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FIT360 DC Balance Functional Fitness Thomas Circle (Formerly CrossFit Balance) Belin Sport & Fitness Balance Gym: Glover Park Bourne 2 Fly Fitness Washington Sports Clubs - Glover Park Balance Gym Foggy Bottom Crunch Fitness - Chevy Chase Silver Spring Training Club VIDA Fitness at The Yards My Fuerza Washington Sports Clubs - Columbia Heights Capitol Hill Sport&Health The Energy Club ReVamped Fitness Krav Maga Capitol Hill Generation USA OpenBox Athletics | Functional Fitness Training, CrossFit, Boot Camp, Small Group Fitness Gym Onelife Fitness - Ballston

1. FIT360 DC - Washington

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3058 Mt Pleasant St NW, Washington, DC 20009

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FIT360 DC: what do users think?

Gaby Madrid: FIT360DC is the BEST gym in DC!! 馃憦馃徑馃憦馃徑 They go above and beyond to make sure that everyone is staying safe and healthy during the pandemic. They also have a variety of workout options to fit your comfort level. I absolutely loved their in-person classes!! I recently moved and have joined their virtual classes. The virtual classes are just as challenging and engaging as the in-person classes. Brian, Edgar, and Amina hold it down for folks on the virtual side, and have kept me from turning into a couch potato 馃檭馃挄

Ariyana Monee: Great gym. Just wish there was more (and safer) parking , especially in evenings.

Rizwaan Akhtar: An amazingly effective and inclusive gym. Though I left this gym a year ago due to a move, I still credit my physical wellness today to Brian and FIT360. Because of their both challenging and welcoming environment, I not only grew stronger and healthier, but I feel like I have a solid foundational knowledge to build on. I credit this a lot to Brian鈥檚 unique and effective instruction. Especially now after joining a new gym after my move from DC, I鈥檝e really come to appreciate how high-touch their support is. I wouldn鈥檛 be able to weightlift, do kettlebell exercises, or use other equipment safely and confidently in my new gym today if it wasn鈥檛 for FIT360. Their trainers actually take the time to carefully instruct, give feedback, and keep you safe. Also this gym totally raised the bar for me in terms of what to look for in my new city. A gym can both motivate you to show up and know you鈥檒l be welcome, and it can challenge you to be a stronger, faster, and fitter version of yourself.

Golzar Meamar: I was struggling to find a way to get back into strength training and moving my body intentionally during the pandemic. I am very lucky to live around the corner from this gem of a community gym! During the COVID-19 pandemic, Fit360 DC has been very communicative, flexible, and innovative when it comes to helping its members workout safely. The outdoor classes are challenging and efficient, and are completely masked and distanced, which has made them that much more valuable to me during the pandemic! The coaches are also informative and helpful, and challenge us consistently!

2. Balance Functional Fitness Thomas Circle (Formerly CrossFit Balance) - Washington



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1339 Green Ct NW Unit 2, Washington, DC 20005

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Balance Functional Fitness Thomas Circle (Formerly CrossFit Balance): what do users think?

Grady Lynn: Great gym with incredible coaches. I was in DC for a summer internship and regularly attended the evening classes for the 12 weeks I was here. The community was great, the workouts were challenging, and I learned a lot from the coaches. There was a wide range of Crossfit experience in the classes, making it easy to fit in. They also offered me the best rate for summer interns that I could find in the area (and the membership was unlimited!) I strongly recommend checking this gym out and I hope that I can come back to visit sometime!

Randy Chapman: Great gym and awesome coaches. I highly recommend if you are in the city.

3. Belin Sport & Fitness - Washington

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1271 5th St NE, Washington, DC 20002

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Belin Sport & Fitness: what do users think?

Manuel Morillo: I signed up for the six week challenge program with Corey in June with a goal of losing 25lbs. Now after 6 weeks of training and meal prepping, I am that much closer to my goal. I couldn鈥檛 make 25lbs due to having less time for outside training, but nonetheless I am extremely happy and pleased with the progress I made and, albeit slowly, continue to make. The program was reasonably priced, even on a student budget, and Corey made the entire process of getting situated easy. Workouts were very intensive and also very well coordinated. If adjustments needed to be made Corey would help every step of the way and do his best to adjust so you can focus on reaching your goal. The added benefit of having an accountability group also helps tremendously when things might seem to get tough. Highly recommend giving Corey a call or a visit, he does great work!

Hanna Haile: Corey is the best trainer I ever had. This program was amazing for me, I have never felt more accomplished after a work out than when I worked out with Corey. The program is exactly what it says it was and I was able to lose what I wanted to lose and create healthy habits for myself. I would definitely recommend this to all of my friends.

Robbie Allen: Corey Belin is the definition of a ninja warrior on and off the field. He genuinely cares about his clients, is extremely professional, and supportive. Moreover, he is a coach, motivator, and pushes you to your full potential. You will definitely see results when you train with Corey. He offers a lot of amazing services for all fitness levels. My personal favorite is his iSpinn class. Forget the bike and get ready to rock out with Corey. He takes you through a high impact workout that鈥檚 sure to burn those calories. Trust me when I say, Corey cuts calories (pounds)! Highly recommend!!

