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1. Planet Fitness - Washington

· 596 reviews

3200 Pennsylvania Ave. SE, Washington, DC 20020

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Planet Fitness: what do users think?

Honor Savoy: The gym is very clean. The tanning beds are excellent. There is ALWAYS someone at the from desk happy to assist you as soon as you walk in the door. I joined this location because of Nina. She took so much time explaining every aspect of membership to me. She was very pleasant, polite and helpful. She is an excellent representation of the Planet Fitness Brand.

Eric Cottner: The best location I have visited thus far around the DMV. Convenient location and parking. Great staff and clean facilities. Well maintained and newer equipment. Never an issue with overcrowding or unavailable machines/equipment. There is an abundance of space and areas if you need to socially distance or simply free style your own routine. Even the clients are respectful of time and the occupancy of areas. As a black card member and frequent traveler I have utilized PF locations across the U.S. and this is one of my personal favorites. Much appreciation to the staff and community!

Rashidah Hardy: I love this location. Its always clean. Lots of machines to choose from. The staff is very friendly and always there to assist you. Parking lot is well lit at night. Also I always see a MPD car sitting in the parking lot so I feel safe coming in and out alone at dark hours. I love the hydro beds! Nothing like getting a good workout in then a massage. Kennedy has to be my favorite employee there he is so patient, informative and professional. Also the people that come to workout out here have a chill, friendly vibe that I have encountered. I’m happy I found my new gym!

Meemee 81: The staff is awesome. They always greet you with a warm welcome and tell you to “have a good workout!” It’s super motivating. The gym is clean and they are actually constantly cleaning while you are working out. This helps to ease my anxiety about germs They also enforce the mask mandates lowering the risk of CoVid exposure. Also it’s 5 mins from my home. 10 out of 10!

Elizabeth Herbert: I transferred my PF membership to the Penn Branch location in October & I absolutely love it! It’s huge, there’s a lot of new equipment and it’s never overly crowded. They have a free parking lot with tons of spaces & the gym is always super clean — inside & out. The staff & members are also really respectful & friendly! They’re mindful of covid procedures (wearing masks, socially distancing, etc.), there are sanitizing stations all over the facility & the members are fully vaccinated. I always have a great workout whenever I go & I’ve recommended this location to my friends! One of the best PF’s I’ve been to.

Trestan L. McCloud: I have had an overall well experience with the staff and guests at this planet fitness. However I was heavily harassed by my general manager and targeted multiple times in an attempt to have me lose my job which was eventually proven truthful as several current employees have sent text messages stating that Ms. Tasha has been telling everyone that would listen that she was “tired of being nice” to me etc. Overall my feelings are truly hurt because I really enjoyed my time with planet fitness and would have given anything for my time to have ended on better terms

Nikkia Watson: Love it here. Everyone is always so friendly..New and old employees. They make you feel excited to workout here. It’s always clean all the equipment is always in place, you don’t have to search for dumbbells!!!

Marcus Brady: This is a convenient location for me so that’s one of the reasons why I canceled my membership with another gym. Since I’ve been a black card membership, I have received VIP customer service from the staff, clean and safe atmosphere, working and available equipment, and a relaxing massage chair after my workout. I want to personally thank Nina, Tim, Leandre, and Trestan for always greeting me at the door and making me feel like a valued customer. Keep up the good work! Overall, this Planet Fitness is the place to BE.

2. Planet Fitness - Washington



· 1103 reviews

1406 Okie St NE, Washington, DC 20002

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Planet Fitness: what do users think?

J Peter Loftus: I’ve been working out at planet fitness in ivy city since 2015. The facilities are always clean and professionally managed. The staff are friendly and courteous people. There are always options even if the free weights and smith machines are taken so no excuses. Once you figure out the best time for your workout it is easier to set a schedule. Being open 24 hours is an advantage one must not ignore.Many times I have had a burst of energy at 3am and gone to work out there.

Lexie Rock: Very friendly staff and clean Planet Fitness! Javon is the best. Recommend parking in the garage. It’s free if you validate your ticket before leaving (if you’re there under 90 minutes you don’t need to validate). A great price for a nice gym. I used the hydrobeds as well. They’re awesome for post workout. The lockers also have locks attached to them which is nice. Pro tip: put in your phone the number and code of the locker you picked. The gym is on the second floor but they have an elevator if you need it. There’s also a bike rack right outside of the door and metered street parking.

