Best Disco Restaurants In Washington Near Me

1. Sax Restaurant & Lounge - Washington

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Sax Restaurant & Lounge
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Address: 734 11th St NW, Washington, DC 20001

Schedule: Closes soon ⋅ 2AM ⋅ Opens 6PM Fri

Telephone: (202) 737-0101

Business type: American restaurant

Sax Restaurant & Lounge: what do users think?
Diana Feldmaier
Diana Feldmaier: SIR Sundays are BACK!! It is the best brunch I’ve been to. The buffet style food was delicious, lots of fun, great show, and unlimited mimosas! Bring all your girlfriends, you’ll have a blast!
Alexander Cárdenas
Alexander Cárdenas: The experience was really good. I enjoyed the night with my friends, good drinks and the music was perfect. However, there was not enough air conditioning and very hot. Other that that good.
B Rene
B Rene: I have to give Sax 4/5 stars because of my experience. I took my mother here for her birthday about a week ago for the dinner and show. The atmosphere is REALLY intimate/dramatic. Quick bite: they give you some type of flavor popcorn. Unfortunately, the server came around and took the bowl while we still has popcorn in it and didn’t even ask us if we were done or if we wanted more. I just thought that might’ve been a nice courtesy. Appetizer: we ordered the cocktail shrimp (there were four fairly large shrimp. They were seasoned and cooked perfectly! My mom had their blackberry mesculin salad which was really good as well. Neither of us really cared for the vinaigrette that comes with it (too vinegar-y), but their ranch (which I believe is housemade) was really great! Drinks:my mom had what was originally served as a house shooter (They practically give these away) district was pretty refreshing, cool, and crisp. It’s pink, and forgive me I cannot remember the name of it. I had the art of the tease, Which is either whiskey or bourbon-based, but really tasty! Comes with some type of sugar crystals on a stick that’s a little bit longer and thicker than toothpick. Would definitely order again. Dinner: I tried the lamb... not so great. But traded for the Oscar NY strip....BOMB. It came with asparagus beets in the crabmeat. I don’t even know how to explain the flavor in the party in my mouth! But definitely a must try if you plan to visit. It definitely made up for any concern I had about the lamb. My mom had the Chimichurri steak frites. They came up very tender and juicy. Not quite as flavorful as the New York strip, but still really good. For sides (yes, they are à le carte) we had the mashed potatoes and sautéed spinach. Both really good! Those are probably some the best mashed potatoes I’ve ever had in my life! Not sure if that’s a thing, but for me that night it was. Only issue that I had with that was they don’t seem to have enough sides. I took pictures of the menu, so you’ll see what I mean. I just feel like maybe a little more variety would have been more intriguing. Dessert:didn’t really look too appetizing. Again, not enough menu options, and the few items that were there didn’t really spark my interest. Because it was my moms birthday, they did bring out cheesecake with a candle and two glasses of champagne. Not bad. Definitely nice that they were thoughtful enough to bring her something and celebrate with her. The cheesecake that they brought out was really good… Unfortunately I don’t remember seeing that (non dulce de leche) on the menu. Entertainment: They have a different set every 40 or 45 minutes after the hour. Definitely not raunchy or anything classless, But I would not recommend this place for kids under 16 maybe even 18. As this was my first time, I wasn’t really aware that the show takes place kind of at the eye level of the people sitting upstairs, and we ended up sitting downstairs. Still a great deal because the entertainment was also on the floor, but I feel like there were parts of the show that we missed when they were doing floor work in the skybox. We would have been able to see that better if we were on the second floor. Now we know for next time though. Last tidbit: No matter the size of your party or the time of day or the day of the week that you come in, they will be adding 22% gratuity to your bill automatically. Overall, my first Sax experience was great. Definitely book a reservation. They do have a two hour maximum time limit that they claim that they strictly enforce. I took plenty of photos for you guys...enjoy and pay a visit
Daisy de Santiago
Daisy de Santiago: The staff at SAX needs to learn the definition of hospitality. Better yet, they need to go back to hospitality school. We used to go to SAX several years ago until their shows became tasteless and raunchy. Then, we recently heard they rebranded their image as a legit supper club, so we decided to try them again. When we arrived, the place only had a few diners and the bar area that they call a “fast bar” but had no bartender in sight. So, we sat down at one of the tables to wait for a bartender to show up and watch the show that started. A service staff (if you can even call her that) walked up to us ask asked if we had a reservation. We said, we didn’t, but that we wanted to grab a drink. She immediately dismissed us and said we cannot sit in that area because the party who reserved it was about to arrive any minute now. Well, as evidenced by my photos below, it had been over an hour and no one had occupied the area where we were sitting. The bar downstairs was never staffed and we were told we needed to go to the upstairs bar to be served drinks. The bartender was the only hospitable person in that entire establishment. Also, when we moved to the other side of the restaurant, this time with our drinks in hand, we were approached yet again by someone who looked like he could be the manager. Rather than offer us a seating where we could enjoy our drinks, he simply told us that we cannot sit at that particular table. This place was a waste of visit. They were rude and dismissive. They ought to take a page out of Stephen Starr’s book when it comes to excellence in service and talent in the restaurant industry. Which, by the way, was where we headed after our time at this wannabe, overpriced, superficial supper club.
Desirea Conner
Desirea Conner: Sax is always a great time ! I went with my best friend for a pride event and we had so much fun !
Bryan Jordan
Bryan Jordan: Awesome decor and entertainment. Easily spend $200 between two people, so bring your $$$ but the drinks and food were executed very well. The staff was very friendly and accommodating. Great place for a date night, birthday party, or special event. We will be returning again for sure, well worth the trip into DC.
Dani Pass
Dani Pass: Never go here. The staff is so aggressive. As a woman I felt so unsafe. I saw their bouncer grab people by the neck and aggressively take people out in an unacceptable way. This person cannot be working there. Brendon, the one working at the door was completely unhelpful and ignorant about this serious situation.

2. Cafe Citron - Washington

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Cafe Citron
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Address: 1343 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20036

Schedule: Closes soon ⋅ 2AM ⋅ Reopens 6PM

Telephone: (202) 530-8844

Business type: Pan-Latin restaurant

Cafe Citron: what do users think?
Ed: Good vibe and good food. Definitely a place I will visit again, staff is friendly and music is great. After 9:30 pm the vibes gets better. Recommended
Gerald Mansfield
Gerald Mansfield: Had a wonderful time here last night celebrating a bachelorette party with a couple of our girlfriends, we had no idea that he shows existed at this location. Now that we have attended the show at this location for the bachelorette party last night and had their food, we will definitely be back. What a hidden gem
sol sol
sol sol: the food is good and the place very fun.
Marilyn Sanin
Marilyn Sanin: Amazing night scene, owner is spectacular! Great drinks, music, and lively crowd! They even have a smoking room upstairs! Love this place, fave club in DC
Michael John
Michael John: This establishment is extremely racist and did not let my friend in because he is asian. DO NOT go here and support this racist bar. Find somewhere else.

