Best Restaurants To Eat Oysters In Washington Near Me

1. Old Ebbitt Grill - Washington

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Old Ebbitt Grill
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Address: 675 15th St NW, Washington, DC 20005

Schedule: Closes soon ⋅ 2AM ⋅ Reopens 11AM

Telephone: (202) 347-4800

Business type: American restaurant

Old Ebbitt Grill: what do users think?
Natalia Mednikov
Natalia Mednikov: There are straightforward American-style food. This restaurant is best known for its huge old-school oyster bar—think lots of dark wood, brass fixtures, and big mirrors. That oysters was fantastic and fresh. We’ve enjoyed also cheese sampler, fried calamari and baked oysters. Everything they do is absolutely delicious. The service was very fast and friendly. We were happy to choose this great restaurant to end our busy day in Washington, D.C.
Aditya Karandikar
Aditya Karandikar: Had an awesome time here as a late night/ early next day stop. The food was quite nice and fairly refined, especially at such a late hour! The atmosphere was popping as well which made it more enjoyable. Service was very friendly and they had great oysters. Fresh complimentary bread never hurts either…
Sam M
Sam M: This place is one of the more famous restaurants in DC. I visited this spot during brunch and it was packed. I would definitely recommend making a reservation for both weekend dinner and brunch services. I started with New England clam chowder and some salad dish. For entrees, I got eggs benedict and catfish. All the dishes I ordered were pretty good. But, I definitely enjoyed their desserts more even though I was pretty full before it. Their key lime pie and salted caramel bread pudding were both amazing! Staffs were very accommodating and attentive during the whole service. I’m planning to visit this restaurant and will get some oysters and burgers next time. I heard they are pretty good. I definitely recommend this place to celebrate any special occasions.
Suzi Figueroa
Suzi Figueroa: Wow, wow and wow! A friend recommended this establishment to me when I asked for dining recommendations for my upcoming DC trip. I am so glad I listened. The warm and inviting ambiance matched the service. And the food? Oh my goodness. Delicious. My SO ordered meatloaf. Who knew meatloaf could take on a such an extraordinary presentation.
Response: Suzi, Thank you for visiting Old Ebbitt Grill and leaving a great review! We're happy to hear that you enjoyed your experience and we hope to have you back again the next time you're in town.
Elaine Viegas
Elaine Viegas: AMAZING! There is no other word to describe it. Since we arrived until we paid the service was perfect. I couldn’t be more happy for their food, service and kindness on my birthdays lunch. We didn’t mention that it was my birthday but they saw on my profile and as soon as I arrived they asked to confirm and no only brought my desert with a candle and a cute chocolate happy birthday place on the top. Our server was amazing, she arrived singing happy birthday, was very classy and really surprised me. Thank you for the excellence in your service. BTW the food it’s top quality, my oysters and shrimps were fresh abs really tasteful.
Jelena M
Jelena M: Great food, great price, great service! The waiter we had was so nice, knowledgeable, and friendly! The calamari was very good, but watch out for the spicy peppers in it . My salad was yummy! I usually never order salads, but I am glad I did as the dressing was citrusy and refreshing! They also give warm bread and butter while you wait 😍
Response: Jelena, Thank you for stopping by Old Ebbitt Grill and leaving a great review! We're delighted to hear that you enjoyed your experience and look forward to having you back again soon!

2. Rustico - Arlington

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Address: 4075 Wilson Blvd, Arlington, VA 22203

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11:30AM

Telephone: (571) 384-1820

Business type: Pizza restaurant

Rustico: what do users think?
Michaela Hines
Michaela Hines: Good/Bad Experience. I thought the food was nasty and so did my boyfriend. I got the mushroom bruschetta was pretty much the whole reason we went here. We are visiting from out of town and I saw it on an ad and it looked so good. I got it and the bread was drowning in cheese - don’t get me wrong I love cheese but it overpowered everything else which honestly might have been a good thing because the mushrooms tasted like they were out of a can. Then I ordered the meatballs and my boyfriend ordered the rustico burger. The meatballs tasted just like frozen meatballs that had been reheated in like a canned Ragu sauce. The burger he ordered well done and it was medium when he got it very very pink. The manager offered to have it recooked which was nice but then it took forever for it to come so my meal was stone cold by the time he got the remade burger . And the remade burger was drowning and I mean drowning in mayo . Also the fries on the remade burger plate were stone cold as well. The service was good the wait staff was attentive but food was not at all worth what we paid for it. I was so disappointed and won’t be back.
Michael Howe
Michael Howe: Great grilled chicken salad. Chicken sandwich was good. Liked the cauliflower appetizer. Ordered and paid through phone for dining in. Very convenient.
Mischa: Very nice place and nice pizza, although the pizza was too expensive and too small in my opinion. The pizza was a bit bland as well, but not bad at all. I had the Margherita Pizza. The craft beer selection was good and the staff were nice.
Nathalie L.
Nathalie L.: Pizza was below average, but the fried cauliflower was really good and very spicy. Friendly service. Not a fan of the weird ordering through the app process.
Brian Holm-Hansen
Brian Holm-Hansen: The food is delicous, and the draft beer selection is outstanding. Very good, friendly service. Spacious boths and bar seating. Relatively close to Ballston Metro. The Carrot & Lamb Rogout is a delightful and nicely spiced appetizer. The meatballs in San Marzano tomato sauce ane also very tasty. The Väsen Rauchbier is smokey & reminicent of Lagavulin Scotch.
Response: hanks for the awesome review, Brian! We work hard to meet expectations like yours, and we’re happy to hear we hit the mark for you. Come back and see us soon. Cheers! Estefanie Sosa - General Manager
Mitch: Great place for a laid back night out or a date. Solid selection of food, massive selection of beer. The pizza does the job. I was surprised by the inviting lighting and friendly staff
Response: Mitch! Thank you so much for taking the time to write us a review! We are thrilled to hear you enjoyed your time with us. We appreciate the feedback on the pizza, i would love to hear more about it, feel free to email meat Estefanie Sosa - GM
Ed Ray
Ed Ray: Great food, terrible service. Rustico has been around for a long time and always delivers. However, they’ve recently switched to this automated ordering system where you do everything through your phone. Sounds great, right? Well sure, in concept, but in reality it seems they’ve used this as an excuse to cut back on staff. You place your order and sometimes 20-30 mins passes without so much as a beer delivery, so you follow-up and then it prompts them to realize they forgot or didn’t notice. Sometimes the wrong items come out, sometimes no items come out. All and all, for the price, I was pretty frustrated by the horrible service.

