Best Rooftop Bar Hotels In Washington Near Me

1. The Rooftop at The Ven at Embassy Row - Washington

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The Rooftop at The Ven at Embassy Row
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Address: 2015 Massachusetts Ave NW, Washington, DC 20036

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11AM Thu

Telephone: (202) 265-1600

Business type: Lounge

The Rooftop at The Ven at Embassy Row: what do users think?

farida popal: I was there on Saturday the 25th. We wanted to go to the rooftop bar. As soon we were at main entrance, the door man greeted us and guide us. When we went to the bar the atmosphere was nice. The drinks were a bet pricey and bar food was great! I’ll defiantly go again.

chrisy edme: The stay was wonderful! The staff at the front desk are amazing ! Specially Lyle at the front desk, he was just a sweetheart to us. We booked our stay prior to them implementing the daily amenity fee. He waived it off of our stay and informed us that he will be more than happy to still provide the perks ! We received some sent sachet of jasmine and lavender which were amazing :) In addition to that he provided us with late check out because our flight was later in the afternoon. He also gave us some great tips of how to get around since it was our first time in DC. Also my room was provided with daily housekeeping and my housekeeper was just a sweetheart too but forgot her name unfortunately. My only Con was the bathroom size, as it was super small and there was no ventilation.

Kimberly “ ” Watson: Excellent! Love the space! The art exhibit in the hotel was wonderful!

Reuben Wauyo: This is a beautiful venue and would seem to be all great but terrible customer service. Called for a reservation and information on restaurant and was referred to main line. To which someone picked up after I waited on hold, heard me then hung up. This is the most disrespectful and frustrating thing I can think of when trying to get things set for events. Calling back no one picks up and I have now been calling main line for 30 minutes to be assisted and again no one to answers. You would have to be crazy to work with these guys on anything important for you will receive absolutely no clarification or answers on any questions you have. I was very surprised to even see positive reviews at all. I really hope it’s an isolated event, but if I can help anyone else not deal with my issue I’ll be glad to steer you away and onto another location. I will update with location and name after my reservation is set with our new venue. Also to be noted, not even the central main line can reach these guys and are unwilling to even try. I believe we’ve definitely dodged a bullet.

Walter Hunt: Friendly staff , great location, very accommodating

2. Ellipse Rooftop Bar - Washington

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Ellipse Rooftop Bar
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Address: 1522 K St NW, Washington, DC 20005

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 4PM Thu

Telephone: (202) 830-1904

Business type: Bar

Ellipse Rooftop Bar: what do users think?

Morris Jones: The good - This is a nice place to enjoy time with a friend...great views. Food offerings were on par for a roof top bar. The "beef" - The bar area is small...enough for hotel guests to enjoy and groups of two. The bar size and the bar service are not satisfactory for handling a group or a table with more than 3. Do not go expecting table service (none). You must go to the small bar to order everything...paying for a table or a round of drinks was a challenge. Paying for a $40 shot of whiskey served in plastic glassware (?)...I did enjoy my table guests, the view and the weather. I expected better service...

Donovan Craig: Nice rooftop with a bit of a view, the atmosphere was very relaxed, just wish they were open to the public more as we saw multiple days where they were closed for private events.

Rich Opalinski: Weather was perfect while we stayed, both bartenders were attentive,great views

M planetmike: (Update 2022 June) Arrive early if you want a seat. Conveniently located to McPherson Square. There is a happy hour. However due to its relatively small footprint and its connection to the hotel it is often reserved and unavailable. Recommend calling ahead to verify it is open. It is a refreshing spot on summer days.

Rachel Cipkins: Perfect place to unwind after a day at the national mall

Adara Ney: A perfect place for an after work drink to watch the sunset and soak up nice weather. Great for group events too! I hosted a team happy hour with 20-30 and had a great experience. Great food (and prices!) on the catering menu and Brittany did a fantastic job coordinating the event.

David Cuevas: they never used real tequila on my tequila cocktai, I got a headache before I finished it.

Brenda-renee Vance: I enjoyed myself. The bartender was amazing. My drinks was good beginning to end.

