Best Fashion Discotheques Washington Near Me

1. Latin Fashion Week - Washington

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4 reviews
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Latin Fashion Week
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Address: 1155 F St NW Suite 1050, Washington, DC 20004

Telephone: (202) 559-8659

Business type: Fashion designer

Latin Fashion Week: what do users think?
Top Runway Models
Top Runway Models: Positive: ValueWe a Top Runway Models have partner with Latin Fashion Week after review they mission and vision we want to be part of a more inclusive platform. Amazing company to work with.Service: Photography
Response: Thank you Top Runway Models
Bronx Fashion
Bronx Fashion: I was inspired to bring Bronx Fashion Week to life through my first experience as a guest at Latin Fashion Week. I instantly fell in love.
Response: Thank you Bronx Fashion
lex Serve
lex Serve: Latin fashion week always got the latest fashion, LOVE THEM!!💜
Response: Thank you Lex for your support, we love you too!!!

2. Sachi Nightclub - Washington

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59 reviews
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Sachi Nightclub
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Address: 727 15th St NW, Washington, DC 20005

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10PM Fri

Telephone: (202) 506-7006

Business type: Night club

Sachi Nightclub: what do users think?
Briann D.
Briann D.: AVOID THIS PLACE AT ALL COSTS!! Crooks!!! Some of the cocktail waitress will lie and steal your money behind your back and then play dumb… the menus are sticky as hell. The place never looks clean & the bathrooms are a nightmare. It’s like this place can’t afford janitors?? I wouldn’t be surprised if I caught a disease from drinking from this place. A cockroach was also found near the Dj booth. It’s not worth paying $1000 for a table that is disgusting and that all the bottle presentations are badly done. C R O O K S. You are better off going to something on Connecticut Ave. everything made in this establishment was cheaply done.
Ahmed Iqbal
Ahmed Iqbal: One of the worst service/ experience I’ve had…. It was our friends birthday and we put a deposit down for a section, we got there around 11:15 the security guard told us they are still setting up and the DJ isn’t here….. 1. You guys have two DJ’s on your flyer and both aren’t here …. 2. Your flyer and establishment states that “doors open at 10pm” Regardless, the way they handled it was… hey you guys can wait outside we should be ready in 10 minutes. 30 minutes go by in freezing temperatures and not a single update as to what is going on. What I got out of it was it was a revenue scheme. Apparently they had a “open bar from 10-12” but they were trying to prevent people from going in between those times to save money and get people to buy their expensive drinks as the other reviewers were mentioning. Once the clock struck 12 guess what… DJ is ready and they started letting people in… anyways we left cause I was about to lose a few fingers if we stood out there any longer. Terrible service don’t bother coming here!
Bolo 'Ye
Bolo 'Ye: I LOVED THIS PLACE!!! The music was GREAT big dance floor and the crowd is good. If you want a section you’re probably looking at $1200.
Parker Hierle
Parker Hierle: Sachi Nightclub is amazing experience! The decor inside is fantastic, the club is very clean, with exceptional service. By far my favorite nightclub in the city!
Raian Perez
Raian Perez: Came here to see a popular DJ. The sounds system is great and the production is decent. The cover was wayyyy to high and the bartenders were kinda rude. Warning: drinks are extremely overpriced, I suggest you pregame first.
Redd Foxx
Redd Foxx: It seemed like they did not have the heat turned on (1/05/18) and most were in jackets and coats including bartenders and other staff. Gratuity is already added to the drink prices, so beware of that if you’re paying cash as they don’t inform you. Also, the hookah guy is rude from “hello”.
Darren Duckett
Darren Duckett: Went there last night. Horrible service! Girl at front bar had an horrible attitude! She gave me the most watered down jack and coke Ive ever had in my life. Not even a full shot was put in my glass and charged me 11 plus gratuity! Don’t go here! ... I bartend and Im telling you that place is not where you want to go for Drinks

3. Panorama Productions | DC Clubbing - Washington

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7 reviews
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Panorama Productions | DC Clubbing
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Address: 1223 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20036

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM

Telephone: (202) 503-3600

Business type: Event management company

Panorama Productions | DC Clubbing: what do users think?
Dustin Emrani
Dustin Emrani: The good old college clubbing days 😍
Travis Brown
Travis Brown: These guys kill the game!
Wowdah: Positive: Quality

4. Bliss Nightclub - Washington

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282 reviews
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Bliss Nightclub
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Address: 2122 24th Pl NE, Washington, DC 20018

