Best Cinemas With Sofas In Washington Near Me

Landmark's E Street Cinema The Avalon Theatre Regal Gallery Place Alamo Drafthouse Cinema DC Bryant Street AMC Georgetown 14 Landmark's Atlantic Plumbing Cinema Landmark's Bethesda Row Cinema Angelika Film Center ShowPlace ICON Theatre at The Boro Cinemark Fairfax Corner 14 and XD AMC Magic Johnson Capital Center 12 AMC Hoffman Center 22 Cinépolis Luxury Cinemas AMC Rivertowne 12

1. Landmark's E Street Cinema - Washington

· 1518 reviews

555 11th St NW, Washington, DC 20004

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Landmark's E Street Cinema: what do users think?

Chase Carrell: Excellent full bar/concession stand, with a clean/friendly atmosphere. Would be a 5 star if they had Icees and reclining seats (currently old school theater seats, though still comfy). Theater 4 is nice and large.

Phin Yeee: Love this place. They have fun midnight showings at an affordable price. The staff is friendly and very helpful. They even check if you qualify for any discounts before you purchase. Plus, Mondays and Tuesdays are only $7. Even if you buy from their website they have a very forgiving cancelation policy.

Thomas Ratliff: E Street is still classic. Get candy or hot snacks, have a beer or a wine, see an amazing independent, foreign or cult film in style. And all at good prices for downtown DC. Love this theater

Moxxie & Luci: More classical than harkins theater and see alot of classic/retro movies too! Not to mention the employees there are kind too. Hope they have a great day

2. The Avalon Theatre - Washington



· 284 reviews

5612 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20015

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The Avalon Theatre: what do users think?

Sara Grafals: Excellent Covid safe theater. Vaccination card with identification required as well as mask use. Great movie selection! 👏

Leif Engler: I watched star wars here once. But normally they play more artsy films.

Baharson: We watched Fauci there. Mostly empty so it was good. Sound and picture quality is good. Seats were comfortable. Keep in mind this is a nonprofit organization so support it !

Ann Brennan: I haven’t been to this theatre in years. Was pleasantly surprised by the recent improvements. They even have a small selection of beer and cappuccino

3. Regal Gallery Place - Washington

· 1867 reviews

701 7th St NW, Washington, DC 20001

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Regal Gallery Place: what do users think?

A.S.C. Automotive Detailing Services, LLC: I saw "Top Gun Maverick" for the second time here today and loved every moment of it! The movement of the chairs, the sound effects, vibrations, the wind blowing etc was really intense. This is such a wonderful way to view this movie. Worth every penny!! Incredible experience.🙌🏾💫💫💫💫💫

a mb: Everything was clean, service was super fast, the lady at the concession stand was Supra helpful and kind. We have to use the restrooms and they were super clean. Went for the 4DX experience and it was super cool! The auditorium super clean too, the gentleman that scanned the tickets was super kind and help us with kid glasses for our functions, he was happy even though he had to go to another place to get them. They validate parking, everything was superb (-; everyone was kind, they work like a team, I was so positively impressed because the last time we came, everything that could be bad was worse lol 😆 Is so cool to see how good this place is now! Coming back for sure! Even though we have to drive 35 minutes lol the 4DX and the location is worth it.! Thank you for your hard work, we can see the difference.

A Michell: Great place to catch a movie or meal.4D theater is cool. Not for those that get motion sickness. Only issue I had was the theater was absolutely freezing cold.

4. Alamo Drafthouse Cinema DC Bryant Street - Washington

· 239 reviews

630 Rhode Island Ave NE, Washington, DC 20002

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Alamo Drafthouse Cinema DC Bryant Street: what do users think?

Danielle Holmes: Love seeing another piece of Texas on the East Coast. This is a replica of the other Alamo drafthouses in the area and in Texas as well. There’s plenty of parking. The menu is filled with options for everyone. The buffalo cauliflower wings are delicious. You receive concierge service right at your seat. It’s an incredible movie experience. The theater also showcase older films to watch on the big screen.

Mathew Crichton: Feels good to finally be in an Alamo here in DC proper. Speedy service, tasty food/drinks, and best of all... a cinema experience done right! No talking, no texting, no cell phones. Just the movie, a cold beer, and my feet up 🍿🎬🎟️

Jay Empty: Such a great venue for a movie night with the family, friends, or solo. Higher quality standard movie theater fare plus a wider selection of food to choose from, fun non alcoholic beverages, tasty alcoholic beverages, and desserts make for an incredible menu. Seating is lovely with reclining lazy boy style seating for each individual and swing arm tables that allow food to be right in front of if so desired. Great audio and image quality for the contemporary selection of movies. Wait staff has been incredible, friendly, and helpful on each visit. Highly recommend if you enjoy movies on the big screen!

