Best Nightclubs On The Beach In Washington Near Me

1. OCEAN LOUNGE - Washington

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Address: 1220 H St NE, Washington, DC 20002

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 7PM Thu

Telephone: (800) 376-4091

Business type: Night club

OCEAN LOUNGE: what do users think?
hanter hunter
hanter hunter: I love ocean lounge. I been here a few times and they have a new bartender name kat.. she is amazing and so pretty. Her customer service is great. Ocean lounge is like family
Suino Ikhioda
Suino Ikhioda: i like the new african then ocean lounge tries to leave on the upper floor. i also like the new bartender kat. she is amazing.
Chukwuemeka Akuchie
Chukwuemeka Akuchie: ocean lounge is great and i love Kat’s personality! everyone is cool there
Jillian Ogola
Jillian Ogola: I love ocean lounge and Kat. She is the life of the party. Ocean lounge is the new vibe.
Shaun Stepney
Shaun Stepney: Ocean lounge is the place to be on a Friday and Saturday! Sunni has the best food!
Shauntelle Byfield
Shauntelle Byfield: I love ocean lounge and Kat. She is so pretty and amazing!
Tobiloba Aboaba
Tobiloba Aboaba: Had an excellent time! Shout out Kat for the wonderful service! 🥂
Junie Carter
Junie Carter: Nice chill spot, good drinks awesome staff 💯💯. My first time there 2/08/20. An I meet a Boxing 🥊 Hall of famer !!
Response: Hi Junie! Thanks for your review! We appreciate your time in posting your comment. Please come see us again.

2. Decades DC - Washington

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Decades DC
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Address: 1219 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20036

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10PM Thu

Telephone: (202) 519-4607

Business type: Night club

Decades DC: what do users think?
Alex Vlad
Alex Vlad: I’ve been coming to this spot for years now, and it never fails to deliver that one-of- a kind retro timeless experience. The floors are all unique with their own theme— from 2000s to 90s to hip-hop/ and an EDM rooftop, music and DJs are always on point, and the staff and security are always very friendly and helpful. The venue is clean and hand sanitizer stations are offered; the staff wears masks, and considering we are in hard times with COVID im happy I can still enjoy clubbing, and a night out with friends safely. Overall, I would highly recommend Decades to anyone as its gives you a little bit of everything and more!
Kim & Ben
Kim & Ben: We were a little nervous to visit decades after reading the reviews, but we ended up going for a bit to celebrate a friend’s birthday and actually had a great time! The line to enter was long, but moved quickly. They did a thorough check point where they pat you down, check bags and check jacket pockets. You get carded at the door and have to pay a $20 cover if you don’t have a VIP pass. We all got the free VIP pass off their website and, so we didn’t have to pay the cover fee. Once inside, you can visit each floor of the club to get a different music experience. The top floor was the most crowded, and it was very hot, but our group still had a good time dancing. One of the middle floors (I think it was the 90’s floor) was less crowded, and you could feel the air conditioning, so we stayed there most of the time. Our friends said the bartenders were nice, and we didn’t have any negative experiences with bouncers either. We had a ton of fun at Decades and would love to visit again sometime! If you haven’t been, I’d stop by and give it a try!
Itzel Trejo
Itzel Trejo: I used to love this place but friends and I went to a day party after Sunday brunch and saw a rat right on the rooftop bar. We notified staff and they did not care. We decided to leave because the rat was right next to the bottles so we felt uncomfortable getting drinks. Staff response was that we live in a city and rats are everywhere and although I understand there’s still expectations when it comes to rats near what costumers consume. I would have expected a better costumer service response. Go at your own risk.
Niyah Baptiste
Niyah Baptiste: I would definitely recommend, me and my sisters celebrated our birthday here and it was on point!! Music was amazing drinks were decent priced. I’d definitely suggest getting there early so you don’t get caught in the rush of people tryna get to the “good”floors. It was definitely the vibe 10/10 totally going back.
Ali Hamza Dar
Ali Hamza Dar: I have the worst experience in this club. First we almost spend over 1500 on Thursday night on my friend birthday. Towards the end of it I wanted to use the bathroom and this one security guy did not let me use the bathroom. After I insist I really need to use it badly than he told me that if I give him 100 dollar and the other security guy 100 then he will let me use the bathroom. What a worst service is that. I ask him who is the owner of this place let me speak to him and he refuses me and told me get out of here. Is this how you treat with the customer. It was so terrible. There many other people standing and watching this incident.
Response: Hey Ali – Thank you for your feedback. Could you please send us an email to regarding this matter, so we can further look into it.
Deanna Joan
Deanna Joan: You’ll have a good time, but be prepared to spend a lot of money! $20 cover charge and pricey drinks. But it’s spacious and clean, it doesn’t get too crowded, and they play some GREAT throwback music. Pick your battles!
Steven Fernando
Steven Fernando: Overpriced and crowded. Rude staff. Was being charged $14 for Coronas and other cheap beer pre covid, can only imagine what it’s like now. Paying that much for drinks youd atleast expect to be treated with some respect
Response: Hey Steven! Thank you for your honest feedback. Our drink prices match to those of our competitors in the area. Check out our social media for any ongoing promotions we currently have such as the $4 Budlight, $8 Absolut Mixed Drinks on Friday nights. Thank you again, and we hope to have you back soon!
Drew Inge
Drew Inge: If you’re an LGBTQ person do NOT come here. First of all, aside from the fact that this bar is not lgbt friendly it’s absolutely disgusting. The first floor of decades smells like a portopotty. The drinks are ridiculously overpriced compared to any other comparable “club” in DC. The cover is $20 which would be fine if it had any redeemable qualities worth the cover. As far as it being not LGBTQ friendly, the staff is not trained on how to handle LGBTQ people, the bathrooms are labeled All Gender but they have staff guarding them(even though they are single stall) allowing only females into one and “men”(those they deem visible men) into the room with only urinals available(on the rooftop) My personal experience on the rooftop after entering the “all gender” restroom was I was pulled out by the staff and then told I was not allowed to use that facility and I could enter the mens room because that room was for women only. I politely informed them I did not want to use the room with the urinals and the straight men and was then yelled at by security and told that I had no choice. IF YOU ADVERTISE ALL GENDER RESTROOMS THEN YOU STAND BY THAT STATEMENT. Will not return after this. I’ve visited numerous times and had multiple bad experiences but returned because I have so many straight friends who visit and want to experience different decades of music. If you want to experience the cliche of every decade and it be absolutely horrible then by all means please visit Decades DC but I’d spend my money at other establishments that cater to their clients much better; lgbtq or not.
Response: Hey Drew thank you for your honest feedback. We can assure you that we value and respect all people regardless of their race, gender, religion, ethnicity, sexual-orientation. Please email us at regarding this matter, and a manager will be in contact with you.
Sophie Wophie
Sophie Wophie: Me and my friends used to love to come to decades but each time we get some sort of mistreatment. The guards are rude and RACIST. One time one of the guard told us ‘this ain’t your s**t, when we try to get to our VIP table. Ever time we go there it feels like they assume just because we’re black we can’t afford VIP. I’m tired of this racist treatment, I will take my money somewhere where it’s appreciated.