Les Frasier: Corey hands down is such an amazing trainer! He pushes you to limits you don鈥檛 believe you can achieve. I have tried many trainers but Corey takes it to another level. That spin class is everything!! I can鈥檛 get enough and need to sign up for the variety of classes he offers . I have to say I look forward to working out and despite the fact it鈥檚 online now, I still feel like I get personalized attention to keep me motivated! Please join take his class you won鈥檛 regret it!

Jennifer Cardno: Corey at Belin sport & fitness definitely knows what he is doing. The 6week challenge is an awesome program that actually delivers results! I absolutely love the workouts. They are always different and I feel so much stronger. The best part about this program though is the tailored meal plan which isn鈥檛 like anything I鈥檝e done before. It鈥檚 not a diet at all but more a lifestyle change. I understand now the effects that certain food have on my body and am more conscious of the food choices I make. After doing the 6week challenge I feel like my best self and can鈥檛 wait to keep going!! If you are looking for a more healthy lifestyle and are willing to put in the work and have a great time doing it then yes this is the program for you!

patricia eisner: Corey has been my trainer for over 15 years . And every single class is new and different and challenging. I took spin class without bikes this morning and was reminded how hard I need to work when I take one or corey鈥檚Classes. He is motivating, fun and won鈥檛 let you down !!!

Anji Corley: The. Best. Trainer. Ever! Corey and his energy and outgoing personality is one of the best I have ever experienced. I鈥檝e known him for over 20 years and his classes never cease to be boring or make my body feel sore鈥 And wonderful! He is creative, innovative and really wants the best for you you just give him a little time and he will transform your body. His East-good SPIN CLASS WITH NO BIKES it鈥檚 been one of my go to for the last 10 years. It is so inventive鈥 It鈥檒l blow your mind oh and 30 minutes you are sweating and you feel good and you can go on about your day.

4. Balance Gym: Glover Park - Washington

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2121 Wisconsin Ave NW Suite 60 (Level C1, Washington, DC 20007

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Balance Gym: Glover Park: what do users think?

C E: The Go for It spirit at Balance Gym is beyond impeccable. All of us want to help out in the contribution to our wonderful community held together by the strength of our Federal Government. Imagine sitting in front of a computer screen, organizing files and papers, having important meetings day and night about policies that affect the 50 States if not the World. Yes, I would go again to Balance Gym!

Grace Phillips: Amazing facility! Very clean! Staff is very accommodating. I was only visiting for the holidays and they have a one week and a two week option! Equipment is suitable for heavy lifters and those who desire a simpler workout. They offer tons of classes at great times. I think I found my gym away from home!

Stephanie C. Giancola: An amazing gym with a phenomenal staff! Jacob, the GM was extremely patient and tending to my million questions about what the gym has to offer. Boy, was I surprised! They have a variety of good equipment available, different sections to do turf workouts, weight lifting, cardio, yoga, etc. the building used to be a spa, so the locker rooms are dreamy, and they offer specials on esthetic/massage work upstairs. I was able to take a boot camp class before signing up for a membership. The class was challenging, but within reason. The coach was enthusiastic, and everybody was having a good time. There is a Crossfit section as well! And they even offer classes like solid core, with the Pilates machine! This gym has everything you need, even parking in the back! Ask for Jacob and he鈥檒l set you up. Also鈥攍ots of cool freebies like a free personal training session and three free Pilates reformer classes to start you off!

5. Bourne 2 Fly Fitness - Washington

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3408 18th St NE, Washington, DC 20018

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Bourne 2 Fly Fitness: what do users think?

Miss Rei: Amazing energy! This gym may be just a small gym to the untamed eye but it鈥檚 spirit is definitely larger than life! When I come to my classes whether I鈥檓 doing personal training or hoping into the fit camp. I feel welcomed and without judgment. Leon is a great instructor that reminds me of my own person strength and helps motivate me on the right track. I can鈥檛 wait to try their yoga classes as well!

Jeselene Andrade: The gym is amazing the workouts are original and effective. The trainer/owner(Leon) is very knowledgeable and attentive to your concerns and needs and can adapt to whatever level you are at with your fitness goals. You leave the class with your body feeling like its working and Not to mention they provide other classes like the youth boxing, yoga on Tuesday(amazing instructor:Jarrick) .... over all if your looking to take steps to starting your fitness journey or if you need a place to call your home gym Bourne2fly fitness is it!

Jessica Rios: Every time I go in, Leon is ready with a warm up and we get right into our workout routine which I love!! Not only is he motivating us throughout the workout but if he sees improper technique, he will correct it so that you can maximize your performance. Never the same workout and always high energy which is much needed because these workouts are no joke but I appreciate every second of them! 鉂わ笍

TaylorMade Robinson: The owners are welcoming, kind and caring. The class facilitators are knowledgeable, professional and talented. I thoroughly enjoyed my yoga session, it pushed me safely and I highly recommend this establishment to all trying to improve their physicality from beginner to advanced. Thanks Bourne to Fly! I鈥檒l be back for sure

Nathalie Brooks: I tried yoga for the first time in my life at Bourne2Fly with instructional Jarrick. I鈥檒l start by saying that I was a little intimidated and nervous about doing yoga, especially with people that were more advanced than me; but Bourne2Fly offered such a comfortable, personal touch that made the atmosphere great to be in. You don鈥檛 get that personal touch at most gyms. At Bourne2Fly I felt like I had my own personal yoga instructor. I鈥檒l be back for more.

