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1. CYCLEBAR - Washington

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Address: 1105 2nd St NE, Washington, DC 20002

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 5:30AM

Telephone: (202) 413-1854

Business type: Gym

CYCLEBAR: what do users think?
natasha mazikins
natasha mazikins: i just had to come on here & say how amazing my first ride was at cycle bar in NoMa. lindsey was an incredibly warm and welcoming instructor who made it such a fun and challenging workout. the whole staff made me feel so welcome and eased all of the anxiety i had around taking my first ever cycling class. they even wrote a sweet little note on my locker… just so cute and so nice. looking forward to taking many more classes with lindsey, she’s a badass.
Ian Lever
Ian Lever: Had a really positive experience here. Jacie and Lindsay were very welcoming to new riders and experienced riders alike. I also liked how they kept it cold in the workout room too.
Denise Morris
Denise Morris: So good I bout a membership after my first ride! Staff are super encouraging and helpful
Response: Thank you Denise! We love having you in the studio, and especially when you’re crushing our June challenge! See you on a bike soon. -Nathan at CycleBar NoMa
Salma Khalid
Salma Khalid: Just walked out of the class. Literally every bike in the room is taken. It’s like they haven’t even considered any capacity restrictions in light of runaway covid transmission
Garrett Gots
Garrett Gots: Never done a Cycle class before. Got a bike in the back row, watched what was going on and got a great work out. Now i try and go twice a week. Great instructors, great environment. Very happy with my membership. love the location.
Ally Bailey
Ally Bailey: I spin regularly and had the opportunity to take a complimentary class. I was one of the first attendees there since I knew I’d need to sign a waiver, etc. Getting my stuff put away was as simple as expected. When I got into the studio there were ladies resetting bikes and asked me to step out. I would recomend keeping the doors closed or eplaining to guests that they should wait to be called into the studio to avoid awkward interactions like that one. When we were eventually let in I found my bike, set it as I usually do, and needed help clipping in (these bikes are different than any others I’ve ever clipped into). I asked for help and the person who helped me told me I needed to change my settings so I don’t hurt myself, I tried to let her know I usually use these settings and she went into a safety conversation as if this was my first spin class ever. She lowered my seat, I told her I was uncomfortable but she said it was better this way. I stretched and spun a bit until the class instructor came over when I raised my hand to ID myself as a new rider to her class. She told me my seat was too low and I needed to come up. She raised me back to where I normally sit (which was a bit frustrating in that I knew I should have been at that setting origijnaly). It was a great class (shout out Lexi!)........ I’d recommend employee talking to class takers instead of talking at them. If the original person that “helped” me just took a moment to listen to me, she would have known that although this was my first class at this studio, I spin 6 days a week and know how to set my bike comfortably for me. I may go back, I may not.... the experience all in all didn’t seem like the most welcoming outside of the instructor.

2. CYCLED! - Washington

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Address: 6960 Carroll St NW, Washington, DC 20012

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 6AM

Telephone: (240) 641-4969

Business type: Physical fitness program

CYCLED!: what do users think?
Sheila Lo Monaco
Sheila Lo Monaco: Cycled it’s without a doubt, one of the best cycling studios I have been. Everyone is friendly and helpful. The studio is clean and they offer towels. The bikes are new. The front desk greeting you by your name. The classes are excited and easy to book. The instructors are energetic and really makes you have awesome work out no matter the time of the day. I have classes with different instructors they are everything you expect and more. They offer rooftop ridings on spring/summer on their Silver Spring location and Barre classes. The Takoma location offers parking and tons of street parking.
Response: Thank you, Sheila!!! See you soon :-)
Eric Reinke
Eric Reinke: I am a “traveling spinner” through my constant business travels. I have been to dozens of clubs all over the country, some good, some not so much. This is a really good one for several reasons: 1) Keiser Bikes, the best, smoothest spin bikes with the best metrics; 2) the instructors use the metrics to lead you, giving you gear ranges and rpm targets; sounds like common sense but you’d be surprised; 3) a water cooler and workout towels; not all clubs offer even one of these; 4) Adrienne, one of the great “Spincess’ “ I have encountered. Looking forward to my next visit to DC; having lived here, I haven’t always been able to say that!
Kim Kmi
Kim Kmi: Cycled is a fantastic studio. The owner, Shayla, makes everyone feel welcome no matter your skill level. The teachers are all friendly and professional, but not afraid to push you. I highly recommend Cycled.
Kara Terrell
Kara Terrell: Cycled! is most definitely my [local] happy place.

