Best Themed Restaurants In Washington Near Me

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1. Firefly

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Address: 1310 New Hampshire Ave NW, Washington, DC 20036, United States

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 4PM

Business type: New American restaurant

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Firefly: what do users think?

Sadhana G: Went to this beautiful place for brunch on a Sunday. The food was a whole new level of excitement! Presentation and quality of the food and the good ambience set the right tone for the weekend. But the only setback was the price. We had an Egg frittata, chicken and waffles and Egg Benedict-crab ( the chef special) and it cost us 70$. A great place to grab finger food in a cute setting !

Garner Marshall: Excellent breakfast spot. Indoor and outdoor seating available. Parking is pretty scarce around the area. Staff is excellent. Good is delicious. Music is diverse. Location is convenient. This is going to be one of my new favorite breakfast spots.

Mariia Sarlayan: Wonderful food, amazing service, beautiful interior, pleasant vibe. A bit pricey for brunch but worth it. I wish more tables outside had umbrellas for shades but even then the experience was memorable.
Response: Mariia, We are definitely wowwed by your amazing review and grateful for your comments. I hope we'll see you again soon, for another memorable experience! Please be safe and well until then. Sincerely, Anastasiia Firefly General Manager

Linden Yee: Solid brunch, overall recommend. The eggs on the benedict were pretty undercooked but the flavors were good, and the chicken and waffles were really well seasoned. Service was pretty slow, and the staff seemed to be up against a lot. While the waiter was great, they appeared to be the only one working the entire restaurant.

Khadija Khan: The restaurant has changed a lot since the last time I was here! Really friendly staff and nice ambiance! My favorite was the peanut butter and jelly French toast with the jalapeño honey! It’s an Interesting combo but I really liked it. Our server recommended a really yummy mocktail! The food was a little pricey so I’m not sure if I’ll be visiting again any time soon, but the dishes were innovative and delicious.
Response: Khadija, Thank you for the great review and the photos you shared from your recent visit at Firefly. Love to hear the our food and service left a great impression. I do hope you'll come abck again soon. Warmest Regards, Anastasiia, General Manager, Firefly

idcwhatcoloritis: This had to be an off night cause the place was interesting. The old arcade games were cool and our waitress did her best with a terrible situation. Two of our three meals were barely warm at best and cold at worst. The other was basically frozen salmon from a grocery store on what looked like Couscous but was actually rice some how. They nuked our food in the microwave and brought it back out. The vegan burger both smelled and tasted like fish. Completely inedible. All in all, the food was terrible all around. The only plus to this experience was the owner who took both meals off our bill and bought us a round of shots to make up for it after there POS system went down. We saw at least 10 plates go back to the kitchen while we were there. I don’t think this is normal cause most of the people there seemed like regulars and were super confused by there food. I think it was an off night but I don’t think any of my group will be returning.
Response: Greetings, Thank you for your feedback I just would like to double check, is this review for Firefly Restaurant located at 1310 New Hampshire Ave NW Washington DC. We don’t have old arcade games at our restaurant. Thank you Anastasiia Hehelska Restaurant GM

Lisa Mayberry: Cute little place for brunch out of the way in a hotel down New Hampshire Street. Outside patio seating is nice for a cool day with the umbrella up.
Response: Lisa, Thank you for your recent visit to Firefly and the excellent review. We could not agree more, the Terrace is a great place to relax, people watch and enjoy one (or two) of our amazing cocktails. Please come back soon! Sincerely, Anastasiia Firefly General Manager

2. Madhatter

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1767 reviews
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Address: 1319 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20036, United States

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11:30AM

Telephone: +1 202-833-1495

Business type: American restaurant

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Madhatter: what do users think?

Tariro Chimhandamba: I really liked the Alice in wonderland vibe. We were seated immediately. They had a Wednesday drink special. The food was good definitely would recommend this place for people looking for great food stop in DC.

Jeffery Montgomery: Nice, popular brunch spot. Hangover Bowl was a very filling and hearty portion of food. The decor was "Alice in Wonderland" theme, the other guests all seemed friendly. Would recommend for a nice dive bar with friends for a hot meal with cold drinks.

Ryan: Wonderful service at the bar. Delicious good and good cocktails. Great location

Un Utilisateur Google: Tried the Thursday 1$ beer offer. And even if it tasted like water, the atmosphere was incredible. Kind staff. HUGE shoutout to the DJ that despite playing only old and new HITS music, mixed them perfectly to never let the dance floor down. Total blast 💥

Usman Ahmed: I purchased 2 bottles of corona at the upstairs bar and the total came to $18. I wanted to socialize so I asked the bartender what his name was. He responded “I don’t give my name out to people who don’t tip”. The rest of the staff is usually friendly so I was surprised. Their boss is not paying them enough and it translates to poor customer service if you do not pay their wages yourself. This is not the great depression anymore. Pay your workers living wages

Hannah Collins: food was good! atmosphere and cocktails were lacking. my partner and I both had sandwiches and onion rings, pretty tasty. the vibe was very odd - the bar seemed ok but we went in the dining room where we were the only guests and it was oddly upscale compared to the bar area. the cocktails were lame, we didn’t have the mad hatter hat maybe that would have been better, i had a frozen margarita which was ok. my number one issue was that it was very dirty. my cup was dirty. the water glass was positively stuck to the table. the paintings have obviously never been wiped down.

Jéssica Bittencourt: The place is great, they play all kinds of music and me and my friends would love to go there. Their hat drink is delicious and pretty big and fair. It’s really worth it.

3. Rewind

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Address: 1219 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20036, United States

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 5PM

Telephone: +1 202-846-7883

Business type: Restaurant

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Rewind: what do users think?

Alethea Smith: Food is great but space is really small. We went for brunch and was given seating with no real dining table. The French toast and wings were amazing.

Patricia Gills: Great food. Great music. Great service. 10/10 recommend.

Clarissa Martinez: This place is whatever. The food is ok but the service is very mediocre. The hosts are literally there for decoration. All they do is stand there and point at where to sit, they don’t even walk you to the table. People pay in the front and none of the hosts take care of them, the servers do. They literally stand there staring at people. I had never seen hosts as decoration. One of the hosts was cleaning our table (bc the waiter asked her too, he was busy. Otherwise she wouldn’t have moved a finger) after we waited 10 min to have it clean and we were repeatedly saying “thank you!” And she literally rolled her eyes at us and didn’t say anything. The servers are not attentive at all, and they bring you the wrong things. I asked for salt and they brought me an empty shaker ??? See pics for reference. I asked for water when I asked for the shaker and they never brought me anything. We wanted to get dessert but after this treatment, we didn’t want to give this place any more money. The quesadilla is whatever. Nothing special honestly. The chicken and waffle is good though. The chicken has a weird spice to it. The waffle is really good though. The fries are good too. We came at night and saw two fights break out outside the restaurant. This place is located in a very shady part of town. It’s probably good during the day when the clubs are closed I guess. Don’t come at night. The ambiance of the place is nice, the decor and music. It’s a shame that they have such bad service.

Soroyah B.: Chicken was a bit dry. The person that I was with ordered the sliders & she mention they was also dry. Drinks were really good though. And the decor was really cute !

Honest Guide: Monday night date. Not crowded and great ambience. Super friendly staff and tasty food.