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10PM Fri

Telephone: (202) 820-6400

Business type: Night club

Bliss Nightclub: what do users think?
Jessica Frey
Jessica Frey: I went here once for a dababy performance. The line was long but it moved pretty fast. The thing that upset me and my friends is that they had a “no sneakers policy” and one of my girls who’s a stud was wearing AF1s. She had to pay $20 extra for the sneakers but we saw plenty of men wearing sneakers who didn’t pay. We had to use cash too so it felt like the girls working the door were just trying to finesse. It was super crowded and hot. Dababy didn’t even show up until 2:30 am (club closes at 3) and I could barely hear him
Mashona Campbell
Mashona Campbell: so we had a girls trip and ended up there not only did we pay $60 a person to get in and someone told us it should have been $40 anyways want to use the bathroom all the bathroom were NASTY PAPER IN ALL TOILETS I WAS THERE FOR 4 HOURS AND COULD NOT USE THEM AT ALL YOU WOULD THINK SOMEONE WOULD HAVE CLEANED THE AGAIN BUT NO ONE DID I WOULD NO RECOMMEND CLUB TO ANYONE. NOW THE ONLY PERSON THAT WAS GOOD WAS THE GUY THAT WAS DOING THE 360 THING HE WAS NICE PERIOD! OTHER THEN THAT IF YOU WANT TO HAVE A GOOD TIME STAY AWAY FROM THIS CLUB!!!!!!!
Edou: Avoid ❌coming HERE! Worst club experience in D.C. Me and my friends bought tickets online and when we went there they told us the bliss club is divided into 3 part and we were supposed to go to the All black African party which is same Bliss club, when we went in the back they told us it the wrong ticket but it wasn’t the wrong ticket because the Bliss club was clearly written there, so went to the front and when we went in the front they told us it the wrong ticket we should PAID EXTRA $20. We waited in the cold N end up pay $120 additional charge to enter the club. This people are SCAM, Don’t go there. NO MATTER WHAT U DO THEY WILL FIND REASONS TO MAKE U PAY MORE MONEY❌
Curtis Gardner
Curtis Gardner: K- Michelle was trash on 1-1-22Did more talking then singing. Bartenders was on point 5 stars for them. Overall the club was still fire with the bad performance from What’s her name.😂😂😂
Ty Williams
Ty Williams: Came from NYC to see a performance and visit some friends in the area. Arrived at the venue and the line wasn’t moving at all. Mind you, we bought our tickets online weeks prior. When we got inside it was maybe 50 people inside. Da hell! Also, after finally get to the front, we were told it’s an additional $40 because we had on timberland boots. I informed them we’re not from here and didn’t know there was a “no boot” policy. She then said she’ll charge us $20. We just said screw it and paid it since we came from out of town. This place is a joke. Several artists that I would have loved to seen have been here, but I’m never going back. Too many games. Long lines for no reason. Kid sized cups drinking cups — literally paid $20 for a jack and ginger. People with tables weren’t even happy from what I could see. One girl said their glasses were dirty and it took over an hour to get a bottle and the server never came back. SAVE YOUR MONEY. Go somewhere else.
Big Sexy
Big Sexy: There was no line and me and my 14 friends were seated immediately!! Definitely go there is NO WAIT!! And dont get me started on the cocktails MMmmmMMMmm!!
Nick Andrews
Nick Andrews: This place should be shut down after propping up a dead body on stage for a funeral. If they didn’t know it was going to happen then shame on management.

5. DC9 Nightclub - Washington

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457 reviews
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DC9 Nightclub
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Address: 1940 9th St NW, Washington, DC 20001

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 5PM

Telephone: (202) 483-5000

Business type: Night club

DC9 Nightclub: what do users think?
John T
John T: This dive bar is awesome! In the summer you can relax on the 3rd fl rooftop and laugh at everyone waiting in line for the "popular" bar across the street. In the winter they have small indi bands on the second floor. Great concert space. Staff has seen it all so be respectful!
Katelyn Stenger
Katelyn Stenger: Intimate venue and very friendly staff. I would highly recommend if you can! The tickets were shockingly affordable and the folks at the front actually checked vaccination and ID. Much appreciated.
Jessica Strahin
Jessica Strahin: Went there for a small intimate concert. Loved the venue and the staff!!
Robert Cardoni
Robert Cardoni: Great intimate show space to see smaller up and coming bands ... only hold about 150 people - so sold out shows are tight. Staff is super friendly. Beer is cold. Sound is good. What more could a music fan ask for Check set times though. Sometime shows are early with dance parties afterwards ...
Omny Miranda Martone
Omny Miranda Martone: I love DC9. We go here regularly. The bottom floor is a typical indoor bar, the second floor is for dancing, and the top floor is a rooftop bar. Definitely recommend.
Stacey Brooks
Stacey Brooks: Little but intimate. TTNG played twice here and it was a laid back experience. Bar on every level, food always smells great, bands perform on the second level without it being over crowded! Great place to rock!
Joe Nicol
Joe Nicol: always a good time, the best unofficial gay bar in DC — great acts, cool space
Chris B
Chris B: 150 person capacity venue means you can get up close to the bands but shows usually end pretty early and the beer list is not impressive by any means. The food is pretty good tho, and be sure to get their garlic fries as a side to whatever you order.
Daniel Cox
Daniel Cox: Great place for live music. It is a really small and intimate venue which makes for a much better experience. Bouncer was really nice, drinks are averagely priced, and overall a good experience. Would come to a show here again.

6. Ultrabar - Washington

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508 reviews
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Address: 911 F St NW, Washington, DC 20004

