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1. Capitol Bistro

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Capitol Bistro

Address: 550 C St SW, Washington, DC 20024

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 6:30AM

Telephone: (202) 479-4000

Business type: Bistro

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Capitol Bistro: what do users think?

Denise Walker: Very disappointing. The service was good, however it was extremely expensive. For one slice of toast and half an avocado it was 15.00. I was outraged. It was 21.00 for a Caesar salad with one thin slice of grilled chicken. I don’t mind paying for good food, but I couldn’t get passed the 15 dollar avocado toast and the puny Caesar salad. If you are going to serve food, go all the way and do it right.

Paul Zhang: I have breakfast over here. It was very nice. I choice breakfast buffet. Breakfast buffet time 06:30-10:30. The food was delicious 😋! It’s very nice convenient restaurant! A lot of people come here ate breakfast!!! Good service!!! Flavorful salads. Home - made soups. Traditional bistro entree’s with imaginative twists. Desserts 🍨 and wines to savor.👍👍👍👍👍

Milana K: Good breakfast! Sweet employeesFood was fresh and was a good variety

P C: Good restuarant in the Holiday Inn - Capitol. Food is good. Try the salmon. There is also a bar area. Good prices and large menu

Dustan D: Breakfast Buffet was excellent, service was amazing, made to order omelets and otherwise great selection. Was a bit pricey at $17 per person

Vickie Credeur: Breakfast was extremely overpriced, we had pancakes and juice/coffee for 3 and was over $70

Clydine Stanley: This place is so disorganized. 😡😡😡😡 All we got sorry this sorry that. Not enough workers or we were just plain being ignored.

2. Article One - American Grill

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Article One - American Grill

Address: 400 New Jersey Ave NW #2002, Washington, DC 20001

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 7AM

Telephone: (202) 719-8478

Business type: American restaurant

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Article One - American Grill: what do users think?

MS Tabu Winslow Morris, MBA: I attended the COE Leadership Summit and Policy Conference at the Hyatt. I commuted from Towson, Maryland to Washington, D.C. every day. I would rush in to the breakfast buffet before our sessions started. Your staff was friendly and seated me right away. Even helped me have seat close to the entrance so that I could exit quickly to get to my session after eating. Your restaurant is clean and you have a good selection of food on the menu. Thank you for the good food and friendly service.

Chanda Rice: The service here is excellent. I had multiple servers checking on me to ensure I had everything I needed. The bread with dinner is soft, warm and delicious. The weekend all you can eat breakfast has a nice assortment of options and juices.

Abq Tours: Limited menu. Ok staff. Good drinks! Avg food. $30 out the door for chicken Caesar salad & iced tea.

Kim Nguyen: Great hotel restaurant! Usually hotel restaurants are just eh. Appreciate the interesting menu with some organic and local ingredients... and even a sustainable catch of the day dish. Enjoyed the fluffy omelet, crispy hash browns and cheese plate for room service.

Aaron WF: Service is friendly. The place is clean and the hamburger I has was very good.

3. No 10 Thomas

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No 10 Thomas

Address: 10 Thomas Cir NW, Washington, DC 20005

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 7AM

Telephone: (202) 842-1300

Business type: American restaurant

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No 10 Thomas: what do users think?

Leslie Backus: This is a hotel. I am here fir a national choir meeting, and we only used the place for the room. We met at a nearby church , and we had a caterer for our food. That said all the Plaza people have been consistently cheerful and helpful from housekeeping to the concierge to the bartender who broke my twenty.

Danielle Charene Myers (D or Dani): A beautiful hotel right in the heart Of Washington D.C. with tons of amenities and gracious, friendly staff & management.

Sandra Musitano: Rooms were clean. Bathroom and closet space good size. Desk services decent. Breakfast buffet service was NOT friendly and food was warm, not hot. Appreciated the bottle of water left in our room every day

Paul Schulte: Ben and his staff made our brunch extra special!! As we waited, Ben brought us coffee and then started chatting with us. We were both teachers and Ben shared that his parents both worked in education as well. The wait staff was very attentive to our drinks and making sure we had everything we needed. When we asked for the bill, we were told that Ben had taken care of it. We appreciated the wonderful meal and great staff. We will be back!!

