Best Vegan Pizzas In Washington Near Me

Pizza Loko - COMPLETELY VEGAN Mellow Mushroom Washington DC - Adams Morgan Bacio Pizzeria Timber Pizza Company &pizza - K Street Pi Pizzeria 90 Second Pizza Pizzoli's Pizzeria &pizza - Hotel Hive &pizza - E Street Duccini's Pizza Pete's New Haven Style Apizza Pizzeria Paradiso &pizza - Barracks Row DC Pizza &pizza - Georgetown &pizza - H Street Ella's Wood Fired Kitchen Stellina Pizzeria &pizza - U Street

1. Pizza Loko - COMPLETELY VEGAN - Washington

· 45 reviews

703 Edgewood St NE, Washington, DC 20017

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Pizza Loko - COMPLETELY VEGAN: what do users think?

Max Broad: OMG wow, Pizza Loko/BDGs Ghicken is so awesome. I visited for DC Veg Restaurant Week and loved it! They are a ghost kitchen—only open for take-out and delivery—located in the Brookland neighborhood. What stood out the most was the pizza. Wow, that was top notch. Fluffy dough, great cheese, flavorful plant-based meats. I was so impressed—this is truly some of the best vegan pizza I have had. They also have wings that I love, mac and cheese that was delicious, and tons of awesome cakes/desserts. Oh, and did I mention they have MOZZERELLA STICKS. Y.U.M. This place is really interesting, it’s like four restaurants wrapped up in one. Besides Italian food from Pizza Loko and soul food from BDGs, they also have Korean and Vietnamese food too. What don’t they serve?? What I really enjoyed was that this is located right next to City State Brewery, which allows you to take food in. So we had a meetup over beers and just walked the food over from a block away. I already can’t wait to go back for some of that pizza!

Vanessa Edwards: So I am not vegan, it did not taste like real pizza but it was the best vegan pizza I have had. The cheese was actually melted (I got extra cheese). The crust kind of taste like Pizza Hut which I wasn’t the biggest fan of but it was still good in a whole. Next time I would get the lomein without shrimp, since I am not vegan, the vegan shrimp just didn’t do it for me. Also I didn’t like the fact they used spaghetti noodles, I guess they made their own twist on the traditional dish. I also got the cake and wasn’t the biggest fan, I got the red velvet and strawberry, I cook and bake so I can be a bit critical. I was not a fan of the consistency of the frosting on the strawberry. The red velvet was good but if you are use to a cream cheese frosting you may not like because it takes like a chocolate cake with vanilla icing made from plant base milk, confection sugar and vanilla. But I would definitely suggest it but just come with an open mind especially if you are not vegan. Don’t expect it to taste the way you want it to. The service was A1 and love that it’s black owned!

Rachel: I’ve supported since their inception as a small, black owned, vegan restaurant is a rare combo in DC these days. I love the pepperoni pizza and wings. Make sure you eat the pizza HOT (the taste/texture changes a bit when it cools down), request extra pepperoni, & get the extra butter and ranch with the wings. Pro-tip: drizzle ranch on the pizza. You’re welcome!

Kyndall Peterson: this is the best vegan pizza i’ve had; i absolutely love the topping options and that it’s real crust, not flatbread. howeverrrr they are stingy with certain toppings. i feel like they want you to order a number of different ones so you won’t notice, lol. anyways, i’ve started having to order extra cheese and i guess i’ll have to start ordering extra pepperoni… only got four pieces on my “pepperoni pizza”. other than that, i love loko.

Carlose Smith: The pizza was delicious but only four pepperonis on the pizza? Petty!!! Garlic Butter isn’t the best, more minced garlic than butter…why so much garlic? I would not order the garlic butter again. However, the fried wings are delicious.

Mike Accardi: Went for veg week and their pizza is the best around and the desserts are amazing too.

2. Mellow Mushroom Washington DC - Adams Morgan - Washington



· 678 reviews

2436 18th St NW, Washington, DC 20009

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Mellow Mushroom Washington DC - Adams Morgan: what do users think?

Hannan Zafar: Amazing spot! Created my own pizza here and it came out great! Didn’t expect the pizza to be this good but it definitely left me impressed. Great ambiance and even better food. Highly recommended!

By Goree: Omg the calzone is huge!!! Great taste...customer service was average. Would help if they had a sign tho order at the bar for late night. Great pizza. Would definitely reccomend and go again.

3. Bacio Pizzeria - Washington

· 430 reviews

81 Seaton Pl NW, Washington, DC 20001

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Bacio Pizzeria: what do users think?

Rebecca Wolf: I love Bacio so much. I used to come here with a whole crew of vegan runners after a long run and we were so deeply taken care of at this neighborhood gem. I just ordered a delivery order for margarita with light vegan cheese and heavy sauce and they so beautifully made me a little pie with love and GARLIC. Bacio is the pizza place for pizza lovers alike! Vegan, vegetarian and meat eaters. They take special care and exude hometown vibes.