3. Echostage - Washington

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Address: 2135 Queens Chapel Rd NE, Washington, DC 20018

Telephone: (202) 503-2330

Business type: Night club

Echostage: what do users think?
Brian Copes
Brian Copes: First time checking out this music venue space in DC. I loved the big space for DC standards. Multiple levels with plenty of bathrooms and attendants working the bathrooms too. Went to DC capital pride event and it was nice. Overall, plenty of staff to ensure your safety and good lighting along with DJs. It’s a great place to have a club night in the area.
Gavin Chen
Gavin Chen: Spectacular venue for electronic music. Strict security (goes through wallets). Free water if you walk up to the security near the stages. A lot of bathroom space available. Great audio quality and open space for dancing.
Charlie Butchko
Charlie Butchko: It was awesome! I got to see DJ Diesel (Shaq) perform life. The bathrooms are very clean, with attendants there to soap your hands and hand you paper towels. As well as that, was close to the front during the performance and there was staff handing water bottles out to the crowd. I got a few drinks at the bar (tequila sunrise and 2 shots of vodka,) each were $10. By the end of the show it got pretty crowded, so if you’re claustrophobic make sure to mentally prepare yourself, or stay further away from the stage. All else aside, for sure gather a group of buddies and find a show you like to check out echostage!
Brian Keith
Brian Keith: Great time. The staff were really professional and caring. I liked seeing how they were treating everyone. Make me feel welcome. I would definitely go back.
So Maryn
So Maryn: The dress code here for DJ events seem to gravitate toward “less is more” or think “beach attire”. Pants optional in the sense that bikini bottoms are acceptable as minimum bottom half. Shirt optional for some men. Beware of “bikini trains” moving quickly through a crowd. Noticed an innocent couple who got divided instantly by a train of arrogant bikini wearing club goers. If you don’t pay attention such bikini trains can step on your foot as they stampede you by. Forgot to bring my glow sticks but it was nice to see some colorful glow shoes and even glow fingertips. First level has an open wide space and second level has table service. Restrooms are easy to find and each stall has a note to remind those that only one person per stall is allowed. Once you get in past thorough security it’s not easy to get out as although exit signs are marked, where to actually exit from a lane perspective is hard to find. Parking is challenging near the venue and expect to pay $40-60 right next door. Echostage I thought you were a top notch global venue but you fell short when it comes to servicing your global clientele. An Asian bartender refused to serve us drinks at the bar even when we were standing right in front of her with no one else around. She did however serve others who approached after us asking them what they want. She seemed to be racially profiling my friend who was wearing a religious head covering. We found another bartender who was much more friendlier and we still had fun.
Aaron Shenk
Aaron Shenk: This was my first time at this venue, and I was so so impressed. We saw Chelsea Cutler, and the venue and staff were so great. For starters, there were so many staff on hand to answer any questions and there was plenty of security to keep everyone feeling safe. For the actual experience, the sound system was phenomenal, the security guards passed out water bottles to the crowed between performances (!!!) and just went above and beyond the entire time. I will definitely plan on returning to this venue!

4. Freddie's Beach Bar - Arlington

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Freddie's Beach Bar
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Address: 555 23rd St S, Arlington, VA 22202

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 2AM

Telephone: (703) 685-0555

Business type: Gay bar

Freddie's Beach Bar: what do users think?
Alfred Jones
Alfred Jones: Excellent time! Everyone there was friendly and nice, what a wonderful time. The bartender was great - the flashing flamingo is hilarious as a drink and I love it. There is a 24 hour diner right down the way as well for the after drinking munchies so it has a great location.
Jacob Blandford
Jacob Blandford: Very fun bar/restaurant. The food is good and the service is great! Go for a show and enjoy the entertainment. There is a $5 cover but it is worth it.
Sangeeta Rao
Sangeeta Rao: Every time I come here I feel at home. So welcomed and so accepted, Freddie’s has been there for me in so many ways I don’t even know where to start. From drag bingo on Wednesday, to weekend brunch, to a happy hour (4-7pm) cocktail with friends after a long week, Freddie’s is there and will never disappoint! This LGBTQ+ and straight friendly bar also has fun karaoke and trivia nights. Everyone who works here is an absolute gem and have great intuition about split checks and orders even when you’re in a big group. I personally enjoy the nachos or fried shrimp and the prince inspired purple rain cocktail. Freddie, the owner, is also an incredible person and pillar of the community. Located not too far from the pentagon, this establishment provided a safe space for all service members and has always provided a fun and inviting environment regardless of lifestyle. He regularly hosts fundraisers and events for student scholarships and local LGBTQ+ support groups like AGLA (Arlington-Alexandria Gay Lesbian Alliance). There is nothing more exhilarating than winning one of the raffle drawings at one of these Freddie’s events, so I highly recommend you check out when the next one is!
Angella Morrison
Angella Morrison: Second time visiting and this time around didn’t go so well, we were asked to leave because they needed the table… After driving from NYC FOR my bestie birthday we where disappointed for sure.
Nicolas Davila
Nicolas Davila: Freddie’s is a vibrant and inclusive place, with a great brunch, great prices, and a fantastic friendly staff. Our server James was extremely attentive and friendly, he made us want to keep coming back. They have Karaoke every night which we’ll surely be back to try out after such a good experience.
Gaelle Claude
Gaelle Claude: Such a cute bar!!! Freddie’s Beach Bar has a great ambiance. I actually stumbled upon it while working in Virginia and funny enough they were having an event so I stuck around for that. This is a LGBTQ restaurant — just throwing that out there. On Wednesdays they have Drag Bingo, which is one of the events I was referring to, it was pretty fun. If interested, you need to rsvp a week in advance. The staff there is super nice and friendly. I made it for happy hour too! Lucky day over all lol. I ordered a piña colada and blue cheese burger. The food was good and so was that cocktails.
James Leach
James Leach: Wow! Had Sunday brunch with my husband, Daughter and our nanny this morning at Freddie’s. Staff was great, food was off the chart and experience was 10/10! The donuts with ham and cheese are a huge hit!!! Thanks for making the day!
Michael: Hands down the best Drag Brunch in the DC/NoVa area. No one can compete with Destiny B Childs! I have seen this show many times, and each time is different! Perfect for a get together or a getaway! Great staff and atmosphere.
William West Hopper (DC Car Guy)
William West Hopper (DC Car Guy): Nice spot for a drink or a meal. Not a crazy place very relaxed. More like a neighborhood bar.