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9PM Fri

Telephone: (202) 519-8557

Business type: Night club

Ultrabar: what do users think?
Angela Mendoza
Angela Mendoza: I went to ultra bar recently and had a much better experience than before COVID. This club has really stepped it up, it’s not over crowded by 18+ and the music has an actually updated set. I love that I can choose the music I want to hear based on the floor. Be sure to visit them all to get the full experience and if you want a really good time you might as well get a table, they have decent bottle pricing for the area. Bottle girls there are really nice, we had Katie and she made sure we had fun.
Fernando Bernardus ABT
Fernando Bernardus ABT: Love Ultrabar! Great music and atmosphere throughout the multiple levels of the club. The mixed drinks and their first-rate line of imported beers are top notch and fairly priced, considering the fact that this establishment is located in the heart of the nation’s capital. Getting a table is extremely affordable and I would recommend it if you come with a big group of friends. Security is on point inside and outside the club. It’s simply the best 18+ club in DC. Special thanks to Jimmy, Giuseppe, Galen, for always providing my friends and me with courteous customer service.
Alexander Zacapa Centenario
Alexander Zacapa Centenario: Ultrabar happens to be among the best clubs to party in DC. The establishment has four floors with different music genres played by talented DJs, and the overall atmosphere is always entertaining. My friends and I have enjoyed table service on multiple occasions and we’ve always had a fun time. The customer service from Jimmy Mar is absolutely exceptional, I consider him a tremendous asset to Ultrabar for many reasons, as well as the entire staff who are always very welcoming, friendly, and professional. This place also has outstanding security inside and outside the club in order to ensure the safety of its patrons. It is well situated near the Verizon Center and Constitution Avenue. Check out their pictures online showing how crowded and lit this place is. It is truly amazing on so many levels. Just make sure to look your best by following their dress code. Be ready to have a good time! In conclusion, I strongly recommend Ultrabar to anyone looking to have an enjoyable night out.
Alex Gonzalez
Alex Gonzalez: Perfect place for those who want a bit of everything. Sometimes I get tired of hearing the same type of music so it’s nice to be able to just switch floors to get a different atmosphere instead of having to go to completely different clubs and wait in line again. It gets packed but the bartenders are really friendly so they make the wait for a drink enjoyable
Angel Long
Angel Long: Went there Saturday for one of my buddies birthday. The stairs are a killer but the top floor is jumping. VIP service the way to go the floor was a bit crowded for me. Our waitress took care of us she was cool and brought girls to our table.
Brittney Vo
Brittney Vo: Always a good time when you come here! I’ve always had a good night coming to ultra. The music is up to date and I love the variety they have. Each floor is such a different vibe and my favorite are the latin and hip hop floors.
Tianna Chantel
Tianna Chantel: This club is super cool! It has multiple floors and they each play different music so there’s a vibe for everyone! The service is fast and all of the bartenders are hot! Highly recommend!
Stephanie Trelles
Stephanie Trelles: I came to visit Washington DC for the weekend for Easter. My husband and I went to Ultrabar waiting in line for a little over 30 minutes just to get to the door and staff checking ID told my husband he was not allowed in because he had sneakers on. When I asked how come if every other male there had sneakers on and it was never mentioned in the dress code online. He responded very rudely and very unprofessional. The experience would have been a lot better if staff would have treated us fairly. I would think twice about attending this nightclub.
Xinyi Yin
Xinyi Yin: The atmosphere, drinks, and music are great! They have a variety of different music on each floor, so you will not get bored of the place. Love the bartenders, they are super friendly and fun to talk to.

7. Flash - Washington

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529 reviews
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Address: 645 Florida Ave NW, Washington, DC 20001

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10PM

Telephone: (202) 827-8791

Business type: Night club

Flash: what do users think?
Michael Jaffee
Michael Jaffee: Unlike any venue in DC and unlike majority of lounge style intimate clubs you’ve been to in the US. The music is incredibly unique for DC as they play deep house, tech, tech house, and other amazing sub-genres and the initiate dark setting with the [flash]ing lights is like nowhere you’ve ever been. It’s an absolute must if you’ve never been or are visiting DC and are trying to go vibe/dance the night away.
Aránzazu Ascunce
Aránzazu Ascunce: State of the art with a massive function one sound system. Multiple levels. Amazing lights, service, hospitality, staff. Global deejays regularly. Shout out to the booking agent. Come as you are. Not pretentious. The only rule is no flash at Flash. Highly recommend it to get your dance on and a pulse on the global underground. See you soon!
Ayesha SH
Ayesha SH: This is a hardcore EDM club. They have the rooftop, second floor and ground floor. The night I was there, all three areas had different DJ’s. You have to buy tickets on the website to get it - reasonably priced. Very decent crowd. The manager is Boris and he is awesome! Please visit and you will love it.
Denonte McKinney
Denonte McKinney: I hope management reads this because coming to Flash was absolutely the worst experience ever. First of all, they made us stand outside in the drizzling rain until nearly 1:30am because we didn’t purchase a ticket online. The security guards rationale was, “Because of Covid we have to monitor the number of people coming in.” This does not make sense because masks are NOT required for admission, people with tickets are able to walk in without proof of vaccination, and they let everyone in anyways. Making a crowd of paying customers wait 1-2 hours for admission into a BAR is ridiculous. Also, they only have a CASH admission. In 2022, I need for this venue to upgrade and get a card reader, outside ATM, or cash app because the ATMs in the area are closed after 5pm. Yes, the bank ATMs (BOA & WF) close their doors at 5pm. You have to walk BLOCKS to grab cash and to come back. Lastly, the security guards are rude. They were shouting out, “If you have a tickets you can come right to the front, and if you don’t then IDK what to tell you” to the 50+ people waiting in line in the drizzling rain, this was inconsiderate & inappropriate. Mind you the security guards at the entrance are eating pizza, smoking cigarettes, and completely disregarding the crowd. My suggestions for management are: 1. Allow ALL paying customers admission into the venue. Do NOT make them wait in the drizzling rain for 1-2 hours when there are BARELY people going inside with a ticket. 2. Let customers pay via CashApp OR allow paying customers to use their cards/Apple Pay to purchase tickets at the door. It’s 2021. 3. Do not use Covid as an excuse to not allow people in when you’re going to let them in regardless. 4. Hire new security guards. I am very disappointed in this venue. Hopefully by next week they’ll at least have CashApp.
Charles P.
Charles P.: I love this place but the girl working the ticket booth at about 10:45 on 3/25 couldn’t believe that I didn’t realize it was an offsite ticket for Pot-Pan. She was pretty rude. I get being worn down by the end of the night, but to be in such a way 45 minutes into her shift was impressive. Or depressive? Muuuuust be rough. Not for her. But for the people who have to work with her.
Louis V
Louis V: Great place to go out and dance. I met a lot of nice people and had a lot of fun. Music was awesome, drink was excellent and not so expansive.
Fern M
Fern M: During this pandemic time, Flash has turn its rooftop space to a sit down place for Electronic music lover. Reservation is required for seats with 90 mins time limited. Same regulation of wearing mask, remain seated etc. are applied. Sandwiches menu are added along with drink menu. It seems like drinks were customized for fall season, we tried all the cocktails on the menu but only 2 we like( don’t remember the name.) It was ok, we were happy to help support the place and at the end of the night, we ordered our favorite drinks out of menu instead. The staff are super nice and attentive, ask them question regarding to the venue if you want to know more. The merchandise downstairs is for purchase helping support the place. Ask staff for the website or if you have problem access it like I did, they accept cash. They said they might open for brunch with live DJ on set. If we all keep supporting this business, I’m sure we will get to have one of the coolest brunch place in DC soon. Review as of 09/2020
Nicholas Caudill
Nicholas Caudill: Maybe it’s my fault for showing up too late, but if the doors open at 10PM and the headliner is already gone by midnight that isn’t a real party. Cool building though

