Best Free Meditation Centers In Washington Near Me

Kadampa Meditation Center DC - OFFERING IN PERSON AND ONLINE CLASSES IMCW Center for Mindful Living Science of Spirituality Meditation Center Art of Living Foundation Arlington Meditation Brahma Kumaris Meditation Museums

1. Kadampa Meditation Center DC - OFFERING IN PERSON AND ONLINE CLASSES - Washington

· 36 reviews

1200 Canal St SW, Washington, DC 20024, United States

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Kadampa Meditation Center DC - OFFERING IN PERSON AND ONLINE CLASSES: what do users think?

Kelsang Pagma: Beautiful and very blessed! A truly incredible place to contemplate and meditate on heartfelt and practical teachings from Gen Demo and other Teachers while making connections with others traveling spiritual paths.

Robert Wolski: We had a wonderful time. Everyone was very nice, and made us feel very comfortable and welcome with it being our first visit.

Sara Blackburn: I went on a weekend retreat to KMC DC and it was wonderful. It was worth the drive down from Philadelphia. The temple is beautiful and easy to access. It is a very open place with welcoming people. The teachings and meditations were uplifting and contemporary. I was able to take what was taught and apply it to my life. It is a good place to go to heal and grow.

Amy Buttell: Kadampa Meditation Center - DC offers a quiet oasis of peace from stress and conflict. Located in the vibrant SW, near to the National’s Ballpark, KMC-DC offers a wide variety of classes, retreats and chanted prayers. Gen Demo, the resident teacher, provides profound teachings with grace and humor that directly apply to modern life. I moved to the DC area in May and found KMC-DC very welcoming. Every time I attend a class or retreat, I learn methods that I can immediately apply to my life to help reduce stress and anxiety. I’m very happy to be a part of this community and hope that thousands more in the DC area will learn about us and benefit from the timeless nature of Buddha’s teachings.

M D: Literally my new favorite place. The wisdom is life giving.

William Toriello: The Teacher, Gen Demo, gave practical teachings that opened my mind. I walked away with some profound teachings that I was able to take home and continue to use as a morning meditation. The guided meditations were very inspiring giving me the feeling of inner peace. Her teachings are light, to the point and mixed with humor.

Eli Campbell: This Meditation Center is great, and with locations across the DC Area from Capitol Hill to Adams Morgan their classes are really easy to catch any day of the week! The teachers are knowledgeable and work with you to find your personal path, and the seasonal workshops are always a treat if you can make it!

2. IMCW Center for Mindful Living - Washington



· 10 reviews

4708 Wisconsin Ave, Washington, DC 20016, United States

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IMCW Center for Mindful Living: what do users think?

Jeanie Bridwell: Meditation classes & practice for every stage and groups so that everyone feels a sense of belonging. Practicing kindness in a world of sometimes strangling judgment. A welcome breath of fresh spiritual air.

Roger Myers: Hugh Byrnes - and Insight Meditation of Washington... Sunday at 10:30 Weekdays at 7:30 Lots of workshops, counselling, massage etc.

Susan M: Thank you for all the lessons and growth experienced with Tara, Jonathan, Hugh, La, etc. I appreciate all that you do. 🙏🏼

3. Science of Spirituality Meditation Center - Washington

· 15 reviews

2950 Arizona Ave NW, Washington, DC 20016, United States

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Science of Spirituality Meditation Center: what do users think?

Ashraf Abdelghany, MD: It’s a wonderful place for meditation and meeting people who share the same interest!

Nau Nz: Interesting place, friendly people and good food.

Kay Happy: Welcoming. Comfortable. Inspiring messages.

4. Art of Living Foundation - Washington

· 82 reviews

2401 15th St NW, Washington, DC 20009

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Art of Living Foundation: what do users think?

