Best Diabetic Bakeries In Washington Near Me

1. Sticky Fingers Sweets & Eats - Washington

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592 reviews
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Sticky Fingers Sweets & Eats
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Address: 1370 Park Rd NW, Washington, DC 20010

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM

Telephone: (202) 299-9700

Business type: Bakery

Sticky Fingers Sweets & Eats: what do users think?
Dwayne Martin
Dwayne Martin: Customer service was absolutely great. I was purchasing some treats for my vegan roommates birthday and they gave great recommendations and he loved it. Definitely will be coming back.
Jessica Williams
Jessica Williams: Love, love love! I’m severely allergic to milk. So this is really my only option if I want dairy free cupcakes from a bakery. The carrot cake cupcakes, coconut, and red velvet cupcakes are AMAZING!!!!! I know red velvet are around all year. I wish the other two were as well. I’ve been in heaven since picking up my order.
Queen Afua
Queen Afua: It was a treat in itself omg I had the matcha tea and an apple cupcake it was Heavenly and everything is vegan which is a plus for me
Maria I
Maria I: I had high hopes for this place and ordered a dozen cupcakes for work. I only tried the red velvet and the frosting was too sweet and the cake was not flavorful.
Carla Godoy
Carla Godoy: I have lived in Columbia heights now for over 10 years and have always seen sticky fingers bakery but have never actually been there. But now since I am a vegan, let me tell you this is the perfect place. The cupcakes are to die for, and so is the rueban with sweet potato fries. My favorite is the sticky buns on my way to college.
Edward Parsons
Edward Parsons: Was super excited to visited Sticky Fingers. I fondly recall watching the owner on Cup Cake Wars and pulled for her because of her vegan values. After a year of living in DC, I took my family to the store. My wife was given a piece of the double chocolate cake, and we had to experience the shop for ourselves. Expectations were high for Sticky! When we walked in I initially thought that the neo look was interesting...but after looking around the store it seemed to be randomness that I found difficult to connect with. When I order, the employee seemed to be rushed and somewhat annoyed. The store was not very clean. The products that I bought were tasty, but the entire experience left me this the true Sticky Finger experience...? I hope not. I will be giving Sticky another try, but sometime you only get one chance to make a first impression.

2. Rise Bakery - Washington

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Rise Bakery
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Address: 2409 18th St NW, Washington, DC 20009

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM

Telephone: (202) 525-5204

Business type: Bakery

Rise Bakery: what do users think?
Dumdi B.
Dumdi B.: I’m always on the hunt for good treats that are both gluten and dairy free. I was so happy to find Rise Bakery! My favorite was the vegan double chocolate cupcake and the vegan cookies and cream cupcake. Both went really well with unsweetened almond milk. Such a nice treat for date night. Thank you for the existence of this place!
Response: Thanks so much for your review! Glad to hear you enjoyed the dairy-free cupcakes! We focused on adding some extra dairy-free/vegan items to the 2022 winter and spring menus :)
Sadie Vogt
Sadie Vogt: Absolutely delicious! In town for work so I had to stop here and try their gluten free options! Recommend to every gluten free person in DC who has a sweet tooth!!
Peregrine Sky
Peregrine Sky: Cute, unfortunately no dine in at this time, progressive bakery. Lots of options for all kinds of dietary restrictions, soy, nut, dairy and all gluten free. 18th Street sandwich was amazing! These are certainly the best gluten free pastries I’ve ever had but they are still not delicious like normal pastries!
JT Mitchell
JT Mitchell: Both the Oreo cupcake and the apple fritter were pretty good. Both are also vegan. I’d say I like the fritter better. Had some good bite to it. The cupcake was tasty. Pretty solid.
Anna L
Anna L: Very very happy with my experience at rise. Got the 18th street sandwich - delicious bread with arugula, herbed Mayo, bacon, and tomato. I also got a cherry turnover that was amazing. Yet to try the cheddar jalapeño loaf and the strawberry cheesecake but they look great. Can’t wait to come back another time.
Response: So happy to hear you enjoyed everything, Anna. Hopefully we will see you soon
Danielle Somers
Danielle Somers: Hands down best GF bakery in the DMV. All of their baked goods are incredible and their customer service is excellent. We had our wedding cake made there and everyone sung their praises. Worth the trip!
LP: Cute little gluten free shop with additional egg nut and soy free options. First gluten free spot I’ve tried that is moist and flavorful. Yum! I got the raspberry danish.

