Best Theaters On Sundays In Washington Near Me

Landmark's E Street Cinema The Avalon Theatre AMC Georgetown 14 Regal Gallery Place Miracle Theatre Landmark's Atlantic Plumbing Cinema Angelika Pop-Up at Union Market Alamo Drafthouse Cinema DC Bryant Street Lockheed Martin IMAX Theater Theatre Washington Lincoln Theatre Studio Theatre Theater J Warner Theatre AMC Shirlington 7 Arena Stage at the Mead Center for American Theater Discovery Theater AMC Magic Johnson Capital Center 12 GALA Hispanic Theatre

1. Landmark's E Street Cinema - Washington

· 1518 reviews

555 11th St NW, Washington, DC 20004

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Landmark's E Street Cinema: what do users think?

Chase Carrell: Excellent full bar/concession stand, with a clean/friendly atmosphere. Would be a 5 star if they had Icees and reclining seats (currently old school theater seats, though still comfy). Theater 4 is nice and large.

Phin Yeee: Love this place. They have fun midnight showings at an affordable price. The staff is friendly and very helpful. They even check if you qualify for any discounts before you purchase. Plus, Mondays and Tuesdays are only $7. Even if you buy from their website they have a very forgiving cancelation policy.

Thomas Ratliff: E Street is still classic. Get candy or hot snacks, have a beer or a wine, see an amazing independent, foreign or cult film in style. And all at good prices for downtown DC. Love this theater

Moxxie & Luci: More classical than harkins theater and see alot of classic/retro movies too! Not to mention the employees there are kind too. Hope they have a great day

2. The Avalon Theatre - Washington



· 284 reviews

5612 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20015

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The Avalon Theatre: what do users think?

Sara Grafals: Excellent Covid safe theater. Vaccination card with identification required as well as mask use. Great movie selection! 👏

Leif Engler: I watched star wars here once. But normally they play more artsy films.

Baharson: We watched Fauci there. Mostly empty so it was good. Sound and picture quality is good. Seats were comfortable. Keep in mind this is a nonprofit organization so support it !

Ann Brennan: I haven’t been to this theatre in years. Was pleasantly surprised by the recent improvements. They even have a small selection of beer and cappuccino

3. AMC Georgetown 14 - Washington

· 2637 reviews

3111 K St NW, Washington, DC 20007

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AMC Georgetown 14: what do users think?

Alida “Ally” Pham: Love late night movie nights here by myself! Seats recline, and it’s always clean and when you watch the late movies it’s not too busy. Friendly staff, $10 parking next door garage with your movie!

Shomik Das: Ideally, I would love a dine-in theater. However, this location is clean, has friendly staff and keeps a tight ship on their facilities. They are helpful and there is a good selection of theaters and times available. In the area, this is where to watch movies. It is also close to many places where you can get dinner.

Shannon McReynolds: I used the online option to purchase my ticket, as well as popcorn and a drink. That made it very easy to through and pick up my snacks. The theater recliners are plush with options for a foot rest. Watching our movie was great!

Alex Navarro: Finally got to take our preschoolers to their first movie since you know, covid and all. We were able to pick our seats and everyone was masked. It was not crowded and felt very safe. The chairs are great and my kids were very impressed!

Agent Star: Parking isn’t free in the area, but the theater is nice and up to date for the most part. I like this location because of the park on the water just outside the theater. It’s a good place to take a stroll after your movie.

4. Regal Gallery Place - Washington

· 1867 reviews

701 7th St NW, Washington, DC 20001

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Regal Gallery Place: what do users think?

A.S.C. Automotive Detailing Services, LLC: I saw "Top Gun Maverick" for the second time here today and loved every moment of it! The movement of the chairs, the sound effects, vibrations, the wind blowing etc was really intense. This is such a wonderful way to view this movie. Worth every penny!! Incredible experience.🙌🏾💫💫💫💫💫

a mb: Everything was clean, service was super fast, the lady at the concession stand was Supra helpful and kind. We have to use the restrooms and they were super clean. Went for the 4DX experience and it was super cool! The auditorium super clean too, the gentleman that scanned the tickets was super kind and help us with kid glasses for our functions, he was happy even though he had to go to another place to get them. They validate parking, everything was superb (-; everyone was kind, they work like a team, I was so positively impressed because the last time we came, everything that could be bad was worse lol 😆 Is so cool to see how good this place is now! Coming back for sure! Even though we have to drive 35 minutes lol the 4DX and the location is worth it.! Thank you for your hard work, we can see the difference.