3. The Park at 14th - Washington

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The Park at 14th
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Address: 920 14th St NW, Washington, DC 20533

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 5PM

Telephone: (202) 550-0300

Business type: Restaurant

The Park at 14th: what do users think?
Gabriella WOWITSGOLDIE: Had a blast here !! Food was really good for brunch … it’s like a big plate of food and unlimited mimosas … salmon was so good ! Wings came off the bone, delicious. You pay one fee and spend like 3 hours there. The music was pretty good too, after you drink a few glasses you might even get up and dance. Bathrooms upstairs are very tiny and a little outdated other then that service was very good and food was great would definitely recommend! We will be back!
Tasha Fuller
Tasha Fuller: It was all good, from the drinks, appetizers, entrees, to desserts and service. As you can see we were ready and The Park at 14th did not disappoint. We all agreed that the spinach and artichoke dip was “da bomb” the dip was creamy and full of flavor and the the fresh baked chips were the perfect compliment. We also enjoyed the shrimp and calamari. For dinner we ordered jerk wings for the table and I had the lamb, and I was not ashamed to pick up and clean the bone, it was that good. Everyone ordered the brownie for dessert and then we ordered a bread pudding for everyone to sample. I could have eaten them both and some would say I tried. You must check them out when they reopen in March.
Solana Cox
Solana Cox: We came here all the way from Pittsburgh to celebrate our 5 year anniversary weekend. Every occasion and celebration that comes up, I will choose this place every time. The service and the DJ was on point. After a nice fine dining experience the night before, this is exactly what we were looking for the next day. Good vibes, good music, good food and drinks, and an all around fun atmosphere. When we told them it was our anniversary, they went above and beyond for us the entire night we were there. All the staff were so helpful and kept checking in on us even if it wasn’t our actual waiter. Special shout out to Dre which I’m assuming is the manager, that guy was running circles assisting staff. I’m a manager myself and now I feel like I need to step my game up watching that guy work lol. He was on top of everything and made sure we left with a memorable experience. I plan on coming back every time I visit DC. If you’re looking for a night out with good food and drinks, a live DJ playing hip hop/ r & b hits from early to mid 2000s, and all around exceptional service, this place is it. Highly recommend.
Jenn (Jenn)
Jenn (Jenn): A small group of friends and I had dinner at The Park for my friend’s birthday and it was a good time. It was our first time eating dinner here and the food was presently good. I ordered the baby lamb chops with mashed potatoes and asparagus. My meal would have been really good but the gravy was salty so that ruined my meal. The lamb chops were nicely cooked, tender and juicy. The size is accurate for the name, and they were indeed baby size.
Lani: It was okay. The food / drinks came out fast. The happy hour only had two drinks on the menu and they weren’t strong. It was busy so we didn’t see our servers as much. I feel like the entrees are over priced now. We didn’t get enough to match the $30-40 price tags per entree. The wings werent good anymore, they were soggy. The vibe is definitely different now that it’s a restaurant only, which isn’t a bad thing but it should be noted. I think the quantity of food should match what you’re paying. I liked that I could let any server know my order if I didn’t see my server and they took my requests. But I don’t see myself returning here. The servers energy was that I couldn’t just come for drinks anymore and had to order a meal and not just appetizers. He was pushy & kept asking me what I wanted to eat and I had ordered many drinks and apps at the point, didn’t like that. The party next to us was overwhelmingly loud and we couldn’t hear each other.
Kar Ruiz
Kar Ruiz: Great experience. We went for my friend’s birthday and the service was excellent; food amazing. We just loved it. Planing to come back.
Behanka G.
Behanka G.: Food was bomb! Drinks were good. I had the pan seared chicken, a tuxedo, and daily punch. First time here and I had a friend visiting. She enjoyed it as well. The place was lively and well decorated. Parking was hard to find on a friday night but luckily there’s valet for $25.
Dan Richards
Dan Richards: Went here for brunch as part of a group conference. They gave us a sampler of different foods and everything was great. From the French Toast to the wings every bite was an experience. The mac & cheese was one of the best that I have had at a restaurant. The eggs were fluffy and the bacon was perfect.
Latasha Perry
Latasha Perry: We made a reservation on open table the day prior as a recommendation from a friend. At our arrival we were greeted and seated promptly. The staff was friendly, attentive and swift. Our food arrived hot and was so good. The jerk wings amazing and the salmon juicy and flavorful. Mac and cheese was perfect. To note: There is a bar for seating as well. The atmosphere is dark themed and the music was complimentary of a Saturday night out.

4. Cuba Libre Restaurant & Rum Bar - Washington, D.C. - Washington

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Cuba Libre Restaurant & Rum Bar - Washington, D.C.
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Address: 801 9th St NW suite a, Washington, DC 20001

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 4PM

Telephone: (202) 408-1600

Business type: Cuban restaurant

Cuba Libre Restaurant & Rum Bar - Washington, D.C.: what do users think?
Da-Wang Wu
Da-Wang Wu: One of my favorite restaurants in DC. The interior design is pretty cool, and the ambience is great. My favorite is the seafood soup, very flavorful with lots of seafood inside. During dinner time (after 4pm), they serve toasted bread with mango butter, super refreshing flavor! Chicken croquette, fried yuca and empanadas are all very good. Guacamole is beautiful decorated but not the best one I’ve ever had. Paella doesn’t feel right, pretty wet. Churro as an ending dessert to be meal is a great option. Reservation might be needed during peak hours.
Response: Thank you for the great review, Da-Wang Wu! We're thrilled that you enjoyed your dining experience at Cuba Libre! We appreciate your praise for our decor and delicious dishes. The soup and empanadas were fantastic choices! Come back soon! Muchas gracias! -Matthew Fox General Manager, Cuba Libre Restaurant & Rum Bar Washington, DC
Vikram Seshadri
Vikram Seshadri: Loved the music and the ambiance was very lively. Amazing vegetarian and Vegan options. Must try the Mojitos, Yuca fries and the Plantain chips.Had to call ahead and reserve a table and the restaurant was super busy on a weekday but was definitely worth it.
Response: We appreciate this detailed review, Vikram! We are delighted that you had a great time at Cuba Libre Washington DC and loved our music, vibrant ambiance, wide menu variety, and delicious meals. We are always seeking feedback, so we cannot thank you enough for letting us know how we are doing! Come see us again soon for another amazing experience! -Matthew Fox General Manager, Cuba Libre Restaurant & Rum Bar Washington, DC
Abby Fasehun
Abby Fasehun: Loved the ambiance, felt like I was on the street of Havana. The Empanadas Was really good, forgot to take a photo of it, but overall, food was great. Customer service was top notch. Oh and the music!!! Got me moving the whole time. I’ll be back.
Response: We appreciate this glowing feedback, Bisola! Our team here at Cuba Libre Washington DC is delighted to hear that you loved our authentic Cuban ambiance, delicious food, amazing music, and phenomenal made-from-scratch dishes. This praise means the absolute world to us, and we hope to see you again soon for another excellent time! -Matthew Fox General Manager, Cuba Libre Restaurant & Rum Bar Washington, DC
Michelle Edgar
Michelle Edgar: We spent years in “little Cuba” in Hialeah FL, so we are pretty well versed in cuban food. This was stellar! Drinks were strong but flavorful. My husband and I got the mixed grill to share and it did not disappoint! If we come back to the dc area this will be our first stop!
Response: Muchas Gracias, Michelle! We are thrilled that our great food and delicious drinks exceeded your expectations. We look forward to hosting you again in the future for another great experience! -Matthew Fox General Manager, Cuba Libre Restaurant & Rum Bar Washington, DC