Roosevelt Boone: I had the chance to visit Bourne 2 Fly before the Covid-19 pandemic. Love the innovation of the workout, as well as the space! Having a safe, all-inclusive Gym in my neighborhood is something I鈥檝e always longed for. The staff was great, the equipment was new and the support from the others in my class was awesome! I will definitely be back and encourage others to do the same.

P B: I had an awesome experience at Bourne 2 Fly. The customer service is superb. Leon is personable and inviting. He even threw a holiday event inviting all of his clients and providing the chance for everyone to mix and mingle. I completed several one on one personal training sessions with Leon and he helped me to not only meet goals but far exceeded my expectations. During my initial consultation, Leon paid attention to my goals and what I considered my weaknesses. Even when I sustained an injury (not due to working out), Leon customized my workout plan to help me recover and to help strengthen the injured area. He was mindful of the things i told him that i was doing in physical therapy and helped to support. Sessions began on time and the space and equipment are clean.

6. Washington Sports Clubs - Glover Park - Washington

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2251 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington, DC 20007

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Washington Sports Clubs - Glover Park: what do users think?

My Comment: Great neighborhood gym. Staff there -- Mahlape, Olga, Luis -- who are there in the mornings are friendly and quick to help if you have questions. You get a neighborhood vibe from the place as compared to the nameless big gyms. Especially during the pandemic you can see the extra effort they put in to keep the place clean, open, and welcoming. They make you feel part of a family. Glad to be a Glover Park member.

Jason Yeung: Been a member for several months now. I鈥檝e haven鈥檛 had a negative experience with team members. The people that workout here are also very respectful and friendly. In response to a negative review of a team member I wanted to share my experience with her. Towards me, she鈥檚 always been friendly and hospitable. She does her best to remember everyone by name and notices when your workout buddy isn鈥檛 with you, even to the point of asking if they鈥檙e ok. The lack of a 5th star is not because of the staff. I wish there were bumper plates, another squat rack, and high quality barbells. That鈥檚 most likely a corporate issue.

Ricardo Martinez: I must disagree with a previous review. Malape is a value member of the gym, she is courteous, polite and nice in general. If there is a piece of equipment that is behind the desk, she would gladly point it to me so I can grab it (due to COVID). Luis is another great asset to the gym, he always looks to have everything ready and clean for us to workout early in the morning, always say hi with a smile and good attitude. I am appreciative of their work.

John Byrne: This is a great sports club with a friendly neighborhood atmosphere. Mahlape has always been an incredible asset -- friendly, professional and knowledgeable -- and Luis keeps everything extremely clean. The club was renovated a few years ago, and there is great equipment and a lot of space. Also, very easy to get to on Wisconsin Avenue.

Alexandre B. Sagna: I love 鉂わ笍 being part of Washington Sport Club Glover Park. The whole staff is friendly 馃槉. Brought two of my buddies to train with me and they loved it. Yes it鈥檚 tiny that鈥檚 true so if you don鈥檛 like being close to each other I recommend not to come around pick time 馃槉.

Joao Pedro: Very friendly staff and great customer service! I also want to kindly disagree with what was said in the latest review since I believe that the 鈥渙lder black woman鈥, as she was referred, is actually a valuable member and a very nice person who contributes a lot to the gym with her nice work. I only have great words to say about the whole team that works there. The gym is always super clean. The machines are well maintained, and there鈥檚 a good number of ergs, so I don鈥檛 have to wait to do my cardio.

Will Wu: Great budget gym in Glover Park. Been a member for almost a year and never had any problems with them. Would recommend

Vinicio Aguirre: Wsc Glover is a gym that I highly recommend to the neighborhood or anyone looking to go have a good workout. It鈥檚 had major changes since the original Covid transitions. The people there are welcoming and enthusiastic when it comes to its members. If you are an individual that is somewhat of a germaphobe, there is an employee by name of Shanica who works hard keeping the cleanliness of the gym to its highest standards. She makes sure the antibacterial wipes are always stocked and the workout rooms as well as mats are cleaned daily. Overall I believe you come to the gym you鈥檒l agree with my review.

Bernard Holland: I have not been to WSC Glover Park since the pandemic and plan to rejoin when things quiet down. Before that I was there most days for ten years. The elderly black woman Lizzie was referring to is Mahlape who has been there for more than 20 years. Mahlape is the glue that holds that club together. All the people I know that attended the club adored Mahlape. I cannot imagine her being rude undeservedly to anyone. Moreover I have seen a few altercations between staff and members in my time at the club. Invariably it was the members who were at fault.

7. N-Flux - Washington

路 55 reviews

1722 I St NW, Washington, DC 20006

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N-Flux: what do users think?

