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1. 9:30 Club - Washington

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9:30 Club
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Address: 815 V St NW, Washington, DC 20001

Telephone: (202) 265-0930

Business type: Live music venue

9:30 Club: what do users think?

Brian Copes: I believe it was my second time at this club and it was a great time! Context - I went to a pride/DJ/ drag show event, but I believe it’s a concert venue in the DC area. Security - I believe they have a metal detector and they check your bags so be prepared and consider that from a time management standpoint. Venue- it’s huge with multiple levels including bars, bathrooms and places to stand/dance/watch. I heard there’s a lower level, but last night I was just on the balcony and main floor near the stage. Vibe - loved the mood and energy. It was packed around 11PM EST even though it started at 10PM. There’s was free water, disco ball, alcohol, lights, go-go dancers and people in the mood to have a fun night. Overall, I would recommend this place for a night out.

Ian Pitts: Cozy venue with multiple bars and some food options. Parking is only a block or two away and there are options for food right nearby within walking distance. The ticket checking process was smooth and they even checked a camera that was deemed "professional" for free during the show.

Anna S: I just took my daughter and her friends to this venue for the first time for an all ages show last night. I am so glad that I did! She and her high school friends had a great time! My friend and I had a nice view from the balcony bar and were able to enjoy ourselves and have our eyes on the girls at all times. We called the club earlier in the evening and the woman who answered the phone gave us great instructions on where to park as well! They take the mask and vaccinations proof seriously as well, which made me feel more comfortable about safety. Bathrooms were clean at the beginning and f the night. Overall, for a place to get 4 decades of people all enjoying the same music and scene, the 9:30 Club did a great job.

Michelle: What an awesome venue! I recently saw one of my favorite bands here and was blown away! The sound in this club is amazing! You can feel every beat and note. Also, great staff! Keeping it safe, but fun. 👍🏻👍🏻

Tori Barker: We barely waited in line and we showed up 15 minutes before the show began which in my opinion was fantastic. When I say barely waited I mean the staff greeted us immediately, looked at our vax cards and IDs and because my boyfriend had lost his mask we had to wait 1 minute so the staff could grab us one. The staff were so kind and even though it was super cold they had such a great attitude and welcoming vibe. So thankful for everything at the venue. The people inside were also great and of course the Bartender, fantastic. I could not ask for more from this venue. The set up inside is stunning and our show was amazing! I am from NC but came up to D.C. to see Misterwives and I am so glad it did. A night to remember from start to finish, thank you 9:30 for all you do to keep entertainment alive during these times.

Nathan Faneuf: Amazing venue, been here twice so far. Would definitely see a show here. Bring ear plugs, very loud, but good sound. Drinks are expensive, 9 dollars for a shot of Jack Daniels. Friendly staff.

Osaurus G: This is a pretty good venue. Love all the bars and the openness of the floor. The balcony area offers some great views of bands (Bob Mould for me)

Aida mary: Absolutely fantastic venue for a live show! I watched Saint Paul and the Broken Bones plus Thee Sacred Souls play here. The energy was lit! Great location. Great customer service! Would definitely go again. Highly recommend

2. The Anthem - Washington

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The Anthem
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Address: 901 Wharf St SW, Washington, DC 20024

Telephone: (202) 888-0020

Business type: Concert hall

The Anthem: what do users think?

Maria Park: We went to the Anthem Theater to see LP in concert. My husband and I are disabled and we were astonished at how accommodating they were! We were seated in an ADA accessible section, allowed in right on time without having to stand in line. The bathrooms were very close, as was the bar and food. And the music was superb. We had a fantastic time! We will be back.

Vy H.: Came here recently for a Rebelution concert—it was my first time here and wow this venue is so nice— has a fancy vibe, and venue space is huge! There are plenty of bars around the complex, and even an outdoor patio on the second floor to hang out—the 2nd floor lobby bar is even open after the concert ends! Drink prices are reasonable, and they do offer some food options as well. I would recommend getting seats high up versus the general floor—they are like assigned box seats and you get a good view of the stage without any interference. Also, their sound system is amazing, I really enjoyed the concert experience here!