Aurora Williams: Truly the best pizza in DC. The right amount of sauce, a lovely crunch, and great topping options... I feel very lucky to live so close. They definitely cater to take away, but the dine in experience is perfectly lovely as well.

Ormond Derrick: I got the large 1 topping pizza with ham. A good pizza and sure it would have been better with some more toppings but I thought it was alright for what I got and the price. Definitely will be back to try their speciality pizzas because they smelled amazing and my roommate enjoyed here. I will say their deserts are PHENOMENAL. I got the Carmel something, (forget the name as it was 2 days ago) but it’s like a flan cake. Probably one of the best deserts I’ve ever had. Friend got the tiramisu and was equally impressed. Amazing desert spot

Lissa H: The calzone was delicious! The dough was fresh and baked to perfection while the inside was full of wonderful melted cheese and fillings. You could tell it was a neighborhood favorite as the staff greeted customers by name. Highly recommend trying it.

Cathy Hermanson: Visiting from Cape Cod, MA everything was delicious pizza, salad, sautéed Brussels sprouts, cheese sticks. The service was outstanding and lastly ice cream for dessert. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

Caleb Goddard: Great pizza. I definitely recommend ordering a pizza from the menu, rather than choosing toppings on your own. I also recommend getting a large versus a small - the taste is better as the crust, toppings and sauce are distributed better. I recommend the Shaw and the Bloomingdale. Excellent pizzas!!

Joe Brophy: A delicious pizza place I chose for my birthday dinner... and was not disappointed. As vegetarians we had the Crispus Attucks and the No. 81 and they were both amazing. A cozy and comfy vibe and good service also made us feel very at home. We will be back!

4. Timber Pizza Company - Washington

· 904 reviews

809 Upshur St NW, Washington, DC 20011

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Timber Pizza Company: what do users think?

Mischa: This is a very cute little place that serves mainly Argentinian-style empanadas, pizza, coffee, beer, and more. On weekends they open from 8am to 1pm, then they reopen again at 5pm. Unfortunately (as of this writing at least), they only serve breakfast empanadas and no pizza during the first opening. So you have to come back after 5pm if you want pizza or pork empanadas. Another downside is that there are three empanadas in each order, and they all have to be the same kind, so you cannot get one squash empanada and one pork empanada. Other than that, all else was good!

Brie W.: Okay. Listen here. This place is WONDERFUL. I’ve never had a pizza this good. It’s really inexpensive for such high quality food and we have plans to bring family here when they visit from out of state. It’s interior is tiny but SOOO cute. We will be coming back to this place again. The sweet bar tender was very knowledgeable as well so don’t be afraid to ask questions. The whole staff seems to care about you and it feels really welcoming.

R N: Excellent pizza! The dough is amazing very fluffy and light. The outside seating was very rustic and the vibe as real! The staff was very helpful and courteous. Highly recommended!

Remo Molino: Awesome pizza and amazing salad. All fresh ingredients. Thin crust. Wood fired oven. Local spring mix salad with fresh radishes and peas. All healthy and amazing taste. Two picnic tables inside and two outside. Lots of take out. Order takeout online or call. Wine, beer and gelato dessert. Restaurant is super clean as is the unisex restroom. All employees are quiet and super efficient. They have a good system here.

5. &pizza - K Street - Washington

· 1343 reviews

1400 K St NW, Washington, DC 20005, United States

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&pizza - K Street: what do users think?

Kevin commodore sr: Awesome Employees everyone has an awesome attitude and the food is fresh and great tasting! The place was clean and smelled like fresh pizza! Would recommend everyone that comes into the area to try this location!!!

Frederick E Stidam Jr: Very good service at this location. Friendly professional staff. Ordered 3 pizzas in which all made exceptionally well.

Ieasha Jones: Best pizza we’ve had in a long time. Quan and David were so knowledgeable, kind and helpful. It was our first time so we needed a little patience to be added to the mix. The spicy honey topping was the bees knees, pun intended! We were here yesterday and decided to come back today on the way to the airport for one last taste of yum mines before heading back to Atlanta. Thanks for being so hospitable &Pizza at K Street! We will definitely be back!

GCARD: This pizza is so good, small enough to eat on your own and not have to split, as well all the employees were very nice

Cassandra Carter: The facility was extremely clean, service was wonderful. Emma our server was amazing and was very helpful with our order. She created the pizza exactly how I wanted it! The foods delicious 😋

Tamara Lewis: It has been over 2 years since I ate at &Pizza, but I’m glad I decided to go yesterday. The pizza was delicious, the staff was very friendly, but Quan stood out the most. I loved his energy and customer service, he just made the pizza taste better. Great job!

Bogi Yohannes: Thank you for the great and friendly service from Demargeo and David.The pizza is amazing and hope to be back there real soon.I appreciate you.You guys are awesome. Great time again at &pizza.Emma and Trina took great care and made it a work of art.The best pizza is &pizza.Thank you for the great service.