3. The CakeRoom - Washington

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582 reviews
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The CakeRoom
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Address: 2006 18th St NW, Washington, DC 20009

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM

Telephone: (202) 450-4462

Business type: Bakery

The CakeRoom: what do users think?
A V: Ordered the raspberry swirl cheesecake and I can say that this is easily the best cheesecake I’ve ever had. Pistachio crust and the jam is such a brilliant decision! If you ever decide to come here please do yourself a favor and order this cake, you won’t regret it.
ko chanel
ko chanel: This is the inedible cake I paid 166 dollars for. The letters were uneven. I honestly think that they forgot about my order and did this in an hour. My dads birthday was ruined. I called these renowned “Kamala Cake Bakers” several times and got no response. When they did finally, answer they stated they give no refunds. I was in a rush to his surprise party and I couldn’t fully assess how horrible the cake was until I removed it from the box. I was placed on hold for an hour until someone finally hung up on me. Shame on you!!!! How horrible can you be! I 1000000 percent do not recommend please find someone else !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This place deserves no ones money
Amirah Prince
Amirah Prince: Would you serve this cake to Kamala Harris? You posted the cake you made for her with so much pride. It looked great. I guess since I am not a vice president my money must not hold the same value. My Dad could not even eat his birthday cake. I will not rest until we get our money back. 166 dollars for this horrible cake. This business is unethical. The person hung up on me when I called to get return the cake for a refund. They said they can give me the value back in cupcakes. I was placed on hold until I was hung up on YOU PEOPLE ARE EVIL. First time in my life I have been robbed!!!!!!!!!! The cake was dry to the touch. I refused to eat it. It was so dry. WHO made this cake. Did you a hire a helper for a day. 166 dollars. Horrible
ƐK dela Cruz
ƐK dela Cruz: I had a slice of Peanut butter chocolate cake. It had a great balance of both, the cake was moist and very enjoyable alongside the free coffee or tea that they have readily available. Pricing could be better but also understandable. We’re definitely coming back whenever we’re in the area to try out more from this store!
Traveling Clown
Traveling Clown: Get there early or else you miss out on some flavors! Cookies and coffee available too! Super sweet icing.

4. Sweet Crimes Gluten-Free Bakery - Washington

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86 reviews
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Sweet Crimes Gluten-Free Bakery
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Address: 1238 Pennsylvania Ave. SE, Washington, DC 20003

