Best Garden Rentals For Events In Washington Near Me

1. Josephine Butler Parks Center - Washington

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Josephine Butler Parks Center
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Address: 2437 15th St NW, Washington, DC 20009

Schedule: Closes soon ⋅ 12AM ⋅ Opens 8AM Thu

Telephone: (202) 462-7275

Business type: Event venue

Josephine Butler Parks Center: what do users think?
Liza Greenberg
Liza Greenberg: We checked out multiple venues in DC, but none captured the vision we had for our October 19, 2019 wedding like the Josephine Butler Parks Center. The space is beautiful enough to not need too much decoration but simple enough to be a blank canvas if you wanted to go big. We had 120 guests and it felt both spacious and intimate. Malina was very informative and helpful and has done the wedding rodeo enough times to have answers to every question we threw at her. And we felt especially great about using the Center because we knew we were supporting the Washington Parks!
Joseph Ortega
Joseph Ortega: A classy and elegant old venue in the heart of the city. Spacious and full of rich historical ties to the city.
Aaron Hedquist
Aaron Hedquist: I’ve photographed several weddings at the PARKS CENTER. Every time, the venue is well organized, plenty of room for vendors, and the guest seem to really enjoy the multi-level space. You also won’t be able to beat the access to one of the largest (and best) parks in DC. PLUS, the building is run by a local non-profit so a portion of the proceeds go back to doing great work here in DC. If your thinking about having a wedding, corporate, or family event, definitely check-out the JOSEPHINE BUTLER PARKS CENTER.
Jeffrey Harris
Jeffrey Harris: Fun event space. Been there for wedding and fundraising/social event. Lovely.
Audrey Link
Audrey Link: Attended a couple of wedding parties here. Fairly well maintained historic home. Nice staircase in the foyer which is a good spot for photos. There is a balcony (might hold 30)which is a nice place for cocktails in nice weather. There was more than enough room in the dining area for the 150 or so in attendance at the last party. There are 2 kitchens, an upstairs which is a decent size and a much smaller one on the lower level. This provides a lot of room for prep and the fridges help with the cooling of your beverages so not everything has to be chilled on ice. Parking is a little difficult because of the location, but the same can be said for all places in that vicinity. Overall a very quaint location for your event.
Andrew Breza
Andrew Breza: A charming and historic event spacelocated next to Meridian Hill Park
M U K T I . D E S A I
M U K T I . D E S A I: I had my wedding here in September of 2014 and it was absolutely perfect! The space is gorgeous and we knew the venue was for us the moment we saw it. We had just under 150 people and the space was perfect. Dinner was a little cramped, but other than that the space was perfect. We were lucky and had amazing weather so we are also able to make great use of the terrace. This is the perfect place for someone wanting a DC wedding at a reasonable price. The photo opps are also amazing and if you are lucky and get good weather, the park is so close and makes for great photos as well.
Erin R
Erin R: Went here for a gala. A historic venue that is perfect for a small to medium sized corporate or personal event! Two stories we’d open for us to gather in. The staircase is beautiful!

2. Atrium at Meadowlark Botanical Gardens - Wolf Trap

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Atrium at Meadowlark Botanical Gardens
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Address: 9750 Meadowlark Gardens Ct, Vienna, VA 22182

Telephone: (703) 255-3631

Business type: Wedding venue

Atrium at Meadowlark Botanical Gardens: what do users think?
ImTheDJ •net
ImTheDJ •net: Beautiful Atrium for a wedding or any event. Food was incredible and the staff is very accommodating. I highly recommend Meadow Lark for a wedding!
Effie Huffard
Effie Huffard: A beautiful location and space. However in the four days before the wedding my bride repeatedly tried to get in touch with Bettina, the events coordinator, to make the final payment for the venue and her calls were not returned. Finally, the evening before the wedding, Bettina returned the call and said “she had had a lot of meetings” . It caused a lot of undue stress.
Maddy Williams
Maddy Williams: As a local wedding photographer (Maddy Williams Photography), I truly enjoyed working at Meadowlark for a wedding in August 2019. The staff were incredible hosts, friendly and quick to help with anything our couple needed. The wedding day was extremely hot, over 100 degrees, so most of the wedding day took place inside. The gorgeous reception space is almost entirely windows and provided natural light and beautiful views of the garden to the guests while keeping them out of the heat. I would definitely recommend Meadowlark to couples looking for a beautiful garden location for their wedding!
Statuesque Events
Statuesque Events: As a wedding planner in the DMV I loved getting a chance to work in this beautiful garden. It was a great venue for an intimate Nigerian-American wedding. The indoor garden made for a beautiful canvas to build on. We also love that the garden plans color schemes in advance, so you can match your decor to it. The staff was easy to work with, and we loved our time here! We would definitely return here or another county owned venue again!
Response: Thank you Statuesque Events for your kind review! We are thrilled the wedding your planned went well. We would love to have you plan another wedding at The Atrium!
Lucas Rubinstein
Lucas Rubinstein: Beautiful park. There are a large number of birds and other local animals all over the park. They have a huge koi pond and many beautiful trails. The variety of plants and the beauty of this place is surprising. This place is also an excellent venue for special events such as weddings.
Stephanie: Gorgeous!! Attended a wedding at this venue and it was simply breathtaking. The setting sun in the background was picture perfect.
Response: Thank you Stephanie! We're so glad you enjoyed the wedding at The Atrium. We can't wait for Spring to fully embrace our gardens!
Ruth Reyes
Ruth Reyes: Beautiful place, peaceful. Excellent for elopements, or weddings
Ilan Nathanson
Ilan Nathanson: My fiancé and I were supposed to get married at the Atrium on 9 October 2020. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit in March, we immediately reached out to the Atrium to express our concerns about our ability to proceed with the wedding. The Atrium responded that they would reach out once they had determined their COVID-19 policy. After four months of no contact, we again reached out to the Atrium to find out what was going on. We did not feel safe having our planned 100 person wedding at the Atrium given that the number of COVID-19 cases and deaths in Virginia was on the rise. Furthermore, the Atrium’s lack of communication and failure to provide us with any information on our catering service with the Atrium, despite multiple requests for information, suggested the Atrium could no longer manage our wedding. The Atrium responded that it could only host 50 people if it followed the Governor’s Executive Order, but would allow us to have a wedding up to 137 people in direct violation of the mandatory social distancing guidelines. The Atrium stated it had hosted a few weddings since COVID with more than 50 guests in attendance where guests violated the social distancing requirements. My fiancé and I no longer felt comfortable having our wedding at a location that blatantly disregarded the legally mandated social distancing guidelines. We did not want to break the law ourselves, and we did not want to put our family and friends’ lives at risk. Given the Atrium’s disregard for the Governor’s Executive Order, we had no confidence that the Atrium was abiding by other requirements such as properly sanitizing the space and ensuring that the food service was safe. Furthermore, the Atrium staff was utterly unavailable and unable to work with us in a timely manner on wedding planning and catering. Less than three weeks from when we were supposed to pay the remaining amount on our wedding contract, we still did not have the catering menu. We requested a refund of our deposit from the Atrium and were denied. The Atrium instead attempted to pressure us to rebook the date. We did not feel comfortable doing so given that by the Atrium’s own statements, the Atrium intended to violate the legally mandated social distancing requirements. We understand that the Atrium as a business has suffered from the COVID-19 pandemic, and so we are wiling to work with the Atrium to come to a mutually beneficial solution that does not place us in a position where we are hosting our wedding at a place that is violating the Governor’s Order. For those considering the Atrium for their wedding who are also concerned about the risk of COVID-19, we do not recommend the Atrium given their lack of compassion during the COVID-19 pandemic and willingness to not abide by legally mandated social distancing guidelines.
Response: Ilan--We are sorry you feel we did not communicate our policies to you. We provided you and your fiancé the opportunity to re-book a date as far in the future as you would like and have all monies collected be applied towards the new reservation without penalty utilizing NOVA Parks Temporary COVID-19 Re-booking Policy. You and your fiancé declined and chose to cancel your event anyway so you were subject to the cancellation policy within your rental agreement.

