Best Taekwondo Lessons Washington Near Me

1. Northeast Taekwondo - Washington

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18 reviews
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Northeast Taekwondo
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Address: 3520 12th St NE, Washington, DC 20017

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 5:30PM

Telephone: (202) 526-4119

Business type: Martial arts school

Northeast Taekwondo: what do users think?
Garner Marshall
Garner Marshall: I bring all of my children to learn Tae Kwon DO at this location. The instruction is phenomenal. They are very strict, sort of para-military. They instill values into the students. The instructors are very sincere. Great location. Worth every penny.
Anthony Lin
Anthony Lin: Very good instructors in my opinion! Also, sometimes games of dodge ball needed.
M B Delissaint
M B Delissaint: Awesome place to learn. They do well in balancing between strict regimenand and patience with young kids.
Claudia Escobar
Claudia Escobar: Great teachers and methods. Kids just loose to go and learn new techniques!

2. DC Aikido Martial Arts Academy - Washington

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17 reviews
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DC Aikido Martial Arts Academy
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Address: 2639 Connecticut Ave NW C-104, Washington, DC 20008

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 3:30PM

Telephone: (202) 629-2560

Business type: Martial arts school

DC Aikido Martial Arts Academy: what do users think?
walter lewis
walter lewis: Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, ValueAll of the staff are very empowering and professional. I felt welcomed. The instructors are very patient and humble. I would highly recommend DC Aikido to anyone seeking to develop self confidence, patience, and self defense skills.
Gideon Culman
Gideon Culman: Nothing but high praise for DC Aikido! I joined the studio last summer for two reasons: to work up a sweat and to use aikido as a physical prism that casts new light on the conversations I conduct day-in, day-out for work as a life coach. From day 1 it has superseded my expectations in the following ways: Everybody is supportive. Anytime I have been stuck, somebody has been there to show me the way. The instructors are eager and attentive. The sparkle on the sheen of DC Aikido’s bright culture is its students, who patiently and respectfully help bring less advanced students to their next level. Every lesson is enlightening. Each class points to new ways I can better serve my clients. Whether we study balance, flexibility, striking or grabbing, not a single lesson goes by without offering up new insights. These insights translate immediately into more adroit and powerful conversations – and satisfied clients.
Shah Alom Khokon
Shah Alom Khokon: Good for kids.

3. DC Taekwondo - Washington

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DC Taekwondo
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Address: 4618 14th St NW, Washington, DC 20011

Telephone: (202) 258-5280

Business type: Physical fitness program

4. Yong Studios DC - Washington

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25 reviews
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Yong Studios DC
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Address: 4445 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington, DC 20016

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 12PM

Telephone: (202) 966-9677

Business type: Martial arts school

Yong Studios DC: what do users think?
J & C Caminos
J & C Caminos: Positive: Professionalism, ValueMy son has been going to Yong Studios for almost 5 years and he loves it!!! Master Kim is the best and so is Mr. Surage and the rest of the teaching team. They teach the kids discipline and focus and confidence. I would highly recommend Yong Studios for anyone that wants to learn Taekwondo in a great atmosphere!!!!
Ivan Moore
Ivan Moore: This is an amazing Taekwondo studio! My two sons and I took classes at Yong Studios over a number of years. The instructors are top notch and break down the difference kicks, punches, blocks, forms, etc. so they are easier to learn and you can develop good technique. They vary the different activities in different classes to keep it interesting. Their emphasis on physical fitness, stretching and mental focus helps their students. I love how they incorporate some kickboxing elements in their instruction, which results in even better self defense techniques. The instructors command respect, but have developed a real family friendly atmosphere. I have moved away from the DC area and Yong Studios is one of the things I miss the most! Tip: You really need to commit to coming to class at least 2-3 times per week to see the best results.
Jim LoScalzo
Jim LoScalzo: My kids have gone to Yong Studios for more than ten years—I can’t recommend them enough. Founder Master Kim and teacher Master Surage offer fun, empowering, no-nonsense training for a variety of ages. One aspect I find especially appealing: kids are required to leave the horseplay at the door. If you don’t behave, you get called out. Also, advanced belts do get to spare in full protective gear. For my kids, Taekwondo is now more than a martial art—it’s a lifestyle. And Yong Studios is more than a studio—it’s an institution.
David Blair
David Blair: This is the first martial arts school I ever attended. I left the District ten years ago and have trained in more schools than I care to count, but this remains the unqualified gold standard by which I judge all others. No other school I have attended matches Yong Studios in the thoroughness or precision of the instruction. What sets Yong Studios apart, in my view, is that the instructors explicitly break down each technique into its constituent parts and explain how each part should be performed, and how it adds to the greater whole. Most instructors simply demonstrate a round kick once or twice and expect the students to replicate the movement. This leads to a lot of very, very sloppy technique, particularly among the lower belts. Yong Studios instructors explicitly perform each step of the technique and insist that students learn these steps individually before attempting to perform the entire movement. This means that learning each technique takes more time, but it also means that when the student learns a technique, he or she learns it correctly. I can assure you, that’s something that far too few studios can boast. As a wise man once said, if something is worth doing, it’s worth doing right.
Bill Peyser
Bill Peyser: I can’t say enough good things about Yong Studios. Master Kim and Master Surage have developed and sustained a fantastic Tae Kwon Do program grounded in friendship, respect, knowledge, honesty, discipline, and strength. These values are apparent in the way they run the studio and instruct the students. Yong Studios offers a great combination of traditional Tae Kwon Do along with practical sparring training. Even though repetition is key to learning, retaining, and perfecting martial arts skills, every class is unique and offers just the right balance of stretching and fitness training. Both masters have the unique ability to demonstrate techniques, break them down step-by-step, explain their rationale and application, and fold them into the curriculum. I highly recommend this studio to kids, teens, and adults.