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8AM

Telephone: (202) 297-0932

Business type: Gluten-free restaurant

Sweet Crimes Gluten-Free Bakery: what do users think?
Haleigh Eppler
Haleigh Eppler: This store front is cute and has a very trendy but cozy vibe inside. The service was great and everyone was very willing to answer our questions. All allergen information is clearly indicated on the menu to allow for easy ordering. We had the ham and cheese sandwich and a chili brownie. The ham and cheese sandwich was delicious with cheese on the bread and in the sandwich. The chili brownie wasn’t super spicy but had a good kick in the after taste. The vegan members of our party enjoyed pumpkin bread and a chocolate donut.
Response: Thanks so much, Haleigh! We're thrilled that you enjoyed your experience and hope to see you again soon :).
Christiane West
Christiane West: We ordered a lemon sheet cake for my daughter’s confirmation and it was hands down the best gluten free cake we have had. And we have been gluten free for 10 years now and have tried many places in the DC metro area. Keri if very easy to work with and her shop has lots of fun options beyond the cakes!!
Response: Thanks so much, Christiane!! We’re so glad we could make Monika’s day special
Allison Nielsen
Allison Nielsen: Normally, I wouldn’t gravitate towards a gluten free bakery, but we decided to get some Christmas cookies here and they were amazing! Really soft (my favorite type of cookie) and the service was so friendly here. The bakery is really small so there’s not a ton of room for sitting, its more of a grab and go situation. I am glad to see things are still going well and that people are loving this spot. I’d love to return for breakfast one day!
Response: Thanks so much, Allison. We really appreciate the feedback!
Elliott Wooster
Elliott Wooster: I had a really good cheese and egg biscuit, a latte and I couldn’t NOT get the donut. This place is amazing. All of the food I and my partner had was incredible and the coffee was brilliant too. But THE DONUTS. They were AMAZING. They sold out whilst I was sat here (10:30 on a Sunday) so make sure to get here early! The person at the counter said they’re still very new and figuring out how fast things will sell. Cannot recommend enough. This was all delicious.
Response: Elliott, thank you so much for the review and for supporting us!! Not only are we new, but I’m 40 weeks pregnant and my staff are working so hard to pull it all together as I’m forced to take a step back. They are my shining stars ✨
Kate Cope
Kate Cope: Visited this bakery for the first time on Sunday am - I didn’t catch the names of the staff but both were SO kind and welcoming. I had my two little ones with me & they let them taste a couple of extra treats :) The food was all incredible and the vibe/atmosphere is just great. I would highly recommend this bakery to not just those with a gluten sensitivity or allergy, but to anyone who enjoys delicious baked goods and kind employees. Definitely will visit again!!
Response: Thanks so much, Kate! My staff work really hard and we're thrilled to hear that you had a good experience. Our standard is "delicious even if you’re not gluten free", so I appreciate that feedback as well!
John Palmer
John Palmer: Great gluten free bakery and cafe. A little pricy but the cupcakes and pastries are wonderful
Response: Thanks so much, John!

5. Baked & Wired - Washington

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2946 reviews
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Baked & Wired
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Address: 1052 Thomas Jefferson St NW, Washington, DC 20007

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8AM

Telephone: (703) 663-8727

Business type: Bakery

Baked & Wired: what do users think?
Elizabeth Dou
Elizabeth Dou: I love coming here on special occasions and enjoying a cupcake or two with friends and family. Every cupcake I’ve tried has been such a treat full of flavor and just so moist. They really nail the cupcake to icing ratio. They offer seasonal coffee flavors as well as cupcake flavors. It’s a fun bakery with both indoor and outdoor seating. If you plan to stop by be prepared to wait in line. The line moves quickly and it’s definitely worth the wait!
Aminah Imani
Aminah Imani: You won’t be disappointed. Order them to go and enjoy them down by the water front. Great location, friendly staff and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Thank you!
Avonlea: One of my favorite spots when in DC. The cupcakes are so moist and your definitely getting your moneys worth! Before the pandemic the line would go down the street, but since they close earlier you can walk right in. They also have other treats other than cupcakes. Their Rice Krispies are very good! If in DC I highly suggest you stop by!
Yuri: When we arrived in the afternoon, most flavors of cupcakes were already sold out… I really wanted to try dirty chai cupcake, but I got one of chocolate flavor.(I forgot the name, but kind of nutty chocolate) It was sweet, but not too much, moderately moist, was good! I should go again!
Marina Ekman
Marina Ekman: I went into Baked and Wired on a Saturday near mid day, and was greeted politely by staff, so that was nice. I took a look at their menu on the board, and was surprised to see that there weren’t any prices posted. I then took a look at their foldout menus, and no prices on there either. I was finally able to track down the price of their cupcakes online (they were over $6 per) yet i was unable to find prices for their drinks (but that could be my error) I decided to order the coconut cupcake and a green tea, and my food was delivered to me swiftly! The cupcake itself was very delicious and rich, yet a little lacking on the coconut flavor, and the tea was hot and scrumptious! I definitely would visit again! Edit: I was finally able to obtain a biscuit from them (thanks to the lovely staff for their help!) and it was very tasty! The biscuit is a drop type soda biscuit with the ingredients mixed into it, rather than a layered biscuit.
Da-Wang Wu
Da-Wang Wu: A lovely little bakery with many different flavors of cupcakes. They also sell coffee and tea on the other side of the counter. The staff mentioned that carrot cake and strawberry are two popular flavors in their cupcakes. Carrot cake is pretty delicious, but strawberry is just okay for me. Although I don’t like frosting in general, my friend said that their frosting felt freshly made and he actually enjoyed it. Overall, the drinks and cake are a bit too sweet for me, but I guess it might be just fine for others.
Munera A
Munera A: In love with this place’ vibes 💯, we picked the vanilla cupcake filled with dolce de lice and the chocolate topping.. it was good but not the best! But the coffee was actually good!