Mike Rucki: Overpriced drinks, very limited bar selection, and not enough bartenders on a cramped rooftop. A decent view earns an extra star, but I cannot recommend this spot.

3. Vue Rooftop - Washington

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Vue Rooftop
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Address: 515 15th St NW, Washington, DC 20004

Schedule: Closes soon ⋅ 12AM ⋅ Opens 5PM Thu

Telephone: (202) 661-2437

Business type: Lounge

Vue Rooftop: what do users think?

Elizabeth T.: Awesome location for a rooftop - only issue is that the best views are by the standing bar which seems to be an odd placement considering the food is expensive and you would think that they would seat more people by the windows. Drinks are on the pricier side with beer starting at $11. We ordered the burrata and lobster mango to start - by far the highlight of the meal. For dinner I got the lamb burger and it was okay but I’ve had better.

Elliott Schellinger: The views of the Washington monument are absolutely unparalleled from the booth at the Vue Rooftop. This was my first time at the establishment and I must admit I am quite impressed. The staff and the management were extremely accommodating, even though our demands were somewhat obnoxious. They were willing to open up the private dining area just for the two of us, and let us experience the D.C. skyline at its absolute best. The food was quite delicious. The appetizers in particular were truly scrumptious; “calamari” and “Parmesan fries” are the absolute must, along with the “olives and bread” starter. The must have cocktail for me was the “power to peaches”, divinely smooth and summery fresh. All-in-all, it was a perfect bon-voyage evening before we headed back to NYC. Thanks to the staff and the management for wrapping up our Washington D.C. visit in a ribbon with a luxurious bow on top.

JR Franks: Definitely worth checking out for the views of the WH and Mall, and the rooftop itself is quite spacious with a good amount of seating. The drinks were (unsurprisingly) on the pricier side so I probably wouldn’t come back often. Didn’t try the food but the burgers looked excellent, I’d probably try one if/when I come back.

Pat S: We had a table of 13 guest for a dinner party. My calamari was hard and overcooked my entree the seafood linguine was distasteful. Our entire table didn’t enjoy their entrees. Beautiful views of the White House and Mall, and the rooftop it’s spacious with a good amount of seating and upscale. Good vibes and ambience for drinking and dance only, dine somewhere else. The drinks were on the pricier side my cocktail was $22, overall so I probably won’t come back as often.

JD: This is a great spot for the social fare and view. It was packed on a Tuesday evening. Food was okay. Service okay. Drinks are great. Service gratuity is included in your bill, so tip extra when warranted

Robert Chang: If you want a great view of the White House, definitely check out this bar. Definitely worth spending the price for a drink just to check out the view. The drinks are definitely on the pricier side and my Old Fashion was a tad small but once again, the view was worth it.

PGAmos: Fantastic view. The White House is hidden because of the trees but I’m sure it’s in plain view during the winter. I attended an event and everything I ate was tasty. The drinks weren’t bad either! I’ll be adding this to my list for out-of-town folks to visit.

Susan FG: Food was great, as were service and views. One drink from the outdoor bar was not good, indoor bar drinks were definitely better. We still had to wait about 20 minutes for our table but that was not too bad

Christopher king: The view was pretty great. I ordered the lobster and rice because the bartender recommended it. The presentation was great but it tasted really dry. My friend got the crab cakes and those were delicious! Dont get the rice, it’s not worth $54. Probably wouldn’t visit again.

4. Top of the Gate - Washington

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Top of the Gate
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Address: 2650 Virginia Ave NW, Washington, DC 20037

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 4:30PM Thu

Telephone: (844) 617-1972

Business type: Cocktail bar

Top of the Gate: what do users think?

Alvaro H. Torres: Amazing view and I would highly recommend it. The sunset was amazing and the food was delicious. I had a memorable experience and enjoyed it spending it with my wife and first born. If you are in the DC area, this is a must stop for the Watergate scandal and for the rooftop bar.

Adam Galazka: Amazing views at night. Service was great. Drinks were great as well. Definitely a little pricey on drinks but probably expected in a hotel. It did close at 1115 on a Friday which seemed a little early for a Friday night. We will definitely come back.