A Michell: Great place to catch a movie or meal.4D theater is cool. Not for those that get motion sickness. Only issue I had was the theater was absolutely freezing cold.
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5. Miracle Theatre - Washington

· 217 reviews

535 8th St SE, Washington, DC 20003

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Miracle Theatre: what do users think?

Luis Rueda: This is a great, old fashioned neighborhood movie theater. I went as a chaperone to a 4th grade class. The staff at the theater were simply great. They were patient when dealing with a large, chaotic bunch of kids. They were very welcoming and helpful. The theater brought back memories of when I was a kid. It is great having the Miracle Theater in the neighborhood. I highly recommend it.

dipika: Lovely, small theater perfect for intimate shows. The staff were friendly and quick to check vaccination records and orient us to the space. Because it was a vaudeville theater back in the day and continues to show movies, they sell typical movie theater concessions which is actually really fun for concerts. The seats and overall seating space are small and out of date, so not the most comfortable, but the overall experience makes up for it.

Andi Gunther: I went to a Laura Stevenson show last night. It was awesome! Super kind employees and awesome venue.

Danielle Scott: My first here. 5 mins into the movie we noticed the wrong movie was playing but that was fixed in a timely manner. The popcorn is decent, prices are reasonable. The seats gets uncomfortable after awhile but other than that I enjoyed myself will definitely be back.

Rohan Bhargava: Really nice venue for live music. Acoustics were excellent and service was great.

aaron ackley: This is a great venue. We were there for The Moth, but will be watching the calendar for other events. Drinks are generous and the popcorn reasonable.

Amy Suchodolski: Super cute with a lot of history. Attended a concert and the sound was wonderful.

Mollie Ellis: We had an incredible experience there for my sons bday. I rented the theater on a Sunday morning and the kids had a blast.

6. Landmark's Atlantic Plumbing Cinema - Washington

· 900 reviews

807 V St NW, Washington, DC 20001

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Landmark's Atlantic Plumbing Cinema: what do users think?

Mark Stern: A wonderful place! Almost every seat is a good one since the theaters are relatively small. Great drinks and concessions. Better than E Street!

Madelaine Dudley: This is absolutely my favorite theater. So happy to see they were able to make it through the pandemic. Being able to return and do one of my favorite things has been such a joy. The staff here is also amazing. In particular, the concession attendant with the fabulous style, fresh nails, and upbeat personality. Love them.

leah todd: Movie theater not too crowded. Comfortable seats.

7. Angelika Pop-Up at Union Market - Washington

· 361 reviews

550 Penn St NE, Washington, DC 20002

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Angelika Pop-Up at Union Market: what do users think?

Jonathan Rios: Good ticket prices, beautiful ambiance, the sound system and quality is pretty awesome for a place like this. I will come every week!

Joseph Peralta: Great space. You can pick your seats when purchasing tickets in advance. They bring you your order to your seats. Staff is amazing.

B Wilson: My favorite theater to visit! The staff is friendly and extremely helpful. Love their beer and wine selection and it is never over crowd when I visit which I love.

H.C. ely: Unique and first rate. Very clean and the staff were professional. They made our theater experience unencumbered which released us to emerge in the film.

Carl-Gustav Anderson: Wonderful little theater. Cozy and friendly. Nice selection of food and drinks, and great selection of films.

8. Alamo Drafthouse Cinema DC Bryant Street - Washington

· 239 reviews

630 Rhode Island Ave NE, Washington, DC 20002

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Alamo Drafthouse Cinema DC Bryant Street: what do users think?

Danielle Holmes: Love seeing another piece of Texas on the East Coast. This is a replica of the other Alamo drafthouses in the area and in Texas as well. There’s plenty of parking. The menu is filled with options for everyone. The buffalo cauliflower wings are delicious. You receive concierge service right at your seat. It’s an incredible movie experience. The theater also showcase older films to watch on the big screen.