5. Ultrabar - Washington

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Address: 911 F St NW, Washington, DC 20004

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9PM Fri

Telephone: (202) 519-8557

Business type: Night club

Ultrabar: what do users think?
Angela Mendoza
Angela Mendoza: I went to ultra bar recently and had a much better experience than before COVID. This club has really stepped it up, it’s not over crowded by 18+ and the music has an actually updated set. I love that I can choose the music I want to hear based on the floor. Be sure to visit them all to get the full experience and if you want a really good time you might as well get a table, they have decent bottle pricing for the area. Bottle girls there are really nice, we had Katie and she made sure we had fun.
Fernando Bernardus ABT
Fernando Bernardus ABT: Love Ultrabar! Great music and atmosphere throughout the multiple levels of the club. The mixed drinks and their first-rate line of imported beers are top notch and fairly priced, considering the fact that this establishment is located in the heart of the nation’s capital. Getting a table is extremely affordable and I would recommend it if you come with a big group of friends. Security is on point inside and outside the club. It’s simply the best 18+ club in DC. Special thanks to Jimmy, Giuseppe, Galen, for always providing my friends and me with courteous customer service.
Alexander Zacapa Centenario
Alexander Zacapa Centenario: Ultrabar happens to be among the best clubs to party in DC. The establishment has four floors with different music genres played by talented DJs, and the overall atmosphere is always entertaining. My friends and I have enjoyed table service on multiple occasions and we’ve always had a fun time. The customer service from Jimmy Mar is absolutely exceptional, I consider him a tremendous asset to Ultrabar for many reasons, as well as the entire staff who are always very welcoming, friendly, and professional. This place also has outstanding security inside and outside the club in order to ensure the safety of its patrons. It is well situated near the Verizon Center and Constitution Avenue. Check out their pictures online showing how crowded and lit this place is. It is truly amazing on so many levels. Just make sure to look your best by following their dress code. Be ready to have a good time! In conclusion, I strongly recommend Ultrabar to anyone looking to have an enjoyable night out.
Alex Gonzalez
Alex Gonzalez: Perfect place for those who want a bit of everything. Sometimes I get tired of hearing the same type of music so it’s nice to be able to just switch floors to get a different atmosphere instead of having to go to completely different clubs and wait in line again. It gets packed but the bartenders are really friendly so they make the wait for a drink enjoyable
Angel Long
Angel Long: Went there Saturday for one of my buddies birthday. The stairs are a killer but the top floor is jumping. VIP service the way to go the floor was a bit crowded for me. Our waitress took care of us she was cool and brought girls to our table.
Brittney Vo
Brittney Vo: Always a good time when you come here! I’ve always had a good night coming to ultra. The music is up to date and I love the variety they have. Each floor is such a different vibe and my favorite are the latin and hip hop floors.
Tianna Chantel
Tianna Chantel: This club is super cool! It has multiple floors and they each play different music so there’s a vibe for everyone! The service is fast and all of the bartenders are hot! Highly recommend!
Stephanie Trelles
Stephanie Trelles: I came to visit Washington DC for the weekend for Easter. My husband and I went to Ultrabar waiting in line for a little over 30 minutes just to get to the door and staff checking ID told my husband he was not allowed in because he had sneakers on. When I asked how come if every other male there had sneakers on and it was never mentioned in the dress code online. He responded very rudely and very unprofessional. The experience would have been a lot better if staff would have treated us fairly. I would think twice about attending this nightclub.
Xinyi Yin
Xinyi Yin: The atmosphere, drinks, and music are great! They have a variety of different music on each floor, so you will not get bored of the place. Love the bartenders, they are super friendly and fun to talk to.

6. Opera Ultra Lounge - Washington

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218 reviews
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Opera Ultra Lounge
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Address: 1400 I St NW, Washington, DC 20005

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10PM Thu

Telephone: (202) 289-1400

Business type: Lounge

Opera Ultra Lounge: what do users think?
Denise Morris
Denise Morris: Fun place the music selection is a nice mix of hip hop r&b Afro beats and a bit Latin but def they feel the audience .. bathroom ls are typical for the club… we had a section and it was cool
Response: Nice partying with you Denise! Don't be shy and feel free to put us on to any music that gets you feeling yourself, we got you! 😉 We hope to have you and your friends back next weekend!
Eboni: Definitely enjoyed myself for my sisters bday party!! The place was JUMPING🙂
Response: It's cause it was your sister's bday! 😉 Lol it's always JUMPING, but you made our night that much extra, thank you Eboni!
Jayla Green
Jayla Green: I got a table here about 3years ago & paid over $800. The bouncer came to kick us out of the section because we wasn’t keeping bottles coming. I would never support this club again.
Nicole Johnson
Nicole Johnson: Went here on Saturday and it was sooo packed you couldn’t even see the lay out of the venue! And it was $40 per person for a cover charge!!! I have been to WAY better clubs in Vegas & Miami and never paid that for a cover in my life! Not worth it!
April: First time partying in DC this place is amazing I definitely recommend for a great night out
Response: Thanks April, come party with us again!
K B: Service is terrible. Bouncers are rude. Hookah is electronic. I will never come here by choice, just when invited. I only gave it two stars because the inside looks nice.

7. DC9 Nightclub - Washington

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457 reviews
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DC9 Nightclub
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Address: 1940 9th St NW, Washington, DC 20001

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 1AM

Telephone: (202) 483-5000

Business type: Night club

DC9 Nightclub: what do users think?
John T
John T: This dive bar is awesome! In the summer you can relax on the 3rd fl rooftop and laugh at everyone waiting in line for the "popular" bar across the street. In the winter they have small indi bands on the second floor. Great concert space. Staff has seen it all so be respectful!
Katelyn Stenger
Katelyn Stenger: Intimate venue and very friendly staff. I would highly recommend if you can! The tickets were shockingly affordable and the folks at the front actually checked vaccination and ID. Much appreciated.
Jessica Strahin
Jessica Strahin: Went there for a small intimate concert. Loved the venue and the staff!!
Robert Cardoni
Robert Cardoni: Great intimate show space to see smaller up and coming bands ... only hold about 150 people - so sold out shows are tight. Staff is super friendly. Beer is cold. Sound is good. What more could a music fan ask for Check set times though. Sometime shows are early with dance parties afterwards ...
Omny Miranda Martone
Omny Miranda Martone: I love DC9. We go here regularly. The bottom floor is a typical indoor bar, the second floor is for dancing, and the top floor is a rooftop bar. Definitely recommend.
Stacey Brooks
Stacey Brooks: Little but intimate. TTNG played twice here and it was a laid back experience. Bar on every level, food always smells great, bands perform on the second level without it being over crowded! Great place to rock!
Joe Nicol
Joe Nicol: always a good time, the best unofficial gay bar in DC — great acts, cool space
Chris B
Chris B: 150 person capacity venue means you can get up close to the bands but shows usually end pretty early and the beer list is not impressive by any means. The food is pretty good tho, and be sure to get their garlic fries as a side to whatever you order.
Daniel Cox
Daniel Cox: Great place for live music. It is a really small and intimate venue which makes for a much better experience. Bouncer was really nice, drinks are averagely priced, and overall a good experience. Would come to a show here again.

