Best Birthday Pub Rental Washington Near Me

Hook Hall The Pub & The People Ellipse Rooftop Bar THRōW Social™ Decades DC The Lane Social Club 801 Restaurant & Bar Pinstripes Ultrabar Barcelona Wine Bar Barcelona Wine Bar Washington Hilton Grand Hyatt Washington

1. Hook Hall - Washington

· 527 reviews

3400 Georgia Ave NW, Washington, DC 20010

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Hook Hall: what do users think?

Amitava Chatterjee: The Cocktail Club delivers a wonderful experience. Mick is a passionate and creative mixologist who puts a lot of effort into creating cocktails and building them with a lot of showmanship. Charming semi-private venue with an eclectic ambiance. Can’t wait to be back. Thanks, Mick!

Jeff Schwamb: Enjoyed the private bar experience. Mixologist Mick Perrigo made some amazing drinks and the room decor was conversation inspiring. Would recommend if you want a break from the loud social crowd just outside.

Danielle S: This place is pretty cool. I would give 5 stars but trying to get answers to questions about reservations was like pulling teeth. No one is there to pick up the phone and the email response time is slow and they didn’t even answer all my questions. I was ready to cancel our party here but kept it because the cabana rentals are very affordable. Also the food situation was confusing. I think we were supposed to order outside food? It would be great if they served food. We all left hungry. Once we got there, I was pleasantly surprised. The staff was amazing, helpful and friendly. They let us into our rental early to prepare for a surprise party. We are definitely planning to come back for another cabana reservation now that I know how it works. We really enjoyed our time here.

Alexis Aguero: The cocktail club experience with Mick has been absolutely astounding! It’s personalized and crafty! Micki is extremely knowledgeable and extremely charming! Greg has been so kind and very informative on what’s happening in DC. The whole experience was centered around my boyfriend’s birthday and we enjoyed the whole experience. Would 100% recommend to anyone who is into craft cocktails and into the exciting night life that DC has to offer. We were just in time to enjoy a burlesque show in Hook hall and we absolutely recommend this to anyone who enjoys excellent cocktails! Would come back!

Katy Dunn: Had the best night at Hook Hall’s Cocktail Club. Everything was perfect. Mick Perigno is a genius. Greg made our night truly special. And the cocktails were absolutely perfect. Thank you!

Athena Turner: I recently visited here for the first time for a friends birthday. We had a big cabana area and the service was exceptional. Our server Rachel was a great conversationalist and made sure the birthday girl had a great time! There are also some games we got to play like Ping Pong and Jenga which was really cool! Overall our first experience was very good and we enjoyed the atmosphere. We will definitely be returning!

Tiffany Anderson: I really enjoyed Hook Hall it was a nice cool place. They were clean, very courteous, and the staff were accommodating. There is not much variation in food choices but let me tell you how that pizza was hitting. I also want to highlight that parking in the neighborhood wasn’t so bad when I went on a Saturday. I parked on the side street of Hook Hall after circling the block once.

Vy H.: Cute ambiance here! My gfs and I came here recently on a Sunday evening while they had the cherry blossoms decor—we rented the Tea House Cabana-Style which fits up to 6 people, with a rental charge of $125 plus fees. The atmosphere is nice and the decor is cute! There is a small fire pit in our cabana as well, and a cute swing to sit on and take pictures. They had trash cans set up near each cabana so it got in the way of many of our swing photos (we eventually asked a staff to move it). Food wise, the menu is limited and not many good options—just typically bar food, but reasonably priced. They do have a full bar so we were able to order cocktails off the menu. The cabana rental came with a complimentary bottle of rosé.

2. The Pub & The People - Washington



· 813 reviews

1648 North Capitol St NW, Washington, DC 20001

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The Pub & The People: what do users think?

Ethan Z: Great Restaurant!! This Restaurant is in the city area and offers indoor and outside seating!! The menu is rather small but the food and drinks were great!! The wait staff were friendly and professional!! The restaurant was also clean and well presented. The bathrooms are coolly decorated too with people sending pictures in of there family pets in to be featured on the wall. Overall great!

Becky Gomez: Such a great spot for a lonely, taveling vegetarian! 😂 Bar service was superb and a delightful vibe. Great beer selection. Perfect shishitos 🌶️ and tempura cauliflower!