Erica Phillips, M.A., Resident in Counseling: The facilities are clean. It’s very easy to get in and out to use equipment without any major waits. The staff always greets you with a smile and a hello which is such positive energy to get you motivated for your workout. The lockers come with built in locks that you enter a code to use, so no bother carrying around bulky locks anymore. If you are forgetful put the code in your phone! While I’ve had no need to use the shower area since I live so close, I would not hesitate to use them if I needed to as they are always clean. I have Black Card membership and the hydro waterbed massage is always great after a workout. I would just recommend that they add the stretching cage to the facility.

Gisselle Ramirez Orozco: I like that the place is very organized, has clean installations, respects the covid protocols, the restrooms and lockers work very well. You have a lot of variety to do a workout with the machines, and finally, the staff is kind and patient. Additionally, you have the hydromassage, which is amazingly relaxing. I definitely would recommend having the membership and joining this gym!

Vlad Z: I worked out here while visiting DC (from NY) and this Is the best planet fitness I’ve ever visited. Plenty machines all on one floor, huge space, lots of light, great staff.

Jeremy Albrecht: Not bad. Cant make too many complaints about a gym that only costs 20 something a month. I have only been twice, but it is about what I expected. The temp is a tad hot in there on sunny days but all else is wonderful.

3. Planet Fitness - Prince George's County

· 892 reviews

5001 Indian Head Hwy, Oxon Hill, MD 20745

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Planet Fitness: what do users think?

Sunny Daisy: I really do like the convenience of the location and modernized equipment. To me, I do get a return in my investment dollars. Just a few things that could use improvement - just be conscious of members and their sensitivities to cleaning agents. While I take NO issue with staff disinfecting machines/cleaning gym area, sometimes the smell of the cleaning agent can be a bit strong and irritate my nose/throat. Also, I do understand the growing decriminalization of "weed", but it would be nice if a "smell" check was done. It is a bit uncomfortable to work out, while smelling such a foul stench. Besides that, the staff are generally nice, friendly, welcoming, and helpful. The presentation/condition of the bathroom (ladies) has improved for the better.

Willie Forman Jr: This is one of the best gyms I’ve been to! There is a big variety of equipment and it’s all easy to use! It is clean, friendly, and I appreciate the judgment free zone! I highly recommend Planet Fitness to everyone!

Aminah Imani: Clean. Professional staff. Up to date lockers and operable equipment. I have no complaints with this gym. Keep up the great work!

Tiara Davis: The location recently received all new equipment. The staff is always friendly and helpful and the refrigerators are always filled with products.

4. Planet Fitness - Seat Pleasant

· 609 reviews

6302 Central Ave, Seat Pleasant, MD 20743

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Planet Fitness: what do users think?

Lacey Thornton: Dominique is one of the best employees at this Seat Pleasant Planet Fitness location! He deserves ALL the stars for great customer service and being a walking motivation! Dominique is consistently friendly, answers questions thoroughly and provides helpful fitness tips whenever I ask. I have lost at least 15 pounds this season just from his helpful tips alone! He is definitely a walking motivation as evident in his fitness and nutrition knowledge and evident practice. I recommend everyone I know to this location simply because of Dominique. His positive energy is infectious and I sincerely appreciate his professionalism. Big thanks Dominique, wishing you all the best!

James Rice: I love this location, 4 minute drive from my house. But I must say…… this no longer being 24/7 is a problem for me. I enjoy going to the gym between 2-4am. Friday-Saturday-Sunday nights around 7-8pm love it, no one is there so I can workout without my anxiety being all over due to the crowd of people. Sssooo what am i supposed to do now. 😒😒 and the overnight staff was AWESOME… you get five stars for the staff…. HOWEVER we are going to need our 24/7 back.

Tashjai S: My review is less about the gym and more about the employees! Dominique is the main reason why I come back to this gym. The gym isn’t my closest gym but I travel here for him specifically. He is alway professional and fun and is always willing to help in anyway possible. He genuinely cares about the well-being of everyone in the gym and treats everyone as family. 1 star off only because all of the staff doesn’t exemplify this great service.

