Best Dumplings In Washington Near Me

Dumplings and Beyond Laoban Dumplings East Dumpling House Reren Lamen & Bar Shanghai Lounge Chinatown Express Mandu Sichuan Pavilion Peter Chang Tabla Mala Tang Peking Gourmet Inn China Chilcano by José Andrés Thip Khao Restaurant Dolan Uyghur Restaurant Northwest Chinese Food Supra Old Europe New Dynasty

1. Dumplings and Beyond - Washington

· 528 reviews

2400 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington, DC 20007

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Dumplings and Beyond: what do users think?

D L: I love ordering from here. I have enjoyed every dish but our favorites are the Treasure Delight Dumplings, the Pork with Chives Dumplings, and Xiao Long Bao Dumplings (under appetizers). Just delicious. I always overeat when eating them! FYI: They prefer you order off the website. Tip well!

Anna Lee: Very tasty and authentic dumplings! As someone who spent her childhood in China, believe me when I say this restaurant sells the real deal. They also have other tasty dishes on the menu, ranging from Westernized takeout staples like kung pao chicken, to really *Chinese* Chinese dishes like red-braised pork and Szechuan spicy boiled fish. All in all, highly recommended.

Liang Wen Chen: Excellent value and dumplings. Went to this place during lunch hour on a Sunday had no trouble getting a table. Really undiscovered place in DC and would highly recommend it for authentic Sichuan food. Dumplings are made in house and they are some of the best. Ordered two dumpling dishes and one Sichuan dish and spent about $30.

Stacey Quandt: Fast service. The Xiao Long bao have less soup inside than others but are still good. Great tea selection including chrysanthemum. The pan fried house dumplings are excellent. The breading on the salt and pepper shrimp was a bit heavy.

Allison Lau: Came here for the house special and veggie dumplings. Pretty good - the skin is a bit thick. Good portion size (10 dumplings or so). It made for better leftovers honestly. The scallion pancake was the star of the show. Cucumber salad was good too (traditionally heavy on the garlic). The dishware could have been cleaner. Overall, good dining experience here.

2. Laoban Dumplings - Washington



· 59 reviews

1309 5th St NE, Washington, DC 20002

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Laoban Dumplings: what do users think?

Mong Ruella: Absolutely delicious! We had the pork dumplings. The lady that served us was wonderful and Ty friendly. We hadn’t been here before, and she walked us through the options and we took her advice. Fantastic food and fantastic service.

Chef Mesilati: Best dumplings in DC, bar none! Ask to get with garnishes, and comsume immediately (I doubt you will want to leave any for later. That good!), or buy a frozen package for home - it really does not better than that.

3. East Dumpling House - Rockville

· 573 reviews

12 N Washington St, Rockville, MD 20850

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East Dumpling House: what do users think?

ESB NYC: Have to say that we chose this place randomly and thought it was really good. Flavorful dishes, only thing I have to say is that the dumplings had a thick skin but I still enjoyed them. Kitschy interior, loud and not-too-friendly staff, no problem though.

Jingmin Zhang: All around good. A few northern Chinese dishes with good portion and flavor. The dumplings were very tasty though the shapes were much rounded than I remembered

Jean Ng: I was surprised that the dan dan noodle tasted so good ! The sauce is tangy and spicy and the noodle has a very good tooth feel. Cant get enough of the spicy dan dan sauce that I even dipped my dumplings in it. On the other hand, i kinda prefer dumplings that has a thinner skin but overall its still a satisfying meal and I can say its authentically chinese cuisine as it is.

Max Cheng (Max A. Cheng): Great food, but the servers neglected us for a while after we sat down. Food came quicker than expected and it was really good. The background karaoke not so much.

Hopkins Theresa: food is not bad, but too spicy and greasy for my family, We have to drink a lot of water. I love their Karaoke service, we have family party over the new year, and it was so much fun, you can have your own private lounge and eat the dinner inside the lounge and dance and sing. Love the party over there.

Remy Poulin: They stop serving vegetables at 9 pm. If you are vegetarian that is very important information. cause their dumplings are delicious. the home style tofu dish was very good as well. still sad that we couldn’t get any vegetarian dumplings.

4. Reren Lamen & Bar - Washington

· 1456 reviews

817 7th St NW, Washington, DC 20001

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Reren Lamen & Bar: what do users think?