AJ Hendricks: Pub and the People is our favorite outdoor spot in Bloomingdale. The beers they have on tap are great, and the food (specifically, the Black Bean burger and "The Heidi" Fried Chicken sandwich) is very solid. The tempura cauliflower sauce is also amazing. Matt, the manager, is very friendly and just a welcoming face to see when you come in. This radiates through the whole staff. The happy hour specials are awesome, and run for most of the day on the weekends. Enjoy!

Parker Kelley: Very great experience here ! We’ve passed this place numerous times and I’ve always said I wanted to try it. So, we finally did ! I ordered the Heidi chicken sandwich which was very tasteful. It came with a side of fries which were also very good. The service was great - 3 or 4 people continuously came to check on us. I’d definitely eat here again.

Bobbi DeAnda: Such a great brunch spot! The outdoor patio is pup friendly (and the bathroom inside is a must see for dog lovers haha). The biscuits and gravy with fried chicken was TO DIE FOR. So yummy! Staff was super friendly and helpful.

Callum Wayman: A great local pub for people in Eckington and Bloomingdale. The pub offers a great selection of beers, wine, and cocktails as well as an excellent food menu (try the tempura cauliflower, chicken sandwich, and the fries). In the winter they offer group seating around large fire pits for small gatherings. I found that to be a huge boon when trying to gather friends outdoors while being mindful of COVID during the winter. The staff are nice and helpful.

Amy Burdon: Had dinner and played trivia - food menu was fairly short but with lots of tasty items - I enjoyed the curry wings and gazpacho. Staff were friendly, happy hour drinks were a good deal. All positives!

3. Ellipse Rooftop Bar - Washington

· 126 reviews

1522 K St NW, Washington, DC 20005

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Ellipse Rooftop Bar: what do users think?

Donovan Craig: Nice rooftop with a bit of a view, the atmosphere was very relaxed, just wish they were open to the public more as we saw multiple days where they were closed for private events.

M planetmike: (Update 2022 June) Arrive early if you want a seat. Conveniently located to McPherson Square. There is a happy hour. However due to its relatively small footprint and its connection to the hotel it is often reserved and unavailable. Recommend calling ahead to verify it is open. It is a refreshing spot on summer days.

Rich Opalinski: Weather was perfect while we stayed, both bartenders were attentive,great views

Rachel Cipkins: Perfect place to unwind after a day at the national mall

Adara Ney: A perfect place for an after work drink to watch the sunset and soak up nice weather. Great for group events too! I hosted a team happy hour with 20-30 and had a great experience. Great food (and prices!) on the catering menu and Brittany did a fantastic job coordinating the event.

Brenda-renee Vance: I enjoyed myself. The bartender was amazing. My drinks was good beginning to end.

4. THRōW Social™ - Washington

· 142 reviews

1401 Okie St NE STE #102, Washington, DC 20002

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THRōW Social™: what do users think?

Gabby Bonilla: Beautiful (and punny) decor, staff was amazing, and drinks/food were good! We missed our original axe throwing time, but the staff was able to set us up for an open/later time. Just an FYI, if you’re in a team of 2, you’ll be set up with a section of other people (so there was 6 of us strangers at a station). Luckily the people we were with were cool

Its Me Jessica: This place was so much fun! We did the football throwing! We had such a blast! Got a bucket of seltzers which were also really good. Food was delicious.

Katlyn Lehmann: Such an amazing venue! We came here for a bachelorette party and it was so incredible. The games, band, and drinks made the night so special. Great service!

Tee Martin: Came here to celebrate my brothers going away party and guys (21+) are hard to impress. We booked a cabana and they had a great time with the sports games. Food and drinks were good. Customer service was great! I recommend

Nolan Randolph: Great place to grab a drink. Our bartender, Tom, was speedy and kind. The Throw Social Amber was quite tasty. We sat down and played some games laid out on the table: a game of chess, and some 90’s trivia.

5. Decades DC - Washington

· 359 reviews

1219 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20036

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Decades DC: what do users think?

Alex Vlad: I’ve been coming to this spot for years now, and it never fails to deliver that one-of- a kind retro timeless experience. The floors are all unique with their own theme— from 2000s to 90s to hip-hop/ and an EDM rooftop, music and DJs are always on point, and the staff and security are always very friendly and helpful. The venue is clean and hand sanitizer stations are offered; the staff wears masks, and considering we are in hard times with COVID im happy I can still enjoy clubbing, and a night out with friends safely. Overall, I would highly recommend Decades to anyone as its gives you a little bit of everything and more!