Claus R B: The view of this place is just AMAZING! Perfect for special occasions, we had a wonderful lady helping us to choose the appetizers and she was right...the shrimp is great and if you are hungry order the pizza. Drinks are expensive but worth it.

Zeeshan E: Booked a table for 3 a few months in advance to make sure we get a good view as we expected experience. The issues are simple but shocking. Started a boys weekend off by visiting this embarrassing place. 1) We were seated somewhere around the side towards the back on old wicker seating with no cushions. Be warned not all seating is good. The chairs are low and you have to stand to get a view. Some towards the front bar area seem nicer. 2) We waited 50 minutes for one round of simple drinks. @$20-$25 each for vodka and ginger beer or rum and coke. Our reservation was at 5PM hardly a crowd. 3) Waited another 40 minutes for food. Basic pizza and fries another $1xx. Total was over $200 and auto gratuity lol what a joke. We will NEVER ever come back. Terrible service, grossly understaffed and over priced. We will personally go out of my way to make sure everyone knows NOT to waste a second in this place.

Denise: I felt the previous views were unwarranted. This one of the best rooftop bars in DC. The view is amazing, service was professional, and drinks were on par. The prices are about right with other high class rooftops. I will be coming back here again soon.

Matt Ryder: Had the audacity to cancel a reservation we made weeks in advance the day of “due to a private event”. Note to management: if you’re going to be so bold as to tell all reservations they will be charged $50/pp cancellation fee for any reservations cancelled within 24 hours - you should do the same should the tables turn. Will you be paying me $100 now due to your lack of proper scheduling and communication to your guests?? 🤦🏻‍♂️

Maxwell D.: Frankly, really disappointing. There is so much potential here to be a destination bar and they absolutely squander it! The cocktails are $18, served in thin plastic cups, and of the same quality that you’d get at a cheap late night college bar. The food, which is hilariously overpriced, is also average at best. $29 for two pitiful skewers with overcooked steak on them and a $26 7 Eleven pizza with some olives and banana peppers thrown on it. The service was below average as well, with servers disappearing for long periods of time, employees literally throwing drinks off the roof, and an otherwise pleasant hostess that waved us through and advised us to sit anywhere despite having a reservation. The ONLY redeeming quality of this bar is the stunning views of Georgetown, Arlington, the Kennedy Center, and the low flying aircraft on approach to DCA. DO NOT come here expecting quality concessions and cocktails, or even decent service.

sdgainesdc: Limited menu, pricey, staff seemed pretty helpful. Not a place I would go too often but it was a special occasion.

Will Normand: The rooftop was practically EMPTY, and it was just 2 of us and we wanted to get a drink at the bar. They insisted we "check in" at the host stand prior to going to the bar, which insanely took around 8 minutes per group. Literally took 15 minutes of standing in line at the host stand with barely anyone in front of us to be able to get a drink at the bar. The host had zero sense of urgency, handled everything as slowly as possible. Very disappointing experience. Once we got to the front, they said we needed a reservation just to have a drink at the bar. Horrible, will never be back

5. Hush Rooftop Bar - Washington

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Hush Rooftop Bar
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Address: 1430 Rhode Island Ave NW, Washington, DC 20005

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 5PM Thu

Telephone: (202) 742-3100

Business type: Bar

Hush Rooftop Bar: what do users think?

Frederick Boateng: Expensive drinks but very unknown spot that has room to be great.

Kate Edwards: Such a nice, secretive bar! Bartenders were friendly. Has such a nice vibe.

6. Perch SW Rooftop Lounge - Washington

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Perch SW Rooftop Lounge
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Address: 69 Q St SW, Washington, DC 20024

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 5PM Thu

Telephone: (202) 948-2962

Business type: Bar

Perch SW Rooftop Lounge: what do users think?

Koreena Bobo: The view is amazing!! The parking situation wasn’t ideal because of the heavy construction in the area but overall a really pleasant ambience. The food was also solid. Limited menu options but everything that came out was yummy, especially the shrimp and grits. If you’re looking for somewhere to hang out before a game at Nats Park or Audi Field, or even a nice happy hour spot, The Perch in Cambrian Hotel is definitely a good option.

