Best Gaming Chairs Shops In Washington Near Me

Herman Miller Retail Store Best Buy Office Depot Herman Miller Showroom for Trade Clients Walmart Supercenter Target Walmart Supercenter Target Best Buy Walmart Supercenter Target Design Within Reach Target Best Buy The Chair Shop The Home Depot Best Buy Best Buy Walmart Supercenter Staples

1. Herman Miller Retail Store - Washington

· 1 reviews

1268 4th St NE, Washington, DC 20002, United States

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Herman Miller Retail Store: what do users think?

RodG: Brand new store, knowledgeable staff, lots of chairs to try out.

2. Best Buy - Washington



· 2199 reviews

3100 14th St NW Ste 203, Washington, DC 20010, United States

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Best Buy: what do users think?

Kiffa Shirley: Excellent service, clean store, full of big screen TVs ready for Christmas shoppers. If you’ve not been to the Columbia Heights Best Buy, is so convenient to the metro, and other shopping, and it put me in the Christmas Spirit.

Lady Elexia: I love best buy as a rule, no matter where I find them. The columbia heights location is nice, but it is a bit on the small side. While I could find the basics, their selection of new items was a bit lack lusture. Customer service is always perfect, at least in my experiences.

Dawn Develin: Mack was amazing. He sat with me patiently and help me with my phone purchase. I very confused and not very savvy with technology and he treated me with respect and help me through every step without getting frustrated. Overall everybody at Best buy has been phenomenal but he went above and beyond.

3. Office Depot - Washington

· 128 reviews

Universal North Plaza, 1875 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20009, United States

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Office Depot: what do users think?

Meg: Staff was extremely helpful - I think every worker in the store asked me very kindly if I needed help with anything. Will definitely go back for things I tend to rely on Amazon/target for (pens/paper/notebooks) since it was a pleasant experience and much quicker

Achilles RH: Everyone of the staff here always go above and beyond with everything. I hate being that customer that comes in almost closing time, but regardless, they always make it happen. Really appreciate your team.

lisa lang: Customer service: Helpful knowledgeable staff at the DC-NW location! If you have a question or a challenge, they are resourceful and friendly.

Tiffany Balmer: The store was so nice. I was greeted and helped. I love it here. Make my life easy!!!

A McDaniel Hamilton: I stop by here for a few minutes to pick up some batteries and a couple of other items. There was no one in line and I was able to grab the three or four items I had and come immediately to the register. I grabbed some gum and Candy while I was in line for the kids.

Faith Lewis: they help with rewards points, with finding what you need, with all your discounts....very satisfactory experience!

Robin Reiss: Wonderfully reliable printing/copying services and helpful in-store employees.

4. Herman Miller Showroom for Trade Clients - Washington

· 15 reviews

900 G St NW #100, Washington, DC 20001, United States

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Herman Miller Showroom for Trade Clients: what do users think?

Daniel Garatea: Super helpful staff, and great furniture.

Benjamin Pina: Inspiring designs, fantastic and helpful staff!

5. Walmart Supercenter - Washington

· 5946 reviews

310 Riggs Rd NE, Washington, DC 20011, United States

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Walmart Supercenter: what do users think?

Kev- keepingitreal: This Walmart Supercenter offers a wide variety of fresh fruits, vegetables and other optional food and items to choose from. Staff was friendly and helpful. This location offers a free underground parking garage.

Nsoseh Quistoran: I went there to pick some stuff for myself. Good prizing and amazing products. Recommended to go shopping 🛒🛒

K A: Easy, convenient and affordable shopping. I really enjoyed shopping at this particular Walmart location. It’s big, organized and well stocked. They have different sections such as the pharmacy, bike shop, auto care, money center, entertainment and household items section to mention a few. Express Self Checkout✅ ♿️Wheelchair Accessible Entrance✅ ♿️Wheelchair Accessible Parking 🅿️ Adequate Parking Space ✅ Shopping Cart Conveyor ✅ 🚻Restroom ♿️Wheelchair Accessible Restroom

6. Target - Washington

· 777 reviews

3100 14th St NW Ste 201, Washington, DC 20010

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Target: what do users think?