Anthony M: Everything was really good and you can tell the noodles are made in house. The Grandmas pancakes were excellent and the Dan Dan noodles were particularly enjoyable. The location is convenient from the conference center, and somewhat small. However, the service is friendly, quick, and excellent. I will have to revisit this location to try the Ramen sometime.

Sok Hwee Tay: We are in DC for a few days. We ate here the first night of our stay and it was so good we returned again. Their drinks are really good too. Must try.

Kayode Yussuf: This is my most visited restaurant in DC. I love the coconut bubble tea. Staff is friendly and Price is also reasonable. I usually will get the General Tao Chicken and rice. Stirred fried noodles is also exciting

Andrew Douglas: This place is just incredible, I had the spicy Kung Fu Ramen and some pork dumplings and they were just plain delicious. I highly recommend this place to anybody getting off the DC metro at Gallery Place or anyone stopping by DC! Great first stop in the city :)

5. Shanghai Lounge - Washington

· 305 reviews

1734 Wisconsin Ave NW #2313, Washington, DC 20007

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Shanghai Lounge: what do users think?

Adriana Rakshana: Decent Chinese food. Got the combination lo mein and asked for it to be made spicy, which they graciously obliged. Could have been spicier but was still pretty enjoyable.

Jess W: Amazing place: Amazing food! I had a wonderful lunch at Shanghai Lounge. The food was delicious (especially the soup dumplings). The restaurant had a very charming and comfortable atmosphere that I would definitely return to. Customer service was also great! I would definitely recommend!

Fei Huang: A good authentic Chines food restaurant around the area. For my personal perspective, their food are a little salty, but they have better quality of rice among all other Chinese restaurant I had been to.

Christina Xia: Some of the best Chinese in DC! Very friendly service; they speak perfect English as well as mandarin. Hope to return soon!

6. Chinatown Express - Washington

· 1539 reviews

746 6th St NW, Washington, DC 20001

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Chinatown Express: what do users think?

Sarah White: The fresh noodles were delicious and the dumplings were absolutely phenomenal! The dough was thicker than I’m used to but it made it that much better. My only complaint was the duck fried noodles were very bony. Not a lot of meat and not really worth the trouble. I’d go back, but I wouldn’t choose the duck.

Queenie Enriquez: This place have the best duck ever, very tender and delicious. The home made noodles is a must try. Yes, it is small and can get crowded but food is great.

John “Bams” Serev: Very delicious Chinese cuisine. What pulled us in this fine establishment is the Duck Man that was in the front window. He was just messing around with the ducks and chopping them up and what not. The duck man made eye contact with me and he then winked. Next, and without breaking eye contact with me he chopped the next duck in half with a 1 foot clever. Food was awesome duck man was cool. Waitress sucked.

Mai Ling (SrirachaLing): Delicious food, small atmosphere, right in the heart of Chinatown DC with lots of menu choices. Did i say they have duck? Its was crispy and perfectly cooked. We shared a wonton soup, duck lo mein and chicken w/mixed vegetable.

Nate B: The food was okay. We had the Lo Mein, roasted meat combo, and fried rice. Homeade noodles were kind of thick and needed more seasoning. Roasted duck, chicken and pork were pretty good. Food was served in takeout containers for dine-in. Very hot inside. Service was great. I would recommend giving it a try.

Axi Berman: Excellent duck. Really great place to eat good Chinese food away from the snooty DC crowds. Would fit in nicely in San Fran or Seattle. Reasonably priced. Food so good I crushed it before I could take proper pictures.

7. Mandu - Washington

· 468 reviews

453 K St NW, Washington, DC 20001

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Mandu: what do users think?

Melissa Young: Food was amazing!! Service was a bit "different" because of Covid, but appreciated. Order through your phone, food brought to the table. No actual "service" but definitely understandable!! Will go back again!

Michelle Kim: I visited this restaurant slightly before 6pm and I could get a table without waiting. I ordered dolsot bibimbab which is mixed rice in a hot stone bowl. The main dish came with the complimentary vegetable dish. To my surprise, the taste was almost like the one in the South Korea. I asked if the restaurant is run by a Korean owner and the waiter said yes. The fresh healthy meal only cost $18. Here is a tip if you order a bibimbab. The chili paste sauce Gochujang is salty and spicy. So begin with a teaspoon of it and taste it before you add it more.