3. Studio 52 - Washington

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Studio 52
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Address: 1508 Okie St NE, Washington, DC 20002

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8AM Thu

Telephone: (202) 818-8703

Business type: Wedding venue

Studio 52: what do users think?
Mitko Georgiev
Mitko Georgiev: Went for a fundraiser and it was great. Ghe staff was awesome and the music. The only problem is only 2 bathrooms. Highly recommend
Coco Tinsley
Coco Tinsley: Great location for special occasions. They also have spiked gelato stand inside. Great people. Have your event here!
Aaron Kelly
Aaron Kelly: Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, ValueHad an event at Studio 52 a while back great staff and a beautiful space. I highly recommend it!Follow me on IG @blackstylematters
Jordan Christopher
Jordan Christopher: Hidden Gem! We were looking for a place to do our annual showcase. We found Studio 52 to be a great urban oasis. The venue is great for any kind of corporate or social event; meetings, launch event, pop-up, holiday party, birthday party, sweet 16 or weddings. Then venue is industrial chic has a great glass door that opens up. You can imagine and do so much there. A lot of venues have stuffy staff, their team are great to work with. Chelsea was super accommodating with our plan and Drew was not only thorough, but cool. Reggie and Eric, the event managers went out of there way to help us. They are super friendly and gave great advice on set up. Antonio works security and is cool too. We plan to do a lot of events at Studio 52.
Rachel Fredrick
Rachel Fredrick: Just held a workshop at Studio 52 and the venue is amazing! The staff is exceptional and goes the extra step to ensure your event is successful! Reggie is fantastic and very helpful! Also, the venue is located next to a parking garage which was very convenient for our guest. Thanks again to Chelsea, Drew, and Reggie for the amazing customer service. This venue will not disappoint!
Susan Berry
Susan Berry: This place was awesome. The young men that were there were outstanding. They did an amazing job helping us get set up. They had the hall looking like it should have been in Better Homes and Gardens. It was simply gorgeous. They even helped us cleanup and pack up. Thank you for an amazing experience.
Peter Jones
Peter Jones: Nice meeting space! Great ambience and great location.
Margaret Brunner
Margaret Brunner: My husband and I held our elopement party/casual wedding reception here and we could not have been happier. The owners, Drew and Chelsea, went out of their way to deliver stellar customer service and were incredibly flexible and responsive to us. They allowed us to get food truck catering (and helped secure parking) and bartending services where we could purchase our own alcohol, which saved us a ton of money. Plus the space is just beautiful - it has an open, industrial feel with a wall made from 100+ year-old reclaimed farmhouse wood. There is a digital photo booth built in that our guests adored and a garage door that can open up, creating a very cool vibe. I would definitely recommend Studio 52 for anyone looking to have a wedding reception, or any other type of event!

4. The Wharf Dockmaster Building - Washington

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26 reviews
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The Wharf Dockmaster Building
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Address: 101 District Square SW, Washington, DC 20024

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Telephone: (202) 688-3590

Business type: Event venue

The Wharf Dockmaster Building: what do users think?
Bob Rose
Bob Rose: Great venue that did a very good job with the Brewers Ball, helping to raise money for Cystic Fibrosis.
La-Kia Kommeren
La-Kia Kommeren: Came here for a private event to celebrate Koningdag.
Karen: Beautiful location for a meeting or celebration. The river and island views are spectacular
Ralph McLean
Ralph McLean: Beautiful building in a great spot. Have been here multiple times, and it is very well kept.
Diane McConnell
Diane McConnell: Fantastic event space. Went to a spectacular birthday party.Wonderful staff walking around with food and nice bar.
John R Johnson
John R Johnson: I attended a DC Lottery event at this brand new venue Wharf Dockmaster located at the Wharf South West. The place is spacious for birthday celebrations, wedding receptions and anniversaries. It has great views of the Potomac River and the National Harbor in the distance.
Cesar Camacho
Cesar Camacho: Amazing views and great location at the wharf.Definitely an interesting location to hold an event.
Robert Strelser
Robert Strelser: Fantastic facility. The Wharf area is fantastic. Parking is expensive.
Amanda Traver
Amanda Traver: Super neat wharf!
Nahlah Melaih
Nahlah Melaih: Very disappointed in their service. They don’t respect their time nor their clients.

