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Fusion Academy Washington D.C. Cozymeal Cooking Classes Spanish Tutor DC International Language Institute International Center For Language Studies The Lab School of Washington National Cathedral School Sidwell Friends School Washington Waldorf School Berlitz Washington DC Language Center Alliance Française Casa Italiana Language School Edmund Burke School Cornerstone Schools of Washington, D.C. Maret School Georgetown University School of Continuing Studies Inlingua Washington DC

1. Fusion Academy Washington D.C. - Washington

· 15 reviews

2000 Florida Ave NW 2nd Floor, Washington, DC 20009

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Fusion Academy Washington D.C.: what do users think?

Chloe Duran: My name is Chloe Duran and I just left Fusion. I am 14 and going to 9th grade next year. I am going to boarding school next year, but I had a phenomenal time at Fusion. I had a great experience and made many great relationships in the little time I was there. There are no words to describe the amazing teachers and staff at Fusion. I felt like I could trust everyone and ask for help without feeling judged. The students were amazing as well. I made a lot of friends very quickly because of how welcoming everyone was. I highly recommend this school to any student. :)

anne: My son, who is 18 years old and now a senior at Fusion, just finished his Junior year there. This is a big deal because he was in terrible mental shape not long ago. He would need a new style of teaching, one that would ease him back into learning, attending class, making friends, and lastly, creating supportive connections with his teachers and peers. When my husband found The Dorm in Washington, DC, to continue his mental health treatment, they encouraged us to reach out to Fusion Academy. They explained that with Fusion’s 1:1 ratio, he would have the most amount of support, while still getting exposure to that all important social life with other students. (This was something our son desperately wanted, which is why we would not consider him learning from home remotely, on-line, any longer.) His time started well at Fusion, he made friends and really liked his teachers. He grew more confident that he could manage his class schedule and make it to class on time. He learned how to navigate the city, have some fun, and also keep up with his studies. His grades slipped at a mid point, he was not following through on assignments. Fusion Academy reached out to us, and The Dorm, to let us know the situation. Because I and his dad get the ‘Daily Notes’ from his teachers on his progress, we were aware of his decline before they even needed to reach out. His teachers, with Fusion’s director leading the charge, empathetically but firmly got him grounded again, making it clear that just because life can get a bit tough or busy, he had to learn to reach out for help, finish all missing assignments, and keep his promises towards his teachers. He learned to better manage his time, the work/life balance, yet also find ways to be social, caring, and connected. His teachers have been one of the BEST driving forces in his transformation. He deeply respects them. He enjoys his classes. He wants to succeed. He also doesn’t want to slide back into video gaming, which is why he prefers not using a computer, but using his smart phone. Dad and I are very proud of the choices he is making on a daily basis. He has to mange himself, something he has always struggled with. His teachers guide him daily, hourly if necessary. The shear amount of attention he gets from his lead advisor, his teachers, and the school, is unbelievable. He knows deep in his bones he is accepted for WHO HE IS. HE KNOWS HEIS ENOUGH. A work in progress. (As we all are!) Thank you so very much for shepherding him along on all the many challenges he has faced and will continue to face. Each obstacle he overcomes further builds his experience level and confidence.

Matthew Huggins: We have been extremely happy with Fusion Academy DC for our daughter, who attended for grades 7 and 8. At Fusion, our daughter’s teachers understood her intellect, challenged her with extra assignments, and worked with her as a unique individual. They recognized her as a person with unique and valued gifts and talents and way of seeing the world, and helped her develop those gifts and talents further. Fusion DC allowed her to grow intellectually and academically, while also having the opportunity to make friendships in a kinder setting. In our experience, Fusion is a 100% no-tease zone, and that is just what our daughter needed – an environment where the other kids were open and accepting of her and one another, and where she could get the academic rigor that she and we were seeking. We have been very pleased with our experience at Fusion Academy DC.