3. Ambar Restaurant - Clarendon - Arlington

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Ambar Restaurant - Clarendon
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Address: 2901 Wilson Blvd, Arlington, VA 22201

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11AM

Telephone: (703) 875-9663

Business type: Restaurant

Ambar Restaurant - Clarendon: what do users think?
Sam M
Sam M: I have been to this couple times and had a great experience. I went there in a group without making any reservation but we were able to get a table right away. There is also outdoor seating available. We ordered a variety of large platters, both seafood and meet. The food tasted really fresh and flavorful. Meat and cheese platter was also delightful, perfectly complementing the wine. Staffs were very friendly and attentive during the whole dinner service. I highly recommend this restaurant for some great balkan cuisine.
Shainiece Thurston
Shainiece Thurston: The ambiance, the service, the food and the drinks were all superb! We did the bottomless dinner and tried so many different items. Some of my favorites were the Brussels sprouts and white flatbread! The portions are perfectly sized and the strawberry lemonade with vodka was so refreshing. Our server was also amazing and extremely attentive. Great date night spot!!
Lena Molina
Lena Molina: My friend and I came here for dinner Thursday night. Weren’t noticed by the stuff for about 15 minutes, when we placed an order, we were asked to pay in the middle of our meal. It’s was around 9pm and the restaurant was still very crowded and popping. Food came out super quickly. We ordered 5 dishes and Caesar salad was excellent. Grilled Veggies were served cold, Fresh Cut French Fries wasn’t what I expected but was not bad. Overall, the food was great unlike service.
India Lindsay
India Lindsay: Great for a boozy brunch!The unlimited tapas and drinks for 0.25$ is a fantastic deal. The food quality was way better than I expected for unlimited. The interior was well lit and cleanly decorated. Even though there was a 2 hour time limit, we did not feel rushed.
Grace Henrikson
Grace Henrikson: Went for Sunday Funday brunching and had a great experience with our food and server Theodora. The all you can eat small plates were fun and for the most part tasty. And the beverages for $0.25 were a great value. Definitely great value with decent food. The tapas style dishes come out randomly and in no particular order. Sometimes the food is cold but you can easily order a replacement. Favorites included: Mac & Cheese Bacon Steak Cheese pie Strawberry waffle Fruit Granola Sampler spread (except the corn bread which was really dense and dry) The eggs benedicts unfortunately had hard yolks (see photo) The sliders were ok. The potato hash was basic. The grits were bland. The upstairs seating is extremely noisy and we were lucky to be seated downstairs where the vibe is more of a speak easy style. If you want to be able to have a conversation, downstairs or outside is your best seating option.

4. Woodmont Grill - Montgomery County

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1651 reviews
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Woodmont Grill
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Address: 7715 Woodmont Ave, Bethesda, MD 20814

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11:30AM

Telephone: (301) 656-9755

Business type: American restaurant

Woodmont Grill: what do users think?
Sam M
Sam M: By far the best steakhouse in MoCo. Both prime rib and Hawaiian steak were perfectly cooked and they have a great wine selection. Also, their tuna tartare and french dip are out of this world. Good ambience and they have live jazz sometimes. A great place to celebrate any special occasions.
Steve Zarpas
Steve Zarpas: Best steak I’ve ever eaten in my life. I grew up in DC eating at the best steak houses. Blackie’s House of Beef, Duke Ziebert’s, Mel Krupin’s, the Palm, Morton’s, etc. The crust on the NY strip was charred to perfection with salt pepper and butter. The interior was very tender medium rare, marbled with zero gristle. That was the second time I ordered that mouth watering steak. Absolutely consistent both times. Consistency is the hallmark of exceptional restaurants. That takes incredible attention to detail from a relationship with their butcher to choosing the cuts, to training the chefs and waitstaff. Kudos. I started with a shrimp cocktail which was comprised of the largest jumbo shrimp I’ve ever seen. Like great steak, I’ve devoured shrimp cocktail since I was a kid. The mashed potatoes were luscious, drowned in cream and butter and salted exquisitely as was the broccolini. The waitstaff is very attentive without hovering over the table allowing us to have privacy while enjoying an incredible meal. I capped off the wonderful meal by proposing to my fiancé. I will never forget that night.
Lynn Hobson (Money Lynn)
Lynn Hobson (Money Lynn): I dipped into town to take my Mom to lunch for her birthday and we had a nice time. I ordered the traditional Hawaiian Steak with broccoli while she ordered the salmon. The waitress picked up on the hint that it was my Mom’s birthday so the she brought out a hot fudge sundae with a candle. This made my Mom so happy. My stomach and heart were both full. #Thankful
Meredith Eirkson-Savage
Meredith Eirkson-Savage: The bar here is the best part. I prefer the bar to the tables and tables are reservation only that must be booked ahead of time. Atmosphere is exclusive jazz club-like. Bartenders are excellent. Everything is obviously expensive - the roast beef sandwich is good as well as the grilled whole artichoke appetizer. Also they make rice-less sushi upon request.
Grayce Love
Grayce Love: We had no reservations so checked in at the bar for a seat. Our wait was about 15 minutes as they were busy. Wonderful service. I had the cheeseburger which was cooked to perfection. My husband had the smoked salmon appetizer which was delicious. His caesar salad was reported to be delicious as well. We had a nice evening.
Mark Barrow
Mark Barrow: By far the best steakhouse in MoCo. Both prime rib and Hawaiian steak were perfectly cooked and they have a great wine selection.
Raya Mandler
Raya Mandler: This restaurant is a little gem in the heart of Bethesda. Lunchtime was not too busy, although we had to wait for a while to be seated. Service was friendly, on top of things, with no much fanfare but on the ready to attend. The appetizers - smoked salmon and grilled artichoke - were absolutely delightful, flavorful, fresh and unique. Entree - prime ribs - were juicy, nicely spiced, and cooked to perfection. The place is peaceful and elegant - lunch was a relaxing break in a hectic day. Highly recommended

5. 2941 Restaurant - West Falls Church

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869 reviews
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2941 Restaurant
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Address: 2941 Fairview Park Dr, Falls Church, VA 22042

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 5PM

Telephone: (703) 270-1500

Business type: American restaurant

2941 Restaurant: what do users think?
MARY LI: I thought about this for awhile before writing this review. 2941 has been the go-to restaurant for special occasions for me and my now fiancé and we always get the chef’s tasting there. The outdoor area is beautiful and the inside is classy. Drinks are always good. When we first came here, we were wowed by the flavors and presentation of the dishes, and the service made us feel like VIPs. The next few times, the service was still excellent, but the food wasn’t as good as the first time, usually hits for 2-3 items and misses for the rest. Finally we went last night to celebrate our new engagement. It seems that our instructions on OpenDoor were not read. We requested a seat by the window, the hostess led us to the middle of the room until we pointed out there was availability at the window and she complied. The server was friendly but did not regularly check up on us. At one point we had waited for 5 min for her to introduce our dishes when they arrived m, and when we finally just stated at her, she came over to ask what’s wrong and introduced the dishes. I had also told her the maitake mushrooms were too salty to eat and she let the chef know but did not offer to bring me anything else out. Our special occasion was not addressed at all and at the end of the meal, there were no complimentary bites from the chef like there usually is either. Regarding the food, the ceviche with watermelon granita was refreshing, and the salmon with spinach cream sauce and caviar was creamy and delicious. We were so excited to try the next few courses but they were disappointing. The Mushrooms were too salty compared to the pate. The Korean bbq lacked imagination, has less flavor than usual Korean bbq buffets. The dessert was very average and not up to its usual standards. The peach cake tasted like it was from a box, and the baked Alaska mostly tasted of marshmallow and chocolate. Overall, we sadly agreed last night that we probably won’t be returning as the service and food have declined here.
Rae Ann
Rae Ann: 2941 never disappoints! The service was exceptional and the food was inventive but familiar and delicious - fom the oysters and tuna tartar, to the venison chops and bunuelo for dessert - the sommelier provided a stunning recommendation for a lovely Spanish wine thar became a new favorite. You might be tempted to wait for a special occasion, but know that 2941 makes every day a special culinary adventure.
Nikki: I love this place! The bartenders are just so friendly and the food is just so good. The half portions are such a great idea to allow you to taste multiple dishes without having to try the tasting menu if that’s not your thing. Drinks are impeccably prepared and the food is so well flavored and delicious. The smoked bourbon drink is my personal favorite, and all of their meats are incredible. My new favorite go to in NoVa, for sure!
Zachary K
Zachary K: The waterfalls and lake views are fantastic. The seating and interior atmosphere were comfortable but nothing astounding. The wait staff was attentive but not particularly knowledgeable or welcoming. All of the staff wears strong cologne and perfume which we did not enjoy. My friends and I were were celebrating so we decided to do the 5 course tasting menu. The dishes were each ok but nothing stood out and we did not feel it met the value. Several of my friends were still hungry because the portions were microscopic. The house old fashioned was a bit sweet. This place felt outdated, nothing was innovative, and the service and lack of value will keep us away.
Nicole Walker
Nicole Walker: I really enjoyed my experience. I was there for a party that was held outside. The scenery was beautiful and calming. The food was delicious. I especially enjoyed the cashew salad and lobster bisque. I was even more impressed with the service. When I inquired about the bathroom, they not only pointed it out but escorted me there. The whole experience was enjoyable. I look forward to visiting again.