4. Unconventional Diner

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Unconventional Diner

Address: 1207 9th St NW, Washington, DC 20001, United States

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM

Telephone: +1 202-847-0122

Business type: Restaurant

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Unconventional Diner: what do users think?

Zeyu Hu: Went to Unconventional Diner for both brunch and dinner and let me tell you they didn’t disappoint at all. Brunch: Got three different items to share for brunch, and each was unique in its own way but complimented each other so well. The shrimp and grits were perfect. The BBQ shrimp had an amazing smokey smell which really made it stand out. The biscuits were also amazing, nice and crispy and the house made sausage was great. The blueberry pancakes were the fluffiest I’ve ever had, a great sweet treat to end the meal. Dinner: Came back for dinner a week later and it blew me out of the water again. As the name suggests, the menu has a large variety and when the waiter tells you you can’t go wrong with anything, they ain’t lying. We got such a variety of food - from French to southern, Chinese stir fry to Cuban. It just all works so well. Bottom line: A must visit if you are in DC. The best wait staff and service. But remember to book ahead!

Claire Mizutani: Went out to dinner with my family and a friend from school. Great food! I really enjoyed the mezze and the Mac n cheese. Speedy service and great labeling on the menu for those with dietary restrictions. I wish that the outdoor seating area had heaters but now that the weather is getting warmer that may be less of an issue

Christopher Guarin: Was in town to check out the Cherry Blossom Festival. We made a point to stop in for some brunch before walking all over town. We were definitely not disappointed. Everything we tried was delicious! From the drinks, to the Everything Lox, and Chicken and Waffles....every bite was amazing. We will be back for more on our next trip!

Eric Lee: Got the cheeseburger and fried chicken. Both were phenomenal. Simple dishes but everything was cooked and seasoned so well. Price for these dishes were affordable. Great vibe as well, pretty large space. Will be back to try more!

Queen Melissa: Wonderful for family outing , a date and friends brunch. Everything was outstanding. The cleanliness was good. The customer service and server was really nice. My kids loved everything and they are usually picky eaters. This was my first time eating shrimps and grits all I can say it was amazing. Overall,we were a satisfied family and will be back again.

Ben Multak: Unconventional diner dishes but delicious flavors. Everything I’ve tried here has hit and the restaurant itself is a well oiled machine. Highly recommend if you find yourself in the area. Really enjoyed the Crab Fritters and Fried Chicken

Sirius Fidelity: This was one of my favorite food places on my trip. The place was a pretty good size, clean, and bright. There also appeared to be outside dining as well. I ordered the kid size portion of the Blueberry Lavender Pancakes as pictured, and the Shrimp and Grits. Nothing short of amazing. Prices were reasonable and the portion sizes good. I highly recommend this place.

Christal Young: I love a place that has vegan as well as non-vegan options. This place was so good, I came back two days in a row. Their kale nachos were just superb and their cauliflower salad with falafel was also delicious and filling. The colors and ambiance are also nicely done. There are several dining spaces, including indoor and outside seating, each with its own vibe.

ReCreate Artworks: I found this gem about a 20 minute walk north of the mall. I cannot recommend it enough. There was plenty of seats, the staff was quick and efficient, and the restaurant itself was stunning. It makes you feel luxurious without having the price tag that usually comes with it. It’s very affordable but the quality of food is beyond the price. I got a double shot of espresso and the Brussel Sprouts with Fried Egg. 10/10.

Chunhee Hong: We had buttermilk pancake, corned beef hash, cappuccino and rise & shine. All delicious! The customer service and server were really nice. Overall,we were satisfied and will be back again to try other menu!

5. Fun It Up

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5 reviews
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Fun It Up

Address: Washington, DC 20018, United States

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11AM

Business type: Restaurant

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Fun It Up: what do users think?

Sharon Brooks: Had a fantastic time at a private birthday party.

Darrell “Goody”: Great staff and service

6. Teddy & The Bully Bar

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879 reviews
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Teddy & The Bully Bar

Address: 1200 19th St NW, Washington, DC 20036, United States

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11:30AM

Telephone: +1 202-872-8700

Business type: American restaurant

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Teddy & The Bully Bar: what do users think?

Julleny Wain: Food was really good but pricey. They do have unlimited mimosas if you do the all you can eat which is $50 per person. The portions as small buy again its all you can eat. The chicken and waffles was amazing, they have a waffles station, omelet station.

Alita brown: I came here for the Christmas dinner. I’m giving it a 3 because the service was good. Unfortunately the food was mediocre and extremely overpriced. $70 buffet style. The meat was absolutely dry and tasteless. I tried both the salmon and chicken , but couldn’t bare to eat either. The sides were good but not worth $70. I don’t think I’ll ever have this type of dining experience over the holidays. I will cook my own.
Response: Hello Alita, My sincere apologies on your experience with us on Christmas Day, I wanted to learn more if you could please send me an email at I would most diffidently like to invite you back in. Thank you for your feedback and for helping us improve. Thanks

Hyun Kwak: I had a burger with fries along with sparkling water. the quality of service was ok. the burger was great but the fries were not that fresh. I still give them 4 stars. they have a happy hour menu, but the prices were not too different from the full menu. so, please check both menus even if you go there during their HH. happy dining! :)
Response: Hello Hyun, we will work on making sure our fries are fresh and hot. I apologize and hope to see you again. Be Well, Alan

Amy Rosenquist: The food at this place was absolutely delicious! We ordered an omelet, avocado toast, chicken & waffles, and chocolate chip pancake. The mimosas are small but they have a “bottomless” option if you’re looking to have a goooooood time ;) We sat outside and the umbrellas didn’t do much while the sun was still rising, but once it was overhead it was much shadier!

M B: Bottomless brunch offered a variety of foods and consistent pours throughout the duration of our 2-hr table reservation. Some dishes were less impressive than others, but the pricing and overall experience were unbeatable.
Response: Hello MB Thank you for the great review. We appreciate your business. Kindly, Alan Owner

Jason Wallach: Went there for lunch. Excellent food, but a little slow on the delivery if you are trying to grab a "quick" bite, so be sure to tell the staff if you need speedy food delivery. I ordered the pumpkin soup to start, and it was smooth, rich, and sweet with a dollop of olive oil ricotta that added a fantastic touch of savory saltiness. The portion size was not very large, but the soup was very good. For my lunch entree, I ordered the mushroom risotto. Although the portion size was not large, the risotto was exceptional and very filling. It had blue cheese crumbles all over it, some other cheeses that left strings hanging from my chin, and something like honey that added some sweetness to everything. I cannot wait to return for happy hour or dinner to try their cocktails.
Response: Hello Jason, We thank you for your review. We will work harder at getting the food out to our customers as expeditiously as we can. Appreciatively, Alan Owner Teddy & The Bully Bar

Christopher Kenneth Young Jr: Good service. Thank you Olivia. Food could’ve tasted better for brunch. Lots of small portions during brunch, if the portions were larger, we would’ve ordered less plates. I don’t recommend going for brunch with parties more than six - can be very hectic. If you want an unlimited brunch, I would recommend this place.
Response: Hello Christopher, I am glad Olivia was able to deliver the service that we are always aiming for. I also appreciate your honest feedback in regards to the food and the portions. I would really like to know more about your experience so that I can correct these issues. You can e-mail me at Thanks again.

