Best Jazz Concerts Washington Near Me

1. Blues Alley Club - Washington

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Blues Alley Club
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Address: 1073 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington, DC 20007

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 6PM

Telephone: (202) 337-4141

Business type: Jazz club

Blues Alley Club: what do users think?
Laetitia Monnier
Laetitia Monnier: Awesome club ! We went there for a date night and it was a great experience. There is little table around the stage where you can get close and cozy. The atmosphere is dark and felted which is perfect for a romantic date. The music was awesome too. It was a mix of jazz, blues, hip-hop and it was definitely perfect. The food was good too with choice from southern cuisine which we love. I think it’s a must do in DC and we’ll definitely come back and recommend it to our friends and family !
Tom Williams
Tom Williams: This spot is dope and laid back, I like the location also. The drinks and food were good, this is a must go I will return for sure. They do ask for your vaccination card so don’t be surprised about that. Give it shot and enjoy yourself.
Michael Goodman
Michael Goodman: Good little historic jazz club in DC. Good space, nice acts coming through. A bit stuffy for my taste, as I usually prefer walk-in casual spots, and this requires tickets in advance. But forcing ticket sales does at least encourage active listeners rather than a raucous, drunken bar crowd. Pretty good layout, good view of the band from most seats in the house. The food is something awful. Get dinner elsewhere.
Anne Schumann
Anne Schumann: Blues Alley is open and putting on great shows. Vaccinations are required to enter but masks are optional (as of this review). Expect to pay a cover plus a food and beverage minimum. Tickets can be purchased online in advance and there are shows most nights of the week ranging from school bands, local up and commers and national talent. There is a parking garage right across the street or on weeknights you can usually find street parking.
Shantell Hartley
Shantell Hartley: The music was great. However, the service was terrible!!! The show started a little after 10pm. I didn’t get my drink until 11:30pm. Right after I got my drink, the show ended!!! They continually got our drink orders wrong and didn’t have any of the mixers we ordered. They even sent a mixed drink to our table in two different glasses, unmixed. It was a MESS! I finally had to ask for my drink to be mixed with a coke since they didn’t have anything else. It was not delicious. I couldn’t even drink it. I had to ask for extra soda because it was so strong. I am really disappointed by this experience. I should have gotten a refund! The two stars are only because the music was good.
Terri Miller
Terri Miller: Blues Alley never disappoints! The pefect venue for enjoying live music. The staff is friendly and professional. I saw one of my favorite artist Kim Waters. It was an amazing performance and outstanding band. I looking forward to going back soon.
J D: Wonderful jazz music in a historic carriage house. The quality of the music and musicians was equal to what we hear at our local concert venue. Owners are hospitable and service is quick and efficient. We enjoyed beverages but want to try the food on our next visit. Check this place out and do your part to support live jazz music and a lively venue.

2. Black Cat - Washington

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Black Cat
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Address: 1811 14th St NW, Washington, DC 20009

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 7PM

Telephone: (202) 667-4490

Business type: Live music venue

Black Cat: what do users think?
Nick Pascale
Nick Pascale: performed there with my band, The Missing Peace (check us out) and the staff was extremely nice to us and treated us with utmost respect despite opening for a huge artist. Also music venues normally carry a stigma of being stingy with their alcohol in their drinks but Black Cat served great tasting, well mixed drinks - best venue i’ve experienced in the DMV area!
Ramiro Pena
Ramiro Pena: My past two experiences have been dreadful. They pack the place so full of people it is really concerning. I straight up got panic attacks from just how many people are packed in post pandemic. God bless them but I guess it’s just not for me anymore. It’s so hard to ascertain when the events held here arent packed with a huge huge group of people because besides that I’m sure there are worthwhile acts to watch. I remember one group that did a really cool interpretive dance I’m sorry for the low score but thats me and I think I’m going to add some keywords so that a certain audience can understand. If you have autism or anxiety this might not be the most accesible place for you. The last two times I have been here getting a drink or even approaching the bar has been impossible. The place was so packed inevitability people were rubbing up against me CONSTANTLY. Personally I can’t stand that. This place has pinball which is nice but last time the one machine had a flipper broken. I wish I could enjoy being inside this place but theres no where to sit most of the time I feel awkward walking in and just standing around, I can’t feel comfortable dancing because theres no room to move without brushing up against someone. I just can’t stand that. This is a personal problem but if you have sensory issues like that consider this an advisement
kevin jenkins
kevin jenkins: Had a great time seeing Flobots. Bartenders are great. Tip them. Well.
JW Francis
JW Francis: I played here on 4/19 and had a wonderful experience! Very cool room with checkered floor. Very kind people behind the bar and working production. Two thumbs wayyyy up!
Robert Cardoni
Robert Cardoni: Mid size music venue hosting indie and punk acts. Space is long and narrow - so sight lines and sound can be off near the back but it’s still a great space. They recently downsized from 2 levels to one. Kind of sad but at least they weren’t forced out of the neighborhood due to gentrification. Bring cash. No credit cards accepted They no longer have food :(

3. State Theatre - Falls Church

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State Theatre
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Address: 220 N Washington St, Falls Church, VA 22046