5. Fort Washington United - Fort Washington

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19 reviews
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Fort Washington United
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Address: 11050 Livingston Rd unit f, Fort Washington, MD 20744

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 4:30PM

Telephone: (301) 859-4551

Business type: Martial arts school

Fort Washington United: what do users think?
Willie Hicks
Willie Hicks: Hope this review helps anyone on the fence……..our son is an energetic (kid has a lithium Ion Tesla battery), rambunctious, 100% boy. We love him to pieces but noticed his weight was slowly creeping up, his attention span, and listening skills weren’t where we wanted them to be. We wanted to be proactive and get him into a disciplined environment while also increasing his physical activity. We researched different Martial Arts Academy’s in the Fort Washington area and came across Fort Washington United. We initially called in January 2021 and spoke with Nicole. Within a week we decided to bring our son in for a trial class. The atmosphere and environment was very welcoming. The staff stopped what they were doing to invite us in, take us on a tour, and answer the zillion questions we had. Our son immediately fell in love with the class and was a participant 4-5 times a week in the evenings and on Saturday’s. Fast forward to the Spring and we were prompted with the decision to do the traditional Summer Camp for our son, or enroll him in the Summer Program offered at Fort Washington United. We are so glad we went with FWU. Our son (who turned 6 in May) has progressed immensely in the areas of reading, problem solving, communication, public speaking, water safety (swimming), and leadership. The lessons and principles instilled by the staff has turned our son into a responsible, respectful natural leader who can also throw a hell of a punch and follow with a roundhouse kick, but will also help an old lady across the street……..AWESOME STAFF! AWESOME MARTIAL ARTS PROGRAM! Can’t say enough great things……wish I could give them 10 STARS!
Kisha DeSandies Lester
Kisha DeSandies Lester: Earlier this spring, I was looking for a martial arts academy for my five year old son, who was about to start kindergarten. My husband and I wanted to help him get used to being about other kids, since he had been in quarantine for over a year with little to no other time to play with kids his age. We also wanted to instill confidence, respect and self-control and believe that mixed martial arts is a good way to achieve that. I had planned on starting our son in a program in the fall, but as I looked for summer camp programs, I discovered Fort Washington United (FWU). Initially, we wanted to make sure that our son could keep up with the summer program and the evening classes. The staff was great is working with us and our son to assess his ability and we were able to register him for 5-6 weeks of summer camp and the daily martial arts classes. Our son LOVES FWU! He enjoys the structure and working with the coaches and all of the moves that he learns each week. He also is making friends with the other students. Because our son doesn’t attend school nearby, we are not enrolled in the after school program, but we would if we could. Martial arts has given our son confidence and he’s excited to practice his moves at home to anyone who will watch! The summer camp was simply phenomenal! Our son loved the weekly themes, lessons and field trips they went on. The coaches taught the kids important values and taught them how to speak up, be respectful, be responsible, and be a good citizen of the academy. We also loved how the kids worked in teams, by age and presented their projects each week. We were blown away that our 5-year-old was doing PowerPoint presentations and building airplanes and coming up with business plans. There is also a wonderful education track during the summer camp week and after-school program to help keep your child learning at their grade level and beyond (if they are able to). This summer camp also prepared him for the social aspects of kindergarten (eating lunch, playing with others, transitions to different activities, keeping up with your personal items, etc.) I read a review about how this program may not be for younger kids. I would say that it would depend on the child. My son has thrived at FWU. He was one of the youngest kids in the summer program and he did great! He also is inspired and motivated by the older kids, and teens who help with the summer camp. I also think that a lot of our kids need to get a little real-world consequences for their actions when they don’t follow the rules. My son is motivated by that and the point system is an appropriate tool in the academy setting. He doesn’t like losing points because other kids on his team aren’t listening, so he tries to be a leader and example, which we like to see. Overall, I have and will continue to recommend FMU to parents. It’s a safe and nurturing place to have your kids. The staff (Steve, Nicole, Karen, Jason, Charles) are all upbeat and keep you informed on what’s going on. I love how Coaches Jason and Charles are with my son and all the kids. We love that Steve and Nicole are veterans and they have made the decision to pour into the lives of kids. Karen is always helpful, pleasant and supportive every time I see her. My husband and I have been really happy with the decision to enroll our son in this program.
Dawn Washington
Dawn Washington: I am the mom of a special needs child. I was very hesitant to put him in martial arts. I’m glad we did, best decision we ever made! Grappling and striking have boosted my sons self esteem. During summer camp, the group went on museum tours. Each week had a educational theme. They learned coding, finance principles and received points for each book they read over the summer. The points could be used for toys and games. Now that school has started, the focus is on homework. I worried the staff wouldn’t be one on one with my son for his studies so I didn’t bother sending his homework. Imagine my surprise when his teacher sent multiplication homework home and my son already knew it! He’d work with staff using Kahn academy. Great place, great staff!!!
Jazmin Simms
Jazmin Simms: I highly recommend UMAA. My son Mason has attended the after school program for almost 2 years now and I could not be more thankful to the coaches and staff. Since attending, Mason has become a lot more confident, disciplined and an overall better student. The coaches and staff care a lot about the kids and always go the extra mile to help whether it’s with training or homework.
Steven Hoang
Steven Hoang: The United Martial Arts Academy has classes for the entire family! The classes are great for people of all ages that want to learn top rated self defense and get fit! The kids have a ton of fun during classes! I would recommend this gym to anyone again and again!
Charmicielle Goodine
Charmicielle Goodine: This establishment does not know how to handle primary children. The punishment for a 5 year old should not be the same for a 12 year old. The point system that the children are on is very subjective. And thinking that a 5 year old should have the same responsibility as a 12 year is ridiculous. It is probably a great establishment for older students but not for younger children.
fairlane urbina
fairlane urbina: My son goes to UMAA to their after school program. The coach never misses a day to update us that my son got picked from school, in the van and when they’re in school. We celebrated my son’s 11th birthday at UMAA and the theme was Nerf Blast. The party was a “BLAST” all kids had a great time and the staffs did a “BLAST” job! I highly recommend this school. Not only they love what they do, but they care the well being of their students.
Jaquan Butler
Jaquan Butler: United Martial Arts Academy is great environment to build a foundation for martial arts. With a diligent staff and wonderful community it is an excellent environment for learning, guaranteed to instill the calmness and confidence needed to succeed.