5. AMC Georgetown 14 - Washington

· 2637 reviews

3111 K St NW, Washington, DC 20007

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AMC Georgetown 14: what do users think?

Alida “Ally” Pham: Love late night movie nights here by myself! Seats recline, and it’s always clean and when you watch the late movies it’s not too busy. Friendly staff, $10 parking next door garage with your movie!

Shomik Das: Ideally, I would love a dine-in theater. However, this location is clean, has friendly staff and keeps a tight ship on their facilities. They are helpful and there is a good selection of theaters and times available. In the area, this is where to watch movies. It is also close to many places where you can get dinner.

Shannon McReynolds: I used the online option to purchase my ticket, as well as popcorn and a drink. That made it very easy to through and pick up my snacks. The theater recliners are plush with options for a foot rest. Watching our movie was great!

Alex Navarro: Finally got to take our preschoolers to their first movie since you know, covid and all. We were able to pick our seats and everyone was masked. It was not crowded and felt very safe. The chairs are great and my kids were very impressed!

Agent Star: Parking isn’t free in the area, but the theater is nice and up to date for the most part. I like this location because of the park on the water just outside the theater. It’s a good place to take a stroll after your movie.

6. Landmark's Atlantic Plumbing Cinema - Washington

· 900 reviews

807 V St NW, Washington, DC 20001

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Landmark's Atlantic Plumbing Cinema: what do users think?

Mark Stern: A wonderful place! Almost every seat is a good one since the theaters are relatively small. Great drinks and concessions. Better than E Street!

Madelaine Dudley: This is absolutely my favorite theater. So happy to see they were able to make it through the pandemic. Being able to return and do one of my favorite things has been such a joy. The staff here is also amazing. In particular, the concession attendant with the fabulous style, fresh nails, and upbeat personality. Love them.

leah todd: Movie theater not too crowded. Comfortable seats.

7. Landmark's Bethesda Row Cinema - Montgomery County

· 665 reviews

7235 Woodmont Ave, Bethesda, MD 20814

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Landmark's Bethesda Row Cinema: what do users think?

Graham Rogers: Good experience pricy food Fellow customer reviews: "I slept better then I did at most hotels" - charles "It was good" - big man "It was kinda like that one time in whiplash where he played the drums" hendoh "Pretty good, should have had reclining chairs" - doonte "Pretty good" - da will Zygote "Good" - the big Zach "It was amazing" -coolm3lon

Darell Jones: What a great, safe, beautiful movie place for family or those looking for a place to hang out. The downside is parking at certain times and food can be costly depending on where you go am sure. We are making this our theatre so we will be updating our review soon for a possible 5star depending on experience

Tye Kuzniczci: My wife and I love this theater. They always have at least one or two independent films playing, which is very nice. I’d always chose to go here rather than one of the larger cinemas.

M. Marzulla: Nice theater, price for tickets are par for the area, competitive beer and cocktail prices (for a movie theater). If you are seeing a popular movie, beware that it can get PACKED. If you are prepared for that, then this is a great theater. Staff were also very quick (and friendly) getting through the concessions line which should be noted, because I have seen MUCH emptier venues really struggle with this.

8. Angelika Film Center - Merrifield

· 1065 reviews

2911 District Ave, Fairfax, VA 22031

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Angelika Film Center: what do users think?

Mischa: Very nice little cafe on the bottom floor of the movie theater, but they do not carry brown sugar or have a recycling bin (as of this writing at least). Some people, like me for example, prefer putting all natural brown sugar into our beverages. Also, recycling is very important, whenever possible. Some of the items were also overpriced in my opinion. Other than that, this is a great and cute little cafe, and their cappuccino was awesome.

Lloyd Lester: The Angelika Film Center is an art-house film theater located in the Mosaic District in Fairfax. this theater only has 8 screens and specializes in independent films/ and the occasional big Hollywood Blockbuster. With an amazing selection of wine and beer on tap or bottle and a decent selection of food. The customer service is amazing and the atmosphere is quaint. consider also has an amazing Lounge on the third floor and will occasionally play classic films in the background. the location for the theater is perfect and provides an abundance of shopping and dining options around you. highly recommended.

Bruce F: Updated for COVID with awesome Mobile App for contactless check-in. Great prices and seat selection. Not crowded and still has high end snacks. Surrounding Mosaic also has great good, stores, and parking.

9. ShowPlace ICON Theatre at The Boro - Fairfax County

· 409 reviews

1667 Silver Hill Dr, McLean, VA 22102

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ShowPlace ICON Theatre at The Boro: what do users think?