Katherine Daw: I went to self defense for women and femmes with Colleen! Amazing course! Colleen has designed the curriculum with both practicality and thoughtfulness in mind. She made sure all of us felt safe, cared for, and heard throughout the experience, even as we were tackling difficult topics and potentially triggering exercises and drills. She and the folks helping out were very knowledgeable and gave great pointers and individual attention to everyone in the class. I鈥檝e come out of the weekend very sore, but feeling empowered and much more confident in my ability to defend myself in an emergency. This class has also inspired me to continue training in martial arts so that I continue to hone my self defense skills. Truly can鈥檛 recommend this highly enough.

Sean Leonard: I was a complete beginner to martial arts classes, and N-Flux was a fantastic, welcoming environment. There was a broad range of skill levels 鈥 from completely new people to seasoned professionals. Would highly recommend for someone looking for a place with a good sense of community, wide range of classes, or even a good open gym environment.

Leah Wilson-Lyons: I went to self defense for femmes with Colleen and had the BEST time. A welcoming gym environment for women that you won鈥檛 find at other places. I feel strong and empowered and lucky to have taken the self defense course. Every woman in DC should take this course!! It is so worth every penny. Colleen goes above and beyond to help you outside of class and to get to know you personally. The environment is very supportive and helped with my anxiety going in. Great community at that gym. I will be back!

Alexis Barton: I highly recommend the Guerrera workshop and Colleen that I took with N-Flux. I took the workshop with my 12 year old daughter and we both had an incredible experience - both with Colleen and the other instructors and with the group of women in the workshop with us. We were a mix of women of different ages, sizes, life-experience, and abilities but we all felt included and comfortable - which for practicing something like this is so important. Colleen made every technique and strategy accessible and straightforward but we still learned so much. Thank you!

Kay Tang: Colleen and her team of instruction assistants are amazing. They truly create a great space for females to voice, share, and learn the everyday challenge to their safety. I learned a lot!

8. Balance Gym Foggy Bottom - Washington

路 86 reviews

2401 M St NW, Washington, DC 20037

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Balance Gym Foggy Bottom: what do users think?

Isaac Flath: Solid Gym - Exceptional Staff. Ms Dee is at the gym working the desk among other things in the early morning when I go and she is very professional, enthusiastic, friendly and helps me with anything I need immediately.

Briana Provost: Really enjoy coming to this gym. Everything is always very clean, and the staff are friendly. It can be a little tricky to find it since it鈥檚 entrance is through the Fairmont, but would definitely recommend to anyone who is looking for a gym in the DC area.

Emily Porat: Great gym with even better staff! I went to this gym weekly for a little over two years and have been really happy with my experience overall. It鈥檚 a small but well-appointed gym. Lots of cardio machines, a pool, and plenty of lifting equipment - 1 bench press station, 3 squat racks, and 2 platforms (one that also has a squat rack). I mostly came here to lift in the mornings and it was never too crowded. I didn鈥檛 attend many group classes, but the ones I did were small (<6 people) and well-run! The cherry on top is the top-notch staff. Miss D at the front desk is so friendly and welcoming, as are all the trainers I鈥檝e chatted with. I鈥檓 only leaving Balance because I鈥檓 moving, and I鈥檒l honestly really miss it!

Sarah Harmer: Every single staff member is so kind, friendly and helpful! The gym is always very clean and well maintained. I have never left a review before, but this place and the people deserve it :)

9. Crunch Fitness - Chevy Chase - Washington

路 151 reviews

5100 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington, DC 20016

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Crunch Fitness - Chevy Chase: what do users think?

Jade Rodrigues: I鈥檓 really happy to have joined this gym. I got some sessions and my trainer Dawn was super helpful and is the sweetest person! I had never had a trainer before and she exceeded all of my expectations. When I joined the gym I wasn鈥檛 sure how to start and felt intimidated with all the equipments options. Dawn showed me a variety of exercises and created a workout plan that was tailored to me, to my needs and what I need to improve. Seeing her definitely made me feel motivated and confident to keep going regularly to the gym. Dawn is super nice, caring, and dedicated, and I would see her every day if I could!

Katerina Athena: I鈥檓 a new member of crunch and I already love it! Everyone has been super friendly so far. I鈥檓 doing personal training with Sean. He is very attentive and personalizes my workouts. I have previous injuries to my spine and he really checks in and makes sure I鈥檓 not doing anything to further my injuries and incorporates workouts that will help strengthen areas that will lessen my chronic pain. I haven鈥檛 used the showers yet but it鈥檚 super nice that they provide towel service so you don鈥檛 have to carry a soggy towel out with you. There鈥檚 a parking lot in the back and you can get validated for 100 free minutes. I got a great deal on a few personal training sessions but I will continue to go even after those are finished!

Brian Jessup: Can鈥檛 say enough good things about this gym. Housekeeping is always keeping busy making sure the gym is spotless. Management always tries to answer questions and resolve concerns as quick as possible. Front desk staff always welcomes you with a smile and most even by name. Trainers are very knowledgeable and attentive.

Mikhail Nowlin: This is by far the best gym I have worked out at since moving too Maryland. Very clean, very friendly non judge mental environment. The staff are great! And for a low monthly price compared too other gyms. Check it out!!!!

Camilo Conde: The vibe of crunch is excellent. My trainer, Sean, and other staff are extremely helpful and positive. The variety of equipment is diverse and gives gym goers the ability to train with a highly varied program structure if desired. Also a short walk from the Friendship Heights metro station.