Alison Hollis: I have never worked with such a compassionate and student-centered group of teachers. Our students come to Fusion because something about the traditional school system does not work for them, and our teachers make sure that those students- many of whom hate school- have a positive educational experience. When you walk down the hallways of our school, you hear laughter and high quality discussions. You see teachers creatively engaging students based on their interests and learning needs. If you want to work with educators who put students first or learn from teachers who center your ideas and needs, then Fusion DC would be a perfect fit.

Becky Sachs: We have been so happy with our experience at Fusion for our 12th grader and 7th grader. The teachers are wonderful and work hard to connect with students and make lessons meaningful. Both of my kids have been engaged in and excited by what they are learning. The experience has been great for them academically and for their confidence.

Crosby: My little brother went here this past year and I honestly think it saved his school experience. He had been struggling worn the traditional school model especially during the pandemic so we decided to pivot to Fusion and WOW is it great. Not only are the classes/ education very customizable, but the teachers are all so kind and more than willing to help when necessary. Would HIGHLY recommend to anyone. Thanks Fusion!

Gretel French: Working with Fusion D.C has been one of the most rewarding experiences in my life and career! I love how we customize for our all of our amazing stakeholders, so that we may all reach for the stars.

2. Cozymeal Cooking Classes - Washington



· 203 reviews

1300 I St NW #400e, Washington, DC 20005

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Cozymeal Cooking Classes: what do users think?

Valerie Damond: Last night twelve members of my family experienced a truly remarkable Spanish dinner. Chef Greg presented us with a very relaxing and utterly delicious meal. Every course was beautifully displayed and clearly constructed with the best ingredients. He and his helper served us and left the kitchen immaculate. If you would like to experience an expertly crafted Spanish cuisine, I highly recommend Chef Greg.

D H: I had my Cozymeal event today. I have never participated in an online cooking class before, and I must say it was great! My daughter and I took the class making the Chinese dumplings with Chef Li. Chef Li was great and while making the recipes really gave good information on the Chinese culture and the different types of substitutions to use in the event you are not able to get a specific ingredient. She made suggestions regarding kitchen utensils and made sure that all of us were on track with her during her instruction. My only difficulty was with the recipes being in grams and not in US measurements. It would be nice to have both listed. I live in a very rural area and this option of online cooking classes is such a welcome experience. I would definitely take another class!!

Benjamin Bowden: Really enjoyed having Chef Tiffany cook for my girlfriend and me. Great food, great conversation, and a generally excellent evening. One note: she arrived 45 minutes prior to the scheduled arrival time, when nobody was home. Her early arrival was a positive, as the meal took a few hours to prepare, but Cozymeal should communicate better with the clients about true arrival time. Bottom line: Tiffany provided an excellent French meal, all cooked from scratch, with fresh ingredients. Moreover, there were leftovers! Really looking forward to my next Cozymeal experience.

Alison Ponzi: We had an evening full of freshly made pasta, bruschetta, and bread pudding with Chef Tiffany. I bought a KitchenAid mixer last year with the pasta attachment, and she was open to teaching me how to use it. She also worked with us on our likes/dislikes allowing us to choose a different appetizer. All in all it was a successful night with great food, company, and conversation.

Steven Sacks: Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, ValueMy girlfriend and I took the Festival of Indian Flavor with Chef Manjiri. It was such a wonderful experience - she clearly explained the agenda for the class, told us about herself, explained all the ingredients, and then helped us through all four recipes with both laughter and fun. What a great time!

Theano Kampani: Really enjoyed having Chef Greg cook for my husband and me. Great food, and great conversation!We highly recommend Chef Greg and his Spanish dishes. The star of the menu was the dessert for us :)

Kathleen Norwood: This was a wonderful experience. Chef Gustavo was a delightful host and instructor He shared knife and preparation tips as well as the history of the food. The food was muy rico and we came away with many tips to make prep easier and food tastier for making a yummy paella as well as other dishes. Chef Gustavo created a welcoming, warm and relaxed evening. Thank you, Chef Gutavo!