Christopher O'Connor: The place is beautiful and the room were very relaxing. The seats are heated and they recline. The food was well prepared and the surround sounds is on point. I will visit again even though it is distance away but it would be nice again. The area parking is not free but the theater will valid your ticket so you will end up parking for free. The palace it is located is beautiful especially at night..a great area to hang out. I was the photographer for the Yelp event so see samples of what you will enjoy.

Ajay Sharma: Last night for first time I went to ICON theatre. Very impressive, friendly staff, clean, amenities, nice concession stand. Inside the theatre, loved seats, they are plush, heated recliners put your feet up relax and enjoy your movie with Dolby Atmos sound. You don’t have to worry about parking, it’s a breeze and with validation it’s free. All in all, I had a great experience and would definitely go back for another movie. Yes! Recommended 👍

Amanda Turcotte: Showplace ICON is an awesome theater and close by my community. I had no idea this complex of shops and eateries existed and was impressed with the quality of service as well as atmosphere at Showplace ICON. The theater opened just before the pandemic started and is a smaller family owned business when compared to huge national brands like AMC. Showplace ICON offers a more upscale theater experience where you can order food and drinks with ease through an app and have them delivered to your seat. The food and drinks were definitely leaps ahead of normal movie theater fare. The seating area near the bar is classy as well. We sampled the ICON burger, ahi tuna salad, ahi tuna rice, chicken with churro, and pastry dessert with chocolate sauce. For drinks we tried the perfect margarita and smoked bourbon. Everything tasted really good and hit the spot, right before walking into the theater to watch the new Jurassic World movie. The seats inside the theater are plush, comfy, recline and warm up at the touch of a couple buttons. The personal table attached to each lounge chair is a nice touch as well. The popcorn was decent and fountain drink machines are super easy to use and have a great variety of soda and other types of beverages to choose from. Thanks for the great experience. We will be back! :-)

Durgesh: Excellent Theatre in VA. Brilliant screen, dynamic audio and comfortable seats. The seats have really good cushions, reclines and also have the seat warmers. The theatre has kiosk for self service , where you can collect tickets and as well purchase food. The theatre is exceptionally clean and located in a nice location. Also offers garage parking and you can validate the ticket for free after leaving. ICON provides an astounding overall theatrical experience . Will prefer this theatre over AMC anyday…

Christina Park: This movie theater is super nice and new!! It opened around the time when Covid fist hit and had to close really quickly. They opened up again some time last year and I’ve really really enjoyed my experience here!! The seats are super comfy recliner seats and they’re big seats. You get your own little table with it too! and it costs $20 per seat!!! NOT!!!! A lot of the times when I went it was under $10!!!! Rarely it goes above $10!! Most I’ve paid for was $11 which is still less than any other theaters around, and the cheapest was $8 😆😆

Fei G: Great experience. Dolby atmos sound effect was amazing, I had the most immersive experience. Ticket price was unbeatable. And I don’t think I could keep seated in front of the screen for more than 2hrs without that extremely comfortable reclining chair. The funny thing for today was that I went to the wrong parking garage which was across the street, which cost me $5 for less than 10 mins. so make sure to spot the theater sign before you park, parking garage is in the same building, and it’s free after validation, staff said it’s free for up to 8hrs.

10. Cinemark Fairfax Corner 14 and XD - Fairfax County

· 1879 reviews

11900 Palace Way, Fairfax, VA 22030

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Cinemark Fairfax Corner 14 and XD: what do users think?

Barbara Hepler: We had a great time! The theatre was very nice with very comfortable reclining seats -- spacious enough you can comfortably sit in the middle of a row without worrying about bumping into others walking through to your seat. Server was quick and friendly and the popcorn was fresh. Wish the prices were lower so we could go more often! Love the convenience of online ticket purchasing and seat reservations. Perfect for those of us who are particular about where we sit in a theatre.

Rebecca Chapman: I love this theater. You can purchase tickets online and save with their rewards club! It’s all automated so you can check yourself in with touchless scanning. The seats are leather recliners! This theater hosts numerous movies all at the same time so you can find something for everyone to like! People are friendly and helpful! Bathrooms are clean!

11. AMC Magic Johnson Capital Center 12 - Lake Arbor

· 1764 reviews

800 Shoppers Way, Largo, MD 20774

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AMC Magic Johnson Capital Center 12: what do users think?

D'Neen Ross: It has been a very long time since I visited this theater. My adult niece had a child free day, so we hung out that day and saw "The 355." It was a good action-packed movie about female secret agents from around the world who team up for a mission. The theater was clean, quiet, and not crowded whatsoever. I am happy to see that this black owned establishment is still standing after all the construction that has occurred around it.

