Best French Patisseries In Washington Near Me

Un je ne sais Quoi... Patisserie Poupon Boulangerie Christophe PAUL Franklin Square Le Caprice DC Café Bakery PAUL Farragut North Vie de France Fresh Baguette Praline Bakery at The Wharf Ladurée Nino's Bakery Lavande Patisserie la Madeleine French Bakery & Cafe Washington PAUL Patisserie Manuel La Bohemia Bakery Pluma by Bluebird Bakery Ooh La La Bakery Vie De France Bakery & Cafe Praline Bakery & Bistro

1. Un je ne sais Quoi... - Washington

· 869 reviews

1361 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20036

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Un je ne sais Quoi...: what do users think?

arun varughese: Wow. One of the best bakeries I have been to at a medium price range. They have really nice pastries which are lite and NOT loaded with sugar like many of the other bakeries. Pear tart - My favorite item from the place. It had a lite pear flavor with soft and yummy crust. Croquettes- really good and a steal for the price. Pistachio- they have really good pistachio cream so try any of their pistachio based pastries if available. Hot chocolate- The hot chocolate was good but nothing unique. Optional try. I am not sure if it’s authentic French as I don’t have a reference. But their pastries felt really high quality and you won’t have a sugar rush after having them.

Iris Tan: I LOVE everything here! I was visiting DC and My friend brought me here as this is her fav place for French pastries! We ordered 4 kinds and I loved them all! Especially the cream … they are not too sweet and creamy … also I did a quick sketch here to capture some cute moments;)

Da-Wang Wu: One of the best bakeries in DMV! They only sell croissant and breads before 11am and start selling desserts after 11am. The chocolate tarts and lemon tarts are both very delicious. Eclair and millefeuille are not bad but slightly too sweet for me, but my partner likes it. The chocolate brioche-like small bread was my favorite. Highly recommend!

Piper Strzelecki: Tragically, I am allergic to gluten, so I often don’t expect much from pastry shops. However, the staff were very helpful and I was able to pick from 2 options. I had the raspberry financier and it was easily the BEST gluten free bakery item I have ever had!!! Thank you for this 😁

Ashleah Younker: My friends and I stopped by on a whim and were very pleased by our decision! I got an eclair that I ate directly after purchasing that was So Good! I also got a chocolate twist and a raisin roll to go to share with my partner for breakfast the following morning. Both were delicious, but I preferred the raisin roll slightly. One of my friends ordered a hot latte, and it smelled divine.

Patricia Alejandro: Excellent apple turnover, warmed up and buttery, crispy pastry. The marveilleux was also excellent, multilayered with chocolate mousse, crunchy meringue and chocolate shards. Best if its kind I’ve had yet.

2. Patisserie Poupon - Washington



· 349 reviews

1645 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington, DC 20007

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Patisserie Poupon: what do users think?

Vikram Seshadri: Came across this nice little bakery on the way to Dumbarton Oaks. They have amazing cakes, croissants and pies. The fruit cheesecake was the best one ever.

Dagmar: The customer service was great. They were friendly, kind and packed my cakes up with care. Cakes were delicious and not overly sweet. I went for two cakes and ended up leaving with four (my own choice) lol I bought extra to share. Coffee was good too a medium to light blend.

Sarah Millet: Had some time to kill and stopped here for some pastries and coffee ! Everything was super tasty and authentic ! The coffee was on point and to top it off, they have the cutest patio.

Sarah Diligenti: The go-to place for Fraisiers cakes and for their scrumptious Hazelnut Yule Log at Christmas. I also love their Americano, which I reserve as a guilty pleasure almost once a month on Sundays, together with their almond croissant. My only regret is that the back patio is too small and shady and sitting outside in the front on the curb kills the joy of sipping an excellent coffee: noise and exhaust fumes dampen the experience.

Mark P: Great little bakery that my family and fiance explored when in georgetown. We got coffee from the espresso bar in the back, which were delicious. We got a spinach / cheese savory pastry, a pain au chocolat, and this really cool raspberry mousse/cake thing. All of it was fantastic. Service was really nice and the line moved fast. Bathrooms in the back.