Greg Bollrud: The Anthem is a good time. Big enough for a crowd but still feels intimate. Box seats if you don’t want to be on the floor (which is remarkably clean). Great vibe with drinks and food at a reasonable price.But what got it 5 stars is that it has a water fountain.

ghostface: saw MARINA here in February and had the best time! the show was amazing and the venue is so nice. all of the staff was very helpful and had everything well organized. I also appreciate the covid vaccination requirements because it makes me feel a lot safer. entering and exiting the building was very fast and went smoothly unlike other shows i’ve been to in the past. the seats I had were amazing and I had a great view of the stage. I liked that even though they were floor seats they still had comfortable chairs to sit on instead of being forced to stand. overall, it was an amazing experience and went beyond my expectations. I had the best night ever and I will be going to all of my future concerts here. in fact, I just bought tickets to see phoebe bridgers here in June and i’m so excited to return!

3. Constitution Hall - Washington

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Constitution Hall
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Address: 1776 D St NW, Washington, DC 20006

Telephone: (800) 449-1776

Business type: Concert hall

Constitution Hall: what do users think?

SUSAN Woods: Drinks were expensive. ($10.00 or more for beer). Staff was nice. Had to wear a mask for entry. Otherwise, beautiful venue. Parking is tricky on the weekends. Bring change for the meter.

Jason Broughton: Amazing venue and space for performances. Almost no seat is considered bad based upon the design of the facility. Images are of the Gershwin Prize for Popular Song with Linoel Richie being awarded the prize.

Karen Cermak: Amazing architecture & acoustics. Plenty of easy street parking for a small fee. Plenty of nearby restaurants & hotels. Not 2 mention all the great local sights 2 C.

Melanie Jackson: Attended the No Limit Soldier reunion tour. Good seats but the acoustics were not the best. Overall a good show.

nikhilkumar joshi: One of the best hall for this type of celebration.from each corner of hall you can very clearly hear voice or music and programm.

bigtonythabagman Robinson (Tony the review guy Dmv): Had a great time at the comedy show but the seats were so tight my knee is stolen but overall had a great time

4. Echostage - Washington

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Address: 2135 Queens Chapel Rd NE, Washington, DC 20018

Telephone: (202) 503-2330

Business type: Live music venue

Echostage: what do users think?

Brian Copes: First time checking out this music venue space in DC. I loved the big space for DC standards. Multiple levels with plenty of bathrooms and attendants working the bathrooms too. Went to DC capital pride event and it was nice. Overall, plenty of staff to ensure your safety and good lighting along with DJs. It’s a great place to have a club night in the area.

Gavin Chen: Spectacular venue for electronic music. Strict security (goes through wallets). Free water if you walk up to the security near the stages. A lot of bathroom space available. Great audio quality and open space for dancing.

Charlie Butchko: It was awesome! I got to see DJ Diesel (Shaq) perform life. The bathrooms are very clean, with attendants there to soap your hands and hand you paper towels. As well as that, was close to the front during the performance and there was staff handing water bottles out to the crowd. I got a few drinks at the bar (tequila sunrise and 2 shots of vodka,) each were $10. By the end of the show it got pretty crowded, so if you’re claustrophobic make sure to mentally prepare yourself, or stay further away from the stage. All else aside, for sure gather a group of buddies and find a show you like to check out echostage!

Brian Keith: Great time. The staff were really professional and caring. I liked seeing how they were treating everyone. Make me feel welcome. I would definitely go back.