OfficialAaliyah: I am giving this location a 5 star because of the great employees. Everyone in there is so nice, pleasant and helpful especially Dominique, like must people I had no idea what I was doing but he was so helpful and showed me the correct way to use the equipment. If your liking for a gym to goto with pleasant people this is your location

Ronece Turner: Having to find a gym that follows covid protocols well and has great customer service is hard these days. When I first came to this location, I was a little skeptical due to previous experiences. However, the warm welcome from Dommo has been a pleasure. From the encouragement as he walks by and the mannerism when greeted, I was truly pleased with my experience. Dommo is amazing at what he does and you can tell he really cares to make a warm welcome to customers coming in!

Lisa Jeffrey: Dominique is awesome. The fitness center is always clean and machines are available. But Dominique customer service is what stands out the most.

Chasity Barbett: I enjoying coming to this PF due to the amazing atmosphere, friendly staff (Dominique), cleanliness and equipment availability. Everyone is always very friendly and willing to assist with questions if needed.

5. Planet Fitness - Silver Spring

· 687 reviews

1100 Wayne Ave, Silver Spring, MD 20910

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Planet Fitness: what do users think?

destine freeman: Only went once so far on a not so busy time. Ease of access to machines/equipment (which they have a lot of). Different options to choose from depending on what you want to work. Transferred from the one at PG MALL. Seamless change of clubs. Nice staff. I like the upstairs downstairs set up. Literally was able to get a last pump of the chest press right next to the door which is lit to me.

Fatima Doye: Great location , clean , kind stuff but… members are not too kind so many people sitting on the machines playing on their phone and they don’t use or let you use the equipments ..

Samuel Geoghegan: The things I enjoyed most were the hours and the quantity of equipment and stations. Unless it was a very specific machine, such as the assisted pull up machine or the leg raise stand, there was always at minimum 2 of each machine or station. At peak, it may have been harder to find an available station but fortunately the gym is open 24/7 so there is the opportunity to go at another time, provided your schedule can accommodate it.

Anonymous Neighbor: Went to planet fitness for the second time and you definitely get the quality you pay for. Overall not a bag gym but plenty gym members sitting down on machines they aren’t even using. The upstairs part of it also people hogging the machines without using them.

Chris Morgan: Nice spot, a smaller space but they use it efficiently. The second floor has these great windows in the "360 training" area. It was a very pleasant place to workout.

6. Planet Fitness - Arlington

· 40 reviews

1301 S Joyce St, Arlington, VA 22202

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Planet Fitness: what do users think?

Cj Kiernan: It’s open and awesome! Update: staff have been super helpful and friendly. Also black card facilities (tanning bed and massage chairs) are amazing. Update 2: if you’re into free weights you may be disappointed, they do have 11 benches, 4 smith machine, dumbbells that go up to 75, and a decline bench, but no place to do squats deadlifts, cleans, or freestanding benches unless you want to use the smith machines. Plenty of 45s to go around for the smith machines though and they do have a leg press… so don’t skip leg day.

luvely me: The staff is so friendly! Judgment free environment! No seriously.. no one is hounding you to join, or "help" with equipment unless you ask. You only have 30 minutes to work out? They have and actual area to get a total work out. Get in and get out! Love it here. So happy they came to Arlington!

Tracy Miller: I absolutely love this fitness center! I have to give a special shout out to Noa, who greets me by name with a smile every time I come in. She answered my questions and showed me around when I was getting used to my new membership. She still reminds me to let he know if I need anything. The gym is spotless, which is important during these crazy Covid times. Great staff - Great Facilities - I look forward to my workouts. I highly recommend PF, Pentagon City!

bill m: Great start to a new operation Update 8 Apr 2022...still impressed. 1 of 50+ that I will visit and rate over the next couple months: Overall: 5 of 5 Customer Service: was front desk welcoming and offer greeting coming/going, if able. Were they helpful when asked. Was their attitude generally positive. 5/5 Cleanliness / neatness (windows, floors, equipment, bathrooms): 5/5 Paper towels / sprays / bathrooms stocked: 5/5 Equipment availability / maintenance / quality: 5/5

Milla Time: Love this gym!! Hydromassages are a dream come true after a workout. I love the location, so beautiful in Virginia.