Amelia Morrissey: Amazing. I got the sweet potato noodles with eggplant. The waitor was very kind and helped me pick something great even though I know nothing about Korean food. For those looking for a traditional noodle shape, it was more like the little ball shape in this photo. I would compare it more to gnocchi than linguini. It was wonderful

Tan Sav: Solid place for korean food. Not the typical traditional korean restaurant or bbq spot. A bit of spin on some of the favs.

SMDiPhotography: The restaurant is beautiful. The staff was very friendly. We had our 1 year old daughter with us and they were super cool with her wanting to wander a bit. The food was delicious! Took this photo of my goji bokum. The rice cakes were a unique twist and the eggplant was perfect!

8. Sichuan Pavilion - Washington

· 674 reviews

1814 K St NW, Washington, DC 20006

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Sichuan Pavilion: what do users think?

Jarron Brady: I had a really pleasant experience here. Everything I had was well cooked and had a ton of flavor. The general tso’s chicken was my favorite (fried so well). The Mongolian beef was also really flavorful as well. The service was very warm too. Definitely returning

Brandon Sousa: Loved this place! This is the high quality, reasonably priced Chinese restaurant I’ve been looking for in DC for years. I thought the food was great quality, not too Americanized (though not completely traditional either). Staff were friendly and very attentive, and wildly efficient. After we put orders in, the food was out in five minutes, maybe ten max. Also, best handmade dumplings I’ve had outside New York City.

Anthony Rufka: The food was amazing, the service was outstanding, the staff was very friendly, and they were also impressively quick to get the food out. The portions were also big and thus the value for price is really good. One of the best Chinese restaurants I’ve been to!

Audrey Jiang: The space is super comfortable. The waiters and waitresses are incredibly attentive, accommodating, and nice! The dumplings in chili sauce were absolutely amazing, and the rest of the food we ordered was too. 11/10 would recommend and 11/10 would definitely come again. Everything was amazing.

Shufang Qiu: Good food and service, although advice on food portions can be improved. Too much food - we were stuffed and had to waste some.

Gaurav Gawankar: This place is an absolute 10/10. Everything on the menu is really good, the decor is very nice, the service is fast and everyone is really nice. On top of all of that you get delicious hot tea for free. My favorite Chinese restaurant in DC

9. Peter Chang - Arlington

· 588 reviews

2503 N Harrison St, Arlington, VA 22207

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Peter Chang: what do users think?

Jessica Shin: Very fresh and delicious szechuan-style cuisine. We started off with a cold appetizer of beef tendons that were sliced thin and marinated with spicy chili sauce, garlic, ginger, and cilantro. I loved all the entrees we ordered: dry fried eggplant, twice-cooked pork, and the spicy hot pot flounder. The spices and flavors definitely activate different receptors in your taste buds as opposed to "Americanized Chinese food."

Jason Murnock: Very unassuming Chinese place, but the menu is VERY unique and extensive. I got a staple for lunch: mixed vegetable with tofu, but the veggies were super fresh and crispy... which is rare. Hot tea and the wonton soup were both excellent, and the pricing is reasonable. Lunch special, well priced.

10. Tabla - Washington

· 159 reviews

3227 Georgia Ave NW, Washington, DC 20010

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Tabla: what do users think?

Jessica Shoemaker: Friendly & fast service and delicious food. We went with a Georgian friend who gave it high praise and it did not disappoint. Tabla offers great Georgian fusion dishes that are perfect for family style sharing. Try a bit of everything :)

Marc Laplante: We shared 7 plates between 4 of us. All were interesting dishes, and we all had different favorites. Service was so friendly and attentive and helpful (I think her name was Autumn). My favorites were the traditional kachapuri and the fried pork belly.

Elizabeth Dou: It was our first time eating Gregorian food. We ordered the three Khachapuri special (3 for $33), lamb chops and salad plus a red wine flight for my friend. The Khachapuri were good. Favorite was the Elote. The original Ajaruli was a little plain but still tasted good. The Maryland crab cake Ajaruli was just okay. I don’t think the sauce blended well with the crab and cheese. The lamb chops were tasty. The salad was delicious with a nice sized portion for the price. My friend wasn’t a huge fan of the flight and said it tasted like “musty grapefruit”. This place is great if you come with friends and eat family style. Our waitress was very friendly. I would come back to try other Khachapuri and their soup dumplings.

Tamila Torab Eghdami: I dined there once. I think it is the other branch of Supra.🤷🏻‍♀️ This restaurant was more casual than Supra. I think Supra’s food quality was a bit more better. Don’t get me wrong the khachapuri tasted amazing at Tabla too. I personally prefer Supra because of it’s location and also I was able to take many good pics at Supra. But if you are closer to Tabla, try their food!