Kim & Ben: We were a little nervous to visit decades after reading the reviews, but we ended up going for a bit to celebrate a friend’s birthday and actually had a great time! The line to enter was long, but moved quickly. They did a thorough check point where they pat you down, check bags and check jacket pockets. You get carded at the door and have to pay a $20 cover if you don’t have a VIP pass. We all got the free VIP pass off their website and, so we didn’t have to pay the cover fee. Once inside, you can visit each floor of the club to get a different music experience. The top floor was the most crowded, and it was very hot, but our group still had a good time dancing. One of the middle floors (I think it was the 90’s floor) was less crowded, and you could feel the air conditioning, so we stayed there most of the time. Our friends said the bartenders were nice, and we didn’t have any negative experiences with bouncers either. We had a ton of fun at Decades and would love to visit again sometime! If you haven’t been, I’d stop by and give it a try!

Niyah Baptiste: I would definitely recommend, me and my sisters celebrated our birthday here and it was on point!! Music was amazing drinks were decent priced. I’d definitely suggest getting there early so you don’t get caught in the rush of people tryna get to the “good”floors. It was definitely the vibe 10/10 totally going back.

Deanna Joan: You’ll have a good time, but be prepared to spend a lot of money! $20 cover charge and pricey drinks. But it’s spacious and clean, it doesn’t get too crowded, and they play some GREAT throwback music. Pick your battles!

6. The Lane Social Club - Washington

· 58 reviews

1408 Okie St NE, Washington, DC 20002

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The Lane Social Club: what do users think?

Jalan W B: Hosted a celebration for families there last weekend. It was really nice. We reserved the rooftop and semi private space. It was awesome. The staff (Danielle and Robyn) were super helpful with setting up and clearing things out. Minimal decorations were needed because the party space was so beautiful. We will be back 😊🌟😊

Lauren Dreyer: I can’t say enough good things about The Lane. I’ve recommended it to dozens of local friends, and even to some out-of-towners when they come to DC with kids. It’s an amazing space for kids that, most importantly, is GREAT for parents too! As apartment dwellers, we are always venturing out of the house for more stimulation. The Lane is so much fun for our daughter, who adores all the toys and activities and play spaces. It’s one of those amazing, and nearly impossible to find, spots that has enough to keep kids of all ages entertained for hours. And we parents enjoy the coffee and beer and rooftop deck and sunshine and clean, safe, creative, and thoughtful space within which to let our daughter roam free! It’s a great alternative for winter or rainy weather, but we love it so much that it’s become a regular part of our weekend routine, even when the weather is nice!

Trevor Diaz: Full disclosure: I am heavily biased in favor of The Lane because of a deep seated desire for it to thrive. In simple terms, there’s nothing like it anywhere within DC for parents and kids. If I’m not mistaken they just, and I mean only just now, opened and everything shows so much promise. It’s open, it’s friendly, it’s terrifically accommodating, and it’s also so very shiny and new. The owners have a Herculean task ahead of them with regard to long term maintenance. I am hopeful that guests will maintain decorum in an arena that has yet to establish written rules about hand hygiene, where to take off shoes, respecting the elements, and cleaning up after their kids. It is early, it is deserving of a 6-star start. If you live nearby and are searching for anything that’s an indoor/outdoor space for kids and parents you’ve found it. You must come and see.

aiyana poe: Great service, they offer a variety of classes and community involvement for children and families. It is a great indoor playground in the middle of the city.

7. 801 Restaurant & Bar - Washington

· 498 reviews

801 Florida Ave NW, Washington, DC 20001

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801 Restaurant & Bar: what do users think?

Olivia M. Wilson: Brunch at 801 was good! The service was fast and everyone was polite. Since the building is on a corner, seating is fairly close. On the bright side, the food was delicious. From the french toast to the drinks, everything was spot on. The hash browns were a bit bland but there’s nothing that ketchup won’t do! Would definitely go back to try their dinner menu!