8. Living Room DC - Washington

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336 reviews
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Living Room DC
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Address: 1008 Vermont Ave NW, Washington, DC 20005

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10PM Thu

Business type: Night club

Living Room DC: what do users think?
Sara O'Day
Sara O'Day: If I could give this place zero stars I would. Went to a show they were hosting (didn’t go during club hours). Their ATM inside was broken and I needed cash so I was instructed by a security member inside and the bartender to go to the ATM right next door and I would be allowed back in. The bouncer at the door stopped me and told me I would only be allowed to go back inside if I hooked up with him later and then kissed me without my consent. When I was able to get back in (with a little help from a kind stranger) I went to tell the security member what happened and he took me to the manager. The manager said he would “review” the tape but there was nothing else he could do. Upon returning to my friends the party sitting next to us told me this isn’t the first time this has happened at this spot and management does nothing. I had to have a security member walk me out at the end of the show because I was freaking out.
Laura Murgas
Laura Murgas: My review if for the bar part. The bartender was a blond woman, no idea of her name but she was not nice at all. We got tequila shots and we got charged a 20% mandatory tip (which is insane when there is literally no preparation in a plan shot) and I ask her for salt and she responded super rude and never got me the salt.
Justin David Kondrat
Justin David Kondrat: HOMOPHOBIC atmosphere within lack luster costumer service. I was shocked that places like this still exist in D.C. With blatant tokenizing of people of color for bridal parties I felt extremely uncomfortable. I felt bad for the Drag performers since they were wonderful but not sure why/how an art form such as Drag matches with such backward thinking , services and atmosphere. It was very odd to say the least. If Zero stars were an option I would follow other Google reviewers. I discourage supporting places like this as their outward disrespect justify racist, homophonic and poor business practices. Yikes!!! There are plenty of other places in DC that can fit your needs while respecting all of the communities in our society. I need some sage and a long shower.
J A: First red flag: There were no people in line and we entered through the lane that was most direct of our walking path. The security said if we didn’t have a table we have to walk to the other lane that was LITERALLY 5 STEPS AWAY WITH NO LINES IN EITHER LANES. Second red flag: I ordered five shots and the old women bartender automatically added a $10 tip to the tab. Third red flag: the Dj had ZERO sense of good music. He played gasolina and danza Kuduro OVER THREE TIMES. One time is enough. The dj played oldddddd 2000s songs like bed rock. Fourth red flag: Males at this place are truly disgusting. They cannot keep their hands to themselves. They get angry if you deny yourself to speak to them. Security sees males harassing females and turn a blind eye until you have to approach them and tell them you’re being harassed. Bottom line: I do not recommend this place if you want an eventful night. DC has a lot of night life and this is by far my worst experience. Females, save yourself from disappointment.
Milan Mittra, Esq.
Milan Mittra, Esq.: Worst DJ that exists in DC. Terrible music, all night. He has no skill. Just the worst, most boring music you can imagine…..ALL NIGHT LONG…. Painful experience…..avoid this DJ!! Stay away from the Living Room!
LaShondra Graham
LaShondra Graham: Went here for a show. The drinks were overpriced and the club was very small. I enjoyed the show, but the club was just...meh 🤷🏾‍♀️
miranda raney
miranda raney: Paid a $20 cover for each of my (4) friends and I this past Friday night and was told mine was taken care of because it was my birthday. Just checked my bank account and was actually charged $120 ($40 over what I was told). Poor experience on top of being lied to and over-charged at the door. Super disappointed in this place.
edward adams
edward adams: Great place to have a get together awesome DJs wonderful visual attractions the staff was incredible I can’t wait to go back and have a party with all of my friends and meet some new ones

9. Panorama Productions | DC Clubbing - Washington

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7 reviews
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Panorama Productions | DC Clubbing
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Address: 1223 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20036

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM Thu

Telephone: (202) 503-3600

Business type: Event management company

Panorama Productions | DC Clubbing: what do users think?
Dustin Emrani
Dustin Emrani: The good old college clubbing days 😍
Travis Brown
Travis Brown: These guys kill the game!
Wowdah: Positive: Quality

10. Flash - Washington

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529 reviews
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Address: 645 Florida Ave NW, Washington, DC 20001

