Best Live Blues Pubs In Washington Near Me

1. Blues Alley Club - Washington

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Blues Alley Club
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Address: 1073 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington, DC 20007

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 6PM

Telephone: (202) 337-4141

Business type: Jazz club

Blues Alley Club: what do users think?
Laetitia Monnier
Laetitia Monnier: Awesome club ! We went there for a date night and it was a great experience. There is little table around the stage where you can get close and cozy. The atmosphere is dark and felted which is perfect for a romantic date. The music was awesome too. It was a mix of jazz, blues, hip-hop and it was definitely perfect. The food was good too with choice from southern cuisine which we love. I think it’s a must do in DC and we’ll definitely come back and recommend it to our friends and family !
Tom Williams
Tom Williams: This spot is dope and laid back, I like the location also. The drinks and food were good, this is a must go I will return for sure. They do ask for your vaccination card so don’t be surprised about that. Give it shot and enjoy yourself.
Michael Goodman
Michael Goodman: Good little historic jazz club in DC. Good space, nice acts coming through. A bit stuffy for my taste, as I usually prefer walk-in casual spots, and this requires tickets in advance. But forcing ticket sales does at least encourage active listeners rather than a raucous, drunken bar crowd. Pretty good layout, good view of the band from most seats in the house. The food is something awful. Get dinner elsewhere.
Anne Schumann
Anne Schumann: Blues Alley is open and putting on great shows. Vaccinations are required to enter but masks are optional (as of this review). Expect to pay a cover plus a food and beverage minimum. Tickets can be purchased online in advance and there are shows most nights of the week ranging from school bands, local up and commers and national talent. There is a parking garage right across the street or on weeknights you can usually find street parking.
Shantell Hartley
Shantell Hartley: The music was great. However, the service was terrible!!! The show started a little after 10pm. I didn’t get my drink until 11:30pm. Right after I got my drink, the show ended!!! They continually got our drink orders wrong and didn’t have any of the mixers we ordered. They even sent a mixed drink to our table in two different glasses, unmixed. It was a MESS! I finally had to ask for my drink to be mixed with a coke since they didn’t have anything else. It was not delicious. I couldn’t even drink it. I had to ask for extra soda because it was so strong. I am really disappointed by this experience. I should have gotten a refund! The two stars are only because the music was good.
Terri Miller
Terri Miller: Blues Alley never disappoints! The pefect venue for enjoying live music. The staff is friendly and professional. I saw one of my favorite artist Kim Waters. It was an amazing performance and outstanding band. I looking forward to going back soon.
J D: Wonderful jazz music in a historic carriage house. The quality of the music and musicians was equal to what we hear at our local concert venue. Owners are hospitable and service is quick and efficient. We enjoyed beverages but want to try the food on our next visit. Check this place out and do your part to support live jazz music and a lively venue.

2. Madam's Organ - Washington

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Madam's Organ
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Address: 2461 18th St NW, Washington, DC 20009

Schedule: Closes soon ⋅ 2AM ⋅ Reopens 5PM

Telephone: (202) 667-5370

Business type: Bar

Madam's Organ: what do users think?
Brad Badger
Brad Badger: My girlfriend and I made sure to stop here after she had been here years ago and loved it. Our bartender Deborah was 10/10. She made some amazing drinks and was incredibly great to us. We got an appetizer sampler and the fried fish bites were absolutely killer. Live music was great as well. Cool vibes and great service. I will definitely stop by Madams Organ again the next time I am in DC!
Eve Breier
Eve Breier: Lovely atmosphere! The music is good, bartenders are friendly, nice mix of club-like dance floor upstairs, seated area on the middle floor, and a bar/performance area downstairs. It has it all. Also pretty funky decor all over.
James Bladen
James Bladen: I really wanted to try this place and menu sounded good, but waited over 15 minutes or more for someone to take my order and never did! I asked the bartender if someone was going to wait on my table and I could not hear what his response was, he just mumbled something. I was being as patient as possible and understand places are short staffed. There was a big table of around 10 people upstairs and I was by myself downstairs, I guess that explains it. The bartender was more interested staring at his phone than making sure his customers were taken care of. I was going to order a large order and I do tip good, but sorry, you just lost a customer and me recommending a place if you ignore solo diners like that.
Response: Sorry it didn’t work out for you. We are having labor issues but that is no excuse
Stacy Walker
Stacy Walker: Awesome spot, easy bar, and amazing entertainment! Check them out on Tuesday nights for great live music
Ieshia E. Butler
Ieshia E. Butler: Food was just ok. Nothing to write home about. I am from the Caribbean and was expecting the soul food to be a bit more flavorful. The waitress was really nice and the menu was affordable.
Response: Maybe you wanted Caribbean food and not Soul food
Amanda: Great dark chilled atmosphere. Multiple floors with a partially covered roof top bar. Live bands. Friendly speedy service. Reasonable food and drink prices. Pool table available.
DiiJay Victorious
DiiJay Victorious: Great place. Bouncer is cool and ppl are sociable. Bands are cool. Beware atmospheres change momentarily and without notice (not for badly, just different crowds)
Alison Scott
Alison Scott: Loved the live music, bartender was so friendly! Amazing vibes - so glad we stopped in here. One of my favorite stops while visiting DC

3. Columbia Station Club - Washington

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151 reviews
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Columbia Station Club
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Address: 2327 18th St NW, Washington, DC 20009