Arielle H: The ladies and I took to the streets of DC and happened upon @801dc. Located not too far from the Howard theatre and Howard University 👣📍. The roof top bar was definitely a vibe but too crowded to fully dig in and enjoy our meals so we decided to sit on the second level. Let’s talk about the food - AAAAMMAZZINNGGG 😋💕 Pictured 📸🤳 Kale salad w/ salmon Asparagus salad w/ salmon Grilled chicken Pura Vida Bowl Food: 10/10 Staff: 10/10 - Bartender played a birthday song for me & gifted us with free shots 🥂 Bathroom: 5/10 - 2 singular bathrooms and 1 was out of order

Gaelle Claude: This is a good spot for brunch! I wouldn’t say one that you visit all the time but definitely one of those that you think of when you’re unsure of where to eat. They have a pretty good variety of juices for mimosas which are served in mini carafes. Super cute! They also have unlimited as an option. What I like about this place is that it’s pretty cheap for the amount of food and quality. I got the 801 brunch which was pretty decent so I would rate my meal a 7/10. The steak and eggs were 9/10 according to my friend. Overall experience 8/10

Sahar Bayounis: 801 is a great place to hang out with friends and have a nice dinner on U street. The servers were pretty quick and helpful in choosing the right dishes! I ordered the Caribbean Chicken, which is a half oven-roasted chicken rubbed in jerk seasoning (Jamaican jerk spices), 🍗 served with roasted potatoes & broccoli, 🥔🥦 and an amazing chutney sauce. See picture! I really recommend it if you’re trying Jamaican food for the first time.

Ryan: Fun atmosphere. Great rooftop. Delicious food. Friendly service. Laid-back and well priced.

Adé Tate: Had reservations on a Friday night and were able to go in without an issue after security checked our ids. The space downstairs is a little tight but not uncomfortable. The tables near us were nice and even challenged us to see who could finish their Mega Mule first (see pictures) The food was delicious!!! Chefs kiss! Our waiter was very nice and attentive. There’s a bar upstairs that I would like to check out next time! Con: only one single bathroom, got a little busy once the drinks started flowing!

8. Pinstripes - Washington

· 1120 reviews

1064 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington, DC 20007

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Pinstripes: what do users think?

Raja Haider Hussain: Went for dinner with family this evening. This location is perfect for a weekend drinks,lunch and dinner. One of the best spots near Georgetown waterfront. They have both indoor and outdoor seating and both options offer a lively ambiance. The staff is very attentive , efficient and courteous. They have carefully selected menu and the food we ordered was served fresh and the quality was above par. Their Calamari, Wings, Pizza, Ceasar Salad, Lasagna and chicken sandwiches were really good. However the grilled chicken with Caesar salad was very dry and not that great. We were also offered dessert on the house ( Brownie and ice cream) which was delicious. Over all a nice hangout spot and highly recommended for a casual friendly outing with good food and surroundings.

Mark Orebiyi: My project team had out quarterly engagement activity at Pinstripes recently. We had a slot from 4-6pm. They give you a 15min grace period which is nice. We started bowling and 30 minutes in our lane started acting up. The lane mechanic came to fix it while me and my team ordered food. The food is fantastic. From the wings to the pizza we really enjoyed it. Unfortunately, our lane was never fixed. After an hour from when it stopped working we were offer to go play Bocce Ball for 30min prior to use leaving. The Manager (Leo) was very accommodating and cover our bowling cost as we well as you bocce ball game. Although they had issues the food was amazing and they took good care of us.

Fredrik Otter: Generous portions and innovative kitchen. Happy Hour prices are fantastic and the location fabulous. Slow service, but when the weather is nice that is only a plus!

Stephen Balza: Just enjoyed a nice meal outside along the C&O Canal on a stunning July evening. Our server was friendly, efficient, and attentive. The food portions (Baked Lasagna and Chicken Sandwich) were on the small side, but tasty and moderately priced. It’s a unique place in a great location (Wisconsin Ave a couple blocks from M St and a couple blocks from the Waterfront). We didn’t try the bocce or bowling but it was full of folks who were enjoying it.

Judy Gordon: I couldn’t be more impressed with this experience in DC. From the minute I walked in with my 2 young grandsons until we left I found the staff to be professional and caring. They certainly care about cleanliness and sanitizing which I appreciated. The food was just delicious- we shared a pizza and scrumptious warm brownie with ice cream for dessert. Do not miss it. The boys loved having the bumper rails automatically pop up when they took their turn. They also loved being able to create various scoring games using animated characters. It was so kid friendly. I felt that the each employee went out of his/ her way to make our experience a terrific one. There’s no other reason to go to any other bowling facility to have a good time.

Bri M: It was my first time bowling at Pinstripes. We had a great time. I will definitely return. The food was awesome and the staff very friendly and attentive. Found that the music was a little loud at times but overall it was a great experience. Parking is underneath and accessible off of Wisconsin Avenue which is very convenient if you are not one to look for street parking. Highly recommend if getting together with family and friends interested in experiencing an upscale bowling activity.