C Simpson: The restaurant atmosphere was beautiful. The brunch options were great. However the food was just okay. George, the manager, was great at accommodating our group and making sure that we were all taken care of. The servers appeared to be overwhelmed .
Response: Good morning, I am sorry that your experience was not up to your expectations. We work hard to provide the highest level of service and food that we can. If there is something we can do for you to make this better, please let me know at

7. Town Tavern DC

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244 reviews
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Town Tavern DC

Address: 2323 18th St NW, Washington, DC 20009, United States

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 5PM

Telephone: +1 202-387-8696

Business type: Bar & grill

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Town Tavern DC: what do users think?

Aminah Imani: I come here for the comedy shows upstairs its always packed and a good time! Seems like a great bar for sport events as well. Definitely recommend.

Gigi Dacis: Thursday bartender Bianca was amazing!! The other hosts were nice as well! A welcome change from the impersonal manners of most DC interactions! Parking is sooo bad that its a disservice for all businesses on 18th st. A 20 story parking lot is desperately needed. Comedy night was nice...dress casually and get there early for parking and seating.
Response: Thanks for the review Gigi! Please come visit again soon~

Darius Moulton: Had a lovely night outside with some apps and euro beers. We came on a Sunday night where they had canvasses, a muse and paints for everyone to use. Also, a great kava cocktail!

Kyle del Rio: Great bar with very friendly staff and good prices

Lora Mitchell: Came out for a hosted event by Paint Nite abd had a fabulous time! My friends and I had a great time the drinks and food were delicious

8. Dirty Habit

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1124 reviews
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Dirty Habit

Address: 555 8th St NW, Washington, DC 20004, United States

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8AM

Telephone: +1 202-449-7095

Business type: New American restaurant

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Dirty Habit: what do users think?

Olivia M. Wilson: Went to Dirty Habit for brunch and it was good! The fruit was really fresh and the potatoes were crisp. However, the service was decent and they only have bar seats available. Maybe that’s because we arrived an hour before they closed for the afternoon. Either way, the food made up for it. I would definitely like to try their dinner menu.
Response: Hi Olivia — Thank you so much for the kind words and for the feedback! We take all feedback seriously, so we’ll be sure to discuss ways to make our service more efficient. We're always trying to improve, so if there's anything else you think of, please let us know. Thanks, and we hope to welcome you back soon!

Blvknative: Going to dirty habit for Valentines Day was top tier! The ambience was everything I was expecting! The deal as far as food and drinks were top of the line! Truly a captivating experience for my company and I.

Katlin B.: Best French onion soup I ever had! The vibe is trendy and the crowd is very eclectic. The food and drinks were amazing! Will return for soup. Thanks to the awesome host and staff! There is also a nice outdoor area as well.

Lamina Richardson: I was a little disappointed when i visited dirty habit. It’s aesthetically pleasing but i wasn’t impressed with the food. I got the district chicken and the black rice that’s paired with it was very gritty. The dish was also paired with okra and string beans. The veggies weren’t sautéed at all and had no flavor. They literally tasted like microwaved veggies that were previously frozen. The chicken was actually good but the parings sucked so it wasn’t filling. Nice atmosphere though. Really good espresso martini! If i go again it would only be for drinks.
Response: Hi Lamina — Thank you for the kind words as well as the feedback. We hope you had a fun time overall, and we'll be taking your comments about the district chicken into our next meeting with the kitchen team. We take all feedback very seriously and we're always trying to improve, so if there's anything else you think of, please contact stephanie.carre@dirtyhabitdc.c o m and we'll be happy to continue the conversation. Thanks, and we hope to welcome you back soon!

9. minibar by José Andrés

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256 reviews
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minibar by José Andrés

Address: 855 E St NW, Washington, DC 20004, United States

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 5PM

Telephone: +1 202-393-0812

Business type: Fine dining restaurant

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minibar by José Andrés: what do users think?

Cynthia M: Absolutely phenomenal experience!! Husband took me to celebrate my birthday here and not only did we have amazingly delicious food, but the service was impeccable. I also appreciated the fun atmosphere they created for everyone and thought it was really nice being able to sit all around the kitchen and being able to observe the chefs create the dishes. We didn’t do the wine pairing but did order some cocktails, which were also spectacular (they do give you a few for free too!). For my birthday, they served me a cheesecake at the end and were very kind to help us take a Polaroid photo for us to keep! We were also sent home with a delicious milk bread. Absolutely enjoyed this experience and adored this Japanese inspired menu. Thank you for a memorable night, minibar!!

Ashley Evans: The cocktail experience was phenomenal! Such a fun experience for two people. We got the black truffle grilled cheese as a snack - delicious!

Yolanda Zhou: Everything was beautiful at minibar, even the bathroom. The service, presentation, and overall experience was amazing. The pacing was a little slow but was made up by the chefs plating the dishes right in front of you. My favorites were the corn and caviar, soy chicharron, nori senbei, and strawberry milk. We tried the gin and juice cocktail from barmini, which was wonderful as well.

Jesse: Japanese-inspired chef counter experience. Very elegent and minimal; inventive preparation; and unique and surprising.

Douglas Anderson: Best dining experience in the US. From the staff, to the facility to the food. OUTSTANDING

Angelique Garcia: Such an awesome experience! By far one of the best restaurants in D.C... The only thing is I wouldn’t gave gotten the wine pairing if I had known what I’d be served. Only one red, fairly sweet whites for my palate, and the pours were more of a tasting than a pairing. The food and service were impeccable though. Thank you Minibar chefs and José Andrés!

George Junca: Amazing food and totally fantastic experience, service is totally on point and elevates the dining experience overall. The wine pairings were perfect and really liked some if the playful elements like the bahn mi that looks like is served on roll but is actually made of apple, the chicharron that has no pork, etc.

Matt Watier: Second time here and it was a treat. The real standouts was the lobster and duck egg, and the forest floor mushroom dish. A great example of how modern gastronomy can bring together flavors texture and temperatures that traditionally cooked food can not.

Victor Wang: An out of this world experience with some of the most whimsical and delicious food. Service was very attentive and watching the chefs create art in front of your eyes was magical. Be sure to make reservations as soon as they release them online. The wine pairings all worked perfectly and everyone was extremely knowledgeable.

10. Ted's Bulletin

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3806 reviews
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Ted's Bulletin

Address: 1818 14th St NW, Washington, DC 20009, United States

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 7AM

Telephone: +1 202-265-8337

Business type: American restaurant

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Ted's Bulletin: what do users think?

Arash Tavakoli: I had one of my best dining experiences in this place. The breakfast is easily enough for two people. The staff are super welcoming. Try their tarts and that tastes like heaven. Been very happy with the pancakes and hey they bring you a whole container of coffee. I also really liked that when we ordered one breakfast for two, they put it in two different plates. Thoughtful! So enjoy!