7. Planet Fitness - John Adams

· 768 reviews

4620 Kenmore Ave, Alexandria, VA 22304

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Planet Fitness: what do users think?

Ericia Johnson: Jimmy and his staff are always kind and helpful. This location is always clean and disinfected. I always have an amazing experience every time I go to exercise.

8. Planet Fitness - Suitland-Silver Hill

· 771 reviews

5604 Silver Hill Rd, District Heights, MD 20747

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Planet Fitness: what do users think?

Thahmin Jaigirdar: Great Gym! Darrell does a great job of cleaning the gym and taking care of us. Overall very friendly staff and great place to workout! Never had any issues with finding equipment or anything being disorganized messy or dirty.

Michael Overton Sr: The best thing about the gym to me is how clean the employees keep everything. They are always cleaning and mopping the entire gym.The trainer is awesome and he knows his stuff.I wouldn’t go anywhere else to workout.

Nineeka Dukes: The staff, the cleanliness, the classes/trainer and the fact that the results are measured and celebrated! They truly care, are always super friendly, professional and ready to help.

Krsi Semloh: Darrell is the best! He keeps the gym spotless! He always has a cheerful disposition@

tonia p: Positive: ProfessionalismPlanet fitness is the way to go in District Heights always clean literally no judgment free zone

9. Planet Fitness - Fort Washington

· 544 reviews

12746 Old Fort Rd, Fort Washington, MD 20744

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Planet Fitness: what do users think?

Betty Entzminger: Wonderful. Every new Planet Fitness I go to takes me higher and higher. The Customer Service was amazing this morning and the clients really work out hard. Great experience on Indian Head Planet Fitness.

Ann Fig: Very friendly atmosphere, especially the people who work there. The equipment is great. I could use the bench press without being attached to the sides bar (they don’t have the attachment-free bench press), but besides that, it’s being a good experience.

Robert Tennis: Pros: - $10 a month - everything you need for a workout is here. Dumbells, cables, machines. Plenty of treadmills. - Friendly staff. - worth the cost by far! Cons: - Bring your own music, unless you like crass rap music - no free bar bench, but there are the assisted kind and they work fine. - no 5lb plates, so hope you like going up on your prs 20 lbs at a time.

REAPR24: I tend to go in the early morning (before 7) and late at night (after midnight) to beat the crowd. I find all of the staff to be extremely knowledgeable, helpful and quite encouraging. By far my favorite PF to go to in the area.

Ashley Mason: Awesome staff. Facility is always clean. Best management I’ve seen at a Planet Fitness!

10. Planet Fitness - Hyattsville

· 660 reviews

3500 East-West Hwy #1120, Hyattsville, MD 20782

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Planet Fitness: what do users think?

Jaquie Menjivar: After the remodeling, this place has been a good environment to workout. They have a great variety of machines and the hydroMassage was amazing. It’s best to go before 3 pm or after 8 pm. The Staff was so helpful with getting the pass for my guest through the app and answered all the questions very kindly.

AH Farhan: Crowded in evening times, you have to wait couple of minutes to use a machine or other equipment. Also, they need to have a scale for weight check. They still deserve five stars because it is clean and the staff is super nice.

Jose Bates: This is a great store to pick up some new running shoes. The staff are super helpful. They have a treadmill set up to film your stride.

Segid Brhane: The best! The price, the instruments, the receptionist, the timing...all in all it stimulates you to come again and again and give time for yourself as the motto of the place says... it seems as if you own it, and belong to it always... I love it...and recommend for those who love themselves enough to give time to themselves!

11. Planet Fitness - White Oak

· 896 reviews

11130 New Hampshire Ave, Silver Spring, MD 20904

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Planet Fitness: what do users think?