Amelia Capilongo: The food here is absolutely incredible. You should try the dumplings, Georgian salad and traditional Khachapuri. They have outdoor seating. All the drinks we got from the bar were all so delicious.

11. Mala Tang - Arlington

· 576 reviews

3434 Washington Blvd, Arlington, VA 22201

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Mala Tang: what do users think?

Hanning Xu: Better atmosphere than your typical Chinese restaurant. Was very pleased with the dishes ordered, especially the beef/beef tripe in spicy sauce. Generous portions, authentic taste. Will return.

Kaye Eats: Another random spot we found off of loving spicy Asian food. It was good, large portions, pretty filling. Spice level wasn’t as spicy as I thought it would be but the flavors were there. Service was also good through out and I would go back

Ja Young Phillips: Food is good. Really good. I picked up my order and parked at parking garage and I was told that they don’t validate parking for pick ups. Only dine in customers get validation. 10 min parking is free but it could take more than 10 min when you pick up and go back to car and get out of parking garage so be prepared for that to pay $5 from parking more than 10 min to 1 hour. I saw one car parked on the street and picked up food which is very dangerous, maybe he knew already. I had three kids in the car so I wouldn’t do that. Getting in and out of car takes time. It was hard just to pick up food. At the end the lady validated my parking but it was so much hassle going in and out back and forth.

Vivian Westwood: Good quality hotpot. I went out with a friend of mine and we order the hotpot for two deal. We also did some add on of rice cake, noodles and pork intestine. This restaurant is more on the pricy side be expected to spend around $30 + if you want hot pot. I never went to a hot pot restaurant where you pay for everything individual. I will said the quality here is a lot better then the other I went to. The soup is refill for free here. Presentation of the food was clean. Each dishes had it own utensils to pick food to avoid cross contamination. Definitely recommend for good hot pot. No need for all you can eat because portions sizes were good.

12. Peking Gourmet Inn - Bailey"s Crossroads

· 1950 reviews

6029 Leesburg Pike, Falls Church, VA 22041

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Peking Gourmet Inn: what do users think?

Yen Yan: Peking was the old name of Beijing before 1949. I m from Beijing, so when my friends recommended This restaurant, I definitely was excited to try. We a group of 50 people came and had dinner yesterday. The restaurant walls are filled with pictures of politics and celebrities. The seafood (scallops) soup was the best of all. I highly recommend it. The signature chicken 🍗 and lamb 🐑 chop were full of flavors. Joe Yen shrimp 🍤 are very nice, crispy and seasoned just right. I didn’t take picture of the duck, I was a bit disappointed with it. The sauce is not the authentic sauce, and the Duck was not roasted but fried, the meat is a bit too lean, however all my friends that never had Peking Duck before were happy with the duck dish. So I give a 4 stars.

Vanisa Khemanivong: Positives: Food quality, portions, pricing, kind wait staff, ambiance, interior design, cleanliness. This place is PERFECT in every sense of the word. Everything about the food and experience was magnificent. The Peking duck is out of this world. Negatives: None that I could recall. Overall taste: 10/10. Love coming here.

Albert Phan: Pros: Delicious food overall, esp. those succulent, flavorful, crispy lamb chops. Old school Chinese luxury kind of ambience. Great service (Eddie is the best) Cons: Peking duck is very mediocre, which was so disappointing because this is a very good restaurant otherwise and it’s obviously their namesake.

Sarah: Great service! The staff are very friendly and helpful; our waiter "John" was especially great. The Peking duck was overcooked and dry, but the experience was still overall good. We also ordered the green beans and the gourmet stir fried noodles, both are tasty and very filling!

Eric Hernandez: Best Peking duck anywhere. There has never been anything there that I did not like. There is a reason why the walls are covered with pictures of celebrities and the powerful who have eaten there. People in the know eat where the food is good. I liked it enough that I had my graduation dinner there 20 years ago. Now that my kids are old enough, I brought my family to DC for vacation and made a point of bringing them here so that they could know why this was one of my favorite Chinese restaurants of all time.

13. China Chilcano by José Andrés - Washington

· 2526 reviews

418 7th St NW, Washington, DC 20004

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China Chilcano by José Andrés: what do users think?