3. MINT health club & studio- Dupont - Washington

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MINT health club & studio- Dupont
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Address: 1724 California St NW, Washington, DC 20009

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 6AM

Telephone: (202) 470-5238

Business type: Fitness center

MINT health club & studio- Dupont: what do users think?
R Adebowale
R Adebowale: Great local gym. Small building but with all the modern equipment needed for a good workout. Nice front desk staff.
Lexie Barton
Lexie Barton: I love Mint!! I have been so impressed by their ability to pivot during the pandemic and create an environment that truly feels safe for everyone. I cancelled my gym membership before the pandemic at another gym and felt unsafe returning as I have an at-risk person at home, until I found Mint! Cannot say enough good things about the team and the facility. Thank you, Mint team! Also agree with the 2nd review below 👇 I’ve been during all times of the day and have never had an issue with any of my belongings. There is ample locker space with the ability to choose your own combination so you can secure your items. I’ve never seen or encountered any issues.
Response: Hi Lexie! Thank you so much for taking the time to leave us such a thoughtful and kind review. We really appreciate it!
Kaelah Horwath
Kaelah Horwath: MINT is the BEST! All of the instructors are amazing and it is such a nice place to work out.
Blanca Badgett
Blanca Badgett: Mint is fantastic! The variety of classes is great as I lack self structure when I try to workout alone. The instructors are very motivating and work with all skill levels. They all have a good knowledge base to modify workouts for people with injuries which I appreciate. They also have a child care, full amenity locker rooms, and a coffee machine. It is rather expensive for memberships so I would suggest using ClassPass to try it out before fully committing. Their memberships do also include the 14th St location!
Response: Hi Blanca! Thanks so much for taking the time to leave us such a thoughtful review. We're happy to hear you enjoy our classes, instructors and amenities! Looking forward to seeing you in the gym. :-)
Mallika Thomas
Mallika Thomas: Such a great place! Really nice to go to a local, family-owned gym that is really set on delivering great health and wellness to the local community! What I especially love are the outdoor classes that are being offered in the time of Covid. They are safe, in small groups, and outdoors! And I really need the exercise after having been inside for so many months! Thank you, especially to Lauren for offering a fantastic outdoor workout!
Response: Hi Mallika! Thank you so much for leaving us such a fantastic review. We'll be sure to pass the compliment on to Lauren.

4. FIT360 DC - Washington

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Address: 3058 Mt Pleasant St NW, Washington, DC 20009

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Telephone: (202) 588-0988

Business type: Gym

FIT360 DC: what do users think?
Gaby Madrid
Gaby Madrid: FIT360DC is the BEST gym in DC!! 👏🏽👏🏽 They go above and beyond to make sure that everyone is staying safe and healthy during the pandemic. They also have a variety of workout options to fit your comfort level. I absolutely loved their in-person classes!! I recently moved and have joined their virtual classes. The virtual classes are just as challenging and engaging as the in-person classes. Brian, Edgar, and Amina hold it down for folks on the virtual side, and have kept me from turning into a couch potato 🙃💕
Ariyana Monee
Ariyana Monee: Great gym. Just wish there was more (and safer) parking , especially in evenings.
Rizwaan Akhtar
Rizwaan Akhtar: An amazingly effective and inclusive gym. Though I left this gym a year ago due to a move, I still credit my physical wellness today to Brian and FIT360. Because of their both challenging and welcoming environment, I not only grew stronger and healthier, but I feel like I have a solid foundational knowledge to build on. I credit this a lot to Brian’s unique and effective instruction. Especially now after joining a new gym after my move from DC, I’ve really come to appreciate how high-touch their support is. I wouldn’t be able to weightlift, do kettlebell exercises, or use other equipment safely and confidently in my new gym today if it wasn’t for FIT360. Their trainers actually take the time to carefully instruct, give feedback, and keep you safe. Also this gym totally raised the bar for me in terms of what to look for in my new city. A gym can both motivate you to show up and know you’ll be welcome, and it can challenge you to be a stronger, faster, and fitter version of yourself.
Golzar Meamar
Golzar Meamar: I was struggling to find a way to get back into strength training and moving my body intentionally during the pandemic. I am very lucky to live around the corner from this gem of a community gym! During the COVID-19 pandemic, Fit360 DC has been very communicative, flexible, and innovative when it comes to helping its members workout safely. The outdoor classes are challenging and efficient, and are completely masked and distanced, which has made them that much more valuable to me during the pandemic! The coaches are also informative and helpful, and challenge us consistently!