6. Rose Ave Bakery - Washington

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138 reviews
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Rose Ave Bakery
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Address: 1110 Vermont Ave NW, Washington, DC 20005

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM

Business type: Bakery

Rose Ave Bakery: what do users think?
Will Herbst
Will Herbst: I showed up 10 minutes before it opened and waited in line for about 20 minutes total. This was one of the best breakfasts I have ever had. The bacon egg crescent was so good- the crescent itself was backed with ungodly amounts of flavor. The coffee milk tea is one of the most delicious beverages I’ve consumed. Passion fruit donut was wonderfully spongy. The passion fruit flavor really came across
Aisha Sees
Aisha Sees: I preordered the doughnuts on Sunday - process was smooth. I arrived after 1 on a weekday and there were plenty of street parking available. Picking up my order was easy but I did notice all the walk-ins were sold out by that time. Ordered 4 doughnuts: passion fruit, guava mousse, strawberry rose lychee, and black sesame. They were all good but the passion fruit one was my absolute favorite. Perfect balance of sweet and tangy, good ratio of filling vs doughnut (filled doughnuts are not my faves but these, I could do!). The dough was fluffy and light. I didn’t want to eat it all in one day so I refrigerated what I had left. Warmed it up a bit in the microwave the next day and it was still delicious.
Julia Hsia
Julia Hsia: No doubt my favorite bakery in the downtown area now… the croissant was a ma zing! 🥐The calamansi yuzu croissant was crazy. Although the egg white smell on the top was slightly strong, the taste was still good. The fruity sourness balanced the sweetness of the cream. Donut was great also, although I’m not a donut fan. I got a ube coconut one. The flavor was good! Definitely coming back again!
Kate Sutliff
Kate Sutliff: Amazing bakery! Fantastic assortment of sweet and savory. Be prepared to plan ahead. Pre orders are the best way to get the items you want. Day of, the lines can be really long. Very friendly staff. We take anyone who visits us here.

7. Sprinkles Georgetown - Washington

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339 reviews
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Sprinkles Georgetown
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Address: 3015 M St NW, Washington, DC 20007