Dania Ramirez: We stopped here for lunch. The coffee was really good and the fruit tarts just delightful. We also ordered a quiche and sandwiches. Everyone was super happy with their orders. I would definitely come back! Highly recommend!

3. Boulangerie Christophe - Washington

· 786 reviews

1422 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington, DC 20007

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Boulangerie Christophe: what do users think?

Leyla Norris: One of the best croissants I’ve tried in the area. Their baked goods are fresh coffee drinks are delicious. They also have a cozy seating in the back, it’s very relaxing.

Kate S: Authentic French pastries. My favorite bakery in DC. Excellent bread too. The giant piece of avocado toast on a slice of crunchy bread is amazing!! They make the best millefeuille with lovely crispy layers. They had a divine Xmas buche made of lemon and pistachio with raspberries on top. Makes my mouth water just thinking about it!!! The smoked salmon sandwich is very good too.

Sarah Resenic: Delightful breakfast that left us feeling full and satisfied. We ordered an array of items from the menu and each one was delicious in its own way. I will say that as a first timer I did not specify that we were dining on the patio which is important if you would like everything heated up. Everyone was friendly and the food was fresh and exactly what you would expect from a true French bakery. Glad that we found a table and decided to try it out. Bonus—> Pup friendly!!!

Emma Antonios: Walking into this boulangerie makes me feel like I am in Paris. Everything is authentic and hearing the staff interact with customers In French makes me smile. Perfect breads and French pastries in an adorable environment. Check out the patio in the back!

Dan Drago: Simply amazing French pastries (get the regular croissant to see what a French croissant should taste like), sandwiches, and drinks. Nice seating area outside. Highly recommended.

Tatiana Russell: Delicious French pastries and great coffee. The staff are extremely friendly. I’d skip the pistachio eclair next time but the croissants are excellent and fresh. Lively patio seating in the back, too.

4. PAUL Franklin Square - Washington

· 313 reviews

1275 K St NW, Washington, DC 20006

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PAUL Franklin Square: what do users think?

Kelly M.: Love, love, love this place. Is it a little pricey? Yes. But this is DC and the quality is fantastic!! Seriously…best almond croissant I’ve ever had. The sandwiches rival what I ate when I lived in Germany and the coffee is very good. There’s also seating available both inside and outside. I would go here every day if I could! It’s probably for the best that I don’t live nearby but I wish I did!

Melissa Buckingham: The selection of baked goods and sweets drew me in but the overall experience left me underwhelmed. The atmosphere is appealing but the ordering experience was unpleasant. I felt rushed and questioned at every turn. I walked up to the counter with my vaccine card and ID ready based on what I had seen from customers that were in line before me. She seemed confused and asked if I planned on dining in. After ordering my vegetable quiche, chocolate almond croissant, and amaretto hot chocolate with almond milk, I found a table near the barista. She brought me my drink and for the cost, I would have rather had some instant hot chocolate mix poured into warm milk. It was nothing to write home about. If you are in a pinch and want to grab a sandwich or salad, I would say this is your place. If you want a nice warm drink and baked good, I might consider looking into other options. I would go back to try out other sweets but only if I was with someone else that insisted we go to this location in particular. Tl;dr PAUL Franklin Square is pricey and underwhelming but it will satiate your desire for a niche meal and drink.

LP: Lots of baked goods and French style cafe items. I got the croque monsieur. Tasty. I’ll be back! Friendly staff. Covid vax card required to eat inside. No cash excepted.

Lena T: Beautiful cafe with plenty of sweet/savory options. Quiche was lovely, as was my cappuccino!

5. Le Caprice DC Café Bakery - Washington

· 373 reviews

3460 14th St NW, Washington, DC 20010

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6. PAUL Farragut North - Washington

· 343 reviews

1000 Connecticut Ave NW, Northwest Washington, DC 20036

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PAUL Farragut North: what do users think?

J Acharya: I got 3 pastries and a coffee. Everything was fresh and delicious. Can’t wait to go back and try their sandwiches and salads.

Celine Aka-Koffi: The mille-feuilles (napoleon) is fresh and tasty. We enjoyed chamomile and mint tea on a cold spring afternoon. Service was excellent.