Niki Holmes: We had an amazing experience with Chef Judith. Her recipes were easy; we had great company; and the Chef taught us some very useful techniques. --Plus--The food tasted so delicious!

3. Spanish Tutor DC - Washington

· 28 reviews

1750 K St NW #200, Washington, DC 20006

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Spanish Tutor DC: what do users think?

Yuri Lee: Spanish Tutor DC is a great place to improve Spanish skills. The discussion-based classes are challenging yet enjoyable. It really helps you practice and improve verbal communication skills. My teacher Richard is very passionate and attentive, and always makes sure the class is engaging. I love that Spanish Tutor DC has very flexible schedule and tuition is reasonably priced. I am planning to sign up for more classes!

Diane Brown: I´ve have been taking private lessons with Deborah for almost a year and have been very pleased with my progress. I´ve been trying different ways to learn Spanish for years and the private lessons have been the most effective. I´ve finally made it to the intermediate level! Having the classes over Zoom works well and allows for schedule flexibility. I highly recommend Spanish Tutor DC.

Paula Moreira: Spanish Tutor DC was great with me! Very professional. The whole process went very well. They understood my needs, assigned me a great tutor, Jorge from Peru, and provided good options for payment. They also have a campus web page with very good content that you can access for free to practice your Spanish. In general, disfrute de las clases y creo que hice un buen progreso y espero volver pronto a mis clases despues del verano.

John Hopkins: I would highly recommend Spanish Tutor DC to anyone looking to improve their Spanish skills. The small class sizes, high quality instructors, and discussion-focused coursework all make for a great learning environment, and the tuition is reasonably priced. Richard was my first teacher and he is excellent - patient, engaging, and clearly passionate about what he does. I will be signing up for more classes.

4. International Language Institute - Washington

· 57 reviews

1717 Rhode Island Ave NW #100, Washington, DC 20036

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International Language Institute: what do users think?

keith o'connor: We went though Caribou for our refinancing and our experience was great thanks to Daniel Schoonmaker! He was very helpful and kept us updated on our status through email, text, and phone calls. If we had any questions he would get back to us fast with answers. He was awesome!

Monir Salim: I like the school very much. All of the teachers are very knowledgeable, friendly and cooperative. The educational environment for the international student is very positive. I miss my teachers. Jim & Jena are very good instructor for TOEFL preparation class. Bethany, Bonnie, Jennifer and Cloudia are also so good in the school management.

Leslie Shah: I really liked the International Language Institute (ILI). ILI has clear rules and expectations of teachers, staff, and students. There is a high degree of client customer service, respect and trust. ILI wants and works for student success. They offer and do as they so they do. Testing and Assessment are routine and part of progression.
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5. International Center For Language Studies - Washington

· 24 reviews

1133 15th St NW #600, Washington, DC 20005, United States

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International Center For Language Studies: what do users think?

Teacher Jessie Foreign Language Instructor.: As a student and also as a former teacher I can say that ICLS exceed your expectations. Great resources, well trained and experienced teachers from different backgrounds. ICLS cares about their teachers and students. It was a wonderful experience not only to work there but also take some French lessons.

Tatyana Ariyevich: Positive: Communication, Professionalism, QualityI took 2 tests with ICLS. The staff was professional yet friendly, and the testing process was well-organized. The instructions for both tests were clear and sent ahead of time. I received my test results in an hour. I would highly recommend ICLS for language testing.

Veronika Jerdetski: Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, ValueI really enjoyed my French evening group class w Philippe! I gained a lot of knowledge about grammar & the class was heavily focused on improving students’ speaking ability. The value I got from my studies is certainly worth the (very reasonable) tuition. Thank you!

Brigid O'Donnell: I took an evening foreign language here. Classes are engaging and teachers are knowledgeable. The curriculum is rigorous but manageable for busy people. 5/5 experience, would recommend.