Nana Eshun: The ambiance is beautiful as you get a really great view of the city and the decor is sleek, modern and upscale. The food is amazing. The shrimp and grits was the best dish. I got to taste a couple of dishes(Henry’s Benedict and Chicken & Waffles) and they did not disappoint! The waiter(Kayvon)was so friendly and attentive to our group and the host Wes was so accommodating to our reservation when we were late. He even let me meet the chef! I also met the owner as well and he was just such a great owner.

E Crumb: An enjoyable experience. Beautiful rooftop views/ambiance! The food and drinks were incredibly delicious.

Esse Darden: Within a new hotel in the Buzzard Point neighborhood. For brunch on a Saturday: 1. The reservation process was sketchy to say the least 2. Apparently leaving a phone message is pointless and will not result in a call back 3. Aside from relative lacking customer service, fortunately the food was enjoyable - the made to order omelette was served with visual perfection and... scrumptious.

James Walesa: Outstanding views of the CityGreat access to Nationals gamesStay here for outstanding experience

Tn J: I visit the location frequently and it’s always a great time. The staff is good and the view- STUNNING! Due to the frequency of visits, consistency of staff and the guaranteed breath taking view I decided to host my 25th Class Reunion here. It was TRULY an unforgettable night thanks to Marcus the restaurant manager- superb service. He made us feel as if we were the only group there while the entire rooftop was filled to its capacity (COVID Safe). Marcus assured we had our bottles to celebrate and our food in a quick turnaround. I look forward to future events at Perch, especially, if Marcus is there. My classmates enjoyed the adult atmosphere and great service so much, they just booked it again for a birthday party! Perch is the place to be and The Resturant Manager Marcus is the perfect sunset to a rooftop experience of a lifetime! Thank you Marcus & Perch for hosting us!!

HendoKickboxing & Krav Maga: Very sophisticated ambiance, wonderful food and incredible rooftop views. We ate here almost every day

Rick W.: Great views. Not a good place for dinner.

Julio E Vega: Great views of the river front. Nice atmosphere.

7. Rosewood Washington, D.C. - Washington

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Rosewood Washington, D.C.
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Address: 1050 31st St NW, Washington, DC 20007

Telephone: (202) 617-2400

Business type: Hotel

Rosewood Washington, D.C.: what do users think?

C. Pine: Best hotel in Georgetown. I love the charm of this hotel right in the heart of everything. The friendliest staff and impeccable service and luxurious accommodations while steps away from shopping and more dining options. The library/reception area is a cozy and elegant pace for a nightcap or to lounge. The rooftop offers a fantastic view of the cityscape and is a great for private functions or if you need a peaceful place to hang out.

Shana Acquisto (Luxury Realtor): Stopped in for a drink on the rooftop. Beautiful atmosphere. Drinks were pricey and honestly a bit too much sugar for our liking but some may prefer that. Very friendly staff once we got up to the rooftop and great service.

Tania Ferguson: The Rosewood DC is remarkably disappointing. More expensive than comparable rooms at the Ritz or Four Seasons, there are essentially no luxury amenities. The pool is the size of two hot tubs. Sadly, Cut the restaurant had a kitchen fire and therefore there is no way to get anything to eat at the hotel. I had to go grocery shopping. They did not offer any discount for this inconvenience. The did make the minibar complementary except for liquor….and there is essentially nothing to eat in the minibar. The room is incredibly small and the bathroom hard to manage in its size. The “partial canal view” is just a brick wall. One must stand to look out the window if water is to be seen-and only then with great focus. More accurately this is a brick wall view. There is no spa, the fitness facility is smaller than a bathroom with no modern equipment in it except a single peleton bike with bad pedals. The fitness facility is a really big disappointment-I’ve had to find a gym to go work out at. So I’ve had to leave the premises for food, workout, spa services….It’s a travesty to the Rosewood brand. They should close the hotel and renovate, modernize-or drop the prices to reflect the current facade.

Andrew Carmichael: Amazing hotel experience in a wonderful part of DC. It’s a smaller hotel that does a stellar job of balancing the finesse of a larger hotel with the intimacy of a boutique one. The team remembers everyone’s name and does to whatever they can to make your stay a memorable one.