8. LiLi The First - Washington

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35 reviews
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LiLi The First
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Address: 1419 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington, DC 20007

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11AM

Telephone: (202) 448-9415

Business type: Boutique

LiLi The First: what do users think?
Andrea U Emir
Andrea U Emir: Love this place! I was recommended by my boss to visit lily the first and as soon as I walked in I was greeted and welcomed very nicely by the owner Ifat! I love the style lily the first has because it is so unique and trendy! Ifat is also very caring and making sure all her clients are 100% satisfied! Great place to shop! Ifat will make sure you find an outfit and jewelry that suits you best! Highly recommend lily the first! :)
Response: Thank you so much Andrea, we appreciate your feedback, always happy to help with a unique styling.
Tony Mack
Tony Mack: Excellent place to find that unique piece that makes you stand out and be noticed! Phyllis was wonderful and a pleasurable Consultant to meet and work with!!!
Response: Thank you Tony for taking the time to write this nice review, you captured in a few words what we are about. And yes, Phyllis is indeed wonderful, we are very lucky to have her :)
Emma Kinev
Emma Kinev: Was never shopping for clothes in Washington, other things, not ladies wear. That is until I walked into Lily the First boutique in Georgetown. At first glance one sees it has a unique selection from designers from around the world.The trends are today’s but the style is what one can wear, plus one can find an outfit for many occasions and that will come with proper accessories if you need them too. The jewelry in a store actually attracts shoppers who come to see and buy just that before evening on town. Ifat travels and hand picks designers in Italy, France, Israel for both clothing and jewelry. All in great taste, plus the atmosphere in a store is that what women want. Great experience, a must for those who seek a good place for shopping in Washington. Let alone a significant charitable work this place does for the community. Strongly recommended.
Response: Wowwwww, what a great review, you made us happy! Thank you so much Emma for taking the time to write, we hope to see you again soon.
Madi Gesse
Madi Gesse: Gorgeous clothes!!! The staff was so wonderful and made the experience a dream!! If you are daring enough to wear clothes no one else will have this is a must! Everything is tasteful and unique!!
Response: Dear Madi, you were ROCKING that Italian jumpsuit, can't wait for you to wear it and shock everyone :) Thank you for taking the time to write the review, we had so much fun!
Marie Moore
Marie Moore: I love this store. Ifat has a keen eye for what is both hip, if that is your jam, and what is just great fashion. My daughter snd her friends shop here too, so she has something for everyone! We all need to feel glam and this store is a place where I always find something that I feel special in.
Response: Thank you so much Marie for this beautiful review, it is always such a pleasure to host you and Gordy , it feels like you have been shopping with us for years although it is only a few months. so glad you came in for the first time!
Lynnette Harris
Lynnette Harris: Lili the First is a must stop for clothing in Georgetown. This wonderful boutique features clothes for every type of woman, as well as jewelry, scarves, and bags, from designers in Europe, Israel, and the US. They are all hand picked by the owner, Ifat Pridan, who makes shopping for clothes refreshing and fun. I am retired and I always find clothes here that I can wear every day, or for special occasions and when I travel. They are stylish, comfortable, pack easily and travel well. I have worn my Lili the First purchases, clothing and jewelry, on my travels through out the US and Europe and have always received compliments. If you are looking for beautiful, wearable clothes, incredible customer service and a sense of community, Lili the First has it all.
Response: Thank you for your kind review Lynnette, this is so nice to know our clothing are traveling the world with you and in constant use, perfect use for cool clothing :)

9. Relish - Washington

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5 reviews
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Address: 3312 Cady's Alley NW, Washington, DC 20007

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11AM

Telephone: (202) 333-5343

Business type: Boutique

Relish: what do users think?
Anthony Alexander
Anthony Alexander: The staff is nice as well as clothes selection. I am giving only three stars for lack of attention to customer diversity. You close at 5PM everyday and are closed on Sundays- which is a prime shopping day for people who work. Every time we want to go to this store, we must do so on a vacation day or take time off. Two times friends of mine rushed to get there with only 15 minutes to shop. When I asked about at least closing at 6PM, one of the sales associates said "The owner does not feel she has to stay open later because if you want to come, you will make the time- even of you work 9-5PM." I thought WOW. You could have at least one day a week where you stay open until 6 or 7PM. I have another friend from NYC who comes to DC once a week to do consulting for Capital Hill and has been dying to see Relish but said "The store is NEVER open when I am done working. The one time I had a few hours, I went there and they were closed for inventory. I can fly across the country and go into "Noodle Stories" easier than Relish. At least If Soho, "Tiina the Store", has better hours. How hard would it be to stay open until 7PM one day a week- even if you opened later?