Driss Bernoussi: I took the Spanish evening group class for beginners and it was an amazing experience. This is much different than learning a language in high school or college, which was much more boring for me. At ICLS, they get you speaking Spanish from the beginning, and its highly interactive style helps you become comfortable with your classmates. My teacher, Astrid, was fantastic. Our class became so close that by the end we went out for a dinner on our last class and practiced ordering in Spanish. I highly recommend to any language learner in the DC area that is looking to take a class after work. It meets twice a week so it is perfectly manageable for my busy schedule.

6. The Lab School of Washington - Washington

· 6 reviews

4759 Reservoir Rd NW, Washington, DC 20007

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The Lab School of Washington: what do users think?

Thiago Roberto: Like

7. National Cathedral School - Washington

· 7 reviews

3612 Woodley Rd NW, Washington, DC 20016

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National Cathedral School: what do users think?

Pete Carey: An excellent school!

henry castellon: Great church

8. Sidwell Friends School - Washington

· 71 reviews

3825 Wisconsin Ave, Washington, DC 20016

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Sidwell Friends School: what do users think?

Joel Okumu: Excuse me everyone but the President of America chose this place for his very loved generous respected and intelligent kids to go here. I think you are all saying these nasty comments for him to look bad and stupid. THIS IS A PRIVATE SELECTIVE SCHOOL. Think about it the Presidents kids go here of course they will report to there dad if something is wrong.

Rhagen Butts: Because Sid well friends is the best they even have secret service in they own class room

Kevyn Orr II: I go here and I love it all though it is tough the community is helpful and protective

Jury Rigger: Increable careing staff and challenging work load. Also the lunch is fantastic.

Trenill Bledsoe: I think my daughter would love this school!

Jazlyne Bowers: Hi i see that the Obama sisters go to your. School give. Me a call

9. Washington Waldorf School - Brookmont

· 10 reviews

4800 Sangamore Rd, Bethesda, MD 20816

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Washington Waldorf School: what do users think?

Bonnie Auslander: A fantastic community of teachers who are dedicated to their students. My two kids have been there for six years and love it. Lots more info about our school on DC Urban Moms. Come take a tour or attend the bazaar in November to get a sense of what Waldorf/ Steiner education is all about.

Jennie Rabinowitz: Incredible place for children to learn at a developmentally appropriate pace without being beholden to nonstop testing. Teachers here have deep relationships with and insights into their individual students. So happy to have found this wonderful school and community!

Eric Holdsworth: We have had our daughter at this school since pre-school and she loves it. This school and its method of teaching are a magic elixir for what ails most public school teaching. Come to Waldorf and find a better way to learn.

Don Gabriel: I have no children, but I’ve always been impressed by the lectures that I attended. Everyone seems to be remarkably dedicated to their Waldorf adventure.

Thiago Roberto: Excellent

10. Berlitz Washington DC Language Center - Washington

· 5 reviews

1050 Connecticut Ave NW Suite 500, Washington, DC 20036

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Berlitz Washington DC Language Center: what do users think?

Lauren L: Taking Spanish lessons at Berlitz has been a wonderful experience. Everyone is very friendly and accommodating if there are any scheduling hiccups. My teachers go above and beyond by using different learning materials or thinking of creative ideas to keep pushing me to learn.

11. Alliance Française - Washington

· 31 reviews

2142 Wyoming Ave NW, Washington, DC 20008

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Alliance Française: what do users think?

Melanie La Force: Positive: ProfessionalismThe staff are always willing to help. The teachers are awesome. I succeeded at getting my DALF C1. This was a tough exam and the prep was great.

Bonnie Beavers: Bassima was my teacher for my class (level 104.A.2), which for me was the first French classroom experience since university days 40 years ago. I enjoyed it enormously and will sign up again. We spoke French the entire time, and the materials were very helpful & well-organized. French immersion schools abroad know about Alliance and respect their teaching.

JC Kollmorgen: Membership and the cost of classes are pretty steep altogether. However, the quality of teaching is good. Much better than taking a class at USA Graduate School, for examples. Their library is also fantastic. You can borrow books, DVDs, and audio. I only wish they had more higher level class offerings at their Penn Quarter location as it would be more convenient for me.