Thomas Weber (halifax9): Very good bloody Marys. Not overly done. Just right. The lobster and egg bruschetta is delicious. Although I would say the bread is unnecessary. Service started slow but got better. A very nice place. Oh by the way, they have bowling and bocce too!

9. Ultrabar - Washington

· 508 reviews

911 F St NW, Washington, DC 20004

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Ultrabar: what do users think?

Angela Mendoza: I went to ultra bar recently and had a much better experience than before COVID. This club has really stepped it up, it’s not over crowded by 18+ and the music has an actually updated set. I love that I can choose the music I want to hear based on the floor. Be sure to visit them all to get the full experience and if you want a really good time you might as well get a table, they have decent bottle pricing for the area. Bottle girls there are really nice, we had Katie and she made sure we had fun.

Fernando Bernardus ABT: Love Ultrabar! Great music and atmosphere throughout the multiple levels of the club. The mixed drinks and their first-rate line of imported beers are top notch and fairly priced, considering the fact that this establishment is located in the heart of the nation’s capital. Getting a table is extremely affordable and I would recommend it if you come with a big group of friends. Security is on point inside and outside the club. It’s simply the best 18+ club in DC. Special thanks to Jimmy, Giuseppe, Galen, for always providing my friends and me with courteous customer service.

Alexander Zacapa Centenario: Ultrabar happens to be among the best clubs to party in DC. The establishment has four floors with different music genres played by talented DJs, and the overall atmosphere is always entertaining. My friends and I have enjoyed table service on multiple occasions and we’ve always had a fun time. The customer service from Jimmy Mar is absolutely exceptional, I consider him a tremendous asset to Ultrabar for many reasons, as well as the entire staff who are always very welcoming, friendly, and professional. This place also has outstanding security inside and outside the club in order to ensure the safety of its patrons. It is well situated near the Verizon Center and Constitution Avenue. Check out their pictures online showing how crowded and lit this place is. It is truly amazing on so many levels. Just make sure to look your best by following their dress code. Be ready to have a good time! In conclusion, I strongly recommend Ultrabar to anyone looking to have an enjoyable night out.

Alex Gonzalez: Perfect place for those who want a bit of everything. Sometimes I get tired of hearing the same type of music so it’s nice to be able to just switch floors to get a different atmosphere instead of having to go to completely different clubs and wait in line again. It gets packed but the bartenders are really friendly so they make the wait for a drink enjoyable

Angel Long: Went there Saturday for one of my buddies birthday. The stairs are a killer but the top floor is jumping. VIP service the way to go the floor was a bit crowded for me. Our waitress took care of us she was cool and brought girls to our table.

Brittney Vo: Always a good time when you come here! I’ve always had a good night coming to ultra. The music is up to date and I love the variety they have. Each floor is such a different vibe and my favorite are the latin and hip hop floors.

Tianna Chantel: This club is super cool! It has multiple floors and they each play different music so there’s a vibe for everyone! The service is fast and all of the bartenders are hot! Highly recommend!

Xinyi Yin: The atmosphere, drinks, and music are great! They have a variety of different music on each floor, so you will not get bored of the place. Love the bartenders, they are super friendly and fun to talk to.

10. Barcelona Wine Bar - Washington

· 2505 reviews

1622 14th St NW, Washington, DC 20009

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Barcelona Wine Bar: what do users think?

Eva Milstein-Touesnard: This food was SO good and the bread is house made fresh and complimentary! 😉 so you know we got LOTS of bread. Also, the price wasn’t too bad for dine in! The wine was also really good. And such an amazing vibe inside and outside. Overall loved it!

Nik Rama: Barcelona is always an amazing chain of restaurants to get high quality drinks and tapas. The four of us were quickly seated and ordered several tapas and drinks. The tapas were incredible (I forgot to take photos and only got one…). Empanadas were super tender and savory on the outside while encased in a crispy exterior. The other crispy fried appetizers with with cheese and meats were unique and delicious in their own ways. The view of the street from this restaurant is also great. You can watch the bustle of the city go by while enjoying the cool and shaded seating of this restaurant. The only reason for the 4 stars is because it’s a zoo here. So many people trying to come eat here leads to long lines and people loitering outside. Make sure to come during a non-peak hour to enjoy this experience itself!

Анжела Четина (Сексолог и психолог): Visited Washington from DC for two days and I am happy o could come to this cozy restaurant. In December I could eat outside thanks to heaters which is amazing, food is good quality, big variety of choices. Amazing ambiance, small piece of Spain 🇪🇸 tasty, stuff is friendly and smiling, wine is also high quality with an incredible smell. Highly recommend that place !