6. The Monocle Restaurant - Washington

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405 reviews
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The Monocle Restaurant
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Address: 107 D St NE, Washington, DC 20002

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11:45AM

Telephone: (202) 546-4488

Business type: American restaurant

The Monocle Restaurant: what do users think?
Trevor John
Trevor John: This Rustic gem is a great diamond in the rough. Gives off speak easy vibes reminiscent of Old financial district NYC.
Justin McKenzie
Justin McKenzie: Absolutely delicious food! Historical venue! Friendly service! A must do on a visit to DC!
Xenon Booth
Xenon Booth: Lovely ambiance and great cocktails. The food was great, but not exceptional. I had the lobster linguine (which was fine) and my husband had a steak (which was good). We really enjoyed the oysters. We felt that this restaurant, overall, was great value for money.
Nicole Jamila
Nicole Jamila: My boyfriend and I are very picky as he is a chef and I just love food in general. We’re visiting DC and the bar tender at our hotel suggested the Monocle. And boy are we glad we listened!!! We had 4 entrees; Crab cakes, made with JUMBO lump crab with a delicious sauce; Salmon, cooked perfectly and served with perfectly cooked veggies and a beautiful sauce; clams with linguini. We ordered two sides of onion rings (which they are known for). I’ve never had onion rings like that and I’m glad we ordered two because one wouldn’t have been enough. EVERYTHING was superb!!! Our server Joel was attentive and polite. He took such good care of us. Couldn’t have asked for a better experience! When we’re back in DC, this is where we’ll be!
Carl Pruschowsky
Carl Pruschowsky: I wish I took photos! Our experience was 11/10. Our server was fantastic and the food was wonderful. I got the Special which was a NY Strip cooked perfectly. The other people in my party got the crab cake, Ribeye and a Pasta dish and they were all ranting on how good everything was. Definitely order the soup!
LISA HANEY: I didn’t eat at the restaurant. We had a gathering upstairs. The staff was awesome. The bartender was extremely nice and funny. I’ll be back.
JOSE EMILIANO SOTO VILLANUEVA: . Unique menu, fresh food and the ambiance is incredible. Beautifully renovated and designed. Every time I come to DC I will be sure to pay this amazing restaurant a visit!!
District Daily Eats
District Daily Eats: I’ve worked on Capitol Hill for ten years and heard so much about The Monocle, but I’ve never had the chance to experience this steakhouse until this week. The Monocle is family owned and operated. You can find it steps away from the Senate Buildings. You never know who you might be sitting next to here whether its an ambassador or your very own elected official from the House of Representatives or The Senate. The menu is fairly standard as far as steakhouses go. I got the Ginger Manhattan to drink to start, followed by The tuna tartare. Next, I got the jumbo crab cake and a bowl of the jambalaya. For dessert I got the chocolate triomph cake. Everything was incredibly good! I can’t stress that enough!! I had the chance to talk with the owner and some of the staff. Everyone could not of been anymore friendly and hospitable. My orders were brought out to me quickly and correctly. As for the restaurant itself. It’s kept impeccably clean. Definitely check out The Monocle!
Nala Sloane
Nala Sloane: Coming to the taste of the food, I felt it was worth and the value for money according to me was amazing. Overall I would say the restaurant was great. Wonderful experience!

7. Olympians Family Restaurant - Franconia

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542 reviews
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Olympians Family Restaurant
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Address: 6430 Landsdowne Centre Dr, Alexandria, VA 22315

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11AM

Telephone: (703) 550-5003

Business type: Family restaurant

Olympians Family Restaurant: what do users think?
Victoria: Had an absolutely wonderful dining experience here! Staff were friendly, the food was amazing, and the prices were affordable! I got the moussaka and my husband got the Greek bowl and both were incredibly good. Will definitely be dining here again.
K B: Their pizza is AMAZING! Of course, so are all their other dishes. It can get quite busy here on weekend evenings but it’s worth the wait. Love the Greek diner feel and the waitstaff.
james lagomarsino
james lagomarsino: Brought my wife here and we enjoyed our experience. The staffs are nice and the food are not just delicious but the serving was generous for the price. We would love to come back. Highly recommend

8. LiLLiES Restaurant & Bar - Washington

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429 reviews
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LiLLiES Restaurant & Bar
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Address: 2915 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20008