Alok Sinha: Want to give a shout out to this place. I came in a few minutes before they were about to close and the staff were so helpful in getting me some last second pastries. I ordered a cheese danish and a few other pastries. They were all delicious. The prices were fair. Would recommend stopping by here for a pleasant dessert.

Nitzan Ainemer: Great french boulangerie! The service was great, we’ve ordered two special breakfast, including bread, butter, jam, eggs benedict, coffee and orange juice for 50$ total, with taxes. The food was great! Would recommend!

Jamie K: I thought PAUL was a European only place til I moved to dc and it still gives me those vibes, except with american efficiency. Plus, I think PAUL has the best black coffee in the city. And the pasties are all ::chefs kiss:: but don’t miss the Gourmandise or if you like citrus, the citrus tart.

Kaiser Baam: Honestly the seating outside with a good cup of coffee and a three layer moose and relaxing great place to relax and converse with friends. The staff are wonderful. Coffees good.

mustafa Suwaylih: Amazing bakery. I had the chocolate croissant. It was perfect. Paul always surprise us with they amazing decorations. It was the first time I try the macaron and the taste wasn’t as I expected. It was bigger than the normal size. My friend who knows the taste of the macaron said it was great.

Azza T: Ordered omelette and chocolate deluxe croissant. Their latte was very good! Not a busy place and friendly employees.

7. Vie de France - Washington

· 218 reviews

600 Maryland Ave SW, Washington, DC 20024

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Vie de France: what do users think?

S Wilson: The Californian...need I say more? There is something about this sandwich that keeps me wanting more. From the soft flaky crescent, the swiss cheese, smoked turkey, avocado, alfalfa sprouts, tomato, and lettuce. It all seems to work perfectly together. The ingredients on this sandwich are not things I would ordinarily pull together on a sandwich, but this sandwich just works. You have to give it a try!!! Pickle on the side? Yes, please!!! They are pricey but consider the location of this restaurant. Of all the places in the area, this sandwich is the one that kept me coming back to this restaurant for lunch.

邱志成: Great, they still are good, I enjoyed my sandwich.

Lorna Christian: Excellent lunch! I had the chicken sandwich and tomato bisque. The soup was rich and delicious, and the sandwich was the perfect blend of chicken, sweet and a light croissant. This combo and a drink was around $12. Well worth it and the lunch service was fast and courteous.

8. Fresh Baguette - Washington

· 167 reviews

1737 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington, DC 20007

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Fresh Baguette: what do users think?

Anna Maroni: The best baguette I’ve had outside of France. I walk in the shop and the smells make me feel as if I’ve been transported back to a bakery in Europe. The pastries are amazing. With half of my family being French and Belgian, I have high expectations of bread and pastries! Fresh Baguette does not disappoint. I’ve also purchased some tea imported from France which is now one of my favorite teas. Love their variety of imported food products.

Vladimir Rodin: Great pastries and sandwiches, good variety of hard to find french beverages and syrups, westm and welcoming staff, amazingly fast fulfilling of online pickup orders.

yvette vandenberg: Wonderful customer service and great treats. Pistachio eclair, strawberry mousse tart, cro-gel sandwiches, and baguette sandwich were amazing. You can sit down outside and enjoy your goodies.

Silvia Lacy: I love this place their cakes and desserts are the Best!!! I’m always happy with their croissants and breakfast sandwiches :)

theniceone06: This has been my third visit to the Rockville location and my experience has always been pleasurable. The staff is very friendly (and many of them speak French, which only adds to the experience), the pastries and savory meals are awesome and fresh. But the coffee... EXCEPTIONAL! My only wish is that they have more macarons.

J Foodgeek: I tried sesame baguette cinnamon roll, and almond croissant. Nice store and products.

Alexander O'Neill: Unassuming French bakery with high quality and fresh selection of goodies. Staff are always super friendly and get our orders together quickly.

Cheryl Daniels: Ordered online, walked in, picked up order and was back out quickly. The pastries are wonderful, the baguettes fresh and flavorful. Quickly becoming one of my favorites spots in Alexandria.

