Best Vintage Furniture Washington Near Me

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1. Miss Pixie's - Washington

· 104 reviews

1626 14th St NW, Washington, DC 20009

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Miss Pixie's: what do users think?

Angus Bennion: This store is great! Lots of fun products.

Erin Wagner: I’ve gotten so many high quality items from Miss Pixie’s over the last several years, but today I’m finally leaving the five star review they’ve always deserved! We had scheduled a delivery for them to bring a table we purchased, and Miss Pixie herself rolled up in a pickup truck this morning right on time. It turns out the delivery drivers were stuck in an elevator, but somehow that didn’t stop them at all! We gave her a hand and she didn’t charge us the usual delivery fee to make up for the trouble (what trouble?!). We look forward to continuing to shop at Miss Pixie’s as we furnish our home.

Jace Warble: Miss Pixies is a lovely little shop with beautiful pieces, helpful and knowledgeable staff, and price that matches quality. Definitely worth stopping by!

Amy Clerkin: Nicely curated selection of items at reasonable prices. Owner is very responsive to any concerns. We love our vintage couch

MrIrali: One of the cutest boutique home goods stores in DC. And reasonably priced too

Brittney Valcin: I absolutely LOVE Miss Pixie’s!! My mother has raved about this place for a long time and I finally had the pleasure of stopping by. They have a wide variety of things for every taste. So much character! I love to buy random things lol. So of course I bought a few things 🤣. One store that is true to “if you love, BUY IT! It may not be there tomorrow!” I WILL BE BACK

Alexandra Goodman: Lovely antique store with some really nice pieces. Prices for some of the larger items were reasonable, but pricing was kind of all over the place. Obvious sets of items (chairs, side tables, glasses, etc.) were priced individually which was weird for an antique store. Other pieces were priced way too high, like $95 for an IKEA mirror or $250 for a simple basic wooden console table (which would have been $50 anywhere else but DC). Overall, I enjoyed this store and walking around inside, but I probably won’t buy here due to the pricing.

2. GoodWood - Washington



· 65 reviews

Marden building, 1428 U St NW, Washington, DC 20009

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GoodWood: what do users think?

Olivia K: Quick service, unique atmosphere, reliable stock of small gifts, and hit-or-miss selection of art and furniture! I agree with some reviewers that the staff seemed uppety and perhaps too good to welcome customers.

Yarden Golan: I rarely give reviews. But GoodWood is hands down the best vintage furniture store in the area. Above their great items, they have the most amazing costumer service iv’e encountered. They will go above and beyond to make sure you are satisfied. Highly recommended!

Kye Lippold: Excellent selection, helpful staff, and good delivery policies.

Caroline Barna: I LOVE this shop. Always such an amazing mix of beautiful furniture and clothing. And the prices are so affordable for how unique and special the items are. I hope you guys reopen soon! I’ll be there (in a mask)!

3. ATTIC DC - Arlington

· 1 reviews
ATTIC DC: what do users think?

1830 Columbia Rd NW DC: ATTIC is a great resource for sourcing local vintage furniture. Helpful to shops In the community, as well as consolidates available items for the consumer.

4. Pillar & Post - Washington

· 19 reviews

1647 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington, DC 20007

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Pillar & Post: what do users think?

sueZ Q: Lovely addition to the top of Georgetown! Unique British gifts, paintings, antiques, furniture. Wide variety of price points! Very Downton Abbey silver meets Derbyshire country charm! Like a quick trip to England without going thru customs. Next to Poupon down from Amano!

Gretchen Wallisch: Pillar & Post has some of the most beautiful and unique antique pieces I have seen in DC. They have all sorts of beautiful new items too. Everything in the shop is tasteful and thoughtfully curated. The owner and staff at Pillar & Post provide exceptional customer service. I had a lot of questions about different pieces at the shop and they went above & beyond to answer every one!

Vandana Puri: Loved this store! I got the perfect hostess gift from here. The owner seems to have worked hard to curate it- since every item seems so unique and well thought of ! And ieverything being British provides an added charm. Super friendly staff too, overall a great experience!

abe peled: A tastefully laid out shop featuring a selection of mostly British antique furniture and accessories, integrated with leading current British brands of home decor, and modern American lighting, all accented with an eclectic mix of old paintings and prints, as well modern British painters.

Nigel Smith: Being mostly English, I feel I can confidently say that this shop has got the essence of the country to a tee.interesting curios which are hand-picked directly from the UK with discerning taste. The staff enthusiasm and knowledge about their wares cannot be equaled!

ruti arad: Loved this shop, great British antique furniture, and accessories, bought a beautiful pair of brass candlestics, and two of their organic candles from Daylesford, tomato vine, amazing Daylesford

Matthew Watson: Great selection and a kind proprietor. What more could you want?