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11AM

Telephone: (202) 450-4824

Business type: Italian restaurant

LiLLiES Restaurant & Bar: what do users think?
Anna S
Anna S: Lillies was not only yummy, but the service was fantastic, even with it being NYE and only having 2 wait staff(that I saw). Everyone really enjoyed their meals: lobster raviolis, chicken Marsala, Tour of Italy, and the lamb! The lamb was some of the best that I have had in a really long time. If my review was helpful, follow me and you’ll get updates on what I think about the places I visit!
Thelma S
Thelma S: Such a huge fan of Italian food and this did not dissapoint! Love the fact that you could taste how fresh the food was. Also love that it’s a small family owned restaurant but also very intimate setting. Only gave a 4 because when we arrived service was a slow but then we were rushed when the restaurant was closing. Overall great food and good pricing. The tiramisu was also made fresh so I loved it!
Hilda Kroll
Hilda Kroll: A wonderful neighborhood restaurant for Italian food and so much more. My friend and I really enjoyed our Manchester Turkey Sandwich and Chicken Parmesan Plate. Dennys was the only server and was very efficient and welcoming.
Bob Gottschling
Bob Gottschling: We stopped off at the restaurant for an early dinner after the Zoo closed on a Saturday. We sat outside in the area facing the street. They have another outside area around the side. The service and food were terrific! I had the mushroom ravioli, others had eggplant, chicken and crab dishes. All was good! Just a nice spot to go for an enjoyable meal and experience. There is, of course, an indoor area you can eat. Very nice inside for those who don’t want to be outside. Certainly recommend this spot!
Dottie Mallon
Dottie Mallon: I visited here a few months ago and gave it 5 stars but went back last night and changed my rating. They post things on social media and website and outdoor board promoting specials but when you get there, the rude male server flat out tells you-No we don’t do that anymore. (This is the same server that wouldn’t honor my email coupon the first time I was there!) When you point out that it’s advertised then the manager says ok we can do it for you and secretly hands you the special menu. The quality of the food wasn’t what it was 6 months ago either. My review from September 2021: This will be one of my favorite stops when visiting DC! Lovely Italian restaurant and the staff were the friendliest anywhere. I had the very reasonably priced happy hour wine and the waitress helped me select my dinner and customized it for me. Linguini and clams in a pink sauce. The bread is served with an amazing pomegranate vinegar. There is also outdoor seating but the ambiance inside is very nice!
Patrick Campbell
Patrick Campbell: What a wonderful family owned restaurant. They are located away from most of the NW restaurants but I believe it was worth the trip. The service was really friendly and the drinks were really good. The food was fresh, hot and delicious. The atmosphere was also great.
Ahmadski HaHa
Ahmadski HaHa: Beautifully decorated indoor dinning area. Given the circumstances, service was fast n professional. The waitress opened up once we started talking to her. London fish n chips were tasty, the date salad was on point (hint: the dressing is very tangy) and the kids chicken tender was yummy. The fried calamari was a bit tender and chewy for my tasting. Overall the restaurant was clean, including the bathrooms. Well run restaurant!
Ranna Gay
Ranna Gay: My husband and I had a date night here and really enjoyed it. Started with the lemoncello and Manhattan, great drinks. Loved the perfect antipasto since it gave us a selection of Mussels, Calamari, Bruschetta, Shrimp, Mozzarella And Capris Salad. The carbonara with shrimp was also amazing. Loved the garlic bread too. Enjoyed their Eggplant Milanese with all the cheese on top. Cozy ambiance and very nice owners!
Liz Pedrick
Liz Pedrick: Nice restaurant,The service was fantastic, but the food was just ok/ average. My husband had the lobster Ravioli. It was just Ravioli in a red sauce. I was disappointed with my meal . I had the crusted Tilapia it was a Gortons fisherman fillet .

9. Wildfire - Fairfax County

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1256 reviews
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Address: 2001 International Dr, McLean, VA 22102

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11:30AM

Telephone: (703) 442-9110

Business type: Chophouse restaurant

Wildfire: what do users think?
t mac
t mac: I must say the food was exceptional. Everything was fresh and hot. The atmosphere was wonderful. Everything was great. It was my first time there. The waiter was very tentative. Even though it he had a lot of tables to wait on. Another place to go with your special or significant other.
Erica Cannon-West
Erica Cannon-West: Our birthday celebration started off to a rocky start but nevertheless Sandra and Stephen turned our frowns upside down. Main things that stood out were the amazing cornbread (with actual corn in it!) and I enjoyed 2 rounds of the lovely mimosa flights (featured in photo). Food was good, good service (thx Stephen), & attentive management. Great dining experience overall!
James Anisko
James Anisko: Wonderful atmosphere and incredible food. I had a lunch of salmon on cedar plank, red mashed potatoes, raspberry tea with their key lime pie for dessert. I was nicely surprised that is was a 4" pie and not a slice
Tenna James
Tenna James: I was so very impressed with our service. My daughter took me out for dinner. It was a beautiful evening and the food was absolutely Delicious. I was very impressed with our waitress Tiffany. She gave a very good good advise for meal selection and a mouth watering drink selection. We all can admit since COVID service has changed. I must admit not at Wild Fire good food quality and top service. GREAT EXPERIENCE ILL BE BACK!
Shelia Nelson
Shelia Nelson: This place kept things as close to normal as can be, but safe. Took my temperature when I went in, and gave me a bar booth for myself. The service was quick, the food was great, and the entire evening the staff was attentive.
Jobany Villatoro
Jobany Villatoro: Phenomenal experience. The food was amazing, the ambiance was superb, and the attentiveness of the staff was excellent. The food came out fast and the drinks were on point.

10. Rustico - Jefferson Houston

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880 reviews
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Address: 827 Slaters Ln, Alexandria, VA 22314

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11:30AM

Telephone: (703) 224-5051

Business type: American restaurant

Rustico: what do users think?
Marissa Robinson
Marissa Robinson: Beautiful spacious and inviting ambience in the heart of Alexandria. Look no further for a delicious experience at Rustico! The appetizers are incredible I highly recommend the bacon wrapped dates, truffle fries and fries cauliflower. For entrees we had the stuffed French toast and the white pizza with caramelized onions w/ sausage. Very nice attentive and knowledgeable staff. Come visit Rustico for your next dining experience!
Response: Marissa, What a wonderful review! We are so happy you enjoyed your time with us. Come see us soon. Estefanie Sosa - GM
Trev: This spot was great I love the area service was reasonable . I tried the Brisket sandwich that was okay I’ve had better I was going to get the fried chicken sandwich I wish I got that but I will be giving that a try the next time I go . French fries was good . Overall I say give this spot a try me personally I will not be getting the brisket sub . 👍🏼
Charlie McClelland
Charlie McClelland: We share fried cauliflower and a brisket cheese sandwich. It was very delicious. The debbie was attentive. The price was reasonable.
Response: Hi Charlie, Thank you so much for your kind words. We really appreciate you taking the time out to share your experience with us! We hope to see you soon. Estefanie Sosa - GM
MkMG09: - food was amazing, a buddy recommend that I try truffle fries and so glad i did. - drinks also really well made and super good. - staff really friendly. - service was fast. - place was clean. - awesome atmosphere, and will be going back. - highly recommend this place.
Response: Hi there, Great to hear you had a great time with us! we hope to see you very soon. Stay safe, Estefanie Sosa - GM
Lin: Really quick turnaround time on my pick up order. We got a salad, white pizza, and a fungitown pizza. We enjoyed both but I thought the fungitown was one of the best mushroom pizzas I’ve had. It was very flavorful. Based on pictures, I thought the pizzas would be Neapolitan sized, but they were slightly bigger than that.
Response: Thank you so much for your amazing review! We are so happy to hear that you enjoyed our pizza! . From all of us at Rustico, we look forward to seeing you again soon! Estefanie Sosa - General Manager

11. Mike's American - Springfield

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5747 reviews
new review
Mike's American
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Address: 6210 Backlick Rd, Springfield, VA 22150