Marie Moylan: Excellent facility. Always active but never crowded. Great range of machinery and space for exercising. The cleaning staff are of the highest quality and are always working to clean and sanitize the facilities. Covid rules were followed religiously and I have always felt 鈥楥ovid-safe鈥 working out there. We鈥檒l organized, professional and friendly.

Colton Long: I鈥檝e been coming to this Crunch location since fall 2018, and it鈥檚 been one of the best gyms I鈥檝e frequented in the DMV. They鈥檝e handled the pandemic and its ups and downs like rock stars. The only main caveat I鈥檒l add here is that they desperately need squat racks that don鈥檛 have fixed safeties. Deadlift platforms are also a huge need, but squat racks with adjustable safeties are #1 on the list in my view.

10. Silver Spring Training Club - Silver Spring

路 79 reviews

2700 Garfield Ave, Silver Spring, MD 20910

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Silver Spring Training Club: what do users think?

Anthony Oliverio: I worked out at CF Silver Spring with Josh in 2012 and 2013 when I was first introduced to CrossFit. He was able to evaluate what type of training I had done previous to working with him, and adapt his coaching style to help me improve upon techniques, crush bad habits I had developed, and teach me new techniques. He developed a personal strength program specific to my goals prior to joining the military, and was able to prepare me for future physical challenges I would face, while at the same time providing me the tools to build strength and gain endurance. The gym itself was a phenomenal atmosphere. Everyone is pushed to their maximum capacity. Additionally, the coaches ensured that before any high intensity workouts were executed, the fundamentals of each technique were taught, practiced and mastered prior to adding weight or increasing speed. I credit Josh and his team for providing me with good habits with regards to Olympic lifts that I still employ today. I still follow the daily workouts on his gym鈥檚 website out of all the others out there simply because I trust him and his process. I know he pays careful attention to all workouts he selects, the same way he does for the plans and programs he creates for members. This gym has been the most memorable experience for me in terms of a place to workout with a competitive and fun community and great instruction.

Colleen Donohoe Craft: I鈥檓 proud to have been a member at SSTC since 2019. Every class is a new learning experience led by by phenomenal coaches. The methodology they instruct is simple and effective. You will work hard, leave your ego at the door, and want to come back the next day for another class. I trained here all throughout pregnancy and postpartum; I am forever grateful for these classes during that time. This establishment is welcoming to anyone from a newbie exerciser to an experienced Olympic weightlifter. The community is amazing and supportive to anyone who walks through the door.

Alexander Yu: I had a great experience with SSTC! The coaches are very knowledgeable, caring, and provide great training. They also pay attention to promoting mobility and preventing injury. They put a lot of effort into building a community and helping their members build friendships. Josh, the owner, was very flexible with me when I had to be out of state a few months to care of a sick family member, and also when I had to move out of the area for work. If I was still in the area, I would still be a member.

Rachel Fronapfel: I spent a total of about 7 years training at Silver Spring Training Club before moving out of the area. The coaches really work with everybody individually, creating endless variations of workouts to make sure everyone gets a great sweat, feels accomplished, and does it safely. The sense of community is what brought me back day after day. The owner puts a ton of thought into the programming, and is truly a master of his craft. A chunk of my heart will always be in that gym!

Lucas Pessoa de Melo: Josh and the coaches are awesome at what they do. They know when to push you and are just unbelievable supporters in whatever fitness journey you鈥檙e trying to take. I lost 60lbs while training with them between Feb 2018 and June 2019 and would still be there had I not moved away. Great community, well structured classes, and just an A+ environment. Highly recommend

Julianne Whaylen: I鈥檝e spent the last 6.5 years at this gym and love it. The coaches are very experienced and truly care about pushing you to meet your individual goals. I鈥檝e worked out here throughout all 3 of my pregnancies, and the coaches were amazing at tailoring my workouts throughout the different stages of my pregnancy and postpartum recovery. The community is great and very supportive too, and I always look forward to my next class.

11. VIDA Fitness at The Yards - Washington

路 156 reviews

1212 4th St SE #170a, Washington, DC 20003

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VIDA Fitness at The Yards: what do users think?

Sandie Bonwinkor: I鈥檓 currently a new member at this gym, so far I have to say.. everyone has been super nice and the energy of the gym naked me want to go hard (harder of course). The price for the kind of 鈥渓uxury鈥 gym and energy of the gym I think is worth it. Also, I get gym shy (lol). I quickly got over that because EVERYONE is literally in their own space and world, but super nice. It feels like I鈥檓 just kinda working out and doing my thing (which I love).

Hope Greenleaf: Love the pool, the actual gym is great, the classes are just okay, and my favorite part is the luxurious locker rooms complete with sauna and steam room!

Joe Edward: Amazing gym. If they ever close down, a night club could move in without changing a thing.

Todd Marino: Positive: Communication, Professionalism, QualityThe staff is super friendly and down to earth, they definitely took me by surprise! If you go at the right time, the gym is practically empty too; nice spacious, ridiculously clean & modern areas that you only have to share with a few others. I don鈥檛 use any of the amenities for your comparison purposes, to include the locker room.

12. My Fuerza - Washington

路 11 reviews

801 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20004

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My Fuerza: what do users think?