5. Barcode - Washington

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1293 reviews
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Address: 1101 17th St NW, Washington, DC 20036

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 4PM

Telephone: (202) 955-9001

Business type: American restaurant

Barcode: what do users think?
Coco Eva
Coco Eva: AbsolutelyLoved it the veggieOmelette was delicious the toast and wedges 😋, the drinks were great according to my girls. My OJ was just fine and the waffles was nice. Check my girl out she had big fun.
Response: Thank you Coco
N. Moore
N. Moore: Brunch music and food were good, parking was tricky, but had a nice time. Bottomless mimosas a plus!
Response: Thank you for the review. glad we met your expectations!
Isaiah I-Say-ah Walker
Isaiah I-Say-ah Walker: The decor is underwhelming, we were seated in a long double sided booth, due to size of are party. However, the bench cushion had many visible burn holes making it very unattractive! We were then moved to long table with high chairs, that was much better for our group. The customer service was basic with no enthusiasm! I will say the food was good, not great! My Sangria had too much ice in it, making it slightly watery. However, my mimosa was perfect and had me nice and tipsy by time I left!
Response: Isaiah- I am sorry we did not provide you a better experience. I will have a talk with the staff about their enthusiasm coupled with their service. Glad the mimosas served their purpose ultimately- please email me directly if you change your mind about returning.
Tatyana Morena
Tatyana Morena: I came here from out of town for my birthday weekend and this place did not disappoint. The pizza is amazing and the service is great!! The blue magic cocktail is chefs kiss. I had to compliment to the owner. The ambiance is amazing. The DJ is awesome , a very mature and elegant experience.
Response: Thank you so much for the review. Glad you enjoyed yourself
GOD SON: been to their Sunday brunch twice and it’s the best!!! its always super packed,please go early to have the best experience. And if they send you an email saying to make a reservation, do it! That way you don’t have to wait too long outside. The DJs are always good. Plays hip hop, dancehall, Afro beats.The day party is a lot of fun.
Response: Thank you for your review-
garet thompson
garet thompson: Stopped by at 1:00 for brunch, my girl friend and I ordered a plate of French toast, eggs, fries, and bacon to share. Bill came out to $52. Don’t understand how one Plate of food came out to $52. No prices on the menu. Average Food shouldn’t be over priced like that..
Response: Hello , sorry for your experience with us at Barcöde. We work hard to please everyone with our food. I will note that the menus do in fact contain pricing- BRUNCH MENU - $40 PER PERSON BRUNCH INCLUDES ONE ENTREE AND TWO MIMOSAS OR TWO SANGRIAS I would hope you would try us again.
Honeycomb31 T
Honeycomb31 T: Went for Brunch. Good food, great music, nice atmosphere and affordable. Brunch included 2 drinks. Parking was scarce as it always is in DC. I highly recommend this place!
Response: Thank you taking the time to make this posting!
Lynn O.
Lynn O.: Very unprofessional people working. Me and my friends made a reservation for 6 people and showed up a few minutes before our reservation only to be told it would still be over an hour wait. When we asked what the point of make a reservation was the hostess just stuck out her lip and shrugged. Terrible experience. Don’t bother making a reservation even though they suggest you do so on the website and when you call. Your time will be wasted.
Response: Lynn O- I apologize for your experience. This is not usually the case. If you would be so kind to give me further details so I can work to prevent such an occurrence again.
María Marshall
María Marshall: I enjoyed visiting Barcode with friends. We were welcomed and enjoyed the outdoor seating to freely smoke our hooka and cigars. The ladies provided excellent service. In the inside you can enjoy a medley of adult libations to go with the sounds of the music. If you are a local DMV artist this is a great place to have your album release party. The young and grown converge here for fun.
Response: Thank you for your review!

6. Tropicalia Lounge - Washington

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Tropicalia Lounge
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Address: 2001 14th St NW, Washington, DC 20009

Schedule: Temporarily closed

Telephone: (202) 629-4535

Business type: Bar

Tropicalia Lounge: what do users think?
Melissa Sky
Melissa Sky: Great location, vibes, cocktails and music (Live and djays). Diversity is the spice of life and Tropicalia takes you outside the "bubble". Mix up the music! Irie!
Bin “habesh times” Fi
Bin “habesh times” Fi: It’s an okay club seen. Bouncer asked me for money as a bribe because my friend forgot her Id. The music is a C+ not very good or bad. Drinks are fair priced considering the area and the time.
Karoll William Visual Arts
Karoll William Visual Arts:  Learn to pronounce I just got mistreated by the person at the door. I visited this bar as part of the artists that performed that night, at a time when I went out to smoke a cigarette on the sidewalk in front, he tells me with an attitude that I had to go to the corner. I replied that I was on the street, that it is a public place and told me that then my night was "over" and that he would not let me in again. Of course I went to another friendlier place. I attach the picture of the stupid.
Alex Lima
Alex Lima: This venue tend to have very good bands. But, they cut the shows off too early to give the stage to the house DJ that is nothing more than average. The venue does nit sell food and the drinks are somewhat overpriced.
scott g
scott g: Fun place. Went for a charity event and had a band playing. Great atmosphere
Edward Eilers
Edward Eilers: Open later and good atmosphere, decent drinks. Well lit areas plus spaces to sit and also less light in some areas. Overall as a small club it is good for the area, another way to unwind.
frank swyca
frank swyca: Topicalia Lounge is a really cool night spot. Eclectic live music and decent DJ later at night keeps the vibe popping. I took a friend from out town there and they loved it! My favorite spot in that 14th St. club area. Worth checking out if you have not.