Telephone: (703) 237-0300

Business type: Live music venue

State Theatre: what do users think?
Daniel W
Daniel W: Lots of fun. Comedy show. Service was good. Show was good Got the grilled wings and blue moon beers. Doors opened at 1900 show started at 2030. Got there at 1930. Place was setup for comedy show specifically. Tables on first floor (half reserved (2 days in advance) half first come first serve with food minimum purchase) upstairs had balcony, movie theatre seats and high chairs with drink rail. The balcony had about 20 seats along rail but is mostly for standing. Bathrooms clean and venue were old (1920s movie theatre) but clean. Will definitely be returning. Configuration is different for different show types (like concerts). Parking was easy (hospital parking garage across street).
N. Moore
N. Moore: Nice Venue! Friendly staff. Enjoyed food and drink, plus comedy show a little over 20 bucks.
Chloie French
Chloie French: I was having a great time. Then a waitress yelled at me to be quiet during a comedy show…….. the people behind me were also laughing very loud. Then when I went to the bar to order a drink she gave me very ugly looks. I felt very uncomfortable and will not be coming back. I really do not understand what I did to deserve this behavior. Other than that the drinks and food were having good. I just felt so uncomfortable from her being nasty to me I will not be coming back. I will also be posting about this on all my social media.
Anthony Shoraka
Anthony Shoraka: Good food ... full bar ... attentive and friendly service ... and FREE live music in an outdoor setting ... what more can you possibly ask for?
Ramiro Marquez
Ramiro Marquez: We had our wedding reception here and are absolutely thrilled with how everything turned out. The staff was super helpful and really went above and beyond. The communication was great during planning. For the event, we really felt like they were happy to be there. Everything went without any issues whatsoever. If you’re considering this as a venue for a reception, I would highly encourage you to do so.
Adam Grafton
Adam Grafton: Visited during the Demonatized Tour.A thoroughly excellent venue with a variety of seating, a fantastic menu and wonderful service! I do advise getting the steak & cheese with fries~
Dustin R
Dustin R: Surprisingly spacious inside. Food was good, we has the loaded tots with chili and the tots were crispy even though it was covered in cheesy chili goodness, was definitely enough for 2. Also had the chicken tender and they were good also. Mixed drinks were like $8 but considering the location and that its an entertainment venue i guess thats not too bad. Would definitely attend events here again

4. Bethesda Blues and Jazz Supper Club - Montgomery County

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Bethesda Blues and Jazz Supper Club
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Address: 7719 Wisconsin Ave, Bethesda, MD 20814

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 12PM

Telephone: (240) 330-4500

Business type: Jazz club

Bethesda Blues and Jazz Supper Club: what do users think?
Cory Laws
Cory Laws: Four stars for a nice venue and a good variety of performers. Good acoustics. Food is ok. Not great, not horrible. Acceptably decent. Drinks are expensive, but I guess that goes with the situation. Staff was nice, friendly and attentive, especially considering the crowd. I was a bit turned off with the bill. A 20% gratuity was added, with a supposedly "custom" tip. The custom part was on top if the already claimed 20%. Regardless, the music was good, and we had fun. Will be back.
Sassy Sauce
Sassy Sauce: This is a nice club to see performers and enjoy an evening out with friends and family. The tables on the main floor are close together so get there early so you don’t have to navigate through so many people. The food and drinks are pretty good and the prices are reasonable. There is stadium styled seating in the back with approximately 8 rows of chairs. You can order drinks and food from the bar area and bring it back to your seat if you sit in the back stadium seats. The sound quality and acoustics of the musical performances is good as well.
Charita Mayo
Charita Mayo: I have been to Bethesda Blues many many times for so many events : live concerts, comedy shows and more. I enjoy myself every time. I love the options of artists they showcase. The tickets are reasonably priced. Now post Covid they changed management or food vendor & their food prices has increased ALOT! I do think that is ridiculous. You could eat before you arrive, but you still have to purchase something like drinks or dessert. Overall I always have a great time and enjoy the performance.
ange nance
ange nance: I thoroughly enjoyed the show. This is a nice small venue. You get an excellent view of the stage whether you get a table or sit upstairs. The food and drinks are overpriced for the quality and quantity. I suggest eating before you go. But the entertainment was awesome. I will definitely go back again.
T O: We decided to go to a concert here and made a weekend getaway out of it. We drove 4 hours to get here so maybe my expectations were too high but I don’t think so. To start, the venue is ok but old and needs updating. We had two less than great mixed drinks that came in small plastic cups. With tax and gratuity, the total was $45. We ate before we arrived so didn’t order the food. Thank God we didn’t because a lady next to us ordered a $25 salad that came in a plastic container with a lid on it. All food came in a plastic container with a lid on it. If I’m paying this kind of money, there are expectations like a certain quality, glasses to drink from, dinnerware, and silverware. I previously bought tickets to another show here later this summer but am going to think hard about whether I’m coming back. The vibe was completely off and the cost of the tickets may be sacrificed. If you’re going to call yourself a “supper club”, you need to up your game cause this ain’t it.
Stephanie Bullock
Stephanie Bullock: Only giving a 1 star because of the Performer . I am in healthcare, and they DO NOT ask to see proof of covid- vaccine as the website stated. We went to see Stockley last Friday evening . The website stated that the doors open at 5pm but the rude security guard peeked his head out the door and said “Well the website is wrong, doors open at 5:30pm” Seeing that it was raining outside , I asked the security guard if I come inside just to use their ladies room, and he stated “ There is a bar across the street that may have a restroom”. My friends and I walked across the street to a beautiful bar owned by the Marriott , where we had the best bartender and the best drinks . We walked back over to the Bethesda Jazz club just in time for the show . Stockley put on a great great performance, but the staff was extremely rude, and I will say eat before you arrive because the food and service was not worth the cost . I will definitely revisit the bar across the street located at the Marriott for happy hour , but will never return to the Bethesda Blues & Jazz Club.