Mohit Mehtaji: Great place for some good fusion food. Service is pretty quick and recommend you get a reservation as it does get pretty full during peak dinner hours. You can’t go wrong with the Pisco Sour here. The dim sum were good but nothing special and possible good for trying it one time. The noodles were great and if you get a side of the house made hot sauce it adds a bit more flavor.

Brandon Feldman: This is an incredibly unique spot! The location is great for only being a few blocks from the national mall, the ambiance was relaxing, and the food was amazingly delicious. A Peruvian/Chinese/Japanese restaurant is a unique combination and a brand new experience. The flavors were absolutely fantastic, the presentation was on point, and the service was top-notch. And to top it all off, it is very reasonably priced for such high quality.5 stars all around!

Andy Zavala: I was looking for a nice romantic date night and China Chilcano fit the spot just right. I first called them to check if they had seating/reservations for later the same day and they were super helpful and I booked a time no problem. The restaurant is in the heart of DC so parking may be difficult but the food and service is worth it. The restaurant fuses peruvian dishes with Asian mixes which was so delicious. We tried the classic ceviche and a few other dishes that I unfortunately forgot what are called at this point, but I don’t think you can really go wrong with anything here. They do have a priced option kind of like a “buffet” for around $60 and you get to try as many dishes as you want. So if you really want to explore the dishes here, I’d recommend that! You’ll at least be eating 2-3 dishes. Will definitely come back again.

MrIrali: One of the best restaurants in DC, and that says a lot. We ordered the chef’s selection, and we were not disappointed. Head chef Will Fung even came out and spoke with our table and really left an impression on us. The food is a blend of Peruvian food and Chinese/Japanese. And it is incredible. Go here.

Shachar Ashkenazi: The atmosphere is great, everything we ordered was extremely delicious - both the food and the drinks were great. The stuff were friendly and the decoration of this place is stunning! The flavors combination is unique, it is a must visit restaurant!

Kayla F: Words cannot express how delicious every step of this meal was. We tried a little bit of a few different items and each bite was full of flavor. I highly recommend ordering across the menu and sharing lots of plates.

Anca Balinisteanu: Great location but insane drive if you come from outside DC….interesting menu, but you need a dictionary 🙂 We ordered pork belly sanguche de chsncho and dim sum for starters. Very good! On to the main dishes: rice noodles and pacific wild shrimp. All delicious. And very interesting taste combinations of flavors. We’ll try to make it a regular stop!

Max Rosen: Immaculate menu of diverse food choices that will take your palate around the world from Peru, to China, to Japan. I ordered the chicken stir fry which was delish - great portion, beautiful presentation, even better taste. The shishito peppers are a must for larger parties, well seasoned and crunchy. Ambiance is inviting and the dining room is well decorated and museum-like. Hector, our waiter and bartender, couldn’t have been nicer and accommodated food allergies with care. A must try!

Sabrina R Robinson: Every dish was delicious, wish I’d gotten good pics of everything so I could share how wonderful it was but we ate it so fast! Shishito peppers 🌶 were a good appetizer. Nice snack and super fun bc every few bites you’d get a spicy one. Called the roulette pepper for that reason! The big eye tuna ceviche was delicious. The hamachi ceviche was absolutely our favorite -buttery and citrusy- I could eat it every day. Drinks were classic w a twist. The entree portions were fair ( large in my opinion, in a good way) especially after having all those appetizers. Fun bright flavors in some, and comfort food vibes in others. The restaurant was so beautiful and cozy in the daylight. Staff was super friendly and SO attentive. When it got dark out (with the lack of natural light) the neon ceiling decor made the entire place super yellow and dim- it was definitely an interesting vibe and I wish I could’ve seen the beautiful colors of my food. Can’t wait to go again !

14. Thip Khao Restaurant - Washington

· 1152 reviews

3462 14th St NW, Washington, DC 20010

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Thip Khao Restaurant: what do users think?

Rebecca Peters: Thrilled to find this lovely spot. The Naem Khao stole the show - excellent textured & iconic flavors. Was disappointed in the Khao Soi, I’m sorry to say - lacked depth and flavor, though a twist of lime helped a bit. Would try a different main next time. Definitely nice to have vegetarian and vegan options on the menu. The dessert (one option) was heavenly - a sweet rice base with a mango-coconut porridge, not too sugary but an excellent way to round out the meal. I’d definite go back, but try a different main course next time. Reservations are a good idea, though 2 people might be able to squeeze in depending on the night.