6. Team Yoo Taekwondo - Washington

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4 reviews
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Team Yoo Taekwondo
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Address: 5185 MacArthur Blvd NW Suite 103, Washington, DC 20016

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 2:30PM

Telephone: (202) 655-9662

Business type: Martial arts school

Team Yoo Taekwondo: what do users think?
Lauren Aiello
Lauren Aiello: I cannot express how wonderful this program has been! When we signed up our 5 year old son, we had no idea all of the life skills he would acquire from these classes. We have noticed a huge boost in his self-confidence in just a few short months. The instructors are patient, encouraging, and personally invested. Thank you Master Jason!
Inga A
Inga A: Master Jason is professional, patient and courteous to ALL his students. The other instructors also facilitate a level of professionalism that is beyond any 5 stars!!!
Chris Lay
Chris Lay: Team Yoo DC provides a holistic, disciplined and supportive approach that I found lacking at other local martial arts academies. The teachers abilities to connect with students is exceptional. I strongly recommend TYDC.
Kathleen Stemplinski
Kathleen Stemplinski: Positive: Professionalism

7. BETA Academy - Washington

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133 reviews
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BETA Academy
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Address: 1353 Florida Ave NW, Washington, DC 20009

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 7AM

Telephone: (202) 538-0422

Business type: Martial arts school

BETA Academy: what do users think?
Ma D
Ma D: Awesome place for beginners and advanced BJJ lovers. Very friendly people. Good technics. I highly recommended this place who visiting Washington DC also who decided to start practising Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Guys when you browsing different clubs with thoughts about what to choose please go there and you will meet really cool professional people. Good luck everyone. Oss.
Jack Cantlay
Jack Cantlay: The instruction is top notch. Your instructors are amazing and follow a coherent system of training so that each week is a new thing. The gym culture is very friendly and welcoming but I still feel like I can get competitive live rolls. It really matters that your instructors are so friendly. That goes a long way. But they still push me! I love the balance.
Response: Thank you so much Jack, we appreciate that! We pride ourselves on our welcoming community and believe that a strong community fosters growth in our students.
Thuhuong Dao
Thuhuong Dao: - Coach to child ratio was excellent. - Coaches did a great job working the room and - working with each child/group. - Introduction/greet for my children’s first class was great and energetic. - Disciplining the students during class was thorough and appreciated. - Dismissal of students was organized (liked how the coach only let the kids go when he say the parents).
Response: HI there! Thank you so much for the review! We appreciate your feedback and we're so happy that you experienced the professionalism of our Kids' coaches!
Tara Trinity
Tara Trinity: Coach Carlos, coach D, everyone is amazing. We love Beta!!!! My son has come into an environment that supports him and is compassionate as well as disciplined. The diversity is something I was personally looking for, and that’s something that is even more a bonus.
Tim .G
Tim .G: We were in DC on vacation and they welcomed us in for open mat, even stayed later to roll. Coach Gabriel was awesome. Awesome facility! Super friendly community! I definitely recommend!
Tyrone Calvin
Tyrone Calvin: I’m no strange to BETA academy and every time I go, I leave better than I arrived. Everyone is very friendly and professional. The Brazilian Ju Jitsu class is informative and state of the art in self defense.
CJ Francis
CJ Francis: I love the welcoming culture, the high level and clarity of instruction, the daily availability of no gi classes as well as gi. Also the ample amount of time given for both drilling and sparring.
Saron Dessalegn
Saron Dessalegn: Friendly Coaches are willing to help and give good instructions!! Definitely recommend for a great education in Muay Thai and Jiu-Jitsu.
Response: Thank you so much Saron!

