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1. Taco Bell - Washington

· 62 reviews

41 W Washington Ave, Washington, NJ 07882

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Taco Bell: what do users think?

Julie Seguin: It’s a new location for Taco Bell that recently opened, and the staff is putting in great efforts as they learn the flow. Lines move a little slow in the drive thru, but food they’re putting out is well executed. Staff is friendly and professional and very clean as it’s brand new. It’s nice to have one close by for on the run food that won’t break the bank!

Jerry Scott: Delicious Chicken tacos, staff still learning so service was very slow.

2. Taco Bell - North Franklin Township



· 643 reviews

1340 W Chestnut St, Washington, PA 15301

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Taco Bell: what do users think?

Flash Colbaugh: Stopped by today, had the 3 soft taco special. 3 soft tacos and large fountain drink and 2 cinnamon delights. Very good, quick service, and everything was very clean in the restaurant.

Cathy Ringer: Drive thru was very fast and order was correct....

3. Taco Bell - Mount Washington

· 880 reviews

149 Oakbrooke Dr, Mt Washington, KY 40047

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4. Taco Bell - Marion County

· 647 reviews

6501 Washington St, Indianapolis, IN 46219

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Taco Bell: what do users think?

Nathan Allen: Have the option to go to two other Taco Bell’s in the area of my workplace this one has been the best out of the three. Order is always right and never had any issues pleasant experience usually. 🙂

Kenny Argueta Ventura: Don’t know how it happened but I was messing up saying my order a ton and was afraid to catch attitude but didn’t. THANK YOU. Second, this is the best taco bell I’ve ever had. Who ever rolling this up is a pro and cares about work!

5. Taco Bell - South Strabane Township

· 515 reviews

460 Washington Rd, Washington, PA 15301

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Taco Bell: what do users think?

Thad N: Always quick drive thru and inside service. Fast and friendly people. Hot food.

Gabriel Steven Healy: My order was correct. The girl at the drive through was in a good mood. No, mysterious waiting without explanation. So overall it was a good visit

David Alpaugh: There are these two guys that are working the drive thru. My order wasn’t able to be made cuz of breakfast problems. These two guys were terrific. They very easily could have been rude, or just told me tough that my order couldn’t be made. It’s a Saturday, no one wants to work on a Saturday, but they were terrific, polite, and honestly are way nicer then anyone I’ve ever met at this Taco Bell. Promote these types of employees.

6. Taco Bell - Washington

· 462 reviews

1306 Carolina Ave, Washington, NC 27889

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Taco Bell: what do users think?

*Amandala _V246*: Always a great experience eating in! The staff is always on the ball! Food is hot and ready in minutes! My favorite Taco Bell yet! 5/5 stars

Rachel's Life: So good but always making my stomach hurt smh🤣😭 still coming back to eat some more later on💀

Chase Hiatt: I just love Taco Bell, no matter what I get! Hard shell tacos has always been my go to, but I also like to mix in burritos, nachos, quesadillas, chalupas, or whatever their specialty item is in my order. The jalapeno sauce there is in my absolute favorite and I like to add it onto every item I get.

Sabrina Radcliffe: Only got nacho fries and they were good

Tihishia Skinner: I truly enjoyed my 2 soft taco.

7. Taco Bell - Washington Township

· 663 reviews

65891 Van Dyke, Washington, MI 48095

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8. Taco Bell - Elkridge

· 656 reviews

6281 Washington Blvd, Elkridge, MD 21075

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Taco Bell: what do users think?

Ashley Shumaker: Had to make it a point to come back and change my very bad rating from five years ago. After the remodel the staff and location are all super great and the food is always hot and fresh. Glad you guys finally got that together it’s an awesome experience to go there.

Kumail Shirazie: Probably the best Taco Bell I have ever been to. The food was extremely fresh and tasted great. Everything was correct in my order and the employees were also very kind.