Deirdra Peyton: The gym itself is cool. I’m glad they recently updated the equipment. However the only downside is that sometimes people hog the machines by using them to browse their phones. This hinders those of us who are serious about working out from really getting it in at the gym. If the gym attendants who work there could make the people who aren’t using the machines and just chilling on them move to another one so someone who actually wants to use it would be nice…

Jeni Blessman: Positive: Professionalism, QualityWe have been so pleasantly surprised by the quality & quantity of equipment at Planet Fitness in Silver Spring. Also, it’s very affordable and easy access as they’re open 24 hours a day. We often work very late and it’s a very nice option to be able to go work out after 11 o’clock at night ‼️

Lenora Diggs: Back to the Gym today! Normally go to Greenbelt. Relocated went to Silver Spring location; the Gym has plenty of equipment. The hydromassage was nice and therapeutic after months of not working out. The Staff was very accommodating & helpful. Danielle & another young lady were friendly. There was a young man, who I neglected to ask his name, also offered great service.

Big Joe: People who Join Planet Fitness (PF) in the White Oak area of Silver Spring Maryland will find themselves in BAD company. But in this case, BAD is good because it stands for the morning staff of Brenda, Aaron, and Daniela, Team BAD, which is good! The three of them are extremely meticulous and consistent in cleaning equipment, restoring items like straps and free weights to their proper place on the racks, and keeping the gym functioning in tip top shape. They are very cordial and articulate when interacting with customers and are exceptional representatives of the PF enterprise. Thanks Team BAD for making PF so good. I hope manager Kevin and other PF officials realize how fortunate they are to have such high caliber front line workers on their team.

Kaya Naiwi: I love it. There’s always a good amount of people which oddly enough helps motivate me to work out harder. The staff are very nice and helpful. Highly recommend.

12. Planet Fitness - Huntington

· 646 reviews

5960 Richmond Hwy, Alexandria, VA 22303

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Planet Fitness: what do users think?

Maranatha SOS: Great gym. Kind and caring employees. The new massage chair is everything you could want. Thank you, Planet Fitness!

Drea Dawson: Very clean location. The staff is very friendly. Thete are people even at extremely late hours on Saturdays. I usually do morning and its slightly busy then. One suggestion is that barbells would be nice and bosu balls/tension ropes. Otherwise the people are pleasant enough. I isually come in to get my workout in and head back out. So not really social for an opinion on that. Bathrooms do have pipe leaks...seems to be a trend at all of the planet fitnesses in the area which is very weird to me.

I Petty: It’s a really nice spot, The staff are chill, and always give a friendly welcome and farewell which I find pleasant. I’ve never had a complaint that wasn’t fixed by the time I come back. 10 out of 10 would recommend.

13. Washington Sports Clubs - Columbia Heights - Washington

· 342 reviews

3100 14th St NW, Washington, DC 20010

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Washington Sports Clubs - Columbia Heights: what do users think?

Conor O'Reilly: I had a personal training session with Phil and he did a great job! He taught me a lot about free weights and stretching. Now I feel more comfortable to use the more advanced equipment. They also have a pool, sauna, and basketball court. Love this place

Mahvash Edrissi: I started going to gym a month ago, first it was difficult to come out after so long time lock down. But after few days I got used to it now i want to go there everyday. Friendy staff, and clean place, and all equipment makes this place great. I do my exercise, take a shower and saunas, afterwards I feel great about myself. Thank you wsc

14. Planet Fitness - Prince George's County

· 857 reviews

8509 Landover Rd, Hyattsville, MD 20785

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Planet Fitness: what do users think?

YOUtuBeCritic: This location is unassuming, sketchy and shady homies outside but actually a nice and clean facility with cool homies inside.

Lorraine McGill: Positive: Professionalism, QualityGreat place to come to excise and to unwind, I love the relaxing chair, the place stays open 24 hours at most of their locations and I appreciate that I can stop in when ever I like to! I he staff I very pleasant also! I give this place 100%

brkertffny2006: This location is spacious and filled with so many different machines. The staff is very helpful. The environment is clean and friendly

steven Cumberbatch: Very nice environment to work out and get it in. Also it is clean and the staff make sure of that by sanitizing and picking up paper towels on the floor. My only concern would be if a rowing machine could be added to diversified the equipment already presrnt

Jerry Godley: The trainers are supportive and knowledgeable about scaling moves to meet your needs regardless of your level of fitness. Different workouts each day push and challenge you

IamItMe111 J: Just went there for the first time today off of the one day free visit and I loved it. At first I was nervous about going to the gym as this was my first experience in one and knowing that there were going to be people way bigger than me 😂. Everyone seemed energetic and motivated along with the environment not feeling like I’m being judged and watched. Very good “air” of the place it encourages you to come back again. Will be returning a lot more often!