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM

Telephone: (202) 462-6040

Business type: Bar & grill

Columbia Station Club: what do users think?
Ayaz Khan
Ayaz Khan: A fantastic jazz venue. Had a great experience. The owner, Mahari, personally checks on all the guests. The bartender Lena is lovely.Great service, relaxed atmosphere. Real Jazz start kicking off around 9pm. Great performers. Will certainly be frequenting this place regularly.
cristalebella B
cristalebella B: The owner welcomed us in immediately andmade us feel at home. The Jazz was what dragged us in, and it progressively got better and better. I sipped on my dirty martini and enjoyed all the ambiance this place had to offer. Meoowwww all that was missing was Eartha Kitt 😉 😘
Ellie Twigg
Ellie Twigg: Ugh. Great potential in this AdMo spot but unfortunately, the service from bar staff and ownership is so bad. Horrendously overpriced drinks and rude bartenders in a place that hosts amazing live Jazz music and the occasional comedy night. Diverse crowd and a packed house with little to no service to the seated tables or those sat at the bar. Didn’t keep proper tabs on our bill so we were charged a seemingly random amount. We might be back but only for the jazz and comedy.
Dwayne Evans
Dwayne Evans: Laid back comfortable atmosphere with no pretense. Good service and music
Elizabeth Goodrich
Elizabeth Goodrich: Sat outside while the jazz band played. Highly recommend. Had the calamari for an app. It was SO good, lightly fried. Then we had a chicken pasta, delicious. Lots of vegetables and seasoned amazingly. Then my partner in crime had a steak that was Pittsburgh style. Sooo good. Came on a Sunday night! Jazz until 1am.

4. Jojo Restaurant and Bar - Washington

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853 reviews
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Jojo Restaurant and Bar
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Address: 1518 U St NW, Washington, DC 20009

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 4PM

Telephone: (202) 319-9350

Business type: Bar

Jojo Restaurant and Bar: what do users think?
Fernanda Lanzagorta
Fernanda Lanzagorta: The live music is definitely the best asset of this restaurant. Its 10 dollars for the the music. We were expecting more on the food, the fries and apple tart were the best of all. The ambiance is so cozy and inviting. I’ll come back for the music and the desserts.
Response: Thank you!
mletts423: This is a great spot! The Jazz was incredible. It is a small bar with great sound. The bartenders work really hard and make great drinks! I highly recommend this place!
Response: Thamks, you are the best. Check out our happy hours daily from 5pm-7pm.
Vicki J (MylifeMystyle)
Vicki J (MylifeMystyle): Jojo’s a vibe ! If you like jazz / live music then check it out when in DC . There’s a $10 cover for the nights the band is playing live for downstairs seats. The food is tasty as well .
Response: Thank you Vicki, we hope to see you soon.
Anita Molina
Anita Molina: What a little gem. We came to enjoy some late night jazz. Cozy inside, atmosphere was fantastic. Loved the ambiance. Excellent food, excellent drinks and most importantly excellent music. We will be back.
Response: Thank you
Emerson P. Daniel
Emerson P. Daniel: interesting. food is great! the bartender pictured here touched my limes with his bare hands… and he kept going to the side to eat like taking chomps,,, i guess he was really hungry 😂😂😂overall— unsanitary and friendly in a fake way. oh and he didn’t know what the menu pictures were.. like what🤣🤣🤣 do you want me to get something?? and i kid you not my friend was asking about the picture and i literally figured out myself so you would THINK the bartender could do the same let alone know off bat—
Response: Thank you.
Alex Moore
Alex Moore: Came for the jazz and will probably only come back for the live jazz. The drinks were pretty standard, maybe a little too sweet on their fruit based cocktails. We had a reservation but had to wait ~20-30minutes for the table, despite arriving on time, since the party before us took their time to gather up and leave. The food was ok, and took a very long time to come out. Ordered the lamb chops rare, but only one of the 3 were rare. The chops varied in thickness too, which added to the uneven doneness. The dish was supposed to come with garlic mashed potatoes but came out with a few potato wedges instead, the spinach side was good. They add 20% gratuity to your bill and $10/head for live music.
Response: Thank you.

5. Pearl Street Warehouse - Washington

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Pearl Street Warehouse
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Address: 33 Pearl St SW, Washington, DC 20024

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 7PM

Telephone: (202) 380-9620

Business type: Live music venue

Pearl Street Warehouse: what do users think?
Nate B
Nate B: We really enjoyed this place. The band was good. Service was great. I would definitely recommend this place.
Alexander White
Alexander White: This a decent to slightly below decent venue, they clearly cater to one type of crowd which is sad to see. The drinks are nicely priced so that is at least nice. The location is excellent, but with almost every other venue in DC being better I would not recommend this location.
Gerald Washington
Gerald Washington: We had an awesome time at pearl Street warehouse. My niece had a wedding there today. The live band was awesome and I really enjoyed the atmosphere. Will be visiting again.
Cassie Mulheron
Cassie Mulheron: Thank you for a wonderful birthday experience. My sister and her friend had a great time despite being out for the first time following covid lockdown. It looks like things are coming together and that you listen to your customers, which will continue to improve the venue. I appreciate all the staff, especially my friend at the bar, up front and at the host stand. The food was Top Notch and the drinks were delicious. I hope that there are more comedy shows like this and happy that Rhea butcher was able to open up for you because they are doing important work.
Dave Younce
Dave Younce: Great cozy venue and a great way to spend an evening at the Wharf
Andre Bierzynski
Andre Bierzynski: Amazing spot on the Wharf. Even if you’re not into the live music scene, you can enjoy their simple and delicious food, which is served by an incredibly friendly staff. Also, their breakfast is hands down the best thing about the Wharf on the weekends!

