Best Chilean Restaurants In Washington Near Me

1. Julia's Empanadas - Washington

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Julia's Empanadas
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Address: 1221 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20036, United States

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11AM

Telephone: +1 202-861-8828

Business type: Restaurant

Julia's Empanadas: what do users think?
Allan Christopher Pin Drew
Allan Christopher Pin Drew: Cheap and cheerful shop with tasty empanadas. A few vegetarian options (thank you!) and pork/beef/chicken as well, including chorizo and some fun mixes.
Lou Costanza
Lou Costanza: Make sure you bring cash if you want to buy anything at this place. While they state they accept credit cards for purchases over $10, today was my second visit where they claim the credit card machine was down. Highly suspect… Anyway, the Chilean empanadas are very good here. I’d consider coming more often, but who carries cash these days? Solid 3 stars.
Adam Winstanley
Adam Winstanley: Service was not so great! The person behind the counter was not very attentive. Even though the empanadas were good they were way over priced. $39 for six empanadas? Seriously? And I could not get a receipt because their “printer” was not working. The person behind the counter would not even separate the empanadas so I couldn’t tell which ones were which and I had to cut them open when I got home. Very inconvenient. I probably won’t be back here for a while.
Timothy David
Timothy David: Empanada heaven. We may have over done it with 7 BUT each empanada, hand rolled, is stuff with such unique ingredients that each one was amazing in its own way. Another great quick stop for a snack while venturing through DC.
Rose Croshier
Rose Croshier: A portable, delicious lunch for $6! Can’t beat it! Am wishing they’d get back to making salads though- Fresh greens would round out the meal.
Bill Robertson
Bill Robertson: Wow! Amazing empanadas! Tried 4 different flavors, and all were excellent: Saltena, Chilean, Turkey and Chorizo. The Saltena had green bell peppers which was not listed in the ingredients but did not overwhelm the flavor, which was excellent. The Chilean is the favorite empanada here, was recommended by the staff, and it did not disappoint. Not very spicy, but very flavorful, with a zest that will leave you wanting more. Cash only spot, but worth the trip to the ATM.
Stephen House
Stephen House: Very pretty looking pastries, but mostly empty and WAY overpriced. It was about 8pm. I got a pear almond pastry. There was almost no filling. Tasted kind of like almond extract but it was mostly dried up pastry dough. For $3 + tip, I was not impressed at all. I threw most of it away because I’m already fat and I don’t need to waste my daily calories on plain dough. Sorry, Julia. Maybe it was just an off day or something but I’ve had better empanadas at Taco Bell, for $1.
Scotty Leach
Scotty Leach: I smelled the place before I got there — you can smell the delicious scent of empanadas before you arrive. Once inside, the small shop draws you toward the empanadas lined up in their warming case, enticing you to get one (or more). I decided to get two for lunch, one Chilean (beef + veggies and spices) and one Salteña (curried chicken + olives, veggies, and egg). The Salteña was phenomenal. At $6 each, it’s slightly pricey, but worth it if you’re hungry and want something hand-made, tasty, and quick. The only thing I didn’t love was the $10 minimum for credit cards. That’s a pretty high minimum, and it means you have to get at least two empanadas if you didn’t bring a debit card or cash. The colorful art on the entrance is lovely and draws your eye, once you get close. Try Julia’s! Make sure to grab napkins :)
Sisi Koleva (siscenceto)
Sisi Koleva (siscenceto): Price: taste=4 starsI got guava and pear, almond and pear and one vegan one. All were tasty, but the guava one was especially good. My meat loving friends loved the Jamaican one and the spinach one

2. El Cielo - Washington

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El Cielo
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Address: 1280 4th St NE, Washington, DC 20002, United States

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 4PM

Telephone: +1 202-569-9855

Business type: Colombian restaurant

El Cielo: what do users think?
Hannah Ongman
Hannah Ongman: This was the most incredible culinary experience of my life. My partner and I partook in “The Journey” with an additional anniversary drink special, and we were absolutely blown away from start to finish. I can’t name a single dish or step we didn’t thoroughly love, and we kept agreeing that many of these dishes were the best “X” (soup, gnocchi, eggplant, etc.) we had ever tasted. We are both vegetarian, and the thoughtful shifts in menu items to accommodate us were incredible. Each and every dish (and cocktail!) was crafted to perfection and the staff were extraordinarily kind and accommodating. I will absolutely come here again to see what other magic the brilliant chef and staff create, and would encourage anyone considering a splurge to indulge in this experience.
Rebecca Chapin
Rebecca Chapin: Absolutely fantastic, my new favorite restaurant in DC! We’ve been twice and each time our meal was extremely creative with amazing flavor. The valentines special had some extra surprises that I won’t spoil here. As a Colombian restaurant, the menu isn’t quite like any other fine dining in DC. Expect chewy tapioca flower bread and seafood as staples. The portions are good, if you have a small stomach you might have to ration space. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable. The only area of improvement I could think of is the meal timing. Some courses had a bigger wait between them than seemed intended. For me food comes first though, and the food is fantastic, so the timing isn’t a big deal.
Response: Thanks so much for your opinion and support.
Kevin A
Kevin A: My girlfriend and I dined here mid June 2022. We had an amazing time. Each and every dish was delicious and so flavorful. Well worth the price tag. Four and a half hour experience. All of the staff were excellent. Top notch service. The wine pairing was fabulous and so were the cocktails. Best dining experience we’ve ever had. If you’re thinking about it, highly recommend, it is worth the memorable experience.
Alex Loja
Alex Loja: Amazing Colombian experience, El Cielo is so much more than just a restaurant; It is an experience that everyone have to live. Chef Juanma, chef Sebastian, their entire kitchen team and dining room team make every second unique. Every bite, every glass of wine & every breath are new emotions. And the story behind gastronomy is authentic. Thank you all, it has been an honor to be able to visit you and live the experience El Cielo⭐️🇨🇴
Rouben Gregorian
Rouben Gregorian: As the name suggests, this is one of the most amazing dining experiences in the DC area. Unlike other restaurants of this caliber, El Cielo truly takes you on a culinary tour around Columbia. The food is superb, the drinks are one of a kind, and the experience is literally equivalent to a show. The presentations are incredible, and the staff do an amazing job of letting their love for the food show as they present each dish with its own unique story.
Response: thank you for you review, we are so grateful to have received such recognition from our wonderful customers. We´d love to see you next season when we update our menu
J Iwatsubo
J Iwatsubo: Incredible experience. My partner and I are absolute foodies and truly enjoyed our experience here. We were mind blown with the chef with every single dish, enjoyed the staff, and overall had a blast celebrating our anniversary. We are so excited to come back :)!!!
Response: Thank you for your support! We are gracious to receive such a compliment. We would love to serve you again soon!
Patrick Slack
Patrick Slack: I wish I could give this more stars. This was such a lovely, playful, and delicious meal. The waitstaff was so lovely and absolutely made our evening. My girlfriend and I were celebrating our anniversary and they went all out to help us celebrate. Many thanks to everyone for such a wonderful meal, experience, and memory
Response: Thanks so much for your review and support!