Calvin Thumma: My wife and I went here after a recommendation from a co-worker of mine. The area we are from has a number very good bistro and brunch locations but this meal blew them out of the water. My French toast was by far the best I’ve ever had, the bacon was crisp, potatoes were perfect and the eggs yummy. My wife’s meal was equally delicious, she order eggs, potatoes, toast and sausage. Nicole was our server and made sure every was perfect and never left our drinks get close to empty

Paul LaVigne: Enjoyed the bakery treats we had the other day so much we came back for brunch. Be sure to call ahead for reservations as this is a very busy place with longer wait times. The food was excellent. I do recommend you come and enjoy this place when you’re in town

Jessica Zheng: Pretty good brunch location! For drinks, we just got a caramel iced coffee and a vanilla milkshake. Coffee was okay, didn’t really taste the caramel flavor at all. For our meals- I got the Big Mark Breakfast. The sausage was very tasty but the eggs and hash brown were pretty bland, I ended up using dipping them in ketchup. Boyfriend got the salmon toast, that was surprisingly tasty! I was just weirded about eating raw salmon as my first meal of the day but it caught me by surprise!

Tilak Kalaria: Absolutely spectacular dining experience at Tex’s Bulletin for brunch. Service was awesome in this spot with a great ambience and location in DC. The food was excellent too so much to choose from. Their avacado toast has such great attention to detail. The S’mores tart was special! To better enhance our awesome experience someone kind patron paid for my party of 5’s brunch!! Highly recommend Ted’s!!

Fiorella Hidalgo: Went to get the special cherry blossom dessert during the Cherry Blossom Festival! Smoked Salmon Benedict is one of the best I ever had before! (I like it better than Kramer’s!). It took a while to get seated on a Sunday morning, so try to make a reservation in advance!

Hannah: Okay. I’m excited to review this place as an avid brunch food lover. To begin: we were told that the wait time was 40mjn and given a buzzer. Great. No problem, totally understand. To be fair, we hadn’t made reservations that morning. We wait 50min. They then tell us to wait another 30 minutes. My pregnant and hungry friend got it changed to 20min. Still. Once inside, the vibes were great. Our server was fast and attentive. Huge food portions and cute decor. Definitely not worth the weird waiting times, but will definitely make reservations next time!

Jacob Grice: Breakfast was awesome!!! Staff was super nice, restaurant was clean and the atmosphere was uplifting and calming at the same time. Food was very good and filling , you must try the cheese cake!! Defiantly will be back again!!

11. Old Europe

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599 reviews
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Old Europe

Address: 2434 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington, DC 20007, United States

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 4PM

Telephone: +1 202-333-7600

Business type: European restaurant

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Old Europe: what do users think?

Vasyl Zhepikov: Hands down the best german food in US. 🇩🇪 It is not cheap imitation , but really good authentic food. Hand made sauercraft. 🤤 On pics: Sausage combo with authentic mustard. Baked brie with jam and fruits. And of course German beer. The interior is the most pleasing to say the least.

Landis Rojas: My first time here! I felt very comfortable. Also I forgot to take food pictures because the german food it was super tasty! The service is super good and attentive. Yo need a reservation in this restaurant and you really feel in s German restaurant! I really Recommend it!

Devin Nguyen: I enjoy Old Europe restaurant for its service, antique atmosphere, and certified-authentic German food! As someone who has visited Germany and Austria, I can confirm that the food is cooked according to traditional German flavors and preparation. The images I have included illustrate the restaurant’s quality and art of German culture and cuisine. My experience at this family-owned business makes me feel as if I entered a time capsule into history.

Mohan Sun: This is one of the best German restaurants in town - excellent food, great beers, and friendly owner and staff. Back before Covid, there was this old gentlemen in suspenders that would always play piano on weekends. That’s always one of my fondest memories. I had my birthday celebrations there a couple of times and they were always a blast. This restaurant veteran opened its doors in 1948 serving local customers, so please come and support them! Plus, you really can’t go wrong with a schnitzel and boot of beer!

Sam Chin: A long time local business with good authentic food and warm atmosphere. Amazing steins, cuckoo clock, and crests. They actually speak German and are good people. Support local!!

Darren H: I have been going to this place for about 18 years and love it. The desserts have recently gotten better. I always complained that the Sacher Torte was a tad dry, but this no longer seems to be the case. The appetizers, beer, and dinner are all so good that I have a hard time ordering sometimes.

Rinat Hadashi: We ate dinner: April treat, potato pancakes and schnitzel. Beverage and wine. Paid 92$.The food was tasty and very beautifully placed on the plate. The service was super nice and helpful.Recommended!

12. Harlot DC Lounge & Restaurant

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259 reviews
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Harlot DC Lounge & Restaurant

Address: 2001 11th St NW, Washington, DC 20001, United States

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 7PM

Telephone: +1 202-986-7159

Business type: Restaurant

Near Harlot DC Lounge & Restaurant:

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Harlot DC Lounge & Restaurant: what do users think?

nakea fountaine: BEAUTIFUL PLACE!! I would never recommend! Everything was nasty to me and my friends. None of us enjoyed our food! And the service was terrible! Banana pudding taste like the box and not in a we hooked it up kind of way but straight bland and almost chalky. Steak and eggs was nasty eggs bland, shrimp and grits nasty, bread pudding was like someone messed up baking and just served it eggs Benedict w salmon nasty They didn’t bring condiments and the server would walk away so fast and be gone for so long. AND TO TOP IT OFF MY FRUIT WAS NOT RIPE IT WAS ROTTEN! not to mention I ordered fresh fruit with yogurt and honey, I wasn’t informed when I ordered that they had ran out of yogurt! Oh and my salad didn’t come w the croutons either but I seen them on other salads. Very dissatisfied, and we paid a pretty penny too. I would suggest you all hire more staff on your really busy time of the year or whatever I think if you had more staff a lot of this would’ve been avoided. Also I love my Hispanic people but it’s difficult to get help from them when I can’t communicate w them so the server needed to come back but I couldn’t find her. Very frustrating!

Tikesha Ross: Belly was the best server ever she made our experience so great! The food was good the music was good. Me and my friends really enjoyed ourselves….. Thank you Bellly ❤️❤️
Response: THank you so much! Please come again!

TeQuila Carroll: This place is cute. Like IG worthy but that’s it lol Went here for brunch on Sunday, of course, and it was just OK. No valet parking. They take reservations but I think b/c EVERYBODY has been here it was not packed at all. Suitable for all ages (21-50). The food was subpar. Bottle service was a joke to me. They have hookah, electric, which was very different than your standard coal option. It’s a set menu for brunch. $35 for a appetizer, entree, and dessert. You can order Mimosas by the glass or opt for the “bottle service”(6 mini bottles of champagne) with a complimentary juice. If you want extra juice it’s $10. Don’t let the camera guy fool you. It’s $20 a photo. They do have a DJ but they seemed inexperienced. I’m glad I went b/c it was so hyped. But I’m wouldn’t return.

Shavon Alicia B: I enjoyed the vibe and atmosphere. The food not so much. Our waiter was super sweet and nice. This more of a vibe, smoke hookah spot and a light meal like wings. Not a really Brunch ,due to the food being just ok.
Response: Thank you Shavon for sharing your expeence with us! We are working hard to get better on every level!Please, tell us what exactly did you order?

Brittani George: I will continue to support this business and make sure to come back. I went here to see my first drag brunch for my bachelorette party (part 2), and the place, food, staff, and performers were all top-notch.
Response: Dear Brittani! Thank you so much! We work hard to get that reaction from our beloved customers! And we are very happy it’s noticeable! Thank you for your support!