6. Alice's Jazz & Cultural Society - Washington

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135 reviews
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Alice's Jazz & Cultural Society
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Address: 2813 12th St NE, Washington, DC 20017

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 6PM Sun

Telephone: (202) 515-0209

Business type: Live music venue

Alice's Jazz & Cultural Society: what do users think?
Ashantie L. Taylor
Ashantie L. Taylor: I love this place. Particularly because it’s alcohol-free, but especially because my son, who is a toddler, is welcomed. Very warm and inviting establishment to enjoy some good music.
Cynde Thomas
Cynde Thomas: Personable staff, gracious host (DeAndre), excellent fish dinner, and great jazz, jazz, jazz in a livingroom set.
Jerry Lowell
Jerry Lowell: Warm, intimate nin-alcohol club to see good local jazz. Diverse audience with love if music in comm.
Laurie MJ
Laurie MJ: The place was like stepping back in time. Where people came to play because they enjoyed it. This night Pepe and Imani Gonzales was the entertainers

7. Bethesda Blues and Jazz Supper Club - Montgomery County

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1645 reviews
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Bethesda Blues and Jazz Supper Club
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Address: 7719 Wisconsin Ave, Bethesda, MD 20814

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 12PM

Telephone: (240) 330-4500

Business type: Jazz club

Bethesda Blues and Jazz Supper Club: what do users think?
Cory Laws
Cory Laws: Four stars for a nice venue and a good variety of performers. Good acoustics. Food is ok. Not great, not horrible. Acceptably decent. Drinks are expensive, but I guess that goes with the situation. Staff was nice, friendly and attentive, especially considering the crowd. I was a bit turned off with the bill. A 20% gratuity was added, with a supposedly "custom" tip. The custom part was on top if the already claimed 20%. Regardless, the music was good, and we had fun. Will be back.
Sassy Sauce
Sassy Sauce: This is a nice club to see performers and enjoy an evening out with friends and family. The tables on the main floor are close together so get there early so you don’t have to navigate through so many people. The food and drinks are pretty good and the prices are reasonable. There is stadium styled seating in the back with approximately 8 rows of chairs. You can order drinks and food from the bar area and bring it back to your seat if you sit in the back stadium seats. The sound quality and acoustics of the musical performances is good as well.
Charita Mayo
Charita Mayo: I have been to Bethesda Blues many many times for so many events : live concerts, comedy shows and more. I enjoy myself every time. I love the options of artists they showcase. The tickets are reasonably priced. Now post Covid they changed management or food vendor & their food prices has increased ALOT! I do think that is ridiculous. You could eat before you arrive, but you still have to purchase something like drinks or dessert. Overall I always have a great time and enjoy the performance.
ange nance
ange nance: I thoroughly enjoyed the show. This is a nice small venue. You get an excellent view of the stage whether you get a table or sit upstairs. The food and drinks are overpriced for the quality and quantity. I suggest eating before you go. But the entertainment was awesome. I will definitely go back again.
T O: We decided to go to a concert here and made a weekend getaway out of it. We drove 4 hours to get here so maybe my expectations were too high but I don’t think so. To start, the venue is ok but old and needs updating. We had two less than great mixed drinks that came in small plastic cups. With tax and gratuity, the total was $45. We ate before we arrived so didn’t order the food. Thank God we didn’t because a lady next to us ordered a $25 salad that came in a plastic container with a lid on it. All food came in a plastic container with a lid on it. If I’m paying this kind of money, there are expectations like a certain quality, glasses to drink from, dinnerware, and silverware. I previously bought tickets to another show here later this summer but am going to think hard about whether I’m coming back. The vibe was completely off and the cost of the tickets may be sacrificed. If you’re going to call yourself a “supper club”, you need to up your game cause this ain’t it.
Stephanie Bullock
Stephanie Bullock: Only giving a 1 star because of the Performer . I am in healthcare, and they DO NOT ask to see proof of covid- vaccine as the website stated. We went to see Stockley last Friday evening . The website stated that the doors open at 5pm but the rude security guard peeked his head out the door and said “Well the website is wrong, doors open at 5:30pm” Seeing that it was raining outside , I asked the security guard if I come inside just to use their ladies room, and he stated “ There is a bar across the street that may have a restroom”. My friends and I walked across the street to a beautiful bar owned by the Marriott , where we had the best bartender and the best drinks . We walked back over to the Bethesda Jazz club just in time for the show . Stockley put on a great great performance, but the staff was extremely rude, and I will say eat before you arrive because the food and service was not worth the cost . I will definitely revisit the bar across the street located at the Marriott for happy hour , but will never return to the Bethesda Blues & Jazz Club.

8. Vegas Lounge - Washington

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22 reviews
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Vegas Lounge
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Address: 1415 P St NW, Washington, DC 20005

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10PM Fri

Telephone: (202) 483-3971

Business type: Night club

Vegas Lounge: what do users think?
Morgan Pearman
Morgan Pearman: This place is absolutely disgusting. We paid the $10 each cover as a bachelorette party, had fun talking to the bartender then went to a bar next door after staff told us we should come back later when it was more lively. When we attempted to reenter the bar as we had been told, the bouncer was rude and called us expletives when we questioned why we weren’t allowed in. The bouncer then threw my friend’s phone into the street as we attempted to escape into an Uber. I am from NYC and have literally NEVER seen behavior like this.
Brian Washington
Brian Washington: Had a great time....great atmosphere. Everyone was in a great mood and the band gave it all they had and then some. Played some BB KING, FRANKIE BEVERLY, JOHNNY GILL, to SWEET HOME ALABAMA and took requests!
Maria Vargas
Maria Vargas: I regret not having a minus rate, so my one is way over rated. The doorman didn`t even allowed my wife and I to get in arguing that my wife had too many drinks!!! I guess the guy was drunk, I am glad we did not go !!!
Brent Bjorkman
Brent Bjorkman: $10 cover to hear Loverboy covers and $9 drinks with zero booze. These kids are too stupid to know any better. At least on this night, this was NOT a blues bar.
Phil T.
Phil T.: Good for one night.... bathroom smelt like vomit veryyyyy bad. Seemed to be an accepted aspect of the bar.
Michele Raglin
Michele Raglin: Harrassed by members in bar and management did nothing to accept accountability- would not recommend
Nick Depaolo
Nick Depaolo: What a blast. Awesome live music!

