Best Parkour Classes Washington Near Me

1. Bolt Parkour & Freerunning Academy - North Bethesda

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Bolt Parkour & Freerunning Academy
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Address: 4950 Boiling Brook Pkwy, North Bethesda, MD 20852

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 4:30PM

Telephone: (301) 770-2727

Business type: Gym

Bolt Parkour & Freerunning Academy: what do users think?

Taeko Noguchi: This review is specifically for the Bolt Summer Camp. This is the day 2 of the summer camp here for my son and he loves the “activities” so far, but the positive just ends there (he’s participating in the “Mix-it-up” camp where you participate one program either at Agility Center or Dynamite Gym in the morning and move to Bolt in the afternoon). I had a chance to catch the last half hour of this summer camp today and it was very disappointing. There were several young male “coaches” (instructors) and a female coach. Granted, the period was supposedly “free” time, where the kids could play and practice using the various apparatus; HOWEVER, all the instructors except for the female instructor were all lounging around ,laying down on the trampoline, playing with their phones, chatting up, paying no attention to the kids whatsoever. Some older campers were doing something that they are not supposed to (because the female instructor told them not to, so I know) but those lounging instructors never paid any attention to any of this while all this is happening a few feet away from them. I’ve spoken with the manager about those instructors today and she promised that this won’t happen again. I’ll come back and observe the camp more again tomorrow but if the things continue to be this way, I’ll pull my son out of this camp before he gets hurt (albeit wasting $400/week tuition they charge). Apparently there were three “incidents” (need to go to the emergency room level) at each location; Agility Center, Dynamite and Bolt, today. Accidents do happen, even in the best of circumstances, but watching the camp today, I just don’t have the confidence in those instructors, unfortunately. It seems that this issue was addressed by the management promptly. Today, those instructors came to apologize for their behavior yesterday. I’ve watched the last 45 minutes of the camp again today and all the instructors were completely engaged with the kids. Based on today’s assessment, I’ll continue to have my son in the camp and hope that the level of attention and the engagement by the instructors stay this way.

Alan Khalili: I have three boys, one of which likes it rough & tumble and is attending Bolt (which he loves!), one is trying to get comfortable with his quickly growing body (he is attending the nearby affiliated gym, Agility Center) and the third loves gymnastics (who attends Dynamite Gymnastics, also an affiliated gym). I love that instructors are actively engaged with the students vs. other gyms where there is minimal instruction. Another plus is the makeup policy. If my sons feels like spending time at any of the other problem. He can apply his makeup at any of the other gyms. I’m pretty sure it’s a family owned/operated business, which shows!

Randy Furtado: Greatest place all of all time! This establishment would be nothing without the amazing staff. They really make you feel at home here.

Augusto Cangahuala: Love this gym. The owner, Michelle, is incredibly good with kids and the trainers are young but very good at what they do. We recently celebrated a birthday party there and had nothing but great things to say.

Steven Tender: Bolt is an excellent place for my sons. The staff are very helpful and friendly. Parkour is a nice activity that allows them to get lots of energy out! I highly recommend this place.

Jaimie Caceres: My 6yo son loves this place, the whole staff is friendly and makes the kids feel welcomed, even the ones who are just watching their siblings/friends practice from the waiting room

Huga: Very amazing place! Lots of focus from the coaches towards the student athletes along with a brilliant gym to train in!

Lamont Walton: Kids love their classes here. Nice gym and covid prep.

2. Urban Evolution Alexandria - Springfield

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Urban Evolution Alexandria
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Address: 5505 Cherokee Ave, Alexandria, VA 22312

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 4:30PM

Telephone: (855) 646-5271

Business type: Gym

Urban Evolution Alexandria: what do users think?

Mary Hatfield: Great focus on parkour moves in class, practicing several different techniques in a session to allow students to rest muscles and switch focus (from flow to balance to momentum, etc.). Excellent tailoring to each students level to keep the class challenging yet manageable for all attendees. Inviting and relaxed environment, including the other students, and inclusive age range. Teachers are welcoming and professional. Classes and results feel rewarding.

Matthew Coffron: Great place! Excellent and knowledgeable staff. Highly recommended way to keep your kids active.

Elizabeth Lingafelt: My daughter absolutely loves coming here for the aerial silks class. The instructors are amazing! She is already doing some really impressive stuff after only 4 classes. The whole facility is well run and has a good vibe about it. Highly recommend.

