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1. SEPHORA - Washington

· 321 reviews

1000 F Street NW, Washington, DC 20004

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SEPHORA: what do users think?

Keisha Gray: Even tho I was a lil late due to traffic. They Accommodated me for my BD. Layla was Excellent with my BEAT!!

Akula LA (Darkw1sh): Robert is a fantastic representative showed me a lot of products and was able to help me. Also the store is packed with every product under the sun, with a very informative staff.

Makeda V: Very helpful associates - there was a mishap with my in store purchased and it was resolved swiftly. Convenient to metro center and Chinatown stations

Jackie G: Fabulous customer service from Mischelle and JoAnn

Maninder Singh Dang: Good variety on display and very eager, polite and helpful staff.

Tina Muarie: First of all cutos to ya’ll! You all seem very fun, helpful and well trained and good people with great vibes! It was a vibe shopping there and very black friendly which is always a plus! Overall, this is the best Sephora I ever been too and I’ve been to Sephoras all over the map! Shoutout to Raven ❤️ who helped us so much and to Lee (I think thats right) who was the cashier. Im going to attach a photo so you guys know who im talking about. Raven was fun, has a vibrant personality and knows her stuff. No matter what she does she’s going places. & Lee made checkout smooth and easy! Thanks everyone 🤸🏽‍♀️

adi teame: Jemaya and James were great, they both were very knowledgeable of the products and listened to my needs so they could better direct me on what to buy. I appreciate how attentive and patient the associates are at this location.

camilo andres orduz toledo: Always, the staff always helping me out with products my GF askme to bring.

2. SEPHORA - Washington



· 79 reviews

1711 14th St NW, Washington, DC 20009

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SEPHORA: what do users think?

nelu jayawardena: First time visiting this location and the ladies were super nice and welcoming and helped me check for items that were limited stock at that time. Very efficient service and helped me pick up couple things thank you

Justin Salvador: Julia recommended me a lip butter balm by summer fridays and I *swear* its the only thing that healed my cracked lips so thanks girl :)

Natalie Setliff: I had such a pleasant experience with Julia! I will definitely be coming back because of how knowledgeable, professional, and helpful she was! Thank you, Julia!

Anna Sun: A friendly and approachable staff member answered all my questions and was super helpful. Great vibes!

Naomi Tolen: Everyone is very pleasant! Also THANK YOU BREYANNA ! For helping me with some Affordable Brands & they work perfect for my skin

Elicia Johnston: Ayonna is literally the best!! She’s so sweet, patient, genuine and knowledgeable. Helped me find both the perfect concealer and perfect perfume!

Catie Miller: Writing to compliment Jorge, who was super friendly and helpful. He got me in and out of there and was super knowledgeable. I was going to rate him on the survey but accidentally through away my receipt - hope this counts!

Saray Fischer: Great items in stock, always good service, I love this brand !

MD HEWITT: Writing to compliment Nefise who’s knowledge and customer service is by far the best I’ve experienced. This kind of help makes it easy to return to a store instead of just ordering online. Thank You again!

3. SEPHORA - Washington

· 38 reviews

1050 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20036

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C.R. Franklin: Andrew helped me find my usual tinted moisturizer and a new mascara for statement eyes (Monsieur Big). He gave me suggestions on how to use Nars’ Orgasm X and how to mask-proof my makeup. So helpful, and what a sweet guy! Store was immaculate as Sephoras generally are, and there are lots of new products on display. I will be shopping this location again.

Olga Crawford: A great location with a wide range and nice helpful staff

Naomi Flegel-Farmer: OKAY !!! Carla at this Sephora is the nicest person I’ve ever met !!! Love her ! She was so helpful and informed! Will definitely make this my regular Sephora!

Cara Jones: A few items here and there out of stock but clean store, very friendly staff, usual Sephora experience.

4. SEPHORA - Washington

· 102 reviews

380 7th St SE, Washington, DC 20003

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SEPHORA: what do users think?

Rachel Satterfield: I love this location! A sales associate helped me yesterday as I was about to purchase the wrong color foundation. I wish I got her name. Keep up the good work

Lady J: I was greeted by a nice young lady who assisted me as soon as I walked in. I went to purchase the Fenty foundation and they were out of stock but this young lady took time to enroll me into the rewards program and to check to see the availability of the product I wanted at a closer store. She was attentive to my needs, very professional and had great customer service skills.

Emily Jackson: Great customer service! I was (pleasantly!) surprised by how large the selection was for such a small store (for Sephora). Admittedly I do mostly shop online for cosmetics, but the shopping experience in this store is awesome and I will definitely be a repeat in-person customer.

Jonathan P: Small store but brand selection is getting better all the time. Staff is very knowledgeable about the products and they pack a lot of products in a small space.

Tashira Watson: Had an amazing experience here! Very welcoming and friendly environment. Cayla was amazing! Very helpful and knowledgeable of products. Would recommend this location!!!