3. Corado's - Washington

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Address: 3217 Mt Pleasant St NW, Washington, DC 20010, United States

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11AM

Telephone: +1 202-462-3332

Business type: Guatemalan restaurant

Corado's: what do users think?
Martina Rosen
Martina Rosen: Do NOT order a burrito here. It is almost entirely unseasoned white rice. I’m not joking or exaggerating. I’ve never seen anything like it. Over ten dollars for a flour tortilla filled with plain white rice. I mean filled. There was a thin strip of black beans and a bit of guacamole, but a 3” diameter core of white rice made up almost the entire inside of the burrito. I ordered a veggie burrito with all the fixings.
Erika Johanna
Erika Johanna: Corado’s was delicious. I had the cutest lunch date with my boyfriend here and had a frozen margarita, ceviche (which was soo good 🤤), sopa de res, and flan. Definitely would recommend the sopa de res, it had great taste and the meat was cooked perfectly which made it super tender. Check this place out for authentic Latin food !!!!
Bigboy Pratama
Bigboy Pratama: Newly Renovated and Under New Management. Food Taste Great! The Shrimp Ceviche is Bomb 💣and The Alcoholic Horchata is so refreshing 🤤. A++++++
g j
g j: Amazing food for reasonable prices. Staff is very friendly and accommodating. Make sure to try the beef empanadas!
Moshe topas
Moshe topas: I’m sorry I didn’t put a picture of my entree, but it was the seafood soup. I’ve had many seafood soups and I was not disappointed at all. Very filling and strong flavors of the sea. I really felt that for $14 they should’ve had a crab or a taste or lobster in there. The setting was gross, especially the drunk guy at the bar didn’t help it all. Other than that it’s a great place for a seafood soup! I’ll return and try other stuff.
Thomas Isidean
Thomas Isidean: Great chicken burrito in this down to earth restaurant with friendly service. The chicken was tender and super tasty. You have the option of black or pinto beans. They also make a veggie version. Good sized portions.
Angie: This place is NOT Guatemalan. They are lacking the staples. They don’t have Rellenitos, or many popular things in Guatemala. Very disappointed, we ended up getting side dishes bc everything was so Americanized. It’s is not really Guatemalan very underwhelming.
Response: We are sorry you feel this way, we have many Guatemalan dishes such as the Plato típico, enchiladas guatemaltecas, tamales, chiles rellenos, etc…. However, if you look at our website you will see that before the pandemic Corado’s had a change in management in which we introduced many Latin American dishes such as salteñas, quesadillas, tacos, lomo saltado, empanadas, ceviche and others that are not Americanized dishes just simply from other Latin American countries. We do hope you enjoyed the food and our service. May you have a blessed day and hope to be able to serve you once more in the near future. Corado’s Management
Javier Rivera
Javier Rivera: Doing some work with brother in DC. We wanted to get some lunch so because this place was near our work site we went in. My brother and I were very happy with this choice. All we had were cheeseburgers but they were fantastic. Nice place very friendly owner and great cook. 5 stars all around the TV had soccer which was an added plus.
Response: Thank you Javier for stopping by and visiting us! We are glad to hear that you had an incredible experience with us and would love to see you again soon!

4. China Chilcano by José Andrés - Washington

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2526 reviews
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China Chilcano by José Andrés
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Address: 418 7th St NW, Washington, DC 20004, United States

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 4PM

Telephone: +1 202-783-0941

Business type: Peruvian restaurant

China Chilcano by José Andrés: what do users think?
Mohit Mehtaji
Mohit Mehtaji: Great place for some good fusion food. Service is pretty quick and recommend you get a reservation as it does get pretty full during peak dinner hours. You can’t go wrong with the Pisco Sour here. The dim sum were good but nothing special and possible good for trying it one time. The noodles were great and if you get a side of the house made hot sauce it adds a bit more flavor.
Brandon Feldman
Brandon Feldman: This is an incredibly unique spot! The location is great for only being a few blocks from the national mall, the ambiance was relaxing, and the food was amazingly delicious. A Peruvian/Chinese/Japanese restaurant is a unique combination and a brand new experience. The flavors were absolutely fantastic, the presentation was on point, and the service was top-notch. And to top it all off, it is very reasonably priced for such high quality.5 stars all around!
Andy Zavala
Andy Zavala: I was looking for a nice romantic date night and China Chilcano fit the spot just right. I first called them to check if they had seating/reservations for later the same day and they were super helpful and I booked a time no problem. The restaurant is in the heart of DC so parking may be difficult but the food and service is worth it. The restaurant fuses peruvian dishes with Asian mixes which was so delicious. We tried the classic ceviche and a few other dishes that I unfortunately forgot what are called at this point, but I don’t think you can really go wrong with anything here. They do have a priced option kind of like a “buffet” for around $60 and you get to try as many dishes as you want. So if you really want to explore the dishes here, I’d recommend that! You’ll at least be eating 2-3 dishes. Will definitely come back again.
MrIrali: One of the best restaurants in DC, and that says a lot. We ordered the chef’s selection, and we were not disappointed. Head chef Will Fung even came out and spoke with our table and really left an impression on us. The food is a blend of Peruvian food and Chinese/Japanese. And it is incredible. Go here.
Shachar Ashkenazi
Shachar Ashkenazi: The atmosphere is great, everything we ordered was extremely delicious - both the food and the drinks were great. The stuff were friendly and the decoration of this place is stunning! The flavors combination is unique, it is a must visit restaurant!
Kayla F
Kayla F: Words cannot express how delicious every step of this meal was. We tried a little bit of a few different items and each bite was full of flavor. I highly recommend ordering across the menu and sharing lots of plates.
Anca Balinisteanu
Anca Balinisteanu: Great location but insane drive if you come from outside DC….interesting menu, but you need a dictionary 🙂 We ordered pork belly sanguche de chsncho and dim sum for starters. Very good! On to the main dishes: rice noodles and pacific wild shrimp. All delicious. And very interesting taste combinations of flavors. We’ll try to make it a regular stop!
Max Rosen
Max Rosen: Immaculate menu of diverse food choices that will take your palate around the world from Peru, to China, to Japan. I ordered the chicken stir fry which was delish - great portion, beautiful presentation, even better taste. The shishito peppers are a must for larger parties, well seasoned and crunchy. Ambiance is inviting and the dining room is well decorated and museum-like. Hector, our waiter and bartender, couldn’t have been nicer and accommodated food allergies with care. A must try!
Sabrina R Robinson
Sabrina R Robinson: Every dish was delicious, wish I’d gotten good pics of everything so I could share how wonderful it was but we ate it so fast! Shishito peppers 🌶 were a good appetizer. Nice snack and super fun bc every few bites you’d get a spicy one. Called the roulette pepper for that reason! The big eye tuna ceviche was delicious. The hamachi ceviche was absolutely our favorite -buttery and citrusy- I could eat it every day. Drinks were classic w a twist. The entree portions were fair ( large in my opinion, in a good way) especially after having all those appetizers. Fun bright flavors in some, and comfort food vibes in others. The restaurant was so beautiful and cozy in the daylight. Staff was super friendly and SO attentive. When it got dark out (with the lack of natural light) the neon ceiling decor made the entire place super yellow and dim- it was definitely an interesting vibe and I wish I could’ve seen the beautiful colors of my food. Can’t wait to go again !

5. El Pike Bolivian Restaurant - Arlington

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319 reviews
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El Pike Bolivian Restaurant
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Address: 4111 Columbia Pike, Arlington, VA 22204, United States

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8:30AM

Telephone: +1 703-521-3010

Business type: Restaurant

El Pike Bolivian Restaurant: what do users think?
Phillip Brodzinski
Phillip Brodzinski: Had a lunch! The owner was super friendly and the meal was delicious. The empanada was wonderful. She explained the menu and gave me a great meal! Will definitely be back.
Response: Thank you very much.
Wil M
Wil M: Latest update (June 2021): Last visit was greasy… 🤢 Update: We have come come about 5 times and have to say the service and flavor has decrease in quality. We are thinking about giving this place a long break till they bring back the good cooks and waitress 😒 ———————————————————————— Good taste and portions, fair prices, will come back again. (Silpancho and Pollo Saltado)
Response: Hi Wil thank you so much for your review and yes unfortunately COVID did affect our staff. I hope you do give us another visit unfortunately we cannot bring some people is imposible we have been training new staff. we are open in this location 33 years and we understand your feedback and we are growing to continue to serve you flavor. #ElPike #Restaurant #Bolivian #Food
Estefany Zelaya
Estefany Zelaya: Almost shed a tear while eating Falso Conejo!!! Same ingredients as how my grandmother would make them! This place is a gem! ♥️♥️
Response: Thank you for visiting us, transport, the customer to their families and Bolivia, through the sabvor is our gool.
Enrique De Anda
Enrique De Anda: The place is a wonderful and fun place to spend time at while eating very delicious salteńas along with horchata, 100% recommend to try this place out !!!
Emilie Salinas
Emilie Salinas: Best Trancapechos in town guarantee to fill big apetites and it comes with fries. Great taste tender meat.
Response: Hi Emilie thank you so much for sharing how much you love the trancapechos, we are grateful that you let us do the cooking so you can do the enjoying. Receive good vibes from us
Natalie Larenas
Natalie Larenas: I have been going to this restaurant since I was a little girl. Although my family is ecuadorian, having salteñas is home to me. I love the salteñas and just about all food made here. Its so delicious.
Response: Thank you Natalie for your 5 stars after 32 years of serving we may know a few things about serving freshly, home made flavor, meals. In Arlington Virginia
Ea Monphen
Ea Monphen: Authentic Bolivian food. Very delicious just like eating in a restaurant in Bolivia. The food will sooth the craving for any home sick Bolivian for sure.
Response: Ea Thank you so much for taking the time to give us 5 stars. Thank you so much for visiting us and enjoying our food we hope to see you soon
Zelma Bowman
Zelma Bowman: The first Bolivian restaurant in Falls church VA, love the food but the prices are high now for sure
Response: Thank you Zelma so much for the four stars review, we have been serving Bolivian food for 33 years and we have witnessed the ups and downs of the economy in this roller coaster. Yes prices have increased everywhere including our Arlington location, We have a saltenas special until March 26 3 for $10.00 Thank you for the visit
Ali Reza
Ali Reza: Very friendly staff. Good Bolivian food.