So Maryn: The dress code here for DJ events seem to gravitate toward “less is more” or think “beach attire”. Pants optional in the sense that bikini bottoms are acceptable as minimum bottom half. Shirt optional for some men. Beware of “bikini trains” moving quickly through a crowd. Noticed an innocent couple who got divided instantly by a train of arrogant bikini wearing club goers. If you don’t pay attention such bikini trains can step on your foot as they stampede you by. Forgot to bring my glow sticks but it was nice to see some colorful glow shoes and even glow fingertips. First level has an open wide space and second level has table service. Restrooms are easy to find and each stall has a note to remind those that only one person per stall is allowed. Once you get in past thorough security it’s not easy to get out as although exit signs are marked, where to actually exit from a lane perspective is hard to find. Parking is challenging near the venue and expect to pay $40-60 right next door. Echostage I thought you were a top notch global venue but you fell short when it comes to servicing your global clientele. An Asian bartender refused to serve us drinks at the bar even when we were standing right in front of her with no one else around. She did however serve others who approached after us asking them what they want. She seemed to be racially profiling my friend who was wearing a religious head covering. We found another bartender who was much more friendlier and we still had fun.

Aaron Shenk: This was my first time at this venue, and I was so so impressed. We saw Chelsea Cutler, and the venue and staff were so great. For starters, there were so many staff on hand to answer any questions and there was plenty of security to keep everyone feeling safe. For the actual experience, the sound system was phenomenal, the security guards passed out water bottles to the crowed between performances (!!!) and just went above and beyond the entire time. I will definitely plan on returning to this venue!

5. Warner Theatre - Washington

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Warner Theatre
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Address: 513 13th St NW, Washington, DC 20004

Telephone: (202) 783-4000

Business type: Performing arts theater

Warner Theatre: what do users think?

Phil Hardy: I love this theatre. The ornate architecture is simply sublime. I could stare at the walls and ceilings all evening. Acoustics are fine, seats comfortable and the bar lines move quickly. A take off a star because the toilets are in the basement. Takes awhile to get there and back.

Christina King: The historic Warner Theatre is a lovely experience. The atmosphere is stunning. Seats are very tight. So if you are tall definitely get an aisle seat.

Michael: Architecture is truly something to see. Acoustics very good, seats comfortable, bathrooms clean, ushers friendly and helpful, and A/C nice and cool. Every seat is a good seat, but recommend getting middle orchestra. Parking garage super clean and well lit and reasonably priced. ( I paid 18 bucks online for the whole day). Would go there again, for sure.

Louise Brady: The theatre is beautiful. We had a great view of the stage from the middle of the balcony seats. Though it looked like there would be a great view from anywhere in the theatre as its nicely laid out and not too big. Drink prices are quite high but they do accept card and cash. Water in a can was a bit different!!. Plus it was called Liquid Death!!! I would happily go to another event at this theatre.

Gary Lee: Saw Tedeschi Trucks in concert recently. The Warner Theatre was able to process guests through their COVID protocol, ticket verification and into our assigned seats quickly and efficiently. The concert was fabulous, the merch tables was manned by well-trained workers who kept the line moving; the snacks was in good supply and delicious warm pretzels was great!

6. Lincoln Theatre - Washington

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Lincoln Theatre
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Address: 1215 U St NW, Washington, DC 20009

Telephone: (202) 888-0050

Business type: Performing arts theater

Lincoln Theatre: what do users think?

Chris Peele: The Aurora Aksnes concert was beautiful, however shorter than her other shows this US tour. An intimate setting with seating and first come General Admission. Unparalleled view of the stage, and ability to hold your seat once you have it if you have to use the restroom or grab drinks. No parking of course so plan on stressing trying to find a 24hr parking garage near by for about $30 for 4-24 hrs.

Jeff White: Great venue. Great acoustics. Nice to have drinks available. Parking is a challenge so figure that out beforehand. A lot of the street parking is permit only. PS - Colin Hay is absolutely fantastic. Great performance and great story teller.

Quentin Hodges: A beautiful, old theater in the heart of Washington D.C. Classic architecture with a great sound system. The seats are old, yet comfortable. Street parking may be difficult but we found a $10 parking garage less than a ten-minute walk to/from the theater. Prior to the show we had a great dinner at Ted’s Bulletin, also within walking distance.

Neil Crowell: Saw Mat Kearney on 4/24/22, a general admission show. Got in line at 6:15 for doors at 6:30 and was able to get in the 4th row, dead center. Amazing experience.

Steve Little: The show was incredible and the atmosphere was electric. It would have been great if the AC unit was working.