Chaturbhuj bhojwani: Very nice and clean store parking available in the basement, Only problem always low on the food inventor and produce and grocery.

Cliodhna MacFadden: We purchased the Element 65” TV, and after 3 days the backlight broke. We tried everything to fix it. Without a box or receipt in hand, we brought it back to see what may be possible to do. Associates TK, Nicole S, and Anton were able to use the debit card used to purchase to look up my receipt to get our return sorted. We so appreciate them going truly above and beyond to show us their compassion and excellent customer service.

Adah Deveaux: This review is for the starbucks within target. My drinks were great but a little of a wait. The actual target was customary.

7. Walmart Supercenter - Washington

· 7110 reviews

99 H St NW, Washington, DC 20001, United States

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Walmart Supercenter: what do users think?

Sassy Sauce: Mixed experience with this store. It’s a good location and there is parking available in the underground garage. First 2 hours are free. The store has items locked in a case that I couldn’t understand. For example, women’s underwear and some personal hygiene items. Also, the store wasn’t too crowded while I was there and the associate I asked to help me gave me clear directions as to what aisle the product I needed would on. The parts of the store I visited were clean and the overall shopping experience was ok. No major complaints. Just strange observations about profits being locked behind glass.

8. Target - Washington

· 52 reviews

4500 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington, DC 20016, United States

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Target: what do users think?

Oliver Anderson: Best target in the DC area. This location boasts metro accessibility and excellent customer service! One employee named Maximo was a great help for me finding aquaphor ointment in a hurry.

Philip Lu: Great place to shop. One of the employees, Kecia, is so helpful and deserves a raise!

C. M.: Great store and close to metro exit. Not super large.

9. Best Buy - Arlington

· 1492 reviews

1201 S Hayes St B, Arlington, VA 22202, United States

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Best Buy: what do users think?

Matthew Schumacher: Best Buy is great as everybody who has ever gone to one knows. We stopped in to Best Buy to price some washers and dryers for our new home. They have fair pricing and what is even better is that they have a 4 week turn around time for the LG washer and dryer we are interested in. From what I hear from others, delivery for a washer and dryer is extremely delayed from most other companies. Having a 4 week turn around time is all the more reason for us to purchase our LG washer and dryer from Beat Buy.

Michael Patrick: Good experience today when buying products in store while waiting for an online order to be fulfilled. The product I ordered online was ready for pickup in 15 minutes. I was greeted by staff when entering and exiting. The store was clean and organized. The staff at checkout were fast and polite.

Lyn G: Mohammed was amazing in helping us set up our new phone and made sure we understood the entire process and answered all of our questions. This is refreshing to have such amazing customer service which seems so rare lately. Great job Mohammed !!!

Carla Dunlap: I recently purchased a elliptical fitness machine. Best Buy delivered it and assembled. I am so happy with my investment. The service was excellent.

10. Walmart Supercenter - Washington

· 6250 reviews

5929 Georgia Ave NW, Washington, DC 20011, United States

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Walmart Supercenter: what do users think?

Arielle M. (Mermaid): This is the best Walmart in DC. I actually drive out the way to go to this walmart. They even have a better food selection than Giant. For Easter I found 48 count of empty eggs for 1.98!! Which is amazing because I would of spent way more if I went anywhere else!

Sarah West: A large mixed selection of items you can get any 3 for TEN DOLLARS. Selected high end new items are priced accordingly. Kids, mens, and womans apparel and shoes. If you have the knack for treasure hunting in thrift stores.....THIS PLACE IS FOR YOU. thrifty and unique pieces all year round

11. Target - Washington

· 108 reviews

1515 New York Ave NE, Washington, DC 20002, United States

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Target: what do users think?