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM

Telephone: (202) 450-1610

Business type: Bakery

Sprinkles Georgetown: what do users think?
Shanice Stewart
Shanice Stewart: I absolutely love their salted caramel cupcakes! I’m not a big fan of the rainbow sprinkle cupcakes, because they are not fun to chew. Every time I go from here on out, I will order half a dozen salted caramel cupcakes because they are the best! Great Customer Service!
Response: We appreciate your support and hope to see you again soon!
Dia Berrios
Dia Berrios: Ugh I used love Sprinkles. Not sure if the recipes have changed due to Covid and the food supply shortages but they are not the same. Kind of sad about it. The strawberry was lacking strawberry flavor the only thing that had strawberry was the frosting. Everything else was decent. But for the price I was highly disappointed because there are so many other options in DC. I wont be returning unfortunately.
Response: Thank you for your review. Our recipes have not changed. We'd like to learn more about your Sprinkles experiencing. Please email so that we can learn more and make this right.
chelsea gadiano
chelsea gadiano: It was busy but the line goes fast because of the convenient iPad ordering system. The staff were very friendly and order comes really quick! The cupcakes are soooo good! We got red velvet and lemon blueberry! My husband and I loved it! Their cream cheese frosting is the best! Cupcakes are so moist and delicious! Packaging is super cute!
Response: Thank you for the amazing 5-star review! We appreciate your support and hope to see you again soon!
K S: 10/10 experience!!! I loved the contactless payment, good covid protocols and the amazing moist cupcakes. I’ve only had sprinkles a few times at birthday parties and I decided to go there on my own; one of the best cupcake stores in DC! The staff is superb and the cupcakes come out efficiently!
Response: Thank you for the 5-star review!
Ree A
Ree A: I went there in the Mother’s Day, I found only 2 types available of cupcakes it was the first time to try sprinkles Georgetown and reallyI didn’t like the sugar cream on the top of cupcakes also the cake was dry . I don’t know if Im un lucky in my selection choices or they prepare all cupcakes like what I tried. The service was fast although the store was crowded.
Response: Thank you for taking the time to review our bakery. We bake fresh daily and can sell out. We always recommend placing a pre-order on our website ( or app. Please email as we'd like to learn more.
McKenzie Taylor
McKenzie Taylor: Decided to try Sprinkles after seeing the line (+ reviews mentioning unfriendly service) at Georgetown Cupcakes) and was not disappointed! The staff at Sprinkles was incredibly friendly and ordering couldn’t have been easier. There were a few customers ahead of me but the kiosks allowed for quick, simple ordering. The red velvet cupcakes were great but the pumpkin was my favorite!
Response: Thank you for your 5-star review and kind words! We hope to see you again soon!
Keli Wright
Keli Wright: I always enjoy going to Sprinkles. I went right before they closed and there was no line, a lot of cupcakes were sold out but still a great selection. I have brought lots of people here too.
Response: Thank you for your awesome 5-Star review! We hope to see you again soon!
Stephanie Corte
Stephanie Corte: I’ve been a Sprinkles fan for many years now. The red velvet cupcakes are my very favorite dessert. The cream cheese frosting knocks it out of the park every time. They are just absolutely delicious cupcakes. I recommend becoming a rewards members if you live near a Sprinkles location. I frequently get a free cupcake. This place is definitely worth a visit if you have never been.
Response: Thank you for the 5-Star review!
Carrie Crowther
Carrie Crowther: My favorite cupcake spot in DC! They’re so light and not overly sweet. Definitely in for a treat, and you don’t have to wait in a long line. My usual go to’s are red velvet, banana, and dark chocolate!
Response: Thank you for your 5-star review! We appreciate your support and hope to see you again soon!
iisha hackett
iisha hackett: Good variety, but not too impressive for a $5 cupcake. Icing too sweet, cake not flavorful enough..Cute shop, pleasant staff. Worth a try
Response: Thank you for taking the time to leave us a review!

8. Georgetown Cupcake - Washington

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5024 reviews
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Georgetown Cupcake
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Address: 3301 M St NW, Washington, DC 20007