Unparalleled Eye Designs: Totally appreciate gathering my goodies at this location. Associates are always pleasant and make great suggestions! On my last trip, a lovely young lady named Kirah was a delightful help! Give it up for the Sephora lip stains, the best! Happy New Year!

Matt Hill: Small store, but tons of stuff to browse through. Friendly staff, too.

Montgomery B: I like this place, it’s a new spot in Eastern Market. The people who work there seem to be knowledgeable on their products. Although they don’t have the biggest selection, this store still has most of the popular items

5. SEPHORA - Washington

· 160 reviews

3241 M St NW, Washington, DC 20007

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SEPHORA: what do users think?

Tajee Almon: I wanted to take the time to recognize Todd at this location! I went in without a clue of what kind of perfume to get my fiancé for Christmas. Todd helped narrow down some choices for me and asked all the right questions! We spent about an hour together sampling different ones and he was patient throughout the entire process. She loved it come Christmas Day! Thanks again Todd!!

Christine Be: Went here on a busy Friday afternoon to get my makeover for a wedding. I was greeted by several friendly associates at the door and again at the makeup counter. Serap did my makeup beautifully, so much so that my husband actually commented on how good it looked and the lashes she applied on me. I’ll definitely be back to this location!

Konstantin: My wife and daughter loved this place. Found a lot of stuff they need there

Sheila Marshall: I love this place. The ladies in this store are made up beautifully. The customer service is very good. The recommendations with certain products are GREAT!!!

imtiaz ahmad: Quite well organized and helpful staff.Many choices to choose from.

San Maltez: I went a few weeks ago to this Sephora. It was my first time here. I was assisted by Martha! As soon I came in she greeted me with a smile and asked me for help. I had several items I needed which she helped me find super fast! I appreciate her kindness and assistance!

Maryam Al-Wehaibi: Serap helped me find exactly what I was looking for, exact shade, consistency and coverage! I highly recommend asking for help when you’re looking to buy a foundation. Super grateful💜

Andriana Nazarian: Unreal experience at the Georgetown Sephora on 9/13/2020. Walked in and was immediately greeted by a woman named Renee (I think), she was so sweet and immediately helped me find what I was looking for. Then I had some questions about skincare, she sent me to the aisle where I was greeted by the manager, Jesse. He truly knows his stuff and suggested products that were so up my alley and listened to my concerns. I was so impressed with this Sephora crew. Every person I came in contact with, went above an beyond to help! Store was so clean and followed all CDC guidelines. Will be coming back to the store exclusively. Thank you Sephora crew-- you all made my day!

6. SEPHORA - Montgomery County

· 73 reviews

5330 Western Ave, Chevy Chase, MD 20815

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SEPHORA: what do users think?

Danielle A: I recently got my makeup done at the Chevy Chase location by Karynne and let me say... SHE IS FANTASTIC!!! As a woman of color, getting your makeup done can be stressful because you never know if the artist will be able to match your shade, etc. Let me tell you Karynne is a true professional and has a lovely spirit. We chatted like old friends and my makeup came out A++++. Also, the other ladies at this location are very nice and helpful. I highly recommend!!! Thank you!!

Belle Elving: I visited Sephora at Chevy Chase this week and Kaylee was so helpful. Guided me to the product I was in search of, helped me choose the right concealer shade under store lights and in natural light, and gave me a quick tutorial on application. With service like that, I’ll definitely be back! Belle Elving

Uptown Girl: The ladies here are very nice, helpful but not too helpful. Great recommendations are always made at this location. Got the powders I needed for my kit.

G Terry: After coming to this branch of Sephora for over 7 years and never having one bad experience, I believe that the company puts the best employees at this location. I love my experience here. I was in today 3/14 and Shauna was so helpful with assisting me with my hair care needs. She was so enthusiastic about the love for the brands and really listened to my needs. She even looked up the ingredients for me, thank you! I love everyone here such a prime example of an excellent Sephora experience.

Angela B: Kevin, Sara and Kaylee all helped me find the products I was looking for. They had great knowledge of the store and listen to what I was looking for. I really appreciate their professionalism.

C Macdacious: Friendly staff...needed to try a new perfume and was assisted to a couple great fragrances.

Redeemed / የተዋጀ Yetewaje: It was good, I called before I get their and they were able to hold what was needed, thank

7. SEPHORA - Arlington

· 199 reviews

1100. S. Hayes Street Suite# F06A, Arlington, VA 22202

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SEPHORA: what do users think?

Carla Ferguson (Your Bon Viveur): My go to makeup stop and shop. They have every product that you can imagine for all shades, styles, ages, etc. They also carry my new favorite lip line Sephora #lipstories. They have the best colors, applies smoothly, lasts long and moisturizes. A must buy!

Jasmine B: Melis is so awesome with eyebrows. She is my new eyebrow lady. She is kind, gentle and fast. Taylor is my go to she is knowledgeable and on point. Thank you ladies for making my experience memorable!