Tony G: I highly recommend Julio with My Fuerza as a personal trainer, coach, and nutritionist. I have been working out with him for over 7 months and he continues to maintain my motivation to reach my goals. He helps build my strength and confidence along with providing several options for a healthier diet, and at the same time is patient with my personal progress. I鈥檓 happy I made the switch to My Fuerza and look forward to continued results!!

Arun Sharma: I had never worked with a trainer before Julio, and I was nervous about starting as a beginner to lifting. Julio was encouraging from our first session and took the time to build a program that matched my skill. I have worked with him for months now and couldn鈥檛 recommend him more highly, especially if training seems daunting.

Sylvia Douglin: Julio is the best trainer I鈥檝e ever worked with. He鈥檚 encouraging, cheerful, professional, and very knowledgeable about exercise, weight training and nutrition - he puts it all together! He EXPLAINS the purpose behind the exercise and how they fit into the long range plan. With Julio鈥檚 help I have surpassed my goals and, with his kind, clear, support I鈥檓 setting a new bar to exceed!!!

Suzie Sinno: I highly recommend Julio with My Fuerza as a personal trainer, coach, and nutritionist. I have been working out with Julio for about 3 years and his motivation is contagious. He constantly is pushing me to be my best self. He helps build my strength and confidence and at the same time is patient with my personal progress. I am so happy to have him as a trainer!

Dan J. Berger: I worked with Julio for two years and the impact it had on my health and wellness is immeasurable. He help me build strength, hit new PRs, understand my body, improve my functional movement, and reduce my stress. He is super focused on anyone he works with and is fully committed to helping them succeed.

13. Washington Sports Clubs - Columbia Heights - Washington

路 342 reviews

3100 14th St NW, Washington, DC 20010

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Washington Sports Clubs - Columbia Heights: what do users think?

Conor O'Reilly: I had a personal training session with Phil and he did a great job! He taught me a lot about free weights and stretching. Now I feel more comfortable to use the more advanced equipment. They also have a pool, sauna, and basketball court. Love this place

Mahvash Edrissi: I started going to gym a month ago, first it was difficult to come out after so long time lock down. But after few days I got used to it now i want to go there everyday. Friendy staff, and clean place, and all equipment makes this place great. I do my exercise, take a shower and saunas, afterwards I feel great about myself. Thank you wsc

14. Capitol Hill Sport&Health - Washington

路 118 reviews

315 G St SE, Washington, DC 20003

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Capitol Hill Sport&Health: what do users think?

Edward Wendel: Great gym and great trainers. I have been using gym since its opening. I am now 81 (yes, I know, old). Have been training for several years with Razonte Dunn. He may be exceptional at training high performing athletes, but he also has a special gift for taking everyone seriously and taking them to the highest level they can achieve. He not only knows the mechanics of training, he communicates a desire to make you succeed that is contagious. This experience has been life-changing.

Asher Allman: Great gym at an affordable rate. Helpful and responsive staff, both in person trainers and with online/email inquiries. All the equipment you would need, and a really cool atmosphere/space. Big fan!

Rachael Hunt: I want to give 5 stars to Raz, one of the trainers. I鈥檝e been working out with him in his group classes and it鈥檚 been a great experience. He is super enthusiastic and always plans engaging and effective workouts. He is a great motivator. If you are ready to push yourself, he鈥檚 the trainer for you.

Devon Murphy: Love this gym! Best gym in the area by far. My only recommendation would be to add mirrors in front of ALL the squat racks. It is beyond me why half would have mirrors and half do not.

15. The Energy Club - Arlington

路 49 reviews

2900 S Quincy St, Arlington, VA 22206

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The Energy Club: what do users think?

Tarica Danielle: My body felt so amazing leaving my first Zumba class with the fitness instructor Blair! I broke a great sweat and had fun while doing it. I highly recommend fitness training with Blair as well as visiting this facility!

Muriel Hubbard: This is simply the best gym there is. It鈥檚 more than just a place to come and get fit. It鈥檚 a community of people who care about each other and revel in each other鈥檚 successes and encourage each other to be the best you can be. I love every day I come to The Energy Club even when the work is harder than I think I can handle. And I always learn that I CAN handle it because all that requires is giving 100% whatever that 100% looks like that day.

Jen W: Small gym with excellent equipment, great trainers, and a really nice locker room.

Stephanie Bredahl: I鈥檝e been a member for about 2 years and can鈥檛 say enough great things about this gym. Staff is very friendly and welcoming, easy parking. Amazing classes! Love Patrick鈥檚 classes, I train with him too and if you鈥檙e looking for a personal train he is outstanding. He pushes you, makes sure you have proper form and makes each workout 鈥榝un鈥. Spin classes a great-they got new bikes recently and new gym equipment. Try the rock climbing wall!

Christian Lilakos: The Energy Club is a great value for the cost. They house any and all equipment you need to train, whether you are a competitive athlete or just looking to train for general fitness. There is everything from functional equipment to Olympic platforms. There is even a small rock wall. I鈥檝e been in correspondence with Howard, whom made sure to show me all of the facility and amenities . He also went over and explained the different membership packages, as the club has different options to suit your needs. Highly recommended.