Sassy Sauce: This store opened a couple years ago and it’s always nice and clean. The day I went after work the store must have just received a truck because there were boxes of product on most of the aisles. But this store is generally very clean and organized. This isn’t a normal sized target though, it’s definitely smaller and has more of a convenient store type feel. But all of the normal Target staples are still there. There is parking under the store and it’s accessible using the escalators or elevator. There is a Starbucks as well. It’s a great store to visit!

livingmytruth 2: Joan has the best customer service ever. I came in this location with my 98 year old grandma and she made my grandma feel sooo good and proud and she really has a positive attitude. Thank you for making my grandmother’s shopping experience so pleasant . I will actually make this my home store now because of her pleasant demeanor

12. Design Within Reach - Washington

· 29 reviews

3338 M St NW, Washington, DC 20007

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Design Within Reach: what do users think?

Jessica Nazarova: We have been in this store a couple of times ordering furniture and taking our time deciding between things. Jonathan has been extremely patient and kind with us. My husband and I have vowed to stop shopping online after this in-store experience! :) Even our 5 year old, who typically would hate being in a furniture store, enjoys being at Design Within Reach because he gets to play with the spinning kids chair and globe lights. We also spoke with four or five other designers in their store and everybody was extremely helpful and kind when we had questions about something. The atmosphere here is great!!!

hansel tan: The Herman Miller sale sign invited my wife and I to check out Eames lounge chair inside the clean and well designed store of Design Within Reach. Both of us came inside the store with a cup of coffee in hand, we politely asked if it’s ok to bring beverage indoor and the staff answered politely that it was ok. The staffs were very polite and helpful to both my wife and I, definitely a great selling point for furnitures shop. We checkout out the multiple different lounge chairs they have on display with great caution and loved all of them.

13. Target - Washington

· 33 reviews

3505 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20008, United States

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Target: what do users think?

Kerry Delf: Small but fairly well provisioned food section, with both snack foods and some home groceries, heavy on the convenience foods. Prices are high but better than other stores in the area. Conveniently open until 11 p.m. on Saturdays, in an area where other stores close at 9 or 10, but it closes earlier on other days of the week. Free parking with store validation. Downside: Service was sparse and heavily dependent on self-service—there were no employees on the floor helping customers, and of three employees around the checkout counter, only one was operating a register, quite lackadaisically.

Peyton Doyle: Great small format Target in a really accessible part of Cleveland Park (and just steps from the Metro stop). Impressed with their selection of fresh foods. Nice home goods section too. Unique underground store. Really friendly employees! I will certainly be back.

Larry Gamble: I really enjoyed the atmosphere and the surroundings is a very beautiful place with a lot of awesome deals! it was a very nice experience for people are just super awesome everybody was all friendly and lot of excitement going on just keep it in the parking lot list fire I loved it

M P: Free parking but you MUST get your ticket validated in store. Great for quick Target run. You can always find helpful employees and if you don’t see what you are looking for ask and they’ll get it in stock. Great manager. Super clean store. Perfect location.

Sassi Whayz: Clean store, I love the floor separate.. x feels like a department store. Found a new favorite lady part cleaner

14. Best Buy - Jefferson Houston

· 1822 reviews

3401 Richmond Hwy, Alexandria, VA 22305, United States

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Best Buy: what do users think?

Subrina W: Ammanique was great! Extremely helpful and very knowledgeable about products at Best Buy. Took us immediately to what we were looking to find in the huge Best Buy store and helped us with product selection.

Henok Garedew (Henny breezy): I like this Best Buy so much, they have everything I need for same day pickup.Very helpful staff. I recommend it.

Kev- keepingitreal: Great atmosphere! Staff was helpful and friendly! Best Buy offer a wide variety of electronics, accessories and appliances. If you buy any equipment from Best Buy, the Geek Squad can help you with installation in your vehicle and or in your home.

Dottie “Dottie” Mount: My Best Buy experiences have been hit or miss, but this location has removed any hesitation that I had about Best Buy. The young man that helped me, Ezra, was fantastic! Very knowledgeable and made sure I got what I needed. I was very confused about what laptop to purchase based on my needs, and Ezra cleared it all up! He stayed with me, shopped on until I found what I wanted. His customer service skills are exceptional and made me feel like I was the only customer. His follow thru and patience are worth the commute to this location! Thank you!!!

