Best Private Schools Arranged In Washington Near Me

National Cathedral School St. Albans School Edmund Burke School Sidwell Friends School Maret School Washington Waldorf School Washington School for Girls Georgetown Day School British International School of Washington St. Anselm's Abbey School Gonzaga College High School Lowell School Washington Episcopal School The Potomac School Landon School Georgetown Visitation Preparatory School Washington International School Bullis School Stone Ridge School of the Sacred Heart

1. National Cathedral School - Washington

· 7 reviews

3612 Woodley Rd NW, Washington, DC 20016

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National Cathedral School: what do users think?

Pete Carey: An excellent school!

henry castellon: Great church

2. St. Albans School - Washington



· 13 reviews

3001 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington, DC 20016

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St. Albans School: what do users think?

M. Mushthafa: School with a great vision to bring a better future for the student based on religious foundation.

The Cold Tomato: It is the best school of all time because of Julian Spencer

Elsa Woldemariam: Bemnet I like your school I want to larn at you school it is great

3. Edmund Burke School - Washington

· 7 reviews

4101 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20008

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Edmund Burke School: what do users think?

Peter Eisler: Both of our children have thrived at Burke. The faculty is terrific, the academic standards are high, and the school really stresses personal growth and responsibility. Students are encouraged to take risks and be comfortable in their own skin. The leadership program also is very strong.

Amira Clark: love the school, I think everyone should go

Fyfiid Leo: Good school

4. Sidwell Friends School - Washington

· 71 reviews

3825 Wisconsin Ave, Washington, DC 20016

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Sidwell Friends School: what do users think?

Joel Okumu: Excuse me everyone but the President of America chose this place for his very loved generous respected and intelligent kids to go here. I think you are all saying these nasty comments for him to look bad and stupid. THIS IS A PRIVATE SELECTIVE SCHOOL. Think about it the Presidents kids go here of course they will report to there dad if something is wrong.

Rhagen Butts: Because Sid well friends is the best they even have secret service in they own class room

Kevyn Orr II: I go here and I love it all though it is tough the community is helpful and protective

Jury Rigger: Increable careing staff and challenging work load. Also the lunch is fantastic.

Trenill Bledsoe: I think my daughter would love this school!

Jazlyne Bowers: Hi i see that the Obama sisters go to your. School give. Me a call
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5. Maret School - Washington

· 10 reviews

3000 Cathedral Ave NW, Washington, DC 20008

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Maret School: what do users think?

Shankar Kulumani: Great soccer field which is available for use by the city leagues

6. Washington Waldorf School - Brookmont

· 10 reviews

4800 Sangamore Rd, Bethesda, MD 20816

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Washington Waldorf School: what do users think?

Bonnie Auslander: A fantastic community of teachers who are dedicated to their students. My two kids have been there for six years and love it. Lots more info about our school on DC Urban Moms. Come take a tour or attend the bazaar in November to get a sense of what Waldorf/ Steiner education is all about.

Jennie Rabinowitz: Incredible place for children to learn at a developmentally appropriate pace without being beholden to nonstop testing. Teachers here have deep relationships with and insights into their individual students. So happy to have found this wonderful school and community!

Eric Holdsworth: We have had our daughter at this school since pre-school and she loves it. This school and its method of teaching are a magic elixir for what ails most public school teaching. Come to Waldorf and find a better way to learn.

Don Gabriel: I have no children, but I’ve always been impressed by the lectures that I attended. Everyone seems to be remarkably dedicated to their Waldorf adventure.

Thiago Roberto: Excellent

7. Washington School for Girls - Washington

· 5 reviews

1604 Morris Rd SE, Washington, DC 20020

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Washington School for Girls: what do users think?

Michelle Marshall: Its cool

Josephine Epps: I love it

Ian Furlong: Awesome school!

8. Georgetown Day School - Washington

· 19 reviews

4200 Davenport St NW, Washington, DC 20016

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Georgetown Day School: what do users think?

Jonathan Kane: Love the Teachers, An actually so far they have been very helpful as a new coach in making me feel right at home and welcomed me from the 1st day. Including me on everything as well as well as open to new ideas which I really like coming from Montgomery County Public Schools......Very technology savvy school paperless and really good job at getting students informed on current issues in these troubled times. As well as staying competitive with sports teams and always looking toward improving their sports teams. As well as very strong academics......

Gilles Alfandari: For engaged, compassionate and inquisitive minds.

Diego Esparza: I had lots of fun💪

Anne Wuttke: This school is amazing!

Ben Berman: 10/10

9. British International School of Washington - Washington

· 7 reviews

2001 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington, DC 20007

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British International School of Washington: what do users think?

BSW PA Treasurer: A super professional independent private school in the heart of DC serving Nursery to High School Students. What makes this school standout is its British high quality curriculum and diverse student population. Class sizes are small and the teaching first class.

Tuna Şeker: Its professional school for me. Education is super and beautiful classes in this school.

10. St. Anselm's Abbey School - Washington

· 22 reviews

4501 South Dakota Ave NE, Washington, DC 20017

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St. Anselm's Abbey School: what do users think?

theo topolewski: pretty gucci place

11. Gonzaga College High School - Washington

· 24 reviews

19 I St NW, Washington, DC 20001

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Gonzaga College High School: what do users think?

Andrew Fertig: Best School in the area for turning boys into Men for Others.