Kira Yeary: Have loved everything so far!! 😍 have tried chocolate croissant, ham & cheese croissant, Nutella croissant, and the hazelnut eclair. My favorite has been the pesto breakfast croissant sandwich,

9. Praline Bakery at The Wharf - Washington

· 150 reviews

965 7th St SW, Washington, DC 20024

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Praline Bakery at The Wharf: what do users think?

Philippe Jacques Kradolfer: The Praline Bakery seems large for the few products they had when we visited them. Entering it, as it looked like an European store from the outside, we were surprise at the very simple and kind of lack of personality of the store inside. Both main displays were basically empty but had great macaroons (specially the apricot and caramel ones!). Although the price per piece was rather high for the size of the macaroons, (smaller than regular macaroons) the taste made it worth the price. The day we were there they had Italian soft nougat bars in several different flavors. Although the price was also high the quality and taste was great!!! We bought several of these bars and we enjoyed them very much!!! The girls at the counter were less than friendly!!

Bin_aujan: The shop is clean respected crew delicious Food The price is right All kinds of sweets are delicious I loved I recommend

10. Ladurée - Washington

· 506 reviews

3060 M St NW, Washington, DC 20007

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Ladurée: what do users think?

Kiara C: Loved everything about this place. The ambiance, the large menu selection, the drinks…everything was just fabulous! The staff is very attentive to your needs and ensuring you have a good time. I can’t wait to go back! I ordered the Croque Monsieur and the Ladurée champagne cocktail. Can’t wait to try the other items.

Nova Au: It was Saturday and the place was busy, and looked like they’re short-staffed (not sure), but I think the staff members did their best to serve us. We didn’t have to wait so long for food, and they never gave us dirty look for taking tons of pics xD

Devin Boe: Exquisite (and expensive). I have only tried the pastries and confections here, but so far everything I have sampled has been phenomenal. Excellent service at the counter, and their take-away boxes are very cute and stylish. I now know why the Maison Laduree has such an outstanding reputation for their sweets and desserts! Truly world-class, but very pricey.

Fahad Aqeel: Delicious pastries and coffee. They service was a bit pushy and the wait to sit is always long.

Golden Eye: Cute overload! Cost overload as well - but worth the visit! Nice little pastries, drinks and light lunch items.

Mishal Greenwood: Service was quick and friendly! The macarons are always delicious from Laduree ♥️

11. Nino's Bakery - Washington

· 148 reviews

1310 L St NW #100, Washington, DC 20005

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Nino's Bakery: what do users think?

YooRi Kim: The BEST croissant EVER!!! As much I love croissant, I am very picky about texture and flavor. Tried mamy famous croissant bakeries in NYC, Boston, and other cities but this place is the top notch! Buttery but not soggy rather a bit crunch. And those layers… please try!!👍🏼 Staffs are very friendly too💗

Sophie Hækkerup: Best croissants I’ve ever tasted. Simply just great. We stayed in DC for 3 days and ate Nino’s croissants for breakfast every morning, since they were so addictive. The coffee is the only thing that was just “fine” - everything else is great.

Sahar Bayounis: This place has one of the BEST chocolate croissants I’ve ever tasted. It’s so flaky and immaculate. ✨🥐 Before I got in, I checked google maps reviews, and majority of them was about how delicious the chocolate croissant was. So I had to try it! I also got a small cappuccino with skimmed milk. My total was close to $9. I appreciated how clean and spacious the restroom was! Usually coffeeshop restrooms aren’t that clean. I just wish the place was a little bigger to accommodate more customers. Because I waited a bit for one customer to leave so that I can use their table and work on my computer. But all in all, great atmosphere. 👍🏼 Shout out to Blaine & Sarah for being awesome baristas! Thank you for welcoming me with a great smile in the morning! ♥️♥️

Tommy Sommer: I just had a bite of the chocolate croissant and it changed my life. My cappuccino was very good too. After weeks wanting to try this place, I finally stopped by and I’m having a perfectly pleasant experience. Updated with photo of a beautiful chocolate croissant. This place is so consistently good. I love it.

go potyr: Tried their Yuzu crossiant and Seasame crossiant, enjoyed every bite of them! Seasame Croissant was full of flavour except that it was a bit oily, after all it was a good place for 🥐 in DC.