6. Del Sur Cafe - Washington

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211 reviews
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Del Sur Cafe
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Address: 2016 P St NW, Washington, DC 20036, United States

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 5PM

Telephone: +1 202-758-0228

Business type: Restaurant

Del Sur Cafe: what do users think?
geraldine govanlu
geraldine govanlu: What a beautiful atmosphere with the greatest service and delicious drinks, food and dessert. Chef Debora is absolutely spectacular! The food was delicious. The octopus appetizer was by far my favorite along with the entree Malfatti de espinaca y queso. The chivito al plato is outstanding too. The pisco sour drink is all made from scratch and you can taste each ingredient; another delight! This place is truly a hidden gem of DC!
Response: Geraldine, Thank you so much for leaving us a review! We always love to hear what our customers think of our food and service. Please come back any time!
Karen Gonzalez Fory
Karen Gonzalez Fory: My Experience was amazing, the food was just delicious, I loved the way the chef put the food on the plate and make it look like a master piece.Definitely recommend
Response: Karen, Thank you! We really appreciate your comments and love the awesome photos you took! You are welcome at Del Sur anytime!
Livi N
Livi N: This is such a lovely restaurant! The lighting and decor really set a warm ambient atmosphere. Cocktails and food were delicious. The menu offers a mix of items from all over South America. Our server was friendly and attentive. The owners are super awesome too <3
Response: Thanks so much for the awesome review and all the photos!
Kathleen Elliott
Kathleen Elliott: This place is incredible! The food was delicious, the atmosphere was lovely, the music was great, and the staff was wonderful. We had a great time, and I would definitely go back again. The shrimp appetizer is phenomenal, and my ribeye was perfectly cooked. Fantastic date night option!
Response: Thank you Kathleen for your review! We are happy you enjoyed your time with us!
Carrie Crowther
Carrie Crowther: We went for dinner on a Wednesday night, so the restaurant wasn’t crowded at all. The staff was very attentive and friendly. But the food and the drinks.. STOOD OUT ON TOP. We had the red sangria and although it wasn’t mixed as strongly as we would have liked it was still tasty. We also tried the Caipirinha maracuyá and WOW, the flavors blended so well together. For food, we had the tostones and beef empanadas. The mojo sauce that came with the tostones definitely added something special. For our main, we had the Del Sur Parilla which was a bbq platter and it was glorious! We had our meat done medium-medium well and everything was flavorful, juicy, and absolutely amazing! The space and bathroom was super clean so that was an added plus. Keep up the great work!
Response: Thank you for your review Carrie! We always appreciate feedback and are happy that your experience was a positive one!
Janine Odin
Janine Odin: Amazing food! We had octopus, plantain, and the del sur parrilada. The Caipirinha maracuja was the best we had in usa! Only minus: cold - everything someone opened the door it was freezing. A simple curtain after the door would take care of this. And there is no need to check every minute if we want a box. If customers say we are working on it, give them a moment!
Response: Janine, Thank you for leaving us a review! We are actually in the process of enclosing our front patio for the winter so that should take care of the issue with the cold air in the front of the restaurant. Apologies for making you feel rushed, that was not our staff’s intention!
Egor Chorny
Egor Chorny: Wow, it’s hard to believe that there is such a place in the USA! Overall best restaurant experience for me in this country! If I could leave 6 stars I definitely would! We will go there tomorrow again because it is going to be our last day in Washington but so far I strongly recommend to start with Grilled octopus (Pulpo) as appetiser and then go straight to Del Sur Parilla (it is BBQ plate with huge meat variety some of which you probably never tried before. Like blood sausage or cow neck meat. Be aware though, that this is a huge portion for no less than 3 people) And huge thanks for warm and welcoming staff! It has been real pleasure to be served there!
Response: Egor, It was so nice to meet you both and we hope to see you again sometime in the future! Have a safe trip back to California!
Marcela Alava
Marcela Alava: Del Sur staff is the warmest in DC! Friendly, welcoming and happy!! We live close by and decided to come in one time and have never stopped coming in anytime we are craving a really good dinner and great service. This for us is one of the best restaurants in DC. Family -owned, with the owner attentive to every detail. My personal favorite is the grilled short ribs. Portions are big and I always end up taking half home. They have happy hour specials and a bar menu with a twist on jalapeño poppers which are so good. My all time favorite here are the beef empanadas. I always ask for a side of chimichurri sauce to go along with them. The mushroom pasta is also rich and decadent! If you are really hungry and come with a large party, go for the meet fest, parrillada... all of the meet is super tender, well seasoned and flavorful! Their chef comes out from time to time and always give her my compliments. Authentic Uruguayan food!!! Their caipirinha maracuya is also the best drink on the menu!!
Response: Thank you Marcela it is always nice to receive feedback, especially from our fellow neighbors. You are always welcome here!

7. Fogo de Chão Brazilian Steakhouse - Washington

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5159 reviews
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Fogo de Chão Brazilian Steakhouse
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Address: 1101 Pennsylvania Ave, Washington, DC 20004, United States

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11:30AM

Telephone: +1 202-347-4668

Business type: Brazilian restaurant

Fogo de Chão Brazilian Steakhouse: what do users think?
Vy H.
Vy H.: LOVE THIS PLACE!! My work company had our holiday lunch gathering here recently! The restaurant has a nice and fancy vibe, and surprisingly was packed for a weekday lunch. Their salad bar is awesome—with a huge selection of choices. Their meats (that come around your table) is so delicious and well flavored. In addition, staff is very friendly and attentive. I was a little disappointed that they didn’t have the chocolate cake as a dessert option for our meal, but the cheesecake with strawberry sauce was really good!
JennyLovesGogi 제럽고 (제니럽스고기)
JennyLovesGogi 제럽고 (제니럽스고기): Especially, the lamb was fantastic.They provide fresh salad, salmon, soup, and fruits at the self corner.And they gave us a fantastic cheesecake for our birthday! 💯💯Thank you for nice food and service!
Morgan: Fantastic service. The employees here really work well as a team. The food is always great. I took my boyfriend here when we first started dating and he loved it. Took him again along with my grandparents, who were in town visiting… I didn’t tell our server, but we were also celebrating my grandma being cancer-free. Our server went out of his way to give my grandma a free dessert that said “Welcome to DC” (see picture)… That was really nice. Thanks for many great experiences.
Steffon Greatness
Steffon Greatness: Danie Magalhes & Staff are super accommodating. They understand customer service. Daniel kept a smile on his face as if he wanted to be at work. The Service, QUICK, Efficient, & Friendly. It’s as if they want you to ask question. 🤣 The Food, Fresh, Hot, Tasty❗️I’ve been to hole in the wall Brazilian spots and I’ve been to Texas de Brazil… the food tastes better thank all of those I’ve experienced. Pro Tip, They get busy quick, they have a full dining area. Tables fit 2, 4 & round tables that must fit about 8. They fill up pretty quick. (And this was a Thursday) Try the bottom steak & lamb. It’s the best. I wasn’t a fan of the beer marinated chicken however it wasn’t bad. Last thing get the soda in the picture it’s AMAZING. I want a case of them lol. *** Please mark this helpful if it helped you***
Naturally E
Naturally E: The food and service was top notch! I really enjoyed all of the selections & the quality of the meat. The market table was my favorite! Soooo many options to choose from. The drinks were fantastic! Surprisingly, they have Happy Hour all day! Our server, Ryan, was ahhhmazing! He was super cool! Really enjoyed our meal.
John Kurton
John Kurton: Great place for meat lovers. Great quality meats and good size cuts just kept on coming. The salad bar was great too. Some how even managed to find room for dessert.
Response: So happy to hear this, John! Thank you very much for the support - we can't wait to serve you again.
Autumn Bishop
Autumn Bishop: We went for the first time for my birthday, everything was amazing. Our server Denzel was overall a 10/10 super attentive even though it was crazy busy he made sure our needs were met and even offered to have specific meats brought to us if we hadn’t tried them yet. He also had great recommendations and accommodations. The food was all fantastic. We will be definitely coming back the next time we are in DC !!