5. Crunch Fitness - Chevy Chase - Washington

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151 reviews
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Crunch Fitness - Chevy Chase
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Address: 5100 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington, DC 20016

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 6AM

Telephone: (202) 621-7622

Business type: Gym

Crunch Fitness - Chevy Chase: what do users think?
Jade Rodrigues
Jade Rodrigues: I’m really happy to have joined this gym. I got some sessions and my trainer Dawn was super helpful and is the sweetest person! I had never had a trainer before and she exceeded all of my expectations. When I joined the gym I wasn’t sure how to start and felt intimidated with all the equipments options. Dawn showed me a variety of exercises and created a workout plan that was tailored to me, to my needs and what I need to improve. Seeing her definitely made me feel motivated and confident to keep going regularly to the gym. Dawn is super nice, caring, and dedicated, and I would see her every day if I could!
Katerina Athena
Katerina Athena: I’m a new member of crunch and I already love it! Everyone has been super friendly so far. I’m doing personal training with Sean. He is very attentive and personalizes my workouts. I have previous injuries to my spine and he really checks in and makes sure I’m not doing anything to further my injuries and incorporates workouts that will help strengthen areas that will lessen my chronic pain. I haven’t used the showers yet but it’s super nice that they provide towel service so you don’t have to carry a soggy towel out with you. There’s a parking lot in the back and you can get validated for 100 free minutes. I got a great deal on a few personal training sessions but I will continue to go even after those are finished!
Brian Jessup
Brian Jessup: Can’t say enough good things about this gym. Housekeeping is always keeping busy making sure the gym is spotless. Management always tries to answer questions and resolve concerns as quick as possible. Front desk staff always welcomes you with a smile and most even by name. Trainers are very knowledgeable and attentive.
Mikhail Nowlin
Mikhail Nowlin: This is by far the best gym I have worked out at since moving too Maryland. Very clean, very friendly non judge mental environment. The staff are great! And for a low monthly price compared too other gyms. Check it out!!!!
Camilo Conde
Camilo Conde: The vibe of crunch is excellent. My trainer, Sean, and other staff are extremely helpful and positive. The variety of equipment is diverse and gives gym goers the ability to train with a highly varied program structure if desired. Also a short walk from the Friendship Heights metro station.
Marie Moylan
Marie Moylan: Excellent facility. Always active but never crowded. Great range of machinery and space for exercising. The cleaning staff are of the highest quality and are always working to clean and sanitize the facilities. Covid rules were followed religiously and I have always felt ‘Covid-safe’ working out there. We’ll organized, professional and friendly.
Colton Long
Colton Long: I’ve been coming to this Crunch location since fall 2018, and it’s been one of the best gyms I’ve frequented in the DMV. They’ve handled the pandemic and its ups and downs like rock stars. The only main caveat I’ll add here is that they desperately need squat racks that don’t have fixed safeties. Deadlift platforms are also a huge need, but squat racks with adjustable safeties are #1 on the list in my view.

6. Pole Pressure - Washington

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Pole Pressure
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Address: Above Popeyes, 1322 14th St NW 2nd Floor, Washington, DC 20005