Daria Akers: Such a fun place. My 9 year old son loves classes here.

Tanya Kendrick: This gym is fantastic! Parkour, silks, dance etc. great for all ages and staff is great. Come on out!

3. Dynamite Gymnastics Center - North Bethesda

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Dynamite Gymnastics Center
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Address: At the top of Wyaconda Road, 4956 Boiling Brook Pkwy, North Bethesda, MD 20852

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM

Telephone: (301) 770-2700

Business type: Gymnastics center

Dynamite Gymnastics Center: what do users think?

Vakhtang Koroghlishvili: - My kids are happy during the class- They have a really good COVID-19 safety policy- Great teachers and really good management!

imran javaid: Loved this place when it was in person. The virtual classes have been a constant struggle since they started. They work one week and not the next. The folks at the front desk have been great but the situation never gets resolved. When we ask the administrators we get sent the same link over and over again but no apologies for missed classes or refunds. My suggestion is if you feel comfortable sending your kids in person you are fine. If you want to do a virtual class find another group that might be more interested in doing a virtual program. These guys are clearly not interested.

Elucw25ca Assefa: I came this location referred by my sister assuming it will be a good fit for my daughter with special needs. Our first day, My wife and myself made appointment and visited this location. The instructor took my daughter to the open gym and tested her motor skill. We as a parent were excited to see our daughter running around all over the gym and looking her excitement on her face. In the end, the instructor told us she will inform us the next step. We waited couple days and called back and she was off. Left a call back message.....No response. We made several attempts to reach her....... no response. We had unpleasant experience which lacks professionalism and poor customer service. Hope someone look in to it.

Heli Paun: My daughter Elizabeth has been with this gym for years. We have never had a negative experience. She is part of TNT team and absolutely loves her coaches, they are her extended family. Front desk is very helpful, especially Eric.

Klaire Marino: My daughter has been a part of the dynamite family for over 5 years. She is now on USGA team level 4. What i love about the attitude at dynamite is tha that it is about the whole child and strengthening them both mentally and physically to be thier best. It is not about winning and pushing kids to do more than is physically safe... as i have seen other gyms. I highly recommend the gym for competitive gymnastics but also classes and fun! thier staff is so centered on caring about kids.

Luv Au: The coach Lilly skipped my son on an activity for three out of four weeks on Saturday morning. Got to keep an eye on the coach to make sure your kid gets what’s planned. Front desk service was excellent though. Joe was an awesome coach when filling in. He made sure my son got a chance to do everything.

Kristen Wilson: We love Ms. Candace ! We have been going to dynamite for years- the space is consistently clean and welcoming. My kids always love their time at Dynamite and as they grow it has helped with their confidence , balance, and is just a great time ! I highly recommended dynamite !

Claudia Sanchez: I love Dynamite! I have brought my 3 kids to class with Ms. Candace and they always have a blast. Ms. Candace is the best coach, she really cares about her students. We have been coming to Dynamite for 5yrs now and still counting!

Jonathan Karpa: We were waiting after my daughter’s class because they wanted her to do a few more exercises to see if she should be in a different class. Our son was also in a class so the three of us hadn’t left the gym yet. One of the instructors (Jackie) came up to me and said, “Class is over. You need to leave now!” I was so appalled at how rude she was that I was left speechless. I can’t recall the last time someone was so rude to me. All I can say is that I hope she is nicer to the kids than she is to the adults. The whole experience left a horrible taste in my mouth and I have no desire to go back there.

4. Pinnacle Parkour Academy, Washington Township - Gloucester Township

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Pinnacle Parkour Academy, Washington Township
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Address: 505 NJ-168 Unit A, Turnersville, NJ 08012

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 5PM

Telephone: (855) 776-7275

Business type: Gym

Pinnacle Parkour Academy, Washington Township: what do users think?

Anthony Salters: The coaches were smart, the facility is amazing and the kids LOVED it.

melissa c: My 9 year old was interested in a Ninja Gym and I took him to PP to try out the free class after having a negative experience at another gym with them not following Covid guidelines with masks. My son had a blast and has been since attending 2-3 classes a week. He cannot wait until his next class. Everyone there follows strict Covid guidelines with masks and sanitizing which is a huge relief. The coaches are so patient and helpful with all of the kids. I can’t recommend this place enough!!

gregg jannetti: My daughter attended a birthday party here and she loved it. The obstacles were set up for their age. The staff was exceptional. They focus on a lot of safety and give their attention to the individual kids. My daughter and I liked it so much I plan on signing her up for a class.