Rameez Khimani: After the remodel, food and service are much better! The double drive through will be very useful when this place gets busy as it use to be. Wonderful experience. Also wanted to add that the food quality is much better now that the KFC half is gone, AND THEY NOW SERVE BREAKFAST!! Woohooo

Forest Platt: Sorry to see the old one go, but the new facility is even nicer. Iht improvements on the drive through. The crew was friendly and kept the line moving. Food was good, liked the new Fiesta Veggie Burrito.

9. Taco Bell - Savage-Guilford

· 691 reviews

8620 Washington Blvd, Jessup, MD 20794

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Taco Bell: what do users think?

Jake Pretot (for Congress): Great service at this Taco Bell location. After the rebuild, I really enjoy the new drive thru ordering sign/menu. It allows you to see what is keyed in for your order. Nothing better than a party pack of crunchy tacos after 11 PM!

Joel Osgood: This taco bell has kiosks and walk up ordering. They give you your cup, even if you use the kiosk, so that you can fill it up while waiting for your order. They have sauces, utensils and everything else out for you to grab yourself.

Raheem Alsh: The staff on the pick up window is fabulous. I have never tried taco before, and this my first time on this taco taco store Taco Bell

10. Taco Bell - Huntington

· 679 reviews

238 Washington Ave, Huntington, WV 25701

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Taco Bell: what do users think?

Patricia Salyers: First time ever that I’ve been into a taco Bell boys were happy and did an awesome job

Tyler19: Fast and first time seeing it since they rebuilt

Nick Evans: Good but would be better with the Mexican pizza.

Shelley Mitchell: Michelle is awesome! Great customer service!

Ashley Wilson: Love their food. The break burritos are made fresh and are so much bigger and cheaper than any other placeGreat service

11. Taco Bell Cantina - Washington

· 120 reviews

3100 14th St NW, Washington, DC 20010

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Taco Bell Cantina: what do users think?

Joshua Pepper: Great food as always! Lexy was especially pleasant and made the experience better.

12. Taco Bell - Fayette County

· 652 reviews

1295 Columbus Ave, Washington Court House, OH 43160

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Taco Bell: what do users think?

Bailey Johnson: The drive thru line in quick and the food is hot. Cinnamon twist are extra good

J: I normally don’t write good reviews for real but, I feel I should take it upon myself to give recognition to (excuse me if I butcher the spelling of these ladies names) Kacey and Krista were absolutely friendly, displayed amazing customer service and my order was correct. I just wanted to point that out! Fast food places need to hire more people like these ladies and hell…. Give them a friggin’ raise cause, we all know GOOD customer service is hard to come by nowadays. I actually left the drive-thru with a smile on my face. Just wanna throw that out there!!! 😂

13. Taco Bell - Marion County

· 1595 reviews

5302 W Washington St, Indianapolis, IN 46241

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Taco Bell: what do users think?

Mellissa Terry: When we arrived to pick up Uber Eats order drive thru was packed and line not moving. Finally we spoke to an employee that had us park along with others on mobile orders and she brought them out to us. Still time consuming considering there were employees walking around on there phones and NO SENSE OF URGENCY TO GET THE CUSTOMERS TAKEN CARE OF IN A TIMELY FASHION. OVERALL OKAY THANKS TO THE ONE EMPLOYEE WHO TOOK INITIATIVE TO COME OFFICE OUTSIDE AND MOVE THINGS ALONG.

Amanda: I went to this Taco Bell in a hurry since I was on my lunch. Luckily, they promptly took my order and had my food out in no time. My order was correct and fresh. The staff was also friendly.

Olivia: The food was okay but they have started taking a long time, in drive through. It used to very quick, but not now. They must have gotten new employees.

Patrick Hoskins: Very busy! Very friendly customer service for being so busy. Hot food order was perfect

Ric Lindsey: The crew was fast courteous and very professional,,and the food obviously was A1 !!

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