7. Jojo Restaurant and Bar - Washington

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853 reviews
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Jojo Restaurant and Bar
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Address: 1518 U St NW, Washington, DC 20009

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 4PM

Telephone: (202) 319-9350

Business type: American restaurant

Jojo Restaurant and Bar: what do users think?
Fernanda Lanzagorta
Fernanda Lanzagorta: The live music is definitely the best asset of this restaurant. Its 10 dollars for the the music. We were expecting more on the food, the fries and apple tart were the best of all. The ambiance is so cozy and inviting. I’ll come back for the music and the desserts.
Response: Thank you!
mletts423: This is a great spot! The Jazz was incredible. It is a small bar with great sound. The bartenders work really hard and make great drinks! I highly recommend this place!
Response: Thamks, you are the best. Check out our happy hours daily from 5pm-7pm.
Vicki J (MylifeMystyle)
Vicki J (MylifeMystyle): Jojo’s a vibe ! If you like jazz / live music then check it out when in DC . There’s a $10 cover for the nights the band is playing live for downstairs seats. The food is tasty as well .
Response: Thank you Vicki, we hope to see you soon.
Anita Molina
Anita Molina: What a little gem. We came to enjoy some late night jazz. Cozy inside, atmosphere was fantastic. Loved the ambiance. Excellent food, excellent drinks and most importantly excellent music. We will be back.
Response: Thank you
Emerson P. Daniel
Emerson P. Daniel: interesting. food is great! the bartender pictured here touched my limes with his bare hands… and he kept going to the side to eat like taking chomps,,, i guess he was really hungry 😂😂😂overall— unsanitary and friendly in a fake way. oh and he didn’t know what the menu pictures were.. like what🤣🤣🤣 do you want me to get something?? and i kid you not my friend was asking about the picture and i literally figured out myself so you would THINK the bartender could do the same let alone know off bat—
Response: Thank you.
Alex Moore
Alex Moore: Came for the jazz and will probably only come back for the live jazz. The drinks were pretty standard, maybe a little too sweet on their fruit based cocktails. We had a reservation but had to wait ~20-30minutes for the table, despite arriving on time, since the party before us took their time to gather up and leave. The food was ok, and took a very long time to come out. Ordered the lamb chops rare, but only one of the 3 were rare. The chops varied in thickness too, which added to the uneven doneness. The dish was supposed to come with garlic mashed potatoes but came out with a few potato wedges instead, the spinach side was good. They add 20% gratuity to your bill and $10/head for live music.
Response: Thank you.

8. Harlot DC Lounge & Restaurant - Washington

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259 reviews
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Harlot DC Lounge & Restaurant
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Address: 2001 11th St NW, Washington, DC 20001

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 7PM

Telephone: (202) 986-7159

Business type: Restaurant

Harlot DC Lounge & Restaurant: what do users think?
nakea fountaine
nakea fountaine: BEAUTIFUL PLACE!! I would never recommend! Everything was nasty to me and my friends. None of us enjoyed our food! And the service was terrible! Banana pudding taste like the box and not in a we hooked it up kind of way but straight bland and almost chalky. Steak and eggs was nasty eggs bland, shrimp and grits nasty, bread pudding was like someone messed up baking and just served it eggs Benedict w salmon nasty They didn’t bring condiments and the server would walk away so fast and be gone for so long. AND TO TOP IT OFF MY FRUIT WAS NOT RIPE IT WAS ROTTEN! not to mention I ordered fresh fruit with yogurt and honey, I wasn’t informed when I ordered that they had ran out of yogurt! Oh and my salad didn’t come w the croutons either but I seen them on other salads. Very dissatisfied, and we paid a pretty penny too. I would suggest you all hire more staff on your really busy time of the year or whatever I think if you had more staff a lot of this would’ve been avoided. Also I love my Hispanic people but it’s difficult to get help from them when I can’t communicate w them so the server needed to come back but I couldn’t find her. Very frustrating!
Tikesha Ross
Tikesha Ross: Belly was the best server ever she made our experience so great! The food was good the music was good. Me and my friends really enjoyed ourselves….. Thank you Bellly ❤️❤️
Response: THank you so much! Please come again!
TeQuila Carroll
TeQuila Carroll: This place is cute. Like IG worthy but that’s it lol Went here for brunch on Sunday, of course, and it was just OK. No valet parking. They take reservations but I think b/c EVERYBODY has been here it was not packed at all. Suitable for all ages (21-50). The food was subpar. Bottle service was a joke to me. They have hookah, electric, which was very different than your standard coal option. It’s a set menu for brunch. $35 for a appetizer, entree, and dessert. You can order Mimosas by the glass or opt for the “bottle service”(6 mini bottles of champagne) with a complimentary juice. If you want extra juice it’s $10. Don’t let the camera guy fool you. It’s $20 a photo. They do have a DJ but they seemed inexperienced. I’m glad I went b/c it was so hyped. But I’m wouldn’t return.
Shavon Alicia B
Shavon Alicia B: I enjoyed the vibe and atmosphere. The food not so much. Our waiter was super sweet and nice. This more of a vibe, smoke hookah spot and a light meal like wings. Not a really Brunch ,due to the food being just ok.
Response: Thank you Shavon for sharing your expeence with us! We are working hard to get better on every level!Please, tell us what exactly did you order?
Brittani George
Brittani George: I will continue to support this business and make sure to come back. I went here to see my first drag brunch for my bachelorette party (part 2), and the place, food, staff, and performers were all top-notch.
Response: Dear Brittani! Thank you so much! We work hard to get that reaction from our beloved customers! And we are very happy it’s noticeable! Thank you for your support!
Ryan Morton
Ryan Morton: I would not recommend this place. My boyfriend tried to surprise me for my birthday to come here. We were running a little late because we were looking for parking. They did not inform us that we had to be on time or you will lose your reservation. So we lost our reservation after 15 minutes. Once my boyfriend spoke with the people at the door, they told us to go online to request a refund and reschedule. We try to request the refund online, and then received an ignorant response. “Unfortunately you were late, no refunds.” The people that work there in front of the door advised us to go online and request a refund and reschedule. I would never come here, I would never tell my friends to come here, I would never recommend this place. Definitely went somewhere else for my birthday and had a ball. I hope y’all step your customer service game up one day, because if not, y’all would definitely lose business.
Response: Dear Ryan! We are very sorry, that you had a bad experience with your party. We do put our reservation policy and 15 minutes grace period in confirmation email and remainder email. Unfortunately, to be able to accommodate all the following parties on time - we have to stick to our rules and show the same appreciation to all of our guests. We always ask our guests to tell us if they are running late. There are options to do that right from your email with confirmation. All our team sends you Happy Birthday wishes and we are happy you enjoyed your party anyways!
Vocalbeast AJ
Vocalbeast AJ: It saddens me to have to give this place such a low rating. I’ve passed this place many times on Sunday and wondered how their brunch was. I took a friend for her birthday, and I was very disappointed. Firstly, their website stressed the important of being on-time, however, we waited in line and didn’t get in until after our reservation time. The line was cramped and people also were being allowed to just walk in the front of the line because their party had already been waiting...causing a further delay for us to give our contact into and do the temperature checks. The server was anything but pleasant. She kept forgetting our order, and got an attitude when I ask for a manager considering after well over an hour my food had not arrived. Both dishes were done incorrect, but more importantly my own which came finally well after my friend finished eating hers. I ordered a MW steak which came out WellDone, and fried hard eggs that came out over easy. When the first plate came I said well before the second plate but still about an hour after the order was placed, the server made a guess that it belong to my friend. We order the same thing with a few differences. Here had an item on it that I specifically told the waitress I was allergic to. The manager on duty was polite and attempted his best to resolve it, but unfortunately his efforts feel extremely short. I was totally dissatisfied and turned off by the experience. The food I received came as they were transitioning into their next phase of dinning, clearly exceeding two hours. We stayed to finish our drinks we purchased, paid for the bill, and continued on to another spot nearby so I could eat. I thought about giving them another shot because the decor is amazing and the music was right on time...however this is not a solo or duo type place. You need a group of 4 or more to get seating that won’t be by the bathroom or in an area where staff including management can stand. I dealt with three guys above 6 feet who worked there including security standing right by me so they could watch the game. Clearly violating the six feet rule. I asked if they could move and they ignored me until I asked a staff member to ask them. This caused people to but my table trying to pass them and my person. I love football, but also like being in good health. I can’t recommend this place for food, but it def attracts a nice young adult crowd where the majority are pretty well put together if you’re looking to network.