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 3AM

Telephone: (202) 827-8791

Business type: Night club

Flash: what do users think?
Michael Jaffee
Michael Jaffee: Unlike any venue in DC and unlike majority of lounge style intimate clubs you’ve been to in the US. The music is incredibly unique for DC as they play deep house, tech, tech house, and other amazing sub-genres and the initiate dark setting with the [flash]ing lights is like nowhere you’ve ever been. It’s an absolute must if you’ve never been or are visiting DC and are trying to go vibe/dance the night away.
Aránzazu Ascunce
Aránzazu Ascunce: State of the art with a massive function one sound system. Multiple levels. Amazing lights, service, hospitality, staff. Global deejays regularly. Shout out to the booking agent. Come as you are. Not pretentious. The only rule is no flash at Flash. Highly recommend it to get your dance on and a pulse on the global underground. See you soon!
Ayesha SH
Ayesha SH: This is a hardcore EDM club. They have the rooftop, second floor and ground floor. The night I was there, all three areas had different DJ’s. You have to buy tickets on the website to get it - reasonably priced. Very decent crowd. The manager is Boris and he is awesome! Please visit and you will love it.
Denonte McKinney
Denonte McKinney: I hope management reads this because coming to Flash was absolutely the worst experience ever. First of all, they made us stand outside in the drizzling rain until nearly 1:30am because we didn’t purchase a ticket online. The security guards rationale was, “Because of Covid we have to monitor the number of people coming in.” This does not make sense because masks are NOT required for admission, people with tickets are able to walk in without proof of vaccination, and they let everyone in anyways. Making a crowd of paying customers wait 1-2 hours for admission into a BAR is ridiculous. Also, they only have a CASH admission. In 2022, I need for this venue to upgrade and get a card reader, outside ATM, or cash app because the ATMs in the area are closed after 5pm. Yes, the bank ATMs (BOA & WF) close their doors at 5pm. You have to walk BLOCKS to grab cash and to come back. Lastly, the security guards are rude. They were shouting out, “If you have a tickets you can come right to the front, and if you don’t then IDK what to tell you” to the 50+ people waiting in line in the drizzling rain, this was inconsiderate & inappropriate. Mind you the security guards at the entrance are eating pizza, smoking cigarettes, and completely disregarding the crowd. My suggestions for management are: 1. Allow ALL paying customers admission into the venue. Do NOT make them wait in the drizzling rain for 1-2 hours when there are BARELY people going inside with a ticket. 2. Let customers pay via CashApp OR allow paying customers to use their cards/Apple Pay to purchase tickets at the door. It’s 2021. 3. Do not use Covid as an excuse to not allow people in when you’re going to let them in regardless. 4. Hire new security guards. I am very disappointed in this venue. Hopefully by next week they’ll at least have CashApp.
Charles P.
Charles P.: I love this place but the girl working the ticket booth at about 10:45 on 3/25 couldn’t believe that I didn’t realize it was an offsite ticket for Pot-Pan. She was pretty rude. I get being worn down by the end of the night, but to be in such a way 45 minutes into her shift was impressive. Or depressive? Muuuuust be rough. Not for her. But for the people who have to work with her.
Louis V
Louis V: Great place to go out and dance. I met a lot of nice people and had a lot of fun. Music was awesome, drink was excellent and not so expansive.
Fern M
Fern M: During this pandemic time, Flash has turn its rooftop space to a sit down place for Electronic music lover. Reservation is required for seats with 90 mins time limited. Same regulation of wearing mask, remain seated etc. are applied. Sandwiches menu are added along with drink menu. It seems like drinks were customized for fall season, we tried all the cocktails on the menu but only 2 we like( don’t remember the name.) It was ok, we were happy to help support the place and at the end of the night, we ordered our favorite drinks out of menu instead. The staff are super nice and attentive, ask them question regarding to the venue if you want to know more. The merchandise downstairs is for purchase helping support the place. Ask staff for the website or if you have problem access it like I did, they accept cash. They said they might open for brunch with live DJ on set. If we all keep supporting this business, I’m sure we will get to have one of the coolest brunch place in DC soon. Review as of 09/2020
Nicholas Caudill
Nicholas Caudill: Maybe it’s my fault for showing up too late, but if the doors open at 10PM and the headliner is already gone by midnight that isn’t a real party. Cool building though

11. Deja Vu Lounge - Washington

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99 reviews
new review
Deja Vu Lounge
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Address: 900 Florida Ave NW, Washington, DC 20001

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 2AM

Business type: Lounge

Deja Vu Lounge: what do users think?
danial malik
danial malik: I would like to contact the owner of the business. There is a 990 dollar charge for a bottle I did not purchase. As I left the lounge, I was reassured by multiple employees I would get a refund for the amount. I have not received the refund. I don’t want to call my credit card and flag this a fraudulent transaction as it will hurt the credibility of the business. Therefore, I request I get my refund back directly from this business ASAP.
Broadway Harris
Broadway Harris: Zero Stars. This place has potential, but the owner doesn’t. Illegal contracts with entertainment. He doesn’t pay his workers or contracted entertainment. City officials should keep a close eye on this guy and his shared establishment. I do not recommend anyone to enter not even for a drink. Which are made like you’re at a family cookout.
Daniela Luna
Daniela Luna: How this place is rated over 4 star, I will never know. I rarely ever review places, and if I do, it’s to give 5 star reviews. This is my first ever bad review. To be fair, we haven’t tried the food. We came during a bar crawl when drinks were discounted, so the price was very much worth it. However, I was more worried about catching and STD simply by breathing in here than I was worried about catching COVID. This is by far the most ghetto, dirty, disgusting place I have ever been in. It smells like cheap weed and gonorrea in here. The vibes are so off, and it’s gross in there. I would never recommend this place to someone that wants to go bar hopping in DC.
Teona Showell
Teona Showell: Don’t go here! The staff have no interest in Satisfying their guest or in making any money. They didn’t even have a menu for drinks, hookah, or food. Tips for the business owner: Get a menu and train your staff. You never know who will pop up.
Treca Allen
Treca Allen: Great laid back atmosphere. On vacation in DC, a friend suggested this place. Friendly staff. Great music, a mix of hip hop and reggae. Drinks were on point. They have hookahs here!
Beats4Life: This place charged my credit card for 2000 dollars for 2 bottles. I never bought bottles only 3 drinks. My bill was 46.10 usd but I checked my credit card and it was charged for 2k. Horrible club and poor management....

12. Martini's Restaurant & Lounge - Fort Washington

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524 reviews
new review
Martini's Restaurant & Lounge
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Address: 725 Cady Dr, Fort Washington, MD 20744

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 2AM

Telephone: (301) 248-7625

Business type: Bar

Martini's Restaurant & Lounge: what do users think?
BUSY BEE TEE Davis: The food was phenomenal I got fish brussels and sweet potatoes it was Devine.My girlfriend had lamb chops they were so juicy . The birthday girl had shrimp and chicken pasta it was creamy and flavorful. The drinks were made to perfect, CUSTOMER SERVICE WAS IMPECCABLE. THIS WAS A GREAT NIGHT THE ENTIRE EXPERIENCE. WILL BE BACK
Joseph Williams
Joseph Williams: I paid $140 for 3 cocktails which consisted of Don Julio and pineapple juice and 6 wings; neither the owner or bartender were able to justify why I was charged so much… horrible!
Princeton Tymus
Princeton Tymus: My guest had a wonderful time, and the owners were very nice and friendly. I definitely would book this venue again.
Joey Thompson
Joey Thompson: Great place to enjoy your day off good vibes and entertainment the owner is awesome one great guy
Monica Smith
Monica Smith: Came here for a go-go. It was lit. Wish place was larger. Wings were delicious.
Cartoon DaLoon
Cartoon DaLoon: Update it was an event for some promotion..I talk to the owner and he was cool as hell.Other then the no smoking spot...5 star hands down..
Sabrina Owens
Sabrina Owens: Went there for a 20th HS Class Reunion. The chicken and salad were fantastic, the space was nice and they had a live steel band and dj on the lounge side that you could partake without any additional charge. Security was great and the parking lot was well lit. Had to surrender my keychain pepper spray, but they gave it back when I was ready to leave so all was well. I was impressed with the atmosphere, staff and music. Highly recommended for grown mature crowd that like good music and a good time.
Netasha Ferrell
Netasha Ferrell: Parking is a nightmare. Restrooms are filthy but the bartenders take great care of you