5. Meridian International Center - Washington

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16 reviews
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Meridian International Center
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Address: 1630 Crescent Pl NW, Washington, DC 20009

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Thu

Telephone: (202) 667-6800

Business type: Non-profit organization

Meridian International Center: what do users think?
Mina H
Mina H: We had to postpone our wedding three times and at this point have toured every venue in the DC area. Meridian House is by FAR the best venue! It is magical by itself, before you introduce one flower or candle, yet can also be transformed for whatever vision you may have for your big day! The architecture, history, location, parking, indoor and outdoor area (omg the Loggia and the Linden Grove!!!!) is just perfect. But the thing that make it the best venue is Maria Canellis! She was so incredibly professional, prompt and creative in helping us plan a covid wedding! Our vendors needed an extra three days for set up so she was managing a ton of vendors but did it with such grace. Maria was always the first to give us the latest government guidelines and best practices for our wedding and super empathetic towards us as we have to pivot so many times. I think she could plan a country take-over by now with her skills! Maria is such a leader and you are in the best of hands if you have any event here! Thank you Meridian House for our dream wedding!!!!
Preston Ross
Preston Ross: It’s a beautiful and historic campus right in the heart of DC. The work we do there is top notch and vital for progress.
Gurpreet Singh
Gurpreet Singh: I visited here as International Visitor in June 26th in 1996 met Lula Rodriguez, Director of international Visitors, Ms Azza Zaki Program Officer Group Project Division. Mr Mark Fallow, Program Officer. Ms Wendi Lhart, Program Associate.
Cherie Moye
Cherie Moye: Beautiful place for weddings baby showers business meetings anything of that nature beautiful venue
Chris Nicoletti
Chris Nicoletti: Fantastic place for a wedding and reception
Cecilia Uriona
Cecilia Uriona: Gorgeous house, the Meridian team is amazing as well
Response: Thanks, Cecilia! Glad you enjoyed our beautiful space.

6. Reddi Made Event Studio - Washington

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9 reviews
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Reddi Made Event Studio
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Address: 2490 Market St NE #155, Washington, DC 20018

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 12PM Thu

Telephone: (202) 670-7093

Business type: Event venue

Reddi Made Event Studio: what do users think?
Anthony Massey
Anthony Massey: Reddi Made Event Studio is the quintessential event space for any and every occasion. The intimate but bountiful space boasts a full kitchen and upstairs area that allows your guests or audience to be comfortable while still feeling they are in a exclusive environment. Perfectly positioned across the street from Howard University, it is an amazing location that makes the perfect venue, no matter the occasion!
Airica Cain
Airica Cain: REDDI MADE EVENT STUDIO was phenomenal. The hosts were pleasant, professional, and highly accommodating. It is located right across the street from Howard University: highly accessible and full of DCs charm and character. I would recommend anyone to host or have an event with this studio.
Sia Stewart
Sia Stewart: I had an amazing experience at this place. I threw a birthday party for my mother, the Reddi Made team went above and beyond to make our event special.
iAM Tuck (Tuck)
iAM Tuck (Tuck): Beautiful and versatile space. The owners are incredibly kind and knowledgeable.
Catrice Alleyne
Catrice Alleyne: The decor is amazing and the experience is priceless.
Zerandrian Morris
Zerandrian Morris: Beautiful space! 10/10. Would recommend.

7. Dock5 - Washington

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82 reviews
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Address: 1309 5th St NE, Washington, DC 20002

Telephone: (202) 902-2673

Business type: Event venue

Dock5: what do users think?
Narda Nardis
Narda Nardis: Amazing venue! Great location
Frank Mikolajczak
Frank Mikolajczak: Nice venue. There is not much draw here other than the open canvas and your vision. The scenery is not beautiful or amazing but it allows for a nice city comfort feeling that is hip and trendy. You can really decorate or create whatever environment you want inside the space that offers plenty of room. There is a good Instagram wall around the building for pictures also.
Dru Crawley
Dru Crawley: Fun event venue, indoor, covered outdoor space. Great for parties
Valerie Chandler
Valerie Chandler: Terrible event! I was invited to The 2nd annual DC Brunch Festival on Dock 5 and it was the pits!!! It was more like a Sardines festival. It was packed, hard to walk around, lines everywhere, plenty drinks and very little food!!! The free glass was dirty and plastic! Parking a logistical nightmare. I had to go next door and pay to eat! This event is for the easily duped!!!
K Allen
K Allen: Basically, a loading dock with all of the wonderful acoustics of a loading dock. The view out the garage style doors is of a deteriorating warehouse with an old diner propped up on timbers that looks like it will fall over any second. Since it is all concrete, steel and glass, just add in a blaring sound system and you have all of the great ingredients for a wonderful evening at this venue. Not.
Amelia and Kelsey
Amelia and Kelsey: The staff at Dock 5 is incredibly accommodating and helpful when planning the perfect event in their space. We always appreciate their flexibility and the versatility of the space. It will always be one of our favorite event venues in DC.

8. Dumbarton House - Washington

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155 reviews
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Dumbarton House
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Address: 2715 Q St NW, Washington, DC 20007

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM Fri

Telephone: (202) 337-2288

Business type: Event venue

Dumbarton House: what do users think?
Elise F.
Elise F.: Very nice historic site and interiors. Small parking lot a plus for visitors. But many steps up to the site.
Skye Brockman
Skye Brockman: Stunning Georgetown venue. I am a photographer who found their staff to be great and the entire place to be picture perfect.
Bob Lavelle
Bob Lavelle: Great architecture of the Federalist period. Also historical cemeteries nearby, worth exploring as well.
Mike Wehrman
Mike Wehrman: Interesting history & loved the story of how women led preservation efforts. Not slot to see, but worth an hour or so of time.
Arianne Mix
Arianne Mix: My party payed $10 each for a self-guided tour. Much of the museum was closed off and, although there were some interesting rooms (I think there were three in total), the entire experience was very underwhelming. I love this sort of thing and so have gone to a lot of similar places, and this simply was not well done. If it were free I would give it a better review, but paying $10 for it was ridiculous. Would not suggest.
Martin Reyes
Martin Reyes: Very elegant great 4 wedding anniversary special events we highly recommend this for your next celebration
Amos Cheeseboro
Amos Cheeseboro: To be honest, I was working there as a banquet server for a wedding reception. But the house was amazingly beautiful! I recommend people to visit.