Tanesha: Absolutely amazing service! I went into this location today at 1pm to grab a pizza on my lunch and was greeted with a wonderful smile and great commentary. The service was fast and friendly. I would definitely recommend.

6. Pi Pizzeria - Washington

· 2908 reviews

910 F St NW, Washington, DC 20004

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Pi Pizzeria: what do users think?

Eric Meyer Music: Last night in DC and pizza was on our RADAR screen. Pi Pizza was close walking distance to our hotel so we gave it a try. Very glad we did. Friendly waitstaff had us seated and sipping very good Margaritas while looking the menu over. Nice atmosphere and bar looked like it would be a good place to be. They were out of Garlic Knots, surprising but they do receive high praise in other’s reviews. We opt for the dry rubbed and broiled veggies. These turned out to be a great choice, a nice mix of carrot planks, cauliflower and broccoli crowns all seasoned and charred to perfection and a solid starter for us, really tasty and accompanied by a cooling tzatziki type sauce. We ultimately went with a build your own thin crust pie, with basil pesto, mixed mushrooms and roasted garlic toppings. Wow, after the great veggies, this pizza was full of wonderful flavors. Piping hot with a nice crisp crust, just the right amount of sauce and cheese foundation to really let the other toppings shine. A really good pizza and we washed it down with a couple more Margaritas. Highly recommend Pi Pizza if you’re visiting DC and have a hankering for a great pie.

Christopher French: Amazing place. So beautiful inside. The staff is wonderful, friendly, professional, and helpful. The food is delicious with a number of combinations and pizzas where you can build your own. We really enjoyed ourselves.

Adam Busby: Excellent deep dish pizza. Tasted great, service was quick and friendly. Parking is pretty easy to find in a garage or on the street. I have no complaints. Inside is huge and we waited 5 minutes to be seated after they opened on a Friday. Would definitely recommend if you are in the Capital for the day.

Chomar: Excellent service excellent food an excellent happy hour where local craft beers are only $5 an a slice of thin crust pizza is $4.50. Prices are fair an the deep dish Chicago south side pizza is amazing. The environment is clean and the waiters are always friendly an serve you with a smile. I highly recommend.

Randy Cornett: This gluten free crust was fantastic! It has a nice buttery taste with a crisp bottom and soft, chewy inside. Manager and server were super friendly and helpful too! Beyond the crust, we enjoyed the sauce and great toppings on ‘the hill’ pizza.

Pat Eats: Located right next to Capital One Arena, this is a perfect place for a slice before a Caps game. If you’re looking for Chicago Deep Dish in D.C., Pi Pizzeria is top of the list! Follow pat_eats_ on Instagram for more reviews!

7. 90 Second Pizza - Washington

· 405 reviews

1077 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington, DC 20007

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90 Second Pizza: what do users think?

Emma Rose Wooten: $10 Neapolitan pizza! This casual spot is a student favorite for its convenience, price, and quality. The pizza itself has great flavor and salt amount, although sometimes the dough is a little too chewy. It’s fun to go with friends and take it down by the waterfront!

Jose UL: I loved it! Pretty good, I will definitely come back. They were also kind, we got our pizza in 1 minute. Great pizza, and service!

Leticia Salomoni: Delicious Italian pizza. There are tables upstairs. Yeah, it takes only 90 seconds. Low price for exceptional pizza

Manasi Suryavanshi: Delicious, quick, annd very reasonably priced (~$10/person) thin crust pizza. We loved the Arrabiata pizza! spicy and savory. Margarita pizza was good too.

8. Pizzoli's Pizzeria - Washington

· 403 reviews

1418 12th St NW, Washington, DC 20005

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Pizzoli's Pizzeria: what do users think?

Christal Young: Came for lunch and tried their veggie pizza with vegan cheese and a few other modifications. The pizza was fresh, flavorful, and just overall good! I also had the vegan butter garlic sauce on the side and it really amped up the flavor even more. Pretty pricy but good nevertheless.

Mike Lyons: Wonderful owner showed us so much hospitality. Fresh salad with homemade dressing. Gluten free dairy free pizza. Outdoor and indoor seating. It’s very informal. Neighborhood pizza joint. They provided a personal pizza cutter to ensure no cross contamination.

Eleanor Bokmeyer: Super accommodating to gluten free diners! I was so surprised to know the lengths they took to make sure everything was separate and safe. I can’t wait to dine there again! The owner came out and talked to me and showed a great understanding of the allergy and how important keeping everyone safe was to him. :)

Daniel Lopez: This place had to be the best pizza place In Washington DC. The price is pretty good for what they device and it’s great. The pizza is fresh, hot, and super tasty. There wings are even better and they deliver and dine so it was perfect for us. Has to be rated easily 10/10.

Lorna Schmid: Great pizza!! Lots of vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options! But meat lovers will be happy too. High flavor and very tasty.

9. &pizza - Hotel Hive - Washington

· 1406 reviews

2224 F St NW, Washington, DC 20037

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&pizza - Hotel Hive: what do users think?