8. Pan American Bakery & Grill - Samuel Tucker

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176 reviews
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Pan American Bakery & Grill
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Address: 650 S Pickett St, Alexandria, VA 22304, United States

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8AM

Telephone: +1 703-370-2900

Business type: South American restaurant

Pan American Bakery & Grill: what do users think?
Ivan Maertens Aramayo
Ivan Maertens Aramayo: I go to different Bolivian eateries in the DMV. The food that I ordered was great! Silpancho, Lomo Chorellana y Salteñas. With mocochinche to drink. Well done guys!
Oksana Podorovskaya
Oksana Podorovskaya: I like this place for their food and bakery. On weekends they make one of the best peanut soups in the area. Definitely try their Milanesa neapolitana and steaks. About cakes, They look super delicious but mostly very dry. Other point is their pastry. It is so fresh and yummy. Very good spot for Latin American food
Dani Velasco Bade
Dani Velasco Bade: I love this place, great food and my husband loves the beautiful women who work here. My only complaint is that the prices have gone up a lot on the saltenas. We used to be loyal clients, who visited at least 3-4 times a month, and now we might stop in once every other month.
Vanessa Lopez
Vanessa Lopez: The salteñas are good, but the service? Terrible. I asked for carne salteñas, they said it’d be a 15 minute wait. I said that was fine. The wait was more than 45 MINUTES LONG. NOT 15, but 45. Why the hell would you tell someone 15 minutes and it ends up being almost an hour. They know how long it usually takes, so they lie straight to your face. If one of the staff would’ve said it’ll be 45 minutes, I would’ve left and come back but the way the staff just lets you sit there and wait so long and not even apologize afterwards? DO NOT GO HERE. I will not be going back.
Nicolas H
Nicolas H: I juys get it a 3 Leches ,Yesterday, to be honest ,so Dry It looks nothing like a 3 Leches .
Egyptian Mau
Egyptian Mau: Great food and good price! The pastry is very delicious!
Jaime A.
Jaime A.: The salteñas here are top notch. I ordered 15 of the carne ones driving out about 40min away. Thought they would be have gotten cold but surprisingly the box they put them in kept them warm and hot. It seems some people just want to be haters. If you have nothing good to say, go to McDonalds!
Jay J
Jay J: Delicious Everytime i am in the area i come through and have this hidden treasure.

9. Julia's Empanadas - Washington

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189 reviews
new review
Julia's Empanadas
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Address: 2452 18th St NW, Washington, DC 20009, United States

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM

Telephone: +1 202-328-6232

Business type: American restaurant

Julia's Empanadas: what do users think?
Alejandra Becerra
Alejandra Becerra: This type of empanadas is not similar at Argentina, colombian, or Venezuelan empanadas; they are more big like 2 in 1, haha, and they have a lot of types and flavors, a good experience though.
Ballard Huey
Ballard Huey: Taste: 4/5. In my professional empanada experience, the style and makeup of empanadas vary widely. I only purchased 1 empanada (a salteña) as a snack and, while it was very large and the dough was very good, I thought the inside to be a little lackluster. That being said, there were other flavors that sounded delicious, so I may have just had an unlucky pick. Service: 5/5. The woman who was running the place was very kind and friendly. She gave me some good recommendations of which flavor I should pick based on her favorites. Definitely a home-style feel. Vibe: 4/5. The restaurant is located right in the Adams-Morgan neighborhood next to a bunch of other cool places. That being said, I wish Julia’s had a bit more life to it. Cost: 5/5. $3 empanadas the size of your hand. Enough said. Julia’s has a banner above its door that reads “We don’t change often. We got it right the first time.” which I think holds true. A nice spot, especially if one is looking for a quick, cheap bite.
Ryan McGorty
Ryan McGorty: Julia’s Empanadas focuses on empanadas and offers a wide selection of fresh offerings. Their focus on empanadas is used more broadly, so you’ll find Jamaican beef patties, Italian calzones, and Israeli bourekas inspired options on the menu. They make them fresh by hand every day and rarely run out of any types. There are two locations now – one south of Dupont Circle, and the original one in Adams Morgan. The original location in Adams Morgan is tiny and plain, but that doesn’t matter – you’re coming here to grab an empanada to go, not to sit and enjoy the ambiance of the restaurant. They offer savory and sweet empanadas. I would recommend sticking to the savory, more traditional empanadas. The Chilean style and Saltenas empanadas are among the best options on their menus. I wouldn’t recommend getting a sweet, dessert empanada – they taste like the cheap mini store-made pies you find at the grocery store. They also offer combo deals – the Healthy Meal Deal is the best value (empanada, soup, and salad) for $8.55. Their menu prices are very reasonable, especially given the DC area. If you’re nearby and want something hot, savory, delicious, and fast, Julia’s Empanadas is a great option.
Ross No.
Ross No.: Not your standard Columbian/Argentinian empanada. More like an empanada with an Italian twist. I will stop by here on all my DC trips. Delicious! Sweet and savory options available...a great experience.
Matthew Gehrlein
Matthew Gehrlein: Empanadas were piping hot and very delicious. I had chorizo and Chilean beef which were both good. They are quite big so two is enough for a meal. There are only a few seats inside so expect to pick up your order then eat them elsewhere
G S: Julia’s in Connecticut Ave. is much better than this location. Here they make the empanadas different, the quality is not the same.
Mary: The empanadas are excellent. They have dessert empanadas as well. Bring cash just in case.
Lin Brann
Lin Brann: Ever since I discovered this empanadas shop, I had to get a big order to bring home when I am in DC. They have a large variety to choose from and they all are very delicious. The empanadas are much bigger than elsewhere. I love this place!

10. Julia's Empanadas - Washington

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28 reviews
new review
Julia's Empanadas
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Address: 6235 Georgia Ave NW, Washington, DC 20011, United States

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8AM

Telephone: +1 202-387-4100

Business type: Restaurant

Julia's Empanadas: what do users think?
Igor at
Igor at Fantastic empanadas and salteñas! Big portions, and stuffing selection of flavors is really good.
Dave Dettloff
Dave Dettloff: Julia’s is delicious. They are also now OPEN ON WEEKENDS!
Twofakind: This place is dirty and under DC health scrutiny. My 80 year old mother had to go to the hospital after eating here. Blow tests found allergens deriving from Salmonela. In my opinion this place should shut down.
Jay Alfaro
Jay Alfaro: Love these genuine empanadas! Definitely recommend visiting here if you are in the area!
Deirdra Hughes
Deirdra Hughes: Credit card system was not working, told customers it was their cards. The empanadas were tasty, but at almost $7.00 I was expecting a little more flavor.
--: Great spot for incredible empanadas. Don’t be shy, ask for a recomendable savory & sweet option. They are always on point and are quick
Caroline: Best empanadas in all of DC.
a detrick
a detrick: Always amazing! The original and still the best empanada in Chocolate City!
John Baker
John Baker: Love this place, all of the Empanadas are warm, delicious, and comforting.