Toteona Gray: Really enjoyed my meal here! Since it was just me, I was easily able to get a table at the bar as soon as I came as a walk in. It is pretty busy it seems on Friday nights. However, the bartender was chill and attentive to serving me even though I didn’t buy liquor. The prices I believe were average. It was my first time having Loation (if that is how you would say it/sorry) and I would love to come back again some time. :D

Manjari Rudra: Amazing place to hang out!! Great food, great ambience, budget friendly. It’s a must try.

Jennifer Liang: Incredible food and service. The staff are quite kind and the ambience is lovely. The food is priced reasonably given their large portions. Highly recommend checking out their desserts! Would come again.

Priyanka Dangol: Definitely one of my favourite places in DC! A must go spot for vegetarians as everything was so so flavourful. We went there on a Thursday and it got busier towards the end of the night so I would suggest reserving before you go. We had the popular Naem Khao (highly deserving of all the hype it gets), the two tofu dishes on the menu (both which were amazing! I loved the dill tofu wrapped inside banana leaves) and the pumpkin for dessert! Just writing this review is making my mouth water

15. Dolan Uyghur Restaurant - Washington

· 772 reviews

3518 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20008

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Dolan Uyghur Restaurant: what do users think?

Fiona Alison Kibblewhite: The food here is truly excellent! I got the korma chop and really loved it. The noodles in particular are phenomenal. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for great Uyghur food!

MacKenzie Sexton: fantastic food and efficient, friendly service! i had the mushroom salad and the korma chop with beef. They were both excellent. the beef and noodles in the korma chop were cooked and seasoned wonderfully.

Lindsey Stiles: We ordered take out from Dolan last night and it was amazing! They have gluten free options (I got the dry fried chicken and green beans) and everything was delicious!

Jarin Tasnim: Food was soooooo good. Also I got perfect flavor with korma chop. “Want to go again???” Yessssssssssssssssssss🤩. But samsa should be beef or chicken.

Iram Zafar: The menu has a lot of delicious options so it was hard To choose from. The food was tasty and the service was fast with bringing the food out! The kabobs are super cheap, but they’re delicious. My favorite things about this place is the combination of savory spices on the pulled noodles. However, I did have to wave the waiter down quite a bit! Overall, I recommend this place!

16. Northwest Chinese Food - College Park

· 321 reviews

7313 Baltimore Ave suite E, College Park, MD 20740

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Northwest Chinese Food: what do users think?

Gabriel Mata: This is one of the few places that I frequent, with the drive from DC. I enjoy all the flavors and the spices. I got the vegetarian option which I thought was amazing and hearty for being just vegetables and noodles. I look forward to trying all of the menu. D 12, the item, is one of my favorites. The vinegar peanuts and the Dan Dan noodles are phenomenal and you should definitely try them. The plum juice was the new thing for me to try and I highly recommend it. The servers were casual and young so you may have to wave them down but the food experience it’s just amazing and I look forward to continuing to dine often.

Kaela Singh: 10/10 Everything here was excellent. The fruit tea was my favorite. It was refreshing and flavorful. I got the Beef noodle soup, the beef was so tender and the noodles were nice and chewy. The customer service was great. I would definitely be back here again.👍 Pictures: Rose Lychee Tea, Specialty Fruit Tea, Beef Noodle Soup, Spicy Pan fried Lamb Noodles

Dia Berrios: Everything I got was so good my favorite were the Dan Dan noodles they have a great level of heat, the peanuts add good texture, the minced pork in it is delicious. The dumplings with hot oil are bomb. The lamb skewers were good but too dry for my liking. Overall the flavor and spice level is amazing!

Eunice: Beef noodle soup, peanuts, and Liangpi. For take out. My second time here for a while. They have remodeled the inside. The food is always decent and flavorful. I like the soup base of beef noodle soup but the beef was a bit dry and there was very little veggies in it. Liangpi was tasty. The peanuts in vinegary sauce was a great snack to go with a beer if you want. The service was great and quick. The place looked very clean and was busy even after lunch time.

D'Atra Montgomery: Stopped by this place on a whim and glad I did. Ordered the spicy beef and stewed pork mo, as well as two orders of red oil sesame dumpling. The flavor, the bread and the dumpling fillings were amazing. I wish the sandwiches were bigger and that we could have the option to pan fry the dumplings. However, I definitely plan to come back to try to noodle dishes and other sandwich options

Jon Dietrich: I’m so happy this place is close enough for us to visit often. I’ve tried a good portion of the menu and everything has been fantastic. The food is very high quality and made well. My favorites are the pan fried noodles in an egg pancake, the summer special cold liang pi/round noodles with peanut sauce, and the cumin lamb flatbread or skewers. I also love that they have a portable card reader so you can pop your card in, tip, and be on your way right when you ask for the bill. We always leave happy.