5. The Anthem - Washington

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The Anthem
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Address: 901 Wharf St SW, Washington, DC 20024

Telephone: (202) 888-0020

Business type: Concert hall

The Anthem: what do users think?
Maria Park
Maria Park: We went to the Anthem Theater to see LP in concert. My husband and I are disabled and we were astonished at how accommodating they were! We were seated in an ADA accessible section, allowed in right on time without having to stand in line. The bathrooms were very close, as was the bar and food. And the music was superb. We had a fantastic time! We will be back.
Vy H.
Vy H.: Came here recently for a Rebelution concert—it was my first time here and wow this venue is so nice— has a fancy vibe, and venue space is huge! There are plenty of bars around the complex, and even an outdoor patio on the second floor to hang out—the 2nd floor lobby bar is even open after the concert ends! Drink prices are reasonable, and they do offer some food options as well. I would recommend getting seats high up versus the general floor—they are like assigned box seats and you get a good view of the stage without any interference. Also, their sound system is amazing, I really enjoyed the concert experience here!
Greg Bollrud
Greg Bollrud: The Anthem is a good time. Big enough for a crowd but still feels intimate. Box seats if you don’t want to be on the floor (which is remarkably clean). Great vibe with drinks and food at a reasonable price.But what got it 5 stars is that it has a water fountain.
ghostface: saw MARINA here in February and had the best time! the show was amazing and the venue is so nice. all of the staff was very helpful and had everything well organized. I also appreciate the covid vaccination requirements because it makes me feel a lot safer. entering and exiting the building was very fast and went smoothly unlike other shows i’ve been to in the past. the seats I had were amazing and I had a great view of the stage. I liked that even though they were floor seats they still had comfortable chairs to sit on instead of being forced to stand. overall, it was an amazing experience and went beyond my expectations. I had the best night ever and I will be going to all of my future concerts here. in fact, I just bought tickets to see phoebe bridgers here in June and i’m so excited to return!

6. 9:30 Club - Washington

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9:30 Club
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Address: 815 V St NW, Washington, DC 20001

Telephone: (202) 265-0930

Business type: Live music venue

9:30 Club: what do users think?
Brian Copes
Brian Copes: I believe it was my second time at this club and it was a great time! Context - I went to a pride/DJ/ drag show event, but I believe it’s a concert venue in the DC area. Security - I believe they have a metal detector and they check your bags so be prepared and consider that from a time management standpoint. Venue- it’s huge with multiple levels including bars, bathrooms and places to stand/dance/watch. I heard there’s a lower level, but last night I was just on the balcony and main floor near the stage. Vibe - loved the mood and energy. It was packed around 11PM EST even though it started at 10PM. There’s was free water, disco ball, alcohol, lights, go-go dancers and people in the mood to have a fun night. Overall, I would recommend this place for a night out.
Ian Pitts
Ian Pitts: Cozy venue with multiple bars and some food options. Parking is only a block or two away and there are options for food right nearby within walking distance. The ticket checking process was smooth and they even checked a camera that was deemed "professional" for free during the show.
Anna S
Anna S: I just took my daughter and her friends to this venue for the first time for an all ages show last night. I am so glad that I did! She and her high school friends had a great time! My friend and I had a nice view from the balcony bar and were able to enjoy ourselves and have our eyes on the girls at all times. We called the club earlier in the evening and the woman who answered the phone gave us great instructions on where to park as well! They take the mask and vaccinations proof seriously as well, which made me feel more comfortable about safety. Bathrooms were clean at the beginning and f the night. Overall, for a place to get 4 decades of people all enjoying the same music and scene, the 9:30 Club did a great job.
Michelle: What an awesome venue! I recently saw one of my favorite bands here and was blown away! The sound in this club is amazing! You can feel every beat and note. Also, great staff! Keeping it safe, but fun. 👍🏻👍🏻
Tori Barker
Tori Barker: We barely waited in line and we showed up 15 minutes before the show began which in my opinion was fantastic. When I say barely waited I mean the staff greeted us immediately, looked at our vax cards and IDs and because my boyfriend had lost his mask we had to wait 1 minute so the staff could grab us one. The staff were so kind and even though it was super cold they had such a great attitude and welcoming vibe. So thankful for everything at the venue. The people inside were also great and of course the Bartender, fantastic. I could not ask for more from this venue. The set up inside is stunning and our show was amazing! I am from NC but came up to D.C. to see Misterwives and I am so glad it did. A night to remember from start to finish, thank you 9:30 for all you do to keep entertainment alive during these times.
Nathan Faneuf
Nathan Faneuf: Amazing venue, been here twice so far. Would definitely see a show here. Bring ear plugs, very loud, but good sound. Drinks are expensive, 9 dollars for a shot of Jack Daniels. Friendly staff.
Osaurus G
Osaurus G: This is a pretty good venue. Love all the bars and the openness of the floor. The balcony area offers some great views of bands (Bob Mould for me)
Aida mary
Aida mary: Absolutely fantastic venue for a live show! I watched Saint Paul and the Broken Bones plus Thee Sacred Souls play here. The energy was lit! Great location. Great customer service! Would definitely go again. Highly recommend

7. John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts - Washington

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10069 reviews
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John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts
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Address: 2700 F St NW, Washington, DC 20566