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 5:15PM

Telephone: (207) 810-4173

Business type: Corporate office

Pole Pressure: what do users think?
Miss Candace
Miss Candace: I have enjoyed my pole journey here. The instructors are encouraging and knowledgeable and I have found the classes to be fun of the type of positive energy I need to get my feet off the ground. There are a variety of options for all levels & they offer private and virtual lessons as well. The price is worth it. I’d definitely recommend joining this studio if you’re looking to build your skills or your confidence.
Response: Thank you for the lovely words ❤❤
Aminah Imani
Aminah Imani: Do not book here. Poor customer service. I booked a class over a week prior to the class. Paid in full. A day before the class I was informed the class was cancelled via email. Then I get a text saying they don’t issue refunds and I have to fulfill the class with them regardless of my schedule. I just wanted to try this company out but after this experience, no thank you. To infringe inconveniences on customers shows a huge lack of regard. Customer service is very important, if you have to cancel then you should ask the customer how they was to proceed in such event. You can’t force them to rebook and still do business with you especially due to your error and change of schedule. A lot of these places have policies if you are late and if you cancel last minute but don’t uphold themselves to the same esteem. They offered to rebook but I already looked at the schedule and during the day all beginner classes are booked til end of April so there would be no use for me. This is probably why the policies are geared to their benefit because they pull stunts like this often. Save yourself the money and time.
Response: Hey Aminah I am sorry you did not have a good experience. As I stated on the phone we had an emergency that came up and had to cancel the class. I offered to assist you in rebooking a class and extending the pass out so I can get you into a class. As it states on our website and receipt we do not provide refunds. I am still MORE than willing to work with you to find an acceptable solution. If you are still interested please reach out 202-667-7653
Frances Raybaud
Frances Raybaud: Pole Pressure is full of teachers who are gracious, patient, skilled, and keep things lighthearted while putting me through the most exercise I’ve ever done in my life! I have so much fun in every class- I just hope they expand their class offerings to more in the evenings to accommodate more working stiffs like me! :D
Response: ❤️ Thank you for the lovely review
S.M. P.
S.M. P.: Awesome pole studio! The instructors are good and there are a variety of teaching styles too. I love that I can attend classes online from the other side of the USA too! VERY reasonably priced and lots of classes to pick from. SO GLAD I FOUND THIS PLACE!
Response: ❤❤
Anndria Thomas
Anndria Thomas: Best time ever, thank you all so much for helping make our bachelorette trip amazing!!! The girls, the bride and I absolutely loved it. The instructor was amazing. I will definitely recommend you guys and I will be returning!!!
Indya Heyward
Indya Heyward: Didn’t get a chance to dance. had a open session w/o instructor and due their late policy weren’t able to get in. W/o refund or credit if you are some one who is late or it’s an accident/ parking issue/ life just turn around and save the hassle as no one will be available at the locked door. May be a good experience but I wouldn’t know. Not sure if I’ll risk going back as I’ve already lost my initial amount for class. Smart. but seems like a ploy for money. Update: was given a voucher and enjoyed my open session. was able to play my own music and rock out recommend just BE ON TIME…
Response: Hey Indya! Sorry you didn't have a great experience we make our late cancel policy 110% clear in our website, class description, emails/texts (sent immediately when you book, 1 day, 24 hours, and 1 hour before class) and notices on door. We do not have additional staff to open the door for late arrivals. I will offer you the option of one time of rebooking your open practice class. I'll reach out to follow up.
Massimiliano Bissa
Massimiliano Bissa: Before starting my experience at pole pressure I used to go to other pole studios. Pole pressure is definitely better for many reasons. I particularly appreciate the many classes available that cover all the levels, from beginner to advanced, whereas other studios have only few choices. It may be a little bit more expensive than other but you are sure to have your pole without sharing it with other 2/3 people. Instructors are amazing... Really well trained and they follow all the people in the class to help them, and also very supportive. So far my favorite studio on DC!
Response: Thank you so much for the review
Stephanie Patrice
Stephanie Patrice: Well all I can say is “it’s worth every penny” this is my 3rd try of trying to find a class during covid and in the past 2 weeks I’ve learned more and became a lot more confident in myself. I love the diversity of the teachers and learning different techniques and routines. The library is a plus!
Response: So glad you are enjoying the classes and on demand library :)
Cara Weathers
Cara Weathers: Amazing studio! Super fun instructors and warm welcoming students :)
Response: ❤️❤️❤️

7. Balance Functional Fitness Thomas Circle (Formerly CrossFit Balance) - Washington

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Balance Functional Fitness Thomas Circle (Formerly CrossFit Balance)
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Address: 1339 Green Ct NW Unit 2, Washington, DC 20005

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 5:30AM

Telephone: (202) 730-0003

Business type: Fitness center

Balance Functional Fitness Thomas Circle (Formerly CrossFit Balance): what do users think?
Grady Lynn
Grady Lynn: Great gym with incredible coaches. I was in DC for a summer internship and regularly attended the evening classes for the 12 weeks I was here. The community was great, the workouts were challenging, and I learned a lot from the coaches. There was a wide range of Crossfit experience in the classes, making it easy to fit in. They also offered me the best rate for summer interns that I could find in the area (and the membership was unlimited!) I strongly recommend checking this gym out and I hope that I can come back to visit sometime!
Response: Thanks Grady! It was great having you this summer. All the best in your future endeavors.
Randy Chapman
Randy Chapman: Great gym and awesome coaches. I highly recommend if you are in the city.