Ryan Morton: I would not recommend this place. My boyfriend tried to surprise me for my birthday to come here. We were running a little late because we were looking for parking. They did not inform us that we had to be on time or you will lose your reservation. So we lost our reservation after 15 minutes. Once my boyfriend spoke with the people at the door, they told us to go online to request a refund and reschedule. We try to request the refund online, and then received an ignorant response. “Unfortunately you were late, no refunds.” The people that work there in front of the door advised us to go online and request a refund and reschedule. I would never come here, I would never tell my friends to come here, I would never recommend this place. Definitely went somewhere else for my birthday and had a ball. I hope y’all step your customer service game up one day, because if not, y’all would definitely lose business.
Response: Dear Ryan! We are very sorry, that you had a bad experience with your party. We do put our reservation policy and 15 minutes grace period in confirmation email and remainder email. Unfortunately, to be able to accommodate all the following parties on time - we have to stick to our rules and show the same appreciation to all of our guests. We always ask our guests to tell us if they are running late. There are options to do that right from your email with confirmation. All our team sends you Happy Birthday wishes and we are happy you enjoyed your party anyways!

Vocalbeast AJ: It saddens me to have to give this place such a low rating. I’ve passed this place many times on Sunday and wondered how their brunch was. I took a friend for her birthday, and I was very disappointed. Firstly, their website stressed the important of being on-time, however, we waited in line and didn’t get in until after our reservation time. The line was cramped and people also were being allowed to just walk in the front of the line because their party had already been waiting...causing a further delay for us to give our contact into and do the temperature checks. The server was anything but pleasant. She kept forgetting our order, and got an attitude when I ask for a manager considering after well over an hour my food had not arrived. Both dishes were done incorrect, but more importantly my own which came finally well after my friend finished eating hers. I ordered a MW steak which came out WellDone, and fried hard eggs that came out over easy. When the first plate came I said well before the second plate but still about an hour after the order was placed, the server made a guess that it belong to my friend. We order the same thing with a few differences. Here had an item on it that I specifically told the waitress I was allergic to. The manager on duty was polite and attempted his best to resolve it, but unfortunately his efforts feel extremely short. I was totally dissatisfied and turned off by the experience. The food I received came as they were transitioning into their next phase of dinning, clearly exceeding two hours. We stayed to finish our drinks we purchased, paid for the bill, and continued on to another spot nearby so I could eat. I thought about giving them another shot because the decor is amazing and the music was right on time...however this is not a solo or duo type place. You need a group of 4 or more to get seating that won’t be by the bathroom or in an area where staff including management can stand. I dealt with three guys above 6 feet who worked there including security standing right by me so they could watch the game. Clearly violating the six feet rule. I asked if they could move and they ignored me until I asked a staff member to ask them. This caused people to but my table trying to pass them and my person. I love football, but also like being in good health. I can’t recommend this place for food, but it def attracts a nice young adult crowd where the majority are pretty well put together if you’re looking to network.

13. Chaplin's Restaurant

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1278 reviews
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Chaplin's Restaurant

Address: 1501 9th St NW, Washington, DC 20001, United States

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 4PM

Telephone: +1 202-644-8806

Business type: Japanese restaurant

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Chaplin's Restaurant: what do users think?

Ephraim Fields: The ramen, appetizers and drinks here are excellent and filling! I ordered the Tori Karaage, Shrimp Gyoza and Stamina Spicy. The Stamina Spicy had the perfect amount of heat for my Louisiana taste buds. The restaurant provides an 80s vibe with the music and the atmosphere was bustling during our visit. The service was quick and accommodating as well. We will definitely be back again.

A S: Wow, great ramen, drinks, and service! Our server and bartender were both very kind. The ramen was delicious! I will definitely come back to try their cold ramen during the appropriate season.

LoMo: During our sibling trip we decided to visit Chaplin’s. Open late for a weekday-while most everything around us closed at 10pm. Great indoor and outdoor patio dining environment. Nice bar seating too. Stephanie was awwwwesome! She picked the pork gyoza, fried wontons, and Chaplin buns for us to start. I had a ginger beer which was nice and spicy. Siblings had the Chaplin ramen and Shoyu ramen with stamina egg and bok choy. Stephanie surprised me with the Chaplin A.S.S. (Asian Spicy Sour) with butter corn! Fantastic balance of bold flavors! Ramen was perfect texture in every bowl! Will be back!

Marc L: I am generally not impressed by anything around Shaw, but this incredible Michelin-worthy restaurant is a diamond in the rough (literally the rough because some of Shaw leaves a lot to be desired). We were here last night and were immediately impressed by how clean and well-lighted the restaurant is. Fourteen of us had reservations at 7, and those who arrived early sat at the bar to take advantage of their happy hour (up to 50 percent off on certain drinks). The bartender was incredibly helpful and friendly. We were then ushered upstairs at the start of our dinner. From the very beginning, our server - Mikela - was extremely helpful, going so far as to rearrange the tables to ensure none of us got trapped in a seat during the course of our dinner. For such an upscale place that serves incredible food (I got the miso ramen with extra pork belly), Chaplin’s is surprisingly affordable. With appetizers (which I highly recommend), food and copious amounts of drinks, our bill came out to about $750. I highly recommend this place (although maybe not because I don’t wan others to know it’s a hidden gem in Shaw. I want to come back!) whether it’s for a business dinner, a get-together with friends, or date night. To the manager: Mikela is a rock star and should be the lead trainer for others on how to provide top-of-the-line service. Please ensure she gets a well-deserved recognition and thank you.

James Corney: Excellent. Nice atmosphere, and wait staff was attentive. I ordered the shoyu ramen with a fried pork gyoza add-on (on the side). It was terrific. I am accustomed to my shoyu ramen having a predominantly soy sauce flavor. I usually like that. This one was much more subtle, making a strong emphasis on the pork and pork broth. I split pork and pork up here not because of the chashu but because of the ground pork that had a surprising depth of flavor, reminding me of a broken up Chinese lions head meatball. The noodles were cooked well and all together really hit the spot. The pork gyoza add-on provided three plump fried gyoza which were delicious on their own. Fried crispy with a thin skin and stuffed with a lovely pork filling that had no unnecessary large or stringy bits. Perfect for biting in half to enjoy the texture of the fry. I got them served on the side rather than letting them soak in the broth, which I recommend.

India Lindsay: A casual eatery for flavorful ramen. The outdoor seating options are great and they also offer cold ramen for the summer months. Offer gluten free options for those gluten sensitive, no options for those highly allergic / celiac due to use of soy sauce. We ordered tan tan men, the Chaplin, and the Kakuni pork belly as an appetizer. Everything was delicious Kakuni is a slightly sweet marinated pork belly dish. It comes with 4 sections of meat. Tan tan men is a flavorful bright ramen with crumbled pork. It has the signature spicy and oily flavor in many East Asian dishes and contains depth of flavor. The Chaplin is a creamy black sesame broth. It’s rich but still on the lighter side.

Justin Tholl: Amazing pork ribs and the Chaplin ramen was fabulous! They also offer a side of spicy sauce to mix in, so good! Service was on point, thank you for a wonderful meal!

Felicia: Random spot I went to and the pay off was great. Had the Tan Tan Men (vegan) and vegetable gyoza (steamed). No drinks but I’ll definitely be back.

14. Hard Rock Cafe

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3818 reviews
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Hard Rock Cafe

Address: 999 E St NW, Washington, DC 20004, United States

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11AM

Telephone: +1 202-737-7625

Business type: American restaurant

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Hard Rock Cafe: what do users think?