Telephone: (202) 467-4600

Business type: Performing arts theater

John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts: what do users think?
Amanda Turcotte
Amanda Turcotte: I love being a member of the Kennedy Center. I joined during the pandemic because I wanted to support the arts and because a friend told me how much they enjoyed being a member. Fast forward a couple years later and I am finally able to enjoy both indoor and outdoor events at the center. The mission of the Kennedy Center really speaks to me and the community events as well as amazing performances throughout the year definitely make the membership worth while. My husband and I attended our first opera this year. We have also attended a few National Symphony Orchestra performances and a members only rehearsal. It was really special to watch the orchestra rehearse and see how the players and conductor come together to perform beautiful compositions. The Hall of States and Hall of Countries are really something to behold as well. There is so much history to learn about. The Reach is another building on the campus that is also full of great historical moments and an active work area for artists. The grounds have an amazing view of the Potomac River as well. There is parking on site for $25 and members receive a $5 discount on parking if you book in advance. We have not tried the on site restaurant yet, but plan to soon. Definitely check out an event and grounds of the Kennedy Center, if you are in the area. You will want to come back for sure. Thanks! :-)
Joana Ward
Joana Ward: Lunar New Year Lanterns. Beautiful Display and family friendly. During COVID everyone was wearing masks even outside. Recommending you go early to park and although the line was long it moved quickly for how long it was (40 minutes). There was a free station for activities the kids could do. Bring two adults for kids so someone can stay in line while the other one has the kids exploring.
Jessica Isbell
Jessica Isbell: We had an absolutely amazing time! The entire experience was just wonderful. My 6 year old thoroughly enjoyed it as well. Venue was incredible, staff exceptional. Weather was a perk too, perfect day. The outside area for intermission with views of DC is fabulous. We will absolutely be back. Thank you for adhering to masking and vaccination policies as well while bringing the arts back into these hectic times.
preservefootprints: We visit there on last 2 days of the Reach Winter Lanterns Festival. It was a huge area filled with lanterns displays celebrating 2022 Lunar New Year, it was so beautiful and bright. They have benches with heater around the open space. The organizer has worked excellent to manage the guests flow!
David Morar
David Morar: A true home for the performing arts, the Kennedy Center has numerous stages from the Opera House to a black box theater and everything in between. Created for DC residents and tourists alike, the Center brings or originates amazing shows, events and workshops. It’s both the institutional house for the National Symphony Orchestra and the place that has daily free shows (of all types) at 6pm. It’s truly got something for everyone, and with the recent addition of The Reach its uhm, reach has broadened even further! You can never go wrong with the KC. Highly recommend visiting on a random day even if you’re not going for a show: having just celebrated 50 years, the center is proud of its history and showcases it among other revolving pieces in its vast and airy halls. Check out the terraces (ground level and “terrace” level) and enjoy sweeping views of the city. A true gem in the nation’s capital!
Mark Capriotti
Mark Capriotti: Arrive early, grab a drink, and walk along the roof top. Perfect way to start the evening looking at many views of DC. Masks are required for the theater.
C F: Beautiful performing arts center with amazing friendly staff. Our family loves to attend shows as well as grab some snacks and walk the grounds. Some beautiful views of the river, some monuments and Georgetown. Also 2 gift shops, a cafe, and multiple snack stations. Underground parking also available or you can grab the shuttle which picks up and drops off at the GW metro station.
Grey TheCat
Grey TheCat: This place is a lot of things, historic, classy, artsy, fun, accessible, it offers a ton of free activities and events and variety. This is a cultural epicenter and one of the East coast best venues. Spacious, easy parking and overall inexpensive events make it accessible to most people even those on a small budget.

8. Atlas Performing Arts Center - Washington

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394 reviews
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Atlas Performing Arts Center
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Address: 1333 H St NE, Washington, DC 20002

Telephone: (202) 399-7993

Business type: Performing arts theater

Atlas Performing Arts Center: what do users think?
Patrick: Fantastic performing arts venue. The personnel were very friendly, funny and helpful to the artists. The theater is certainly a fantastic place for groups to get their fuse of cultural events and performing arts.
Michael Covington
Michael Covington: Excellent venue for performances. Viewing angle from all seats are great.
Linda Neuman
Linda Neuman: This unique and gorgeous performance space never disappoints. We have seen several incredible shows here with creative staging and impressive acting. Located near many wonderful restaurants and bars, it is a great central point for an enjoyable evening out. Come by metro, then hop on a shuttle that runs up and down the street. We need more places like this.
D Waldo
D Waldo: A stellar cast performed the production of MARY SEACOLE. Mary, a British-Jamaican holistic nurse, frequently considered the black Florence Nightingale also nursed war wounded soldiers.
Justin Hanna
Justin Hanna: Join Triumph DC Church on Sundays at the Atlas at 10a. Atlas Performing Arts Center is a fantastic venue for arts and theatre as well as worship. Come join us and make some new friends.
ron lu
ron lu: Awesome bunch of musicians from the Capital City Symphony Orchestra and the Director VickiGau is more than awesome!
Adrienne: Saw a fascinating and moving play called "The Agitators" about the decades long friendship between Frederick Douglass and Susan B Anthony. It was my first time to The Atlas and it did not disappoint. The show was great and the facilities are very nice. The picture is of an after show discussion with the Artistic Director, Playwright and Directo.
Response: Thank you!
Jabari Clark
Jabari Clark: Nice set of theaters with an organic, neighborhood feel. Friendly staff and clean facilities. Comfortable chairs and temperature. Not a fan of the service fee per ticket when buying as a bundle. That may prove to be cost prohibitive to some. No dedicated parking and street parking is limited. No local metro but streetcar stop is across street. Overall pleasant experience to bring local acts to the stage.
Tracey Newman
Tracey Newman: I am STILL talking about this performance! It was phenomenal! I am hoping there will be encore performances in the future. A beautiful kind was eloquently portrayed in this piece. Very well done!

9. Arts Club of Washington - Washington

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79 reviews
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Arts Club of Washington
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Address: 2017 I St NW, Washington, DC 20006