9. Takoma Station Tavern - Washington

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614 reviews
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Takoma Station Tavern
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Address: 6914 4th St NW, Washington, DC 20012

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 5PM

Telephone: (202) 829-1999

Business type: Live music venue

Takoma Station Tavern: what do users think?
Janice Temple
Janice Temple: So happy to hear 🎵🎶🎼that Jazz Music is back at Takoma Station Tavern on Saturday Nights. I saw the amazing Antonio Parker 🎷🎷😍 Jazz Quartet. Incredible raw emotions! Jazz that moves your soul. The drinks are 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾 good and so are the Mombo Sauce Wings 🐔🐔🐔
Donald “Bulldog Forever” Sullivan
Donald “Bulldog Forever” Sullivan: Been going here for years. Went recently on a Friday night and it was great. Nice crowd, great music and a mature setting. Would recommend to anyone. Be advised parking will be a challenge.
James Greene
James Greene: Great place to relax after a long day at work at go chill.
W.Y B: Nice spot. People were kind. Drinks ok. It would be great if the food menu was better. I wish them well. Because that place could really really be a cool hang out.
Duncan Bishop
Duncan Bishop: Great atmosphere to watch games and place bets. Wings were fantastic and service was friendly and quick. No complaints.

10. The Crown & Crow - Washington

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280 reviews
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The Crown & Crow
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Address: 1317 14th St NW, Washington, DC 20005

Schedule: Closes soon ⋅ 2AM ⋅ Reopens 5PM

Telephone: (202) 763-7552

Business type: Bar

The Crown & Crow: what do users think?
Christopher Yuen
Christopher Yuen: I was in town for a business meeting and I took a few friends out to this bar on a whim and we had a blast! The bartenders were friendly and the drinks were unique and delicious! I had so much fun I ended up leaving my blazer at the bar. I called the manager Graham a few days later and he mailed it back to me all the way to Connecticut. He’s awesome and this place is too!!!!!
Response: Thanks Christopher, it's our pleasure to host you and your friends!
Annie: Cool bar with a chill vibe. Came here on a Monday night at 630 and there were only 2 other groups. Not the typical DC bar. There are a few tables and the bar to sit at. The cucumber mule was really good!
Response: You can always count on us for good vibes and great drinks, Annie. We're happy to hear you enjoyed your cucumber mule. Come back and see us for more cocktails in the future! -Cheers, The Crown & Crow
Corey Nolan
Corey Nolan: Always have a great time in this nostalgic Bar. Brian "Bar Man" has done an outstanding job building his dream. Staff is super friendly and they have stepped up their cocktail game since I last visited. Glad I was able to ring in 2022 in such good company! Thanks C&C team! Stay safe!
Response: We're glad to hear you always have a great time with us, Corey. Our friendly staff is always here to take care of you and treat you to a cocktail. We hope you'll be back to celebrate with us sometime soon. -Cheers, The Crown & Crow
Adriana Cortés-Buelvas
Adriana Cortés-Buelvas: I absolutely love the Crown and Crow. Great cocktails and a huge offer on drinks. Great indie rock music, feels like an Irish experience.Graham is the nicest!
Response: You can always count on us to show you a good time, Adriana! We're happy to hear you enjoyed your cocktails and the music. Hope to have you back again sometime soon! -Cheers, The Crown & Crow

11. 9:30 Club - Washington

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3418 reviews
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9:30 Club
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Address: 815 V St NW, Washington, DC 20001