Kelvin Ofula: A typical Hard Rock Cafe in the heart of DC. Strategically positioned. Loved the interior deco and their food. The staff were once again as amazing as always and very helpful. The lady at the souvenir shop was very very helpful and friendly. I loved every single bit here. The ambiance was great and so was the music. Hard Rock is just pure positive vibrations and I always try to visit one when in an area with one. I would totally recommend.
Response: Thank you for the thoughtful 5 star review Kelvin! We hope to welcome you back to the Washington DC cafe soon!

Matt Daniel: A classic Hard Rock Cafe in the heart of DC. A great layout within what appears to be a old fashioned restaurant or bar. The rock n roll decor is seamlessly integrated into the Art Deco along the walls. The staff were very hospitable and I recommend making a reservation as you can ask for better seating up stairs or in the back. There was one tv above the bar featuring music videos of various famous rock n roll bands. The pricing was reasonable for the area and the options for food were good with large portions. I’d recommend to stop by if you haven’t been, hope this helps!
Response: Thank you for the thoughtful 5 star review Matan! We look forward to welcoming you back on your next visit!

Yogis Dogie: Nice place to visit in DC. Extremely busy but very nicely decorated. Unfortunately the food is very mediocre. Looks great, tastes bland and almost always served cool or cold. The hamburgers have an odd seasoning in them that can be off putting. Fries are good but the portion is pretty small (in relation to the price). The gift shop is well stocked. The rewards program changes its guidelines too frequently and dumps points out too often to be useful. Basically, it’s a nice place to visit, but one visit is plenty.
Response: Dear Yogis, Thank you for visiting HRC DC and taking the time to provide your feedback! Please accept my apologizes for not delivering a 5 star experience, if there is ever anything we can do to assist on your next visit please do not hesitate to reach out to the management team at Thank you, Sara Lester - Sales & Marketing Manager

Bailey Alexander: This was my third time eating at this particular Hard Rock Cafe! This location really stands out. It’s in the heart of the city so it’s really nice to tour monuments an things and then ride electric scooters to here and park them. Then you can relax and unwind, ride scooters back around to tour more things in DC. The food is always very flavorful and good. The drinks are always perfect. This location has an excellent modern style with lots of arts and things on the walls. I highly recommend checking this place out while in DC.
Response: Hello Bailey Alexander, Thank you so much for the 5 star review! Best regards, Erik Bolme General Manager Hard Rock Cafe Washington D.C.

David Arrimadas: Very good Hard Rock restaurant. I have been in lot of them all over the world and this is a very good one. I love the open kitchen concept and the kindness of all the staff. The brownie is delicious and soooo big. Difficult to finish it even when sharing!
Response: Hello David Arrimadas, Thank you so much for your 5 star review! Best regards, Erik Bolme General Manager Hard Rock Cafe Washington D.C.

WorldofDaph: I try to go to hard rock in every city I visit and usually it is a pleasant experience but not today. I came to this location and sat down in the bar area waiting 10-15 minutes for someone to take a drink order. Considering how tired and hungry I was I had no energy to even leave. One of he waitresses at the bar looked at me and my fiancé multiple times and never came over. She was behind the bar scratching her back under her shirt and didn’t even wash her hands. When she finally came to our table she pulled out her cellphone to text someone. Having been a service manager in restaurant for years I was completely dumbfounded at the disrespect. I’m a pretty mild mannered fair person but this Waitress was awful. I will say the kitchen staff was doing a great job. They were pushing food out but the servers just weren’t running food which caused it to just sit in the window. The receipt said the waitress name was Sara. All I know is Sara needs to be demoted to hostess or let go. Upon leaving I brought these things to the managers attention but I could tell she didn’t really care. She offered to give me her card. That’s won’t do much at all. I watch the manager stand on the expo line and watch plates die in the window. Saturdays can be quite tough and she was probably tired and over it herself. All in all I will never return to this location.
Response: Hello WorldofDaph, Thank you for taking the time to let us know about your recent visit. What you experienced is absolutely not the type of authentic Hard Rock atmosphere we strive to provide. I apologize that your concerns were not addressed when you brought them to the attention of the manager on duty, we will make sure they are addressed immediately. If you have the time to discuss your experience in further detail you can reach our management team at: I do appreciate your recognition of the Kitchen Staff and will happily share your praise with them! I hope that we can connect further on email. Thank you, Sara Lester - Sales & Marketing Manager

Rachel Cook: We had a very large group with reservations. They were not prepared. Some of the staff was great, but others were not. The food, for those who actually got food, was mediocre. If this continues, the DC Hard Rock will suffer the same fate as others around the country...permanently closed. It is disappointing 😞
Response: Dear Rachel, Thank you for taking the time to provide your feedback. I hope that you can accept my apologizes for not being prepared and delivering a 5 star experience. I am glad that there were a few staff members that were great. We are grateful for your patronage and will continue to strive for improvement so we can better tend to your group on the next visit. Thank you, Sara Lester - Sales & Marketing Manager

15. Logan Tavern

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1107 reviews
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Logan Tavern

Address: 1423 P St NW, Washington, DC 20005, United States

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11:30AM

Telephone: +1 202-332-3710

Business type: American restaurant

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Logan Tavern: what do users think?

Nomad USA: Super chill neighborhood tavern. The host there is generally pretentious and cold. I’ve had this issue getting seated at the LT in the past. Their hosts is is far from friendly as is imaginable. Even with the place completely empty, getting a booth probably requires a some type of cash payoff. The servers are super chill and helpful. Menu is great. Wide variety of appetizers and entrees. I had the BBQ Korean wings and the LT burger with truffle fries. The LT burger was just a buck more, truffle fries 2 bucks more, all super tasty and perfect medium rare. They have little alcove by the bar, great for people watching, and the requisite long bar for a casual lunch or dinner. Bathroom. 6/10 for cleanliness.

Matthew Cook: Very good food. Plenty of menu variety so everyone should be able to find something. Including some decent vegetarian dishes. Good cocktail and beer selection. Extremely friendly staff and very efficient.

Jay Vizcarra: LGBTQ+ friendly with great eats! I had one of the famous cheeseburgers on the menu which was super tasty. Usually hopping with great people eating there. Centrally located with a pleasant neighborhood walk surrounded by other places to eat in the area.

Darnice Ward: Logan Tavern was a great choice for an after graduation celebration. None of us had ever been to Logan Tavern as we are from out of state. In our party of 14 only 2 of our party members were from the area, and they had never been either. The did not have a table on Open Table to seat all of us so I reserved several tables and hoped they could seat us near one another. I called and talked to someone who said they would and they OVER delivered and seated us together!!! Our food was delicious and each person was happy with their selection. Although the menu is not extensive it has something for everyone. We had everything from wings, burgers, dip, salad and seafood pasta. Drinks were tasty and the alcohol in them was of average amount. Our waiter. He got every order correct and was consistent with checking on us. He brought found out in a timely fashion and waited for me because I was sitting between both tables. He seemed to have another big party as well. However, the only thing is that he seemed slightly annoyed NOT rude just bothered. We would definitely return again if back in the area. Right now it is tough to service the public so I understand our waiter may have been overwhelmed, please be kind to our service workers.