Eileen Potocnak Arnold: Great venue to see musicians/theater/etc. in an old space that has been nicely renovated.

7. Madam's Organ - Washington

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Madam's Organ
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Address: 2461 18th St NW, Washington, DC 20009

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 2AM

Telephone: (202) 667-5370

Business type: Bar

Madam's Organ: what do users think?

Brad Badger: My girlfriend and I made sure to stop here after she had been here years ago and loved it. Our bartender Deborah was 10/10. She made some amazing drinks and was incredibly great to us. We got an appetizer sampler and the fried fish bites were absolutely killer. Live music was great as well. Cool vibes and great service. I will definitely stop by Madams Organ again the next time I am in DC!

Eve Breier: Lovely atmosphere! The music is good, bartenders are friendly, nice mix of club-like dance floor upstairs, seated area on the middle floor, and a bar/performance area downstairs. It has it all. Also pretty funky decor all over.

James Bladen: I really wanted to try this place and menu sounded good, but waited over 15 minutes or more for someone to take my order and never did! I asked the bartender if someone was going to wait on my table and I could not hear what his response was, he just mumbled something. I was being as patient as possible and understand places are short staffed. There was a big table of around 10 people upstairs and I was by myself downstairs, I guess that explains it. The bartender was more interested staring at his phone than making sure his customers were taken care of. I was going to order a large order and I do tip good, but sorry, you just lost a customer and me recommending a place if you ignore solo diners like that.

Stacy Walker: Awesome spot, easy bar, and amazing entertainment! Check them out on Tuesday nights for great live music

Ieshia E. Butler: Food was just ok. Nothing to write home about. I am from the Caribbean and was expecting the soul food to be a bit more flavorful. The waitress was really nice and the menu was affordable.

Amanda: Great dark chilled atmosphere. Multiple floors with a partially covered roof top bar. Live bands. Friendly speedy service. Reasonable food and drink prices. Pool table available.

DiiJay Victorious: Great place. Bouncer is cool and ppl are sociable. Bands are cool. Beware atmospheres change momentarily and without notice (not for badly, just different crowds)

Alison Scott: Loved the live music, bartender was so friendly! Amazing vibes - so glad we stopped in here. One of my favorite stops while visiting DC

8. Black Cat - Washington

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Black Cat
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Address: 1811 14th St NW, Washington, DC 20009

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 12AM

Telephone: (202) 667-4490

Business type: Live music venue

Black Cat: what do users think?

Nick Pascale: performed there with my band, The Missing Peace (check us out) and the staff was extremely nice to us and treated us with utmost respect despite opening for a huge artist. Also music venues normally carry a stigma of being stingy with their alcohol in their drinks but Black Cat served great tasting, well mixed drinks - best venue i’ve experienced in the DMV area!

Ramiro Pena: My past two experiences have been dreadful. They pack the place so full of people it is really concerning. I straight up got panic attacks from just how many people are packed in post pandemic. God bless them but I guess it’s just not for me anymore. It’s so hard to ascertain when the events held here arent packed with a huge huge group of people because besides that I’m sure there are worthwhile acts to watch. I remember one group that did a really cool interpretive dance I’m sorry for the low score but thats me and I think I’m going to add some keywords so that a certain audience can understand. If you have autism or anxiety this might not be the most accesible place for you. The last two times I have been here getting a drink or even approaching the bar has been impossible. The place was so packed inevitability people were rubbing up against me CONSTANTLY. Personally I can’t stand that. This place has pinball which is nice but last time the one machine had a flipper broken. I wish I could enjoy being inside this place but theres no where to sit most of the time I feel awkward walking in and just standing around, I can’t feel comfortable dancing because theres no room to move without brushing up against someone. I just can’t stand that. This is a personal problem but if you have sensory issues like that consider this an advisement

kevin jenkins: Had a great time seeing Flobots. Bartenders are great. Tip them. Well.

JW Francis: I played here on 4/19 and had a wonderful experience! Very cool room with checkered floor. Very kind people behind the bar and working production. Two thumbs wayyyy up!

