Suites Washington D.C. - Greenbelt, an IHG Hotel:

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Staybridge Suites Washington D.C. - Greenbelt, an IHG Hotel: what do users think?

Lainy D: I can’t describe enough how grateful I am for the attentive and kind staff and excellent rooms. I stayed here for several months and never had issues. Anything I needed help on the staff promptly took care of. The food was good and the rooms were spacious, clean, and comfortable. I so enjoyed staying here and had such an excellent experience. The front desk workers even knew my name after a while and were such a pleasure to interact with. The housekeeping staff was equally pleasant and did a great job. This is the perfect place to stay both short and long term. 11/10 :)

Bertha Terry: The outside was beautiful, the inside was beautiful. The front desk service was warm and friendly and very helpful. But the rooms need a upgrade on the furniture and the mattresses we very hard and the bedding needs upgrading. Rooms need to be cleaned on weekends as well.

Rebecca Phillips: Two words: no coffee. Ok, there’s actually more. The room I was given on check in smelled like someone had smoked in it, and then they’d drenched it in air freshener to hide the smell. It was awful. The front desk person was kind and polite though and gave me a different room. It wasn’t great but it was definitely better. I asked for ice and they said I could just turn the ice maker on in my room and have ice in about 15 mins. Don’t fall for this - it didn’t make ice! Then in the morning…no coffee?! Coffee maker was broken…for heaven’s sake order a couple boxes of coffee from Dunkin then! It’s not hard. Also note: they seem to have a party problem as they make you sign a “no parties” agreement. That’s fine. But they also take a $250 deposit, which if you’re not ready for it could be a shock at check in. It wasn’t horrible, but overall, the stay wasn’t worth the money I paid for it.

17. CVS

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Address: 3130 Queens Chapel Rd, Hyattsville, MD 20782

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 11PM

Telephone: (301) 864-7177

Business type: Drug store

Near CVS:

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CVS: what do users think?

Gene Davis: I received poor service while attempting to check the status of prescriptions for my mother who had a stroke and needed her meds. After going through the automated telephone greeting and requesting the pharmacist. A female pharmacist answered the phone and abruptly put me on hold. After waiting for her return, she answered the phone and hung up on me without giving me the status of my mother’s prescriptions. I called back and was kept on hold for twenty minutes. Once she answered the phone her mannerisms was very poor. It seems to be an issue as this happened before.

Yohana Seghit: Rating for the pharmacy, just terrible service, terrible attitude from the pharmacists and overall a bad experience every time myself or a family member goes in. The pharmacist is supposed to help you, instead they just further frustrate you. It’s been like this for years and this is not my first complaint.

Marisol portillo: the staff that gives the COVID vaccines takes too long being the first person to arrive late 2 hours to be seen and they do not go in order with the appointments, bad service.

Jessica C.: The pharmacy at this location is a joke. I had my prescription sent to this location due to its proximity to my home but they are apparently incapable of filling a simple birth control order. After having my nurse contact them multiple times, I went in to finally pick up only to be told that their system is down and their trying to get in touch with tech support. They told me to either try again in a few hours or go to another location.

Samara Taylor: Worst pharmacy ever, hate that this is the closet location to my house!every single time there’s a problem! I called the district manager for this location twice! Obviously the bad reviews aren’t helping more needs to be done

ascarsdimshy: The pharmacy is absolutely awful, it’s such a shame because they are conveniently located to my house, but EVERY single time I get a prescriptions sent to this location there is an issue. Today after waiting in line for nearly 20 minutes I finally arrive at the counter to find out they haven’t yet filled my order that had been placed over 4 hours earlier, and that I’d have to wait 30 more minutes because the pharmacist had to administer vaccines. Something needs to be done about the inefficiencies that exist at this location. And don’t get me started on the “customer service” provided by the staff throughout the rest of the store.

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