John G: Logan Tavern, an old favorite over the years, haven’t frequented there as much as I used to. However, I’ve stopped in recently for the greatest drinks made by bartender John. Logan has a great fried chicken classic, with wonderful homemade mashed potatoes and generally Swiss chard… I prefer the asparagus, though, so make sure you ask if you want something different. Chipotle chicken sandwich is wonderful as well, and more recently, I have fallen in love with the pulled pork barbecue sandwich, minus the bun… and a couple extra pickle slices! Bartender John is fantastic at getting your order right, your food tasty, even while I subtract a few calories with a few changes! Thanks John for keeping Logan, local, lovely, and (de)licious!

Patty Cannon: Excellent food & service! The chef came out to meet us and to be certain we were happy! Such a wonderful adventure for us! A large group of 10 and there were several couples enjoying dinner around well as bar seating. Excellent choice for dinner!

Michele R McConnell: We had a great experience. I have a food sensitivity / allergies and they were very accommodating. Aubry was a fabulous server and kept up with our drinks and food. The chef came out and discussed food options for myself and delivered!

16. Pinstripes

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1120 reviews
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Address: 1064 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington, DC 20007, United States

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 12PM

Telephone: +1 202-625-6500

Business type: Restaurant

Near Pinstripes:

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Pinstripes: what do users think?

Raja Haider Hussain: Went for dinner with family this evening. This location is perfect for a weekend drinks,lunch and dinner. One of the best spots near Georgetown waterfront. They have both indoor and outdoor seating and both options offer a lively ambiance. The staff is very attentive , efficient and courteous. They have carefully selected menu and the food we ordered was served fresh and the quality was above par. Their Calamari, Wings, Pizza, Ceasar Salad, Lasagna and chicken sandwiches were really good. However the grilled chicken with Caesar salad was very dry and not that great. We were also offered dessert on the house ( Brownie and ice cream) which was delicious. Over all a nice hangout spot and highly recommended for a casual friendly outing with good food and surroundings.

Mark Orebiyi: My project team had out quarterly engagement activity at Pinstripes recently. We had a slot from 4-6pm. They give you a 15min grace period which is nice. We started bowling and 30 minutes in our lane started acting up. The lane mechanic came to fix it while me and my team ordered food. The food is fantastic. From the wings to the pizza we really enjoyed it. Unfortunately, our lane was never fixed. After an hour from when it stopped working we were offer to go play Bocce Ball for 30min prior to use leaving. The Manager (Leo) was very accommodating and cover our bowling cost as we well as you bocce ball game. Although they had issues the food was amazing and they took good care of us.

Fredrik Otter: Generous portions and innovative kitchen. Happy Hour prices are fantastic and the location fabulous. Slow service, but when the weather is nice that is only a plus!

Stephen Balza: Just enjoyed a nice meal outside along the C&O Canal on a stunning July evening. Our server was friendly, efficient, and attentive. The food portions (Baked Lasagna and Chicken Sandwich) were on the small side, but tasty and moderately priced. It’s a unique place in a great location (Wisconsin Ave a couple blocks from M St and a couple blocks from the Waterfront). We didn’t try the bocce or bowling but it was full of folks who were enjoying it.
Response: Dear Stephen, Thank you for the five star review. We are thrilled you enjoyed our delicious selection of dishes on our patio. We are glad you enjoyed our Lasagna and Chicken Sandwich. We are glad you enjoyed your experience and hope to see you again soon for bowling and bocce.

Judy Gordon: I couldn’t be more impressed with this experience in DC. From the minute I walked in with my 2 young grandsons until we left I found the staff to be professional and caring. They certainly care about cleanliness and sanitizing which I appreciated. The food was just delicious- we shared a pizza and scrumptious warm brownie with ice cream for dessert. Do not miss it. The boys loved having the bumper rails automatically pop up when they took their turn. They also loved being able to create various scoring games using animated characters. It was so kid friendly. I felt that the each employee went out of his/ her way to make our experience a terrific one. There’s no other reason to go to any other bowling facility to have a good time.

Bri M: It was my first time bowling at Pinstripes. We had a great time. I will definitely return. The food was awesome and the staff very friendly and attentive. Found that the music was a little loud at times but overall it was a great experience. Parking is underneath and accessible off of Wisconsin Avenue which is very convenient if you are not one to look for street parking. Highly recommend if getting together with family and friends interested in experiencing an upscale bowling activity.
Response: Dear Bri, Thank you for your wonderful review! We are so glad you enjoyed the food, service and bowling! We hope to see you again soon!

Thomas Weber (halifax9): Very good bloody Marys. Not overly done. Just right. The lobster and egg bruschetta is delicious. Although I would say the bread is unnecessary. Service started slow but got better. A very nice place. Oh by the way, they have bowling and bocce too!
Response: Dear Thomas, Thank you for the feedback. We are glad you had an amazing experience and enjoyed our Lobster & Egg Bruschetta and Bloody Mary. We hope to see you again soon for bowling and bocce.

17. Ollie's Trolley

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1156 reviews
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Ollie's Trolley

Address: 425 12th St NW, Washington, DC 20004, United States

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM

Telephone: +1 202-770-8614

Business type: Hamburger restaurant

Near Ollie's Trolley:

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Ollie's Trolley: what do users think?

Patrick Young: Outstanding food that is affordable! I loved their burger and the fries are so delicious!Seriously, if you come here you have to get the fries! I couldn’t believe how inexpensive the food was while being this close to the capital! The inside reminds you of a burger joint from better times. Do keep in mind that they only accept cash, but that also keeps in theme with the hand written signs and the nostalgic feel of the place

Zoey :D: Amazing food! I had a turkey burger with just provolone and house sauce, my father had the steak and cheese sub and we shared fries. We have no complaints on food! It was delicious, they give good portions and the fries have an amazing spice. The house sauce was super good, a bit tangy, can’t get enough of it. If I’m ever back in town I will definitely suggest this! And I suggest it to you to! Only complaint is the place needs some fixing up here and there. Besides that it is a clean, cute, quiet, tasty place!

Carmen Cather: It was very busy at the time I went but they handled it well. The cheesesteak was delicious, burger was very medium rare,jeep in mind the sign states that is how they cook it unless specifically different. Yes this is cash only, but there is and ATM. The prices are so reasonable especially for location!! Great amount of food too. 2 people could split the cheese steak and fries. I loved it.

George Soliman: Best steak and cheese in the history of United States 🇺🇸Cash onlyOld style authentic

18. Lincoln

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1091 reviews
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Address: 1110 Vermont Ave NW, Washington, DC 20005, United States

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11AM

Telephone: +1 202-386-9200

Business type: American restaurant

Near Lincoln:

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Lincoln: what do users think?

byron subero: This restaurant was great! The maitre d was very nice and informative about the restaurant and the art work. Food was delicious and the drinks was amazing. The peach moonshine was fantastic. Definitely need to go back to try their brunch.
Response: Hello Byron, Sorry for the delay but thank you so much for your review. Be Well, Alan Proprietor

Faith Mitchell: Enjoyed brunch at Lincoln yesterday morning. Loved the vibes as the restaurant is cute and they play good music. It is very clean and I felt comfortable enjoying a meal here. The menu had a lot of options and $50 for bottomless mimosas and food is a great deal. Definitely had some unique flavor combinations that we surprisingly enjoyed. The service was a bit slow as we waited for awhile to be served and didn’t get checked on as much as we would have liked. However, everyone was nice including the manager and, when we did get a server, we were well taken care of. Would go back.
Response: Hi Faith, Thank you for your review. We appreciate your business and hope to see you soon. Kindly, Alan Owner Lincoln Restaurant

Mikayla Ramirez: Nice atmosphere. Friendly and attentive staff. Indoor and outdoor seating available. Great food. Decent price.