Drew Callahan: Beautiful English Antiques

5. Peg Leg Vintage - Beltsville

· 93 reviews

10523 Ewing Rd, Beltsville, MD 20705

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Peg Leg Vintage: what do users think?

That Brunette: Delightful shop with a chatty owner. The shop has small items like cloth napkins and decanter sets but the main focus is mid-century furniture. There are a lot of lighting fixtures and a corner with clothes and bags. Great for decatorators, collectors, and remodelers.

Jared Krichevsky: Wonderful place with high end, well restored, mid-century modern furniture. The owner is wonderful, helpful, and a great conversationalist (as well as being knowledgeable on everything in the store and more).

Robert Kinsler: Expert. Friendly. Solid Prices (MCM is expensive anyway you cut it!). Have bought and will buy again! Willing to talk shop on MCM things including pieces at other stores, etc. Just a nice lady all around. Support local. Support small.

Heather Knutsen: Dealing with Peg Leg was easy breezy. Just what I needed

Mariah Hancock: Always a great experience. The owner is chipper and engaging. Pricing is very fair for great quality wood furniture that has clearly been restored to immaculate condition. If you are looking for dirt cheap used furniture this is not the place. But if you are looking for classic mid century pieces that will last a lifetime, check this place out.

Adrian: While you can buy midcentury pieces at many places, none of them provides the great customer service of Peg Leg. Highly recommended!

6. Modern Mobler - Washington

· 20 reviews

7313 Georgia Ave NW, Washington, DC 20012

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Modern Mobler: what do users think?

Engel “D'Journey” Caceres: I was skeptical on where to find good quality furniture because they all have bad wood, but my dad had mentioned this place so I went and checked it out. I was amazed on the quality and the prices. Such good materials and customer service. I made this my store of choice. Btw thanks a lot for instructing me on what to get! Definetly got the best out of the best! Great job keep it up guys! Much blessings.

Alicia Beck: “Great service from the staff, very helpful when it comes to making choices . Huge variety of furniture to choose from and they do home delivery. I ended up buying some chairs and they are great quality.”

Christine Mckee: High quality collection, unique hard to find modern / Scandinavian design and very knowledgeable. Always going above and beyond to find just the right thing- even refined and delivered to NYC!

Andrew Sanders: Absolutely incredible collection of authentic and pristine mid-century Danish furniture. Well out of my price range, but it was fun to peruse!

Peter Halbrook: Exquisite collection and wonderful customer service! Prices are very fair.

Scott Outten: Beautiful, high-end furniture.Nice people.Expensive though.

7. Evolution Home - Samuel Tucker

· 196 reviews

861 S Pickett St, Alexandria, VA 22304

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Evolution Home: what do users think?

L. EarlScott: Plenty of unique pieces. Loved looking through every nook and cranny..

Susan Douglas: Lots to look at here! An eclectic collection of antique and vintage furniture and decor items... as well as jewelry. Some items are on consignment and others for sale by individual vendors. I like to drop in regularly as the inventory changes often. Eager to see the new location on South Pickett St in May!

Nicole Gauvin: Great space, lots to see

Karmei Law: They take good care of their customers, you will find amazing furniture here.

Hyunsun Toney: I got pretty good deal dishes and pop up book for my daughter!!It’s nice antique store.

Jorge Luis Colombo: The best prices for art, furniture and a lot of decor items. Always offering new stuff.

marybeth griffin: Great place! So many beautiful things. Nicely set up.

Justin “Nytalite” H: Don’t let the sketchy surroundings scare you away; this is one of the best antique stores in the area. The game of chances is well-played here, as there’s always something interesting to see here. Their furniture selection is surprisingly good, and the items are often of a higher quality than modern competition.

8. Kensington Antique Row - Kensington

· 80 reviews

3762B Howard Ave, Kensington, MD 20895

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Kensington Antique Row: what do users think?

Meet Miss Sallyy: We Took early morning walk yesterday and felt really relaxed and energized… … we definitely going to come back and try some of local restaurants… 😅 There is a train station for daily commute to DC. This must be a great neighborhood to live in. How wonderful that Kensington is able to preserve the old town feel, unlike some outside DC neighborhoods, overdeveloped with monster houses.

Chanpen Tee: Love this antique stores. There are a lot small stores inside. There are a lot of interesting stuff and nice furniture

Gina: Parking is free and easily accessible off Metropolitan Avenue. Great place to walk around and shop for all things vintage. Very eclectic mix of shops and places to grab a bite to eat. If you enjoy watching trains come and go - this place is definitely for you! There is a farmer`s market here and lots of cool events!