Erick Vivas: The food is very good! The place is beautiful but too loud! I was very happy with the tapas. All of them simply delicious.

Jay Law: Although we got seated immediately, on a Saturday nonetheless, service was slow. Now, that doesn’t take away from quality of the food but it’s definitely hinders your experience some. Which the said, the tapas style menu items are perfect for someone who like to taste and try different foods. The drinks were great and vibe was on point.. plus, it’s patio is great for afternoon eating and people watching in DC.

Alex Gonzalez: Amazing atmosphere and the Sangria is by far the best we have had. For food we had the charcuterie and the meats and cheese we had were absolutely amazing. It seems to us that they have very fresh ingredients. The staff was very friendly and service was top notch. It’s worth checking out if you live here or are from out of town and want an enjoyable dining experience. We highly recommend it. Edit 1. I forgot to talk about the bread. The freshest bread I have had at any restaurant.

Rebecca Kert: Virtually everything was a 10/10. The server had super helpful recommendations. The drinks were creative and delicious— especially the guns and rose and bourbon spice. All the tapas we ordered was delicious and the bread was wonderful. Fun atmosphere but still family friendly.

Miguel Curiel: Popular place with delicious food and drinks. This may not be the best place to have a deep and intimate conversation, but it is a great pick if you’re searching for a youthful ambiance, party-like vibes and some good Spanish meals + wine! Due to its popularity, it is strongly advised to reserve beforehand (tried to walk in once, estimated waiting period was 45 minutes which actually ended up being 2 hours i.e. it is VERY popular and entails lengthy stays).

11. Barcelona Wine Bar - Washington

· 682 reviews

3310 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington, DC 20016

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Barcelona Wine Bar: what do users think?

Ling Qin: Our experience last night was exceptional. The food was delicious and the service and staff were excellent. We liked the informal but and very friendly atmosphere. Noticing that I left my phone at the table after we walked out the restaurant, the general manager Mario Pena immediately ran to us to hand me the phone for which I am very grateful. This is rare gem among the restaurants in the DC area.

Sheryl Winarick: Outside patio last night was perfect for celebrating our best friend’s birthday. The food, as always, was amazing… and it’s been a long time since I felt compelled to compliment a restaurant’s service! Our waitress Mary was like a breath of fresh air. She was kind, helpful and attentive, but she never made us feel rushed… and she gave the best wine recommendations. Thanks Barcelona and Mary for making the night so special!

David Coy: This is the second location I have been to and I am happy to say that both locations do not at all disappoint and set a high bar for a dining experience. Always excellent wine selection and incredible tapas! The chorizo and fig in balsamic vinaigrette is my favorite out of dozens of things I have tried

Ieshia E. Butler: The tapas at Barcelona were all very tasty! The wait staff were also extremely friendly and engaging. Definitely will visit again!

Mehmet Esen: Good tapas & wine bar with a warm atmosphere. The place was packed and the service was quite good. The jamon and the cheese were delicious but not so much the chorizo. The mussels, steak with mini fries, and flan were tasty while we were not thrilled with the mushroom dish. Patatos were a little dry and the eggplant dish was ok. The water smelt chlorine. Overall, we had a 4.5 star experience.

Tan Sav: I think i prefer this location. All the same trappings but more low-key. It definitely has a more welcoming neighborhood feel.

Annya Rangel: I had heard of this place and I can say that it is a great place to eat tapas and have a good time. The service is good, the drinks too, and the tapas are exquisite. The cost seems acceptable to me.

M planetmike: Delicious and lively. Service at the bar is preferred. Wonderful to have a Spanish centered restaurant in this neighborhood. We arrived on an late afternoon, around 5:30PM. There were plenty of tables at the time. Most everything was delicious from the spicy clams, broccolini, and zucchini. Must try is the squid pasta cooked in a paella style.

Eric Reid: This was our first night in DC after just moving, and WOW! The location is fantastic, with the interior dimly lit for a good date. The service was excellent, top class, especially Mario the manager of the night. The food was fantastic including the charcuterie board and the wine from the adios vino list (half price). Tapas were well prices and delicious. Now living near the cathedral, you can expect us back!

12. Milk Bar Logan Circle Flagship - Washington

· 316 reviews

1525 15th St NW, Washington, DC 20005

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Milk Bar Logan Circle Flagship: what do users think?