Nonie Fields: My friend and I stopped by the Lincoln yesterday for lunch. The food was amazing and the ambiance and decor was aesthetically pleasing. Our server Brandy took great care of us she made our experience a million times better. I definitely will be back to try the dinner & brunch menu!
Response: Hi Nonie, Thank you so much for your review. We appreciate you dining with us. Kindly, Alan Owner

Bobby A: Got there for "Happy Hour". They have a wonderful appetizer selection as well as wines, beers, and cocktails. We enjoyed glasses of wine, beer. And a couple of scotches! The deli platter was good as was the fish taco. The romaine ceaser was really tops! Excellent waiter though they were busy. We sat outside but the inside is very nice. Also, clean restroom. Will come back.
Response: Hello Bobby, Thank you for the kind review and your business. Appreciatively, Alan Owner

Madison Garcia: I went to Lincoln last Sunday for their Pride brunch with a group of girlfriends and had such a fun time! The bartender, Nico, served us and gave us the best experience. The drinks were great and he was so fun and friendly. The food was delicious and the service made our time there even better. I will definitely be going back soon!
Response: Hello Madison, Thank you for the kind review. I will pass it along to Nico. I appreciate your support. Appreciatively, Alan

Patrick Baber: Delicious brunch and incredible staff. Highly recommend. Cool vibe and decor as well.
Response: Hello Patrick, Thank you for your kind review. We greatly appreciate your business. Respectfully, Alan Owner

19. Stray Cat Bar & Grill

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72 reviews
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Stray Cat Bar & Grill

Address: 5866 Washington Blvd, Arlington, VA 22205, United States

Schedule: Temporarily closed

Telephone: +1 703-237-7775

Business type: American restaurant

Near Stray Cat Bar & Grill:

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Stray Cat Bar & Grill: what do users think?

Katherine Elrod: I love this place! So, for the uninitiated: The Lost Dog has a pizza oven, and The Stray Cat has a griddle. So if you want a pizza or an open-faced deli sandwich, go to the Dog. If you want a burger, go to the Cat. They’re equally good, down-home greasy spoons that fit the neighborhood perfectly and have great atmosphere. The Cat has gluten free buns available. I WISH they were open for breakfast - walking my kids over for pancakes would be awesome!! - but still, it’s a great casual place for lunch and dinner.

Robin Lukacs: I stopped by for lunch, first time. The cat decor was artsy and fun. I was impressed that they donate to cat rescues. Laid back atmosphere, with a bar, but I was comfortable taking my granddaughter to lunch. I had a delicious apple/beet/pecan salad, topped with a piece of fried feta cheese. So good! Friendly server too!

Geoff Baker: Part of Lost Dog; very good food, service, and bar. Tasty food and easy on the pocketbook. Place to go...if want pizza or sandwiches with large on tap selection of beer, go next door to lost dog. Fun place to eat and talk.

Carla Cox: Overall, we were really disappointed with our experience at the Stray Cat Cafe this evening. Our waiter was friendly and the food was good enough, but the manager’s rude and aggressive response to my query if the restaurant had an allergen menu totally embarrassed me and really spoiled the experience. It’s surprising because Stray Cat’s sister restaurant Lost Dog Cafe (which is located a few doors down) has a detailed allergen list with a ton of options for people with different food allergies. Plus Lost Dog’s staff has always been very nice and accommodating. If you want a good meal save yourself the trouble and skip the Stray Cat Cafe.

Craig Perkinson: Nice atmosphere and good food.

Penny Royal: The Stray reopened today after redecoration, with a new menu, including greater variety and plenty of their usual cat-themed quirkiness. The pretzel bites were tasty, the burgers were cooked perfectly, and the wait staff was super friendly. I recommend the Tabby-tini off the drink menu. Will be coming back to this Westover haunt.

theoldcoat L. G. Fitzgerald: Although their previously impressive giant sandwich list has shrunk dynamically, the food is still the same excellent quality. So is the service. One of my favorites in Arlington.

20. Archipelago

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Address: 1201 U St NW, Washington, DC 20009, United States

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 4PM

Business type: Tiki bar

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Archipelago: what do users think?

Philippa Hughes: A favorite neighborhood spot to have a great (and well garnished!) tiki drink on the patio. I love the Dan Dan noodles.

Bryce Holliday: Really fun drinks! It had a nice ambiance both inside and outside. Food and drinks were good, service could have been better. We asked for recommends and didn’t really get any. Our food was coming out at all different times, some of it didn’t come for over an hour so we had to ask about it. We were told they forgot to put it in, but did then. Then they brought it out and forgot some of it a second time. Oh actually there was a really annoying part. My review was 4 stars until I remembered this. The hostess was pretty rude. When we told her there would only be 5 of us instead of 6, she rolled her eyes at us. 2 hours later as we’re waiting for our second round of forgotten food, our 6th friend stopped by since we were there for so long. There were two open tables so we borrowed a chair. The hostess instantly comes out and asks if we want to change our reservation for 6 and move tables. We said we can do that but didn’t want to move tables, we weren’t staying much longer. She said our friend had to sit inside at the bar by himself because she has reservations that she needed those chairs for reservations. So we quickly finished our food and drinks, but then one of our friends left, so the friend at the bar joined us and we got one more round of drinks. Over the next half hour, there were no new reservations at that table; they didn’t even clean it off because they knew there were no more people coming. So she pretty much just wanted to come over and make a big deal out of us changing our reservations and making us jump through hoops for no reason. I would actually wouldn’t go back due to the overall service.

R. Austin: Cute tiki bar with a low-key vibe. Nachos are a huge serving. Drinks were great, the Mai Tai was quite strong but delicious.

Maybell Elizabeth Varillas Maza: a very pleasant atmosphere good attention I really like their drinks and everything

L R: Love this place!!! Awesome drink!!! Food is good.. hot spicy chicken buns... Are hot! The only problem with this place is 22% added on as a service fee on your bill.

Sophocles Grafas: Love this place so much. I happily order more then I initially thought i wanted because there was so much to choose and share. Very tasty drinks and food and the best staff!

David Voegtle: I don’t ever leave reviews, but this place is the exception. Of all the bars I’ve been to in DC, this is my favorite (and that’s after just one visit). From the second I arrived to the moment I left, the amazingly chill and friendly staff made us feel right at home. The drinks are superb, with names as colorful and unique as the establishment that serves them - the ones we had were as delicious as one would expect from a bar owned and operated by seasoned bartenders. I’ll be telling my friends about this place, and I will most certainly be back very soon.

Rachele Clegg: I have been wanting to pop into this spot for what feels like forever and it did not disappoint. The tiki cocktails are phenomenal and the food was out of this world. We had a lot, but I loved the cold sesame noodles, the Dan Dan, and the ham and cheese slider buns. Can’t wait to pop in for more mezcal cocktails + noodles!

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