Angelo: UPDATE: Donald (GM) is a true professional. He personally reached out and worked out a plan that would be beneficial to his establishment and customer satisfaction and peace of mind. Thank you Donald. UPDATE: Stellar staff and great amenities, never a wait for machines or weights during the times I workout. Very clean and functional extremely pleased with this gym. UPDATE: Still love this gym, just a quick note, locker rooms have towels, soap, shampoo, and just about anything you can think of or need. Always stocked and clean. Staff always has a smile and ready to help.

Amelia Marple: Probably the best gym I鈥檝e ever belonged to ever. I was a member for about 3-years and referred many people to join this gym. The staff and comradarie among the other members was unbeatable.

16. ReVamped Fitness - Howard County

路 51 reviews

9385 Washington Blvd N Suite B-C, Laurel, MD 20723

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ReVamped Fitness: what do users think?

Keri Jones: I have been a member here for over 5 years now and I don鈥檛 think I could ever leave. This place is so much more than a place to get and stay fit. I have made so many deep, meaningful friendships at this place that I consider many of the people here family. Not all CrossFit-style gyms are the same. ReVamped has the rare, Goldilocks combo of having an amazing, all-inclusive community, knowledgeable coaches, and solid programming that will really challenge you if you want to sharpen your skills as an athlete. The owners were/are high-level competitive athletes themselves so they know their stuff. The best part though, is that this place will feel like home no matter what level you鈥檙e at in your fitness journey. I鈥檓 so grateful I found this place!

Matt Tay: My review is from the perspective of someone who has an active lifestyle but is very new to the crossfit world. ReVamped Fitness is extremely welcoming. Every coach I鈥檝e taken class with has been exceptional at explaining the day鈥檚 workout(the WOD) in a way that even beginners can understand without having to know a bunch of acronyms. The other people taking class have also been very warm and friendly鈥 making sure the newbie didn鈥檛 feel like an outsider. The facilities seem great. There was plenty of equipment for even a full class. Definitely take their introduction course if you鈥檙e even considering giving it a try. You will learn a lot, and get a much clearer understanding of just how classes work so you鈥檙e not overwhelmed jumping straight into it.

N Guo: This is a great place for adults to work out as well as teens. The coaches are very encouraging and they also make sure to help you learn and perform the movements correctly. In addition, the workouts are very effective in building strength and fitness. Overall, it is an amazing community with challenging and effective workouts.

Patrick Lewis: The entire training staff are really friendly - they are so receptive to questions and will do whatever it takes to meet your needs. The other members are incredibly friendly as well. In this time of isolation everyone is looking for a way to connect with old and new friends.

Hana Kang: Where do I start, this gym is what I think about when I think of the perfect gym. It started with amazing coaches and amazing athletes. It quickly moved to the awesome energy and knowledge that you get from the coaches here, they are eager to help and willing to take time with you. Plus they understand what you are striving for and they WILL get you there and further, while having fun :) The classes are intense for every level athlete, and you will love the diverse workout combinations. Big shout out to Coach Amanda for her knowledge, professional, and awesome energy.

Tonaye Hinton: I went here from a recommendation from a friend. All of the coaches are super friendly and helpful. Very welcoming and encouraging environment. Also you are working out with a diverse group of people of different ages and backgrounds. The ice breaker before every workout helps you get to know the people you鈥檒l be working out with on daily basis better. The workouts are good for all skill levels. From someone who converting coming from a conventional gym. A lot of the form/movement that go into doing CrossFit is just as important as the amount of weight you push. The coaches are patient to enough to help you find the balance between having good form and challenging yourself during your workouts. I would highly recommend anyone to come to this gym. One of the best gyms I have ever been to.

Chris Nystrom: I first came to Revamped in 2012 at 41 years old as an endurance athlete having never done any strength training. I was getting nagging back and shoulder tightness from muscle imbalances and poor flexibility. Immediately, I was made to feel welcome and encouraged even though I was a complete noob. The coaches were very helpful teaching technique and explaining the intricacies of fitness, from exercise to nutrition and proper recovery. For movements that I could not initially do they helped me scale things down to something manageable and guided me through a series of progressions that helped me learn and improve in a safe, confidence building way. Nine years later I am still receiving high quality coaching that helps me along my fitness journey, feeling stronger and healthier than ever. The physical space is large and open with good airflow no matter the season and an incredible array of equipment allowing for a ton of variability in the workouts to keep things fresh and fun. The people are another huge positive of ReVamped. There is a wide diversity of people from different backgrounds, ages, and fitness levels. The beautiful thing is that everyone is welcoming and supportive no matter who you are or what your fitness level is. The positive energy and camaraderie make it much easier to be motivated and accountable, not to mention they make exercising fun! The workout programming and coaching are very thoughtful and designed to help everyone reach their goals, whether that is just staying healthy and active or competing at a high level. It is very gratifying to see your friends at the gym (which is everyone at the gym) make consistent gains in strength, endurance, mobility, and body composition. These gains carry over into other aspects of your life as well. The self confidence you gain from working hard and seeing results is life changing.