Robert Cardoni: Mid size music venue hosting indie and punk acts. Space is long and narrow - so sight lines and sound can be off near the back but it’s still a great space. They recently downsized from 2 levels to one. Kind of sad but at least they weren’t forced out of the neighborhood due to gentrification. Bring cash. No credit cards accepted They no longer have food :(

9. BloomBars - Washington

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Address: 3222 11th St NW, Washington, DC 20001

Telephone: (202) 567-7713

Business type: Live music venue

BloomBars: what do users think?

Jordan Daugherty: Spread the word! And the love! I know a dance instructor here (for kids). Amazing classes for all ages. A very special place woven into the fabric of DC.

James Salt: These people know how to bring people together. Harambe with Baba Ras-d on Mondays 9:30 am, and Thursday and Saturdays at 10:00. Puppet shows and live music for kids on Tuesdays Wednesdays and Fridays. French sing-along on Sunday mornings.

Walter Houser: John Chambers is a living blessing on the community.

Merrie Dodson: Awesome & diverse family programming, and a great community! Definitely worth checking out.

Caroline Dutra: Every Tuesday at 7 PM: Indie Film Night. Really cool.

Mike Samras: A fun, inexpensive option for singalong time with little kids.

Andrés: Amazing community place. Events for people 0-100

Serita Swinton: I’ll be there for your CPR classs!!!!

10. Entertainment & Sports Arena - Washington

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Entertainment & Sports Arena
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Address: 1100 Oak Dr SE, Washington, DC 20032

Telephone: (202) 249-3283

Business type: Sports complex

Entertainment & Sports Arena: what do users think?

Summer M: Great atmosphere, but wish the food options were better and the arena was slightly bigger. The comcast center was too big for them but I feel this arena is too small for them. It leaves no opportunity for the franchise to grow in the amount of people that come to games. They could definitely be selling more tickets especially with the sold out games.

Robert Rains: Visited here for an AEW wrestling television show in January. It’s a beautiful facility that does not feel too daunting. The restrooms were clean and there were plenty of exits in case of an emergency. Unfortunately, this complex exists pretty far from downtown DC, so if you’re leaving an event ending late in the evening have a plan for getting home.

Jeff Lucarelli: Such a great venue to see AEW!!

Bethelehem Yirga: I’ve gone to the Arena twice now - once for the Mystics Championship Game and for the Global Mixed Gender Basketball. Both games were great experiences - and packed. The feel of the DC community is strong at the arena, and I love the serving of Hennessy at the bars. The arena gives you the feel of home in a polished, professional space. Excited to attend more events at this space.

Mrs. O'Neal: Ok! Can we say AWESOME! From the shuttle ride to the concessions everything was on point! Seats are cool, section 200 is on a major incline I don’t recommend this to folks with babies! But not a bad seat in the house! Can’t wait to go back for another event! My recommendation if you do use the shuttle leave a tad early free your event so you don’t have to wait long for a ride back to the car!

dionne davis: Awesomeness! Mystic Ladies represented

11. Lisner Auditorium - Washington

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Lisner Auditorium
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Address: 730 21st St NW, Washington, DC 20052

Telephone: (202) 994-6800

Business type: Auditorium

Lisner Auditorium: what do users think?

John Herbstritt: Attended phi beta kappa 201st induction for GWU Alpha chapter on May 13th at Lisner Auditorium. Ceremony included 2020 to 2022 as covid delayed prior year inductions. An incredible accomplishment for each Student to have achieved the academic standing and chapter recognition. Standing ovation was well deserved!

Jonathan Mawdsley: Easily the worst concert space in DC. The chairs are supremely uncomfortable and then there is the ABSOLUTELY HORRENDOUS bathroom situation with tiny restrooms tucked away down a long flight of stairs in the basement. They really should rent port-a-potties for concerts or other longer shows.

Astepas Algamras: I liked the auditorium. It’s a good size. Might fit around 3000 people comfortably. The Afghan Student Association at GW hosted a charity concert there. The staff were friendly and directive. I’m sure if you’re hosting a show or talk, you should be able to rent it out.