Mike Zapata: Better than any other school no question.

Dante Guardi: Logic made a song about the basketball team

Nha Tinh Tran: Good

Ed Kimlin: Outstanding.

Ted Gresh: (Translated by Google) Amdg(Original)Amdg

12. Lowell School - Silver Spring

· 8 reviews

1640 Kalmia Rd NW, Washington, DC 20012

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Lowell School: what do users think?

Frazzle: This school has inspiring teachers and even students! Their level of kindness and patience is wonderful. Great academics, great teachers, and students have a great experiences here. The love and diversity of this school is more than welcoming. Thank you Lowell School for making a bright future for everyone.

Liz Steinglass: Fabulous teachers, fascinating curriculum, wonderfully diverse community

Brian Jacobson: We love this school.

13. Washington Episcopal School - Montgomery County

· 11 reviews

5600 Little Falls Pkwy, Bethesda, MD 20816

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14. The Potomac School - McLean

· 17 reviews

1301 Potomac School Rd, McLean, VA 22101

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The Potomac School: what do users think?

Jay Briar: Nice school with a beautiful campus.

Jordan Jennings: Love the summer camp.

VENI PUNIA: Teachers are very helpful

Zymir McDowell: I have it

Marvin Lopez: linda

boomy boi: Nicky McLeod

Juan Villatoro: (Translated by Google) It is a good place to work(Original)Es Buen lugar para trabajar

15. Landon School - Montgomery County

· 85 reviews

6101 Wilson Ln, Bethesda, MD 20817

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Landon School: what do users think?

Meg burns: Culturally rich, full of amazing arts (musical, performing and visual) program and the constant physical activity keeps the boys healthy as well as able to concentrate on work. Can be competitive, but definitely these boys support each other. Wish they had more bus routes in VA.

John Greenwald: I proposed to my wife on this campus. A very romantic setting. 5 stars without reservation! Ask for Marty if you ever go to the weight room

Tyler Perkins: Best school great staff and grounds crewUsely 12 to 14 people in class so you can not hid in classes

Vishal Kumar Gupta: it is famous school. in school all teacher is taught by easily. THIS IS THE CENTRE OF LIFE. WHERE WE LEARN HOW TO MAKE LIFE.

Tyler Royall: i go to Landon i love the teacher coach mentor program and the students are nice!!! Go Bears :)

Elsa Woldemariam: It is a good school I like it

landon martinez: Best School Ever Love the Ravens!!!

Deirdre Soraci: Best school in the DMV!

16. Georgetown Visitation Preparatory School - Washington

· 9 reviews

1524 35th St NW, Washington, DC 20007

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Georgetown Visitation Preparatory School: what do users think?

Patrick Gillespie: The campus is gorgeous. I am part of the brass group that plays graduation and it is always a fun gig.

Sylvana Christopher: Beautiful campus. Great girls. Eager dancers. Collegiate atmosphere.

Matisse Gilmore: Love the campus

17. Washington International School - Washington

· 24 reviews

3100 Macomb St NW, Washington, DC 20008

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Washington International School: what do users think?

graysmiles: I used to go to this school and it was a great experience the lunch is great the kids are so kind and the teachers and staff are really really caring. There is no such thing as detention and they have all these special events in the school year. The sports day is amazing and the P.E program is very good. Now in Paris I am doing everything I can so that I am up to level in my Spanish and can get back into the school when I come back to DC.

David Zamula: WIS has the best Art program in the world, Annette and Nancy have transformed art education at WIS. The graduates of the program have gone on to pursue fine art, graphics and design ventures.

Andre Gardiner: Best. School. Ever

delee 18: There is no better school.

Ana Diaz-Young: It is awesome

Yaquelin Jimenez Martinez: (Translated by Google) It is very large and beautiful also has a large court (Original) Es muy grande y bonitas además tiene una cancha grande

18. Bullis School - Potomac

· 19 reviews

10601 Falls Rd, Potomac, MD 20854

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Bullis School: what do users think?

A. Thomas Grunley: Just a fabulous school all-in-all. The teachers and faculty are tremendous and certainly prioritize each and every one of their students. Beautiful campus grounds, excellent athletics, and a very accomplished list of alumni all add to my five star rating of this Private School.

Nicholos Goblin: Great teachers, fantastic school. My older son graduated last year and my 8 year old son is a second grader at Bullis. We are all very happy with the way they help our kids be better members of society.

Jack Bullis: I’m a Bullis. This is dope.

Phil Bryant: This school is AWSOME

19. Stone Ridge School of the Sacred Heart - Montgomery County

· 22 reviews

9101 Rockville Pike, Bethesda, MD 20814

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Stone Ridge School of the Sacred Heart: what do users think?

Aaron Tinch: Stone Ridge prides itself on building community amongst the students and families. As first-year parents with two daughters in the lower school, we most certainly enjoy this past school year. From attending culmination project open houses, volunteering at lunch and at gator gallery along with a host of school events, we were able to observe our daughters’ adjustment and progress at the school. We are looking forward to next school year.

Elisabeth Oplinger: My daughter is thriving at SR. We couldn’t be happier with the school and the community. It is a very special place!

Robert Shaffer: With one daughter and presently three grand daughters attending Stone Ridge I could not be more proud of the results for my favorite young ladies.

Julianna Long: I had an absolutely wonderful experience at this rigorous high school

Faisal: It is a nice school

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