Gerard Famiglietti: Many shops with loads of interesting things. Almost like many museums in secluded neighborhood.

jakobian beagle: I had a great time looking through all sorts of odds, ends, knick knacks, and treasures. Found a couple things to give a new home to even. 😁 The proprietor was pleasant and friendly, as well as reasonably negotiable with a few of the prices. I departed the store quite pleased, already looking forward to the next visit. I definitely recommend checking this place out. 😀

Lois Christensen: Love all the different shops.

Dan Birnstein: There is always something there for you.Nice finds at very reasonable prices.Go and enjoy.

9. Christ Child Opportunity Shop - Washington

· 41 reviews

1427 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington, DC 20007

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Christ Child Opportunity Shop: what do users think?

Kurt LaRose MSW LCSW LICSW: The antiques and the finds here are wonderful. The staff, volunteers, care so much about the items. Here I am reminded of my grandparents dishes, jewelry, paintings, dishes, silver, metalurgy, pocket watches, rugs .... and the iron statutes are just phenomenal. Today I found a 10k gold rosary engraved from 1924 ... with a historical attention to detail that is awesome. The people working in the store celebrate the items as you look.

rebecca leigh: A lovely store with beautiful things. Sometimes a bit pricey. The service is excellent and warm.

Sandra Biedron: Wow. Great place for vintage jewelry and everything else one needs for a home or office. Not only is everything repurposed but all proceeds go to children in the area that need help meeting their emotional needs. Found four rare Portmeirion pottery pieces as well as two pieces of vintage high-end jewelry. These were very fairly priced with the market. Excellent collection of dishes, silver, and crystal. Go there instead of doing a wedding registry! So much more green! Rock on Opportunity Shop - you made my heart happy today seeing things re-purposed! The place was packed!

Eric Rajendra: The best antique and bric-a-brac store in all of DC. Our family in Georgetown has given thousands of dollars worth in contributions of our own antiques we no longer needed and then we bought thousands of dollars more in antiques we needed!! This place is a gem for us Washingtonians!! The volunteer staff members are truly precious and really dedicated!! They love their work and make the entire experience of browsing a joy. The second floor has great stuff so GO UP!! Jewelry, silverware, Asian antiques, porcelain, etc! You won’t be disappointed. You need to return weekly as new consignments and donations come all the time!! Trust me.

A. Greenough Dodd: Huge fan of this nonprofit consignment shop (aka The "Op Shop"!) that benefits the needs of DC area children. Always great finds, but definitely allow time to peruse the many items. Well-worth the search!

Angela Van: Clean and organized decor consignment purchase structure (can see how the price drops by date). Always find something when I go in. Unfortunately, they just re-organized downstairs so the bulk is upstairs--no elevator.

Jonathan Fuhrman: Nice place for antiques. Everything has a date it came in and gets marked down every month. Prices are a bit high, but not outrageous.

10. Georgetown Flea Market - Washington

· 165 reviews

1819 35th St NW, Washington, DC 20007

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Georgetown Flea Market: what do users think?

Matilde C Calderon: An organized flea market where you can find unique and ancient jewelries, coins, and clothes. Most of the venders there are friendly and patient. You can also find a lot of amazing and talented artists with their artworks/paints there for sale. It is worth to visit if you are happen to be in DC on Sunday.

Janet Michelson: Lovely little market with mostly smaller items today. Plenty of antiques and vintage. Got some great Pyrex, which was the goal. Extremely happy.

christina paul: I sell here and but from some of the vendors here. There are 2 vendors I avoid one that just sells crystals too expensive and selling colored glass as crystals. Another is a eomsn whom sells tea sets… overpriced

Nadia Medina: Small but very unique . Parking nearby . No food for sale .Pass thru old Georgetown was beautiful

Mike O'Bryant II: FRONT TO BACK A GREAT MARKET! Great dealers, great prices and great Area! Best stands are in front right by the bus stop and arnd the back alley!!

11. Something Vintage Rentals - Marlow Heights

· 33 reviews

4828 Stamp Rd, Temple Hills, MD 20748

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Something Vintage Rentals: what do users think?

Megan Barnes: We were able to use Something Vintage for rentals for our wedding and we feel so lucky and fortunate to be able to do so. They elevated our wedding with beautiful place settings, a gorgeous escort display and soft seating for our guests. We could not be more thankful for their partnership and you will not regret their incredible inventory.