10. SOMEWHERE® - Washington

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49 reviews
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Address: 1239 First St SE, Washington, DC 20003

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8AM

Telephone: (202) 506-3710

Business type: Clothing store

SOMEWHERE®: what do users think?
Taylor Friedman
Taylor Friedman: I love finding a new high end street wear store. I don’t mind making the drive if it’s worth it. And this place definitely is! Great location right by Nats park. I love the layout of the store. It’s spacious and the clothing and shoes are meticulously laid out. I don’t love all the stuff in here but they do have a decent selection, especially the shoes. I came almost exclusively to check out the Rick Owens shoes. They honestly didn’t look as good in person. But I did find some awesome rhude sneaks. Customer service here was great. Very helpful and friendly employees who don’t follow you and make you feel uncomfortable. They also accept after pay fyi. Like many other street wear stores, this place doesn’t accept returns or exchanges so know that before you make a purchase. This place also doubles as a coffee shop. I picked up a flat white after I bought something and it was pretty good.
Response: Thanks for coming in 💙®️
Julz Hdz
Julz Hdz: Did y’all know this place has a coffee shop with a amazing vegan carrot cake muffin and vegan Vietnamese coffee? I met April the barista and she recommended both and absolutely amazing! I wish I had time to look around and shop, the clothes are one of a kind
Hind KH
Hind KH: I like their hot chocolate. It wasn’t that sweet
Response: Thank you
MANDISA PITTS: Absolutely amazing vibe, shout out to April for making my fav latte! Try the lavender latte with oat milk, devine!
Response: Thanks so much for choosing us for your Saturday fun day 💙
Olga Syniakova
Olga Syniakova: So good coffee here ❤️ bravi!
Ted Lasso
Ted Lasso: I waited a big line to get one cup of coffe they got my order wrong never coming back starbucks better
Chad Scott
Chad Scott: Mocha is profoundly delicious. Complex and chocolate forward without an overwhelming sweetness. Espresso is on point, a darker roast than you will find near by. Looking forward to sampling the rest of the menu.
Response: Thank you for the great review

11. Rosebar Lounge - Washington

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435 reviews
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Rosebar Lounge
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Address: 1215 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20036

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10PM

Telephone: (202) 955-5525

Business type: Night club

Rosebar Lounge: what do users think?
Lane McCall
Lane McCall: Pros - Clean environment - Beautiful aesthetics - Great lighting effects - I got compliments lol Cons - Most bartenders are rude - $20 cover (cash only) - Venu is small and cramped - Music was severely lacking
Carson Goff
Carson Goff: Come to this bar if you want to fear for your life. Worst crowd of any bar in DuPont. Avoid at all costs.
Tracey Hart
Tracey Hart: i fly down to dc once in a while to visit friends and family and was very disappointed to learn this place was boring and colorist. They apparently dont hire women of deeper complexions and their waitresses are online arguing, being fatphobic, and unprofessional. I could never do that and expect to keep my job but of course this place has no standards so im not too surprised. Spend your money somewhere else.
Google User
Google User: Guess you gotta be a somebody to get a table or section here, I reached out way in advance before my birthday letting them know I was interested in getting a table for when I come celebrate my birthday. Someone responded asked for my contact info, left me on read and never heard from them again. It would’ve been my first time in DC and my first time going here.
Shaneaka R.
Shaneaka R.: The music was great in the room all the way to the back. Loved the decor on the ceiling. You must have to reserve the hookah because it was sold out.
soccerqueen181: Not professional! From the hiring process to the social media presence they do not know how to conduct business. They also refuse to hire women of color which is confusing because DC is referred to as chocolate city. Definitely take your business elsewhere because they need to actually learn how to run an establishment properly.
Ed E
Ed E: This place is a waste of time and money. Bad music, overpriced drinks, they want to charge a lot of money to get in, bully bouncers pushing people because they feel less in their small brains, small space. There are many other options in DC than this awful place.
Brandon Jones
Brandon Jones: It might very well be awesome, but when I went, it was deadlocked in the back bar.

12. Inside The Wardrobe - Washington

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Inside The Wardrobe
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Address: 3270 M St NW Suite C100, Washington, DC 20007

Schedule: Temporarily closed

Business type: Exhibit

Inside The Wardrobe: what do users think?
MargoRita 777
MargoRita 777: I love this place! I had a lot of fun 😁👌🏻
Sara S
Sara S: My 12 yr old daughter and I had a wonderful time! Such a creative exhibit. We loved the mix of art and fashion, the music changing with each scene, great lighting, and interactive nature. It was a beautiful & well-done event for all ages!
Holly Hand
Holly Hand: This was a blast! I went with four girlfriends, all of who work with me in fashion, and we had a lot of silly fun. The exhibits are clever and creative — interactive eye-candy with a little education and history thrown in. We loved it!
Iriana Cruz
Iriana Cruz: Super fun experience! Lots of instagramable moments and you learn in the process! Totally worth it!
Dejeuné H.
Dejeuné H.: Inside The Wardrobe is extremely fun and the scenery is amazing for cute photos! It’s no a/c though so bring a fan.
Trin-Attitude Exclusive
Trin-Attitude Exclusive: Too much fun 🤪! We took the Bride and she was amazed!
Lauren Pruitt
Lauren Pruitt: So creative and a great occasion to get dressed up and take lots of photos. We had so much fun, not to short and not tooo long. Very interactive!!
Meredith Webb
Meredith Webb: This was a great exhibit. I took my 9 year old daughter and she loved it (as I did too). The exhibit is very interactive.
Larry Herskowitz
Larry Herskowitz: It was so much fun. Our 4 year old has so much fun. She played and ran around to she was exhausted. We got a lot of great and unique pictures.