Elyssa Hayes: Attended a graduation at this auditorium. Beautiful building. Bathrooms are nice but were too small for the large crowd that day. The seats in the auditorium were padded and very comfortable!

dc phatts: Great view of the stage.The seats are NOT tall person friendly.

Lashonda Burton: My son graduated high-school from here. The bathrooms are downstairs.

taylor: The place was clean, with lots of seats. Even off to the side the audio was still crisp and clear. The seats are all red velvet with the GW symbol emblazoned on them. The stage looked very professional and the stage crew did a wonderful job so there were no technical issues.

Josh Croteau: Theatre was clean and acoustics were nice. We were served at the box office quickly. Drinks were outrageously priced and cash only. Also, no drinks in the auditorium after paying $11 each for them. Seating is also first come first serve, which is fine except when the move events here from places they do assigned seating (that happened to us).

12. Carter Barron Amphitheatre - Washington

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Carter Barron Amphitheatre
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Address: 4850 Colorado Ave NW, Washington, DC 20011

Telephone: (202) 426-0486

Business type: Amphitheater

Carter Barron Amphitheatre: what do users think?

Spencer Iscove: Been closed for many years after the stage became structurally unsound.No access to the facilities allowed. Only given three stars because it is still a peaceful spot with much potential.

Jan Holland - Law Offices Office: Cárter Barrón is working to raise money to rebuild the theatre, and this mini concert featuring Maysa was a great start!

Donny Dixon: The performance was superior, Almost everyone went by the guidelines staying safeClosed until further notice

adriana marie: Loved Carter Baron, great show great seat really great prices..I want DC Parks to Open it back up so a new generation of folks can enjoy it

Courtney Morris: They host the Citi open which a great event to attend with family or friends. They have food, drinks, games and parking is fairly simple. All summer long the have concerts including jazz, hip hop, and reggae. They will also show movies time to time. This year, they showed The avengers. Bring your family, play in the park, visit an event and have a blast.

Larry Kyse: In 1969 my finance now my wife saw two concerts . One had stevie wonder as the warm up for the supremes, that was before they were called Diana Ross and the Supremes and the second show had Bill Preston , called the fifth Beatle warming up for Ray Charles . Those two nights were two memorable shows .

Mark Farrell: This former gem of the National Park Service has fallen into disrepair. It has good memories in its bones but needs lots of work. The community is starting efforts towards that restoration.

13. Blues Alley Club - Washington

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Blues Alley Club
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Address: 1073 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington, DC 20007

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 12:30AM

Telephone: (202) 337-4141

Business type: Jazz club

Blues Alley Club: what do users think?

Laetitia Monnier: Awesome club ! We went there for a date night and it was a great experience. There is little table around the stage where you can get close and cozy. The atmosphere is dark and felted which is perfect for a romantic date. The music was awesome too. It was a mix of jazz, blues, hip-hop and it was definitely perfect. The food was good too with choice from southern cuisine which we love. I think it’s a must do in DC and we’ll definitely come back and recommend it to our friends and family !

Tom Williams: This spot is dope and laid back, I like the location also. The drinks and food were good, this is a must go I will return for sure. They do ask for your vaccination card so don’t be surprised about that. Give it shot and enjoy yourself.

Michael Goodman: Good little historic jazz club in DC. Good space, nice acts coming through. A bit stuffy for my taste, as I usually prefer walk-in casual spots, and this requires tickets in advance. But forcing ticket sales does at least encourage active listeners rather than a raucous, drunken bar crowd. Pretty good layout, good view of the band from most seats in the house. The food is something awful. Get dinner elsewhere.

Anne Schumann: Blues Alley is open and putting on great shows. Vaccinations are required to enter but masks are optional (as of this review). Expect to pay a cover plus a food and beverage minimum. Tickets can be purchased online in advance and there are shows most nights of the week ranging from school bands, local up and commers and national talent. There is a parking garage right across the street or on weeknights you can usually find street parking.