Emmy: Hot oil seared noodles are chewy, spicy, just about perfect.Dan dan noodles were a bit underwhelming. Spice was right, noodles were a bit limp. Service was great. Fast. Hot. Easy in and out.

C K: I definitely recommend the lamb skewers and potato salad:)Recently they hired new servers, and the entire atmosphere has improved. Thank you for the great service!

17. Chen's Gourmet - Washington

· 47 reviews

5117 MacArthur Blvd NW, Washington, DC 20016

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Chen's Gourmet: what do users think?

Constantin Jessen: By far my favorite Chinese restaurant on the east coast. I especially like the General Tso as well as their crispy beef. The veggies taste fresh and are not overcooked. They use a little bit of sesame oil in their rice which gives it that little bit of extra flavor. Every time I come to the DC area I make a point to stop by here. Absolutely delicious.

Jessica Pic: Excellent vegan options. The mock chicken is exceptional. The veggie dumplings are a favorite. The best Chinese we’ve had in the city.

Deng Phua: Chen’s Gourmet is a gem in the wall. Inconspicuously hidden above a few steps and modestly colored so that it’s wall blend into its surroundings, the only thing that could possibly garner and attention visually is it’s beautiful sign out front. That being said, the food is otherworldly. Rarely do I have Americanized Chinese cuisine that tastes of high quality ingredients, and unique recipe originality, but Chen’s does exactly that. The General Tso’s is beautifully done, under a layer of thick sweet and spicy sauce with large chunks of crunchy fried white meat chicken. The Kung Pao chicken and shrimp is also marvelous, done with a take airing more on the traditional palate, but excluding all the typical medley of random vegetables that offer little to the experience. Overall, Chen’s Gourmet provides an excellent dining experience, where the food is phenomenal, the owner and chef and the rest of the employees are kind and generous, and the atmosphere, in spite of its modest exterior, boasts a little restaurant that the people of the Palisades are proud to call their own.

18. Supra - Washington

· 1102 reviews

1205 11th St NW, Washington, DC 20001

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Supra: what do users think?

Lesia Zintchouk: Very nicely designed restaurant offering traditional Georgian (country Georgia) cuisine and special selection of qvevri wines. Yummy dishes, crafted with love and homemade family feel. Many choices on the menu for vegetarians and gluten-free or a bit of everything for omnivores like myself. Big fancy glasses for the wines full of big flavor. Love, love, love Georgian wines and welcoming customs. Well maintained and well staffed, beautiful restaurant.

Sam M: I never had Georgian cuisine, but it was very delicious. I walked into this restaurant and notice that the place is really clean and roomy. They also have outdoor seating available. I enjoyed pretty much all the dishes that I ordered from here. I started my brunch with salad and yogurt dishes which were light and delightful. Khinkali, which is huge Georgian dumpling with either meat or potato and cheese, was really good and very filling. But the star of the show was Ajaruli! It is a boat shaped bread with cheese, egg, and butter on top. The waiter mixed those ingredients right in front of me and it was quiet entertaining. This was definitely my favorite dish! The bread was soft and the cheese and egg mix was phenomenal. Also, if you were planning to order soft drinks, I would recommend ordering one of their pear flavored soda! Really refreshing. Overall, I had a great experience from here and definitely plan to come back sometime soon.

Sam Askenas: Georgian food is delicious. Everything was coooked perfectly with the appropriate amount of cheesiness. We opted for the more traditional dishes with less of the fanfare, and we were very pleased. The drinks were lovely. Big bramble guys

AJ Martinez: The service was excellent. The soup dumplings tasted amazing, I just wish someone would have told us how to eat them. The veggie platter had good variety but the flavor was nothing special. The sausage tasted very good.

Naomi: Came in for restaurant week. Definitely the best introduction to Georgian cuisine one could ask for! Great service and delicious food. Make sure to sneak around the corner and see the murals at the bar!