9. DC9 Nightclub - Washington

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457 reviews
new review
DC9 Nightclub
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Address: 1940 9th St NW, Washington, DC 20001

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 5PM

Telephone: (202) 483-5000

Business type: Restaurant

DC9 Nightclub: what do users think?
John T
John T: This dive bar is awesome! In the summer you can relax on the 3rd fl rooftop and laugh at everyone waiting in line for the "popular" bar across the street. In the winter they have small indi bands on the second floor. Great concert space. Staff has seen it all so be respectful!
Katelyn Stenger
Katelyn Stenger: Intimate venue and very friendly staff. I would highly recommend if you can! The tickets were shockingly affordable and the folks at the front actually checked vaccination and ID. Much appreciated.
Jessica Strahin
Jessica Strahin: Went there for a small intimate concert. Loved the venue and the staff!!
Robert Cardoni
Robert Cardoni: Great intimate show space to see smaller up and coming bands ... only hold about 150 people - so sold out shows are tight. Staff is super friendly. Beer is cold. Sound is good. What more could a music fan ask for Check set times though. Sometime shows are early with dance parties afterwards ...
Omny Miranda Martone
Omny Miranda Martone: I love DC9. We go here regularly. The bottom floor is a typical indoor bar, the second floor is for dancing, and the top floor is a rooftop bar. Definitely recommend.
Stacey Brooks
Stacey Brooks: Little but intimate. TTNG played twice here and it was a laid back experience. Bar on every level, food always smells great, bands perform on the second level without it being over crowded! Great place to rock!
Joe Nicol
Joe Nicol: always a good time, the best unofficial gay bar in DC — great acts, cool space
Chris B
Chris B: 150 person capacity venue means you can get up close to the bands but shows usually end pretty early and the beer list is not impressive by any means. The food is pretty good tho, and be sure to get their garlic fries as a side to whatever you order.
Daniel Cox
Daniel Cox: Great place for live music. It is a really small and intimate venue which makes for a much better experience. Bouncer was really nice, drinks are averagely priced, and overall a good experience. Would come to a show here again.

10. Cloak & Dagger - Washington

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297 reviews
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Cloak & Dagger
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Address: 1359 U St NW, Washington, DC 20009

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 6PM

Telephone: (703) 231-8221

Business type: Bar

Cloak & Dagger: what do users think?
Katrina Marie
Katrina Marie: This bar has a cool vibe! Good music and lots of dancing 10/10. The bartender was exceptional! However, towards the end of my night, my friends and I returned to this bar after going next door and we were met with a security guard (who said his name was Kyle) who took it upon himself to throw his arm around me and tell me that he would let me back in based on if I was to give him my number……cringy I know After going back and forth with him about why I could come back in and my two friends couldn’t, he put his hands on my back and gently shoved me out the door. I understand closing times and not being able to accommodate people if there’s only 20-30 minutes left in the night, but NEVER has any male security guard thrown his arm around me and then shoved me out the door. Unprofessional and super uncomfortable energy. It was the WORST way to end a great night here
Aminah Imani
Aminah Imani: DJ was lit. I came for a comedy show hosted by Rallo, it was a good vibe. The venue is nice. I would come back for sure!
Sharetta King
Sharetta King: Cloak & Dagger made my VIP birthday party an experience to never forget! Everyone had an amazing time and we have future plans to celebrate there again. Sonny and his staff were phenomenal. A member along with security checked on us often. The service was great and always on time and they knew what we wanted before having to ask. The atmosphere was really fun and the DJ could not have been better. Sonny also took the time to hang out with the party and conversed with each of us much longer than other club owners had.
C Lee
C Lee: Fun and casual nightlife with a great DJ and good music! We got table service and it was perfect. The area is small but it worked out well for our group. Service was excellent - she was present without being overbearing and was accommodating about splitting the check. The dance floor was packed with people ready for fun and dancing. It was cozy and comfortable - definitely not a pretentious spot. We went for a bachelorette and they did everything to make it a fun night for our soon-to-be bride. The owner was friendly and helpful. And the DJ and host were friendly and really good at getting the crowd going.
Christina Tang
Christina Tang: One thing I love about Cloak & Dagger is that you will always have a great time. The music is always hype, the crowd is filled with positive vibes and high energy. The dj at Cloak & Dagger really knows what type of music to play to please a diverse crowd. The bartenders always makes my drinks perfectly! Out of all the clubs on U st. , I know that if I want to go somewhere that has good music, good alcohol, and a good crowd, Cloak & Dagger is the place to go. Not to mention, the owners are super sweet and genuine. They will always take care of you and make sure you have a fun time. Anytime I have been to Cloak & Dagger, I would stay until 2-3am without realizing it, because I would be having such a great time that I would forget to check my phone. 10/10 would recommend!
Rajit Sarkar
Rajit Sarkar: This is a bar on U St. The drinks are expensive, but not very good. Would not recommend to anyone.
Royce Glover
Royce Glover: Ya I have to give it up to my man John ,his club is great good vibes. I have done alot of work for him in the past electrical, floor tile, paint, put in new fans
nia harley
nia harley: Came here for NYE and won’t come back . The advertised dj was not there and the bartenders are lazy and rude .Shots are over priced and gratuity is automatically included which the bartenders did not deserve .
Yvonne Truong
Yvonne Truong: I NEVER write reviews but let me tell you the place is amazing! Filled with good energy and a lovely atmosphere. Every time I am there the owner (Sonny) always makes sure I have a good time.