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11AM

Telephone: (703) 644-7100

Business type: American restaurant

Mike's American: what do users think?
Sharlene Fye
Sharlene Fye: Great Food and attentive staff. We enjoyed a quick drink in the bar and then headed to our table. Enjoyed the hot fresh bread and the community bread basket donation when ordering. Enjoyed the Monday soup special of Tortilla soup, Monterey Salad w. Spiced Pecans, and hubby enjoyed the BBQ Burger. My only regret is not getting the warm white chocolate bread pudding.
Richard Flannery
Richard Flannery: This is a great and popular place. Great entrance that’s uniquely different than your typical restaurant. The service was great. Our appetizer was mistakenly not placed so the manager comped it and still brought it out. Great customer service. The food is amazing 🙌🏽. The drunken steak was so flavorful. This place offers bread baskets and the bread mini rolls/balls are the best. They are light and warm and heavy at the same time. The pork chop was juicy and flavorful as well. Definitely one of the best restaurants in this area.
Ashley Gaither
Ashley Gaither: Love love love this place and the drinks are great. I typically get the salmon salad with warm goat cheese or southwest salad. Both are worth it. The bread is absolutely additive. Would definitely recommend trying if you haven’t already.
Keya H
Keya H: The food at this restaurant was very good. We ordered the calamari, salmon (well done) with mashed potatoes, broccolini, and the salad with warm goat cheese. Everything tasted very good and was cooked to perfection. The parking lot was a bit congested and it was challenging to find a space, but there is a parking lot across the street with plenty of parking. I highly recommend giving this restaurant a try.
Ivory Ervin
Ivory Ervin: My family and I met some close friends for a birthday celebration. I have eaten here many times but this was the first time my family friends have eaten here. I order the Jambalaya pasta and my spouse ordered the cooked smoked salmon! BOTH were delicious! The food was so good that decided to get dessert! The white chocolate bread pudding was out of this world! The service was excellent! The presentation is superb! The Assie rolls are AMAZING! I would highly recommend this place!
Kitty Tsui
Kitty Tsui: Nice staff and nice food. Last time we came in winter time, they were too dark, we need to use cell flash light to read menu. This time as sunlight is still here, much better. Overall great experience :)

12. Chef Tony's Fresh Seafood Restaurant - Montgomery County

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549 reviews
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Chef Tony's Fresh Seafood Restaurant
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Address: 5225 Pooks Hill Rd, Bethesda, MD 20814

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 4PM

Telephone: (240) 858-6735

Business type: Restaurant

Chef Tony's Fresh Seafood Restaurant: what do users think?
Shawn Honnick
Shawn Honnick: The salad was amazing. The calamari was perfectly done. My fish (trout) was seared and seasoned just right. My wife’s shrimp and crab dish was luscious. The fresh strawberry slices and vanilla beans in our crème brûlée made it nothing less than exquisite. This place is a truly hidden gem!
Response: Thanks Sean, you’re amazing… So glad you had such a great night… Let’s make sure we meet next time.
S.M.: Visited 6.24.22 and 6.30.22. Detailed review to follow: FOOD: 5/5. I ordered the Brussel sprouts starter. It was tasty. It had bacon and I think panco bread crumbs and the sprouts were grilled and cut into halves. Main course I ordered the halibut with crab, cauliflower and potato and it was seasoned well and presented well. They also gives you a few slices of free bread with oil as a teaser. I also ordered a ‘Little Italy’ cocktail which was really good as well. SERVICE: 4/5. Was greeted quickly and seated promptly. All the waiters/service staff wander around checking on every table regardless of whose table it is but it’s been hit or miss. The same 2 or 3 people actually stop by the table while others seem to just walk around and not even help you or check on you. LOCATION: 3/5. Access and location is definitely tricky. It’s located at the bottom of a large apartment complex with very little signage showing you where the actual restaurant is at. You need to meet a security guard to get a temporary parking pass but from there it’s a free for all to find where the restaurant is exactly at. I recommended parking at the first lot directly after the main security booth and walking through the door labeled ‘ARCADE’ which will get you in the general area but you have to wander a bit to find the place. More signage would be nice, though I’m not sure if they can plaster signage all over the apt complex. I also wish their website at least had the menu on it. Was difficult to see what they served without a bit of digging into the website. OVERALL: 4 out of 5
Agent Star
Agent Star: Unbeatable happy hour specials. Best seafood I’ve had on the east coast. The red snapper is amazing. The deserts are decadent, and even if yIhre just grabbing something light, they have an amazing reuben sandwich. The brunch on Sunday’s is incredible. Try the spinach and shrimp angel hair frittata, and if you have room, get the French toast as a desert dish. The fresh whipped cream is perfect. Their bartender Misha is great conversation, and takes his job very seriously. A true perfectionist.
Response: Really appreciate the kind words, we try hard to impress on a daily basis... see you next time!
may kim
may kim: Delicious fresh seafood. I always satisfied with foods.I’ll be there again. Thank you, Tony!
Response: Wonderful feedback, really appreciate, Chef Tony here… I’ll pass along to the staff
Ava Shulman
Ava Shulman: Always amazed at the constant quality of food… never a bad meal. From Happy Hour, to Sunday Brunch to Hemi Pizza to Burgers & my favorite salmon with plantains & cucumber salad…. Always perfect! Don’t forget Chef Sonia’s famous tiramisu for dessert… unbelievably delicious!
Response: Thanks so Much!! we really appreciate 👨🏼‍🍳

13. Anthony's Restaurant - West Falls Church

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581 reviews
new review
Anthony's Restaurant
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Address: 3000 Annandale Rd, Falls Church, VA 22042

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11AM

Telephone: (703) 532-0100

Business type: Italian restaurant

Anthony's Restaurant: what do users think?
Mischa: The Steak & Cheese sandwiches here are very good (not to be confused with a Philly Cheesesteak, which usually has steak and cheese and onions, but no lettuce or tomatoes or mayonnaise). The cannoli here are great as well. The staff are nice, and the paintings and decor are nice, as well as the interior of the building itself. I do think, though, that they could do a lot better in offering a much better soda selection (including organic soda options, more Italian sodas, and more of a craft beer selection). There were also no electrical outlets at the booth where I was sitting or the ones near me. Other than that, all else seemed pretty good to me.
Diane Kenney
Diane Kenney: Love, love this place. Have been going to Anthony’s since they opened in Falls Church, then in Manassas. Now I drive 30miles to the one in Annandale. Great food, friendly, wonderful family. Food is always fresh and the best Gyros I have ever eaten. Saw one negative review. Just think some people don’t know what great Greek food taste like.
Jonás Porcar Ferrer
Jonás Porcar Ferrer: Cozy family restaurant. Lots of yummy options in a wide menu combining traditional Greek and Italian dishes, among others. I got the gyro sandwich for lunch, really tasty and very generous in terms of portion. It comes with a side of your choice (fries, salad, soup). Service is fast and the atmosphere is very relaxed.
Joseph Roadarmel
Joseph Roadarmel: I ordered the French onion soup and the calamari. I have had better. Not much taste to the soup. The service was good but I was not impressed with my meal. The cost was high as well. Over $50.00 for two with tip.
Stephanie Merchant
Stephanie Merchant: great place and delicious food, the staffs are very attentive. also they have many dishes to choose, I ordered pasta and it was cooked very well. I certainly be right back.
Florian Teinfalt
Florian Teinfalt: Usually good, but this time my liver was tough, mashed potatoes lumpy, green beans cooked to bits and gravy just simply not good. Unfortunate turn of quality and attention to detail.