8. DC Self Defense Karate Assn. - Washington

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25 reviews
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DC Self Defense Karate Assn.
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Address: 5123 Georgia Ave NW, Washington, DC 20011

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM

Telephone: (202) 328-1203

Business type: Karate school

DC Self Defense Karate Assn.: what do users think?
Gabriel Torres
Gabriel Torres: I joined this school when I was about five years old I was a troubled kid in a difficult house hold. This place changed my life sensei Middleton is a saint. She teaches with love and passion. These negative reviews are appalling. This place teaches you self confidence and important lessons for life. Take a class and have fun learn skills and enjoy. Thank you sensei and sensei wolf id like to come visit the new dojo soon!
Response: Thank you Gabriel, and yes, love you lots! The passion is a blessing for me, and knowing y'all is my reward. Come visit us any time. Not much I can do about fake reviews--all from the same guy. But anyone can come and see for themselves. The new dojo has a beautiful wood floor and the upstairs gym is fully padded.
Aaron Williams
Aaron Williams: My son began his path here two years ago. I have to say, this has been a fantastic experience for us both. He looks forward to his training and practices constantly at home. Thank you Master Middleton for give this great learning environment for all people young and old.
Response: Once someone learns the discipline to practice on his own, he can apply that to school and whatever he takes on into adulthood, so I appreciate hearing this. I also love how courteous he is. Thanks!
Stephania Gomez
Stephania Gomez: DCSDKA has been the best investment for my son! They allow parents to participate alongside their children for the first few months to ensure the child adapts well. I was pleasantly surprised to know that my son was not only learning new technical skills, but was also being taught values and life lessons. The staff/instructions are very friendly, professional, organized, and thorough. I had tried two other martial arts organizations for my son but they always lacked structure and DCSDKA definitely has that! As far as the location I have lived in Brightwood for 25 years and was not pleased to see it being described as “ghetto”. The negative comments are simply not true. There is a fire station on the same block, plenty of parking. DC is a city where you will find a mix of businesses.I have never felt unsafe. Highly recommend!!
Response: Thanks Stephania! And yes all the stuff on the 1 star "reviews" are totally made up by a disgruntled ex-employee, but one cannot take those down, even though a court case showed those email addresses to be fake!
Justin Hunt
Justin Hunt: Great experience both for myself and for my family. We started with my son taking classes in the family class and I enjoyed it so much I later started the adult class. I have found it to be both a good workout and a challenging activity that I am improving at thanks to the instructors encouragement and ability to offer useful feedback. I also love the positivity of instruction and the life lessons Sensei does as part of the kids class, teaching self-respect, confidence and ways to deal with the challenges our kids face in school and the world.
Response: Thanks, Justin. We sure miss you guys but hope you are loving Australia!

9. Jhoon Rhee Tae Kwon Do - Arlington

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13 reviews
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Jhoon Rhee Tae Kwon Do
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Address: 2449 N Harrison St, Arlington, VA 22207

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 4PM

Telephone: (703) 532-7433

Business type: Martial arts school

Jhoon Rhee Tae Kwon Do: what do users think?
Tania Trinh
Tania Trinh: I highly recommend Jhoon Rhee Tae Kwon Do to any parent wanting their children to develop self defense, discipline and social skills. The instructors are amazing - they love kids and they are great role models for our children to follow. They are so warm, kind, and patient with our kids. The class is a very positive experience for my children. Good influence, sportsmanship, teaches them kindness and respect, etc. My children look forward to attending class and I feel my children are in a safe, nurturing environment where they can only continue to grow mentally, physically, and emotionally.
Super Kicks
Super Kicks: Incredible Instructors and Program! My wife and I visited the school from out of town and I am very impressed with everything they do. Their facility is immaculate. Their instructors are very encouraging and friendly. Their program is very motivational and teaches not just to be a better martial artist but also focuses on being a better person which is what martial arts should be about. If you are looking for a place to grow as a family this is the place. I would strongly recommend contacting them about becoming involved. - John Bryant / Super Kicks Karate, Salem VA.
Response: Thank you so much for such a great review!
Eric San José
Eric San José: The Premiere Martial Arts School. Easy to see right off of North Harrison Street servicing Arlington and the adjoining areas of Virginia. Great for Self Defense, Fitness, and Self Discipline. Men, Women, and Children. Masters Piñeda and Master Shackelford are experts in all aspects of the Martial Arts. Give your child or yourself a gift of a Lifetime.
Kevin Gray
Kevin Gray: Amar from the Harrison Shopping center spoke very highly of this place, so I had to have my kids try it out. This was by far the best decision I made.
Chi Mai
Chi Mai: I think jhoon Rhee falls church can do much better they are more friendlier and teach good tae kwon do not this kind of poop
Response: Greetings Chi Mai - Jhoon Rhee Falls Church teaches the same style as we do. It is not WTF, ITF, or traditional. It is Jhoon Rhee Tae Kwon Do.
Luke Moll
Luke Moll: Been going for 9 years, great instructors and great curriculum!
Alex Frye
Alex Frye: This place made me who I am today.
Hanna Getachew
Hanna Getachew: Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value

10. Yong Studios Martial Arts - Bethesda - Montgomery County

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21 reviews
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Yong Studios Martial Arts - Bethesda
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Address: 4916 Fairmont Ave, Bethesda, MD 20814