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM

Telephone: (202) 331-7282

Business type: Non-profit organization

Arts Club of Washington: what do users think?
Perks Advisor
Perks Advisor: This Club is sandwiched between the White House and George Washington University. It is a private club but open to the public during certain hours. The historic building is worth the visit and you can visit certain rooms that have art hanging on the walls. You can also use the facilities for events. If you enjoy art and a quiet atmosphere this is a very nice venue.
Bob Craycraft
Bob Craycraft: Great membership organization and four art galleries open to the public at no charge.
BRASH BRASH: This was an unexpected treat for me. I received an email about a dinner theatre production about the pending election and decided to go. The location is quite historic and beautifully furnished. There are documents signed by early presidents on the walls. The courtyard in back was charming and features a relief of a bygone scene. Though it is a private club for artists and collectors, the location has regular openings and lectures revolving around the arts. The event I went to was affordable: $40 for a buffet dinner, a 90 minute musical, and a dessert spread afterwards. The members were all very friendly and informative, lively and welcoming.
Paul A
Paul A: Nice historical place with a conference room for meetings.
Margaret Jones
Margaret Jones: You have to check website on when can see art or events open to non-members. Can also sign up on email list.
Marie-B CDA
Marie-B CDA: This "temporary" White House is a very elegant home where exhibits, concerts, lectures, poetry readings, ballets are hosted and fine lunches and dinners are served. Every room is elegantly decorated and in the spirit of Monroe. The garden is a nice additio.. The Club offers membership to Artists and drawing/painting classes are taught. A very pleasant place to visit or become a member.
Dr. Laura Reid
Dr. Laura Reid: It is a beautiful facility with a beautiful grand piano on the second floor. And houses a lovely space for meetings
Michelle Peete
Michelle Peete: Small art museum nestled close to GW University. A great venue for intimate events. Large patio area for outdoor activities. The food was adequate. Great service.
Jeffrey Kipers
Jeffrey Kipers: Great place for event such as a wedding reception

10. City Winery DC - Washington

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577 reviews
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City Winery DC
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Address: 1350 Okie St NE, Washington, DC 20002

Telephone: (202) 250-2531

Business type: Winery

City Winery DC: what do users think?
Nisha Thomas
Nisha Thomas: We visited this venue to see a live band. The band was amazing. We arrived early to make sure we had good seats in front with a clear view of the stage. To sell more tickets, the manager brought more chairs and tables out later during the show so our view of the band was blocked during the second half of the show. The kitchen offered a very limited menu and it was almost impossible to get our waiter to come back to our table. We waited almost 20 minutes just for water. When he did take our order, he’d leave items off or write down the order wrong. 5 stars for the entertainment and 0 for the service.
Response: Nisha, I am sorry to hear that we did not earn your five stars. We strive to deliver a seamless experience for our guests, and it is never our intention to inconvenience them. I assure you that we will use this feedback to improve our practices moving forward. If there is anything more we can do to assist you or better your visit, please feel free to reach out to me directly. Thank you, Michael Ware - General Manager -
Shanon L.
Shanon L.: Shockingly bad service. I felt bad for recommending the venue. According to friends, service was excellent prior to the shut down. That’s not the case now. We arrived a little after 6 pm (tix said doors open at 6 pm). We were told “they” were running behind and we could have a seat until they notified us the doors were open. We were sitting in the bar area downstairs but there was no bartender. We were ushered upstairs about 6:25 pm and told we were the first to arrive but could order our drinks and food through the app. Every staff member we spoke to made it seem like we were inconveniencing them. We scanned the qr code and there was no option to order food. We sat there another 15 minutes before we were finally able to flag someone over. We’d seen about 6 staff members upstairs just talking amongst themselves across the room. One walked by and said he’d find a server to help us and we never saw him again. Gary walked over and introduced himself. He was mumbling and we could barely understand a word he was saying. He kept telling us we should be able to order using the app, and I pulled it up on my phone to show him it wasn’t working. Then, he leaned over and grabbed my phone from me. He smelled absolutely putrid and I guessed he was either high or intoxicated. It was so gross - and I was wearing a face shield the whole time. My partner had on a mask. We both smelled him. Gary kept saying he’d take care of us, but we had to request everything like 3x. He told us we should know which wine we preordered for the table. But, what was the point of reserving a bottle if they don’t keep track of it? Another staff member approached to tell us she just “turned it on” and we could order food now. We were confused as to why everything was so unorganized and slow. A party of 4 older women walked in and sat at the table behind us. I was surprised to hear Gary make a lewd joke, which I found gross - but that party didn’t seem offended. It definitely wasn’t professional. Later, we heard the same party yelling at Gary over the bill. They asked to bypass the app and use physical menu’s for him to take their order. Big mistake. Apparently, the bill was incorrect. They wound up leaving early. The food was good and we enjoyed the performance, but we were ready to get out of there asap. Terrible service, and not worth the price for a subpar experience.
Response: Shanon, thank you for taking the time to share. I am really sorry that you didn't have a better visit here. We strive to make the food and drink ordering process seamless, but clearly, we're still working out some kinks in the system. I apologize that our team wasn't more professional--we always want the most for our guests, and we let you down. We'll discuss your feedback with our team, and if we can do anything else for you, please let us know. Best, Hope Calhoun - Training Manager -
Yolanda Fraction
Yolanda Fraction: The Pros: Many thanks to our waiter, Gary. He made sure we had drinks as soon as we sat down and he provided awesome service. I almost didn’t book tickets because of many of the poor, recent reviews. But, I’m glad that I did. The performance by Tony was phenomenal. The service and food was not at all bad, perhaps, significant improvements had been recently made? The Con: The one thing that I did not like was how crammed in everyone is. I’d pay “double” to have more room. It’d be nice if they had an option where you could have a half a table to yourself as the high top tables were all taken. That will be my main reason for not returning soon is that with COVID, even though everyone is required to show their full proof of vaccination it still makes me uncomfortable to be that close to someone that I don’t know, especially given breakthrough cases are more possible now than ever. The venue is pretty awesome, I remember it from when it was “Love” many moons ago. They did a great job with completely redoing the building in that sense. It’s very classy.
Response: Yolanda - Thank you so much for visiting us at City Winery DC and taking time to share this feedback. I'm so glad that you enjoyed the show and the service you received from Gary. I do apologize if you were at all uncomfortable. We will keep your review in mind moving forward, and I hope you consider coming back in the future. Mark Pearson - General Manager -

11. The Wharf DC - Washington

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5876 reviews
new review
The Wharf DC
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Address: 760 Maine Ave SW, Washington, DC 20024