9. Asian Fusion Gallery - Washington

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17 reviews
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Asian Fusion Gallery
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Address: 1343 L St NW, Washington, DC 20005

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM Thu

Telephone: (202) 393-1906

Business type: Event venue

Asian Fusion Gallery: what do users think?
Sierra Wood
Sierra Wood: The company I work for used this space for our annual fundraiser and we were so happy with the outcome! June was very communicative, organized, flexible, and helpful in the weeks coming up to the event. The space is sizeable, well located, and very reasonably priced, would highly recommend to anyone!
Response: It was great to work with you. Looking forward to your next event!
Katie Moroski
Katie Moroski: This was a wonderful space for our showcase event. June was fabulous to work with and so helpful and flexible. We would absolutely host events here again!
Marie Jones
Marie Jones: It was a great pleasure dealing with June who is in charge at the Asian Fusion Gallery. She was available, cordial, and responsive to questions and concerns. Our event went on well and our guests had great feedback about the venue and the atmosphere.
Response: It was great to work with you. Looking forward to your next event!
Jocelyn Savoie
Jocelyn Savoie: June was a fantastic host and so easy to work with throughout our entire production process. Her studio is beautiful, dynamic and allows for plenty of room to social distance. 10/10 would recommend for your next production.
Response: Thanks for doing business with us! We are so glad that you had a good booking experience with us this time, looking forward to your next production booking.
Brette Ragland
Brette Ragland: We used the Asian Fusion Gallery for a film shoot and this space was exactly what we needed. There were no problems with sound or finding parking nearby. The Asian Fusion Gallery team was incredibly responsive to our many questions and made the whole experience smooth and easy.
Response: Thanks for doing business with us! We are so gald that your had a good booking experience with us this time, looking forwarfd to your next producation booking.
sabrina seymore
sabrina seymore: Absolutely love the Asian Fusion Gallery DC. Between the extremely helpful staff, set up of the space and cleanliness, our guests loved the space and are still raving about it. I truly appreciate all of the assistance as well. Just prepare to tell your guests where the parking garage is, or to uber to the venue. Not much street parking, but again, the wonderful staff at the gallery let me know this prior to booking!
Frenchie Davis
Frenchie Davis: I had such a great experience with Asian Fusion Gallery. Would definitely return to do future events.
Orz_maze: This is a lovely place with a big room for activities. Staff is friendly. The location is great. Rent is affordable. I definitely will recommend my friends and come back again!

10. Friends Meeting of Washington - Washington

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37 reviews
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Friends Meeting of Washington
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Address: 2111 Decatur Pl NW, Washington, DC 20008

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8AM Thu

Telephone: (202) 483-3310

Business type: Event venue

Friends Meeting of Washington: what do users think?
Rihana Bokhari
Rihana Bokhari: Friends Meeting of Washington is an idyllic venue for a DC wedding. It has indoor and outdoor spaces. It has multiple beautiful gardens. The interior is stunning, the location is unmatched and the price point is incredibly fair. We were able to have the perfect wedding here and could not recommend it more. Our venue coordinator, Brian, was absolutely wonderful to work with. He made our lives so easy and was incredibly responsive to all of our questions and problems. He went above and beyond what we expected.
Ido Simyoni
Ido Simyoni: I needed a location fir a video shoot so I rented their library room for filming and they’ve been super kind , responsive and helpful. Brian is the mvp. We’ll definitely go back there in the future.
Response: Thank you so much! Great to have you back again today.
Caribbean Caterer
Caribbean Caterer: We recently catered a wedding at this venue. The staff was extremely professional and easy to work with. Also, the venue is absolutely beautiful! It is a garden oasis in the middle of the District.
Response: Thanks so much! We enjoyed working with you that day and look forward to having you back again soon!
Kai McCoy
Kai McCoy: The oldest Quaker Meeting house in the nation, built for Herbert Hoover with the same materials the original White House was built with. This Friends Meeting is powerful in their Work and Message. Any visitors are always welcomed with open hearts. A fantastic place for Serenity and Worship of the Light. Thank you, Friends!
Response: Thanks, Michelle! Our Meeting House was built in 1930 after Herbert Hoover — a Quaker — was elected. The Meeting House includes some old timbers salvaged from an earlier White House renovation. We certainly can't claim to be the oldest Meeting House in the nation. Friends have been meeting at the Third Haven Meeting House in Easton, Maryland, since 1684.
Tom Johnson-Medland
Tom Johnson-Medland: Beautiful space for worshipping and turning within to find QUIET. Building is very clean and the staff so friendly - offering this weary wayfaring stranger respite for thirty minutes of stillness in a busy day. Thank you, FRIENDS! First MEETING FOR WORSHIP in this Meetinghouse was 4 January 1931.
CHARLES LWANGA BANFILA NDIKINTUM: This is the coolest place in DC. Very friendly staff who are all smiles and ready give you all the info you need. Their rental space is the most amazing for wedding and any kind of party. Advicing anyone who needs a cool place for a wedding, meeting, party to give them a call.
Trevor: Lots of very kind, friendly people. This place will look amazing when the renovation is complete. Great place to rent out for any event, from a work training session to a wedding or reunion. Lots of different spaces available to rent for any occasion.
José Woss
José Woss: Great people keeping the tradition of Friends (Quakers) who worship waiting for the Divine or God to speak. The lives are never silent in the face of injustice.
Response: Thank you, Jose. And thanks for all that you do for peace and justice.
Leonard Eoussa
Leonard Eoussa: The doctrine of silence is when you meet with yourself. FMW is a place where you can find this harmonious meeting.
Response: Many thanks, Leonard. We are so glad you find it so. Many find the silence to be nourishing, nurturing, and sometimes challenges--a place to connect with Spirit. All are welcome to enter this experience during our worship hours--at 9 am, 10:30 am, and 6 pm on Sundays as well as 6 pm on Wednesdays.
Machou T.
Machou T.: Nice historical site. Many weddings happen in the garden during months.