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM

Telephone: (202) 333-8448

Business type: Cupcake shop

Georgetown Cupcake: what do users think?
Abhinav: We were recommended this place by many as we were visiting DC. We waited in the line for 10 minutes to get in. The frosting of the cupcakes was great but the cupcake texture pretty average. $20 for half dozen cupcakes felt expensive. No need to try their beverages if it’s your thing. There are far better beverage places. Food4/5 Ambience 5/5 Service 5/5
Aisha C
Aisha C: As a tourist this place comes highly recommended but sadly I thought the cupcakes were just OK! I loved the variety of cupcakes and even opted for some vegan/gluten free selections but I was underwhelmed by the flavor and texture (which was more like a muffin). The cupcakes are very dense! happy I got to try it but would opt to go to another cupcake bakery in the future.
Carole Stewart
Carole Stewart: I would give them zero stars if I could. I ordered these on my visit to DC because I heard about them. When I opened the box this is what they looked like. I even had two vegan ones in it because of a dairy allergy. And there is no way I could tell which one was vegan. I sent two emails with pictures with NO response.$38 for a dozen cupcakes that look like this is unacceptable. This definitely is a tourist trap. NOT worth it!. Save your money.
Matthew Hsu
Matthew Hsu: I heard about Georgetown Cupcakes and decided to give it a try since I was in the area. The line to get in was long. I waited for about 20 minutes. They have quite a bit of variety of cupcakes and all tasted pretty good. The packaging is quite impressive as well. The location is about an 8 minute walk from Georgetown University.
Kiki Fasbender
Kiki Fasbender: Georgetown Cupcake was fantastic. Our bus broke down outside (we think it was destiny!!) of their shop and they handled 33 of us like pros. I highly recommend the coffee toffee and my son loved the Dad Chocolate. We both washed them down with a big glass of Whole Milk. We love whole milk and were thrilled they had that as an option.
Renee Kar-Johnson
Renee Kar-Johnson: The best cupcakes I have ever had in my life. The new flavors really got me and made me feel some kind of way. I waited in line for a hour and a half and I would do it again. They ran out of tea so they even gave me a free cupcake. I can’t even imagine why people like baked and wired ;)
Jason Lin
Jason Lin: Be prepared to wait if you didn’t order ahead. To us, their cupcakes were just okay/average. We visited Georgetown Cupcake on a Tuesday evening. There was a long line outside the door (as currently they only allow one party in the store at one time). It was a 50 minute wait for us (arrived ~5:35pm, got our cupcakes ~6:25pm). As they close at 7pm, and more people were still coming, one of the employees came outside a little after 6pm to announce that they only had very limited flavors left for the day. It was nice they did this. The ordering process wasn’t very efficient; the employee pretty much needed to explain to each group of customers about what flavors they still had. If this can be digitized on a display (with counts would be awesome) it would make ordering a much smoother and quicker process. As for the taste of their cupcakes, we felt they were just average. The bread part was on the dry/firm side. Their size was on the smaller end. Icing was okay; some flavors were too sweet and some were just right (we prefer not too sweet). Other than some flavors being nicely decorated, we felt overall they’re not that special and not worth $3.75 a piece. All in all, as it’s an extremely popular place, we wanted to give it a try. Now we have done it, will we go back? Maybe not, not with this type of wait line and this price - to us it’s not worth it. I’m sure a lot of people love their cupcakes, whether it’s because of their taste, decorations, or just name brand, but unfortunately they didn’t amaze us. It’s still good to see them become an iconic and successful business in this area and we still hope they continue to do well and serve many many more customers in the years to come.

9. Sugar Fox - Washington

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43 reviews
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Sugar Fox
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Address: 5027 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20008

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 12PM

Telephone: (202) 244-9500

Business type: Ice cream shop

Sugar Fox: what do users think?
Andrew Miller
Andrew Miller: Had a great birthday cake. Sugar Fox came through in a pinch! The cakes do indeed have a good amount of sugar in them, and I think that works for me! I am pro-cake in any event and Sugar Fox came through on my birthday 🎂, with a cake that made a difference and tastes good with and without ice cream 🍦.
Lani: The ice cream sample was great. Unfortunately there was a hair in order.
Response: Oh no, I'm so sorry to hear that! All of our staff wear hats and hair restraints at all times while working, but mistakes do happen. Please reach out so I can refund your order and send you a gift card so your next scoop is on us: Thank you. - Matt
B: Few flavours but they are yummy! I was afraid they’d have too much sugar but they got the recipes just right. Perfect.
Michael Kaplan
Michael Kaplan: A great ice cream and sorbet spot. Nice parking behind so easy in and out. The staff is pleasant and helpful. The dark chocolate sorbet and blueberry ginger ice cream make a great combination.
Daryl: I swear this was the best ice cream/sorbet I’ve had in eons. I got the mint chip ice cream and the raspberry lime sorbet- the flavors were very clean and super bright. There were no weird aftertastes, at all. My friend got the strawberry crème fraîche and peach pie. Both were SO good- especially the peach pie. There didn’t appear to be any chunks of weird “crust” like many pie flavors do. Probably just my own bias towards pie that’s like 95% fruit and 5% crust but I digress.
Alec Frazier
Alec Frazier: There are many, many coffee and pastry shops and other venues with light fare in the DC area. Almost all of them advertise themselves as quiet areas where you can study and get work done whilst enjoying a tasty treat or two. However, almost all of these shops are only good at the latter, if that. I highly recommend Sugar Fox because it is a quiet, peaceful location to hang out and get some business done. The fact that they have truly amazing chocolate milkshakes, very friendly staff, and complementary water makes them even more appealing. I use voice activated software, and I also have a sensory perception disability. This makes it next to impossible to hang out in your average Starbucks. I absolutely and wholeheartedly recommend Sugar Fox as an awesome hangage space. Just make sure you order some of their tasty treats as well!
Jackie D.
Jackie D.: Limited choice of ice cream made with milk from South Mountain Dairy. Venue the size of a closet, no privacy, and better as a walk in/out parlor.Great service, but ice cream just , how should I say...mediocre. Little City Creamery same type venue but much much much better ice cream choices, as well as flavors.
Jim Bowe
Jim Bowe: Excellent home made ice cream, sheet cakes and cupcakes served by friendly locals. The strawberry creme fraiche, peach pie and Oreo flavors are particularly good. Pie dough sprinkles are a nice finishing touch.