Mathew Crichton: Feels good to finally be in an Alamo here in DC proper. Speedy service, tasty food/drinks, and best of all... a cinema experience done right! No talking, no texting, no cell phones. Just the movie, a cold beer, and my feet up 🍿🎬🎟️

Jay Empty: Such a great venue for a movie night with the family, friends, or solo. Higher quality standard movie theater fare plus a wider selection of food to choose from, fun non alcoholic beverages, tasty alcoholic beverages, and desserts make for an incredible menu. Seating is lovely with reclining lazy boy style seating for each individual and swing arm tables that allow food to be right in front of if so desired. Great audio and image quality for the contemporary selection of movies. Wait staff has been incredible, friendly, and helpful on each visit. Highly recommend if you enjoy movies on the big screen!

9. Lockheed Martin IMAX Theater - Washington

· 186 reviews

600 Independence Ave SW, Washington, DC 20597

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Lockheed Martin IMAX Theater: what do users think?

Dan Whitlock: Caught and evening movie, Captain marvel, at the IMAX Air and space museum. The film experience was very cool but it was almost worth it just to see the Air and space museum empty at night. They have regular concessions and there is not a bad seat in the house. Very glad we took the time to see a movie there.

Albert: Always so impressed with the screen here. Have been twice and each time I am equally in awe. The venue is well-maintained and clean. I saw Rogue one here on Christmas eve and was impressed with how well the staff kept the lines moving with such a large number of people trying to get in. There are concessions (beer, wine, soda, etc) , which was a nice touch. Expect to pay $7 though for a beer. Would go back.

10. Theatre Washington - Washington

· 4 reviews

1825 Connecticut Ave NW #100, Washington, DC 20009

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11. Lincoln Theatre - Washington

· 1250 reviews

1215 U St NW, Washington, DC 20009

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Lincoln Theatre: what do users think?

Chris Peele: The Aurora Aksnes concert was beautiful, however shorter than her other shows this US tour. An intimate setting with seating and first come General Admission. Unparalleled view of the stage, and ability to hold your seat once you have it if you have to use the restroom or grab drinks. No parking of course so plan on stressing trying to find a 24hr parking garage near by for about $30 for 4-24 hrs.

Jeff White: Great venue. Great acoustics. Nice to have drinks available. Parking is a challenge so figure that out beforehand. A lot of the street parking is permit only. PS - Colin Hay is absolutely fantastic. Great performance and great story teller.

Quentin Hodges: A beautiful, old theater in the heart of Washington D.C. Classic architecture with a great sound system. The seats are old, yet comfortable. Street parking may be difficult but we found a $10 parking garage less than a ten-minute walk to/from the theater. Prior to the show we had a great dinner at Ted’s Bulletin, also within walking distance.

Neil Crowell: Saw Mat Kearney on 4/24/22, a general admission show. Got in line at 6:15 for doors at 6:30 and was able to get in the 4th row, dead center. Amazing experience.

Steve Little: The show was incredible and the atmosphere was electric. It would have been great if the AC unit was working.

Eileen Potocnak Arnold: Great venue to see musicians/theater/etc. in an old space that has been nicely renovated.

12. Studio Theatre - Washington

· 326 reviews

1501 14th St NW, Washington, DC 20005

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Studio Theatre: what do users think?

Rose Schneider: The story for the white noise performance was excellent, not easy but invokes some real thinking.. The acting of all four characters but especially the lead male was unparalleled.

Jim Long: Great show! Well performed ands thoughtful.

Scott “DC Cheetah” Suchyta: Very much enjoyed Flight, which was the purpose of our visit. It was quite an impressive display and work of art. The under-construction space was a little labyrinthian, but was only a minor obstacle.

Ruth Ann Nelson: Wonderful set of small theaters showing avant garde plays. Always a treat to go there!

Matt Easley: Have seen at least four performances here in the 2018-19 season. All were poinent plays for our day. Acting and staging were always outstanding, the plays thought provocative, and the price for the evening quite reasonable. Always a good selection of drinks at the bar as well and lots of good restaurants near by. Worth visiting regularly.

13. Theater J - Washington

· 43 reviews

1529 16th St NW, Washington, DC 20036

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Theater J: what do users think?