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 3PM

Telephone: (301) 986-1002

Business type: Martial arts school

Yong Studios Martial Arts - Bethesda: what do users think?
Andrew mahaffie
Andrew mahaffie: Hands down the best martial arts school in the whole DMV area! Both the DC and Bethesda locations foster a strong community of students and instructors that make the studio like a second home. Master Kim and Master Surage are both extremely qualified and passionate instructors that hold students to the same high standards that they hold themselves. I have been with Yong Studios for 17 years now and still find myself learning and growing every time I go back for a class (in addition to being a great workout!). I would highly recommend the studio to everyone kids and adults!!!
Jehaan R
Jehaan R: Yong Studios has been a part of my life for over 15 years now. I came in as an awkward 7 year old with zero coordination, no confidence, and no friends. I’m proud to say I now actually have all of those things thanks to Master Kim and Master Surage, and what they’ve built here. They make this place feel like home, and I’m a happier, stronger, more confident person because of it. If you’re looking for a place for your kid to grow in a safe space with incredible instructors and mentors, choose Yong Studios. If you’re looking for a place to continue or start your Taekwondo journey as an adult, this is it, you will not find a better studio (trust me, I’ve tried).
_ olival
_ olival: Exceptional teachers make this studio great. Masters Kim and Surage combine technical expertise and high expectations for students with humor, warmth, and genuine joy in interacting with young people. We consider ourselves extremely fortunate that this studio has been almost a 2nd home for our son over the past decade, as he has grown from a skinny and fidgety 7 year old into the strong, confident high school senior he is today. If you are a parent looking for a safe place for your child to grow and thrive--Yong Studios is it!
serena loscalzo
serena loscalzo: Tae kwon do at Young studios has changed my life. I started going there when I was five years old, and I’ve never stoped going there since. They inspire they’re students to work hard in the studio, and out. During COVID, I have needed them more than ever to stay in shape, and luckily, they have installed safety measures such as mask wearing, sanitation, and social distancing. If you are not comfortable with going in studio, they have online classes.
Jada Fife
Jada Fife: Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, ValueI recently switched to going to Yong Studios Bethesda as opposed to the studio in Tenleytown. Although the space is different, the same quality instruction and community is still there even in this pandemic. Classes are limited so that students can social distance and everyone wears masks. Also, parking is plentiful.
John Hansen
John Hansen: Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, ValueExcellent classes with instructors who have adjusted to the COVID-19 pandemic with online and in-person (with masks) instruction that has been essential to staying in shape and learning new skills in this difficult period.
Madeline Taub
Madeline Taub: Best studio in the area! The instructors really care about the students and create a community that will make you want to keep coming back. Great for children and adults!

11. Taekwondo Masters - Belle Haven

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24 reviews
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Taekwondo Masters
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Address: 1514 Belle View Blvd, Alexandria, VA 22307

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11AM

Telephone: (703) 765-5309

Business type: Martial arts school

Taekwondo Masters: what do users think?
Chelsy Pelletier
Chelsy Pelletier: My kids absolutely love the camp experience with Master J and the rest of the staff. They have learned so much about discipline, self-control and healthy peer relationships. Each day camp is structured with taekwondo classes, outings/adventures, opportunities for learning and socio-emotional growth! We are grateful to have found Master J. He is an incredible teacher and natural leader to the children!
Response: Thank you for your kind review!
Cohen Echeverry (Student)
Cohen Echeverry (Student): My son has attended for 6 years for summer camp. He loves going and looks forward to summer camp. Master J and his team are very dedicated and stern, which helps my son with discipline outside of the home.
Response: Thank you for your kind review. It's been our pleasure to have Cohen in our program.
Geoff Williams
Geoff Williams: We have had both of our kids (girl and boy) train at TKD Masters over the last 10 years and have enjoyed every minute. The summer camps are a wonderful value and Master J and the instructors make learn productive and fun!
Response: Thank you very much for your kind review. We hope to continue to provide your family with support and encouragement.
Brian Hensarling
Brian Hensarling: Our son (6 yrs old) has been learning taekwondo here for almost a year. He has learned so much, not only about martial arts, but also about discipline, hard work, and physical conditioning. Master J has done a great job managing social distancing and COVID requirements and the kids are able to stay safe while still having fun. Highly recommended.
Response: We're happy to hear that Bretton is enjoying our program. Thank you for your kind review!
Ana Nemeshajmer
Ana Nemeshajmer: This school is fantastic! Great people work there! All Masters and Instructors and other staff are really attentive to everyone who comes to this school. They accept all ages from very young kids to adults. Everyone is having a lot of fun and learning a lot, not just martial arts but other life skills. For busy parents and for school days off they have day camps which is a great deal! I recommend this place to everyone who wants to learn martial arts, but also have fun and enjoy! I certainly have a lot of fun and enjoy being part of Taekwondo Masters family!
Response: Thank you for the kind review!
Stephen Courtien
Stephen Courtien: I’ve been taking daughter here for 6months. The instructors are patient and excellent with the kids. We signed my daughter up to help with her confidence and attention. We have seen both of these get so much better. She enjoys going to class and thinks the world of the instructors.
Response: Thank you for your review. We're working hard to ensure you and your daughter experience with TKD Masters is a positive one.
Jimmy H
Jimmy H: The school is a solid school for little kids to have fun and learn Tae Kwon Do. It is small and able to give kids close attention in small groups. It has been around for a good amount of time and convenient to the Bell View area. There are bigger schools with most experienced instructors, but this school will give little kids in the local area a good experience in Tae Kwon Do.
Response: Master Higgins, I’m sorry that you posted this. I really don’t think this is a right way to compete.
M Mmielke
M Mmielke: Been using TKD Masters for over three years and could not be more impressed or pleased! Great for fitness, socialization, discipline, and for tutoring with homework. Before and after school care provides peace of mind for a parent in a dynamic work environment. Every single member of the staff are FANTASTIC!
Response: Thank you so much for taking the time leaving us such a fantastic review! We love hearing moments such as yours where our staff go above and beyond! We hope to keep impressing you.
Jae Eun Lee
Jae Eun Lee: I visited this place last week for a tour with a family member and was thoroughly impressed with the cleanliness of the facility and the friendly masters. I cannot wait to send my daughter here to learn Tae Kwon Do when she is of age!
Response: We're looking forward to seeing your family in class soon. Thank you for your kind review!