Mohsen: Enjoyed one week of stay at this hotel. Everything was perfect and felt personal. Fantastic staff.

Mandy Jacqueline: The Lobby Bar in the Rosewood was amazing. Great service and wonderful drinks if you’re looking for high-class

Lisa Morin: This lovely, small hotel was well located in Georgetown. The room was nice, quiet and the bed was very comfortable. The service from all staff was exceptional. They attended to every detail to make our stay a great one!

Derrick Hoefsloot: Exquisite rooms, personalized service, excellent food, fantastic rooftop bar. Notable highlights include the front desk staff and Giovanni the rooftop bartender who remembered my wife’s favorite wine from a previous stay. Superb location, tons of nearby dining, shopping, the canal, and river walk. You will love it at the Rosewood Georgetown.

Kelly Smith: Great hotel. Near everything in Georgetown. Service is amazing. Nicest place in the area.

8. Rooftop at Riggs - Washington

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Rooftop at Riggs
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Address: 900 F St NW, Washington, DC 20004

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 6AM Tue

Telephone: (202) 788-2805

Business type: Bar

Rooftop at Riggs: what do users think?

Constance313: Worked an event for the play "Grace" at Fords Theater held on the Rooftop at Riggs & it was amazing. The views are amazing & so is their entire staff! From the wait staff, to the food staff, to the bartenders, the valets & the management everyone was top notch!

Pelle Nibbering: We made a reservation for the rooftop bar months ago. The reservation did not come through for the rooftop bar instead it was for the cafe downstairs. This miscommunication was a shame. Apparently, the rooftop bar is only open for events. This is not adequately mentioned on their website. At first hand they could not give us a solution, especially the dutch girl called Sophie did not show any form of hospitality. She did not show empathy at all and did not want to help us. We were treated like trash. Luckily, her American colleague helped us to get to another rooftop bar. Please do know that the rooftop bar is only open for events! Do not make the same mistake as us.

Veronnica: Beautiful patio and furniture. Cocktails were roughly $15 a piece, must order food when having a cocktail, food is between $8-23. We had the peaches and ricotta which was okay. Drinks we had the melon highball which didn’t seem to blend as well, and the Rhubarb Daisy which was crisp and light. Mainly would come back solely for the rooftop aspect which is beautiful.

John Tucci: Absolutely superb. Alex was our server; a true professional. Food is delicious. Wonderful views from the rooftop. Perfect experience.

cristiano sabelli: (Translated by Google) A place at the top of Riggs from which you can enjoy a great view of Washington. (Original) Locale in cima al Riggs da cui gustare una splendida vista di Washington.

9. Hedy's Rooftop - Washington

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Hedy's Rooftop
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Address: 1155 14th St NW, Washington, DC 20005

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 5PM Thu

Telephone: (202) 379-4353

Business type: Lounge

Hedy's Rooftop: what do users think?

A: Edit: Sadly, Hedys no longer serves food at the rooftop! Such a disappointment. Also, there is no direct number to the restaurant and no one ever answers the phone when transferred through the hotel. Previous post: LOVE Hedy’s!! Food & drinks are always amazing and the view is outstanding! Music, vibe and service are all great too!

S.M.: Visited 7/10/21. Place was okay. Views were nice, seats were limited and menu was very limited. Food tasted okay, nothing amazing. Cocktail menu had 5 cocktails but had a good size alcohol list. Nice place to take a date if you just want to have a drink and a small plate and enjoy nice relaxing ambiance with nice views. Not the place for a full blown dinner.