Houston: Yesterday, I had a great interaction in the elcectronics (PC/Laptop) section of the Best Buy in Potomac Yard (Alexandria VA). I was informed of products, directed to the appropriate section, and escorted to the cashiers counteres by Jefferey. He was a pleasure to be around and was very informative, sharp, and gave suggestions for a proper purchase. I left the store feeling comfortable with my purchase and will go back for further business. Thank you Jefferey!

15. The Chair Shop - Springfield

· 12 reviews

5641 General Washington Dr Unit J, Alexandria, VA 22312, United States

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The Chair Shop: what do users think?

Judith Henderson: The Chair Shop is a modestly hidden gem both for the quality of its Made in USA products and for its no-pressure service. I just love the mini rocker I bought in exactly the right shade of blue and the two finely-crafted kitchen chairs. Andy was very flexible in scheduling a very fast delivery, which happened right on time. Prospective customers looking for chairs and tables should make the effort to visit the Industrial Zone on Edsall Rd in Alexandria!

George Owino: Great quality and fair pricing . the owner is very well mannered and knowledgeable of every piece of furniture he sells. My mom and I bought a set of island counter chairs and they fit in lovely. I would strongly recommend any people looking for new style and old style all hardwood chairs to check out "the chair shop".

Lara Mayer: My mother and enjoyed a very comfortable & rewarding shopping experience. Almost all of their chairs are made in the USA. Mom bought a beautiful red chir and the guys delivered it 20 min after we called to let them know we were home. Five star service all around. You will not be disappointed

16. The Home Depot - Washington

· 1958 reviews

901 Rhode Island Ave NE, Washington, DC 20018, United States

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The Home Depot: what do users think?

Sassy Sauce: I missed all of the after Christmas saw items. This location had a few products left over from Christmas but nothing I really wanted. Overall the store was neat and organized. I didn’t need any additional items for this trip, just preparing for next years holiday decorations.

Chaturbhuj bhojwani: Great shops for home goods, this is very big shop i have been going that HomeDepot for many years i was there very first day when they opened, biggest problem is coustmer service is very bad here i stud for help for more than 20 minutes before someone showed up.

Kev- keepingitreal: This Home Depot is very convenient if you’re in the Rhode Island/Brentwood NE DC Area. They offer a verity of products that can help you with your Lawn, Garden, Appliances, Painting, Outdoor Patio, Home Improvement, Cleaning Products, Tools/Equipment Rentals and many many more. I really Appreciate the help from a young male staff who was working in the Garden/Mulch area, he was very Helpful and Knowledgeable with assisting me with the products along with a young female cashier on the inside of the store. Now you can never get the help you need when you’re in the store aisles. Every time you asked a staff member who’s in the same aisle as you. Can you help me with something? Their reply seems to be, I don’t work over here and they don’t know who can help you..!!! Home Depot needs better training for their staff who’s working in the store aisles..

Anna Lloyd: Desmond in the home and garden went out of his way to help us find something that 4 different employees had just shrugged their shoulders and said that even though it was available online they were probably out. Desmond knew exactly where it was and showed us himself, even though it was on the complete other side of the store. He really took customer service to the next level.

Chanpen Tee: I came here for the kitchen cabinets project. The lady is so helpful and friendly. She takes her time explaining all the questions we have.

17. Best Buy - Bailey"s Crossroads

· 2458 reviews

5799 Leesburg Pike, Falls Church, VA 22041, United States

Address Website WhatsApp
Best Buy: what do users think?

Noor Ayoob: Great deals they have now . BestBuy is the best place for everyone now , we all need Technology in our life and this is the right place to go . Also if you are a gamer or vlogger you can get all your deals and supplies from here . Great customer service definitely coming back soon a lot of things I need to buy . Come on best buy give me a good deal on Pixel3 please this is the phone I want to buy. Think about it and let me know. Keep up the great work .