Stephanie Corte: I LOVE &pizza so much ever since I tried them for the first time back in 2015. Every time I visit DC, I have to eat there a couple of times at least. It’s always so well-made with great ingredients. I downloaded the new app just this week and was super excited to get a discount. The quality and service has always been fantastic at their various locations.

ty: Eaten here 3 times. Each time has been absolutely great. Their pizzas are really good and most importantly, really cheap for what you get! They have a lot of options to customize your pizza and I love how they don’t try to tack on a whole bunch of extra charges if you want a lot of one item. Would recommend!

A. Smith Williams: Look at my yummy &Pizza. Location: GWU at Foggy Bottom. I ordered &pizza with extra sauce, extra cheese, extra pepperoni and topped with garlic oil…yummy!!!!! I was very impressed!!! My first visit to a location In Arlington, VA was NOT impressive; I picked up my order after an online order. It was not good…not enough cheese, pepperoni, nor sauce. ADVICE: Place your order in-store only and watch your pizza being custom made! Yummy!!!!

Donna Carroll: Excellent Flatbread pizzas. All fresh ingredients. Must try when in DC

Moises Arias: Great customer service, attention to detail on how I requested my pizza to be made!! Definitely coming again

Joel Rhine: I love &pizza. I love it because the people are very friendly and because Dro gave a $5 pizza today just cos he felt like it. He also offered a soda for free. Also the lady who was finishing up my pizza called me honey. If everyone was like the people at &pizza we’d have world peace.

10. &pizza - E Street - Washington

· 1391 reviews

1005 E St NW, Washington, DC 20004

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&pizza - E Street: what do users think?

Dylan P: What an awesome restaurant with amazing staff! We came in shortly before closing time due to difficulty getting to the store, but they gladly welcomed us in and accommodated all of our requests. Sorry, the photos don’t do the pizza justice; the food was incredible and it was truly a delicious nighttime meal. Would gladly recommend &pizza to a friend.

Hannah Botjer: Amazing and very accommodating staff! My son is autistic and was having a very hard time with the shape of the pizza and they went out of their way to custom make him a pizza that was just right for him. Pizza was delicious I would give them more stars if I could.

Mario Rodriguez: It was tasty pizza.The staff helped me to choose one in a kind way.Fair price for the size of the pizza.Enjoy and have good one

Gavriel Fleischman: Amazing fresh pizza. Gluten free and dairy free options. They take allergies serious, wiping things down! The staff is super helpful and nice! The price is very reasonable. Its $10.45 for any pizza (gluten free crust is extra).

David Begun: &pizza is truly unique, providing a surprisingly wide variety of toppings and sauces, you can make some incredible combinations if you get a bit creative. With lots of options for people with dietary restrictions. There is a lot I could say, but simply put, the staff is incredibly helpful and friendly, the food is amazing, and they really are the perfect size for the price for a personal pizza, or to split with someone for a delicious lunch.

Meg Turner: This is THE perfect pizza joint! Highly recommend to anyone looking for a yummy, easy, and fast place for a bite to eat. You get to built your own pizzas like a sub shop, but they have delicious ingredients and you aren’t getting a boring old sandwich. Bonus: They have gluten free crusts.

Hailey Valdez: The place was very clean and the wait was about 10 minutes with three people in front of us. Staff was really friendly and the pizza was really good!

11. Duccini's Pizza - Washington

· 698 reviews

1778 U St NW, Washington, DC 20009

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Duccini's Pizza: what do users think?

Nathan Johnson: Although Jumbo Slice is by far not my favorite pizza type, this was very good. Quality pizza 🍕 and ingredients. Quintessential experience while in DC. Best option on 18th.

J CM: Loved it! Simple and great pizza, thin crsipy under crust, great salsa and cheese.Only downside is that is small place, bit dirty looking.

Ntazia Brittingham: This is my favorite pizza place in DC!! The jumbo slices (as pictured) are huge and filling, and so delicious!

Zack Wilson: My husband and I stopped by at 2 am on a Saturday night, and we were really pleased by the medium pizza we ordered. It was fresh, took just 10 minutes or so, and it was yummy. Look forward to returning!

Simona Mark: Very useful that they’re open so late and what a treat that it’s also very delicious

12. Pete's New Haven Style Apizza - Washington

· 669 reviews

4940 Wisconsin Ave, Washington, DC 20016

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Pete's New Haven Style Apizza: what do users think?

Oceanie De Silva: Loved the new Haven style pizzas and my friend who was vegan also had vegan pizza with a choice! The chicken wings and the pizza with clams were so good and tasty!

Hanna Foreman: Best pizza in the neighborhood. Always a line on Friday night but the selection is massive and endless supply of pizza toppings. The pizzas of the day is always a gamble, but an affordable option if you can’t eat a full pizza yourself and want to mix things up. Around $3 a giant slice is a steal in this neighborhood. Also there’s a great ice cream selection. I’ve never had the ice cream but heard from people it is excellent. Will try next time I go back!