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Telephone: (202) 688-3590

Business type: Event venue

The Wharf DC: what do users think?
Rob Outdoors
Rob Outdoors: Beautiful waterfront! We were supposed to stay at the wharf, but opted out to stay at an airbnb because of the pup. Was there for the Brian Culbertson jazz concert (Huge Fan)! One recommendation, please go to the fish market to get some king crab legs, and clam chowder soup! Expensive, but worth it! Get your own butter! Cordial at the wharf is a good spot as well! If you are into wine, beer, whiskey, check it out! Highly recommend!
anuradha menon
anuradha menon: A fun place to hang out. A very fancy boardwalk. Has a variety of restaurants with a lot of food and drink options. Lots of seating to take in the breathtaking views. The recreation pier has some lovely swings and a camp fire thing at the end of the pier which is beautiful.
Arnold Flores
Arnold Flores: The Wharf DC Nuff Said. Hip, funky, wild, sexy, romantic, vibrant, cool Families, Singles, Couples, Prom Night, Date Night - fun, fun, fun. Great place to take a stroll, take in the sights, people watch, enjoy a drink at any local bar, smoke a cigar, grab a relaxed casual bite or more upscale dress to impress, something for everyone. Get there in late afternoon and enjoy the sunset dinning outside or inside. Take a stroll after drinks, with a cigar, or after dinner and enjoy scenery. Fun!
Aimee Lim
Aimee Lim: This is a place not to missed when in DC. Awesome views and great food places. Parking is a bit of a problem. But we enjoyed walking around and finding some place to it. We also end up buying cooked crabs and shrimp.
Jason Whittle
Jason Whittle: This is a newly developed and very popular area. Really busy during the weekend but plenty of space at other times. Trendy bars and restaurants but not overly expensive. Incredible fish market on the near side, attractive views over the river.Very picturesque at night with an impressive lighting display.

12. National Gallery of Art - Washington

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13937 reviews
new review
National Gallery of Art
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Address: Constitution Ave. NW, Washington, DC 20565

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM

Telephone: (202) 737-4215

Business type: Art museum

National Gallery of Art: what do users think?
Terry Bexton
Terry Bexton: AWESOME art. Absolutely unbelievable to witness these masterpieces in real life. I was astonished by the gift shop as well. Most people that know me know that I LOVE gift shops, and this one was definitely one of my new favorites. It had all the different art related things a person could think of. Absolutely would recommend this gallery to any art lover.
R Lin
R Lin: I’ve been to the Gallery of Art a few times now, and it really just never gets old. It would also take at least one entire day to truly get through everything that’s there (the museum is HUGE, and has more than one building), so when I say it never gets old it’s the honest truth. There’s something new pretty much every time because there’s a back corner or section you accidentally missed the previous time. This place is beyond easy to get lost in. It’s definitely an iconic Smithsonian, and worth seeing. But again- this place is massive! Schedule a big chunk of your day if you want to see a lot of it, or else prioritize the works you want to see and grab a building map to help you stay on track (there’s a good chance you’ll still get a little lost). You get to see some true, original and iconic pieces here. I think it’s also fun seeing where the Gallery got the pieces from. If you’re at all a souvenir person you’d better also visit the gift shop (again, view the building map and follow signs because it can be tough to find). Love this maze of a museum!
Shravya Boppana
Shravya Boppana: FANTASTIC! This is a great place to visit for all ranges of art lovers! It has such a wide range of art that is a ranged in an easy to digest walk through. The interactive guide through the app can help with understanding the history behind the artist and art, which is great for people who are just beginning in the art scene as well. It is a must visit!
Evan S
Evan S: A free museum with so many fabulous paintings! The Van Gogh selection was amazing.. if you have time check it out! It was so easy to get in and out.
Kevin Shim
Kevin Shim: No entry fee. Wear a mask. This museum has a good collection of art. From early Rennaisance to modern. Da Vinci, Raphael, Vermeer, Degas, Monet, Degas, Rothko are the highlights of this museum. It’s laid out in a way to showcase how our perception of art has evolved over the years. The East building holds all the modern art. The underground concourse that connects the West and East building is worth checking out.

13. Westminster Presbyterian Church - Washington

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71 reviews
new review
Westminster Presbyterian Church
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Address: 400 I St SW, Washington, DC 20024

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10:30AM

Telephone: (202) 484-7700

Business type: Presbyterian church

Westminster Presbyterian Church: what do users think?
Kenneth Holmes
Kenneth Holmes: Kenney Holmes and the Big Blues Band put on a great show last night. Lot of fun and great food
Marcella Clark
Marcella Clark: Great Blues music every Monday. Only a $10.00 cover charge.
Jacquelyn Zimmermann
Jacquelyn Zimmermann: Superb jazz every Friday at 6 - 9 p.m. for a $10 donation. Top, nationally and world-recognized jazz musicians. Same on Blues Monday - authentic, professional blues music every Monday.
Kisha Bridges-Ward
Kisha Bridges-Ward: 🎶Live Jazz Band, excellent food & good old fashion fun🙂
Response: Thank you, Kisha! We're glad you had good old fashion fun.
Etna Cavalcante
Etna Cavalcante: I always loved this place. Place of peace, love and marvelous music. And close to the the Waterfront Metro Station. 🙏🎶💐
Response: Thank you for such kind words!
David W.
David W.: The live jazz we heard on a Friday night was outstanding, and a bargain at $10. With few or no jazz venues operating during the pandemic, this venue is an excellent choice for high quality music.
Response: Thanks, David. We're so glad you discovered this gem of a jazz venue. All the best to you.
Lauren Carpenter
Lauren Carpenter: Loved the Jazz night and the food was amazing!