11. Honey & Lavender Events - Augusta County

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25 reviews
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Honey & Lavender Events
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Business type: Event planner

Honey & Lavender Events: what do users think?
Bryce Fowler
Bryce Fowler: Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, ValueMaya with Honey and Lavender was the best support to plan and execute my husband’s 50th birthday week. She was responsive and creative up front in the planning phase and great to have as an extra pair of hands during execution. I would definitely hire Maya again and recommend her for any party planning.
Response: Thanks so much! We loved helping you plan your hubby's beach bash. He is very blessed to have you for a wife. :-)
Lynne Cripe
Lynne Cripe: My husband and I hired Honey & Lavender Events for full-service planning of our 10-year vow renewal. We eloped when we got married and this was our chance to have a wedding-like event that we had promised our family and friends to one-day hold. Maya and her team were AMAZING! They immediately got a sense of our vision and hopes for the event, helped identify a stellar team of vendors, kept us on track in terms of tasks and budget, came up with creative ideas when we were stumped, helped us navigate the vagaries of event planning during a pandemic, and took care of the details so we could enjoy our guests and each other. People asked us if we were stressed in the days prior to our vow renewal and our ability to honestly respond, "No" was all due to the competence and care of Maya and her team. I would hire them again in a heartbeat and would recommend them enthusiastically to others.
Response: Thank you so much! We absolutely loved working with you and Ray on your stunning and beautiful dinner.
joan hadeed
joan hadeed: You absolutely need Maya and her team at your wedding. I cannot say enough good things about them. I hired Maya as my day of planner and from a month out from the wedding she was coordinating it all! I was at ease in the weeks leading up to the wedding because Maya was so responsive to all of my vendors and made sure there was a detailed timeline for the weekend. The day of was PERFECT. Maya and her team are so warm, flexible, organized, and professional. I received so many compliments from both other vendors and guests. Everyone says “something” will go wrong on your wedding day. NOTHING went wrong on our day thanks to Honey and Lavender!!
Response: You and Jordan were the sweetest! Definitely #couplegoals and #clientgoals
Jennifer Greene Naples
Jennifer Greene Naples: Maya and Juliette planned a garden soiree birthday party for us in the spring. They were fantastic -- timely, knowledgeable, and well-connected. It was a wonderful, WORRY-FREE experience, which was EXACTLY what we wanted. Would HIGHLY RECOMMEND Honey and Lavender Events, without hesitation, and hope to be able to work with them again in the future! Thank you again for all your help!
Response: Thank you so much for trusting us to plan your bash! We had so much fun.

12. Oxon Hill Manor - Fort Washington

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193 reviews
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Oxon Hill Manor
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Address: 6901 Oxon Hill Rd, Oxon Hill, MD 20745

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Thu

Telephone: (301) 839-7782

Business type: Event venue

Oxon Hill Manor: what do users think?
Claudia Benjamin
Claudia Benjamin: We had our wedding here In the morning the views are breathtaking. The house is well kept and the staff is very helpful. If you are looking for a wedding venue or a place to hold a very special event this would surely be one of my picks. We had an intimate 10 am wedding in August with the ceremony seating facing the Potomac. It was fairly hot that day so we made use of the house for the cocktail hour as well as the library to house the cake from the heat. The tent was beautiful and big enough to hold more then our 12 tables and dance floor. The bridal suite is beautiful and gives some amazing pictures as well as the grooms suite. The grounds really do speak for them selves and there is ample parking. If I had to do another event I would surely use them.
jay R.
jay R.: Beautiful place for a wedding. The food was absolutely fantastic. The wait stuff were very friendly and funny. The decor inside is amazing. Plenty of parking. Highly recommend!!!
Serge Jerome Jr.
Serge Jerome Jr.: Beautiful venue for an outdoor wedding. The wedding was outside on the lawn with the river and green trees on hills in the background. An unbeatable backdrop. The reception was by the pool which had springs and was very clean. It was beautiful all the way around and a great venue.
Sanjeev Sagar
Sanjeev Sagar: Nice and beautiful venue to host a wedding 💑.
Egypt Edey
Egypt Edey: Very beautiful and elegant Mansion
Bob Garcia
Bob Garcia: This was a wonderful location for my friends wedding! The decor was Colonial and added to the charm of the venue!
Alexandra Ritchie
Alexandra Ritchie: Beautiful stately home with an amazing view. I was there for a wedding. I had an amazing time. Please note that there is no air conditioning. I felt relieved to go upstairs for a bit where there was an electric fan.

13. Hill Center at the Old Naval Hospital - Washington

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13 reviews
new review
Hill Center at the Old Naval Hospital
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Address: 921 Pennsylvania Ave. SE, Washington, DC 20003

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8AM Thu

Telephone: (202) 549-4172

Business type: Non-profit organization

Hill Center at the Old Naval Hospital: what do users think?
Pei-Hsuen Liao
Pei-Hsuen Liao: Beautiful place to stop by and enjoy the sunshine.
Jimmy Sylakowski
Jimmy Sylakowski: Nice rental center.