13. Pizzeria Paradiso - Washington

· 1556 reviews

2003 P St NW, Washington, DC 20036

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Pizzeria Paradiso: what do users think?

David Wilson: Nice cozy place. Lighting and atmosphere just right. Restrooms very clean. Waitstaff friendly and attentive. The pizzas very tasty and not salty. The two drinks we had at the end where very good.

Rosie N.: Casual dining, lots of great options to choose from. Some of the best pizzas I’ve ever had. Made fresh to order and service was on point.

Ann Morse: I may have a new favorite pizza! Macellaio with pork sausage and pepperoni hit all the savory buttons for a cold winter’s night. Primi of chicken wings and meatballs. Feeling warm now, also thanks to the very kind staff!

Steven Cheng: I had dinner with my partner here a few weeks ago during our visit to DC. The pizzas we ordered had great balance and what really stood out was how nice the crust was! Light and crispy. This is something that is pretty hit and miss at a lot of pizza restaurants. The beer many was also extensive, which added to the positive experience.

Alejandra Becerra: The pizza is delicious, the dough is tiny, is so good, this are the special and 4 cheese. The service can improve.

Karla De Los Santos: Nice place, good & fresh pizza. We had the Margherita and the Napoletana

C: Excellent pizza paradiso! We visited on 5/29 and were given a contact tracing paper to fill out for dining in. I thought it was a great idea and felt safer eating here knowing if someone tested positive and reported back, then we could be notified. The pizza came out hot and shortly after we ordered. Way better flavor than usual chain pizzas and not too salty like most. Would recommend to others and will be back in the future.

Karoline Melo: The pizza is great as well as the beers. So sad that they have closed the store in Alexandria, but when I have a chance I always go to the ones in DC.

14. &pizza - Barracks Row - Washington

· 721 reviews

405 8th St SE, Washington, DC 20003

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&pizza - Barracks Row: what do users think?

Rishil P: Tina Marie was amazing!! She made the experience the best pizza I ever had. Everyone came together to make me feel welcome. I love these people!!

Audrey Lester: Blind Customer: I experienced fantastic customer service! At entry, walk right, down row, make left, and walk straight to reach ordering counter. Sitting is on row you walk down, so be careful. Two professional ladies completed my order. Both provided clear descriptions of all available sauces, toppings, proteins, and more. They were each patient and willing to repeat items as needed. I was provided a bag for easy carrying with napkins. To top it off, I was offered seating both for dining or waiting for bus. I’m grateful for such a wonderful experience. I gather staff have knowledge of supporting people living with blindness. Excellent!

Akira Arnold: Service here was exceptional. Compared to every &pizza I’ve been to—and I’ve been to a lot— this was by far the best. It’s clean and covid safe. And, the workers and so nice, considerate, and dedicated to their jobs. Plus, the atmosphere is super lively and nice. 10/10 recommend.

J Robinson: I’ve been coming to &pizza since it opened but this by far my favorite location. When I first entered I noticed the place was clean and the music was amazing. Like who doesn’t like Return of the Mack. The cherry on top is the amazing service we received from Kay and Camille. They both were knowledgeable on the best pizza combinations, toppings , and I could feel the love they put in making our food.

Jen Chon: The customer service has gotten better over the years here. It is the perfect spot for all eaters — vegan (pile on the veggies w tomato sauce; vegan cheese; vegan sausage, etc); vegetarians (many varieties of cheese); and meat eaters. They use different pizza cutters for different dietary restricted pizzas. One pizza at $11 lasts 2 meals (unless you’re hangry), and they don’t skimp on ingredients. All ingredients of items are listed on their website, which is extremely helpful for those w dietary restrictions / sensitivities / allergies. I’m quite impressed at the management practices of workers at this location; they exude a high morale, which is also another positive reason for me to continue patronizing (this) &pizza.

Nicki B: I love coming to this &Pizza location. The staff is friendly and they managed to make my meal quickly and efficiently. I also appreciate that everyone working was correctly wearing their masks.

t mac: Pizza was delicious!!!!!! Generous amount of toppings. Hot and!!!!!!!

15. DC Pizza - Washington

· 406 reviews

1103 19th St NW, Washington, DC 20036

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DC Pizza: what do users think?

Ylenez: I loved the easy approach to order. You could either make your own pizza highlighting each option, or you could choose from the recommended ones. My pizza tasted delicious! And you can add little things later like oregano, parmesan, sauces, garlic, etc... Very friendly staff 😀

Brady Chimenti: The ordering process was convenient (fill out a paper with pizza and toppings). We were greeted by a kind gentleman named Abraham. He was very helpful and was one of the kindest and hardworking employees we’ve ever met. He definitely added to our memorable experience. I noticed the whole restaurant was kept clean. We were also surprised by how quickly the pizza was made (under 10 minutes). For a family of five, we ordered one large pesto chicken pizza and one large Hawaiian pizza. After a long day of walking around Washington, D.C, it really hit the spot. Both pizzas were amazing (perfect amount of each topping) and everyone loved them. Highly recommend to anyone looking for a restaurant in the area. Great Pizza, Great Workers, and very reasonable prices!