Tony Harrell: Thanks Jodi for helping me find my concealer tonight! Overall great experience! Team was friendly! I felt welcomed and Jodi was very knowledgeable about the product! I’ll be back! I’m excited to try out some powders next week’ Happy holidays!! 💝

M.E.: Very good suggestions & variety of cosmetics, hair products, beauty products to choose from. This location, at Crystal City Mall (Va.)helpful & attentive.

Kikki 400: Sean gave me a mini makeover and taught me a wonderful blend technique for concealer the store was clean no samples/ testers were unkepted I was very pleased with this visit

Leah Jervis: The assistant who helped me really took the time to show me everything. Really friendly staff.

Alana Campbell: I absolutely love Jodi and Toni ! They make my experience at Sephora wonderful! Every time I come into Sephora Jodi is so kind and very helpful. Tony always rings up my purchase with a smile. Love these two associates. If you want exceptional customer service then come to this location and ask for Jodi or Tony, you will not be disappointed.

8. SEPHORA - Arlington

· 78 reviews

2800 Clarendon Blvd R550, Arlington, VA 22201

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SEPHORA: what do users think?

Anthony Speziale: Had an A+ experience here for my first time ever buying something from a Sephora. Had no idea they had mens cologne! When they were out of the scent I wanted, one of the reps there was an awesome help helping me find an alternative that worked. I can’t recall his name but I think he was the only male working on 5/29 afternoon! Because of him I’ll be back!

Keyanna Gibson: I love this Sephora! Every time I step in I’m greeted by a baddie, any time I need assistance they point me in the right direction, and they are really helpful with tips and tricks!

Marko Mitic: I recently visited this place. Decent man perfume selection. Nice stuff and very friendly 👍 There is some girl was working today there, I think I fall in love with her 😌😍 She made my day!

Justin Salvador: Love this sephora! Maggie & jannay shout out yall i love the blush and eyeshadow you guys helped me pick out

Lucy Saylor: I love this sephora so much. The ladies working here are so sweet and helpful. They are very funny too and make the experience shopping here super enjoyable. They try their hardest to help you find exactly what you are looking for and try to do it as quick as possible. I don’t know how much they’re getting paid but they deserves a raise!! Definitely recommend

9. SEPHORA inside JCPenney - Wheaton-Glenmont

· 55 reviews

11160 Veirs Mill Rd, Wheaton-Glenmont, MD 20902

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SEPHORA inside JCPenney: what do users think?

Brandi Francis: I stopped in once, was ignored for a few minutes, left and read the reviews before returning expecting to be fully disappointed. I arrived ten minutes to close in search of color correcting cream (so a bit of attitude would be completely fair). The sales clerk let me know that they were no longer doing color matches but showed me to the product I wanted and made some quick suggestions. It was clear that she was rushed, but she was very apologetic and suggested that I take a product sample instead of purchasing it full out without being completely certain it was what I wanted. It was clear that I was a novice, so she also made some quick suggestions on application. I gave 4 stars due to the previous experience where I was ignored entirely.

10. SEPHORA - Lyles-Crouch

· 54 reviews

810 King St 1st Floor, Alexandria, VA 22314

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SEPHORA: what do users think?

Daniel Schwartz: This afternoon I visited the Alexandria location to pick up foundation. It was my good fortune to be helped by Alex. She listened to what I wanted and was able to give me some choices for my ruddy complexion. I ended up with an It product that I am very happy with. Thanks to Alex for her superlative service and friendly Face.

Louise Watts: Great selection. Often brands and products that are new, at least to me. Knowledgeable, helpful staff. Usually crowded but still manageable. Prices as good as any where else.

Skyla Bailey: This was my first time at this location and boy did I love it! Vanessa was very sweet and helpful when it came to suggestions. Will definitely be back!

K Hicks: For starters, this female was smoking in front of the entrance. 🤨So disrespectful and inconsiderate.😖 Aside from that, Nessa was very knowledgable and helpful. Decent Jo Malone and Atelier selection.

_ Moxey: Very clean stand-alone store. Did need to fund someone to ring up about 4 customers who were waiting to check out but overall good experience.

11. SEPHORA inside JCPenney - Forestville

· 66 reviews

3401 Donnell Dr, Forestville, MD 20747

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SEPHORA inside JCPenney: what do users think?

Fresh Prince: Visited this location for gift purposes. Very informative, helpful, and an overall good experience.

April Winston: Great customer service!! Extremely helpful, no matter what day I go to this location they are always going above and beyond to help and are super pleasant.

Lasonya Weaver: The experience was wonderful, they really listen n help me to get things I needed for myself

Lakeshia Arrington: Thank you to Marlone & Zaquetta, you too have excellent customer service!! Zaquetta thank you for finding me the perfect lip color!! You rock!!

Antonio Davall: My wife loved the store

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