14. Mr. Henry's Restaurant - Washington

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999 reviews
new review
Mr. Henry's Restaurant
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Address: 601 Pennsylvania Ave. SE, Washington, DC 20003

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11AM

Telephone: (202) 546-8412

Business type: Bar

Mr. Henry's Restaurant: what do users think?
Giovana Cianciarulo
Giovana Cianciarulo: My boyfriend and I came to visit the DC area and were recommended to visit Mr. Henry’s. As music lovers, we absolutely LOVED the musicians and Dominique Bianco‘s performance! Our server, Pat, was incredibly sweet and offered a dessert at the end when the food took some time to make (which we didn’t even notice because the jazz show was that good!) I recommend the steak, it was delicious! Mr. Henry’s, we will definitely be back!
Kristen Mehr, Truly Fine Homes
Kristen Mehr, Truly Fine Homes: Went back for old times sake after 15 years...used to live around-the-corner from it on Capital Hill. Still same atmosphere but the nachos were not as I remember... too many beans...but their other food was good. Great neighborhood joint!
Nik Kei
Nik Kei: Got the seafood platter which sounded good on paper but when it was brought out….. It was underwhelming to say the least. It was missing the fried oysters. It’s old dark and dingy to me and was just not impressed. Waiter was great though. I honestly don’t know why this place gets great reviews. Felt it was misleading.
Bhavik Sharma
Bhavik Sharma: Visited this place for the first time in 2018. Visiting again today. Love this place. The food is awesome and the people are so courteous
t mac
t mac: The food was great for my first time. But the waitress we had was not attentive and did not check to make sure we good or offer specials or what try out being though it was our first time.
Karen Abdulrasheed
Karen Abdulrasheed: Crab cake sandwich and spicy crab dip was delicious and was capped off with brownie sundae Service was excellent and food served hot. Waiter was friendly and efficient. Will definitely come back to dine again next trip to DC
Emily Lumley
Emily Lumley: My husband and I live nearby and this has become our go to spot. We come here every few weeks for Rita Tuesdays, amazing old bay wings, great service and HH deals you can’t beat in this area. Favorite Dish - Old Bay Wings and The Reuben 😅 Atmosphere - chill and family friendly, highly recommend!
Caleb Tacuri
Caleb Tacuri: Music was great. I was able to find a parking spot in front even though we got there a bit late, which was convenient. Waiters were polite and helpful. Only problem was our food was given to us with a dead fly on it which was a turn off and we ended up leaving. You might have a better experience if you don’t eat here.
Faith Mitchell
Faith Mitchell: Was disappointed with my visit here as I always hear good things. Drinks were good, but the food was not. One item was clearly not made correctly as the taste was so off i couldn’t eat it. Fries undercooked, The burger and the fish sandwich I had tasted like they had no seasoning at all and the wings were fried way too hard. I couldn’t recommend.

15. Union District Oyster Bar & Lounge - Washington

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556 reviews
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Union District Oyster Bar & Lounge
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Address: 501 Morse St NE, Washington, DC 20002

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 4PM

Telephone: (202) 621-9039

Business type: Oyster bar restaurant

Union District Oyster Bar & Lounge: what do users think?
Michael Anderson
Michael Anderson: Enjoyed the food and enjoyed the service from the bartenders. My friend and I had never been here and decided to give it a try. The food was great, excellent bartenders and very courteous staff however, management(short Hispanic woman) tonight was horrible. She approached my friend and I tonight while we were at the bar spending a lot of money and reached in to grab a seat at the bar. We kindly told her his wife was on the way in from the car and we were told by her the seats at the bar had a reservation even though we had been sitting there eating and drinking over an hour prior to her coming up to snatch the seat. Who reserves seats at a bar? She had a very nasty attitude and when we kindly said this seat is taken and that my friends wife had walked out to the car, but was coming right back the manager said she was the owner and she had the right to take the seat. I paid our bill and tipped our awesome waiter and then we left. I made sure to tip well tonight, but we will not be back. Again the food is great, but the lady/management on the staff tonight was absolutely horrible with customer service. I really feel bad for your bartenders. They lost a lot of money tonight.
Arlene Fleming
Arlene Fleming: I really didn’t want to post this due to the pandemic and businesses need to stay afloat however, my husbands birthday event was straight out of a “pranked” episode. The only good thing was the drinks. A one hour dinner turned into four hours because of the food. I worked with the chef for weeks preparing for the dinner for ten. The menu was wrong, the orders were wrong. The dessert was burned so the chef offered sugar rice. Then tried to charge full price. I continue to have nightmares about the event and finally decided to leave a review because as much as I want to support businesses, businesses should work to receive support!
Keshia Wideman
Keshia Wideman: We celebrated here on Karaoke Wednesday. What a fun, entertaining, and sociable setting. The atmosphere was very welcoming, and the band was lit 🔥. Kareem, and his wife where very nice to us with our 101 year old uncle. Yes, he was so excited about the women , and the music. We felt so good to be among our dmv people. Will definitely be returning.
Rachel Haywood
Rachel Haywood: I think this might be the worst meal I’ve had in my 8 years living in DC. There’s a reason this place was almost empty at 7:30 on a Saturday night in the busy union market neighborhood. The shrimp and grits were comparable to Waffle House, the wine was room temperature (and it was about 80 degrees inside), and the cocktails were watered down and overly sweet. Oysters were fine but some of them were really small. Everyone working there was super nice, except for one guy who, when asked if there was soup available, laughed….it’s listed on your menu - this is not an absurd question to ask. The menu was also pretty pathetic. Several people came in and left after looking at it. This place would be a fantastic candidate for Bar Rescue. It’s got potential but there’s no way in hell I’m coming back given the million other options in DC.
D Harper
D Harper: Great Food. Very Friendly service. Atmosphere was welcoming. 1st floor is great for dinner or watching the games at the bar. 2nd floor gives a more Intimate, chill, lounge feel. Excellent vibe.