Tere Minondo: This place is amazing!!! The food is outstanding, we had fish tacos, mozzarella sticks, steak and artichoke dip... every single thing was good and they had fair prices. The only bad thing is that they close too early! LOL

Mikayla Jeffrey: Ribeye was overcooked and ended up being well done and bland instead of medium. My fiances cod from the fish and chips was overcooked as well. Honestly the best thing about this place was the bread and butter and the fries. Not really worth the price.

Jamahl Milton: Excellent host and wait staff. Attended their was so so. It was very Italian, not what I was expecting. Some of the "typical" brunch items are brought to the table on small plates. I thoroghly enjoyed that more than the buffet.

Finnegan Knox: I eat in this spot a lot since I work nearby. I like how their service is always great and they keep the spot well kept constantly. Rates are affordable and they serve large portions.

Vincent Gagnon: While staying at the hotel, we decided to try the restaurant for dinner and were disappointed. Since there was only one waiter working, there was nobody at the front entrance to greet customers so we had to wait over 5-10min before he acknowledged us. The service was also extremely slow and the food was tasteless. I would not recommend going there for dinner.

Elizabeth Mwangi: The hotel restaurant is very beautiful with relaxing colors, very spacious and the meal are great. I enjoyed the American breakfast.The staff are very courteous and friendly however they are slow and maybe need to improve on that.....despite the slow services I reccomend the hotel restaurant if you are not in a hurry.

4. Flaming Grill & Buffet

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1378 reviews
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Flaming Grill & Buffet

Address: 6051 Oxon Hill Rd, Oxon Hill, MD 20745

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11:30AM

Telephone: (301) 567-9555

Business type: Buffet restaurant

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Flaming Grill & Buffet: what do users think?

Bruce Taylor: Food was hot and fresh. The seating was prompt and everything was very clean. I would eat here again.

Godden Garden: Food taste like it was our all day. Pineapple was fresh and tasty

Tiffany “NewlyNatural” J: This was our first time here since the pandemic has been reduced. We were excited to see it open. The food was hit or miss. Somethings were good and some things were not. Somethings were hot and some of the things that should have been hot was cold. I was taken back by finding a raw egg on bar...I made one of the male worker aware and he said that happens sometimes and just looked at me. What the hell do I do with a raw egg?🤷 The kids enjoyed themselves and tried some new things and some old faithful things.

Gaby Carr: Really good and variety of food for all likes. Hot and fresh!

5. Hinode Restaurant

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Hinode Restaurant

Address: 134 Congressional Ln, Rockville, MD 20852

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11:30AM

Telephone: (301) 816-2190

Business type: Japanese restaurant

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Hinode Restaurant: what do users think?

Jonathon Koerner: Man I really enjoy this restaurant! It is becoming one of my favorites to take friends to. To start off the waiter is always fast with everything and very friendly. They have all you can eat sushi(price goes up for lunch and dinner). There speciality sushi is always a nice surprise and quality fish. Aside from the sushi I really enjoyed the seafood lo Mein and teriyaki salmon. The Lo mein had a large variety of fresh seafood. I guess my only complaint is that the food is so good it’s hard not to continuously eat there!
Response: Thank you so much for this kind review, Jonathon! It really means a lot to us. We're so glad you've enjoyed your meals with us and sitting by our fish tank residents ;) We hope to see you again soon!

Leslie S: Excellent and affordable sushi! If you’re hungry, all you can eat menu is the way to go. Bento boxes or individual nigiri/maki orders are great for a little less appetite.
Response: Hi Leslie! Thank you so much for taking the time to write this sweet review for us. We're so glad you enjoyed your meal and we hope to see you again! :)

HM: I’m sorry but wafer thin, 1.5 inch long,tiny nigiri with mostly rice is a complete ripoff for the all you can eat buffet. Would be ok if they didn’t charge for leftover rice. I want AYCE Fish not rice. I miss Matuba :(

Corwin Crombie: This is one of my favorite restaurants to go to! They have fast, friendly service, the music is pleasant, the food is delicious and priced well. I have been here multiple times and have no negative feed back. Also I love to look at the fish tank.