Jaya Patil: My second home! Due to large meditation gathering happening here, one can experience the immediate shift in the mental state and become so centered and peaceful! Super clean and delicious food! Dedicated teachers and volunteers. I learnt my Sky Breath meditation here and practice it every single day for my own well-being, helps me to be in right mental state, boosts my energy and most of all I’m Happy.

Vandana Jain: The experience of SKY breath meditation and the many many silent retreats taken here and now online through the center has been such an anchor and a boon in my life. Not only mine but my whole family’s well being has considerably improved. We are much better people thanks to the wisdom and programs organized and offered here! This place is a gem!

Rahul Gulati: A serene, calm and beautiful sanctuary In the midst of a very busy DC district. I have been fortunate to attend several life impacting meditation and silence retreats at this location. Love the volunteer staff who do their best to take every possible care of you when you are attending the programs.

Raksha Rupani: I have done the SKY breath meditation and silent retreats at this beautiful and serene center and have experienced profound change in myself. I practice SKY meditation everyday and feel very peaceful, energized, and rejuvenated. I highly recommend it. I have also taken their online courses few times and find them very convenient, from the comfort of my home.

poornima sharma: SKY breathing has helped me a lot in many ways including physical and emotional wellbeing. I am glad that I got an opportunity to take the program that has changed my life and my perspective about life. The regular home practice helps me to save my mind and be energized on daily basis.

Arun Yagnamurthy: I really enjoyed the SKY breath meditation workshop - it’s my favorite breath based and meditation program. It’s completely changed the way I approach my life and manage my mind and emotions. I highly recommend anyone interested in breathing or meditation to check this out!

anirudha singh: It is an outstanding place for learning Sudarshan kriya yoga (SKY) rhythmic breathing, meditation, and yoga. Their programs are offered to all ages, including children. I have done several programs here, and I came out with so much positivity, peace, happiness, and dynamism every time. What I like the most is their authenticity and care for our well-being.

Manasi Shinde: Great place amidst the capital city hustle, and yet has a serene and calming vibe. The breathing and meditation practices taught there are still a part of my daily routine leaving me stress-free, relaxed and able to take on any challenges in my workplace and personal life.

Naresh Thakur: The techniques taught in Art of living courses specially Sky technique is very helpful in overall well being of body, breath and mind and bringing balance in all three… In quick 20 minutes practice you can recharge you whole body system for rest of the day.. easy to follow the techniques..

5. Arlington Meditation - Bailey"s Crossroads

· 16 reviews

5655 Columbia Pike #200, Falls Church, VA 22041, United States

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Arlington Meditation: what do users think?

Selin Ovadiya: I joined this meditation 5 years ago and honestly that was the best thing I have ever done for myself and my family. My stress level has come down tremendously and I was able improve my relationships in all areas of my life. Most importantly my viewpoint towards life has changed and that itself changed my attitude and healed everything. I am forever grateful.

Shiraz Nasiri: I have tried different types of meditation in the past with very minute effects. I was more than pleasantly surprised in the changes this mediation had upon me. I have had issues with short temper and patience levels since my early teens and at this point in my life, I know I am in more control of these two issues by having a happier mind. They were detrimental to my relationships and my health! My family and friends have noticed the change too and have questioned what I am doing! This meditation method has really shown me that there is hope for anyone. If you have not already tried it, I personally recommend that you should. You will see the difference! I am eternally grateful - thank you, Arlington Meditation!

Rosmery Vega: This meditation is the best and only way to reach true hapiness. With their amazing method, I have seen a miracle, and amazing changes on our lives, for myself, and my three children. Before this meditation I had tried many things to change, to know why I was feeling like everything, was bothering me. I felt like something was missing. After this meditation, and through the self-reflection method, I have learned how my past experiences affect my present. Through the method, I felt as if my pain and suffering was taken away from my shoulders. This meditation is a real path of healing and I am free from shame, guilt, pain, and suffering. My life, and my children’s, are now full of joy and hapiness, all thanks to the arlignton meditation center.