Deon Jones: Outstanding club great staff clean on point great atmosphere Judgement Free Zone great customer service.

15. Planet Fitness - Clinton

· 999 reviews

7610 Old Branch Ave, Clinton, MD 20735

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Planet Fitness: what do users think?

Sharnell. C: This was the best planet fitness location in Maryland I have visited. Hands down! Upon entering the staff was very pleasant, helpful and friendly. It was my first time visiting along with my aunt, the staff offered to show us a tour. And the gym was one of the cleanest locations I have been to. And it wasn’t crowded at all which was a plus! I will be frequenting this location more often. I’d rather drive here which is 20+ min from me then go to the location across the street where I live lol. And that says a lot.

T Myers: Had the best experience at this location. 1st was greeted by such a patient and polite young man named Ali. Ali also took the time to answer any question that I had and even escorting me to the items that I questioned. The facility was very clean and the bathroom shower had hot water. Michelle was super helpful and friendly. Glad I ventured in for a morning workout.

Christina Smalls: This not even my home location however I work near this location so I go M-F. The personal trainer Christina is awesome (I recommend you come and train with her) The staff is amazing. From the front desk employee to the maintenance man is AWESOME. I definitely feel welcome and comfortable.

Edward Bright-El: I was hesitant about going here with COVID-19 still being prevalent, because this particular gym has not had a reputation of being "clean." Surprisingly, there was NO trash on floors in the gym area, locker rooms, or bathrooms. There was plenty of paper towels and disinfectant sprays around. It was definitely an UPGRADE from this time last year and earlier. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

anthony doukas: Ive enjoyed this location alot..Its always spotless including restrooms..machines are always working ...unlike laurel location guests actually exercise the way they should instead of talking on phone I watch people sit and watch videos ..take 30 minutes on 1 machine in circuit...use free weights t machine .only use machine as a chair to rest its been nice to go to a location thats ran well...

Cameron B: Ill keep it simple if you need a good clean gym to go to, this is the one. Ive been going for the last 3 years and I have no issues with the place. Bathrooms are always clean, no pee/toilet paper on floors/toilets. Hand sanitizer and cleaning solution is ALWAYS stocked. Staff is always friendly and works to keep the place clean. The members are chill and not rude. You will see the occasional person with their mask down but PF gets on them if they see it. You can go tell the staff if you see someone and they will go address it immediately. I didnt like PF at first because I cant lift as heavy as I want to, but I actually enjoy this place alot now. 10/10 rating from me (just wish they had free weight bench/squat section).

16. Planet Fitness - Berwyn Heights

· 641 reviews

6100 Greenbelt Rd, Greenbelt, MD 20770

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Planet Fitness: what do users think?

Darryl “Big D” Bradshaw: So far so good! Friendly staff they greet you in the morning when you come in and say bye to you when you leave, they keep the machines pretty clean from what I can see. People are well-mannered and people clean the machines at this location.

Gerry Barnes: Great place with great vibes. Good equipment variety. Equipment maintained well. Friendly staff. Superb value! No excuse not to have exercise in your life with PF around!! 12/16/21_ Manager Phil helping patron to automobile

Juliana Jackson- Agbebaku: Phil is a very engaging manager. Always providing solutions. He even introduced me to a club benefit that I didn’t even realize I had, which was Thor, who is an awesome asset to the facility. Thor gets the job done as a personal trainer, he encourages you to enjoy the workout. The staff is extremely positive and professional. The list goes on, but to say the least this location could be a role model for some of the other locations I’ve been to. To be honest I’ve never seen the bathroom dirty 🤔.

ChooseJas: Enjoy going to this gym so far. It’s usually pretty clean and people are respectful when it comes to sharing the area since the gym isnt too big. Weights are 9/10 where they are supposed to be.

Arrey Mbutambe: Love the gym. It needs a bit more space for freelance workouts and could be a bit more spacious but still is an amazing place to workout.