12. T K Gym & Martial Arts - Montgomery County

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30 reviews
new review
T K Gym & Martial Arts
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Address: 6831 Wisconsin Ave, Chevy Chase, MD 20815

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 2PM

Telephone: (301) 657-7782

Business type: Martial arts school

T K Gym & Martial Arts: what do users think?
Huicong Zhang
Huicong Zhang: My 7-year old son has been taking lessons at this studio for almost one year and he has made tremendous progress. At the beginning it was hard for him to focus and follow instructions, but very soon he was able to listen well and did his best to learn and practice the techniques. All the teachers here take great care to balance every lesson with challenges and fun. They make sure that students learn something new while having a good time so they are motivated to come back for more. One of the best Taekwondo lessons that my son has internalized is to “do your best and never give up” and he has applied that value outside his Taekwondo practice. We feel fortunate to have found this studio and hope other families will also benefit from this caring and committed team.
John Schreiber
John Schreiber: Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, ValueI could not more highly recommended this school. Very dedicated teachers. Classes are excellent and my son greatly enjoys additional activities like “ninja night” and we commonly hold his birthdays at the studio. They have been fantastic with the pandemic, offering remote and very safe in person instruction.
MDE Channel
MDE Channel: Our two kids love this place. They started as tiger cubs at ages 3 and 5. Now they are in 6th and 4th grades and black belts. What makes this place unique is the staff and their instruction approach. Master Moon, Master Leo and the rest of the instructors are just fantastic. They combine discipline with fun, and they focus on building kids’ confidence. We go there once a week, sometimes more, and the schedule works very well with school schedules in the area. You can walk there if you live in the neighborhood, otherwise parking is available in the same building or in county parking lot a block away. We can’t but strongly recommend this studio.
Regan Herald
Regan Herald: We love TK Martial arts. Our three kids started around a year ago and are going strong. The girls feel strong and confident knowing they can “kick butt,” and it’s helped our son feel strong while learning patience and the virtue of practice. Our kids go once a week and also do the various ninja nights and one week of summer camp. All of the instructors are fantastic (and there are many older kid role models) - Master Leo is a favorite for our kids and for us - he’s good at teaching, patient with kids, and funny. We are so glad we found this studio.
Emilio Hernandez
Emilio Hernandez: Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, ValueMaster Moon and Master Leo are great. Very committed to teaching children the values of Taekwondo and making things fun! Highly recommended
Dan: This place is great! My daughter enjoys coming to class every week. The instructors are friendly, engaging and make the lessons fun for the kids. I recommend this place for anyone who wants to learn and have fun.
fish swim
fish swim: Our child has been attending TK Martial Arts for more than a year now, and she is still extremely excited each time I tell her we’re going to her taekwondo class. She tried (more convenient) martial arts classes in her after school classes, but she always prefer her classes at TK Martial Arts class. The teachers are friendly, very engaging, and appears to really love what they’re doing. They seem to have figured out the right mix of learning and fun. There’s also a variety of lessons/skills that they learn each week. Finally, we appreciate Master Moon’s continuous flexibility when it comes to make up classes for missed classes due to vacations, etc. Highly recommend this studio!
Fekade Makonnen
Fekade Makonnen: We recently moved to this area and my son joined T K Gym some weeks ago. He is Glad and looks forward to go often to build up his self esteem, confidence, etc. I am happy for him and his brothers are exited about his progress. The staff are friendly and they welcomed us with warm greetings.

13. DC Judo - Washington

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8 reviews
new review
DC Judo
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Address: 3415 8th St NE, Washington, DC 20017

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11:30AM Sat

Telephone: (304) 283-9461

Business type: Martial arts club

DC Judo: what do users think?
Albora T
Albora T: When I was living in the United States for a while, I had the opportunity to attend classes that are taught in dc judo. For me one of the most rewarding experiences during the time I was in DC, I met people and they helped me to better cope with being away from home. Without a doubt 100% recommended
Rock Madari
Rock Madari: The best judo club in the DC area. Exceptional instruction for beginner through advanced inOlympic style ,kodokan judo. Priced right.