Shashank Singhal: Really good pizza, amazing ingredients. Quick and fresh food.They go the extra mile to avoid cross contamination which I rarely see at pizza places.

Nick Watts: Needed a quick place for lunch on a hot day. Got to customize my own pizza for a reasonable price and my food was ready in less than three minutes - true to what it said on the box! The food was delicious and they were even giving away free ice cream! Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a good lunch spot.

Gabriel Slape: Great build your own pizza with a fixed pricey. Good service, quick and lots of toppings to choose from. Takes just a few minutes to cook. Very delicious. Sit outside and enjoy the nice DC weather while you eat.

Steve Smith: Among the best pizzas my 18 year old vegan twins have had anywhere! They ordered the Veg Me with Vegan Chorizo and they couldn’t believe how good it was… and the proof was that they ate EVERYTHING including the crust which they rarely ever do. Two thumbs way up! We are visiting DC and one of the amazing aspects to this beautiful city are the vegetarian/vegan options and DC pizza is definitely one of them.

Jessica Martin: YUM!!! Super quick and kind take out experience. Gluten free pizza tastes great and you can tell the ingredients-which are both new and classic-are fresh and plentiful. Prices worth it too, all good all around!

Abraham El-Chafei: Best pizza In town. The customer service is awesome. They have a lot of variety such as different sauces, cheese and toppings. Highly recommend to go to with family or friends.

16. &pizza - Georgetown - Washington

· 743 reviews

1335 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington, DC 20007

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&pizza - Georgetown: what do users think?

Genevieve Bennally: My hungry family came in and it was calm while we ordered. The staff was friendly and attentive. 3 out of 4 got the American Honey and we all loved it. My kids got it, I would say, if your kid is adventurous, try the American Honey, maybe no to chili flakes. It is a bit spicy, but it is delicious with the honey! Garlic knots were delish! Buffalo 66 was another pizza ordered. The spice was just right and we would love to come back for more!

Hind KH: I ordered white and dirty bird. It is a thin pizza and I really like it. The place is big and has outdoor seating as well.

Mason Lelling: Pizza and garlic knots were amazing. All the workers were awesome and friendly. Definitely coming back.

Carlos Abundis III: Overall a good chain restaurant with helpful staff despite high demand. Better to be busy than no business though. Would come back.

Erin McCall: This pizza is absolutely delicious. I got the Maverick and the pesto sauce sent this over the edge. The pizza dough was not burnt but cooked and soft. I will say the customer service was not good and drink selection was lacking but to rate the pizza, 5 stars.

Anushka Desai: Velle & Trevon were really nice, helpful, and kind!! They were super friendly and approachable & made me a hella nice pizza. Definitely the place to go @gtownhoyas for dinner :)

Tayla Dickens: This location has exceptional service. The customer service is definitely five stars. Everyone is pleasant and ready to help if need be. The food is always good as well as the atmosphere. I love the cleanliness of the restaurant as well. Highly recommend!

17. &pizza - H Street - Washington

· 1705 reviews

1118 H St NE, Washington, DC 20002

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&pizza - H Street: what do users think?

Sheterrable Living: My favorite pizza restaurant. They have impeccable customer service with a friendly environment. Ashley was very kind with her warm smile, I appreciated her efforts to make the experience enjoyable. Waverly did an amazing job making my delicious pizza. He always very sweet and I enjoy his conversations. I love this &pizza because they accommodate our needs and make the experience worth while.

Sarah Gonzales: My fiancé and I came here because we were starving around 11p.m. As soon as we got there, the customer service was phenomenal. The young man at the pizza topping area was very polite and accommodating. When we went to check out, we really were hoping to tip, but their system did not allow them to add one via cards. Now that we are actually eating our classic pepperoni’s, they are DELICIOUS!!! The service and food will NOT let you down. Thank you!!!! 🙏🏻

Adam Arad: Got my pizza for lunch and Ashley with the dreads was SUPERB! Real attentive and cool. I’ll definitely go back to this location just because of the great service. The pizza was fire too!

Pajon Spice: I come here for lunch often and the service is always good and fast, with or without a line. They are attentive, clean and super friendly. Darryl, Tiffany, Ronald and Wave are always on point! Thank you guys !!! ♥️

Have a Nice Day: One of the best pizzas I’ve ever had. Friendly guy helped me since it was my first time there. Nice looking place, cool drinks, thanks for such a great experience!

Dedreck Baxter: I ordered pizza from here and I went to pick up the food, it was actually ready a while ago. I spoke with an employee saying maybe it was a door dash glitch from which I ordered, and he agreed replying don’t worry I’ll remake the pizzas. Staff here is amazing.