17. Capitol Hill Sport&Health - Washington

· 118 reviews

315 G St SE, Washington, DC 20003

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Capitol Hill Sport&Health: what do users think?

Edward Wendel: Great gym and great trainers. I have been using gym since its opening. I am now 81 (yes, I know, old). Have been training for several years with Razonte Dunn. He may be exceptional at training high performing athletes, but he also has a special gift for taking everyone seriously and taking them to the highest level they can achieve. He not only knows the mechanics of training, he communicates a desire to make you succeed that is contagious. This experience has been life-changing.

Asher Allman: Great gym at an affordable rate. Helpful and responsive staff, both in person trainers and with online/email inquiries. All the equipment you would need, and a really cool atmosphere/space. Big fan!

Rachael Hunt: I want to give 5 stars to Raz, one of the trainers. I’ve been working out with him in his group classes and it’s been a great experience. He is super enthusiastic and always plans engaging and effective workouts. He is a great motivator. If you are ready to push yourself, he’s the trainer for you.

Devon Murphy: Love this gym! Best gym in the area by far. My only recommendation would be to add mirrors in front of ALL the squat racks. It is beyond me why half would have mirrors and half do not.

18. Planet Fitness - Seven Corners

· 442 reviews

6270 Arlington Blvd, Seven Corners, VA 22044

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Planet Fitness: what do users think?

FranklinLiranzo: Love this location, so open, wide, tons of natural light, super high ceilings, machines for days! Personally i love the pf 360 area. Friendly and helpful staff! Clean!

Millz83: I’m not sure if this is a new Planet Fitness or not, but I must say I have found my new gym after the Planet Fitness on Kenmore got rid of all the old treadmills. I feel like this is the best Planet Fitness in the area!! Their equipment is up to date/ looks brand new, you don’t feel like your on top of people while working out, and there are so many options!! It’s definitely a drive out this way, but worth it!

Lance Tennyson: Staff is not only professional and courteous, but also extremely friendly. Both the manager and trainer have been very helpful in suggesting certain machines to not put strain on my back due to having back surgery 4 yrs ago. Would recommend this PF to anyone and I have.

19. Total Source Fitness - Washington

· 68 reviews

1271 5th St NE, Washington, DC 20002

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Total Source Fitness: what do users think?

Hannah: Updating my review after a few months of coming here as a guest. I have found more appreciation for this gym than the gym I belong to. I’ve never had to wait for any equipment here. They have everything you’d need. Never too packed. Still leaks in places is the only thing. Has been consistent $10 since last review. Would join this gym if I lived closer. Lots of gym equipment & heavy weights. Perfect for big dudes who lifting is their passion or small guys who want to get big 💪🏽. Only bad thing is leaks everywhere (Buckets pictured). Cold in the winter. Cost of bringing guests changes every time based on who’s working. $10 to $20 per visit. This place has a lot of potential but needs a little work.

Cam Frasier: I love this gym. Close by and has all the equipment you need to get at it. This is a no frills gym. Just open space and tons of equipment. I go with my fiance to work out together and she is also a fan. She typically works with aerobic, alternative bands, and ropes. I definitely recommend this gym to people who are serious about getting fit!

Gerald Regep: I love this gym, hands down. When i moved to DC I looked for a place that was affordable, within walking distance, and had the equipment i needed to stay in shape. Total Source gave me just that. Total Source Fitness is run and owned by Kent, a straight up dude who never fails to ask you how you’re doin. I’ve seen some comments that suggest that TSF is poorly run and a low-quality gym. In my experience, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Kent has been straightforward with me since i first joined the gym. I had an issue where my membership was charged twice in one month, an accident he fixed after I spoke with him. The correction took a week or two, but he made it right and was transparent with me the whole way through. Sometimes things take time with computers and logistics. As long as you’re straight with him, he’ll take care of you. Love this place.

Josten Forsythe: If you’re looking for a gym to get an actual workout in, then Total Source Fitness is the place. With seven squat racks and a bunch of benches, I’ve never waited for a lift. While it’s definitely no frills, the regulars know their way around a gym, making it easy to move around and get work in. What’s more, Kent, the owner, gave me a break on my initiation fee because I’d only be in town for a month. Definitely give Total Source Fitness a try if you’re in town.

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