Shantell Hartley: The music was great. However, the service was terrible!!! The show started a little after 10pm. I didn’t get my drink until 11:30pm. Right after I got my drink, the show ended!!! They continually got our drink orders wrong and didn’t have any of the mixers we ordered. They even sent a mixed drink to our table in two different glasses, unmixed. It was a MESS! I finally had to ask for my drink to be mixed with a coke since they didn’t have anything else. It was not delicious. I couldn’t even drink it. I had to ask for extra soda because it was so strong. I am really disappointed by this experience. I should have gotten a refund! The two stars are only because the music was good.

Terri Miller: Blues Alley never disappoints! The pefect venue for enjoying live music. The staff is friendly and professional. I saw one of my favorite artist Kim Waters. It was an amazing performance and outstanding band. I looking forward to going back soon.

J D: Wonderful jazz music in a historic carriage house. The quality of the music and musicians was equal to what we hear at our local concert venue. Owners are hospitable and service is quick and efficient. We enjoyed beverages but want to try the food on our next visit. Check this place out and do your part to support live jazz music and a lively venue.

14. Andrew W Mellon Auditorium - Washington

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Andrew W Mellon Auditorium
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Address: 1301 Constitution Ave. NW, Washington, DC 20240

Telephone: (202) 373-8183

Business type: Auditorium

Andrew W Mellon Auditorium: what do users think?

Brandon Rohrbough: What a awesome place for a event. Very elegant inside and out. Plenty of space to accommodate large events. The bar did a great job as drinks were made fast. Food was also very good. Servers came around every few minutes with horderves. The whole event ran extremely smooth. The sound from the band sounded great even way in the back if the room. Would love to come back again for any event here. Location is very easy to get to, very centrally located in Washington D.C.

Emily Rebuffi: The following review is for the NYE event at the Mellon. PROS: - beautiful atmosphere and building architecture - it was fun to get dressed up in black tie clothing - good selection of cocktails CONS: - music was generic party wedding songs. Not that fun to dance to - all access wasn’t worth it. Each room was the same - way too crowded, especially given covid - not enough/slow bartenders. we were on lines at all times - barely any food - didn’t pass out champagne at midnight - not nearly enough bathrooms. Not clean

Carol Posada: My sons wedding was to take place March 2022. The venue was booked a year earlier. 2 days ago he received email cancelling the venue due to construction that is to start in Feb. To cancel a wedding 2 months out without offering any alternative is unfathomable. They are supposed to be in hospitality business and provide customer service. It’s quite obvious they are in wrong business . Very poor service. Would never recommend Andrew W Mellon for any event

Khoi Nguyen: Place was very accommodating when hosting my friends wedding. Location was very easy to navigate around. 500 maximum venue if your looking to book something

Dennis Kregel: What an amazing venue for an event. You seriously need to attend any event there that you get a opportunity to.

Wayne Kimball, Jr.: Beautiful venue with lots of great space for ample seating and dance floor. Also, located directly on the national mall.

Ronald Winker: Beautiful venue. Plenty of security and offers excellent dining and bar service. Make it an event to forever remember and cheers!

MrVstudio: An amazing and grand building and it did fit the purpose of the occasion #RIGala2017

15. National Mall - Washington

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National Mall
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Address: Washington, DC

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Telephone: (202) 426-6841

Business type: National park

National Mall: what do users think?

Warman Hall: It is simply amazing to be in one spot where you can take a Sunday stroll around a beautiful lake and blooming orchard of trees while seeing some of the most important and stunning monuments in the world! I only wish I had more time on my visit to simply walk around and take in the sights. I got to visit mid-morning on a Thursday in early March so the crowds were not bad at all.