11. dLeña - Washington

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653 reviews
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Address: 476 K St NW Suite D, Washington, DC 20001, United States

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11AM

Telephone: +1 202-560-5999

Business type: Restaurant

dLeña: what do users think?
Luisa Offori
Luisa Offori: Run, do not walk to this establishment. Ask for Troy. When I tell y’all this brunch was RESTORATIVE. Brought me back to LIFE. Excellent food. Excellent service. Troy was fantastic and not only kept the drinks coming, but made sure the food arrived in a timely manner. Highlights were the birria tacos, chicken and waffles, enfrijoladas, and the surprising guest star was the fruit cocktail. Order everything on the menu, you will not be disappointed.
Response: Hi Luisa! Wow, thank you for the 5 star review! We take great pride in everything we do here at dLeña and we're so delighted to hear our tacos, chicken and waffles, enfrijoladas were fantastic! Our team is so happy Troy and was able to bring you back to life with such an excellent experience!
Jahaan Thomas
Jahaan Thomas: Went to brunch with my friends yesterday and had the BEST time!! We enjoyed the bottomless brunch option. It was all of our first time dining there and from the moment we stepped through the door until the time we left, we felt very welcomed! Our server Jeff was the absolute greatest!! He explained everything really well, kept our glasses full and made sure to give us updates if and when something was taking too long to come out. Out of all of the food options: the birria tacos, tuna ceviche, salmon, and churros were my fave!! I can’t wait to come back and hopefully dine in with Jeff for dinner soon :) love the decor as well!!
Response: Hi Jahaan! Thank you for sharing your feedback on your recent visit with us! Our bottomless brunch is truly a favorite, fun experience for all of our guests. We take the quality of our food very seriously, and our team wants to show off the care, passion and expertise that goes into every dish you sampled! Thank you for the shout out for your server,Jeff!
Joel Mann
Joel Mann: Can I say wonderfully amazing Sunday brunch! Service stellar, food delicious 10x over, cocktails were on point, Adrian killed the cocktail pictured! The whole experience was a vibe! I totally recommend you check this place out!
Response: Wow! We're so grateful to hear you enjoyed your time at dLeña. Looks like we hit the mark with your recent visit. We try our best to make sure that we're not only providing an exceptional experience, but also a memorable one. Thank you for the shout out for Adrian, we'll be sure to pass it on! Looking forward to serving you again soon!
Priya Yadav
Priya Yadav: Loved this meal and restaurant so much!! The inside and atmosphere are so cozy and beautiful. The margaritas are so fresh and delicious, highly recommend trying the Tamarindo! The food was DELICIOUS 🤤 Would eat there again in a heartbeat!!
Response: Hello Priya! We are incredibly grateful that you loved everything about our amazing restaurant and took the time out to leave us this fabulous feedback. We're truly committed to delivering exceptional service and exquisite cuisine. Everything we do is with you in mind. We can't wait to have you back again soon!
Bob Lloyd
Bob Lloyd: The atmosphere here is great. One word of caution, if you go by yourself, you have to sit at the bar. The bartenders were awesome though, but was initially disappointed that my only option was the bar. The food and drinks are fantastic! I would highly recommend everything I had. My order included a prickly pear margarita, pork belly app, short rib tacos, atun (tuna) tacos, pastel de elite, as well as a tasting flight of anejo tequila. Portions are a bit small, but presentation and taste are spot on.
Response: Hello Bob! Thank you for your feedback~ it's spot on! We are so happy to hear that you enjoyed your experience at dLeña. The pork belly app, short rib tacos, atun (tuna) tacos, are some of our most popular dishes. Thank you again for dining with us!

12. Toro Toro - Washington

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1524 reviews
new review
Toro Toro
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Address: 1300 I St NW, Washington, DC 20005, United States

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 12PM

Telephone: +1 202-682-9500

Business type: Restaurant

Toro Toro: what do users think?
Pascal Johnstone
Pascal Johnstone: We went to Toro Toro after our plans for dinner at another restaurant fell through, and we could not have been more impressed! Our starter, the guacamole served with tuna tartare, was unexpectedly satisfying and proved a good prelude to the main meal consisting of salmon and the signature burger. Both were excellent, and the burger in particular was reasonably priced for a sizeable portion. The salmon was also delicious. After our meal, the manager offered us free dessert as well as coupons for two free drinks and an appetiser at our next visit. We will definitely be back the next time we visit DC!
Zerena Volcy
Zerena Volcy: Service was a little slow at first but we came at a busy time however the food (unlimited brunch service) was very good. I would recommend it to my friends. The host Pandu provided excellent service to guest and ourselves he was taking responsibilities that were not in his host job description. He is great every restaurant needs his energy and attitude.
Janay W
Janay W: Cute place! Shout out to our server Edgar and bartender bae Matt at the bar! It was super busy as we went for Saturday brunch but the service and food was great! The drinks were amazing!! Bathrooms were cute and clean. The only meh experience was a very tall employee who dismissed me when I asked him to take a picture... Despite that Edgar was super attentive and supportive as was Matt and the other wait staff. Will visit again for sure!

13. Cranes - Washington

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502 reviews
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Address: 724 9th St NW, Washington, DC 20001, United States

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 12PM

Telephone: +1 202-525-4900

Business type: Restaurant

Cranes: what do users think?
Cynthia M
Cynthia M: Spectacular food. My husband and I did the omakase which was 6 course meal and 3 course dessert. The food’s flavor, texture, freshness, aesthetics—everything was great. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. We shared a sparkling sake this time and I don’t typically like sake but that was actually really yummy too. Would love to try out their cocktails next time!
Abby: Wonderful dining experience here. We got the omakase with cocktails for dinner, and the flavors of every dish were amazing. My favorite one would have to be the duck with a blueberry sauce on the side. The ambiance was great, and the service was good - it had taken a bit of time before they took our orders, so they got us oysters on the house (which were delicious). We were there to celebrate a graduation, and there was a hand-written note on the table for us, which was a nice touch. I’d come back again for their happy hour and to dine again.
Aditya Karandikar
Aditya Karandikar: First time dining at a Michelin star restaurant did not disappoint. We did the omakase 10 course meal and had an absolute blast. The dining experience itself was fairly typical except for the multitude of courses. The food was at times experimental/complex and at other times straight down the middle, designed to please. The balance was well-executed and we left extremely satisfied. Service was soft spoken but perfect. Quite filling as well, definitely go hungry!
Renee Ethier
Renee Ethier: Amazing experience. Everything we had on the omakase menu was delicious, beautiful, and truly unique. The decor and service was top notch. It was all what you’d expect from a Michelin star restaurant. I can’t wait to go back.
Joe Guevara
Joe Guevara: Luckily this was a business dinner because it’s definitely pricey - but still worth it. Service - Amazing; I wish I could hire the server as a salesperson. The food - also amazing. The portions are perfect to order multiple things to share between a group - they are small (tapa) sized but we were still full by the end. My highlights were the risotto, the oysters (great sauce & quality), and for some reason the enoki mushrooms on whatever dish the picture has with the pickled onion/etc - the flavor profile of that dish was amazing. Still water that costs $18 a bottle seems overkill though. 🙄
Response: I am not sure what happened with still water, but bottles are $8 or $9. Possibly there were two bottles. Either way, I am sorry for that portion of your experience but very glad to hear you enjoyed the food. Feel free to reach out to us, if it was $18 for one bottle, I can look into it and we would refund the difference because that is not correct from our side. Thank you for your review and enjoy your weekend.
Allen N
Allen N: My sister and brother-in-law took us here for lunch. It’s a beautiful restaurant space with comfortable but excellent service and a Michelin star. They’re cuisine style is “Spanish kaiseki” and they do a great job blending Japanese touches with a Spanish flair. We ordered the executive kaiseki and added on a few extras. The oysters were delicious and unagi paella was another favorite! The meal and experience as a whole was very enjoyable. Already looking forward to our next meal here!