Emily Deanne: Incredible theater! One of the best places to go to see a show. They do a great job. I have seen three shows here and they have all blown me away. The theater staff are hardworking, kind, and fantastic at putting on a production. You can tell they must have a really good production coordinator and directors for the shows. They are also very Covid safe. Everyone wears masks and you must show proof of vaccination to enter. Check out this theater if you have the chance! I will be attending many more shows here.

Rick: First time to Theater J. From Minneapolis on vacation and found this searching for Performances to see while in town. What a great theater and amazing performance! So emotional that made me laugh and cry along with the rest of the audience. I was drawn in to every word and scene. Amazing set, sound, and of course the two cast members! Definitely will add Theater J as a place to check out on my future trips. Thanks for the awesome experience. ❤

Andrew Reid: Saw "Nathan the Wise" here, lots of layers to that one. Helpful staff, good location.

Jason Hoi: Loved the play! Staff is excellent. Production is excellent. Will come back for every show!!

Catherine Eby: Beautiful theater with recently remodeled lobby spaces. Great staff and wonderful work.

Ronald Wolfsheimer: Tuesdays with Morrie was the best! See it!

Sean Oros: Superb theater with friendly service and fantastic performances. Great for university trips.

14. Warner Theatre - Washington

· 2666 reviews

513 13th St NW, Washington, DC 20004

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Warner Theatre: what do users think?

Phil Hardy: I love this theatre. The ornate architecture is simply sublime. I could stare at the walls and ceilings all evening. Acoustics are fine, seats comfortable and the bar lines move quickly. A take off a star because the toilets are in the basement. Takes awhile to get there and back.

Christina King: The historic Warner Theatre is a lovely experience. The atmosphere is stunning. Seats are very tight. So if you are tall definitely get an aisle seat.

Michael: Architecture is truly something to see. Acoustics very good, seats comfortable, bathrooms clean, ushers friendly and helpful, and A/C nice and cool. Every seat is a good seat, but recommend getting middle orchestra. Parking garage super clean and well lit and reasonably priced. ( I paid 18 bucks online for the whole day). Would go there again, for sure.

Louise Brady: The theatre is beautiful. We had a great view of the stage from the middle of the balcony seats. Though it looked like there would be a great view from anywhere in the theatre as its nicely laid out and not too big. Drink prices are quite high but they do accept card and cash. Water in a can was a bit different!!. Plus it was called Liquid Death!!! I would happily go to another event at this theatre.

Gary Lee: Saw Tedeschi Trucks in concert recently. The Warner Theatre was able to process guests through their COVID protocol, ticket verification and into our assigned seats quickly and efficiently. The concert was fabulous, the merch tables was manned by well-trained workers who kept the line moving; the snacks was in good supply and delicious warm pretzels was great!

15. AMC Shirlington 7 - Arlington

· 942 reviews

2772 S Randolph St, Arlington, VA 22206

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AMC Shirlington 7: what do users think?

Rebecca Chapman: I really like this location! Arlington Village has many amazing restaurants and shops. This theater also sells beer and wine, so it’s a great place to go for a date after dinner and see a movie together! They have leather reclining seats. Good choices for snacks. Friendly helpful staff. This is a very nice local place to see the top movies. It’s close by the freeway so you can pop on and off the freeway quickly! I recommend this theater! Enjoy!

William West Hopper (DC Car Guy): Well used center seats. You would have thought during pandemic reopening they would have recovered the seats in studio three. The movie warching experience was good. Though the sound and vibration from the action film in the next studio did make its way over to our more quiet film. The reclining seats (all of the in studio 3) were nice other than the center ones were well worn. Other than that the theater was clean. Did not buy any drinks or food.

Lolita Pollard-Kezele: Small AMC. Very comfortable seating and drama free. Get there early because parking is tricky. This is the closest theater to my home and we go often.

James Derenge: Great place to see a movie. Wide recliner seats. Normal size screen. Not crowded for matinees. I just saw Top Gun Maverick and was super comfortable the whole time.

Emily Larson: Great staff, great theater. We came here recently and had problems with our seats and the staff was super nice, quick and responsive, and ended up giving us vouchers to come back another time when they couldn’t fix the problem. Thanks, team!