14. Founding Farmers DC - Washington

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12491 reviews
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Founding Farmers DC
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Address: 1924 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20006

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 7:30AM

Telephone: (202) 822-8783

Business type: American restaurant

Founding Farmers DC: what do users think?
Tyler Davis
Tyler Davis: Quality food and drinks! Stopped by while out and about visiting DC with the family. Short walk from several metro stations. Reserved a table during lunchtime the morning we went and was seated minutes after we showed up. Staff was attentive and my drink was never empty. Reasonable prices for the quality food you get considering the location and love the bar menu. Was recommended this place by several people and it was quickly apparent why. Will definitely visit again next time we are in DC!
Response: Awesome! Thank you so much! -Jessica
Konstantinos Rizakos
Konstantinos Rizakos: We were seated promptly at our reservation time. The hosts and servers were polite and effective, albeit the food and drinks took a while to come out. Everything was very very tasty. The meat in particular. Try the prime rib, and the pork chops - but you may want to ask that they cook less than you usually like because ours were slightly over cooked.
Response: Thank you so much for the glowing review! Please come back soon! -Jessica
Kimberly Giang
Kimberly Giang: Omg so yummy. Visited DC for the first time and found this restaurant for breakfast. It definitely did not disappoint! It was so yummy we came back the next morning. We reserved a table online and good thing we did because it gets crowded fast. Our table was ready when we arrived and all of the staff was very friendly. Food came out fast. The French toast was so unique and tasted amazing. I loved the Eggs Benedict and how crispy the hash browns were! Definitely would come back!
Response: Thank you so much for the glowing review!! So glad you enjoyed your first dining experience with us! We look forward to seeing you again soon! -Jessica
WooDo Jedi
WooDo Jedi: Good service! Our server was outstanding. (Front hostess and host didn’t make us feel welcome though - we felt like cattle coming through the door). Our orders came our timely and had that flavor profile that spoke of home. We would definitely return here!
Response: Though the welcome was not warm, we are thrilled you enjoyed the meal and service! We look forward to your next visit and giving you a great experience from start to finish! -Tiffany
Frankie Painter
Frankie Painter: This is our 3rd time here and WOW, everything we’ve ever ordered has been amazing! We always start with the honey cornbread and this time I got Scallops Meunière with butternut squash risotto and my husband got catfish with grits and green beans. My scallops were cooked to perfection - they cut like butter. The atmosphere here is warm and cozy but lively, although there were way less people this time because of social distancing restrictions. Our waiter was super! We had to show an ID and proof of vaccination. Highly, highly recommend!!
Response: Thank you so much for the amazing review, Frankie! We are so thrilled to read that you and your husband enjoyed your visit with us! We aim to give you a great experience on your 4th visit also! Thank you so much for dining with us! -Najjah :)
Ying Liang
Ying Liang: Friend took me here for dinner when I visited DC. We went on a late weekday evening. Definitely call for reservations ahead of time because it was incredibly crowded. I’m not sure how long we would’ve had to wait if we didn’t plan for that. Our waitress was very nice, food took a while, probably because it was so busy! So plan some time to catch up and relax. It was sort of dark and loud but the restaurant still had nice ambiance. I got the chicken and waffles… and oh my goodness, it was the best fried chicken and the best waffles I’ve ever had. So freaking good. The green beans were crunchy/fresh and the mac and cheese was decent. Not sure what sauce it came with but I was enjoying it! I would probably try to get here for early brunch next time instead. Definitely recommend you stop by if you get the chance.
Response: Thank you so much for the glowing review. Please come back soon! -Jessica
Goose Prevot
Goose Prevot: Stumbled upon this restaurant while walking over towards the Lincoln Memorial. The atmosphere was awesome. The prices were reasonable for the quality of the food. The staff was very friendly and knowledgeable. I liked that the craft cocktail spirits were distilled by the restaurant. We were able to purchase a bottle to take home as well. The food was very tasty. It is a definite try if you are around the area.
Response: Awesome! I'm so glad you enjoyed everything. Please come back soon!- Amber

15. Ted's Bulletin - Washington

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3806 reviews
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Ted's Bulletin
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Address: 1818 14th St NW, Washington, DC 20009

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 7AM

Telephone: (202) 265-8337

Business type: American restaurant

Ted's Bulletin: what do users think?
Arash Tavakoli
Arash Tavakoli: I had one of my best dining experiences in this place. The breakfast is easily enough for two people. The staff are super welcoming. Try their tarts and that tastes like heaven. Been very happy with the pancakes and hey they bring you a whole container of coffee. I also really liked that when we ordered one breakfast for two, they put it in two different plates. Thoughtful! So enjoy!
Calvin Thumma
Calvin Thumma: My wife and I went here after a recommendation from a co-worker of mine. The area we are from has a number very good bistro and brunch locations but this meal blew them out of the water. My French toast was by far the best I’ve ever had, the bacon was crisp, potatoes were perfect and the eggs yummy. My wife’s meal was equally delicious, she order eggs, potatoes, toast and sausage. Nicole was our server and made sure every was perfect and never left our drinks get close to empty
Paul LaVigne
Paul LaVigne: Enjoyed the bakery treats we had the other day so much we came back for brunch. Be sure to call ahead for reservations as this is a very busy place with longer wait times. The food was excellent. I do recommend you come and enjoy this place when you’re in town
Jessica Zheng
Jessica Zheng: Pretty good brunch location! For drinks, we just got a caramel iced coffee and a vanilla milkshake. Coffee was okay, didn’t really taste the caramel flavor at all. For our meals- I got the Big Mark Breakfast. The sausage was very tasty but the eggs and hash brown were pretty bland, I ended up using dipping them in ketchup. Boyfriend got the salmon toast, that was surprisingly tasty! I was just weirded about eating raw salmon as my first meal of the day but it caught me by surprise!
Tilak Kalaria
Tilak Kalaria: Absolutely spectacular dining experience at Tex’s Bulletin for brunch. Service was awesome in this spot with a great ambience and location in DC. The food was excellent too so much to choose from. Their avacado toast has such great attention to detail. The S’mores tart was special! To better enhance our awesome experience someone kind patron paid for my party of 5’s brunch!! Highly recommend Ted’s!!
Fiorella Hidalgo
Fiorella Hidalgo: Went to get the special cherry blossom dessert during the Cherry Blossom Festival! Smoked Salmon Benedict is one of the best I ever had before! (I like it better than Kramer’s!). It took a while to get seated on a Sunday morning, so try to make a reservation in advance!
Hannah: Okay. I’m excited to review this place as an avid brunch food lover. To begin: we were told that the wait time was 40mjn and given a buzzer. Great. No problem, totally understand. To be fair, we hadn’t made reservations that morning. We wait 50min. They then tell us to wait another 30 minutes. My pregnant and hungry friend got it changed to 20min. Still. Once inside, the vibes were great. Our server was fast and attentive. Huge food portions and cute decor. Definitely not worth the weird waiting times, but will definitely make reservations next time!
Jacob Grice
Jacob Grice: Breakfast was awesome!!! Staff was super nice, restaurant was clean and the atmosphere was uplifting and calming at the same time. Food was very good and filling , you must try the cheese cake!! Defiantly will be back again!!