11. Jack Rose Dining Saloon - Washington

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1855 reviews
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Jack Rose Dining Saloon
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Address: 2007 18th St NW, Washington, DC 20009

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 5PM

Telephone: (202) 588-7388

Business type: American restaurant

Jack Rose Dining Saloon: what do users think?
Oceanie De Silva
Oceanie De Silva: What an Amazing Whiskey Collection!! We had a night out of drinks here with our friend who was visiting us and we absolutely loved the place and the collection of whiskeys and bourbon and so many other stuff! The bar tenders are so friendly and knowledgeable about everything! I said I love fruity cocktails with either Gin or Vodka and instant cocktails were created! Must visit in DC
Meg Salocks
Meg Salocks: One of the best collections of Scotch Malt Whisky Society on the east coast, along with lots of other unique bottles with a real range in prices. The staff are eternally nice and thoughtful, and will happily help you find the right pour for your tastes. A date night favorite if whiskey is your thing.
Anindita Barman
Anindita Barman: This is a very popular place I could tell from the crowd that was in the restaurant even after the kitchen had closed. We had the "Jack Rose Barrel Picks" flight, the "Time in a Bottle" cocktail, whiskey Wings and fries. The whiskey selection in the flight was great, the cocktail and the wings were good as well, however, the fries were not seasoned or salted at all. Service was good but the host could have done better. He just stood there without greeting or anything so we were not sure if he was part of the staff. Upon asking if he worked there, he said he did after which we asked for a table and he led us to one. :/ Parking can be a hassle as the restaurant is in the heart of DC. There is street parking but finding a spot is up to luck.
Gregg Caldwell
Gregg Caldwell: Have been here two times and the service has been excellent and the bourbon knowledge has been on par. Not sure how long it would take a server to know what liquor they have and the ability to speak about each bottle? Place gets loud as it gets later in the night. Make sure to check out the upstairs area.
Kevin Raisch
Kevin Raisch: As a whisk(e)y fan, I had to visit Jack Rose while in DC and it was awesome. Kyle, our whisky advisor, perfectly crafted a whisky flight based on my preferences and provided very detailed and interesting facts about the story and science behind each bottle. In addition to the 3,000 unique bottles of whisky they have food, beer, cocktails and two floors of space (including outdoor space) so it’s perfect even for those who don’t want whisky.
Larry Miller
Larry Miller: Over 2600 different Whiskies in their inventory. Great selection of rare whiskey. Great cocktails, service and food. This was a busket list bar for me. Itcwas the worth the trip.
Michael McDaniel
Michael McDaniel: Truly a must-go place for bourbon and whiskey lovers. For starting at only $28, you’ll get to experience 3 bottles tasting with an excellent background on each bottle by well-knowledgeable and passionate servers.The second floor is open air with different corners to experience.

12. Habana Village - Washington

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249 reviews
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Habana Village
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Address: 1834 Columbia Rd NW, Washington, DC 20009

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 5PM

Telephone: (202) 975-1927

Business type: Cuban restaurant

Habana Village: what do users think?
Adam Farrell
Adam Farrell: We were just walking by, and were immediately enticed by the fun salsa/latin beat, savory aroma and fantastic vibes pouring out of this establishment. When we saw their happy hour selections, we were sold (5-7pm!). Outstanding Piña-Coladas, Mohitos, and Margaritas confirmed our anticipation, delicious and only six bucks. $3 draught beers, more fantastic music and THE BEST fried yucca were also enjoyed. This place is so fun, affordable and the kitchen is one of the most professional in the area. Mario was the most welcoming of bar tenders, as he happily explained the menu, their story and some of the dance classes that are offered (prior to covid). We felt safe being served outside and will be back FOR SURE. Especially for some dance lessons! P.S. for the authentic cuban experience, finish your meal with a shot of aguardiente! Delicious!
Kezia M
Kezia M: Went here for my friends birthday! They were timely in getting us seated after being a bit late for our reservation. The staff were very nice and sincere. Absolutely loved the food! Took a little bit to come out but it was well worth the wait. Some of the best plantains I’ve ever had! Their rice and beans... chefs kiss. Will definitely return whenever I make my way to DC again!
Ana De Gutiérrez
Ana De Gutiérrez: Delicious Cuban food!!! I love the Vaca frita
Madison Dull
Madison Dull: This was a wonderful experience. the food, service, and music was incredible. The food was authentic. The service was perfect they were around the perfect amount. Mario, the server, was very attentive and made wonderful drink and food recemendations. It would be a shame not to dine at this restaurant.
Jacqueline: Phenomenal food!! Great service that’s now family owned and operated with new management - salsa dancing and amazing vibes. Just bought a practice in the area and will definitely return !
Giani Morales-González
Giani Morales-González: Excellent Service! Excellent Food! Great and Relaxing Atmosphere! It is a must try, you’ll be sorry that you missed out!
Quarib Chowdhury
Quarib Chowdhury: This is a DC institution. Amazed and glad it’s still around. Friday night Salsa class was great with a great instructor. I left early for the social but every video I see seems like they’re a good time. I wish it was a little bigger.
Elizabeth T
Elizabeth T: This place was a great choice to go to! We ordered the nachos and they were fantastic!! It’s such a nice place to go and enjoy dinner and a drink. I felt right at home and they were very attentive. They sanitize their glasses and I was very happy to see that during this time! Everything was delicious. Make this a place to go and visit soon!

13. Manor - Washington

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153 reviews
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Address: 1327 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20036

Schedule: Closes soon ⋅ 2AM ⋅ Reopens 10PM

Business type: Lounge

Manor: what do users think?
JJ Sanders
JJ Sanders: At first I was a little skeptical when I saw the outside but once you get in its actually a nice establishment. Everyone was nice from the bouncer to the bartenders. It was clean and stayed clean because security made sure of it. Although the prices for drinks seemed a little high and they automatically added gratuity, it was worth it because the bartenders had wonderful personalities. Plus I know what to expect when buying drinks at a club so it was ok. I enjoyed the vibe of the crowd and this one DJ was so interactive with the crowd that it made it so live. I would go back again.
Richard Mon
Richard Mon: We have just blaze Wednesdayz here. The owner is very cool for allowing us to have a weekly cannabis party. There is plenty of space to move around in and the lots of good spots to sit.
YT White
YT White: This place was a total disappointment. The Eventbrite registration said open bar for ladies but when we get there they charged a $1 "service charge" for every drink. Total BS. Save your time and money, go next door to Kabin. Much better atmosphere and true open bar for ladies!! Plus the staff at Manor had no personality at all. :-/

14. Club Heaven - Washington

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63 reviews
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Club Heaven
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Address: 2327 18th St NW, Washington, DC 20009

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 5PM

Telephone: (202) 667-4355

Business type: Dance club

Club Heaven: what do users think?
Therese Leyva
Therese Leyva: I came for seven minutes in heaven but what I got was two hours of hell I’ve never seen such bad customer service in my life who wrote your policies and can I please get them to rewrite trumps policies thank you
jimmy Dormeus
jimmy Dormeus: Come turn up on Fridays & Saturdays with DJ HK on the ones and twos
Andrae Taggart
Andrae Taggart: Place is nice for a fun night out great location
7Figga Dreamz
7Figga Dreamz: I mean compared to some of the other clubs, yea this place might not be the best, but when i went, i had a blast. I liked the environment. I seen one persons negative comment saying it was like someones living room, your righr, it was like back when we used to have house parties in aparments.i cam go on and on about what i liked about the place.
R2bchic: Hip hop and rap bar. The place to go for a good time and ratchet turn up.