14. Be Ryong Martial Arts - Mount Vernon

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17 reviews
new review
Be Ryong Martial Arts
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Address: 218 W Glebe Rd, Alexandria, VA 22305

Telephone: (703) 535-3334

Business type: Martial arts school

Be Ryong Martial Arts: what do users think?
Betsy Meyers
Betsy Meyers: I want to give a major shout out to Trulynd Hall & Hannah Lee from Be Ryong Martial Arts studio in Alexandria. They went above and beyond to show our campers an amazing demonstration of basic TaeKwonDo skills. Highly recommend their instruction, patience, and expertise!
Christopher Murray
Christopher Murray: If you are looking for a place to learn traditional martial arts, look no further. The Master, Seung Hum Yun, is phenomenal and the instructors are all dedicated and top quality. It is more than just place to learn martial arts, it is a community. You can learn Tae Kwon Do. You can learn Hapkido. You can learn both. You will get fit and boost your self confidence in the process. You will work hard, but it is all worth the effort. Just come by and check it out!
andy bily
andy bily: BeRyong is a wonderful place for an intense but friendly study of the martial art of Hapkido. The master and instructors are always there to help and encourage you to be your best.
Cooking with Sousou Jazouli
Cooking with Sousou Jazouli: Be young martial arts is the best place for my girls, they have learned a lot over the years. And are still growing. Thanks to all the people who helped them.
Bryan Clark
Bryan Clark: Outstanding instruction, flexible hours, and an amazing community. If exploring Korean martial arts, tour Be Ryong Martial Arts.
Kenneth Brotherton
Kenneth Brotherton: Great place to study the Korean marital arts.
최예리엘: Love beryong family!😍 😘

15. Pentagon Mixed Martial Arts - Arlington

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136 reviews
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Pentagon Mixed Martial Arts
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Address: 1041 S Edgewood St, Arlington, VA 22204

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 12PM

Telephone: (703) 521-1000

Business type: Martial arts school

Pentagon Mixed Martial Arts: what do users think?
Michael “Newmie” Newman
Michael “Newmie” Newman: Fantastic facilities, welcoming owners & staff, excellent initiative and follow up from highly-qualified & patient trainers. My son & i both excel (soar!) at every professionally-designed training session and class at Pentagon MMA. Teddy is my regular trainer, consistently showing up to push me, break me, lift me when my own efforts are lacking. Sifting out the weak vibes with slick music, his enabling fortitude is the exact coaching you will benefit from as well. Trust this reborn, remade 55 yr old “dad with gray hair and missing memory” — the place to find your fit self again is right here at Pentagon MMA. #[As known well, the discipline must come from within YOU. For this gym and the facilities, along with the experienced staff, and your committed presence combined is THE ONE *CATALYST* YOU need to patiently push yourself to find again once-held that holistic belief in yourself… and achieve grand, new fitness goals. Results guaranteed!]
Response: Michael, thank you so much for your kind words. Thank you for entrusting us with your family’s martial arts journey!
Joshua Ogboenyiya
Joshua Ogboenyiya: I have been a member at pentagon for about 3 years now and I can’t think of a better gym to train at. All the coaches take their time explaining the different techniques, and they really have an attention for detail. I can tell this is more than fitness and being in shape. Everyone at pentagon truly wants students to grow and improve as martial artists. Everyone is warm and inviting and you can immediately get the feeling of a community among the student, coaches, and staff. I would recommend training at pentagon to anyone who has thought about joining a gym but hasn’t taken the leap yet – you won’t regret it.
Response: Joshua, thank you for your kind words and for entrusting us with your martial arts journey. We appreciate you!
B: Thoroughly enjoyed my time at PMMA over the course of 3-4 years. Was a great way to keep in shape while learning self defense arts. Also a great way to keep yourself humble while sparring against other focused driven individuals. Can’t recommend enough. Coaching staff was also excellent abs they kept the place clean and tidy.
Response: Hey B, thanks so much for your kind words!
Carl Weis
Carl Weis: After looking at several MMA gyms in the area, I decided to give Pentagon MMA a try. Their involvement in the community and kids programs are what appealed to me at first, because I was looking for a place that my 4 year old could attend, but it was everything else about this gym that convinced me to start training there as well. This place is awesome! The staff, instructors, and students are very professional, friendly, and welcoming. I have seen so much improvement with my son and his behavior after going here, and I have seen huge improvement in my training as well. I cannot say enough good things about this gym. If you are looking to get into martial arts, Muay Thai, Brazilian Ju Jitsu, or any of their other programs you owe it to yourself to try it out. I promise you won’t regret it. You will get into the best shape of your life, and will be part of a family that encourages you to be your best self inside and outside of the gym. You will make friends and above all you will build habits that last. Thank you for everything that you do. I’m proud to represent Pentagon MMA and recommend it to everyone I know.
Response: Carl, we are beyond grateful for your kind words and feedback. Thank you for trusting us with your family’s martial arts journey and for putting in the work to get a little better, each and every day. We will keep working hard to bring you the best service we can!
Eleanor D
Eleanor D: I came to Pentagon MMA after trying a few other martial arts gyms in the area and immediately liked the atmosphere, the classes, and the people. The trial program was awesome, and I signed up to start the second I finished it. While I love the Muay Thai classes, and how they push you outside your comfort zone and work every part of your body, the best thing about this place is the community they have cultivated. There’s no better place to train!
Response: Hi Eleanor, thank you so much for making our day with your kind words, and for reminding us why we do what we do every day. We appreciate you and will keep working hard to help you reach your goals!
Celine Ferguson
Celine Ferguson: This gym is amazing! The staff is friendly, professional, and incredible at what they do. They’ve made me feel welcome since day one and really do their best to make sure you understand the technique & train hard. In just a few months I’ve learned so much and still feel physically challenged every time I walk in. I highly recommend pentagon MMA.
Response: Celine, thanks so much for your feedback and kind words! We are thankful for you and will keep working hard to help you achieve your goals.
Nicholas Hunter
Nicholas Hunter: I started at Pentagon MMA when I was only 11 years old in the young warriors program. Ever since I started the instructors there focused on teaching not only martial arts but discipline and respect too. They made sure to push everyone in the class and to make sure they learned not only martial arts but life lessons as well. I am now 18 and still attend classes at pentagon MMA however, now they are the adult classes. The instructors make the classes a lot of fun for everyone while also pushing us to become better. The environment at pentagon MMA is one of the best things about the gym. Everyone is so nice and always willing to help, it’s just one big friend group where everyone has fun.
Response: Nicholas, it has been an honor watching you grow in your martial arts journey. We are so proud of you and can’t wait to see what the future holds for you!