Telephone: (202) 265-0930

Business type: Live music venue

9:30 Club: what do users think?
Brian Copes
Brian Copes: I believe it was my second time at this club and it was a great time! Context - I went to a pride/DJ/ drag show event, but I believe it’s a concert venue in the DC area. Security - I believe they have a metal detector and they check your bags so be prepared and consider that from a time management standpoint. Venue- it’s huge with multiple levels including bars, bathrooms and places to stand/dance/watch. I heard there’s a lower level, but last night I was just on the balcony and main floor near the stage. Vibe - loved the mood and energy. It was packed around 11PM EST even though it started at 10PM. There’s was free water, disco ball, alcohol, lights, go-go dancers and people in the mood to have a fun night. Overall, I would recommend this place for a night out.
Ian Pitts
Ian Pitts: Cozy venue with multiple bars and some food options. Parking is only a block or two away and there are options for food right nearby within walking distance. The ticket checking process was smooth and they even checked a camera that was deemed "professional" for free during the show.
Anna S
Anna S: I just took my daughter and her friends to this venue for the first time for an all ages show last night. I am so glad that I did! She and her high school friends had a great time! My friend and I had a nice view from the balcony bar and were able to enjoy ourselves and have our eyes on the girls at all times. We called the club earlier in the evening and the woman who answered the phone gave us great instructions on where to park as well! They take the mask and vaccinations proof seriously as well, which made me feel more comfortable about safety. Bathrooms were clean at the beginning and f the night. Overall, for a place to get 4 decades of people all enjoying the same music and scene, the 9:30 Club did a great job.
Michelle: What an awesome venue! I recently saw one of my favorite bands here and was blown away! The sound in this club is amazing! You can feel every beat and note. Also, great staff! Keeping it safe, but fun. 👍🏻👍🏻
Tori Barker
Tori Barker: We barely waited in line and we showed up 15 minutes before the show began which in my opinion was fantastic. When I say barely waited I mean the staff greeted us immediately, looked at our vax cards and IDs and because my boyfriend had lost his mask we had to wait 1 minute so the staff could grab us one. The staff were so kind and even though it was super cold they had such a great attitude and welcoming vibe. So thankful for everything at the venue. The people inside were also great and of course the Bartender, fantastic. I could not ask for more from this venue. The set up inside is stunning and our show was amazing! I am from NC but came up to D.C. to see Misterwives and I am so glad it did. A night to remember from start to finish, thank you 9:30 for all you do to keep entertainment alive during these times.
Nathan Faneuf
Nathan Faneuf: Amazing venue, been here twice so far. Would definitely see a show here. Bring ear plugs, very loud, but good sound. Drinks are expensive, 9 dollars for a shot of Jack Daniels. Friendly staff.
Osaurus G
Osaurus G: This is a pretty good venue. Love all the bars and the openness of the floor. The balcony area offers some great views of bands (Bob Mould for me)
Aida mary
Aida mary: Absolutely fantastic venue for a live show! I watched Saint Paul and the Broken Bones plus Thee Sacred Souls play here. The energy was lit! Great location. Great customer service! Would definitely go again. Highly recommend

12. Bobby McKey's Dueling Piano Bar - Fort Washington

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979 reviews
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Bobby McKey's Dueling Piano Bar
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Address: 172 Fleet St, Oxon Hill, MD 20745

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 7PM

Telephone: (301) 602-2209

Business type: Live music venue

Bobby McKey's Dueling Piano Bar: what do users think?
Titi: Great experience! Extremely talented musicians and our waitress was so nice. Only negative is having to sit so close to strangers if you are in a small group. Especially in these times. Other than that, we had a great time and definitely recommend!
Response: Thanks so much for this great review Titi!
Blue Girl
Blue Girl: It’s always fun coming to this place, I love it. So far I had nothing but wonderful experiences with this place. Great drinks and staff are super friendly. We like coming a little bit late when everyone’s a little buzz, more musicians at the stage and customers singing along. Definitely a place worth checking out when visiting National harbor.
Response: Thanks so much for this great review Blue Girl!
Josef Gasimov
Josef Gasimov: Excellent place to spend Saturday night with talented musicians, good drink menu and OK food. Bring lots of cash so you can order your favorite songs or mention birthday or anniversary etc. On Saturdays place stays up past midnight and opens door at 7pm with piano folks starting around 8pm. $35 admission fee is best money spent. Except food which was ok everything else was perfect. Definitely a place to come back to!
Response: Thanks so much for this great review Josef! We appreciate your business and you taking the time to share about your experience.
Alma Cochran
Alma Cochran: Definitely would recommend. The staff was amazing, musicians were extremely talented. The only thing that would make this a bad experience is if you had a crowd that wasn’t engaged, but the staff and musicians didn’t let that happen for me
Response: Thanks for this really great review Alma!
Shawn Bartley
Shawn Bartley: You must go!!! These musicians are amazing!!! Rock stars!!! Great atmosphere. Great experience!!!
Response: Thanks so much Shawn, this review is awesome!
Kat B
Kat B: 10/10 , highly recommend this for brunch with the girls or family . Definitely best for people who have a sense of humor . By the end of the brunch, my partner and I ended up on stage dancing to the piano version of “the thong song” lol We had a blast , felt like a safe place to be silly & for all ages above 21 , (they weren’t kidding about unlimited mimosas ), we never had an empty cup . There was a group of gals celebrating their 60th, another group of bachelorette ladies, and group celebrating a birthday . Although we were all strangers it felt like we were all celebrating together which speaks towards the welcoming ambiance and hosts of the brunch .
Response: Wow Kat, thanks for this really detailed review. You're totally sharing your experience with everyone and we appreciate you taking the time to post. You're the best!
Jennifer Osborne
Jennifer Osborne: We had such a great date night at Bobby McKey’s! Wow, the musicians are EXCELLENT, and their energy and enthusiasm is infectious. Hilarious too! Food was pretty tasty, but it’s definitely bar food. I recommend the egg rolls! (However, I don’t recommend the McKEY’S Breeze cocktail unless you like your drinks VERY sweet!) Definitely recommend checking this place out if you want a fun night at the harbor!
Response: Thanks for this great review Jennifer! Glad that you spent such a fun date night with us.
Adriane Bowman
Adriane Bowman: Since nobody is going to say it, the brunch food was nasty. The food was cold and bland. The only thing I enjoyed was my Sprite. Then as much as they charged (along with gratuity up front) the food was served on plastic plates like we were at a cookout. The dueling piano show was nice however, I would not return.
Response: Adriane, thanks for your business and honest feedback. Sorry to hear that we didn't meet your expectations. We clearly have some work to do and will continue to strive for a begtter output. I hope that you enjoyed the show.
Karly Coppinger
Karly Coppinger: This place is extremely overpriced. Tickets alone for a table seat are 25$ then mixed drinks are $15, shots $11, and beers $6-8. Not to mention the cups served with the drinks were very small not tall at all. Then if you want to put in a song request you have to provide a tip to the piano players… let alone they didn’t know half the songs we would put up for request.
Response: Karly, I guess it's all about geography and perspective. How much do you value 4 talented musicians with an incredible repertoire. Our pricing is definitely competitive to the DC metro area. A pedal your own boat cruise in our neighborhood goes for $50. We think $25 is extremely fair.