Judy Robinson: Theater had some kind of tech difficulties. Had to wait and there was no fountain drinks. But enjoyed Jurrasic World. Mid day movies are great!

16. Arena Stage at the Mead Center for American Theater - Washington

· 1249 reviews

1101 6th St SW, Washington, DC 20024

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Arena Stage at the Mead Center for American Theater: what do users think?

Sara Borgeson: The shows at Arena Stage are absolutely outstanding on so many levels! Give yourself a gift and get to one (or all) of their shows. I especially love all of the different stages they have at their disposal! The diversity they bring to the DC theatre scene is needed and absolutely wonderful. 5 stars, highly recommend!!

Andrea Wu: I came here to watch Seven Guitars on a Friday night recently, and the venue was quite awesome. I got under 30 tickets right a few hours just before the show, and they checked for covid vaccination and ID at the door. The venue was really clean and so were the bathrooms. The stage was unique as the audience sat all around the stage, really cool! The show itself was just alright as the story was slow in the beginning but picked up at the end. Cool spot though!

MJ Bryant: Always entertaining! Plays cover historical events, places and people. Casts are extraordinary, realistic and take time to listen to audience after the plays. Awesome venue. Covid safety precautions.

17. Discovery Theater - Washington

· 8 reviews

1100 Jefferson Dr SW, Washington, DC 20024

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Discovery Theater: what do users think?

Daniela Ochoa: Little kids love allThe Discovery Theather shows.

Melani Morelli: Great place to visit. An absolute must for everyone!

Maribel Perez: Excelente!!

18. AMC Magic Johnson Capital Center 12 - Lake Arbor

· 1764 reviews

800 Shoppers Way, Largo, MD 20774

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AMC Magic Johnson Capital Center 12: what do users think?

D'Neen Ross: It has been a very long time since I visited this theater. My adult niece had a child free day, so we hung out that day and saw "The 355." It was a good action-packed movie about female secret agents from around the world who team up for a mission. The theater was clean, quiet, and not crowded whatsoever. I am happy to see that this black owned establishment is still standing after all the construction that has occurred around it.

Noah Absalom: Cloes at 11pm has an arcade awesome concessions tickets are $11 On week days Six dollars on Tuesday

Joetta Ervins: A nice theater warm and inviting. Staff professional and friendly. Top Gun was a great movie. Two reasons to visit this theater.

Beverly McCalop: Clean, hot, fresh popcorn. I wish they would limit number of patrons in a row of seats for covid precautionary measures.

19. GALA Hispanic Theatre - Washington

· 227 reviews

3333 14th St NW, Washington, DC 20010

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GALA Hispanic Theatre: what do users think?

Sandy Ovalle: It’s easy to access! I love supporting local art and this place has a lot of history. They are keeping masks on which I support. I was there for the screening of La Manplesa and loved the experience. They validate parking, but our ticket didn’t work.

Tan Sav: Small theatre. I thought the stage design was excellent. Sound got a bit loud here and there otherwise excellent. Centrally located near the metro and restaurants.

Rosana Barkawi: Almost 3 hrs of singing and dancing. Made my heart smile 😊

Brandon Johnson: Went here twice in a weekend for the reel affirmations film festival. Very nice space that keeps the charm of an old theater while still being updated.

Frank Canales: An entity that contributes to keep our culture flourishing.

Brian M: Great venue. The table church has a service here every morning on Sunday. Great acoustics, ample seating but I will say it’s a little tight. Cute lobby. On site parking is available.

Jean Horner: Went on a 3rd grade field trip, saw a play about Picasso. Perfect content for the kids, emphasized he zest for life and living to the fullest. Bilingual production. Really in impressed. Located downtown DC. Rough commute for showtime, got stuck in am traffic. Lovely theater, small and intimate, but professional.

Karen L: Have not seen a bad production here. Some I have liked more than others, but the theater is intimate and comfortable. Pick a higher seat if your Spanish is rusty. The subtitles worked well for my non-Sp friends.

Soky Losada: Great venue, one of the hidden gems in DC. Amazing production with local artists. I went to see Exquisite Agony, (Exquisita Agonía) if you don’t speak Spanish they have subtitles in English projected onto two screens. Fascinated by the high level of the Artists, definitely I will come back for more.

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