Fiorella Hidalgo: Went during Restaurant Week to celebrate with my boyfriend. The food was so outstanding, the flavors were so rich and felt somewhat homey (which is weird because I’m from South America hahah, maybe was the cornmeal bread-mchadi that tastes exactly like Ecuadorian tortilla de maíz!!!). Service 10/10 our server was so nice and funny, great recommendation for drinks. Cocktail not pictured and if you are not a fan of beer, their Ukrainian beer was really good (coming from a non beer drinker lol). Coming back soon to celebrate my birthday! Hahah

cassandra bierworth: Wonderful place! The wait staff is amazing and so attentive. They will help answer any questions you have. The food was great! It was exciting trying different dishes and the cocktails were nice as well.

Cobun Zweifel-Keegan: Friendly atmosphere, wonderful food. Great for a satisfying warm brunch on a cold day. The soup dumplings are made with thick homemade dough. Tasty!

19. Old Europe - Washington

· 599 reviews

2434 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington, DC 20007

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Old Europe: what do users think?

Vasyl Zhepikov: Hands down the best german food in US. 🇩🇪 It is not cheap imitation , but really good authentic food. Hand made sauercraft. 🤤 On pics: Sausage combo with authentic mustard. Baked brie with jam and fruits. And of course German beer. The interior is the most pleasing to say the least.

Landis Rojas: My first time here! I felt very comfortable. Also I forgot to take food pictures because the german food it was super tasty! The service is super good and attentive. Yo need a reservation in this restaurant and you really feel in s German restaurant! I really Recommend it!

Devin Nguyen: I enjoy Old Europe restaurant for its service, antique atmosphere, and certified-authentic German food! As someone who has visited Germany and Austria, I can confirm that the food is cooked according to traditional German flavors and preparation. The images I have included illustrate the restaurant’s quality and art of German culture and cuisine. My experience at this family-owned business makes me feel as if I entered a time capsule into history.

Mohan Sun: This is one of the best German restaurants in town - excellent food, great beers, and friendly owner and staff. Back before Covid, there was this old gentlemen in suspenders that would always play piano on weekends. That’s always one of my fondest memories. I had my birthday celebrations there a couple of times and they were always a blast. This restaurant veteran opened its doors in 1948 serving local customers, so please come and support them! Plus, you really can’t go wrong with a schnitzel and boot of beer!

Sam Chin: A long time local business with good authentic food and warm atmosphere. Amazing steins, cuckoo clock, and crests. They actually speak German and are good people. Support local!!

Darren H: I have been going to this place for about 18 years and love it. The desserts have recently gotten better. I always complained that the Sacher Torte was a tad dry, but this no longer seems to be the case. The appetizers, beer, and dinner are all so good that I have a hard time ordering sometimes.

Rinat Hadashi: We ate dinner: April treat, potato pancakes and schnitzel. Beverage and wine. Paid 92$.The food was tasty and very beautifully placed on the plate. The service was super nice and helpful.Recommended!

20. New Dynasty - Washington

· 418 reviews

2020 P St NW, Washington, DC 20036

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New Dynasty: what do users think?

Molly Cooper: This place was wonderful!! I got the sesame tofu and broccoli and substitute rice for steamed veggies, plus a jasmine green tea. The food was so good! This is one of the best tofu dishes I’ve ever had, it was still crispy and the sauce was delicious. The vegetables were done perfectly, and I think my friends thoroughly enjoyed their meals too. I will come back here AS SOON as I come back to DC. I can’t wait :)!!

imtiaz ahmad: Totally enjoyed the food and the service. I would highly recommend this place if you like Chinese food and reasonable prices. You won’t be disappointed!

Doa Al: We tried many different things in the menu. Everything came out hot and fresh. We got chicken corn soup, orange chicken, sesame chicken, fried rice, three flavor lo mein, cream cheese wontons and spring rolls. Love that it was halal since there are not much halal Chinese options in the area

Nadeem Khaliq: Something’s never change! And that’s a good thing in this case. One of the most authentic Chinese halal spots around! Always clean made to order fresh Chinese. Worth the trip or a casual drop in.

Moiz Arif: Really liked the taste of the dishes we ordered in a long time. Will definitely order again.

Eddies: Solid little Chinese eatery and longtime stand-by in the Circle. They have a good mix of standard Chinese/American as well as healthy and more traditional Chinese fare. Place is clean, food is always fresh and hot, and prices are generally competitive for the area.

Faizah Zafar: Amazing food, great service, affordable prices, and fully Halal! We drove from Florida and this was the best Chinese food we ever had. I hope to come back one day.

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