10. Tatte Bakery & Cafe - Washington

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698 reviews
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Tatte Bakery & Cafe
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Address: 1200 New Hampshire Ave NW, Washington, DC 20036

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 7AM

Telephone: (202) 919-8300

Business type: Bakery

Tatte Bakery & Cafe: what do users think?
Vince Granado
Vince Granado: Walking around the area and we stumbled across this gem of a cafe/bakery. The savory scone and the breakfast sandwich was outstanding. The flat white coffee was also very lovely. Highly recommend this joint.
Kevin Chen
Kevin Chen: This place remind me of some old Europe bakery shop. I must say they are very familiar. The americano is so so, latte is good but a bit sweet I think too much sugar. You can also come here for brunch. It has both inside and outside seating, inside about 40+ tables outside about 20+ tables Street parking no free.
Val Z.
Val Z.: Great place, I always walk away with more than what I come in for. The food is mostly healthy but if you’re on a diet please avert your eyes from the counter with all those delicious croissants and other delights. Coffee is really good here also. I like the service, I didn’t ever feel rushed even when I ordered a lot of items to go. The servers come to your several times despite this not being a full restaurant. Everyone is always nice and I love the deco. All their locations have a similar concept which is very refreshing and I’m glad they are opening more spots.
Black Star Dust
Black Star Dust: Sunny and bright Ambience is delightful. The service is usually fast. Pastries and breakfast offerings are pretty good. Diverse food offerings. Everything from American, African, Arabic, French and other tasty options. They offer brunch all day. Only thing, the lattés could be a little richer; oatmeal options are quite watery. Maybe try another oatmilk brand?
citygirldc: This may be my new favorite place for a lunch delivery. Ordered the roasted mushroom spinach and potato bowl, chicken salad sandwich. They have really amazing bread. Also had a latte that was packaged perfectly and still hot. Everything was delicious 😋
TPMT Associates
TPMT Associates: Such a fantastic hip cool joint with lots of people, long lines but definitely worth the wait. This is what every brunch place in the world should model themselves after. Good energy, healthy choices and lots of selection. The food was so tasty and reasonable in price. Even if it’s self serve the service by the people there was still great. Will definitely come back again n again to try their delicious treats

11. Dog Tag Bakery - Washington

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361 reviews
new review
Dog Tag Bakery
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Address: 3206 Grace St NW, Washington, DC 20007