13. Mr. Henry's Restaurant - Washington

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999 reviews
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Mr. Henry's Restaurant
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Address: 601 Pennsylvania Ave. SE, Washington, DC 20003

Schedule: Closes soon ⋅ 1:30AM ⋅ Reopens 11AM

Telephone: (202) 546-8412

Business type: Pub

Mr. Henry's Restaurant: what do users think?
Giovana Cianciarulo
Giovana Cianciarulo: My boyfriend and I came to visit the DC area and were recommended to visit Mr. Henry’s. As music lovers, we absolutely LOVED the musicians and Dominique Bianco‘s performance! Our server, Pat, was incredibly sweet and offered a dessert at the end when the food took some time to make (which we didn’t even notice because the jazz show was that good!) I recommend the steak, it was delicious! Mr. Henry’s, we will definitely be back!
Kristen Mehr, Truly Fine Homes
Kristen Mehr, Truly Fine Homes: Went back for old times sake after 15 years...used to live around-the-corner from it on Capital Hill. Still same atmosphere but the nachos were not as I remember... too many beans...but their other food was good. Great neighborhood joint!
Nik Kei
Nik Kei: Got the seafood platter which sounded good on paper but when it was brought out….. It was underwhelming to say the least. It was missing the fried oysters. It’s old dark and dingy to me and was just not impressed. Waiter was great though. I honestly don’t know why this place gets great reviews. Felt it was misleading.
Bhavik Sharma
Bhavik Sharma: Visited this place for the first time in 2018. Visiting again today. Love this place. The food is awesome and the people are so courteous
t mac
t mac: The food was great for my first time. But the waitress we had was not attentive and did not check to make sure we good or offer specials or what try out being though it was our first time.
Karen Abdulrasheed
Karen Abdulrasheed: Crab cake sandwich and spicy crab dip was delicious and was capped off with brownie sundae Service was excellent and food served hot. Waiter was friendly and efficient. Will definitely come back to dine again next trip to DC
Emily Lumley
Emily Lumley: My husband and I live nearby and this has become our go to spot. We come here every few weeks for Rita Tuesdays, amazing old bay wings, great service and HH deals you can’t beat in this area. Favorite Dish - Old Bay Wings and The Reuben 😅 Atmosphere - chill and family friendly, highly recommend!
Caleb Tacuri
Caleb Tacuri: Music was great. I was able to find a parking spot in front even though we got there a bit late, which was convenient. Waiters were polite and helpful. Only problem was our food was given to us with a dead fly on it which was a turn off and we ended up leaving. You might have a better experience if you don’t eat here.
Faith Mitchell
Faith Mitchell: Was disappointed with my visit here as I always hear good things. Drinks were good, but the food was not. One item was clearly not made correctly as the taste was so off i couldn’t eat it. Fries undercooked, The burger and the fish sandwich I had tasted like they had no seasoning at all and the wings were fried way too hard. I couldn’t recommend.

14. JV's Restaurant - West Falls Church

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340 reviews
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JV's Restaurant
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Address: 6666 Arlington Blvd, Falls Church, VA 22042

Schedule: Closes soon ⋅ 2AM ⋅ Reopens 1PM

Telephone: (703) 241-9504

Business type: Bar & grill

JV's Restaurant: what do users think?
Natasha Brown
Natasha Brown: I really enjoyed this place. The food was great. I wanted a low calorie healthy dinner which they had and it was delicious. They served beer and wine only which was ok, I had a chardonnay. I would love to have had a margarita but wine was good enough. Service was great as well but the best part was the live jazz/blues band. Excellent entertainment!
Meg Elizabeth
Meg Elizabeth: We were in the area shopping and decided to stop in for a meal due to the ratings on this restaurant. There was music playing which was a nice surprise. The reason for this rating is due to the behavior of the door man. He came to our table three times during the end of our visit asking for $20 for a cover charge. On the first stop to our table, we told him we were just finishing our meal, didn’t have cash and that we were about to head out. At this time, the band was setting up their equipment. The second time he came over, the band started playing and we were waiting on our bill. The service was incredibly slow and it took awhile to get the check however, we did not mind because the waitress was sweet and very busy. On the third visit to our table the doorman just stood there and wouldn’t leave and just stared at us after he made smug expressions demanding $20, watching us sign the receipt. After paying $100+ for a meal and a couple drinks, we were utterly disgusted in his behavior. It is unbecoming to interrupt patrons THREE times demanding money while they are trying to pack up and leave. If people are already in the establishment and a band starts, let them finish eating and leave. I have been to many restaurants with live music and I have never be harassed and treated so poorly over a cover charge. Unfortunately, due to this frustrating experience, we will not be returning. Also, drink prices are not on the menu. We paid $9 for house wine in a plastic glass and $7 for blue moon which seemed steep for a dive bar.
Colleen Lanthrip
Colleen Lanthrip: The food is Like a home cooked meal and well proportioned. The weight staff is kind and friendly. The music is outstanding. There is something happening here every day. Don’t miss out on an adventure add the legendary JV’s.
Dorothy Patton
Dorothy Patton: Family played music there.Son Micheal, Vernon Santmye, sisters Fledia, Sue, June and daughter of Vernon, Bonnie all great singers. And bar waitress wonderful. Great had by all.
Nate B
Nate B: We enjoyed this place. They had a good band. Staff was friendly. They only serve wine and bottled beer for beverages. I would definitely recommend this place.