13. Public Bar Live - Washington

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547 reviews
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Public Bar Live
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Address: 1214 18th St NW, Washington, DC 20036

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 2AM

Telephone: (202) 223-2200

Business type: Sports bar

Public Bar Live: what do users think?
Alexandra Spataro
Alexandra Spataro: This place is so fun and lots of different beverages to pick from! Going during the day Saturday was a good choice! It seemed like a couple events were going on where people were celebrating something and getting bottle service so that made the place have even more energy (bubbles, signs every couple of minutes, DJ, beach ball thrown, etc). Only con is that the rooftop deck is not stiletto friendly, ladies you WILL get your heel stuck between the planks; you have been warned. Cheers!
Aziza Nabila
Aziza Nabila: Love this bar! We had so much fun on the rooftop on Saturday. It’s definitely a vibe and one of the BEST HOT SPOTS in the city. The staff was so friendly and service was great! Get a VIP table so you don’t have to wait in line. The bottle girls are the best and know how to party. Tables sell out super quick so reserve them early or they’ll put you on their waiting list.
JW: Empty dance floor inside and bouncer at the door was rude - required individual masks for each party despite NO ONE having masks on inside. Place had an empty dance floor on Saturday night (10-11 pm). We went to Mayflower instead and had a much better time. Get some new bouncers if you want to have any business.
Diana Bermudez
Diana Bermudez: Good place for games but gets super, super packed. Try to reserve a table if you can.
Response: Thank you for your review Diana and we would like set you up with a table for all your needs thought the night. If that’s not something you’re interested in we would love your input on what you’re more interested in. DM us for more.
nohemi garcia
nohemi garcia: Been there on Sunday , mix music.🎶 not a big place. But you can Dance and have fun. Prices on drinks are fair enough. 🍸 bartenders working hard there and provide great service.
Lisa M
Lisa M: Got completely scammed by this place and our whole friend group got robbed while inside the club. We got a VIP table and it was not worth it at all. Would never recommend this place to anyone. Music was mediocre and there were way too many people to do anything but stand still. There are much better places to go in dc. This was our first time going and it will definitely be the last. We ordered some bottles then immediately got kicked out and they let tons of random people in our sections. This place SUCKSSSSSSS.
Omar Hamad
Omar Hamad: This is a fraudulent establishment. To say they have a lack of internal coordination and customer service would be generous. They need an organizational facelift with new and somewhat competent management who can at least give the appearance of relatively caring about their customers. Do yourself a favor and take your business elsewhere.
Juan Varela
Juan Varela: Music and vibes are incredible. One of the best spots to party in DC. Lee and Mariah are two of the best I’ve met in the hospitality industry in any city! Wish there were more places like this in DC and more people at bars and clubs like Lee and Mariah!!

14. The Camelot Showbar Strip Club - Washington

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170 reviews
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The Camelot Showbar Strip Club
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Address: 1823 M St NW, Washington, DC 20036

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 2AM

Telephone: (202) 887-5967

Business type: Night club

The Camelot Showbar Strip Club: what do users think?
Aaron S
Aaron S: Some of my boys are I went in looking for a good time and we got sat with a blonde lady Kayla. She kept bringing us drinks we didn’t ask for and rushing off. It was obvious she padded our tab and got an attitude when we told her to stop. The dancers were nice and we had a good time with them but the server left a bad taste in my mouth. Won’t be coming back.
Lovely Ma
Lovely Ma: We had a blast here we enjoyed them and they enjoyed us. The host was super nice it’s little In There but it’s still nice my only issue are those extremely small drinks for a million dollars 🙄 forreal guys we gotta do better. We coming back to see Chanel again 😍
Alexandr Lomonowskiy
Alexandr Lomonowskiy: Watch out for girl named “Bella”!!! She is African American and she is a crazy hassler. She promised me and my friend to go home with us after work and asked to send her $2k. After receiving the money she disappeared and then tried her trick with another table next to us and we could hear it all. Never had anyone rob me like that before. Totally disappointed in service. Our waitress “Cindy” gave us a bill with things we didn’t even order. They try to hassle you left and right there. Don’t trust what they tell you and check your bill before you pay.
james carter
james carter: This club was way over priced, water was more expensive than the beer. According to waitress, they don’t have happy hour, which was also disappointing. Went there with some friends after work, and it’s now on our do not go list…
Darrell France
Darrell France: The bouncer at the door told us we had to purchase a $250 bottle for a table of five. Since there was 8 of us we had to get two bottles at $500 to get in he said. So we did it. They put us upstairs, the waitress showed a menu to select the bottles, we tipped the dancers well all was good.Right at close she come to our table and said the charge is $896.00. I question her, she said I don’t know what he told you at the door and then she put the bouncer on me, I was insulted, I ask for a Manager and he said give me a moment Sir. This guy called the Cops on me and embarrassed me and they were trying to hurry us out making ZERO attempt resolved because the door guy, the waitress he called into on his radio for the table and the manager were ALL in on the scheme the run on SELECTED PEOPLE. They figure you’re drunk and OVERCHARGE YOUR CARD. And I even questioned the door guy and he LIED and said I don’t know you’re talking about. THE STAFF HUMILIATED ME, OVERCHARGED MY TABLES, THEY ALL LIED, WHO KNOWS HOW MAN OTHER PEOPLE THEY OVERCHARGE STEALING MONEY ON YOUR CREDIT CARD.
Jason DeWitt
Jason DeWitt: Their web site is set up so you can see when a particular dancer will be performing. Do yourself a favor and go in when Elizabeth is performing. She is absolutely divine yet extremely down to earth - she is worth buying a few drinks for and then some.
Kaiser Soze
Kaiser Soze: I highly recommend Nathalia. She is classy, seductive, down to earth, real, sexy, honest. She gonna have you talkin about your past and your future. She’s a counselor. She will guide you through your tribulations. Trust. Natalia is a real one. Bring cash.
iyosiyas HHUH?
iyosiyas HHUH?: Experience was by far average, drinks are expensive and waitresses seem far too rude to be working in a club. I came in with some friends to celebrate a birthday, and after being sat down was greeted by a lady sitting down talking to another gentleman(which is not a problem). The problem came when we tried to order more drinks, or get her attention for anything we needed. she was standofish, rude, and looked completely annoyed for anything we needed of her. The show girls were nice and did their jobs fantastically, drinks are expensive(as expected), and ambiance is nice. The waitress just ruined the whole experience. how can you be the ugliest woman in the building and be the rudest at the sametime?
Response: Iyosiyas, we're so glad that you enjoyed the our dancers and the ambiance of the club while celebrating your birthday with us! It is our goal to provide you with first rate service, in addition to the entertainment. Would you be so kind as to email our GM, Nick Triantis, at with the date and time of your visit, along with where you were seated? Even better if you can include a copy of your receipt, but no worries if you can't. Thank you! - The Camelot Showbar