16. The Yards - Washington

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292 reviews
new review
The Yards
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Address: 1300 First St SE, Washington, DC 20003

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Business type: Park

The Yards: what do users think?
Tyler Harris
Tyler Harris: I remember coming to this area just 10 years ago and it was not the part of town where you would want to bring your family. Now it has several beautiful boardwalks, bridges and green space that make this a great hangout venue. There are lots of great restaurants on the water with even more just up a ways.i really enjoy this area.
DAVID GILL: Great views of the river. Nice large boardwalk and many trees for shade. Grass area for kids to play. Also a good variety of restaurants to choose from close by.
Keith Delk
Keith Delk: Perfect place for a photoshoot after good meals and drinks! Golden hour here is gorgeous (5-7pm.) Love the views and plenty of areas to sit for a nice chat or self introspection.
Bob Landes
Bob Landes: Fantastic light and lanscaping. Wonderful place to walk along the river boardealk and over pedestrian bridges with many places to chill or have food and refresment.
Bas Harkink
Bas Harkink: Nice place to walk around and take a look.

17. The Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center - Adelphi

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477 reviews
new review
The Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center
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Address: 8270 Alumni Dr, College Park, MD 20742

Telephone: (301) 405-2787

Business type: Performing arts theater

The Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center: what do users think?
Lisa Church
Lisa Church: Saw King Lear by the Maryland Shakespeare Players on 5/13/2022. It runs for 2 more shows, and is a fantastic production in an intimate theater setting. Thos is a very talented cast! See it if you can!
Arthur Harrison
Arthur Harrison: This is one of the best aspects of the University of Maryland College Park. The abundance of talent is astounding, and there are many free events ranging from solo recitals to full student orchestra events. Parking, however is at a premium, with very few visitor spaces that are not particularly convenient to the building.
Sharon Keyser
Sharon Keyser: The Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center is a beautiful facility offering entertaining and extraordinary cultural events. I always enjoy the performances and interesting guests I see there.
Mary: There are amazing free public events at Clarice every semester! Check it out on their website. Also, if you are a student, Clarice has a really nice/quiet library
tina largent
tina largent: Lovely performance hall. The smaller room we used eas fantastic for the acoustics!
Daniel Wright
Daniel Wright: Love this place. Have seen the UMD jazz bands/combos. They put on a great show. Some talented musicians. Looking forward seeing a musical and/or orchestra. Normally find parking nearby in lot Z.
Sajida Baig
Sajida Baig: Whenever my husband get some time, his favorite thing to do to his family is to take us to this performing arts theater.

18. United States Army Band - Arlington

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63 reviews
new review
United States Army Band
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Address: Brucker Hall, 400 McNair Rd, Fort Myer, VA 22211

Telephone: (703) 696-3648

Business type: Band

United States Army Band: what do users think?
Kenneth Blais
Kenneth Blais: The Army Blues Band is one of the preminent big band jazz ensembles in the world. Check them out! Also getting onto Ft. Meyer is relatively efficient and quick without a military ID.
Chris Clark
Chris Clark: The premiere ensembles of the US Army. Check their website for frequent concerts in the DC area and on national tours. The musicians in this organization are among the best in the world!
Zhao Liu
Zhao Liu: One of the best musical institutions among the US Military. Go to check it out yourselves.
Mikas Papa
Mikas Papa: It was a great honor playing with your band!!!
Barbara York
Barbara York: The conference was amazing. The band provides a great service musicians and composers.
Logan Stack
Logan Stack: Awesome professionals. Highly reccomend watching if you get the chance. Great for all ages!

19. National Gallery of Art – Sculpture Garden - Washington

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831 reviews
new review
National Gallery of Art – Sculpture Garden
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Address: Constitution Ave NW &, 7th St NW, Washington, DC 20408

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM

Telephone: (202) 289-3360

Business type: Sculpture museum

National Gallery of Art – Sculpture Garden: what do users think?
Sarah Hall
Sarah Hall: A lovely park with beautiful outdoor art to enjoy for free. You can even cool your toes in the fountain. (But they ask you not to actually wade in it.) Plenty of shade and grass, too.
Jenny Terry
Jenny Terry: Gorgeous small sculpture garden! I really enjoyed the thought provoking sculptures on display. I could have sat around the fountain and watched the ducks all day. What a beautiful little gem that I’m so glad we discovered.
Walt Nicholson
Walt Nicholson: This is one of the best gems of the national mall. The garden is full interesting and thought-provoking artworks, and in the summer there’s an amazing fountain that turns into an ice rink in the winter. The café is one of the best places to get real food on the mall. The prices are a little steep for than most would like, but the food is good and it’s not on the high school bus tour itinerary. It’s a great spot to other plan your time in DC or to catch your breath after walking through the monuments all day.
DD Henderson
DD Henderson: Was able to go ice skating. The price for skate rental and skating was around $14./ Child. Their is a cafe there to grab a cup of hot cocoa. Many of sculptures to take pictures of. Metered parking is available until 4 pm. After a few hours of ice skating head over next door to the American History Museum. Across the street you can take a ride on the carousel or have a picnic in the park.
Richard Gross
Richard Gross: Such a great place to find some shade and have a snack when out at the museum the national mall. They have a little cafe, nice bathrooms, and a water bottle refill. Plus lots of cool sculptures around the garden. The fountain is nice to watch. Great place and no entry fee.
Kevin Shim
Kevin Shim: Nice little place to hangout.It has cool sculptures, an ice rink, and a cafe. Plenty of places to sit outside and just relax.
R Lin
R Lin: Looking for a pleasant, outdoor place to hang out with food close by and a good view? Well, there are about a million spots like that in DC and especially the National Mall area, but hey, come try the Nat’l Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden anyways! It’s a pretty expansive garden, and the art to be found is so much fun. One game I really like to play here is to try and pose like the sculptures. Seriously, try it- you’ll definitely get weird looks from the passerby’s but the fun and laughs triumph! There’s a cafe in the garden that does have indoor and outdoor seating. It’s close by so many other museums and is actually across the street from the Nat’l Gallery of Art museum, which may be a little misleading. Check it out!

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