16. The Smith - Washington

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2224 reviews
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The Smith
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Address: 901 F St NW, Washington, DC 20004

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8:30AM

Telephone: (202) 868-4900

Business type: American restaurant

The Smith: what do users think?
Ian Sherwood
Ian Sherwood: Great vibe. I can attest that they are a great brunch place. I had a great eggs Benedict for $18. It’s made on french bread which is so good! I like the energy and decor of this place. The black iron and wood ceilings give it a nice vibe.
Sam M
Sam M: There are so many decent brunch spots in DC, but this place is my favorite. I originally visited the smith in New York and this place in DC is just as good. I was here to celebrate my friend’s birthday and had an awesome time. It could get really busy during the brunch so I highly recommend making a reservation. Every single plate was fantastic, but my favorite dishes were mac and cheese in a skillet, vanilla bean french toast and buttermilk pancakes. Staffs very accommodating and attentive during the whole brunch. I really appreciated them when they brought out the ice cream with candles for the birthday celebration. I also believe brunch cocktails are included if you order some egg dishes. This is one of the best brunch places in DMV and I highly recommend visiting this restaurant.
Vy H.
Vy H.: The ambiance here is nice—came here for lunch Friday and was able to get two seats at the bar. The bar is fully stocked and tons of liquor options! Food was good, we enjoyed the BLT +E (added avocado) and the Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad—portions are generous too.
Rebecca s
Rebecca s: Super cute place! We had to make a last minute reservation cancellation with another restaurant and knew it would be difficult to find a good brunch spot on a Sunday without a reservation. We called and they said maybe the bar would be available when we arrived but that was all they had. When we arrived it was full :( BUT they did let us know if a party cancelled or was late that they could seat u be Aubrey in the next 20 min. Well they totally did! It was really nice that they accommodated us. Cute place a great food!
Riley: The mac and cheese is out of this world. It was extremely cheesy and had an amazing crust of cheese on the top. Each bite was packed with powerful flavor. I also was able to try the wings and they were great. The seasonings were a perfect blend and not to spicy. The gnocchi was very rich and could really taste the truffle on it. The service was great.
Christina Arthur
Christina Arthur: The toffee pudding was awesome. Calamari was great! For my main dish I had the fried chicken with honey marmalade and cheesy grits. The grits were really good. There was a lot of breading on the chicken but still very tasty.
Kylan Carini
Kylan Carini: This is an amazing restaurant, and I highly recommend going here. Firstly, the food was delicious. It was flavorful and modern for a reasonable price. Additionally, the decor of the restaurant was great, perfect for your Instagram needs. They also give you both sparkling and still water at your table. The only bad thing I can say about this restaurant is that the table was a little small, but you hardly notice because the food was so exquisite.
Andrew Windheim
Andrew Windheim: First time visit. Late Saturday afternoon brunch, place was still packed but got a high table at the bar. We had the eggs Benedict and shrimp and grits. One of the eggs Benedict was watery but generally very good. The shrimp grits was served in a frying pan and was very tasty. Especially loved the extra thin shoestring fries spread over the top of the dish and the included brunch drink with each brunch main. Great atmosphere and cool casual decor. Great location next to National Gallery and one short block from Capital One Arena. Close to a 5 but not quite.

17. Topolino Restaurant - Camp Springs

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2426 reviews
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Topolino Restaurant
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Address: 6320 Old Branch Ave, Camp Springs, MD 20748

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11AM

Telephone: (301) 449-6160

Business type: Italian restaurant

Topolino Restaurant: what do users think?
Kristen Porcaro
Kristen Porcaro: Best breakfast we’ve ever had on Disney property! You are able to order all you want, and I absolutely did. The steak was to die for, and the sour cream waffles were amazing. The bagel that came with the smoked salmon has the Jersey seal of approval. We will definitely be back again and again. Worth every penny.
Brian Potvin
Brian Potvin: This was my first time at thie restaurant in almost 20 years. I remember the food and service being AWESOME, and nothing has changed since then! The food was great, and the service was, too! Will definitely be back soon!
Amanda Anoh
Amanda Anoh: Graciela was superb and fast, the food came hot 🔥. The salad 🥗 were delicious, our actual lunch could use more seasoning (salt) but taste good overall. I would go back.
A R: I visit this restaurant yesterday for a quick lunch. Service was excellence. Great customer service from the time I walked through the door until the time I left . The chef double check to she how I wanted my meal prepared, WOW! This is special. Ambiance is old country Italian style setting a Gem for the Camp Springs area. My food was mouth watering DELICIOUS! Will visit again hopefully they will keep their high quality standards. Enjoy 😊
Captain Genisis
Captain Genisis: The service at this restaurant was amazing! We were seated very quickly and efficiently, especially for a party of 7. We were served by a waiter named Alyssa who might I add was very generous and was one of the best waitresses I have ever experienced. I ordered custom pizza and the wait wasn’t long at all and the food was so delicious. I’d definitely recommend this place to someone and would surely come again.
TAMARA BRITTAIN-KEENE: Food and drinks were delish as usual.Service the Best, ask for Q, he is so mannerable and professional
Henok Garedew (Henny breezy)
Henok Garedew (Henny breezy): The best food big portions, excellent taste fresh seafood . Our server KELLEY was extremely friendly and professional. Real Italian restaurant near camp springs.

18. The Pig - Washington

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1424 reviews
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The Pig
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Address: 1320 14th St NW, Washington, DC 20005

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 4PM

Telephone: (202) 290-2821

Business type: Barbecue restaurant

The Pig: what do users think?
Sam M
Sam M: One of My favorite BBQ restaurants in DC. I visited this place several times and really had a great experience. This place could get pretty busy during the weekend dinner service, so I would definitely recommend making a reservation ahead of time. Inside of the restaurant was relatively clean and had enough seating for big groups. Pretty much all the dishes I tried here were delicious, but my favorite was pork chops and smoked ribs. They also have an extensive drink and dessert menu. I really loved their strawberry shortcake. It literally melts in your mouth. Servers were very friendly and attentive during the whole dinner. I highly recommend this restaurant for some good BBQ!
Lord Edwin Carreon
Lord Edwin Carreon: I really like The Pig. I’ve been 3 times (once pre-COVID-19 Pandemic and twice in the Pandemic) and have consistently enjoyed my experience. At its core, The Pig is a barbecue joint. It does offer some upscale and fancier items, which I like. The hi-low effect is well done at The Pig. The dining room is dimly lit and cozy with its wood booths and industrial finishes. The addition of the patio offers a more casual outdoor experience. Some of my favorite items include their St. Louis Smoked Ribs and Brisket Ragu. The ribs are fall-off-the-bone tender and perfectly smoked and sauced. Honestly, the side dishes are nice accompaniments, but don’t necessarily augment the dish. The Brisket Ragu is a perfect hi-low dish offering tender chunks of smoked brisket in a delicate, unctuous tomato and red wine sauce that beautifully coats chewy tagliatelle pasta. My favorite item on the menu is the Heritage Shank. (“12-hour confit pork shank, Yunnan potato puree, leafy spinach, roasted garlic and ginger gastric [sic].”) It’s a special dish that offers a generous portion of tender and juicy pork whose taste is amplified by the side dishes. The ginger gastrique is exceptional and balances the fatty richness of the pork. I will say, like many restaurants after these past two years, The Pig’s menu has shrunk. I really miss some of their signature items, like their bone marrow appetizer. They were unique, exceptionally delicious dishes that should return. Moreover, the portion sizes have definitely gotten smaller. Lastly, service 2/3 of the times I’ve been have been stellar, with attentive and kind wait staff. The other time I’ve been, our server was nice enough, but forgot several things we asked for (an alteration to a dish, ordering another drink, and bringing us more napkins).
Beverlyn Salva
Beverlyn Salva: Okay, here me out. If you or your partner haven’t eaten anything since breakfast and HAS been walking around DC ALL day and you’re looking for some food to eat? I’d recommend the Pig! My boyfriend and I have made a list of food places to go before going on our trip and so we can just pick and go.They have some great appetizers and entrees, drinks are delish, dessert is also delish… but what really amazed me is our server Kima. She was super knowledgeable, blissful, great personality and her customer service is on point. That’s what I usually look for when eating out. We love to eat but we also like to know what the front of house can do to make our dining experience better. :) Thank you Kima and the Pig (DC).
Joel Pagett
Joel Pagett: I enjoyed a fantastic meal in The Pig, and I would have no hesitation recommending it to others. The Bao Buns to start were incredible, and the Pork Shoulder steak was sensational as well. Certainly worth a visit if you’re in Washington and looking for a delicious dinner.
Ben Multak
Ben Multak: Good flavors but not my favorite BBQ I’ve ever had. Federalist Pig has better BBQ but the ambiance of this place is much bette. Drinks were also very good and they are able to accommodate large groups.
Columbia City Bouquet
Columbia City Bouquet: We come here every time we are in town. The cocktails are delicious. The food is super tasty. And we always have a blast with our waiters/bartenders- this time Michael was especially fun. Don’t go in thinking it’s going to be the best barbecue you’ve ever had straight from Austin, but it will surely be delicious. Eat the Brussels sprouts.