15. The Rooftop at The Ven at Embassy Row - Washington

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45 reviews
new review
The Rooftop at The Ven at Embassy Row
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Address: 2015 Massachusetts Ave NW, Washington, DC 20036

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11AM Thu

Telephone: (202) 265-1600

Business type: Lounge

The Rooftop at The Ven at Embassy Row: what do users think?
farida popal
farida popal: I was there on Saturday the 25th. We wanted to go to the rooftop bar. As soon we were at main entrance, the door man greeted us and guide us. When we went to the bar the atmosphere was nice. The drinks were a bet pricey and bar food was great! I’ll defiantly go again.
chrisy edme
chrisy edme: The stay was wonderful! The staff at the front desk are amazing ! Specially Lyle at the front desk, he was just a sweetheart to us. We booked our stay prior to them implementing the daily amenity fee. He waived it off of our stay and informed us that he will be more than happy to still provide the perks ! We received some sent sachet of jasmine and lavender which were amazing :) In addition to that he provided us with late check out because our flight was later in the afternoon. He also gave us some great tips of how to get around since it was our first time in DC. Also my room was provided with daily housekeeping and my housekeeper was just a sweetheart too but forgot her name unfortunately. My only Con was the bathroom size, as it was super small and there was no ventilation.
Kimberly “ ” Watson
Kimberly “ ” Watson: Excellent! Love the space! The art exhibit in the hotel was wonderful!
Reuben Wauyo
Reuben Wauyo: This is a beautiful venue and would seem to be all great but terrible customer service. Called for a reservation and information on restaurant and was referred to main line. To which someone picked up after I waited on hold, heard me then hung up. This is the most disrespectful and frustrating thing I can think of when trying to get things set for events. Calling back no one picks up and I have now been calling main line for 30 minutes to be assisted and again no one to answers. You would have to be crazy to work with these guys on anything important for you will receive absolutely no clarification or answers on any questions you have. I was very surprised to even see positive reviews at all. I really hope it’s an isolated event, but if I can help anyone else not deal with my issue I’ll be glad to steer you away and onto another location. I will update with location and name after my reservation is set with our new venue. Also to be noted, not even the central main line can reach these guys and are unwilling to even try. I believe we’ve definitely dodged a bullet.
Walter Hunt
Walter Hunt: Friendly staff , great location, very accommodating

16. Nellie's Sports Bar - Washington

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704 reviews
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Nellie's Sports Bar
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Address: 900 U St NW, Washington, DC 20001

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 12AM

Telephone: (202) 332-6355

Business type: Night club

Nellie's Sports Bar: what do users think?
Terrell Singleton
Terrell Singleton: Nellies is always a good time but they r always forcefully putting some of the girls out. The happy hour drinks r strong and the music is good. We got the wings and fries which of the three flavors(Buffalo bbq n plain) we got it was tasty. There was a long line inside to get to the upstairs patio. We decided to just stay downstairs since it wasn’t a birthday or a special occasion. They have something every nite sunday is drag brunch which is great entertainment(bingo game and performances) and good food.
Melissa Mahony
Melissa Mahony: Went for the drag brunch for a bacheloretteparty and our crew had the best time!! Between food, drinks, and entertainment the staff knew how to keep their customers satisfied! Highly recommended if you are looking for a fun-filled brunch in DC!
k Hall
k Hall: The bar tenders were great, the security was super respectful (they deserve all the love) BUT the food was objectively nasty. The calamari was basically thickly breaded air, the tacos were tasteless and super dry, then finally the burger was just straight up nasty. I sent my burger back and after they took it they told me I could not get a refund or a replacement OR EVEN the plate I was already eating back. If I Knew I wasn’t going to get my money or a new plate back I would have suffered through the nasty burger because I already paid 14 dollars for it. I wish I took photos but I couldn’t because my plate was already taken from me! I spent over 65 dollars for very nasty food. At least the music was cool I guess.
Response: Mr or Ms Hall- it is not Nellie's policy to charge guests for food they did not eat. If you didn't enjoy your food and sent it back you shouldn't have been charged. Please contact me directly and we'll sort this out.
Antwan Beason
Antwan Beason: Your security denied me time to chat with the manger for nellies. His name was Wayne. I noticed that 2 of the security guards had an issue with gay men touching them. They were yelling it out loud. Not in a derogatory sense but at all. They were very upset and expressed their grievances after most of us patrons left. Noticing how they felt and my knowledge of the previous media attention I tried to bring it to managements attention. When I mentioned I wanted to speak to a manager I was ushered aggressively outside and denied any opportunity to express myself. The security company that you all continue to hire is homophobic and is connected to previous events. I personally foresee another interaction if something isn’t done. The sheer fact they blocked me from so waking m and pushed me outside after I said I wanted to chat with the manager is problematic. Then he said oh he don’t wanna talk to you. lol in my experience you all should’nt continue in that exclusive mentality or it will lead to your conclusion. Thank you Antwan Beason
Shana Bayton
Shana Bayton: Amazing place to hang out and vibe, great drinks, fun bartenders, lots of seating. Especially enjoyed the rooftop area, very nice!

17. Hush Rooftop Bar - Washington

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2 reviews
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Hush Rooftop Bar
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Address: 1430 Rhode Island Ave NW, Washington, DC 20005

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 5PM Thu

Telephone: (202) 742-3100

Business type: Bar

Hush Rooftop Bar: what do users think?
Frederick Boateng
Frederick Boateng: Expensive drinks but very unknown spot that has room to be great.
Kate Edwards
Kate Edwards: Such a nice, secretive bar! Bartenders were friendly. Has such a nice vibe.