8. Washington Sports Clubs - DuPont Circle - Washington

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498 reviews
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Washington Sports Clubs - DuPont Circle
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Address: 1835 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20009

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 6AM

Telephone: (202) 332-0100

Business type: Gym

Washington Sports Clubs - DuPont Circle: what do users think?
G L: Supports individuals following members and blames the victim for the harassment they endured. Canceled their membership for documenting the stalker following them and still charged them for the membership. Very unprofessional on the phone when this situation was being discussed and stated that the victim should have talked to management as if them being followed is something they would address. The company would not address the stalker and that is very clear. It is important that everyone feels safe and comfortable at the gym and they did not create that sort of environment for the victim. I would absolutely not suggest this gym and believe all current members cancel as soon as they possibly can. You are not safe. You will never be safe in this gym. They do not care about their customers…
Jesse Bacon
Jesse Bacon: I was in town three days for a conference and needed a gym to workout in… when we asked about daily passes the staff was super friendly and helpful in allowing me and a colleague to utilize the facility… I was able to complete all of my CrossFit workouts for the three days I was there. The facility was spacious and had everything we needed. Would totally recommend to anyone in the area looking for a gym home or those passing though on business. I’ll visit again whenever I’m in the area.
Response: Hi Jesse! That's amazing, we are so glad you were able to enjoy our Dupont Circle facility and what the club has to offer. We really hope to see you again in the future! Thanks again,
J Heather
J Heather: Very friendly front desk staff and cleaning staff. Location is well maintained (cleanliness and equipment). The location can get crowded especially during rush hours (around lunch and at the end of the day). The other WSC nearby shutdown so their members automatically transferred to this location. Bathroom/lockers may be spotty at times but it depends on the time of the day. They offer membership discounts if you sign up in person (just a warning regarding the annual fee- they cannot waive it).
Response: J Heather, We're thrilled that you were satisfied with our Dupont Circle location. We are happy to hear our team members are meeting your expectations. Your feedback is appreciated, and we are here should you ever need help in the future. You can always reach us at Thanks again, Here to Help Team
Whittney Dents
Whittney Dents: A club member was being followed and recorded the interaction to protect himself. Instead of the manager being understanding, he abruptly canceled the members membership and would not give them a refund. In a society where you truly don’t know the intentions of people, recording yourself for protection should not be punished. Shame on this establishment and the manager.
Nesi Smith
Nesi Smith: This gym feel as if it’s ok for a member to be stalked and you terminate them because they’re recording for their safety!!! As a former law enforcement officer I felt the need to record was justifiable and due to the fact that he didn’t report it shouldn’t matter. You have all types of weirdos working out so the need to report is slim to none unless that person actually starts following and stalking you to point where every move you make they make!!!! Refund should have been given as well as an apology.
Micha-Re Newton
Micha-Re Newton: This gym disregards the safety of its members and instead punishes them for taking precautions of their own safety. A recent member had just posted an interaction on social media of how he was followed by a man throughout his entire visit. The man would move to every corner that the member did. Even down to preforming intimidating acts by setting his belongings directly next to the member. WSC then decided that they would suspend the members membership for “recording and posting. & should have taken it to management” yet no actions have been taking on the predatory behavior of the man that was recorded. I can’t imagine how they would treat a woman in this same situation if this is how they treated a gentleman.
Tiana Stewart
Tiana Stewart: This club does not care about the safety and well-being of their customers. Your membership will be terminated if you vent about the gym on social media with no refund of your monthly payment. This gym is not safe If you are attending alone. If you do go to this gym, please go with another person so that you were not followed around the gym.