Lin Dinh: First of all, I just want to mention that the valet attendant is the sweetest and attentive person I’ve ever met. Located on top of a cute boutique hotel, the vibes are very chill up on this rooftop bar. The view is great!However, these pictures don’t even do any justice because as simple as these plates look, they are beyond what my tastebuds could ever expect. The duck leg is so perfectly cooked that you literally pull the bone out and shred the meat with a fork and it’s the most moist and flavorful thing I’ve ever had. The deviled eggs were also perfection, I may be biased tho because I love anything with a bit of truffle in it 😅 definitely a great find!

nataliya vlasova: Nice cozy friendly staff burgers were good, I’m not a big fan of alcohol-my husband got against the grain cocktail and it was kinda too bitter but it’s up to your taste. The views are great

Herman Guzman: Really wish they served food on rooftop evening and afternoon hours Took a while for drinks and to close out tab A place really just for drinks thats all , no snacks or apps atleast , downstairs serves food but you cant bring it up to rooftop

Faith Mitchell: I had most of the cocktails on the menu and they were delicious. The truffle fries were good as well. The bartender was very nice, but on this particular day we had to keep going back to the bar to order which I did not care for. However, this didnt lessen the experience. The space is beautiful and definitely one of the best rooftop views in the city. I will come again.

Rae W. (Rasheeda Williams): Beautiful space. Chaotic atmosphere. Ultimately, not a great experience. I had been SO excited to try this bar, but when I went I had sooo… many… Issues. For starters, it’s clear that they overwork their staff. There was one hostess for essentially two bars: one at the lower level and the rooftop bar. In order to have questions answered and to be seated, we had to wait for the sweet hostess to take each individual/group to the upstairs bar and then come back downstairs. How does this seem like a good system for anyone?! After a wait, my friend and I were seated, so naturally we were disappointed when we didn’t have the greatest experience with bartenders/servers. I am certain they were overwhelmed and overworked. As a patron, however, it’s difficult to want to go to a place with long wait times and mixed-vibes with service when there are soooo many places in this area where grabbing a drink is uncomplicated.

beverly giron: Food was amazing!! I had the crab and artichoke dip! Omggg. And the fries. The drinks were strong and yummy

Kiera Germany: The service is trouble!! Rude waiters I will never come here again. I feel like I wasn’t wanted here

10. The Rooftop at the Graham - Washington

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163 reviews
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The Rooftop at the Graham
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Address: 1075 Thomas Jefferson St NW, Washington, DC 20007

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 4PM Thu

Telephone: (202) 337-0900

Business type: Bar

The Rooftop at the Graham: what do users think?

Karen Elise: A wonderful little hidden gem! The atmosphere was great, the views were awesome, and the bread pudding was amazing! I also enjoyed the “Island Vacation” drink 🍹 great place!

Jeff Wilson: Super fun and a pleasure all around — Jeff Elstro (General Manager) and crew run a top notch place all around! White wine came with a bucket of ice (without asking)and was excellent (a decent selection). You need to have your phone— QR reader only for menu and drink/wine list. The view really is TERRIFIC! You get the Arlington (Clarendon) skyline AND Georgetown, DC —see pics! We arrived on a Friday at around 7:00pm and had to wait around 10 minutes to get in. The food plates were some of the best I have EVER sampled — they are really that good! We had the Takis - Asian style, and the fig and goat cheese small pizza. The meat was perfect and the pita dough for the pizza was fresh and not dry. Later on it got a little noisy, but it’s a bar, and it’s popular!!! A lot of fun!!!

Carl Poblete: Amazing venue nice small joint really just missing some music food and drinks are great. The bread pudding was delicious!

Miguel Curiel: Breathtaking view, fancy place and delicious drinks. Food menu is limited— but what is available is delicious and the place does serve well its main purpose as a lounge bar.

Paul Thurrott: Fantastic rooftop bar with great staff, excellent cocktails, and killer views.

Ieshia E. Butler: Heard about the rooftop around town and wanted to visit. Had an amazing time with my husband. The service was stellar and so was the food.

Chris Marras: 2 words. Doki and Max. These two were awesome and whenever we are visiting Georgetown we will be back to get some amazing service from these two 👍 drinks were also fantastic

lissette Alvarez: From the minute you enter this little boutique hotel you are greeted with a smile, friendly reps at the front desk. Awesome!! Then you go to the roof top and it’s even better! The place is Beautiful , friendly service, the drinks, the view not so much of anything to look at but the sunset 🌅 is there so it’s gets 5 stars ⭐️ For that. I’m going to assume it was the manager or the owner but what a friendly guy. The atmosphere, the service was awesome definitely a place to go when you are in DC. Loved it!!!

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