16. Mountain Kim Martial Arts - Vienna

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13 reviews
new review
Mountain Kim Martial Arts
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Address: 210 Dominion Rd NE, Vienna, VA 22180

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11AM

Telephone: (703) 255-0202

Business type: Martial arts school

Mountain Kim Martial Arts: what do users think?
Chris R
Chris R: We are so happy with Mt Kim Vienna. My daughter has been attending the Vienna location for 3 years- since she was just shy of 4 years old. She has progressed through the belts on time and, through the dedication of her instructors and master instructors, had fun in the process. We have attended evening classes (and sometimes summer camps, spring and winter break camps, as well as snow day camps). I want to give special recognition to Master Instructor Wi - who is so great with especially the littlest kids when they are a little apprehensive about starting and encouraging with the kids if they get frustrated. Your kid will Lear real no kidding TKD and have a great time in the process. There are no hidden fees or “extras” - you pay for your classes and test fees (which is NOT the case with other TKD places). We have done trial classes visiting at least 4 other places, and this remains our favorite by a long shot.
John Simms
John Simms: My kids and I have been going to MT Kim for over 2.5 years now. The training is very good and intense with the advanced classes. The standards are high. The instructors are impressive in their skill and ability to convey practical application of forms, blocks, kicks, and punches. I highly recommend MT Kim for kids and adults.
Stephanie Wolter
Stephanie Wolter: My son is loving his class. Nice but firm teachers, and I appreciate the efforts they make to keep everyone feeling safe.
Sabrina Xin
Sabrina Xin: The teacherhere are really nice and kids love the place.

17. Legacy Martial Arts - Fairland

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55 reviews
new review
Legacy Martial Arts
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Address: 13856 Old Columbia Pike, Silver Spring, MD 20904

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 1PM

Telephone: (240) 970-5212

Business type: Martial arts school

Legacy Martial Arts: what do users think?
Isolda Montiel
Isolda Montiel: I have seen Master Felix, Mr. Cameron and Miss Deedee all teach and I think they create an atmosphere that feels like family. The teaching is high energy and they truly care for the students.
Wilmer Castro
Wilmer Castro: Master Felix Garcia is an amazing Martial Arts instructor. His knowledge to reach can easily be grasped and absorbed by students. His self defense can be life saving.
Jonathan Ferrari
Jonathan Ferrari: Brazu Brazilian Jiu Jitsu lead by Professor Barros is second to none. Brazu is "the real deal" Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. There is a real family atmosphere where all are welcome, regardless of age, experience or fitness level. Professor Doug teaches Jiu-Jitsu with real-life applications in mind. He has medaled at some of the most prestigious Jiu-Jitsu tournaments in the United States, and coached many successful competitors in his nearly 25 years of Jiu-Jitsu. However, competition is not his focus, rather it is teaching all students the art of Jiu-Jitsu. If you are looking for a new challenge, want to get into shape, build your self-confidence, come check out Brazu Jiu-Jitsu Academy at Legacy Martial Arts in Silver Spring, MD
Borey Song
Borey Song: We’ve tried a few Martial arts programs in the areas or our kids but here at Legacy martial arts, we found the programs that best suited the needs for my kids. Under the tutelage of Master Felix, my son and daughter have gained the confidence and discipline that allow them to grow as individuals and they are having fun doing so. Highly recommended for any looking for authentic martial arts instruction.
Ciri Fenzel
Ciri Fenzel: Legacy Martial Arts is the best martial arts studio your child could possibly attend in the D.C. / Silver Springs, MD area. Master Felix is more than an amazing instructor, he is an exceptional mentor that has the ability to bring out the very best in people. Our son has trained under Master Felix for three years, and we saw results that could only Master Felix could deliver. Legacy Martial Arts has our highest recommendation.
Ferddy Calderon
Ferddy Calderon: Master Felix and the rest of the staff at Legacy Martial Arts is very professional and friendly to both students and parents. This is a good place when you want your child to learn discipline, self defense, self worth and the value of teamwork through the martial arts. Highly recommend Legacy Martial Arts!!

18. Jhoon Rhee Tae Kwon Do - Falls Church

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11 reviews
new review
Jhoon Rhee Tae Kwon Do
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Address: Birch & Broad Shopping Center, 1136 W Broad St, Falls Church, VA 22046

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 3:30PM

Telephone: (703) 237-7433

Business type: Taekwondo school

Jhoon Rhee Tae Kwon Do: what do users think?
gabriel hutto
gabriel hutto: I am testing for my black belt in October 29, 2016, this is the best school for the Keon do I have ever been to
Pain.: It was very fun the instructor are very nice the technique are very good
Chi Mai
Chi Mai: Just kidding it is a pretty good school

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