18. Best Buy - Rockville

· 2418 reviews

1200 Rockville Pike, Rockville, MD 20852, United States

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Best Buy: what do users think?

Abou Sif Ghnyah: Please pay attention to customer care. Yesterday I was waiting for nearly one hour, till the store came to closing time and I was not served till next day Regards Abusif Ghnyah

Nelson V: This Sunday afternoon was my first visit today. It was the last day of their good sale price on the HP Chromebook I wanted. I printed out a copy of the website details on the specific model I wanted and the price very clearly marked. I quickly found a salesperson Kevin, and showed it to him and said THIS was what I wanted. It took him a few minutes of going through the bins above the sales floor with a movable ladder. No small feat with the tiny printing on the shipping boxes but he did find one. The box very clearly identified it as exactly the item I wanted, I paid him for it, and took it home. Kevin did a good job. The Chromebook runs good, and shopping there was a very good experience. Highly recommended!

19. Walmart Supercenter - Fairfax County

· 3987 reviews

1500 B Cornerside Blvd, Vienna, VA 22182, United States

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Walmart Supercenter: what do users think?

Alex Navarro: This is maybe the nicest Walmart I’ve ever been to! Looks like it’s relatively new. Everything is very clean and organized. Staff helped us quickly locate what we came for. Prices seemed in line with most other stores for grocery items so don’t expect deep discounts on those types of items.

Bonnie Wolfe: Walmart at Tysons is ready for Halloween. The inflatables are great decorations. Lots of candy, masks, and costumes. The "Pumpkin Patch" is really cute.

H.M. LEE: Very convenient and well-managed. But, staff needed more training about customer service. I asked staff three times where rice krispies were and all of them just said "I dunno" and quickly vanished.

Gina DeGinda: I was surprised to see brochiol bread $4 same as whole food st $8. It made by the same company but used differentiates.

My Hanitizer: One of the coolest stores in the area, i love thier selection of every day basics plus the amazing middle Eastern food selections. Great customer service and a lot that pleases the eye in grocery, bakery, essentials and toys. We enjoyed our visit and the lovely people working there.

Andrew Payne: This Walmart is very clean, and it had most of what I needed. A few days ago I walked there from our lodging in Tysons, so the location was convenient. The Coke products were easy to find, so that was good. However, I also was trying to find natural spray deodorizer and had to settle for Lysol. Although Lysol is very effective, I would have preferred something more natural with less manufactured chemicals. If a natural deodorizer did exist somewhere at this Walmart location, it was very well hidden. I could find nothing like that anywhere in the store!

20. Staples - Montgomery County

· 70 reviews

6800 Wisconsin Ave, Chevy Chase, MD 20815, United States

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Staples: what do users think?

Ronda Bernstein: When you need specific office supplies quickly, you need an office supply store. Thank goodness Staples still exists. The staff here were very friendly and helped me find exactly what I was looking for. I still bought the wrong thing but it was close enough. Plus that is what returns are for.

Neil Schwartz: Getting here with parking is a tiny challenge. You can only come in one way on Bradley and then you have to find parking in a garage. Other than that, everything else is fine. People are helpful if you ask them questions. Good stock of stuff. Parking is free inside of an hour I think.

Mintesinot Asfaw: printing and marketing department has a wonderful customer service. The guy working there his name is Mohamed he is really awesome. He is very helpful and patient. I went this location to print a business cards and I did the design and wrote all the contents but after I ordered I saw there is an error on the business card sample and I did this couple of times. Then he canceled the order and help me to correct the errors and reorder it.he Checked every step until the quality work is done. I am sure I will go this location again and definitely recommend this place to a friend. Excellent job Mohamed.👏

Max Altmark: Excellent and responsive employees. One of the best stores in the area. Quick, respectful, and overall high quality service and assistance. Especially, I would like to express my gratitude to Mr. Darren in the copy and print center. He was very helpful and helped me complete an urgent assembly task on time.

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