Charlotte Dadzie: I think the class I took helped me improve my language skills a little, I did not like the fact that the teacher I had did not say anything when students were laughed at when they made a mistake. I mean We learn together, we shouldn’t laugh at people when they make a mistake, we should instead help them.

joseph Thompson: Wissam is a great French teacher. I took several classes with him and would highly recommend.

12. Casa Italiana Language School - Washington

· 16 reviews

595 1/2 3rd St NW, Washington, DC 20001

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Casa Italiana Language School: what do users think?

Roberto Sola: Positive: Communication, Professionalism, QualityThe ideal place to learn Italian. Perfect for adult and K12 education. Here Italian is seriously taught

N.E. Coviello (necworld): Warm & welcoming place for those interested in Italian language & culture!

Joseph C. Fazekas: Friendly people promoting Italian culture and traditions

Alex pen: (Translated by Google) i am american lol(Original)io sono americano lol

Gabriele Pascali: Positive: Professionalism

Rolando Davide: Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value

13. Edmund Burke School - Washington

· 7 reviews

4101 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20008

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Edmund Burke School: what do users think?

Peter Eisler: Both of our children have thrived at Burke. The faculty is terrific, the academic standards are high, and the school really stresses personal growth and responsibility. Students are encouraged to take risks and be comfortable in their own skin. The leadership program also is very strong.

Amira Clark: love the school, I think everyone should go

Fyfiid Leo: Good school

14. Cornerstone Schools of Washington, D.C. - Washington

· 2 reviews

3742 Ely Pl SE, Washington, DC 20019, United States

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Cornerstone Schools of Washington, D.C.: what do users think?

Deborah Hill: My granddaughter goes there and she said she love it💕💕

15. Maret School - Washington

· 10 reviews

3000 Cathedral Ave NW, Washington, DC 20008

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Maret School: what do users think?

Shankar Kulumani: Great soccer field which is available for use by the city leagues

16. Georgetown University School of Continuing Studies - Washington

· 25 reviews

640 Massachusetts Ave NW, Washington, DC 20001

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Georgetown University School of Continuing Studies: what do users think?

Hemant Gaule: Great institution, excellent faculty and resources available to students. A lot of impressive events and conferences are hosted at the institute.

Karina Valverde: I love being a student on campus again. In pursuit of my masters in Public Relations and Corporate Communications. This campus is for the grad school and certificate programs. The culture is professional, high caliber students.

Patrick Revord: Convenient location, beautiful building, great instruction and great classmates. Georgetown runs a class act, even away from its main campus.

Don Johnson: Thought Google users might enjoy seeing what this building looked like in 1919.(credit: Library of Congress)

Gouled Hosh: I would like to study here for my EHLS program next year.

syed pervez: One of the best schools in DMV area.

17. Inlingua Washington DC - Washington

· 48 reviews

1911 Fort Myer Dr Suite 400, Arlington, VA 22209

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Inlingua Washington DC: what do users think?

Hanan KSA: I miss my school and my great teachers 👩🏻‍🏫 👨🏻‍🏫 so much. I had a spectacular experience with all the staff at inlingua school 💛 love you guys 💕 Hanan 🇸🇦April 2015

Komal Ganjoo: I had an awesome experience studying at Inlingua DC. I took an IELTS test prep, where I enhanced my all four areas- Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. My special thanks to Patricia Layden, who responded to all my concerns and guided me accordingly; I am also thankful to Katja Edwards, who helped in all smooth transactions and big thanks to my instructor, Jessica Fast Michel, who patiently worked hard on my weak areas. Sincerely, to learn English, Inlingua is the best.

Mehmet Osman Coskun: I studied at Inlingua prior to going to law school. Learned so much and had so much fun. Teachers were great and very friendly. After studying there i got a 7.5 on the ielts exam.

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