15. Basin Street Lounge - Jefferson Houston

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201 reviews
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Basin Street Lounge
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Address: 219 King St, Alexandria, VA 22314

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 4:30PM

Telephone: (703) 549-1141

Business type: Lounge

Basin Street Lounge: what do users think?
Tanyika White
Tanyika White: This place is WONDERFUL..celebrated my BFF BIRTHDAY at this Royal/Great Gatsby atmosphere and design. I LOVE IT. I will be returning🔥💎.
Matt Salchert
Matt Salchert: Upper floor cigar lounge has well-crafted cocktails and great music most nights. Gathers a pretty interesting mix of customers. But beware… this place gets smoky on weekends! I smoke a few cigars each week, so I’m not averse to some 2nd hand smoke. But on weekend nights the lounge gets PACKED and the ventilation system doesn’t keep up with the smoke. It’s like sitting in a smoldering house fire. I’d give the place a poor rating but, in all honesty, I haven’t spent much time on the lower floors where smoking isn’t allowed. So… a middling rating.
Joel Blea
Joel Blea: Large selection of Scotch Whisky and Bourbon. Good music and cigars.
Gary Gamez
Gary Gamez: I’m giving a star because of how good the band played and how hard the staff were working. However, this place feels super judgmental the moment you step in. My girlfriend and I were walking around old town and were drawn by the music, so my girlfriend and I decided to step in to see what was going on. It’s definitely a place for older people. I’m 24 and I’m almost certain I was the youngest person there besides the bar back. I was dressed as a normal 24 year old (I’d like to think…I mean I was wearing a hoodie and some khaki polo pants with some sneakers). But everyone kept staring over, at my girlfriend and I and everyone seemed quite pretentious (I mean I guess you have to be a little if you’re coming to smoke a cigar) but we were definitely treated differently than everyone else in there. We were being ignored by the staff and even when we were addressed it was very half-*seed compared to how they treated everyone else. I couldn’t call it if it was the way we were dressed or our age but everyone showed us animosity while we were there. Very culty vibes in there if you’re anything under 30 years old for sure. If it is about the clothes, don’t plan on coming unless you’re dressed like a banana republic ad with some pretentious watch and jewelry. And if it is about the age don’t plan on coming in your twenties. That was my take on this place. Not complaining if your point is to keep a certain type of customer but if that’s the case why keep an open door if you’re not going to be inclusive?
Steven Szabo
Steven Szabo: This is a gem! Live music, good service, and air circulation systems make enjoying a cigar an exceptional bonus. Food and drinks are available of course. This is the top floor of 219. Main floor is a restuarant and underground is another bar!
Christopher Kelly
Christopher Kelly: This is inside the 219 Restaurant. The lounge is a cigar bar. Limited but nice cigar selection. Cost is on par with other cigar bars that I been at. They also have live music on the weekends.
Kyle Durant
Kyle Durant: Nice find! Really enjoyed having a cigar and beverage to close out the night. Bar tenders were super friendly and helpful in finding the perfect cigar. Missed out on the live music, but imagine the atmosphere would be great with such.

16. Quadrant Bar & Lounge - Washington

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124 reviews
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Quadrant Bar & Lounge
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Address: 1150 22nd St NW, Washington, DC 20037

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 7AM

Telephone: (202) 974-4946

Business type: Lounge

Quadrant Bar & Lounge: what do users think?
Konstantin: Visited this place for breakfast while staying at Ritz Carlton hotel. Well, it is expensive but the food is good, atmosphere is very cozy and place itself is amazing. They do have buffet breakfast on Saturday and Sundays. Monday to Friday is a la carte
DJY30: Very comfortable place. I really enjoyed the relaxed but upscale setting. Live jazz on Saturdays, all the other days they play jazz, I guess from Spotify/radio. Still nice and relaxing. Cocktails are very strong and food is very delicious. I recommend to get a reservation ahead of time; it can be crowded in the bar area (small bar) if you dont come at an early time (aka 8pm/2000). Highly recommend.
Shaun “Shaun386” Jafarzadeh
Shaun “Shaun386” Jafarzadeh: Had dinner here after a long drive to DC. Food was good service was both friendly and knowledgeable. Bar staff was helpful with recommendations and knew the local bar scene well.
Ahmed Hameed
Ahmed Hameed: My gf and I were at this place, the drink cup broke and cut my girlfriend’s hand. They fixed this incident. 5 minutes Later the server brought the check and asked me to pay and leave because they were slow !! It was such a big lie … the place was full of customers and he had a big attitude when he seen lil salad dropped on the floor. I was extremely disappointed and treated racistly based on how I dressed First time and last time at this place.

17. The Dubliner Restaurant - Washington

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2044 reviews
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The Dubliner Restaurant
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Address: 4 F St NW, Washington, DC 20001