14. Culture House DC - Washington

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368 reviews
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Culture House DC
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Address: 700 Delaware Ave SW, Washington, DC 20024

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11AM Sat

Business type: Event venue

Culture House DC: what do users think?
Samuel Satterfield
Samuel Satterfield: Beautiful community space. Tons of art and gallery space. Nice outdoors area. Great indoor space for community events. Not very Metro accessible so if you’re planning a visit, I recommend coming by car or being prepared to walk. But once you get here, it’s easy to spend an hour or two just walking around and looking and what there is to see. Take some time out of a weekend to check it out.
Kaila C
Kaila C: This was my first time going to this session and I really enjoyed it. The atmosphere was WELCOMING and NON-JUDGMENTAL. I am a entry level dancer with no experience at all. So, I was a little worried about how this was going to work, but the instructor O she made it a fun and confidence gaining experience. I will recommend anyone to attend if your looking for fun and building confidence.
Joan Masterman
Joan Masterman: Attended candlelight Vivaldi concert at Culture House. Took metro - easy trip! Beautiful venue; toured art exhibits after concert.
Shirley O-D
Shirley O-D: I came here for a candlelight concert last week. It is definitely a dope spot and I will be back another time just to explore the space more and see the art.
First Account
First Account: We took our family here for the hip hop pop up museum and it was a lot of fun. The kids loved learning about the history of hip hop and seeing the memorabilia from the various eras.
Darren D
Darren D: Stopped by to take some photos. This place is fantastic. Would love to see some live music I am sure the venue would be amazing for a great band. Definatly a must see for the artsy fartsy type.
Garrett B
Garrett B: This is one of the premier art enclaves in D.C. The newest collection features a dad capturing pictures of his son in a space suit in numerous different scenarios to illustrate the exploration and continuous discovery of children. From the evanescent colors adorning the building to the awesome and kind people who run the spot, this is a must see for D.C.

15. Arts Club of Washington - Washington

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79 reviews
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Arts Club of Washington
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Address: 2017 I St NW, Washington, DC 20006

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM Thu

Telephone: (202) 331-7282

Business type: Museum

Arts Club of Washington: what do users think?
Perks Advisor
Perks Advisor: This Club is sandwiched between the White House and George Washington University. It is a private club but open to the public during certain hours. The historic building is worth the visit and you can visit certain rooms that have art hanging on the walls. You can also use the facilities for events. If you enjoy art and a quiet atmosphere this is a very nice venue.
Bob Craycraft
Bob Craycraft: Great membership organization and four art galleries open to the public at no charge.
BRASH BRASH: This was an unexpected treat for me. I received an email about a dinner theatre production about the pending election and decided to go. The location is quite historic and beautifully furnished. There are documents signed by early presidents on the walls. The courtyard in back was charming and features a relief of a bygone scene. Though it is a private club for artists and collectors, the location has regular openings and lectures revolving around the arts. The event I went to was affordable: $40 for a buffet dinner, a 90 minute musical, and a dessert spread afterwards. The members were all very friendly and informative, lively and welcoming.
Paul A
Paul A: Nice historical place with a conference room for meetings.
Margaret Jones
Margaret Jones: You have to check website on when can see art or events open to non-members. Can also sign up on email list.
Marie-B CDA
Marie-B CDA: This "temporary" White House is a very elegant home where exhibits, concerts, lectures, poetry readings, ballets are hosted and fine lunches and dinners are served. Every room is elegantly decorated and in the spirit of Monroe. The garden is a nice additio.. The Club offers membership to Artists and drawing/painting classes are taught. A very pleasant place to visit or become a member.
Dr. Laura Reid
Dr. Laura Reid: It is a beautiful facility with a beautiful grand piano on the second floor. And houses a lovely space for meetings
Michelle Peete
Michelle Peete: Small art museum nestled close to GW University. A great venue for intimate events. Large patio area for outdoor activities. The food was adequate. Great service.
Jeffrey Kipers
Jeffrey Kipers: Great place for event such as a wedding reception

16. Hook Hall - Washington

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527 reviews
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Hook Hall
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Address: 3400 Georgia Ave NW, Washington, DC 20010

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 3PM Thu

Telephone: (202) 629-4339

Business type: Event venue

Hook Hall: what do users think?
Amitava Chatterjee
Amitava Chatterjee: The Cocktail Club delivers a wonderful experience. Mick is a passionate and creative mixologist who puts a lot of effort into creating cocktails and building them with a lot of showmanship. Charming semi-private venue with an eclectic ambiance. Can’t wait to be back. Thanks, Mick!
Danielle S
Danielle S: This place is pretty cool. I would give 5 stars but trying to get answers to questions about reservations was like pulling teeth. No one is there to pick up the phone and the email response time is slow and they didn’t even answer all my questions. I was ready to cancel our party here but kept it because the cabana rentals are very affordable. Also the food situation was confusing. I think we were supposed to order outside food? It would be great if they served food. We all left hungry. Once we got there, I was pleasantly surprised. The staff was amazing, helpful and friendly. They let us into our rental early to prepare for a surprise party. We are definitely planning to come back for another cabana reservation now that I know how it works. We really enjoyed our time here.
Response: Danielle, We are so happy that you had a great experience! I just wanted to pop in and let you know that we DO have on site food as of today! We are featuring The Federalist Pig for a summer pop-up! Please contact me at so that I can learn more about your communication issues with our customer service team. Thank you so much for being a Hook Hall guest!
Jeff Schwamb
Jeff Schwamb: Enjoyed the private bar experience. Mixologist Mick Perrigo made some amazing drinks and the room decor was conversation inspiring. Would recommend if you want a break from the loud social crowd just outside.
Alexis Aguero
Alexis Aguero: The cocktail club experience with Mick has been absolutely astounding! It’s personalized and crafty! Micki is extremely knowledgeable and extremely charming! Greg has been so kind and very informative on what’s happening in DC. The whole experience was centered around my boyfriend’s birthday and we enjoyed the whole experience. Would 100% recommend to anyone who is into craft cocktails and into the exciting night life that DC has to offer. We were just in time to enjoy a burlesque show in Hook hall and we absolutely recommend this to anyone who enjoys excellent cocktails! Would come back!
Rae Y.
Rae Y.: Great venue, walking distance from the metro, saw a shooting crime scene on the way there so the evening was complete
Katy Dunn
Katy Dunn: Had the best night at Hook Hall’s Cocktail Club. Everything was perfect. Mick Perigno is a genius. Greg made our night truly special. And the cocktails were absolutely perfect. Thank you!
Damien C
Damien C: I had a lovely experience. The people there working the desk and working the website, Leaving your vendors that you use for your ticketing and other services, all maintained exemplary professionalism. I would love to come and frequent your business for the next shower indulgent. I had a wonderful time and sorted my best friend. Thank you all for your wonderful work.