13. Opera Ultra Lounge - Washington

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218 reviews
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Opera Ultra Lounge
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Address: 1400 I St NW, Washington, DC 20005

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10PM

Telephone: (202) 289-1400

Business type: Lounge

Opera Ultra Lounge: what do users think?
Denise Morris
Denise Morris: Fun place the music selection is a nice mix of hip hop r&b Afro beats and a bit Latin but def they feel the audience .. bathroom ls are typical for the club… we had a section and it was cool
Response: Nice partying with you Denise! Don't be shy and feel free to put us on to any music that gets you feeling yourself, we got you! 😉 We hope to have you and your friends back next weekend!
Eboni: Definitely enjoyed myself for my sisters bday party!! The place was JUMPING🙂
Response: It's cause it was your sister's bday! 😉 Lol it's always JUMPING, but you made our night that much extra, thank you Eboni!
Jayla Green
Jayla Green: I got a table here about 3years ago & paid over $800. The bouncer came to kick us out of the section because we wasn’t keeping bottles coming. I would never support this club again.
Nicole Johnson
Nicole Johnson: Went here on Saturday and it was sooo packed you couldn’t even see the lay out of the venue! And it was $40 per person for a cover charge!!! I have been to WAY better clubs in Vegas & Miami and never paid that for a cover in my life! Not worth it!
April: First time partying in DC this place is amazing I definitely recommend for a great night out
Response: Thanks April, come party with us again!
K B: Service is terrible. Bouncers are rude. Hookah is electronic. I will never come here by choice, just when invited. I only gave it two stars because the inside looks nice.

14. Sax Restaurant & Lounge - Washington

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903 reviews
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Sax Restaurant & Lounge
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Address: 734 11th St NW, Washington, DC 20001

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 6PM Fri

Telephone: (202) 737-0101

Business type: American restaurant

Sax Restaurant & Lounge: what do users think?
Diana Feldmaier
Diana Feldmaier: SIR Sundays are BACK!! It is the best brunch I’ve been to. The buffet style food was delicious, lots of fun, great show, and unlimited mimosas! Bring all your girlfriends, you’ll have a blast!
Alexander Cárdenas
Alexander Cárdenas: The experience was really good. I enjoyed the night with my friends, good drinks and the music was perfect. However, there was not enough air conditioning and very hot. Other that that good.
B Rene
B Rene: I have to give Sax 4/5 stars because of my experience. I took my mother here for her birthday about a week ago for the dinner and show. The atmosphere is REALLY intimate/dramatic. Quick bite: they give you some type of flavor popcorn. Unfortunately, the server came around and took the bowl while we still has popcorn in it and didn’t even ask us if we were done or if we wanted more. I just thought that might’ve been a nice courtesy. Appetizer: we ordered the cocktail shrimp (there were four fairly large shrimp. They were seasoned and cooked perfectly! My mom had their blackberry mesculin salad which was really good as well. Neither of us really cared for the vinaigrette that comes with it (too vinegar-y), but their ranch (which I believe is housemade) was really great! Drinks:my mom had what was originally served as a house shooter (They practically give these away) district was pretty refreshing, cool, and crisp. It’s pink, and forgive me I cannot remember the name of it. I had the art of the tease, Which is either whiskey or bourbon-based, but really tasty! Comes with some type of sugar crystals on a stick that’s a little bit longer and thicker than toothpick. Would definitely order again. Dinner: I tried the lamb... not so great. But traded for the Oscar NY strip....BOMB. It came with asparagus beets in the crabmeat. I don’t even know how to explain the flavor in the party in my mouth! But definitely a must try if you plan to visit. It definitely made up for any concern I had about the lamb. My mom had the Chimichurri steak frites. They came up very tender and juicy. Not quite as flavorful as the New York strip, but still really good. For sides (yes, they are à le carte) we had the mashed potatoes and sautéed spinach. Both really good! Those are probably some the best mashed potatoes I’ve ever had in my life! Not sure if that’s a thing, but for me that night it was. Only issue that I had with that was they don’t seem to have enough sides. I took pictures of the menu, so you’ll see what I mean. I just feel like maybe a little more variety would have been more intriguing. Dessert:didn’t really look too appetizing. Again, not enough menu options, and the few items that were there didn’t really spark my interest. Because it was my moms birthday, they did bring out cheesecake with a candle and two glasses of champagne. Not bad. Definitely nice that they were thoughtful enough to bring her something and celebrate with her. The cheesecake that they brought out was really good… Unfortunately I don’t remember seeing that (non dulce de leche) on the menu. Entertainment: They have a different set every 40 or 45 minutes after the hour. Definitely not raunchy or anything classless, But I would not recommend this place for kids under 16 maybe even 18. As this was my first time, I wasn’t really aware that the show takes place kind of at the eye level of the people sitting upstairs, and we ended up sitting downstairs. Still a great deal because the entertainment was also on the floor, but I feel like there were parts of the show that we missed when they were doing floor work in the skybox. We would have been able to see that better if we were on the second floor. Now we know for next time though. Last tidbit: No matter the size of your party or the time of day or the day of the week that you come in, they will be adding 22% gratuity to your bill automatically. Overall, my first Sax experience was great. Definitely book a reservation. They do have a two hour maximum time limit that they claim that they strictly enforce. I took plenty of photos for you guys...enjoy and pay a visit
Daisy de Santiago
Daisy de Santiago: The staff at SAX needs to learn the definition of hospitality. Better yet, they need to go back to hospitality school. We used to go to SAX several years ago until their shows became tasteless and raunchy. Then, we recently heard they rebranded their image as a legit supper club, so we decided to try them again. When we arrived, the place only had a few diners and the bar area that they call a “fast bar” but had no bartender in sight. So, we sat down at one of the tables to wait for a bartender to show up and watch the show that started. A service staff (if you can even call her that) walked up to us ask asked if we had a reservation. We said, we didn’t, but that we wanted to grab a drink. She immediately dismissed us and said we cannot sit in that area because the party who reserved it was about to arrive any minute now. Well, as evidenced by my photos below, it had been over an hour and no one had occupied the area where we were sitting. The bar downstairs was never staffed and we were told we needed to go to the upstairs bar to be served drinks. The bartender was the only hospitable person in that entire establishment. Also, when we moved to the other side of the restaurant, this time with our drinks in hand, we were approached yet again by someone who looked like he could be the manager. Rather than offer us a seating where we could enjoy our drinks, he simply told us that we cannot sit at that particular table. This place was a waste of visit. They were rude and dismissive. They ought to take a page out of Stephen Starr’s book when it comes to excellence in service and talent in the restaurant industry. Which, by the way, was where we headed after our time at this wannabe, overpriced, superficial supper club.
Desirea Conner
Desirea Conner: Sax is always a great time ! I went with my best friend for a pride event and we had so much fun !
Bryan Jordan
Bryan Jordan: Awesome decor and entertainment. Easily spend $200 between two people, so bring your $$$ but the drinks and food were executed very well. The staff was very friendly and accommodating. Great place for a date night, birthday party, or special event. We will be returning again for sure, well worth the trip into DC.
Dani Pass
Dani Pass: Never go here. The staff is so aggressive. As a woman I felt so unsafe. I saw their bouncer grab people by the neck and aggressively take people out in an unacceptable way. This person cannot be working there. Brendon, the one working at the door was completely unhelpful and ignorant about this serious situation.