Schedule: Closes soon ⋅ 1:30AM ⋅ Reopens 7AM

Telephone: (202) 737-3773

Business type: Irish pub

The Dubliner Restaurant: what do users think?
H: I have never had a sublime turkey burger until I went here. Half a pound patties on toasted brioche buns with a side of thick cut fries. Great spot to hit a spot for pub food. The fries were a tad overly seasoned for my taste but I was thoroughly impressed by the burger of the day and the bison burger. Okay service. Restaurant is connected to a hotel in the back. Outdoor patio seating available. Nice atmosphere even though music was a bit too loud at times to converse.
Samar Al Kobrossy
Samar Al Kobrossy: Great place! The food is tasty and flavorful. The portions are big. The decoration is amazing. The waiters are attentive and can give you tips on how to navigate your way around the city. You can sit down, relax, and enjoy your food while listening to some beautiful Irish songs.
Kelly Hyer
Kelly Hyer: Great local choice. Fabulous service and really great food. When in an Irish spot, must have the fish and chips. Seasoned fries- yum. Sooo good, highly recommend. Pretzel stix appetizer delish. Nice kids options too 👌 🌭 🍟
Brett Daviau
Brett Daviau: Breakfast was great. Salmon bagel with all the fixings. Poor server was trying her best to handle the whole shop by herself. Hope she can get some help. Delicious.
Bobbi DeAnda
Bobbi DeAnda: AMAZING SERVICE!!! Food was ok, but the service was amazing. So friendly. So fast. So responsive. I actually left my sunglasses and someone ran them out to me!!! The French fries are AMAZINGGGGGG, but the rest of the food was just ok. Fish and chips, fish ok. Burger, ehh. I ordered the burger medium and it was well done. Probably a great spot for drinks and snacks, but wouldn’t go for lunch again. For drinks and French fries, YES!
Edward O'Beirne
Edward O'Beirne: Decent menu, good quality food, worth going again. Service was lackluster, possibly an element of understaffed but the place was nearly empty on a Friday afternoon 1pm. Greek salad with salmon was enjoyed. Philly cheesesteak about average. Cold beers. Nice outdoor seating view. Not first choice but would return.
craig mossinger
craig mossinger: This is an absolute must for lunch! Service is quick and friendly! Fish n chips and the Irish Rueben are phenomenal.
Steve Meier
Steve Meier: Great place, and of course what do you order at an Irish Resturant? Fish & Chips and it was probably the best I have ever had. Some of my coworkers were Shepherd Pie fans and a couple others were more traditional and had a Chicken Sandwich. The common theme was everyone was happy with their meal. Service was great and atmosphere was pleasant.

18. Jammin Java - Vienna

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574 reviews
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Jammin Java
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Address: 227 Maple Ave E, Vienna, VA 22180

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 5PM

Telephone: (703) 255-1566

Business type: Live music venue

Jammin Java: what do users think?
Dave Nemetz
Dave Nemetz: 31 years in Virginia, and I finally got to Jammin Java for the Chuck Prophet show on 11/7. Very intimate venue (~200), great sight lines, and super sound. Didn’t get any of the wonderful-smelling pizza (next time), but did get beers from the bar in the lobby - mad props to Lana doing wonders behind the bar. Already scanning the schedule looking for more shows!
Shuhua Bloom
Shuhua Bloom: Amazing place to enjoy some live music, pizza, and drinks. Jammin Java does not have a huge space but it offers a friendly space for music lovers indeed. Furthermore, the food and drink service is outstanding. One photo below was taken inside the restroom, the wall of the restroom has been decorated, how artsy it is! When we were there last month, the local band on stage is the Nighthawks, the fun atmosphere is unbelievable, you have to experience it yourself.
James F
James F: Awesome Food, great staff, and cozy venue! Their outdoor series is a ton of fun. Caligula Blushed was an awesome The Smiths tribute show!
Jeremy Cooper
Jeremy Cooper: This venue is SO cool. Very intimate. Great sound, lighting, food. Keep up the good work gang!
Response: Thank you!

19. Blue Sunday Bar & Grill - Bowie

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776 reviews
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Blue Sunday Bar & Grill
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Address: 6868 Race Track Rd, Bowie, MD 20715

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 3PM

Telephone: (240) 929-6667

Business type: Restaurant

Blue Sunday Bar & Grill: what do users think?
Jahaan Thomas
Jahaan Thomas: Dropped in for a quick bite during happy hour! I had the Strawberry Delight (margarita) and steak & cheese eggrolls. Both were really good! The egg rolls were a little too peppery for my taste but good nonetheless. We also had some lemon pepper wings (not pictured) that were good too! We had the pleasure of being served by Aaron the bartender.
Lauryn Powell
Lauryn Powell: Went here for my sister’s birthday. Everything was pleasing. Customer service was great, our waitress was on top of everything & food was great & didn’t take long. The only thing I didn’t like was the fact the ice melted in my drink because it sat too long before it left the bar.
Response: Thanks for choosing us. Also thanks for your feedback We will doing better and better. Welcome to come back with us.
Jennifer Oaks
Jennifer Oaks: We come to this place to our 10th marriage anniversary dinner and I Love the food that me and my hubby ordered which was the lamb chops with mashed potatoes and asparagus and for dessert NY cheesecake At this time this place wasn’t busy which was good for us because we can enjoy some peace which we can have a nice conversation and loving the music as well. Highly suggest this place to anyone that want to eat somewhere classy.
DC Gohard
DC Gohard: This used to be an old outback steakhouse but it is transformed into a nice bar and lounge seafood top 10 restaurant. I will forwarn you the prices are pretty high me but in the face and atmosphere definitely makes up for it I will be going back to get a seafood boil.
Mark Kido
Mark Kido: The service delivery in this place is purely what legends are made of - literally. Staff were so hands on, I had to call on a manager specifically to give compliment. Their menu variety is genius and wine list, even more. Rating: 100/10 because 10/10 is a travesty!!!!
Response: Not a Travesty! LoL Thanks so much it’s guests like you that keep us going! We hope to see you soon!
candie mongal
candie mongal: The staff is always pleasant. The menu is full of a variety of different foods. The bar is fully stocked and the band Secret Society keeps us dancing in our seats. Update..I went on Sunday it was nice and quiet not to full which is great for Covid. They had happy hour all day!!! The food was plentiful and delicious!! The bartender was attentive and helped with our questions about the menu. Keep up the great work!
Response: Thanks so much!!! We are pleased you enjoyed and can’t wait for our live music to resume.

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