15. Off the Record - Washington

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522 reviews
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Off the Record
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Address: 800 16th St NW, Washington, DC 20006

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 4:30PM

Telephone: (202) 638-6600

Business type: Bar

Off the Record: what do users think?
Ariel Aviles
Ariel Aviles: We loved this hidden bar, just a perfect "speak easy" located in front of the White House. Decor is very fancy, lighting is dark, all red walls with caricatures of politicians. Bartender was friendly, and we got some great cocktails. Perfect the end of a date, nice cousy space for great conversation and drinks.
Kimberly Giang
Kimberly Giang: Came here for a light snack and drink before dinner. It was very crowded during Presidents Day weekend but we managed to find a 2 top table. Loved the cozy old fashioned lounge atmosphere. Even though it was insanely busy, our server managed to be very helpful and attentive. He did a great job running around the whole bar by himself. I did not get his name but the receipt said Vlad on it. He definitely deserved a shout out! My husband enjoyed his drink and I liked the soup!
Karen Riegler
Karen Riegler: What can I say? Amazing, amazing, amazing!Daughter took us on our visit to DC. Pear martini is oh so yummy! Lobster rolls. Potato croquettes , wedge salad! The staff is incredible! Can’t say enough about the experience! Must go
Paola Pritchard
Paola Pritchard: Very old school vibes and men in suits. The drinks are good and the staff is friendly. Had the potatoes coquette with red pepper sauce that was so good.
Sylvia P
Sylvia P: Iconic bar. The drinks were outstanding! The waiter placed coasters based on our political preferences, these are cartoon images of iconic government figures seen on the walls.
Sagar Wadgaonkar
Sagar Wadgaonkar: Great bar. Cozy underground feel right across from the White House. Bartenders are very skilled and make great drinks. Drinks are expensive but that comes with the territory.
Steve Otten
Steve Otten: My wife and I visited this place as a potential “speak easy” bar with some historical context connected to the Hay-Adams on Saturday 5/28/22 at approximately 10:30pm. We sat at the bar closest to the door. Eventually, we were given menus without any greeting or pleasantries. I ordered a Blanton’s straight and my wife a glass of wine. We advised the bartender it was my wife’s birthday and asked if he wouldn’t mind snapping a quick photo. He told us “he didn’t have time for that, and will get to us when he has a chance”. Mind you, this is a bar in DC during a holiday weekend and we easily walked in and found seats because of the lack of patrons. This clearly is of no surprise given the service. We actually happened to see his POS Home Screen and noticed 6 total tabs…. Six. The bartender eventually asked some wait staff behind us to take our photo which we declined. I asked for my check and the bartender told the other bartender “see this is what I’m talking about” and the took the next 10 minutes getting our bill in a folio. We both left our full drinks in disgust. From this point forward, I will advise all of my colleagues, friends, and family to never visit this venue. This was easily my worst experience of any caliber location and that bartender was a disgrace at best. I’m sad I wasted my time to visit, and even more so to type this review. I hope to whomever comes across it, that I saved you the time and money from the looming disappointment.

16. The Imperial - Washington

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117 reviews
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The Imperial
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Address: 2001 18th St NW, Washington, DC 20009

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 5PM

Telephone: (202) 299-0334

Business type: Mid-Atlantic restaurant (US)

The Imperial: what do users think?
Family Crawford
Family Crawford: The food was awesome. The roof top was really nice. Good views with a great atmosphere to fellowship with friends. The only reason for the dip in our rating is due to the rolling eyes and snarky attitude received form the wait staff (the one tall blond girl). She did not want to have anything to do any of our questions or comments. Other than that it was great. Parking in DC is always hit it miss. We did find a parking garage just north of the restaurant. $20 for 3 hours, not great bit not horrible.
Rachael Dollar
Rachael Dollar: really enjoyed the imperial’s sunset happy hour. it’s 4pm-9pm on weekdays — how perfect! their cocktails are truly amazing and their bar team is super passionate about the drinks they create. really great management team as well. thank you for the hospitality!
Daniel Garatea
Daniel Garatea: Great drinks, and a nice atmosphere, especially after it dumped a ton of rain and soaked my group on the way there. The food was great, albeit a little short on the portioning for the price. But a great place to go to eat and drink. Definitely in my top list for DC restaurants.
Timmy Liu
Timmy Liu: Great clean vibe. Good tasty food that is well presented. Portions are small so make sure to order enough.
Sunny: The most bizarre customer experience ever! We walked in the place on a Saturday night. Not a single customers. When we asked the host for a table for drinks (we planned to have some appetizers as well), so said only the bar area is available. We then asked to sit on the window bar stools (a small area away from the bar and not in the dinner table area). The host said “you could, but then the waiter will have to serve you”. Wow, I didn’t realize that it would be a burden to ask a waiter to serve the drink when you go to a restaurant. Not giving up on the place, I then asked “are all dinner tables booked?”, the host replied “pretty much”…. I left speechless.
peter smith
peter smith: We held a private event at the Imperial/Jack Rose earlier this month and had a great experience. The management went above and beyond to accommodate a last minute weather change and the staff was excellent. The food and drinks were delicious and our guests were delighted. We can highly recommend it.
Lily Bates
Lily Bates: We came here for brunch yesterday on the rooftop, and I’ll just say our service was really horrible. We waited 30 minutes between “bottomless“ mimosa refills, our server seemed to disappear and not pay us any heed—the 5 stars are for Katherine who noticed our lack of attention and kindly tried to fill in when she could. She was the only one who cleared our plates, took additional drink orders despite not being our server, and took the time to make us feel welcome despite the two large parties she was dealing with. We will be back for Katherine (thank you!) and the food.

17. Dirty Habit - Washington

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1124 reviews
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Dirty Habit
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Address: 555 8th St NW, Washington, DC 20004

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8AM

Telephone: (202) 449-7095

Business type: New American restaurant

Dirty Habit: what do users think?
Olivia M. Wilson
Olivia M. Wilson: Went to Dirty Habit for brunch and it was good! The fruit was really fresh and the potatoes were crisp. However, the service was decent and they only have bar seats available. Maybe that’s because we arrived an hour before they closed for the afternoon. Either way, the food made up for it. I would definitely like to try their dinner menu.
Response: Hi Olivia — Thank you so much for the kind words and for the feedback! We take all feedback seriously, so we’ll be sure to discuss ways to make our service more efficient. We're always trying to improve, so if there's anything else you think of, please let us know. Thanks, and we hope to welcome you back soon!
Blvknative: Going to dirty habit for Valentines Day was top tier! The ambience was everything I was expecting! The deal as far as food and drinks were top of the line! Truly a captivating experience for my company and I.
Katlin B.
Katlin B.: Best French onion soup I ever had! The vibe is trendy and the crowd is very eclectic. The food and drinks were amazing! Will return for soup. Thanks to the awesome host and staff! There is also a nice outdoor area as well.
Lamina Richardson
Lamina Richardson: I was a little disappointed when i visited dirty habit. It’s aesthetically pleasing but i wasn’t impressed with the food. I got the district chicken and the black rice that’s paired with it was very gritty. The dish was also paired with okra and string beans. The veggies weren’t sautéed at all and had no flavor. They literally tasted like microwaved veggies that were previously frozen. The chicken was actually good but the parings sucked so it wasn’t filling. Nice atmosphere though. Really good espresso martini! If i go again it would only be for drinks.
Response: Hi Lamina — Thank you for the kind words as well as the feedback. We hope you had a fun time overall, and we'll be taking your comments about the district chicken into our next meeting with the kitchen team. We take all feedback very seriously and we're always trying to improve, so if there's anything else you think of, please contact stephanie.carre@dirtyhabitdc.c o m and we'll be happy to continue the conversation. Thanks, and we hope to welcome you back soon!