15. Fashion Centre at Pentagon City - Arlington

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12566 reviews
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Fashion Centre at Pentagon City
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Address: 1100 S Hayes St, Arlington, VA 22202

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM

Telephone: (703) 415-2400

Business type: Shopping mall

Fashion Centre at Pentagon City: what do users think?
Casey M
Casey M: My daughter and I are in DC visiting for a few days to see the museums and sights. We were looking for food for dinner tonight and stumbled upon this wonderful mall completely by accident. We ended up eating in the food court and then spent the next two hours shopping on the four floors of stores. The entire mall was fully decorated for Christmas and it was just gorgeous. It was so great to see an indoor mall so busy and alive, especially since so many indoor malls have gone extinct in recent years. It was such a fun little treat for us after a full day of museums and we had a blast. Highly recommended.
Enzo Lopez
Enzo Lopez: We had some Haagen dazs ice cream, Asian noodle, and Lindt chocolate. This place was packed with people. Definitely coming back soon to explore more when is less crowded. Parking was easy and affordable while paying $3 at the gate. The dining area has glass windows on the top, super cool and comfortable.
Chloe Animations
Chloe Animations: Really cool mall! I loved the atmosphere of this place! The Christmas decorations was sooo nice!!! There were a lot of shops, and a lots of floors in them. A great selection, as well. The parking was nice and easy! I am definitely coming back here!
Nils Hünerfürst
Nils Hünerfürst: The Fashion Centre at Pentagon City is a great shopping mall. Very bright with natural light from the glass roof. Sadly the parking area is not cheap and not for free.
Diego Mahecha
Diego Mahecha: Gotta love a good mall. Great food options and stores to buy.
Troywade DeVese
Troywade DeVese: I had an awesome time shopping for some jeans. The guy at AX was awesome; he knew his store. I would recommend New York New York, the store manager, is the best for helping you find the right dress for your event as your special lady. I always buy from here it was I go went I need to get a dress for someone I love. Check it out!

16. 9:30 Club - Washington

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3418 reviews
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9:30 Club
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Address: 815 V St NW, Washington, DC 20001