14. La Cosecha - Washington

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536 reviews
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La Cosecha
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Address: 1280 4th St NE, Washington, DC 20002, United States

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8AM

Business type: Market

La Cosecha: what do users think?
Millie Kwan
Millie Kwan: This is a great space for Latinx businesses such as home goods boutiques, wine/wine bar and gourmet grocery, food stands and restaurants. There is an upstairs lounge as well as outdoor seating. Even the indoor space is a large open space and it is not crowded like Union Market making it easier to navigate during the pandemic. Would have liked to try more than one of the food stands, but well go back again. Beautiful space and do highly recommend.
Tania Abraham
Tania Abraham: What an amazing experience, space and open market/food court. La Cosecha is the perfect space for doing some window shopping, actual shopping, grab a drink, and/or grab a meal. I was genuinely spoiled for choice with all the great options… So I sampled a bit of everything from the various restaurants! Nothing was a disappointment & I ended it with a Cafe Con Leche Paleta from Jarabe Gourmet Pops!!!
Nate B
Nate B: This is a nice place. There are several good places to get food or drinks. It is very clean and people are friendly. I would definitely recommend this place.
John Huegel
John Huegel: La Cosecha is an urban destination and attracts a lot of young adults as well as some older folks like me. A dozen or so proprietors sell trendy food and drink and a few other things. My wife and I were attracted by the Argentine Tango group that holds an introduction to Tango lesson and a Practica on the loft level for experienced dancers on the fourth Sunday of each month. A great place to dance on a Sunday afternoon. We travelled there from Delaware just for that.
Daisy Gutierrez
Daisy Gutierrez: The new drinks inspired by Selena songs are amazing!
KIMBERLY THOMAS: Always a great time and great food! Definitely recommend. The food and drinks are perfect. The service is even better. Ask for Maria! She’ll take good care of you!
Laura Garnett
Laura Garnett: This is my favorite market in the whole of DC. You can find the best Latin American food, wine, and artisan shops. I purchased this new ear cuff here, made by indigenous women in Colombia. We need more of these personal, diverse, and authentic cultural venues, especially in the "click-and-buy" world we live in.
K A: I found this hidden gem in D.C and I couldn’t help but check it out and I didn’t regret it. It’s filled with so much culture and art along side nice restaurants, a wine shop, a coffee shop(Unido) to mention a few. I particularly loved checking Nova Bossa out. Such a beautiful shop with quality items. First time here and I would definitely revisit to try out some great delicacies. I highly recommend this contemporary market to all art and food lovers and also it’s a must visit to all locals and tourists. Good Service✅ Courteous Staff✅ Lovely Ambiance ✅ Parking Garage ✅ ♿️Wheelchair Accessible Entrance✅ ♿️Wheelchair Accessible Restroom✅ 🚻Restroom

15. Joselito Casa de Comidas - Washington

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401 reviews
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Joselito Casa de Comidas
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Address: 660 Pennsylvania Ave. SE, Washington, DC 20003, United States

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 5PM

Telephone: +1 202-930-6955

Business type: Spanish restaurant

Joselito Casa de Comidas: what do users think?
Ashley Rodriguez
Ashley Rodriguez: Excellent tapas - highly recommend!!! We had the tuba rudo, grilled octopus, Cod bueñuelos, & anchovies. Plus their white cranberry mimosa, & espresso with condensed milk 😍
Rachel L
Rachel L: We drove past this place and I was super excited to give it a shot. The drinks were so so great and our server was outstanding. The food… not great. We saw glowing reviews so we tried a few different things but overall not too impressed. The interior is very cute and small. Definitely an older crowd but very intimate and quiet. I think we could come back for drinks but definitely wouldn’t return for the food.
Kel Millionie
Kel Millionie: This place is really quite special. Fantastic Spanish Tapas prepared with love and an upscale attention to detail, presentation, authenticity, and flavor profile. Cocktails are well-balanced, fun, and diverse. The service in this quaint cafe-like restaurant is top-notch. This place is a gem in the Eastern Market area.
Rhianna Green
Rhianna Green: Such a wonderful experience from customer service to food and drinks. Came for brunch with a group of four and stayed until dinner without feeling rushed out. The servers were extremely attentive and the food was made to perfection. We will definitely be back soon.
Marianna Du Bosq
Marianna Du Bosq: This restaurant is a total gem! By far my favorite restaurant in DC. The food is so delicious, every single dish I have tried blows my mind! The atmosphere is relaxing and the place has great ambiance. My favorite dishes (hard to choose) are the cod fritters, pork shoulder, and anything with octopus! Also the sangria ice cubes are so fun.
Dylan Prévost
Dylan Prévost: We did a multi-day food tour of DC and this restaurant was my absolute favorite. The beef took a transcendent quality in a way that mystifies me; I have no idea how they did it. Their tuna carpaccio was delightfully balanced with a house guacamole and a combination of citrus. Not a single dish fell short of excellence. This food scored better that our Michelin star venues this weekend. Though I have only been to about a dozen places, I have personally acclaimed this food as the best in DC. Their menu is rotating so you may not find some of the dishes in the photos below, but based on my experience, you really can’t go wrong with anything they prepare.
Lisa Bruce
Lisa Bruce: What a lovely spot to enjoy drinks and tapas! We are big fans of Ser, their sister restaurant in Arlington. Joselito has a more European bistro vibe. Really excellent cocktails and wine, quieter setting, and don’t miss the chocolate pudding for dessert.

16. Kafe Leopold - Washington

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1175 reviews
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Kafe Leopold
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Address: 3315 Cady's Alley, NW Between 33rd & 34th off of M St on the canal side, Cady's Alley NW, Washington, DC 20007, United States

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8AM

Telephone: +1 202-965-6005

Business type: Austrian restaurant

Kafe Leopold: what do users think?
Bernardo Mar
Bernardo Mar: Kafe Leopold is a quality restaurant. It’s modern interior is clean and reminded me of a High end furniture store. The food is made with quality ingredients and one can tell that each dish was made with a lot of attention and thought. The plum pancakes were delicious but took 20 minutes to arrive since they are made fresh to order. The ravioli was very tasty but a bit too oily for my liking.
Patrick Young
Patrick Young: The food is delicious, but quite pricy. It’s a lovely cafe down an alley in Georgetown that really does just feel pleasant to eat at. The schnitzel in particular is great. The Austrian coffee is tasty. The pistachio dessert is somewhat disappointing because the pistachio section tastes amazing, but the dessert is ruined by giant strawberries in it that don’t seem to blend well with it texture or flavor wise.
Armida (Justmida)
Armida (Justmida): We had breakfast there and this is far from American. The breakfast I had was their French toast which was good, but wasn’t sweet at all. My husbands poached eggs where good however bland and the avocado toast they must like zest! It was over powering and sadly no avocado taste. They did just scrambled eggs for our gd and definitely cooked in butter, but the kid didn’t complain.
A: Went three times. Better for brunch than dinner, and better for sweets than for salty foods. The strüdel is amazing and the pastries are delicious. Dinner wise, the main entrées are a little average, especially for the price. The branzino in particular is a disappointment. but the salmon and the spinach dumplings were enjoyable Brunch wise, the mediterranean breakfast and avocado toast were pretty good. Their location is amazing - lovely patio with a fountain, just off the bustle of Georgetown.
Shaniece Degazon
Shaniece Degazon: I highly recommend making a reservation for this place for brunch because i didnt and had to wait 30 minutes as a walk in for a party of 2. So the good thing is that the food is prepared quickly and it is very flavorful. I highly recommend the meditterrean brunch special and the emperor pancakes and lemosas. Street parking available. Total bill with dessert main entrees and drinks was $93. And our server and front of house were very professional. Definitely ill be back for more austrian food.
ReCreate Artworks
ReCreate Artworks: This has been by far one of my favorite places to eat around the DC area. Situated perfectly in Georgetown, Kafe Leopold gives you all the best vibes with the greatest quality of food to match it. We started with drinks (Hugo and Mojito). The mojito was one of the best I’ve had. Then ordered the Pulled Pork and Leopold’s Poached Egg and Avocado Toast, and finished it off with a shot of espresso and a Marillentorte. I cannot recommend this place enough. The staff was excellent. The manager was super kind and checked on us. The atmosphere was stress-free and beautiful. Then you have all of Georgetown to explore!