18. Hawthorne - Washington

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543 reviews
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Address: 1336 U St NW, Washington, DC 20009

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 6PM Fri

Telephone: (202) 853-9194

Business type: Bar

Hawthorne: what do users think?
Fee Pauwels
Fee Pauwels: The Mission group is great! Hosted a birthday party here last weekend and it was such a smooth process. We booked the first floor of Hawthorne. They made us a birthday sign, helped point people in the right direction, and the bartender was awesome. He was super nice and patient with 80 people in the room. Great variety of drinks for a party as well! Highly recommend if you’re looking for an easy spot for an event.
Nia Bright
Nia Bright: The food was okay, a tad bit to salty. I ordered the chicken tenders with waffle fries. I also had bottomless mimosas as my beverage. Their rooftop spot was cute.. service could’ve been better.
Justin Hwang
Justin Hwang: Rented out the rooftop at Hawthorne to celebrate my birthday and had the best experience! The blocked off my own private section and even had a "happy birthday" sign. Plenty of room for all my guests and the bartending on the roof was great. Will definitely host more events here.
Erin: The Roof Top is a fantastic place to host an event. We did a happy hour mixer for my law class (ages 22-60) early on a Friday night. Great selection of discounted drinks and apps, safe and clean atmosphere, and they let us decorate! Will host again next year!
Tanner Gildea
Tanner Gildea: Emailed two days before a work happy hour, as a I realized Hawthorne is only open Thursdays to private events. I was in luck! We got the whole top floor, no minimum, no card down, nothing - service was great, prices reasonable, and management easy to work with. Highly recommend if planning a casual happy hour or the like.
Bridget Bartley
Bridget Bartley: I was able to easily reserve their first floor bar for my birthday party on a Saturday night. Could not imagine this night having gone any smoother! It was perfect, and the staff at Hawthorne were so easy to work with!
Lara Wilson
Lara Wilson: We held a corporate happy hour at the Hawthorne recently and really enjoyed ourselves. We utilized the rooftop and had the whole space to ourselves. The food was delicious and bartenders were very friendly and helpful. Recommended!

19. The Pub & The People - Washington

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813 reviews
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The Pub & The People
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Address: 1648 North Capitol St NW, Washington, DC 20001

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 5PM

Telephone: (202) 234-1800

Business type: Restaurant

The Pub & The People: what do users think?
Ethan Z
Ethan Z: Great Restaurant!! This Restaurant is in the city area and offers indoor and outside seating!! The menu is rather small but the food and drinks were great!! The wait staff were friendly and professional!! The restaurant was also clean and well presented. The bathrooms are coolly decorated too with people sending pictures in of there family pets in to be featured on the wall. Overall great!
Becky Gomez
Becky Gomez: Such a great spot for a lonely, taveling vegetarian! 😂 Bar service was superb and a delightful vibe. Great beer selection. Perfect shishitos 🌶️ and tempura cauliflower!
AJ Hendricks
AJ Hendricks: Pub and the People is our favorite outdoor spot in Bloomingdale. The beers they have on tap are great, and the food (specifically, the Black Bean burger and "The Heidi" Fried Chicken sandwich) is very solid. The tempura cauliflower sauce is also amazing. Matt, the manager, is very friendly and just a welcoming face to see when you come in. This radiates through the whole staff. The happy hour specials are awesome, and run for most of the day on the weekends. Enjoy!
Parker Kelley
Parker Kelley: Very great experience here ! We’ve passed this place numerous times and I’ve always said I wanted to try it. So, we finally did ! I ordered the Heidi chicken sandwich which was very tasteful. It came with a side of fries which were also very good. The service was great - 3 or 4 people continuously came to check on us. I’d definitely eat here again.
Bobbi DeAnda
Bobbi DeAnda: Such a great brunch spot! The outdoor patio is pup friendly (and the bathroom inside is a must see for dog lovers haha). The biscuits and gravy with fried chicken was TO DIE FOR. So yummy! Staff was super friendly and helpful.
Callum Wayman
Callum Wayman: A great local pub for people in Eckington and Bloomingdale. The pub offers a great selection of beers, wine, and cocktails as well as an excellent food menu (try the tempura cauliflower, chicken sandwich, and the fries). In the winter they offer group seating around large fire pits for small gatherings. I found that to be a huge boon when trying to gather friends outdoors while being mindful of COVID during the winter. The staff are nice and helpful.
Amy Burdon
Amy Burdon: Had dinner and played trivia - food menu was fairly short but with lots of tasty items - I enjoyed the curry wings and gazpacho. Staff were friendly, happy hour drinks were a good deal. All positives!
Daniel Albert
Daniel Albert: Not sure what happened to this place. The drinks we got were fine, but the food was pretty subpar. Got the Cuban sandwich and the fries that came with it were way too peppered and salty. The food used to be great here. The vibe is still good - cozy and perfect for winter time.

20. Quadrant Bar & Lounge - Washington

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Quadrant Bar & Lounge
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Address: 1150 22nd St NW, Washington, DC 20037

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 7AM

Telephone: (202) 974-4946

Business type: Lounge

Quadrant Bar & Lounge: what do users think?
Konstantin: Visited this place for breakfast while staying at Ritz Carlton hotel. Well, it is expensive but the food is good, atmosphere is very cozy and place itself is amazing. They do have buffet breakfast on Saturday and Sundays. Monday to Friday is a la carte
DJY30: Very comfortable place. I really enjoyed the relaxed but upscale setting. Live jazz on Saturdays, all the other days they play jazz, I guess from Spotify/radio. Still nice and relaxing. Cocktails are very strong and food is very delicious. I recommend to get a reservation ahead of time; it can be crowded in the bar area (small bar) if you dont come at an early time (aka 8pm/2000). Highly recommend.
Shaun “Shaun386” Jafarzadeh
Shaun “Shaun386” Jafarzadeh: Had dinner here after a long drive to DC. Food was good service was both friendly and knowledgeable. Bar staff was helpful with recommendations and knew the local bar scene well.
Ahmed Hameed
Ahmed Hameed: My gf and I were at this place, the drink cup broke and cut my girlfriend’s hand. They fixed this incident. 5 minutes Later the server brought the check and asked me to pay and leave because they were slow !! It was such a big lie … the place was full of customers and he had a big attitude when he seen lil salad dropped on the floor. I was extremely disappointed and treated racistly based on how I dressed First time and last time at this place.

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