Telephone: (202) 265-0930

Business type: Live music venue

9:30 Club: what do users think?
Brian Copes
Brian Copes: I believe it was my second time at this club and it was a great time! Context - I went to a pride/DJ/ drag show event, but I believe it’s a concert venue in the DC area. Security - I believe they have a metal detector and they check your bags so be prepared and consider that from a time management standpoint. Venue- it’s huge with multiple levels including bars, bathrooms and places to stand/dance/watch. I heard there’s a lower level, but last night I was just on the balcony and main floor near the stage. Vibe - loved the mood and energy. It was packed around 11PM EST even though it started at 10PM. There’s was free water, disco ball, alcohol, lights, go-go dancers and people in the mood to have a fun night. Overall, I would recommend this place for a night out.
Ian Pitts
Ian Pitts: Cozy venue with multiple bars and some food options. Parking is only a block or two away and there are options for food right nearby within walking distance. The ticket checking process was smooth and they even checked a camera that was deemed "professional" for free during the show.
Anna S
Anna S: I just took my daughter and her friends to this venue for the first time for an all ages show last night. I am so glad that I did! She and her high school friends had a great time! My friend and I had a nice view from the balcony bar and were able to enjoy ourselves and have our eyes on the girls at all times. We called the club earlier in the evening and the woman who answered the phone gave us great instructions on where to park as well! They take the mask and vaccinations proof seriously as well, which made me feel more comfortable about safety. Bathrooms were clean at the beginning and f the night. Overall, for a place to get 4 decades of people all enjoying the same music and scene, the 9:30 Club did a great job.
Michelle: What an awesome venue! I recently saw one of my favorite bands here and was blown away! The sound in this club is amazing! You can feel every beat and note. Also, great staff! Keeping it safe, but fun. 👍🏻👍🏻
Tori Barker
Tori Barker: We barely waited in line and we showed up 15 minutes before the show began which in my opinion was fantastic. When I say barely waited I mean the staff greeted us immediately, looked at our vax cards and IDs and because my boyfriend had lost his mask we had to wait 1 minute so the staff could grab us one. The staff were so kind and even though it was super cold they had such a great attitude and welcoming vibe. So thankful for everything at the venue. The people inside were also great and of course the Bartender, fantastic. I could not ask for more from this venue. The set up inside is stunning and our show was amazing! I am from NC but came up to D.C. to see Misterwives and I am so glad it did. A night to remember from start to finish, thank you 9:30 for all you do to keep entertainment alive during these times.
Nathan Faneuf
Nathan Faneuf: Amazing venue, been here twice so far. Would definitely see a show here. Bring ear plugs, very loud, but good sound. Drinks are expensive, 9 dollars for a shot of Jack Daniels. Friendly staff.
Osaurus G
Osaurus G: This is a pretty good venue. Love all the bars and the openness of the floor. The balcony area offers some great views of bands (Bob Mould for me)
Aida mary
Aida mary: Absolutely fantastic venue for a live show! I watched Saint Paul and the Broken Bones plus Thee Sacred Souls play here. The energy was lit! Great location. Great customer service! Would definitely go again. Highly recommend

17. University Club - Washington

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174 reviews
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University Club
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Address: 1135 16th St NW, Washington, DC 20036

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Telephone: (202) 862-8800

Business type: Club

University Club: what do users think?
Nabou Fall
Nabou Fall: What a club! Delicious food, friendly atmosphere, i loved the mouthwash in the bathroom, the possibilities are unlimited. Only open to members though.
Douglas Bonner
Douglas Bonner: Wonderful historic private club founded by President Taft in the heart of Washington DC, 3 blocks north of the White House. Athletic facilities, meeting rooms and fine dining. Love using the indoor pool.
Danny Donovan
Danny Donovan: Great spot that I have stayed multiple times. I am not part of the club and a member would have to book a room for a guest. All rooms I have stayed in are great. There is or at least was an older section of rooms (Possibly renovated by now) that were still very nice but just a bit older. I have attended private parties in the library, an absolutely fabulous room! I have also used the gym which was nice as well. Great location, walking distance to many restaurants as well as the White House and surrounding monuments.
John L. Berghout
John L. Berghout: Great atmosphere and ambiance. Always a treat to dine here.
Meaghan Hogan
Meaghan Hogan: Exceptional customer service and hospitality at this private club. I had the pleasure of being a provisional member this summer, and, though I did not elect to continue my membership, I enjoyed my experience. Service was given with a smile, and staff were professional. Food was excellent and drinks were poured correctly (and strong!). Lots of ways to get involved at this club, no matter where your interests lie.
Linda Chang
Linda Chang: Beautiful place, food & drinks are great. I enjoyed myself.
Joachim Schlange
Joachim Schlange: Top place to stay in DC, great location. However, it seems that one needs a member to book a room. Excellent service, good kitchen, in particular the breakfast! Go to the roof with a drink and enjoy the view!
RevDr John Trigilio
RevDr John Trigilio: Taft Dining Room is THE place to bring someone for that special dinner or just to be with good friends. There is a formal and a casual dining rooms. Both have 5 star food. Chocolate soufflé is best in entire USA. One of the few places left with dress code and silent cell phone policy. How civilized
Malik Siraj Akbar
Malik Siraj Akbar: An excellent social club, with several great facilities, including beautiful, large and luxurious dining halls, a gym and a squash hall. They offer accommodations to their members with a reasonable price at a central location. It is a great club for people who move to Washington D.C. newly and are looking to expand their professional and personal networks by wanting to meet new people. They have a diverse membership which means people from different backgrounds and professions are members of the club.

18. The George Washington University Museum and The Textile Museum - Washington

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146 reviews
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The George Washington University Museum and The Textile Museum
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Address: 701 21st St NW, Washington, DC 20052

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM

Telephone: (202) 994-5200

Business type: Museum

The George Washington University Museum and The Textile Museum: what do users think?
Alyssia Greene
Alyssia Greene: The children really enjoyed themselves. They were able to learn about different ways of where cotton, silk, and wool came from and how there clothes are made. They were able to try on clothes from all over the world.
Jeffery Hyde
Jeffery Hyde: IMO a must see in DC! A beautifully displayed collection of tapestries, this museum in on the campus of GWU. Free for all
Caroline Terlecki
Caroline Terlecki: On this particular day, i was here for a class. I enjoyed the beautiful Indian textiles on display in the lower levels, and got to talk with one of the museum staff about materials used in textiles that were outside of what we normally think about. Very small museum, can be seen in a couple hours, definitely worth it though!
Deanna Hume-Cheatwood
Deanna Hume-Cheatwood: Loved this museum! Kids room was excellent, highly recommend stopping in!
爱琳那: Small but friendly. Lovely textiles and a neat interactive section filled with fibers, garments, and fabric samples you can touch!
Sherry Friend
Sherry Friend: Terrific fabuloso wonderful textile show. Also great maps of Washington.
Jason Kuss
Jason Kuss: Nice urban campus. Close to everything you need to do or see in DC.
Samuel Hernandez
Samuel Hernandez: The rotating exhibit at the top floor was Chinese textiles. It was a clean an open space. Suggested donation. Nice and spacious

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