17. Taberna del Alabardero - Washington

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834 reviews
new review
Taberna del Alabardero
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Address: 1776 I St NW, Washington, DC 20006, United States

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11AM

Telephone: +1 202-429-2200

Business type: Spanish restaurant

Taberna del Alabardero: what do users think?
Queli: After being disappointed with DC food, we ran into this gem. Not only was food incredibly delicious, the presentation was amazing and portions were great, and the service was phenomenal. Shoutout to Edgar for bringing me a real spicy spice to accompany my delicious food. He understood what Mexicans need :) Thank you to all the Taberna team for being amazing ! PS- I recommend paella and, sausage and blood sausage tapas !
Response: Hi Queli, We're glad you enjoyed your experience with us! we hope to see you again at Taberna del Alabardero! Don't forget we have live flamenco performance every friday and saturday!
Eduardo Sevilla
Eduardo Sevilla: Old school D.C. restaurant, classic service and ambiance serving fine Spanish cuisine that no longer overwhelms you but will satisfy your Iberian peninsula cravings. Tapas for dinner is the way to go, variety and well executed, albeit small portions. Outstanding wine list, only the very best varietals from all the growing regions in Spain. Grilled Bronzino, Chilean sea bass and grouper specials are highlights. Expensive paella options not my favorite.
Response: Hi Eduardo, We're glad you enjoyed your experience with us! we hope to see you again at Taberna del Alabardero! Don't forget that we're having a special wine tasting dinner on June 23rd. Call us at 202-429-2200 for reservations...
Rachel U
Rachel U: Reservations for Saturday night, we were warmly greeted and seated. Unfortunately due to the busy night, we were only able to order 1 kind of paella for at least 2 people. So we ordered the lamb and cod. Both were yummy. The squid ink sticky rice was so fun. We ended with complimentary pastries. Live band and dancer were the cherry on top! Such a great experience, we will be back.
David Arrimadas
David Arrimadas: Amazing restaurant. It is a piece of Spain in Washington. The quality of the food is very high same as the professionalism of all the staff. We really felt at home. It was a great experience for our Spanish family that after five months in US is really missing our country delights. Highly recommended if you want to have a good time and food!
Joshua Russell
Joshua Russell: Classic DC restaurant that specializes in Spanish cuisine. We were able to get reservations for Sunday night to celebrate a birthday. At time of reservation I mentioned it was birthday celebration. When we arrived, we were greeted quickly and sat. They had a nice, cozy table reserved with a very nice Happy Birthday card written for our special guest! We started out with tortilla de patata, friend manchengo cheese with raspberry sauce and the cherry & mango gazpacho. Everything was superb, the favorite was the cheese with the raspberry sauce. We ordered a chicken and seafood paella to split with everyone. It was spot on with both the texture and taste one would expect from paella. The seafood that came with it were clams, mussels and shrimp. For dessert we ordered the churros with chocolate and the warm cheesecake. Not were very good and just the right size. We were surprised yet again with a very special Happy Birthday plate written in chocolate with some berries, chocolate and cookies. Very good and will look forward to coming back here again soon.
Response: Hi Joshua, We're glad you enjoyed your experience with us! we hope to see you again at Taberna del Alabardero! Don't forget that we're having a special wine tasting dinner on June 23rd. Call us at 202-429-2200 for reservations...
Mark Blanchard
Mark Blanchard: Spain meets Dorothy Draper on the decor, pretty awesome. Food was great, serrano leg sitting in front of you getting sliced. Sadly we got a piece of bone with the serrano. The food was good, and so was the service. We enjoyed the flamenco dance and music around 830pm.
Morgan Niu
Morgan Niu: I was there for DC restaurant week. They have special menu for us. Food is good but I am a little disappointed. Service is excellent. Live music and dance are impressive. I would like to talk more about the taste of food. I had tuna guacamole tartare, tastes like poke bowl. My husband had blood sausage. Seafood paella is good. Usually it is salty in other restaurant, but not here. However it looks messy in the plate. I shared this paella with my friend. But server didn’t share it equally in out plate. I have more in my plate, it is little awkward. Dessert is caramel flan. Caramel sauce is way too strong. My husband gave it a try, he agreed with me. One drop of the caramel sauce could stay in your mouth for 5 mins. By the end of the dinner. I forget all the taste from previous dish. Only the taste of caramel in my mouth and my brain
Lynelle Nicole
Lynelle Nicole: The owners at DCanter Wine Boutique in Capitol Hill recommended this place. It did not disappoint. We had papas bravas, garlic shrimp, and the mixed paella with a bunch of wine. The happy hour section was lively and full of people. The section we were in was quiet and secluded; perfect for a business dinner or confidential conversation. I’d love to come back when they have live music.
Response: Hi Lynelle, We're glad you enjoyed your experience with us! we hope to see you again at Taberna del Alabardero! Don't forget that we're having a special wine tasting dinner on March 24th. Follow the link for more info
Aleyda Villavicencio
Aleyda Villavicencio: We came across this place entirely by luck, but having been in Spain and loving Spanish food like we do, this place didn’t disappoint, and we felt really confident the food had to be good when we walked in and realized many tables were taken by Spanish guests. If you’re in town you have to stop here. Plus they have a lunch menu that’s very affordable!

18. Le Diplomate - Washington

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Le Diplomate
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Address: 1601 14th St NW, Washington, DC 20009, United States

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 12PM

Telephone: +1 202-332-3333

Business type: French restaurant

Le Diplomate: what do users think?
Thang Phu
Thang Phu: Highly recommended! We stopped by for a late afternoon food one day and was amazed at how fantastic the food is. It was all so good, especially their desserts. I have travelled to multiple regions in France and I can attest the food here tastes the closest to food in France. They even have a wine carafe on the menu, just like France. I wished I lived near here so I could go treat myself now and then.
Response: Thank you for such a complimentary review, Thang. We’re excited that you found our food and service to be five-star worthy. We are looking forward to welcoming you back in the near future at Le Diplomate.
mike wittenburg
mike wittenburg: Five Stars for the food and the atmosphere. Visited on a busy Saturday evening and got a table without a reservation, amazing. So much seating available. Indoor and outdoor seating. Went with a couple of friends and the drinks and food were fabulous. Tuna dish is a small serving. Trout was great and the muscles were awesome. Apple dessert and vanilla creme brulee delicious. Definitely a popular spot. And the bread... So much bread... Good variety of bread to choose from. Enjoy!
Response: mike, we’re pleased to know you had a great experience at Le Diplomate. We look forward to hosting you again soon. Feel free to follow us @lediplomatedc to keep in touch on Instagram!
Daae Katsicoyannis
Daae Katsicoyannis: The meal was incredible. I recommend going with friends and sharing everything. The service was also impeccable. You can tell that all ingredients at this restaurant are fresh and of excellent quality. It’s rare to find such an approachable restaurant of this league. I would recommend to anyone.
Response: Daae, we’re pleased to know you had a great experience at Le Diplomate. We look forward to hosting you again soon. Feel free to follow us @lediplomatedc to keep in touch on Instagram!
brian perkins
brian perkins: Loved this place for a few reasons. Let’s start with the bread. Why can’t all restaurants serve great, fresh, delicious bread? Because it’s not easy. I pictured the empty escargot plate because after dipping the bread in the garlic sauce it was game over. Add onion soup, superb steak frites, profiteroles to die for and you have a neighborhood gem. Not to mention the wait staff gives treats to dogs being walked by the restaurants. How great is that?!
Response: Thank you for such a complimentary review, brian. We’re excited that you found our food and service to be five-star worthy. We are looking forward to welcoming you back in the near future at Le Diplomate.
Rob: The food and ambiance are always great. However, on multiple occasions, I’ve felt that the service is not what you’d expect from a restaurant of this caliber. Last time I felt a bit rushed and the service, while attentive, was curt. When our entrees arrived, a waiter couldn’t fully reach to place my friend’s plate in front of him. Rather then walk around the table (there was space), the waiter placed it on the table and gave the plate a quick flick of the wrist to push it over. It’s a small example but I think captures a similar sentiment seen in other reviews about the service.
Response: Rob, we're happy to know you had a positive experience at Le Diplomate and appreciate your feedback on how we can improve. Hopefully, we have another opportunity to serve you in the future so we can earn that last star!
Karissa Warren
Karissa Warren: Had an awesome food experience on New Years! Was a little disappointed they didn’t have their usual pastry assortment but every single item we got was delicious!! We really came for the pastries and croissants but were blown away by the food! If you want an authentic French croissant, they’ve got you covered! We will definitely be back!
Response: Karissa, 5-star experiences are what we strive for day in and day out here at Le Diplomate. Thank you for the great feedback and we'll hopefully see you again soon!
Dee Ketterman
Dee Ketterman: We’ve eaten here twice and love the food and decor. The feel of the restaurant more resembles an upscale bar with delicious food, as most people are standing and drinking rather than eating. I’d like to try sitting at the bar because I think it’d be a better experience to fit the atmosphere over a low table with people standing all around. The mushroom tart is fantastic and the French onion soup is the best I’ve ever had! The service was dressed appropriately but less attentive than expected, most likely because of how busy it seems to get. Regardless, I really like the food and hope to visit again soon.
Response: Thank you for taking the time to share feedback on your recent visit to Le Diplomate, Dee. Our staff works incredibly hard to ensure our guests have the best dining experience. We hope to see you back very soon and to earn that extra star!
Bibiana Oe
Bibiana Oe: Very cute upscale dining experience! The waiter had many recommendations that were appealing. The bread with the butter is amazing! Ordered assorted oysters, mushroom tart, beef bourguignon, mussels and frites, and the profiteroles. Loved everything and it was good portions! Recommend for a lovely cozy dining in experience since the bar and inside of the restaurant is super unique!
Response: We're happy to know you had a positive experience at Le Diplomate and appreciate your feedback on how we can improve. Hopefully, we have another opportunity to serve you in the future so we can earn that last star!