17. United States Botanic Garden - Washington

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11752 reviews
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United States Botanic Garden
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Address: 100 Maryland Ave SW, Washington, DC 20001

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM Thu

Telephone: (202) 225-8333

Business type: Botanical garden

United States Botanic Garden: what do users think?
ThePinkfreak805: A really beautiful and enjoyable place! They’ve got some really awesome plant species here! The tropical room is especially great! Not only is it beautiful, but with the humidity you’ll really feel like you’re in the rainforest! Also very cool to see the endangered plants you aren’t likely to see anywhere else.
Alex Navarro
Alex Navarro: Always lovely. The inside and outside gardens are full of flowers. Great place to take kids. They even have a children’s garden where kids can plant something and water it. So cute! You can spend a lot of time here if you like, but you can also easily see everything in about an hour.
Richa Rashmi
Richa Rashmi: This is such a delightful retreat for an afternoon lunch or just a date in the different ecotones of the world. You could walk into a completely tropical climate full of tropical trees that have terrace views, or walk into a desert of cactus. There’s a section on medicinal plants followed by rare and endangered species which is mind blowing. I absolutely loved my shortest trip to Hawaii and then to a garden of orchids and roses. Be sure to checkout the inner and outer gardens. There are interesting wall murals of tea from China and other such use. But the most amazing part was the TOILET. Yes, you heard it right. It’s full of ornamental plants that smells amazing and the sound of water and birds will make you feel you’re in the cleanest part of the world, unlike what public restrooms are known for.
Jeremy Andra
Jeremy Andra: The botanical gardens are a beautiful hideaway from the normal everyday views of the world. An amazing display of some of the wonderful offerings this world has to offer in the way of beautiful plants and miscellaneous greenery. We were shocked to find there is no charge to see any of this and would highly suggest you stop in and check it out.
Hyo Jin Moon
Hyo Jin Moon: Beautiful garden that is open to the public for free. There are spots where you can sit and enjoy the weather and also the indoor green house that has so much to see (and learn. Lots of educational components). I highly recommend visiting here with kids of all ages.
Ben Matthews
Ben Matthews: If you’ve spent the day walking up the mall and around the museums, then this is a fantastic place to unwind. The glasshouse is beautiful in its own right, and features plants from many different climates. And the outdoor gardens are equally lovely. Definitely worth a stop if you’re near the Capital Building.

18. River Farm - Fort Hunt

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181 reviews
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River Farm
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Address: 7931 E Boulevard Dr, Alexandria, VA 22308

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM Thu

Telephone: (703) 768-5700

Business type: Tourist attraction

River Farm: what do users think?
Haley Day
Haley Day: Such a wonderful place to walk around and enjoy the scenery, the grounds are so beautiful! You cannot beat this location, it is safe and the parking is easy. As a photographer I love to bring my clients here for sessions (they offer permits!) and I cannot wait to shoot a wedding here!
Louise Watts
Louise Watts: Unexpected pleasure on a beautiful day. This was George Washington"s "side" farm and overlooks the Potomac, just like Mount Vernon. There are gardens, bowers, nooks, vistas, even rocking chairs on the porch of the mansion: perfect spot to a make a memory. The iron gates are re-purposed from the original White House. Easy paths, accessible, and a wide open space if children need to let off a little steam.
Matthew Hanna
Matthew Hanna: This was a nice visit for acquiring plants for our home gardening. This place looks nice to visit again for the river view.
Rev. Christine Mcgunigale
Rev. Christine Mcgunigale: What a beautiful location to get married. You will love the staff there
Theodore Shiveley
Theodore Shiveley: Being a big fan of all the member gardens of the American Horticultural Society, I guess I thought that the gardens here would be more intensly curated, but while the displays are definitely deliberately planned, the feel of them is different from other Botanical gardens. The grounds invite wandering and interaction with them closer to a park like what someone could have at their home as opposed to the elaborate beds and bright colors at larger garden exhibits. Very nice location. The big Bodark tree (Osage Orange) was my favorite part.

19. TAKODA - Rooftop Restaurant & Beer Garden - Washington

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674 reviews
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TAKODA - Rooftop Restaurant & Beer Garden
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Address: 715 Florida Ave NW, Washington, DC 20001