19. Royal Restaurant & Caterers - Jefferson Houston

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695 reviews
new review
Royal Restaurant & Caterers
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Address: 730 N St Asaph St, Alexandria, VA 22314

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 7AM

Telephone: (703) 548-1616

Business type: Traditional American restaurant

Royal Restaurant & Caterers: what do users think?
Shaniece Degazon
Shaniece Degazon: I love that they offer a buffet breakfast option for $19.50. They have a small free parking lot available. I ordered the french toast package breakfast option and it filled me up perfectly prior to my bike riding workout. The grapefruit juice was perfectly fresh. Service was fast and friendly especially my waitress liz.
Lovely Lisa
Lovely Lisa: The food was delicious and well served by the server named Ana. She took great care of us and made sure what we wanted and was so knowledgeable about the price on side orders. Everything we need was nicely put together at the table. We didn’t have to keep requesting anything. I am very impressed and happy to visit this historic restaurant. I love it and would recommend this to anyone who wants a cozy place to eat with excellent service.
Kenn Shrader
Kenn Shrader: Local favorite with a bit of history on the menu. Generous portions at breakfast, lunch and dinner. Basic "diner fare" prepared in the southern tradition. Plus, onsite parking in the center of Old Town Alexandria. And you never know who might walk thru the door or be dining in the booth next to you (is that who I think it is...?).
K Sou
K Sou: I had the grits, eggs, and scrapple with toast and a side of biscuits with sausage gravy and it was everything. My friend had the veggie omelette with turkey sausage, homefries and toast. Everything was great, portions good, coffee was good. Nice diner.
Punk Pagong
Punk Pagong: First time here, it is a breakfast buffet but also can order individual food items. Oh and mimosas! Fall in line for food items. You are not allowed to get the food but the servers do it for you. The ribs were dry but their chicken was really good! IG@punk_pagong
Liz Fenwick
Liz Fenwick: food here is absolutely amazing, we came for the easter buffett and had an amazing experience, great customer service and amazing food, this was a pic of my sides wish i took some of the gorgeous ham and salmon 10/10 would recommend and go again!
Didia Domtemi
Didia Domtemi: Service was perfect, affordable prices, I ate like a pig. It was my first time eating this kind of food.Thanks

20. Le Refuge Restaurant - Jefferson Houston

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Le Refuge Restaurant
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Address: 127 N Washington St, Alexandria, VA 22314

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11:30AM

Telephone: (703) 548-4661

Business type: French restaurant

Le Refuge Restaurant: what do users think?
Jensen Whitmore
Jensen Whitmore: Enjoyed our meal! The onion soup was more cheese than soup but I’m not complaining! The scallops were delightful. Was bit overwhelmed by the closeness of our neighboring tables and all the things on the walls. I also think we annoyed our waiter when we didn’t order any wine but we don’t drink! So oh well.
Richard Spano
Richard Spano: un vrai restaurant français! Boef Wellington was perfect. The duck was..perfect. The wine, bourbon, mousse.. all perfect. The service exceptional. Will return often when in old town.make sure you make reservations tho. Cozy place. Fills up fast.
Harley Stine
Harley Stine: Many years since I last dined at Le Refuge and I was delighted finding the same masterful quality of classic French country fare dropping in for lunch yesterday. I did not really drop in, I called first. Many other things have changed in over 3 decades of visiting LR but not the food nor the visual ambience. When I first dined at LR in the 1980’s you could barely see from the front door to the back of the dining room through the haze of cigarette smoke and it is a short distance. The restaurant seats 42 people at full capacity having a handful of 4 top tables and the rest are tables for 2. All tables have 2 table clothes, red wine color cloth with a white one angled on top of it. The interior air cleared with the smoking ban in restaurants in 2009 and now customers are required to wear a mask to come through the front door. There was only 1 couple dining enjoying lunch when I was seated at 1:00 PM. They finished and left by the time my entree arrived and there were 3 people who came in picking up take out orders during my visit so it is not reasonable to comment on service being the only diner having the exclusive attention of the server. I started out having a Kir Royal, moving to a glass of White Bordeaux with my entree and Remy accompanying a shot of espresso with dessert. My food order sequence was baked onion soup with Swiss cheese followed by trout with mushrooms and almonds in lemon butter sauce entree and puff pastry with vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce and freshly made whipped cream for dessert. All dishes were made with fresh quality ingredients masterfully prepared. Onion soup and trout hit my table top piping hot which is a distinction of fine dining restaurants. Artfully plated elevated flavors are served here.
Young-Hum Nam
Young-Hum Nam: Nice atmosphere, decent food. Escargot was a bit too salty, as was the onion soup. Service was okay - one of the servers snapped at me for not moving my bread plate quickly enough for him to put down my entree? Put a damper on the entire meal. If you want the feel of Paris, nice place.
D: Everything was excellent. This old town staple still serves luxurious food made in the traditional haute cuisine style. All 4 of us were blown away by the quality of the food. Excellent service to match. A perfect birthday dinner.
Angelique Turner
Angelique Turner: Wonderful french restaurant. Best I have had. Great french atmosphere. Wonderful music playing. Very reasonable prices. Great selections. The escargot wasin a tomato sauce and tasted flavorful. The stuffed mushrooms were big and plentiful. The frogs legs were the biggest plate i have seen at a restaurant. The lamb shank was cut yhin and in a grest sauce. The scalloped potatoes nice and creamy. Definitely worth the try. Get a bread basket withvthe food. Good choices and soft butter.

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