9. Equinox Sports Club Washington, D.C. - Washington

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148 reviews
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Equinox Sports Club Washington, D.C.
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Address: 1170 22nd St NW, Washington, DC 20037

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 5:30AM

Telephone: (202) 974-6600

Business type: Gym

Equinox Sports Club Washington, D.C.: what do users think?
David Gershman
David Gershman: Today I signed up and had a great experience. Mike, in membership, not only showed me around- they answered every question with full clarity, gave me far more insight than I expected, and was simply very nice and sweet. I knew I was going to get a membership going in, but it’s nice to get warmth and comfort instantly upon arrival. Felt like I was one of the regular folks
Response: Hi David, thanks for the 5 stars!
June Wade
June Wade: Scheduled a spa massage for my friend’s birthday at the Ritz Carlton/ Equinox (Foggy Bottom) location. The staff was courteous and the gym was clean. I was disappointed the spa does not offer champagne or snacks for special occasions, instead we were given “swag bags” full of gym advertisements and trinkets. If you’re not a guest at the hotel, arriving early is highly recommended (parking, etc). Must walk outside to enter Equinox since elevator access to spa is for guest only. My massage therapist was (Donna) friendly, courteous but chatty. I was not interested in talking about where I live, hearing comments about my “poor”elbows🙄 or asking why my shoulders were so tight during my 80 minute massage. Unfortunately , the massage was not good (technique). Ambiance was fair in the room, there was no soothing music or waterfall fountains, just dim lights, and a cool quiet room. The warm bed with robes was a nice perk.Not a fan of the massage lotion (dry paste) used, she had to continuously spend time stepping away from the massage to reapply. I’m giving this spa 3 stars ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️since my girlfriend had a positive experience with her masseuse. In addition, they provided a quiet space and champagne glasses for us to enjoy our BYOB champagne post massage. Would not recommend, lacks luxury for the price. $500+ ( 2 people)
TPMT Associates
TPMT Associates: Love it here as usual - they take care of the place and most importantly, the people who works out here take care of the place and is clean and tidy and doesn’t trash the place. As usual, it’s the people who come to gyms that are the messy/dirty and this place doesn’t have those ppl - not that I saw anyways!
Response: Thank you for reviewing!
John Heinemann
John Heinemann: You get what you pay for. This gym doesn’t make sense for everyone, no one is a better person for going here, and a free gym in an apartment building is going to do 90% of what Equinox does. But the other 10%? I actually look forward to working out more when there’s both a sauna and a steam room, a saltwater pool, luxury bath products, memory foam floors for stretching, and refrigerators full of Eucalyptus infused face towels. I go for the amenities, and then I just decide to work out because I’m already there.
Response: Thanks for the 5 stars, John! Glad to hear you are enjoying our amenities.
Gelila Sebhatu
Gelila Sebhatu: I called to inquiry about membership packages and I found the sales rep, Erica, a little rude and she did not directly answer my questions, which was irritating. Based on the reviews here, I’m not surprised I received this type of experience. I guess I’ll be looking elsewhere. I just wanted a nearby pool 🏊‍♀️
Response: Hi Gelila, we are sorry to hear you had this experience. We hope that you will give us another shot to show you we are capable of better service.
Ebony Williams
Ebony Williams: Do not work at equinox if you have living situation or just a situation period the manger Duane don’t care if you have living situation problems he even told one of the employees that mid shift is childish because we all going through something sorry if you hired people who have living situation or who gave problems and be careful of the Towels and hand towels they wash them in hot water only no solution that why the towels look a little dirty Yess I use to work their and got fired because I was trying to find a place to stay the days I called out because I was homeless the cleaning manger is horrible at his job and HR needs to send a Secret Santana to see how they clean the place

10. Posh Cycling and Fitness - Beltsville

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13 reviews
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Posh Cycling and Fitness
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Address: 9925 Rhode Island Ave, College Park, MD 20740

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 6PM

Telephone: (740) 785-7674

Business type: Gym

Posh Cycling and Fitness: what do users think?
Elizabeth Prince
Elizabeth Prince: I love the variety of classes at POSH! If I feeling like aerobics, I can do that. If I want to cycle, I can do that. If I want some cycling with some resistance, I can do that. I absolutely love the mixture. The staff is always inviting and welcoming. The business is run so professionally. The owners are keeping the establishment clean and up to COVID standards. I truly appreciate that. They are checking for temperatures and handing out hand sanitizer once you walk in. Not only is POSH black owned, but reputable. This is the type of place you want to share with the masses.
Maria Gutierrez
Maria Gutierrez: Yesterday I went to Posh for the first time and I loved it. I had never tried spinning before and I was impressed with the experience. The trainer, the big screen, the avatar they use, the bikes, and the music were just very cool. I also loved the studio and the variety of classes they offer. I totally recommend it! See you there.
Response: So glad that you had a wonderful experience! We'll see you back soon!

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