Christopher DeGuzman: Our 6 year old looks forward to going each class! Tons of fun, great coaches, and great way to develop confidence.

Bryan Schoell: My kids have been going here 5 years. The instructors are good and patient. The place has kept getting better and expanding their classes to better challenge the kids.

Joseph D Phillips: Wish I and my grandkiddies could train there!

Tina Miller: Did I complimentary class to see if it was a fit for my son. My son absolutely loves Pinnacle Parkour. Coach Mike, Phil, Kaleb & Gaven were awesome.

5. Lehigh Valley Parkour Academy - Allentown

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Lehigh Valley Parkour Academy
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Address: 1639 W Washington St, Allentown, PA 18104

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 4:30PM

Telephone: (610) 849-2001

Business type: Parkour spot

Lehigh Valley Parkour Academy: what do users think?

Tabitha Lewis: My 3 & 5 yo took young jumps class—each week they focus developing on one skill like balance, focus, and speed. I got to watch them as they go through different obstacle courses and see their confidence grow as they mastered each skill.

payton Huff: I absolutely love it here. I go to the adult classes and everyone is so friendly. The coaches are very supportive and kind. This is my new favorite thing to do. I like that it can apply to things in everyday life.

Heather Dulick: I read lots of reviews before taking my two boys ages 8 & 9 here. I agree with all the reviews about how amazing and PATIENT the coaches and staff are with the kids!! My boys are so excited to go to class, I enjoy watching them focus and learn techniques and character building lessons. My son ran up to me during one of his breaks at class and hugged me and said thank you so much for bringing us here, and then ran back to class! 💓 Highly recommend it!!

Mikki Costa: We attended a birthday party here; staff was great - kids had a blast. Would recommend!

Farzana Vargas: Very accommodating to various schedules, patient, great with kids. Amazing one on one trial class with our student with coach josh to see whats class is a good fit. Im very excited for him to start. Great way to gain new techniques and burn energy.

Lisa Spitale: My son has been attending classes twice a week at LVPA for almost a year and a half. He is as excited about it now as he was the day of his first class. The coaches are the best - always very welcoming and go out of their way to encourage, support and challenge the kids in each class. They always find time to talk to and work with any student that asks. Additionally, they are always willing talk with parents and answer any questions we may have. Thanks to his Parkour training, my son has improved in the areas of strength, balance, body control and confidence. Many of his coaches from other sports have commented on how his strength, control and mental toughness have improved - they believe these improvements are due to his Parkour training. I recommend this gym to anyone - kids and adults!!

Mark Ristine: We took our son for his introductory class and we were immediately impressed with Coach Adam’s demeanor and how he treated our son with respect and also, expectations that he had for our son. Our son was engaged and excited immediately and the smile on his face from just a little taste of learning and success. Professional atmosphere and an obvious emphasis on safety. We are looking forward to seeing what our son will be inspired to achieve here.

6. American Parkour - Shenandoah County

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American Parkour
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Address: 18649 Old Valley Pike, Edinburg, VA 22824

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM

Telephone: (844) 472-7568

Business type: Physical fitness program

American Parkour: what do users think?

mark bodogh: In 2 days the colour was peeling from the sides of the shoe that bend with the foot. i wrote the APK store about this and have had no reply. we have had the shoe now for a month and it is not comfortable for my son plus they are prematurely wearing. . We are not satisfied with our purchase. Mark

Rosy: Great! I like so much! Parkour is the best sport in the world!

Jas Strom: No one is minding the store.

Murf: Positive: Communication, Professionalism, QualityThe perfect place to learn parkour.

Sherif Issa: Nice PK Gym

Jeremy Samuels: My name is Jeremy

J C: It is a parkour place

Jordan Daugherty: (Translated by Google) Local support freerunning! Great exercise and mental challenge in non-competitive community. "Be strong to be useful". (Original) Support local freerunning! Great exercise and mental challenge in non-competitive community. «Être fort pour être utile».

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