India Lindsay: A classic, must-try dessert shop. Cereal milk soft serve is yummy and refreshing. The milk bar “crack” pie is great - we found it tasted better after taking it home and letting it sit in the fridge for a bit. The staff were friendly and offered generous samples. Gotta watch the Chefs table documentary on the founder before going - she has an inspiring story and helps you appreciate the dessert so much more (not that you need much help)

Jeff White: I tried this spot since my usual spot on 13th is now closed. The ice cream did not disappoint. They were out of corn flakes toppings so I went with cinnamon toast toppings. I loved it but not as good as corn flakes. Also surprised they had a parking lot.

keith singleton: Ordered from uber eats. And omg gluten free options finally! Got the marshmallow cookie and bday cake both gluten free specifically. The cookie is freaking amazing I regret not getting the 3 pack. I havent tried the gluten free cake yet. Am grateful to have another gluten free dessert option cuz not many places offer this for those of us with celiac disease.

Merissa Pemberton: Lavondae D was wonderful! The red velvet cake was definitely worth trying. The milk bar pie was most definitely not worth trying. Disappointed in the cost compared to how thin and small the slice was.

Love EJ: Unique flavor of soft serve items and cake.Strawberry shortcake is really good.

Josh Dailey: The cookies and the cake are unbelievable. I know sometimes they can be a little dry, but for the most part my experiences have been super positive. Cake price is pretty standard for a good cake, which in general is just expensive. I’d definitely go if you’re in the area, get the compost cookie! I’ve tried them all, as you can see in my pictures, and my top 3 are compost cookie, confetti cookie, and blueberry & cream cookie. Don’t miss out!

C Ark: Stopped by before they closed. They were very friendly and helpful. Prices are a bit ridiculous for a slice of cake and pie ($17 total) but at least the cake was a decent size (pie slice was tiny). Both the cake and pie were delicious.

13. Hotel Zena, a Viceroy Urban Retreat - Washington

· 134 reviews

1155 14th St NW, Washington, DC 20005

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Hotel Zena, a Viceroy Urban Retreat: what do users think?

dominique mackey: Stayed this weekend and this is a fabulous hotel. The service, the location the people who work there really made my stay amazing. And when I needed an extra night because of a car issue they easily and quickly accommodated me and price matched to a nearby hotel I was going to check into after I had already checked out of their hotel. The Decor was amazing, the design I mean it all was great and made my Instagram very popular for the weekend. Definitely will get my business again and would recommend.

Madison Nickischer: The rooms here are very nice. I stayed in the queen room and it was very nice and very clean. The only reason I docked a star was because there was an unexpected deposit of $375. When I reserved my room online, there was nothing at all that mentioned having to do that. Also their “deal” online of stay two nights and get your third free was totally a scam. My third night was “free” but the other two nights were charged $60 more a night.. so basically it wasn’t free at all. When I went to get the $375 dollars back (with my parking fee taken out) I got $100 less than expected. It was yet another “guest fee” taken out. That whole process was uncomfortable considering I wasn’t informed of any of the “deposits” and other “fees” that they just took. But other than that the rooms were very nice and the parking staff was very friendly.

N Ervin: Fantastic Stay!! I stayed at Hotel Zena while in town on business and was absolutely In Love with this Hotel! From the time I arrived, the valet, “O”, was FANTASTIC!!! The lovely young lady who checked myself and my co-workers in was wonderfully helpful and took great care of us! My room was a true delight, designed gorgeously and I still cannot get over the beautifully designed shower graced with Lady Liberty. I also have to celebrate “Princess”, the bartender…such wonderful customer service! While my stay was for business, it was truly delightful to return to the Hotel Zena be greeted with wonderful customer service and to enjoy the tranquil beauty and comfort of my room. From the phenomenal lobby, to the beautiful roof top bar, to the moment Million, the valet, helped me to my car upon my departure, the Hotel Zena was truly a fantastic experience! I highly recommend others to stay at this fabulous hotel! Cheers and thanks to the Reception, Valet and Bar (Princess and the lovely lady on the rooftop on Friday) staff that worked 11/17/21-11/20/21! You ALL need raises!!

Basana A.: I only had the opportunity to stay 2 nights, but my experience was everything I could have hoped for and more. The front desk staff was very friendly from the time I first checked in and was very helpful in recommending wonderful restaurants in the area. I especially enjoyed the modern decor and female empowerment theme of the hotel. And after a long flight, the bed and pillows were extremely comfortable and allowed for a great nights sleep. I will definitely stay here again the next time I’m in DC.