Dr. Michael Shur: National mall is one of the most interesting and enjoyable places to visit in DC and, actually, in the entire country. Museums second to none, great memorials, and lots of tourists. The only blemish, truly embarrassing for our nation, is the toilet facility next to the Lincoln Memorial. Many establishments in Washington, DC, have serious problems with plumbing and sanitation. But this one is even worse than average. My wife and I visited the women an men facility, respectively. The lady’s room had a long queue (that took about 45 minutes) to reach one of three available stalls. The door of one of them was broken. The filth of the place according to my wife’s report could only be matched by the men’ facility with broken facets and suspicious liquid on the floor difficult to avoid. Not even restrooms in Central Park in NYC come close. And you are really well advised to avoid those at all costs if at all possible. --

Gee Queue: They do a pretty good job of maintaining the grounds despite the best efforts of the populace to screw them up. The scale of some of the monuments is difficult to comprehend until you are there in person. I recommend a night tour. They are much more stunning when lit up.

Leilani-Z: Full day of exercise and definitely could spend more days here. We parked at a nearby parking garage, and by the time we got back to the car at the end of the day, we had logged 9 miles. Beautiful and clean, so much to see and learn about. We went to almost all of the monuments and two of the museums. The ice cream / food trucks are great, but the music they play should be banned 🙈

Nikkicole8890: My boyfriend took me here for my first time in DC and I loved it! It was so beautiful and I really enjoyed walking around and seeing all of the monuments and statues! I would love to go back again one day!

Ashok Patel: National Mall is not a “Shopping Mall”. It is a National Park containing iconic monuments and memorials of some of the greatest people and events who shaped America as a nation. This is called the front yard of America and a symbol of democratic values. This is a green lush park between United States Capitol building to Potomac River. Every citizen of US should visit and explore these incredible memorials like Lincoln Memorial, MLK Jr Memorial, Thomas Jefferson Memorial, Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Korean War Veterans Memorial, Washington Monument, World War 2 Memorial and the list goes on and on. Park rangers offer variety of programs and activities free of charge, otherwise you can explore and enjoy the park in your way and pace. It’s lawns and pathways are mostly crowded by school children, joggers and visitors and tourists from all over the world. This is where the history is made and witnessed. The American forefathers and heroes are honored here who paid ultimate sacrifice for the country. This is the national stage where people gather and movements take place and their voices heard. Everyone should wander here in the tree-lined pathways and take in the scenery and history of America. There is lot of walking involved. This is open 24 hours and you can visit during anytime and enjoy the different beauty at different times.

Joe Hughes: This was our first time in Washington DC. First 3 days it was very hot and humid but over all we had a great vacation. The National Mall was interesting having everything pretty close together in walking distance. It was even more beautiful at night. We are glad that we went.

scott bowman: The museums are always great to visit. Masks are required in all museums, and there are bag checks at all of them, too. There are not many water fountains and no water bottle filling stations in the museums we visited. Hand sanitizing stations are available. There are plenty of food vendors/ food trucks around the Mall. This Is Not A Shopping Mall. This is the strip from the Capitol Building to the Lincoln Memorial, called The Mall.

16. Bohemian Caverns - Washington

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Bohemian Caverns
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Address: 2001 11th St NW, Washington, DC 20001

Schedule: Permanently closed

Business type: Bar

Bohemian Caverns: what do users think?

Renee Arias: I went on a Thursday night and it was pretty dead. I expected there to be some live music, but the place was almost empty. It sort of felt like a hotel conference room with Bohemian furniture. The drinks were just okay, but the happy hour made it worthwhile.

Ezell Lester: Atmosphere was intimate and cozy. The upstairs greeter was amazing and can take a nice picture. Very courteous and accommodating. Amber the server was prompt and the food was hot and delicious.

Malik L Griffin: Very unique experience. The Prix fix food menus are pretty limited but the food was good. I came for a show and was very happy with the performance. The décor of the basement to look like a cavern is pretty cool.

Joe Nastri: Great under the radar place to watch live music acts (focused on variations of jazz, blues, etc). They offer the standard drink options along with serving up a full dinner menu.

Denyse Gordon Watts: Went here for my anniversary... loved the atmosphere, food was good, drinks were tasty... music was hitting...I took off 1 star for parking -- but, otherwise, the place was awesome!

marisela montenegro: Great (amazing!) jazz music, cheep tickets, but stay away from the food.. They only offer a limited and greasy menu.

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