Somnuk X.: One of the best Sushi Restaurants in Montgomery County, MD. Great prices for all you can eat sushi and items from the kitchen. Food is very tasty and comes in good portions. It’s a great place to take your friends to enjoy a nice lunch or dinner and hangout. The staff are very friendly, attentive, and the food comes out quick. Ignore all those negative comments about this place. I recommend giving this place a try and I give them a five star ⭐️!
Response: Thank you so much for the kind words, Somnuk! We're so appreciative that you took the time to write this and are grateful for customers like you! We hope to keep serving you 5 star meals, whenever we can!

Brian Jerry: I only dined here because my regular AYCE place (Sushi Para) was shut down permanently. But boy was that a mistake. My experience was ruined by this extremely racist elderly Asian lady (whom I assume is either the manager or the owner) kept staring at me the entire time. I felt so uncomfortable. And when I tried to order sushi for my dad, she kept emphasizing that the deluxe dinner option was higher priced, as if I couldn’t afford it because I was black. Then she accused me of sharing. So rude to me yet she was extremely nice to the other white and non-black patrons. The servers were cool but that lady just ruined my entire experience. I can spend my money elsewhere at other establishments that I know will give me equal treatment. Only after I left a tip for the server upon leaving did she exchange phony pleasantries with me but by then, it was already too late. I wish I could give this restaurant zero stars if I could. People of color aren’t particularly welcomed here, especially if you’re of African-American descent. Spend your money elsewhere. This place should be shut down.

Chance Fletcher: Recently moved up to this area and decided to try and find some good sushi. After some time, I found Hinode. The service was relaxed and the food was delicious. Decided to do the a la carte menu. On top of the sushi, there was also plenty of other options ranging from dumplings to noodles. All of it was fantastic. Will certainly be coming back.
Response: Thank you, Chance! We appreciate you writing this sweet review for us!

6. GrandE Buffet & Grill

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1735 reviews
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GrandE Buffet & Grill

Address: 9636 Fort Meade Rd, Laurel, MD 20707

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11AM

Telephone: (240) 568-9893

Business type: Buffet restaurant

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GrandE Buffet & Grill: what do users think?

Little Mozart: Very good for the price. Many varieties of food including but not limited to seafood salad desserts soul food a taco station soup and an ice cream machine. Some food was room temperature but still good. They even had real wasabi! I highly recommend. I only took a photo of my first plate and forgot the others.

Carmen Milligan: I love this place! My husband isn’t the biggest fan of venturing out to a buffet but whenever I suggest Grand E Buffet, he grabs his car keys. Their food is so fresh & they have a huge variety to choose from. When a dish is close to empty, they keep a close watch and a new batch is placed within moments. The staff are quick to clear your used plates and pay attention when your drinks are low. You’ll never be thirsty. They offer a “take out” service when you fill a to go container and pay per weight. Honestly this is one of our favorite spots any day of the week. My husband is in love with their short ribs and once I tried them, it’s a staple on my plate. The lo mein is so good. Their crab Rangoon are the absolute best. They have the perfect texture and don’t have an overpowering flavor. They have the combination just right. I also like that they offer duck sauce in individual packets. And their fish is tender and tastes like homemade with excellent seasoning and flavor. I recommend basically every option they have. It’s a popular place so don’t be surprised if the tables are full. It’s affordable for the selection and the service. I can’t wait to go back again. Everything tastes amazing and there’s no doubt you’ll find something you like. My husband loves to finish his meal with their soft service ice cream which is always a treat. Definitely a great choice.

Lea A: I read the 4-5 star reviews before coming here and I feel lied to. I should’ve known by the dirty carpet and tables that this was not a good place to eat. Most of the plates and bowls were dirty, I found hair in my salmon, and all of the food was cold and stale as if it had been left out all day. None of the people handling the food wore hair nets or gloves even though many of them had long hair. I wish I had spent my $15 literally anywhere else. Never again!!

TY Slade: We love this place and eat here weekly. They are so friendly and the food is always top notch. Never have had an issue and always clean and safe. You won’t leave hungry!

BETTER life: Not clean and food is very bad quality. Not only was the food cold but if you cut open a piece of chicken ( orange chicken, for example), it will have a foul smell. I suppose it’s a decent price but I think it was a hefty price considering that all the food is refrigerated and reheated for a larger profit. All together, very disappointed.

Jerome Grossley: The restaurant was very clean, the food was excellent and most of all the employees were very busy putting out new food cleaning and they were very pleasant.

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