14. Washington Hilton - Washington

· 4344 reviews

1919 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20009

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Washington Hilton: what do users think?

Husky Ski: Very nice and flexible front desk service. Let me check in a little bit earlier. I left my noise canceling headphone behind. I called the hotel and they mailed it back to me, and I received it in 4 days. what a great service. Room is a little dated, but very comfy and has all the things you need. a lit if places nearby to explore.

15. Grand Hyatt Washington - Washington

· 4222 reviews

1000 H St NW, Washington, DC 20001

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Grand Hyatt Washington: what do users think?

Joshua Russell: The Grand Hyatt is a very large hotel near Chinatown, just a couple blocks from Capital One Arena. They have a covered car pull through if you are arriving by car which is nice in case of bad weather but can get a bit busy as it doesn’t seem anyone really is directing people. Once inside the check in desk is to the left rear of the very large lobby. The front desk staff is very nice and efficient. We were able to get checked in very quickly and able to get to our room with ease. The elevators are at the back of the lobby. There were about 6 elevators so you don’t have to wait long to catch one. The room is very spacious and very comfortable with a very nice sitting chair as well as a desk. We had a king bed and it was very comfortable, though one extra pillow would have been nice as there were three pillows so if there are two people both could have two. The bathroom is nice as well with good shower with perfect amount of water pressure. One thing you will notice is that in the hallways and lobby areas they are pumping a scent through the ventilation system. While I found it very nice others may be turned off by it. Overall it was a good hotel in a great location.

Melissa Marie: Great hotel location and close to major tourist areas and shopping. Room was a little dirty in places, but nothing major. The bathroom mirror still had water spots. Desk was dusty and chair had crumbs in it. The shower head was not adjustable and shoots straight out instead of downward. You may not get told at check in what the amenity fee includes. If you ask, they will give you a paper, so you will know what you are entitled to. There is a Starbucks and restaurant inside the hotel. Hotel serves breakfast for free if you are a high level Hyatt member or you can pay for it. The gift shop offers a variety of items, not just souvenirs. Self parking garage is also connected to hotel. It costs $45/day with no in and out privileges. Valet is $62/day, but does include unlimited in and out. The garage elevator goes straight up to hotel lobby. The Metro station is in basement area of hotel and easily accessible to get to and from hotel. Staff was super friendly.

Nene W.: I spent Christmas night at Grand Hyatt Washington this year. It was my second time with them and I had a wonderful time! The staffs were really nice and helpful. If you like to drink and chill, don’t forget to check out their bar. The room was clean and comfortable. Plus, they also have the best breakfast which is available from 7-10am. I will definitely go back to this hotel more often. It was a great experience!

RITA LIN: We had a wonderful stay. The staff were so polite, nice, respectful, friendly and accommodating. The only concern we had was, wishing the vent in the bathroom would have been stronger. The mirrors would fog up easily during a hot shower even with the door open. Over all though , a very relaxing stay, we will return once we are back in town. Thank you!

Kim Nguyen: The Grand Hyatt is located near Chinatown and it’s extremely convenient for us to get around. We were able to walk everywhere during our stay. The online check-in process was easy and quick. I was able to request for early check-in and got our room by 12pm instead of 3pm. That was definitely a plus in my book. The hotel lobby was really massive and beautifully designed. During our stay, there was a medical conference. It was busier than usual and we had to wait some time for the elevator. Our room is across from the Sax restaurant and lounge, so it was really loud at night. There were a lot of honking, screaming, and car noise. Overall, it was a good stay for us. Oh, they also have a Starbucks right inside the hotel.

16. The Ritz-Carlton Georgetown, Washington, D.C. - Washington

· 419 reviews

3100 S Steet NW, Washington, DC 20007

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The Ritz-Carlton Georgetown, Washington, D.C.: what do users think?

Toni Dzinic: My wife and I had our wedding at the Ritz in their Fahrenheit Ballroom, and what a beautiful night it was! We had ~60 guests and that is about the most people I’d personally recommend for the ballroom. Liliana Klein is the person to talk to when you want to plan a wedding there and she’s such a pleasure to work with. She walked us through everything from day 1. The food was excellent, the preferred vendors were also a joy to work with. Seriously, I’ve never experienced better service at a hotel. If you’re considering having your wedding here, do it! If you’re coming here for a night or two, or just to enjoy some dinner and cocktails, you also won’t regret it. We’ll be back!

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