Maya Patel: We had a delicious breakfast at Nino’s this morning ☕️ I love all the photos of the owner’s dog - Nino, in various parts of Italy that are hung on the walls and that the owner speaks Italian! Both the baristas at the cafe were really friendly and you could tell that it’s a beloved local spot! Their pain au chocolat is amazing – really buttery, flakey, light & delicious! Good coffee too, although next time I need to ask for a single shot cappuccino (it’s strong!) Thank you 💕

ays al: I love pistachios and I try every pistachio croissant I can find whichever city/country I visit. Never eaten a better pistachio croissant in my life. Simply the best for my taste. Flaky, light, tasty. Their espresso shots are good but I am yet to encounter a good latte/ cappuccino experience in the DC area. Steamed milk should look velvety even if you leave it untouched for several minutes. It should never form mini bubbles, not even one, if it is done correctly.

12. Lavande Patisserie - Rockville

· 279 reviews

275 N Washington St B, Rockville, MD 20850

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Lavande Patisserie: what do users think?

Brittany Flook: I’m so happy to have discovered this little patisserie. The coffee here has always been delicious, and every drink I’ve ordered has been totally satisfying. One of the current seasonal drinks, the raspberry rose latte, is especially delicious. I’ve tried a few food items from here. The sandwich with aioli wasn’t to my taste, mostly because the texture was too soft for my liking. I tried the pistachio almond croissant which was a bit too sweet for my liking. I nearly gave up on food from here but in my next visit I tried the Medley Breakfast and it is not my favorite breakfast to get in all of Rockville. It comes with a butter croissant and a delicious fruit spread, eggs that are super tasty every time, some fresh fruit, and really yummy bacon. It’s the perfect size and mix of salty/sweet flavors. I crave this breakfast all the time! Also, they add little dried lavender pieces to their plates. It really gives their dishes a signature look, and establishes their name’s importance to their shop. Pictures are of the medley breakfast (partially eaten) and in the background of that picture is the blueberry peanut butter bowl my partner usually orders. The other picture is the matcha latte, and the raspberry rose latte.

Kahaari Kenyatta: Fantastic pastries and coffee drinks. Had the opera, tiramisu, and rose creme brûlée with an americano (wonderfully nutty espresso) and a great dirty chai. Pleasant staff as well. Will return to try a sandwich!

Nora Bui: High quality baked goods! I love the croissants. Coffee is quite good as well. They also have diverse brunch options. Shop is quite small, though, but not super crowded.

Ivana Cerovic: Delicious avocado toast and amazing pastry…they have my favorite French dessert Opera

Eriel L: We ordered to go. It was pretty good! We had the French toast, bacon, and egg sandwich. The bacon was $5 for 3 small pieces. Since we ordered to go the French toast didn’t come with the sauce. Overall it was pretty good. I’d recommend it.

Matthew Davis: We came as a group of 8 and ordered varies sandwiches, drinks and pastries. Overall nobody had complaints and our experience was solid even though they were overwhelmed by 8 people at once. I would go back but nothing really stood out about this place.

Casey Rimland: This place is simply wonderful. I have probably been here 2-3/week over the last month writing my PhD thesis. The food is amazing, the lavender lattes are amazing, the tea is amazing, the sandwiches/toasts are amazing, the cakes are amazing, the French fries are amazing (writing a PhD requires a lot of snacks what can I say!). Also, everything you eat or drink here is just so darned beautifully presented. Check this place out! You won’t be sorry. Just don’t steal my writing table ;) Only tip I can give is if you aren’t a fan of mustard flavors get the dressings on the side for their avocado toast dish. That has been the only thing I didn’t love here so far... but it was just because I don’t like mustard which is in the lemon dressing on the arugula! With the dressing on the side (which they happily did for me) the avocado toast was amazing :)!

13. la Madeleine French Bakery & Cafe Washington - Washington

· 28 reviews

1130 Connecticut Ave NW Suite 100, Washington, DC 20036

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la Madeleine French Bakery & Cafe Washington: what do users think?

Shekara Watts: I’ve ordered catering for my team from this location multiple times. Not only were they extremely accommodating, but the food was tasty too. I’ve also had amazing experiences in store as well. The store is always neat and I’m greeted every time.