18. The Brighton - Washington

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1094 reviews
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The Brighton
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Address: 949 Wharf St SW, Washington, DC 20024

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 12AM

Telephone: (202) 735-5398

Business type: Pub

The Brighton: what do users think?
Kelly Hyer
Kelly Hyer: Different take on food and drinks! Open seating, order everything at the bar. Pay ahead. You get a table # and food brought out to you. I hand a house made summer shandy and it was delicious. Kids liked their fish+chips and chicken tenders. My veggie burger was fab as well.
Brandon DePalo
Brandon DePalo: Good food, great service, good atmosphere. We stopped here for lunch and drinks. The drinks were good (a bit weak, but tasty). Food was good. I had the chicken curry and it was great, and a perfect portion for lunch. My wife had the fish and chips and there was only 2 little fish pieces. Prices are typical for DC, expensive.
Response: Thanks for the feedback Brandon! We will definitely let our chef know about the portions on the fish n chips.
Caleb Newman
Caleb Newman: Cocktails are a bit pricey and the lack of a happy hour is disappointing. Atmosphere is good with a great location for river and people-watching. The crab dip is a must-try and the pairing of naan chips is excellent. Good service and polite staff!
Response: Thanks Caleb!
Chrissie Powell
Chrissie Powell: Yummy food, great music and awesome service. Our bartender, Quinn was amazing—it was packed on St Patty’s Day weekend (Saturday) but he was so attentive and friendly. The hostess was great too. Great vegetarian options!
Mo Love
Mo Love: This was my first time at this restaurant and my last. The server was great, but the food was absolutely horrible. I had the Vegan Burger. The avocados were mushy, the burger was horrible and the lettuce, tomatoes and pickle looked like they had seen better days. My aunt had the Chicken Ceasar and the chicken was dry. We took 2 bites of our food and pushed the plates to the side. I do not recommend this restaurant.
Response: Hi Mo. Thank you for leaving this review. We will definitely let our chefs know about your experience.
Dimitry Pomika
Dimitry Pomika: It was testy, good staff, but after Malbec and ape role shpritz 4 hr vomited… so i dont know what’s going on here?!

19. Cantina Bambina - Washington

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197 reviews
new review
Cantina Bambina
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Address: 960 Wharf St SW, Washington, DC 20024

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 4PM Thu

Business type: Bar

Cantina Bambina: what do users think?
Teresa Menke
Teresa Menke: Free concerts at the Wharf on Wednesday nights. Fabulous group, Pebble to Pearl. Great location to explore food,music, nice people.
Adrienne Messe
Adrienne Messe: Cantina Bambina was a great private venue for our recent reception. Rich was an awesome partner in the planning process, and the rest of the staff was a pleasure to work with on-site too. The elevated bar location has a great view of the wharf area, and indoor/outdoor floorplan makes it a perfect space in any weather. If you are looking to host an event with great location, food, drinks, and prices I highly recommend Cantina Bambina on the wharf!
Zara Ahmad-Post
Zara Ahmad-Post: I came here on a Sunday afternoon when the weather was warm. It was a nice place to sit and enjoy the boardwalk and the breeze. I had a michelada that was perfectly spicy. The place had a pretty chill vibe, but I can imagine it gets crazy. They use only cheap plastic cups and straws though which was disappointing to see. The bartenders were super friendly and nice.
Cody B
Cody B: Staff here are all super friendly, great views of the water, full bar with snacks (no kitchen) but outside food is allowed , my favorite on the wharf
Julia Eby
Julia Eby: Very discriminatory bar that does not accommodate visually impaired individuals!!! A group of friends and I hopped to Cantina Bambina while visiting the Wharf for the Mardi Gras parade. We ordered one round of drinks, some in our party had water to start. My twin sister and friend, who are visually impaired and do not have drivers licenses for this reason, were attempting to find the bathroom. The bathroom was downstairs and outside near an ice skating rink. A short white-male with scruff and glasses said for this reason they could not return as they did not feel comfortable serving us anymore. The owner sought me out, who was upstairs to ask me to leave. I informed him that they are visually impaired, myself included, just having had surgery 4 weeks prior as well, and this was just wrong. It was dark out, no signage leading to the restroom, no braille was present either. This gentleman found the entire situation funny, and laughed right in our faces. Even despite the situation, I would not support this business and spend my money at a place that is going to provoke disabled discrimination. I have read other reviews that claim Catina Bambina have also been discriminatory in other ways, and 110% believe it after my experience. Just sickening to treat your patrons this way and with such disregard.
Steven Schwartz
Steven Schwartz: A nice place to have a pint and enjoy the water front.
Steve and Solana Higdon
Steve and Solana Higdon: Best bar ever!! Chill vibes, mellow atmosphere and relaxing place to get a drink.
Keebie Clements Davis
Keebie Clements Davis: Good view of the warf and lots of available seating, but the drinks were just OK. If I visit again it would mainly be for the view.n

20. MK Lounge DC - Washington

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562 reviews
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MK Lounge DC
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Address: 1930 9th St NW, Washington, DC 20001

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 2AM

Telephone: (202) 518-1161

Business type: Bar

MK Lounge DC: what do users think?
Jasmine Tindley
Jasmine Tindley: I’ve been to MK lounge a few times and had the pleasure of having Brei (upstairs) as my bartender. She not only makes me feel comfortable (I come out alone) and makes great conversation. She constantly checks on me and makes amazing drinks. If you come here please ask for her. She’s amazing!!!
Response: We appreciate your business.
Amber Dorsey
Amber Dorsey: Haven’t been out in a while, was looking for a classy spot for me and my girls. The customer service was bomb af for my first night out in DC as compared to other spots, the owner was very nice and Paige (our server) was super sweet and attentive, Great night and we will def be back !!!!
Tracey Robinson
Tracey Robinson: We went here during the day it was probably about 5pm. The waiter was friendly and helpful security at the door was pleasant and the drinks were definitely strong.
Brandi Rene
Brandi Rene: Pull up 📢 Hookah Good drinks Vibes Parking … it’s DC 🤷🏾‍♀️ you know how that goes Wednesday they have karaoke 🎤
Response: thank you for giving us a five-star hope to see you soon
Jason Davis
Jason Davis: My colleagues and I had an amazing time on a random Monday. Our hostess/waitress/bartender, Daisy, was amazing. She was attentive, personable and made great drinks! Will definitely return and wish Daisy is there when I do!
Response: thank you for giving us a five-star that means a lot
keresse boxx
keresse boxx: Great Spot with great vibes. I really enjoyed it. The food and drinks were bomb too. Make sure to ask for Salina if you go. She was super nice and really took great care of us.
Response: thank you for giving us a five-star
Kieu Pham
Kieu Pham: I haven’t been out in a while and Bri at the bar made me and my friends feel like we were loyal customers, and it was our first time there. Excellent customer service, hookah, and she mixed the drinks so well! I woke up hungover 🙃and it was worth it! Thank you Bri!!
Response: thank you for giving us a five-star that means a lot
Cherise Callahan
Cherise Callahan: First time here, but definitely had a great time solo! Brei was EVERYTHING! She took such great care of me. From the drinks to the food. And Walter the security, definitely showed me optimal service!
Response: thank you for giving us a five-star that means a lot
Tonesa Snowden
Tonesa Snowden: Loved the upstairs on a Sunday after brunch! Wings were great, drinks are ok...
Response: thank you we'll try to work hard to get 5 star

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