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 4PM Thu

Business type: Event venue

TAKODA - Rooftop Restaurant & Beer Garden: what do users think?
Katie Hallock
Katie Hallock: This place was perfect for a casual date night with some friends. I loved the vibe and decor and definitely loved the seating on the balcony. It’s a busy part of town so parking can be nearly impossible and it’s not unusual for your time there to be filled with lots of sirens and ambulances passing by or even loud people on motorcycles. We all decided to go the appetizer route and get one of everything to share. The boneless chicken wings have an amazingly flavorful and crunchy out exterior which is fantastic! The inside is pretty darn juicy, too! But it wasn’t unusual to find a good amount of chewy fat or something going on inside. The truffle fries were super delicious! The old bay tots weren’t overwhelmed by the seasoning, but they were nice and crispy and perfect for dipping in the yummy garlic aïoli. Of the sliders and sandwiches, I personally thought that the barbecue pork was way better than any of the other options. The burger looked pretty boring and I was disappointed in the lack of flavor and the short rib sandwich.
Response: Thank you for choosing to visit Takoda, Katie! We're glad you enjoyed the atmosphere and our balcony seating. I'm sorry to hear that parking was difficult to find, but we're happy you found us nonetheless. Our appetizers are a popular choice and it sounds like you made a great decision in trying them all. The chicken wings are definitely a fan favorite and we're glad you enjoyed them. Thank you for your kind words about the fries and tater tots, too! We hope to see you again soon.
Maalik hutchinson
Maalik hutchinson: Do yourself a favor and visit this lovely rooftop restaurant in DC. The service is unmatched. The staff truly cares about your experience. The food is absolutely amazing, everything we tasted especially the chicken biscuit. Absolutely the best brunch experience I’ve had while in DC. Highly recommend!
Response: Thanks Maalik! We are so happy to hear that your experience was delightful. We pride ourselves on our service, food and atmosphere here at Takoda. It's always a pleasure hearing from customers like you who have experienced how we live out our mission of "giving the world a little more love". Thank you for taking the time to review us and I hope you'll be back soon!
Ricardo Daley
Ricardo Daley: Went for their Sunday Brunch and was very disappointed with their service. The menu was in 3 parts - first comes with everything with second and third being requested with one from each section individually. They had no bacon from the first part and no substitute. Took like 25 minutes between request and delivery. Asked for extra napkins before meal was served and still waiting. Even after requesting items from second and third menus and he wrote it down, he came back to ask if we needed anything. SMH. Food was average at best! Service was TERRIBLE! The only thing that was fast was when we asked for the check. It came quickly. Only thing going for them was the tall Asian chef/cook who came out in his running shorts looking tasty! He shouldn’t be in the back!
Response: Hello Ricardo, I'm sorry to hear that your experience at Takoda didn't meet your expectations. Our goal is always to provide an excellent experience for every guest, and it sounds like we failed in this instance. The issues you encountered with service are not up to our standards, and we will work to correct them immediately. The food you ordered should have been delivered promptly and without issue, and we apologize for the delay you experienced. Additionally, please accept our apologies for the lack of napkins during your meal. We'll make sure that all staff are aware of these issues so they can be avoided in the future. Thank you for bringing these problems to our attention. We hope that you'll give us another chance to serve you in the future so that we can make things right.
Rahul Panchal
Rahul Panchal: Great place to hangout in downtown with best part they have rooftop sitting area. Rooftop section is little small so you need to come early or wait little longer. The best part is their name of the cocktails, we tried Pfizer gang and Fully vaxxed. 4 star is because they add too much ice to get the taste of cocktails and all cocktails were premixed from tab. We liked the ambience and rooftop section to enjoy few drinks. Worth visiting.
Response: Thanks for the feedback Rahul- glad to hear you had a good experience with us. We look forward to welcoming you back soon.
Hector Zarate
Hector Zarate: Good and affordable place for lunch (awesome brunch deal). Great location for bar hopping after brunch. Food is good. The rooftop views are nice. Fast service and friendly staff. The drink selection was good but most of them tasted like they may have relied a lot on flavored syrups perhaps? so some of them were on the very sweet side. 4 stars overall!
Response: Hi Hector, thank you for your feedback. I am glad to hear that you enjoyed TAKODA's brunch deal and our rooftop views! I will mention to the bar team about the drinks, we are always looking for ways to improve our offerings. We appreciate your patronage and hope to see you again soon!
Kimberly Stamets
Kimberly Stamets: I had a fantastic time at bottomless brunch thanks to our server, Ramon! If you can, ask for him! The food was tasty and the mimosas were flowing. Great time!
Response: Kimberly, thank you for your review and feedback. I'm glad that Ramon was able to make your experience memorable! I'll be sure to pass on what a great job he did and how much everyone enjoyed him. We're so happy you had such a wonderful time at Bottomless Brunch - we hope you can come back soon!
Jay Cheat
Jay Cheat: The drinks 🍹 was pre mixed all them tasted the same and the food was over priced and dry. If you want to just get drunk then it’s ok, sorry 😢 you can’t get drunk lol 😂 😂🤣 but for a good experience NOOOOOO!!!!!
Response: Hi Jay, thanks for coming by Takoda. We're sorry to hear that you didn't enjoy your time with us - we strive to get better every day and would love for you to come and visit us again sometime in the future. Our drinks are mixed fresh everyday and we have a variety of flavors for you to choose from, so we're sorry to hear that they all tasted the same to you. Our food is also made fresh everyday and we adjust our prices regularly based on feedback from customers like yourself, so hopefully you'll find it more affordable next time you visit. Thanks again for taking the time to leave us a review!

20. Grand Occasions: Laurel - Howard County

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124 reviews
new review
Grand Occasions: Laurel
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Address: 9375-B Washington Blvd N, Laurel, MD 20723

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11AM Thu

Telephone: (240) 801-2171

Business type: Banquet hall

Grand Occasions: Laurel: what do users think?
TRENDY FHENDY: Had my 30th birthday celebration here and the experience was beyond my expectations. Ms. Gladys( designs specialist)paid attention to my request and needs, went above and beyond to make my day stunningly memorable. Lightning was esquisite, place was spacious and temperature was right on even though my event was in the heart of summer (June). Planning to host more events here. Highly recommended
Joyce Jackson
Joyce Jackson: My cousin wedding and banquet ceremony was there. The staff was awesome and ceremony was beautiful.
Prashanth Malyala
Prashanth Malyala: Great place to host big events, wonderful and friendly staff make your party more memorable. Their devor ideas are exceptional
M. Banerjee
M. Banerjee: Many venues don’t offer the level of flexibility that I was able to get from OBH. For my wedding reception, I needed a lot of adjustments as my guest list and event needs kept changing. Gladys was incredibly helpful through the planning stages and cooperative with my family and vendors. The decorations were beautiful. The place itself has plenty of space, ample parking, and convenient event hours.
Jeffrey Davidson
Jeffrey Davidson: We held a two day conference for about 300 people in the summer. Gladys (The Director) and the owners of Occasions were very accommodating to all of our needs. They were easy to work with and quickly handled any glitches that came up. Gladys has a good eye for style and making things look good. I would definitely recommend them based on our experience.
Sheena Mac
Sheena Mac: I called in to ask a question about their services that they provide. The young lady that answer the phone Glady was extremely RUDE and very unprofessional sarcastic all the above!! I would never refer or recommend this business. And, I didn’t even get a chance book an event here. The fist impression states a lot about this business. If I could give zero freaking stars I would!!!!

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