Cookie: Idk why ppl gave this a 1 star Madeline is literally DA BEST best for best PASTRY ughhh I’m so sad they closed in Bethesda I drive 38 minutes just to go to the Virginia one

Jordan Payne: Great experience glad to have this new cafe to the nabiorhood and outstanding customer service from DJ

John McRae: Service was better than food

14. PAUL - Washington

· 303 reviews

2000 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20006

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PAUL: what do users think?

Joyfully His: It’s heartbreaking to read some of these reviews that claim the food is bad, especially the quiche. We actually just came back east from a cross-country trip to LA. We stopped by this location because inside are many dining options, but as a previous reviewer mentioned: the smell emanating from this bakery literally stopped me in my tracks. We went on to look at the other restaurants, but my nose led me right back to Paul’s. Now I’m not a food critic or a quiche connoisseur, but I have developed a passion for good food! Also, we’ve traveled a lot, so we know when we are getting good food! The service here is TERRIBLE, like, some of the worst we’ve ever experienced in our travels. This doesn’t seem to be an issue due to the pandemic or labor shortages: it’s a lack of properly training an individual before they’re in front of customers. Period. This, unfortunately, costs them a lot of business and creates bad reviews leading tourists and travelers away to higher-ranked establishments. We left DC and went to Charlotte, and I couldn’t stop thinking about that delectable vegetable quiche that had a silky, warm, custard filling in a perfectly-prepared flaky crust. I wanted to replicate my experience, so we ventured into a French patisserie in Southpark with decent reviews. Let me just say I left half of the quiche on my plate. What I had here at Paul’s was like nothing I’ve ever had before. It was quiche done right. Now mind you, I DID have to request it heated up bc the girl was handing it over cold—bleh. She was very disorganized and SOOOOOOOOOO SLOW! Like the sloth from Zootopia slow! Have a person take the orders, give out pastries and have a person cashing people out. Seems simple enough? No, they definitely complicate the ordering system here, but that quiche….worth every agonizing moment with the incompetent workers. The pastries were amazing too.

Jessica Morales: If you want to have a piece of Paris, well this is the perfect spot.My breakfast experience was marvelous, the great pastries selection, the ambiance, fresh latte and all the small details makes this boulangerie amazing.

Sarah E: Once we got food it was very very good. But the process is confusing and the gal that was behind the counter had to keep repeating herself that she was ONLY taking orders for bakery items. Would be faster if they just took orders with one person and passed it along with any bakery items. Also quite $$$

Blanca: Today’s start for me was not a good one. I was late for work then to make matters worse I get locked out. Right when I thought things can turn for worse I saw this little gem and wanted to give it a try. Nothing beats fresh coffee and a reuben sandwich. Satisfied with lunch I was able to get some work done and needless to say my day in the end turned to be pretty good. The restaurant is beautiful, the staff was friendly, and perfect.

Claudia Spain: Literally what a bakery is meant to be. THE SMELL DRAGS YOU TO IT. Access to the order/cashier (also main line location to order) for mobility devices is located to the right of the main entrance. Almond croissant and chocolate croissants are delicious. Cappuccino was yummy too! Did I mention how good it smells in there?! 😍😍😍

Alexandria Burden: First time in DC, stopped in to try this place. Great atmosphere, I’ll call it “colonial chic” and the food is wonderful! Pictured is a ham and Swiss croissant and a sausage, egg and cheese croissant (the cheese is light and nutty, not sure what it was but it was fabulous). It looks boutique-y while still being inexpensive! It’s a fantastic little place to grab a super fast bite and wait out the rain.

Ricardo Rezk: Good pastries, ok sandwiches. For the prices I was expecting better quality, but DC is an expensive city… and not known for its food quality. I’m glad Paul exists. I will probably go back.

Sanjay Gupta: Nice and cozy place. Paul’s never disappoints. Being holiday it was rather crowded and they ran out of things. Food is always great, service was decent. Good variety to chose from. This was one of the best Omelette and coffee I had.

15. Patisserie Manuel - Silver Spring

· 140 reviews

8810 Brookville Rd, Silver Spring, MD 20910

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Patisserie Manuel: what do users think?