Noah Absalom: Cloes at 11pm has an arcade awesome concessions tickets are $11 On week days Six dollars on Tuesday

Joetta Ervins: A nice theater warm and inviting. Staff professional and friendly. Top Gun was a great movie. Two reasons to visit this theater.

Beverly McCalop: Clean, hot, fresh popcorn. I wish they would limit number of patrons in a row of seats for covid precautionary measures.

12. AMC Hoffman Center 22 - Lyles-Crouch

· 3509 reviews

206 Hoffman St, Alexandria, VA 22314

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AMC Hoffman Center 22: what do users think?

Pat Robinson: This is my favorite theater!! It is not perfect but still I prefer it to other AMC theaters. Definitely prefer it over Regal theaters. Staff always very helpful and friendly. Service is always great even though I do not like being forced to use their machine to buy my ticket. Popcorn is 99% perfect - sometimes a tad burnt. Ever so often, they are out of butter, but this is rare. No theater is perfect and I will continue to patronize AMC Hoffman Theater.

Telisha Conklin: A wonderful young lady that worked the concession counter was super helpful and very pleasant. She even came to find me to bring my popcorn and receipt when I left to assist my daughter with her purchase. I wish I caught her name because she went above and beyond. She was a cute African American lady and a small framed. She had a puff bun and looked absolutely adorable. Whomever she is, she is phenomenal and reflects a great credit upon herself, AMC, and her fellow peers. Promote to manager position ASAP!!!

Jessica G. Stansen: If you enjoy the movies, this place has it all. Dolby digital, 3-D, IMAX and recliner seats in some of the theaters. I wish all of them did! It is worth it to become an A-List member for ~$22 a month and you can see 3 movies a week! Plus you have you very own concession line which is usually short! Only thing I have to say negative about this place is the soda and butter stations is always hot mess, especially during busy times!

Cheryl Corman: As an AMC A-List member, this is one of my favorite theaters in the area. The big movies are always available in IMAX and there are plenty of theaters that some of the smaller films are also shown. It is also close by to several restaurants so it makes a great spot for dinner and a movie.

The Key: KUDOS to the employee Jackson who was absolutely professional, hospitable, knowledgeable and extremely helpful!!! My encounter and experience was wonderful and unforgettable! While waiting and passing time, talking with him was like talking to a good friend! The staff here are accommodating and kind too!

13. Cinépolis Luxury Cinemas - Gaithersburg

· 441 reviews

629 Center Point Way, Gaithersburg, MD 20878

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Cinépolis Luxury Cinemas: what do users think?

LJ Aranda: We enjoyed the "half price Tuesday" here watching the Secrets of Dumbledore movie. You can go inside 30 minutes before the movie time. Reclined chair ✓ Spacious ✓

Boxer Buddy: First time there was nice. Staff was friendly and helpful. Order food before the movie and service was fast and food was good. Caroline took our order she was gr8 very friendly and asked if I was a member and took my information. I would recommend to anyone wanting to see a movie or stop in for a cocktail or beer with seating in the front.

Andrew Tran: Been here several times. Love the experience. Friendly and attentive staff, intimate but spacious. As members we were sent an invitation for up to 6 tickets to watch “Marry Me” and try their new menu. My guests and I were expecting small items for the tasting but were treated to a 3 course meal with popcorn and a champagne. Will be returning time and time again.

Catherine McAdoo: After visiting this movie theater I could never go to a regular movie theater again. Service was amazing, food and drinks with both great! The bottomless fountain drink won me over. The menu has a lot of different options. Very spacious and comfortable!

Sarah Burton: This is our favorite movie theatre! Very well kept and nice staff! The food and popcorn are great. The owner went the extra mile when I messed up and bought tickets for the wrong time. He gave us a refund and even gave my son a popcorn and a icee when it was all my error. So nice!

14. AMC Rivertowne 12 - Oxon Hill-Glassmanor

· 2179 reviews

6075 Oxon Hill Rd, Oxon Hill, MD 20745

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AMC Rivertowne 12: what do users think?

HersheyKiss Shelton: Frequent flyer. They have come a long way! Menu options increasing. Pricing going up😫 I appreciate the efforts put into keeping it clean. Fresh popcorn is always best(as of late is has been stale and very salty)

angela hamilton: The recliner seats were enjoyable. The screens are larger that normal theater. Memberships, cheaper if you come before 4 for children.

Yolanda Thompson: The experience was wonderful the reclining seats and it was not a large crowd I had a nice time will be going back again

Marietta Brown: I love going here during matinee time because it’s cleaner and quieter. Also, the concession stand is fresher.

Jazmyn: I have no issues everytime I come here, clean bathrooms and theaters, the last time though the volume for the previews were really loud. I had to ask them to turn it down, and they explained it was just for the previews like an attention grabber. The price for food is outrageous its more than the tickets lol

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