Sharanyaa Pathumudi Halambi: If you are looking for a sustainable workout program no matter your fitness level look no farther than Revamped Fitness. Me and my husband joined in 2015 and love it . The coaches are passionate ,knowledgeable and friendly.The gym itself is spacious and people are welcoming. The workouts are always fun and make you push yourself a little more every time, & are scalable to fit your current strength. They run various clinics to master specific movements as well. Now coming to COVID 19 era -they have maintained strict guidelines for working out hygienically . 200% recommend Revamped Fitness.

Heather L: Positive: Communication, Professionalism, QualityReVamped have amazing coaches. Very welcoming, and patient with newbies or drop-ins. I was able to attend the HSW clinic recently and was happy with my progress! I was given new drills, a boost of confidence and push when I needed it by coach German. I Absolutely recommend checking out this CF gym!!

17. Krav Maga Capitol Hill - Washington

路 17 reviews

315 G St SE, Washington, DC 20003

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Krav Maga Capitol Hill: what do users think?

Kaelin Kovacik: KM Capitol Hill is great! I have never done Krav or any other form of marital art / self-defense training. I decided to sign up as a creative way to workout while also learning a useful skill. The classes have been great, the instructors are very knowledgeable and kind, and everyone is welcoming. It has also been an unexpected confidence boost. I鈥檇 recommend this studio to anyone interested in self-defense.

Jamie Morgan: This gym is amazing. For anyone familiar with Krav, the gym does a great job of combining technique and aerobic training. For anyone new to Krav, it鈥檚 a fantastic way to build on any fitness training you do and learn self defense. I鈥檝e done all different types of workout classes for years, and this has taken my fitness to a different level. Plus the community is very welcoming! Highly recommend.

N. Uhuru: Energetic and knowledgeable instructors. You will sweat!! Great location too with parking.

Jenni Myung: Highly trained and skilled instructors, good mix of classes and levels, well-organized and run. Also, they have good swag.

Jeff Mount: The best Krav Maga training center in Washington, D.C.

Gabriella Myers: Great classes with that "everybody is welcome" atmosphere

18. Generation USA - Washington

路 3 reviews

1616 H St NW Suite 820, Washington, DC 20006

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19. OpenBox Athletics | Functional Fitness Training, CrossFit, Boot Camp, Small Group Fitness Gym - South Philadelphia

路 68 reviews

1931 Washington Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19146

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OpenBox Athletics | Functional Fitness Training, CrossFit, Boot Camp, Small Group Fitness Gym: what do users think?

Dan Dignazio: Joined OBA at end of 2021 after not being in a consistent weight training program for some time: started with Colidr (dumbbell/HIIT focus) and have transitioned to traditional CrossFit classes. Programming, coaches, and the community are great in all class formats! I have learned a ton about training/CrossFit in such a short time. Yoga is also a great option for members. Highly recommend!

James L.: Great CrossFit! The WODs are challenging and very smartly programmed. Coaches are awesome and very helpful. OBA is very clean, organized, and they have some AC for the brutal summer months. Really love this place.

Michael Cappellim: Place is great. Best equipment I鈥檝e ever seen at a cross fit gym. Instructors explain each workout very clearly and work hard to make sure each athlete is performing workouts with proper form and safely. As a beginner in CrossFit I highly recommend OBA At any level of experience

Brittany Cabot: This gym provides great programming and supportive and knowledgeable coaches. I am new to this style of fitness and every class I get helpful tips to be able to exercise in a safe and efficient manner. As a nurse I was looking to find a gym that I felt comfortable with who took COVID precautions seriously and I鈥檝e never felt unsafe at any time during classes. Every interaction with staff that I have had has been pleasant and professional!

Zach Reese: Positive: Communication, Professionalism, QualityThe coaches are great and friendly, the gym is very clean, and everyone is so supportive. I was definitely nervous about joining a gym like this, having no CrossFit experience. The coaches meet you where you are and work with you so that you get the results that you want.

Katie Hop: OBA is a true gem! The owners, coaches, and members are passionate about providing a place that supports fitness and community. The gym is clean and spacious, with a variety of class options (in-person and virtual) to chose from. The coaches are patient and extremely knowledgeable, and will encourage you to be the best version of yourself. I highly recommend OBA, regardless of where you are in your fitness journey. I鈥檝e been a member for 3 years and I love this place!

20. Onelife Fitness - Ballston - Arlington

路 155 reviews

4238 Wilson Blvd #3018, Arlington, VA 22203

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Onelife Fitness - Ballston: what do users think?

Laura Henschel: Brittany and her team and the Ballston location are awesome. They have been so accommodating as I moved clubs from OneLife Rockville to their location, helped me with guest passes, towel service questions, and anything else I could need. I love this location because of the ample free weights section, including the brand new turf section used for stretching, dynamic workouts, etc. and their dry sauna and steam room. The outdoor terrace area is great when the weather is nice. Fun to people watch there or on the treadmills and get a workout in. I also enjoy their workout class selection -- the yoga room is great and the club has lots of equipment for every need -- blocks, pilates tools, bands, barbell pads, etc. and the staff is always around keeping the space clean. Nobody asked me to write a review, just needed to brag about how much I love my gym!

Eric C: Excellent facilities and fantastic, engaging staff. Surprisingly larger on the inside than you would think. Plenty of room to get a good workout in even at 5 pm on a Friday afternoon!

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