Eghbal Akhlaghi: I give them 4 stars only to be more realistic with my review. I’m happy with the custom cake that they have made on such a short notice and I praise them for that but the quality of the cake itself was not good. It wasn’t fresh on the inside and the majority of the people at my place didn’t like it either it definitely looked good on the outside. Disclaimer : the Two Fast decoration wasn’t done by them.

Carlos: Delicious baked Chilean Empanadas 😋 and cakes that are perfect for large gatherings 🎂 10/10 would recommend. Just dont be confused. This location is not a dine in restaurant or cafe, you must order ahead of time!!

MOE Saadi: I’ve had the croissant with Almond and the double espresso latte and both were amazing, the place is really nice and the service is excellent :)

Lara Bryant: Great find! I stopped at the shopping center and wasn’t expecting a French Bakery. Beautiful case full of pastries and a selection of cook to order brunch items and coffee. I just had the peach danish and it was tasty, not too sweet. I will definitely go back and try more of their pastries. Great outdoor patio, too.

David Pittman: Spied this bakery driving and so glad I stopped in. Staff very friendly and helpful, plus display cases full of pastries. Got the chocolate croissant and ham and cheese and bot were top notch. Would go again to eat my weight

Nancy McNally: For Christmas I ordered the Four Leches cake! Let me tell you… it was amazing. The flavors so perfectly balanced. It was unlIke any Tres Leches cake I’ve had but it was also better than any other! Can’t wait for another occasion so I can get it again!

16. La Bohemia Bakery - North Bethesda

· 239 reviews

5540 Wilkins Ct, North Bethesda, MD 20852

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La Bohemia Bakery: what do users think?

Rasha Saleem: Delicious!! Kept missing the storefront, but finally found it-it’s the third or so establishment to your right when you turn I to Wilkins Ct!! Right in front of the car clinic! Love this small business and their bread is so fresh and straight out of the oven!

Savitri Bach: La Bohemia Bakery and Cafe We some how decided that we wanted to find a good place for Chocolate Croissants and hopefully a good cup of coffee to go with them. La Bohemia Bakery does not disappoint. We only got to try the croissants, cheese pastry and canele and they were all out of this world. The canele was poetry, buttery, caramelized sweetness with a chew and creamy center, the chocolate croissants buttery, lots of chocolate with a wonderful pastry and the cheese pastry the same buttery wonderful deliciousness. After trying about 6 other local bakeries they can’t compete with this perfection. I can’t wait to try their other pastries, breads and sandwiches. Don’t let their location or the front of the store keep you from going there. This bakery is a gem and it’s an honor to have eaten there.

Charles-Stephen Laubhouet: My favorite place to go. My number one choice for french bakery. Its actually my only one choice! Nothing tops it. Service is always great ! Christian is the best ! If you would like some authentic french pastries, this is the place to go! Been going there since 7 years! And they speak french too! By the way the big canelés are only weekends!

17. Pluma by Bluebird Bakery - Washington

· 175 reviews

391 Morse St NE, Washington, DC 20002

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Pluma by Bluebird Bakery: what do users think?

Hannah Hunt: Excellent cardamom morning bun and overall experience. There is a good variety of pastries available to order. This was my first time but I definitely plan to come back. The inside was also beautiful, really nice atmosphere.

Chanpen Tee: The place looks so nice and clean. The staff is friendly. And chocolate croissants is good. I will tey their coffee next time.

Celestino Garcia: This coffee shop is dope. The coffee is a great and the pastries are A1. Breakfast sandwich is pretty good too.

Meg Voorhis: Upscale bakery and coffee spot in the greater union market corridor. Fresh savory vegetarian options and good bread, but a bit pricy (~$50 lunch for 4 items) and service from the made to order menu was slow.

Hannah Yoo: Best pastries in the city!! Seriously I always try to stop in for a bite then end up eating the entire pastry case. I especially love the croissants and morning buns, and they also have beautiful salads and yummy pizzas. Also love that it’s a small business owned by locals. Love spending all day here drinking coffee and catching up with friends on weekends. Neighborhood gem!

Alex: This breakfast sandwich is honestly one of the best in DC. Freshly made bun + tender, sweet, salty pork belly + perfectly cooked egg. Amazing.