Maasoomeh Pouravsz: I am really thankful to Arlington Meditation. This meditation has changed my life in so many positive ways. Through this meditation, I learned how to get rid of my negative thoughts, increase my concentration, and be more accepting of myself and others. I recommend this Meditation to everyone. This is the best method to find your true self.

Jamin Koo: People describe me as a positive person who smiles often and is friendly. I am very happy and cannot easily recall the last time I was stressed or depressed despite having a demanding job as an attorney, often described as one of the unhappiest professions. My friends ask me how. I say, “meditate.” I have not always been a happy person. Before I started meditation, I had been occupied with stress and unnecessary worries. I had always been worrying about negative future consequences of everything based on what-ifs. What if this project fails... What if I cannot make a lot of money… What if this person does not like me or what I did… My mind had become so busy that I could not have rested or enjoyed anything in life. And the mental anguish had affected me physically—I had suffered from frequent shortness of breath. I fortunately met this meditation, providing a systematic, step-by-step method. The knowledgeable and warmhearted meditation instructors guided my meditation based on my specific experience and needs often in a one-on-one session. Through self-reflection, I learned how my experiences have shaped me—my thoughts, my emotions, and my actions—and how they will continue to affect and control me. What had caused my pain were rooted in my experiences: For instance, I was able to recall many moments when I saw my parents and other people praising successful people and at those times I repeatedly told myself “be successful”; I had always been torturing myself with the never-ending yearning for success and recognition and had feared about not accomplishing my goals. Practicing this meditation has helped me free myself from these preoccupations. I am no longer trapped in those worries for things that may or may not come. Rather, I simply put all my efforts in carrying out actions. This freedom from self-induced expectations and stress has led to a happier life. Undoubtedly, without the baggage full of burden, I feel much lighter mentally and physically. Although I have never written any Google reviews, I felt compelled to share my experience given how much benefits I received. Stop by Arlington Meditation and learn the key to living a happy life. What happens may go beyond your imagination!

Kyle Reeb: Nothing has helped me or changed my life the way meditation has. I recomend this to anyone and everyone struggling with the daily hardships of living. Before I started meditation I was anxious, depressed, and in pain all the time. I feel better now than I ever have before since starting this meditation. Highly recommend

6. Brahma Kumaris Meditation Museums - Silver Spring

· 53 reviews

9525 Georgia Ave, Silver Spring, MD 20910

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Brahma Kumaris Meditation Museums: what do users think?

alapati venkatesh: A quiet place on a busy street to have some quiet time. The displays were very good. Good place to learn meditation.

T L: Nice free meditation classes. Great for someone the is new into the meditation and is trying to learn to meditate.

Thomas Dooley: Been a part of this group over 10 years. What I have learned that peace is inside of me and through meditation I learn how to tap into it.

Sameer Jain: The classes and events offered in the museum help you understand Who You truly are with practical tips to implement and thereby adding a greater value to your day to day life. The museum has exhibits of different religions and faith traditions which fosters a greater understanding of other cultures and faiths.

Umesh Kashkari: This is our 2nd year since we started attending sunday classes at Tysons and apart from that have attended many other classes both at Tysons and Meditation Museum, MD. Very refreshing and one learns a lot as regards day to day life, dealing with the people, serving others etc.,

Jenna Claesen: Their free events/talks are wonderful! If you are looking for a moment of peace...if you are looking to gain a deeper understanding of yourself and the world around you, this is a good place to begin. The address listed on google is old, so be sure to go to their website for info.

vijay mehta: I visited this place a few years ago and took RajYoga course. Since then I visited on many occasions at both Silver Spring and Tyson Corner centers. It offers many useful techniques of meditation which is helpful in daily life. It is run by friendly and experienced staff.

Usha Gollapalli: This is a wonderful place that taught me to see the good in others, how to perform service, and, in general how to be a more peaceful person. I definitely recommend coming here to learn more about meditation!

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