19. BRESCA - Washington

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Address: 1906 14th St NW, Washington, DC 20009, United States

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 5:30PM

Business type: Restaurant

BRESCA: what do users think?
HK: We had a three course dinner and it was absolutely delicious. The amuse bouches were surprisingly delicate and layered in flavor. Dishes came out pretty quickly without delay even though the restaurant was packed on a Saturday night. Would like to visit again!
Tommy Waters
Tommy Waters: It was our first time at Bresca and I feel the need to leave a review. I don’t typically leave a review unless I’m “moved” one way or another. And this amazing place deserves any positive comment I could possibly leave and then some! From the caviar starter to the ending pieces of dessert heaven the entire experience was just incredible! One word of warning, this place adds on the dollars FAST…. But you will more than likely already know that with just the smallest amount of investigation. With that being said, DO IT! Add on the caviar, add in the wine pairing, add on the black truffle shavings…do it ALL! It’s more than worth it and you won’t be sorry! If you would visit this restaurant don’t expect anything other than a unique experience provided by the talented chef and his crew! Expect amazing service! Expect an outstanding welcome by the hosts/hostesses! Expect an incredible waitstaff team (and if you are lucky enough to have Sherman you are in for a treat)! Just expect an amazing time and pay the expensive bill with the included gratuity knowing they deserve every bit of it and more! This is not a restaurant to go to on a budget. But like I said you’ll probably already expecting it. It’s WORTH IT!!!!!
Amanda Anoh
Amanda Anoh: Went there for the first time for date night. It was an awesome experience! the prices are fixed for the meal courses. The service is great and the food extraordinary. It is exactly a tasting if you will because of the portion but we got the 6 course meal, so it was filing. A simple decor but nice, with a true French approach to service as in silverware, napkins, waiters. The bar was nice as well. I enjoyed myself and will be back.
Marisa Checca
Marisa Checca: I’ve been several times. Hands down one of the best restaurants in DC. I never knew I liked rhubarb until I tried their tart with foie gras, it was unreal. The seasoning and crust on their duck breast is the best in the city. Their petit fours, especially their Madelines, are some of the best I’ve ever had. They are always generous and give us extra if we ask :) I will keep on going back and back. Their staff is so friendly and I love the decor.
Ivan Vesely
Ivan Vesely: My wife and I were there 3 months ago and frankly were quite disappointed. I was fine but my wife developed diarrhea right afterwards. We also paid extra money to add truffles to one of the dishes. These truffles were very odd. They looked like truffles but they had absolutely no smell and no taste. I‘ve had truffles a few times before and this was nothing like the way they normally are. Now, having said that, the wine pairing was outstanding. I’ve tried to find wines like this in my local liquor store and was unable to. They were truly memorable. But compared to Cranes, another single Michelin star restaurant we visited recently, this one just could not compare.
Alexander O'Neill
Alexander O'Neill: Definitely a interesting dining experience with food foams galore. If you can, grab one of the cute spots outdoors — it’s a little greenhouse laced with cherry blossoms. I’d recommend doing the three course set menu with the wine pairing. Splurge a little. The favorite dish at the table was BREACA’s take on cacio e pepe. The main course which for us was either venison or wagyu beef was the absolute line between cooked and raw — especially for venison. Regardless everything was very tasty and the staff was excellent. Overall a great time.
Reginald Anadio
Reginald Anadio: Absolutely phenomenal! Highly recommend visiting Bresca. My waitress, Alex, was particularly welcoming, caring, and attentive. From start to finish, I was greeted by immaculate service. After spending a lot of time job hunting and landing one in DC, I decided to celebrate the moment at Bresca. They made the moment feel extremely special. From greeting me with complimentary champagne (Veuve nonetheless!) to tasting a delicious wine, they went well beyond what I could’ve expected. Thank you.
Gaya B
Gaya B: We had a great experience sitting outside in one of those cute little houses. Staff is excellent, really above and beyond experience. Professional and personable. The place has a Michelin star, so you can guess the food is good. :) You can play your own music via Bluetooth in the little house too!
Lin Dinh
Lin Dinh: Finally got to go to one of those “a little bit for a lot” restaurants and I do not regret it!! Really didn’t think these little bites would fill me up, but boy, was I wrong. Clean, sleek kitchen, very intimate and perfect date night location. The drinks were delicious and super unique. 10/10 would recommend!
Response: Hey Lin. We are humbled by your 5-Star rating and your "10/10" review of Bresca! Thank for taking the time to write this review and we do hope to see you again soon.

20. Pan American Bakery - Arlington

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647 reviews
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Pan American Bakery
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Address: 4113 Columbia Pike, Arlington, VA 22204, United States

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 7AM

Telephone: +1 703-271-1113

Business type: Bakery

Pan American Bakery: what do users think?
Ed: Great food at a great price. Recommended!
Zayanie Perry
Zayanie Perry: I got a cake from here and it was terrible. No flavor whatsoever. Not one ounce of vanilla, sugar, or anything. Couldn’t take more than two bites. Definitely not worth your money 🙄
Sheneil Black
Sheneil Black: Got some jumbo empanadas they said were cheese. It was mostly hollow with some cheese stuck to the crust ( def not a typical empanada); the saltena was good but the pastries were very so-so.
Gabriela Lobo
Gabriela Lobo: I am sorry but I have to change my review, very disappointed. I came after a while and order a Lapping, waited and when I got my plate I was sad to see that the meat was not seasoned as a lapping it was more of a carne asada with chimichurri, it was dried and to kill it there was no corn and the haba was old! Oh the salad that comes with it was served with a regular shredded cheese instead of our famous quesillo. You come to a Bolivian restaurant anxious to eat our delicious food and instead you leave mad and disappointed. I will not be coming back to eat but yeah maybe to get salteñas and or bread maybe 😒
Javier Larrea
Javier Larrea: Oh the food the food the delicious food... When I get to visit the DC area I have to always plan my trip around this place... The food and baking goods... Unlimited options... Salteñas! Just try them and repeat haha
chelsea gadiano
chelsea gadiano: Love their tres leches! And their staff were so friendly too!

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