Remembered Events: While the minimum for delivery is high, the products are fabulous. We did rent our own UHAUL to make this delivery but totally worth it. The team helped get everything into the UHAUL and explained how to set it up before we left. Very much enjoyed our experience with Something Vintage

Maria Sanchez: We knew we wanted to work with Something Vintage from the moment we visited their website. They had a bit of everything for everyone. While browsing online was great nothing compared to the service we received after we visited their warehouse. It completely shifted our plans and had our imagination running wild. We worked with Lauren who not only made a few recommendations but also went above and beyond when our plans shifted because of covid. Our wedding venue closed during the pandemic and had no set reopening date. It also turned out we were able to buy our first home during all of this and so our plans shifted to having the wedding at our home. We opted to have a kitchen extension and well by the time our wedding month came around we were still under construction. This is when the something vintage team really came into play. I emailed them a picture of the area I wanted to conceal with one of their green walls but wasn’t sure how to go about it. They took care of it. They even emailed us days before to assure us they were working on a plan and doing some test trials. Our wedding felt like we were living a dream. Not once did it feel like our home was under construction. We felt at peace because our backyard was completely furnished with the most decadent couches, tables, bar and signs. We didn’t have to do a thing. The something vintage staff handled it all. They came in with rentals that morning and just like that were gone. We miss all the rentals because our backyard will never be the same again. We are so thankful to Lauren and all of the something vintage team for handling our last minute challenge and for making our backyard a dream for our wedding day.

Cassie Hurley: I used Something Vintage for a work event recently and they were fantastic! I needed to pull off a high level dinner for 40 at a unique location in under three weeks and their team was able to help me with everything I needed, quickly and had suggestions of vendors I could try for some of my other needs. The delivery and pick up were on time and so efficient and the farm tables and reclaimed wood bar were gorgeous!

Daniella Kyei: Needed some pieces for my engagement party. Picked up and dropped off with ease. Lots of unique pieces to really create a wow factor at your party

Kelsey Mattson: Dawn, Lauren and the team are wonderful to work with! They were flexible with my time constraints and were super helpful with recommendations - our photo shoot turned out perfectly because of them. In fact, I loved my experience with Something Vintage Rentals so much, I wound up working for them :)

Amanda B: Our rentals from Something Vintage totally completed the look of our wedding. We did a nontraditional backyard wedding and had a lot of pieces that we made ourselves (ex. benches). The farm tables and chairs we got from Something Vintage were gorgeous and fit in so perfectly that our guests asked if we made them as well! They were so beautiful that our guests used them as a backdrop for photos. Delivery and pick-up was very efficient and easy. Highly recommend using them.

12. Antiques & Furniture Restoration Inc - Loudoun County

· 60 reviews

45945 Trefoil Ln STE 172, Sterling, VA 20166

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Antiques & Furniture Restoration Inc: what do users think?

Marianne Zweig: We are so pleased with our new refinished wood front door. Can’t stop looking at it. What an improvement, making our home so welcoming. AFR was amazing, from start to finish. Communication was great, after the sanding we I visited the studio and picked out our stain. AFR provides pickup and delivery. Check out the photos on their Facebook page. Top quality. Thanks again

S Lampton: Yasser Haridi is an artist and a treasure to find. We presented him with a cat-scratched-missing pieces-scarred-somewhat abused huge mahogany dining table. We debated about donating (even trashing) it but after thinking about all the family meals shared on it and it’s travel with us in 3 moves over nearly 45 years…we had to make an effort to bring it back to life. Yasser embraced the challenge and shared every step of his fine craftsmanship with pictures, emails, and a visit where we decided on the finishing color together. The first picture we received was our table pulled apart like a Leggo set! Yasser re-glued every single piece and finished each section inside and out. It is so rare to find someone who has such a passion for their work. Once delivered to our dining room we asked him to sign his name to it which he did. We can’t wait to share meals with our family hopefully for another 50 years and to share the story of our almost abandoned table. Thank you Yasser, Antiques &Furniture Restoration, Inc.!

David King: Yasser did an outstanding job repairing, refinishing, and reupholstering a 100+ year old chair that had taken quite a beating over the past century. He replaced missing parts, strengthened key areas to ensure better support, and completed a masterful upholstery job, matching all the seams and lining up the design on all the cushions. He provided updates and photos of his progress throughout the project. We were so pleased with his work, we also had him repair and refinish a wooden hippo we got 20 years ago in East Africa. He again demonstrated great attention to detail and gave us back a hippo that looked much nicer than it ever did new.

Mike Burton: Positive: QualityIncredible workmanship and meticulous attention to detail! And the project was completed sooner than promised! We could not be happier with the amazing transformation of the worn out finish on our front door to its current beautiful finish!

Shawn Wells: Meticulous and magnificent work. Yasser and his colleagues are true artisans. I had several pieces refurbished and the work they did was done with the utmost care for the pieces. Now I will truly be able to enjoy this dining room set for years to come. I highly recommend this Team.

Peter Schnall: I brought in two, beat up 100 year old chairs and got back two gorgeous antiques. Mr Haridi explained his painstaking, by-hand process for restoration and invited me to approve the work at key points in the process. He also helped me pick leather and upholstery tacks. Mr Haridi takes great pride in his workmanship. It was fantastic to find a profesional who cared as much about my chairs as I did.

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