18. Ella's Wood Fired Kitchen - Washington

· 1021 reviews

610 9th St NW, Washington, DC 20004, United States

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Ella's Wood Fired Kitchen: what do users think?

Mischa: This is a nice place overall and I think the pizza was okay, but I also think that the pizza could have been better. To me, the cheese was not very tasteful, and there was not even very much cheese on the pizza. I had the margherita pizza. In my opinion, it was also overpriced. The craft beer selection could have been better. The cappuccino was pretty good. The staff were very friendly, and the decor and atmosphere were very nice. So overall, this was a nice place.

Daniel5679: Ended up walking in on a busy Saturday afternoon without reservation. They somehow managed to still get us a table. The pizza was great and the drinks are to die for. Overall great atmosphere too !

Matías Gagliardone: Good pizza. The quattro formaggi is delicious. It can get really crowded over the weekends. Too bad they don’t have tiramisú.

TheBellehaitian: Great size personal pan pizza place! Good drinks too

Alexander Szul: Our first time at the restaurant and it was absolutely fantastic! The staff and owners were exceedingly professional, the food was undoubtedly fresh, and we highly recommend the pizza. Their over definitely made a difference!

Larry “Big Schlim” Mcleod: Ok, are you ready for a Italian meal that’s aesthetically pleasing, appetizing, scrumptious, with top tier customer service?? Trust me when I say this @ellaspizzawdc has got what you’re ready for, hands down! My absolute favorite meal to cook is eggplant parmigiana (theirs pictured-sliced and fried eggplant topped with mozzarella and parmigiana served with marinara and pesto sauce $12) and I must say that this spot has perfected it!! For this alone I will be returning...but wait a minute...we are not done. Next up is their IL Pepe calzone (pictured-tomato sauce, fontina, mozzarella, roasted red peppers, onions, and mushrooms $18), which was one of the best calzones I’ve ever had. You tasted each ingredient, it was simply wonderfully blended. Their shrimp and asparagus risotto appetizer (pictured-creamy Arborio rice topped with shrimp, artichokes, tomatoes, and lemon zest $13) was ok, we felt it could’ve been seasoned a bit more than it was...nonetheless it was a delectable dish. That Penne pasta (pictured-served with wood fired chicken breast cooked in a pesto cream sauce $16), geesh, that was soooo good and I’m not a pasta guy! Rich, and not overbearing...magnificent!! The pizza 🍕!! They have such a vast selection of pies, you must get one. Ranging from $13-$36 their pizza is worth it...brick oven, and fresh...nuff said!! Our host Chantelle we were thankful for. She exemplified what true customer service is...exuding patience, greeting us, giving us information on what dishes are popular, making sure we were properly waited couldn’t ask for any better service...really! Parking was surprisingly easy being that this establishment is located in downtown Washington D.C. at 610 9th St., N.W. (parking will be metered). Extra special thanks to my sisters @barefootoracle and @tmcleod9 for accompanying me on this adventure...oh the Ameretto Sour (pictured $12) was on point too!! Trust me, you need a nice dinner spot with some great food and ambiance... @ellaspizzawdc is your place!! **This establishment is Covid compliant**

Hilda Kroll: Great location across the street from the Metro and the American Art Museum and Portrait Gallery. My friend and I shared Penn Quarter Chicken and Fried Eggplant sandwiches. The eggplant was okay, but we really liked the chicken sandwich and loved the fries.

19. Stellina Pizzeria - Washington

· 404 reviews

399 Morse St NE, Washington, DC 20002

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Stellina Pizzeria: what do users think?

ESB NYC: Excellent pizza, thin center and thick crust, nicely cooked. We had the piccante pizza, spicy sausage, tomato sauce, mozzarella and salami. We shared one, but it’s really an individual sized pizza. If you’re not very hungry, a couple could get by with one or two apps and one pizza. Had a glass of the vermentino, $11. Wasn’t very good. Sharp aftertaste and it was a kinda stingy pour. Otherwise excellent service and pleasant spot. Everyone was working hard and there is a spirit of teamwork. I’d definitely try it again. Oh, one thing that was strange is that if you pay on the toast-tab online feature or app, a 20% gratuity (service charge) is automatically added and can’t be reduced (or increased) and was not disclosed in advance. I didn’t care for that but it’s a relatively minor annoyance (as long as the service remains strong).

Lila West: Phenomenal Italian food! They have been on the Michelin Bib Gourmand list for several years which recognizes good quality and good value cooking all over the world. I have stopped by many times and am never disappointed. Highly recommend their pizza!

Jean Ng: Twice on Michelin’s guide recommendation, it doesnt disappoint. Our Piccante (house made spicy sausage with salami ans mozza)pizza came briefly after ordering through the online platform. The anchovies on our caesar salad is not fishy at all and tasted fresh with a little tangy that goes well with the creamy dressed lettuce.