18. Ooh La La Bakery - Wheaton-Glenmont

· 135 reviews

2600 University Blvd W, Silver Spring, MD 20902

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Ooh La La Bakery: what do users think?

Laura Schneider: I ordered a custom strawberry short cake for a special event and it was beautiful and delicious! I have also gotten pastries and cakes from Ooh La La and have never been disappointed. Cake photo by Get Ready Photo

Shannon Cheung: 10/10 local spot! I’ve been twice now, the visits some time apart, and the growth in the number of offerings is amazing. The online menu might not always reflect what’s available in person — last I went on a Sunday morning, I got a special rose raspberry eclair that was so pretty and flavourful. I also got the cinnamon roll raisin danish, the fruit tart, and a quiche. Everything I’ve had has been delicious and fresh, and I appreciate having such a great spot so close by. The prices are so reasonable, and the people there are very friendly and helpful. I look forward to coming back to try more things!

I M: Just stopped by to check it out and I luv how they offer mini of their regular size pastry. The co owner placed the delicious pastrys delicately in the to go boxes. The flavor of the custard is delicious and the service is great. Highly recommend

Gerardo Nixon: They have really good quality pastries. We tried 6-7 different items as dessert for a dinner party and everyone raved about the taste and texture. If you want to get chocolate croissants make sure you get there early or order ahead, I stopped by around 10:30 and they were completely out.

Lark Bergwin-Anderson: I often shop here and highly recommend them! Their chocolate croissants are to die for. Their chocolate mousse is heavenly, their breads, scrumptious. We even ordered a pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving & found it so delicious that we will order the same next year as well! There is plenty of parking nearby. Go early on weekends, lest they sell out of your favorites. And if there happens to be a line, be patient, there is plenty to choose from even when your favorite treat may have already gone home with someone else, and besides, the other customers are worth meeting in the meantime. The service is excellent, the servers are very helpful and kind. Oh! And they observe Senior Tuesday with a discount! You cannot go wrong at Ooh La La!

19. Vie De France Bakery & Cafe - Potomac

· 268 reviews

10146 River Rd, Potomac, MD 20854

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Vie De France Bakery & Cafe: what do users think?

Christopher Chandler: Satisfy every flavor desire you could have. This culinary destination presents itself in the fashion of a traditional French boulangerie: clean and understated, allowing the food to take center stage in your sensory experience. Sate your hunger here.

sajia aboni: Nice Little french bakery. All their desserts looked delicious. We will try those next time . We ordered tuna sandwich and french onion soup,both was delicious.

Orlando G.: The sandwich was delicious. Typically I never buy sandwiches anywhere but a coworker recommend the place. Also their dessert section left a lasting memory, and I want more! Red velvet treat was the best in the west (Bethesda).

20. Praline Bakery & Bistro - Brookmont

· 195 reviews

4611 Sangamore Rd, Bethesda, MD 20816

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Praline Bakery & Bistro: what do users think?

Rae W. (Rasheeda Williams): Yes, yes, a thousand times yes! This place, the food and the staff are incredible. Some friends and I hosted a bridal shower here and everything was better than I could imagine. The patio is beautiful. The management is so flexible and kind. The chef outdid himself. Staff are amazing. I felt so welcome. I would not hesitate to come again.

Takahito Kimura: This is a very nice restaurant. The food was all delicious, even the desserts, and the location and the staff were wonderful. The macarons are very pretty. In the picture I ordered the tiramisu. I would love to go back again. Thank you.

Nadia Washington: The building is cute and easy to find. The flow of the place as you walk through and the decor on the walls makes every visit unique and interesting. Their menu is great and very tasty. The staff are aways friendly.

Amanda Persad: A beautiful, quiet brunch spot. My friend and I popped in for brunch after a hike at Great Falls. She had the smoked salmon branch crêpe with crème fraîche (not pictured) and I had the homemade chicken pot pie (pictured). The pot pie was perfect comfort food, it had mushrooms and peas and carrots in addition to fresh roasted chicken. We also had dessert from the bakery downstairs. She had a orange marmalade crêpe (not pictured) and I had a crunch bar that has different players with hazelnut and wafers (pictured).

Aylin Bekem: Praline Bakery & Bistro always surprises you In a good way🌈🌈

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