David Brenton: We ordered take out - overall decent experience - we had the piccante, sausage and peppers, as well as the pork sausage with thyme. The crust on these is very good, super authentic ingredients and good flavors. The Cesar salad and rice balls were delicious. We will go again to try some different pizzas but it’s not your traditional pizza joint. Excited to try some pastas.

Larry “Big Schlim” Mcleod: I was waiting for the day when my schedule allotted me time to go to this spot. I have been wanting to go here for a while now. Other reviews have been done about this pizzeria, so since pizza is my favorite food…It was my turn at bat with this joint!! Located at 399 Morse St., Northeast, Washington DC, in the Union market area you’ll find @stellinapizzeria !! OK let’s go!! This spot has appetizers like their Cuoppo Misto ( fried calamari, shrimp, octopus, potato chips, and lemon $16), and their Aranicini di Riso (rice balls, meat ragu, mozzarella, and tomato sauce $12). Of course they have pizza like their Margherita pie (tomato sauce, mozzarella and basil $15), pastas, panini’s, Lasagne’s, salads, deserts like their Cannoli Siciliani (Ricotta cream, chocolate chips, pistachio $9), and even a myriad of wine selections. On this day I copped their Piccante pie (with tomato sauce, house made sausage, spicy soppressata, salami, ndulja jam, and mozzarella $17), their Parmigiana di Melanzane (eggplant, mozzarella, tomato, parmigiano Reggie no cheese, and basil $26), and their Brasato di Manzo (braised short rib, fontina cheese, and potato croquette $18). The pizza?? STAMP! The crust was crisp, and soft, the sauce had a hint of wine in it, the cheese was melted perfectly, and you tasted the meats freshness. The “Eggplant Parm” absolutely DELICIOUS!! Fresh, a lite density with the cheese, with a sauce that blended everything together for your palate! Lastly the short rib sammich was a STAMP too!! Tender well seasoned rib meat, that mozzarella stick put in the sandwich, the fontina cheese…PERFECTION!! This meal came with house made fries…it was sooo good y’all!! A must have!! Customer series’s decent, outside seating was available, the establishment was clean, online ordering was easy, and parking was so so. You MUST go try this spot!! REALLY…thank me later…get that sammich!! That’s it. #stellinapizzeria #bigschlimsreviews #braisedshortribsandwhich #eggplantparm #pizza #deliciousness #qualityfood #funfood #unionmarket #mozzarellasticks #housemadesausage #freshfriedchips #musthaves #go #thatsit

Paul Meijer: Being from Connecticut, the pizza capital of the world, we have a bit of a different understanding of what pizza is. We were pleasantly surprised by the variety of totally different pizzas on their menu. The service is good the food is good and I even bought a bottle of hot oil to go. Especially good was the tiramisu. We liked the restaurant and will be back.

20. &pizza - U Street - Washington

· 979 reviews

1250 U St NW, Washington, DC 20009

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&pizza - U Street: what do users think?

Perry E: Wonderful service! The hot honey suggestion went so well with my pizza!! Kim and Tina were both super nice and helpful with my order from start to finish! I made my own pizza and got the Ginger Berry Lemonade! Also, sign up for the rewards program (text REWARDS2 to 20003) and get $5 off your order! I saved money and got great service! Lol #winning

Brianna Blake Johnson: Marc was very nice. He was very helpful. This location is very attentive. They will take care of you and talk to you. I recommend 100% been here multiple times. Best pizza.

Bogi Yohannes: Awesome pizza and nice people.Auston fixed it up real nice and he did a great job on adding all my favorite toppings.Thank U & pizza U street.✌️👌😁👌👍

Leilani White Adams: The pizza creations were Great and Tasted Awesome. Very friendly staff

TyAna Wheeler: If you are looking for a quick bite to eat look no futher! The pizza is cooked to order in front of you by the friendliest staff in DC! Tony helped me with my order and he was polite knowledgeable of the menu and even knew a few ways to spice of my pie. I was in and out in what felt like less than 5 minutes. Will definitely be back!

Kyla Joy: Look no further for Pizza. Ever. &Pizza is so very tasty!!! My family (with preteens, teens, my husband & I) all loved it. The gluten free crust was phenomenal—even though my husband shared my pizza with me and “had to” have gluten free because of me, he said it was the most delicious pizza he’s had in a long time. I agree! TIP—> go ahead & order whatever suits your fancy. Flat fee for pizzas, with only shrimp incurring an extra charge. Well worth the price (around $10 for a good-sized rounded rectangle). They offer myriad toppings & sauces from fresh mozzarella, meatballs, fresh jalapeños, vegan cheese (again surprisingly delicious), pepperoni, broccoli, regular or spicy tomato sauce, white sauce, pesto, etc. THEN, after it bakes, there are even MORE toppings & sauces you can add! Sweet onion sauce? Yum. TIP—> also right next door to the Metro! Bonus! Service was great—prompt & efficient. Will come back for sure the next time I’m in the city!

Luis De La Vega: Love the place, great delicious pizzas, love that you can create your own pizza and add all the toppings you want. Also great prices.

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