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 7AM

Telephone: (202) 407-9609

Business type: Bakery

Dog Tag Bakery: what do users think?
John Toth
John Toth: Pretty good! Breakfast sandwiches were tasty. The quiche was very good. Crusty and cheesy. Coffee was as to be expected.
Response: Thanks for your review! Appreciate your support of our business and mission.
Rebecca Opiela
Rebecca Opiela: I loved it! The staff was super nice and efficient. The space well clean and had a nice bathroom. Everything was wheelchair accessible including the front door and bathroom. The croissant was delicious too! I sat there and read a while and had a nice time.
Response: Thank you for your 5-star rating! So glad you enjoyed your visit, and hope to see you back again! We appreciate your support of our small business and our mission.
Alisha T
Alisha T: 🔥 Matcha cherry muffin with cherries inside 🔥 and their chocolate zucchini mini bread is very chocolate rich! Great loose leaf tea selection. Nice and cozy spot.
Response: Thank you for your review! So glad you enjoyed your visit, and hope to see you back again! We appreciate your support of our small business and our mission.
Karen Laska
Karen Laska: Love this place!! Everything is delicious, but my favorites are the chocolate zucchini bread, the egg & cheese on a honey thyme biscuit, and the chocolate chip cookies. It’s a great spot for reading or studying, and the staff members are always so nice. Highly recommend it!
Response: Thank you for your review, Karen! We really appreciate your support of our business & mission.
Austin: OVERHYPED. The bakery is certainly tasty, however it is more of a cafe. I arrived on a Sunday morning when they were not busy and purchased both a breakfast sandwich and matcha cherry muffin. The muffin was not noticeable burnt, but it was slightly over cooked as the wrapping was sticking to the muffin and was burnt. The breakfast sandwich with the honey thyme biscuit is AMAZING which earned the three stars. The lady at the register was friendly and prompt to assist me, she spoke loud and clearly; something that is rare nowadays with the masks on. It was also $19 for an egg and cheese sandwich, muffin and a small latte… with oat milk which is like 50¢… I don’t mind paying that if it’s tasty, but it wasn’t.
Response: Hello Austin! We are sorry to hear your visit didn't go as well as we would hope. We hope you'll give us another chance, and appreciate your feedback.
Charlotte Rhea
Charlotte Rhea: it’s delicious! such a cool bakery and i highly recommend the cinnamon bun. it was perfect!
Response: Thank you for your review! We are glad you enjoyed your visit, thank you for supporting our business and our mission!
greg nyhus
greg nyhus: Lovely, patriotic themed, and inviting bakery. The coffee is outstanding and the baked goods are awesome. Cranberry-apple muffins are generous and the cinnamon rolls are a full meal. Friendly and cheerful staff make the coffee stop or breakfast a great experience. Well done!
Response: Thank you for your review and your support of our mission!
Stephanie Adams
Stephanie Adams: Great service. The nice lady who always takes my order takes her time to make sure I know exactly what I’m getting and what else might be good to try. They always have little samples which are pulling me towards a whole cake 😇
Response: Thank you for your review, we're so glad to hear that you enjoy stopping by the bakery regularly! We appreciate your support of our bakery and our mission. Hope to see you again soon.
Zee MW
Zee MW: Great spot to grab a quick bite. Nice environment.. the folks that work there are amazing. The food is pretty good. Definitely recommended if your in the area!
Response: Thank you for stopping by! We appreciate your support of our small business and mission. We hope to see you again!
Maritza Cooper
Maritza Cooper: What a wonderful place to grab a cup of coffee and enjoy with a delicious desert or sandwich. Their decor is lovely. We went for a special Comedy night held by the Armed Services ARTS Partnership! The barista on duty did an amazing job of not only cleaning up for the nite, but set up the food and refreshments flawlessly. She made sure my 7 year old granddaughter was comfortable and well fed. I will be back. Love the idea of empowering Vets! And teaching them business skills to succeed after their service ! Great job Dog Tag Bakery!
Response: Thank you for your review and for supporting our mission! So glad you were able to attend one of ASAP's events as well - what a great organization!

12. Tatte Bakery & Cafe - Washington

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449 reviews
new review
Tatte Bakery & Cafe
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Address: 1301 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20036

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 7AM

Telephone: (202) 629-1534

Business type: Bakery

13. Out of the Bubble Bakery - West Springfield

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68 reviews
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Out of the Bubble Bakery
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Address: 6230-A Rolling Rd, Springfield, VA 22152

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11AM

Telephone: (571) 336-2280

Business type: Bakery

Out of the Bubble Bakery: what do users think?
H H: Such a cute little bakery and good food! Gluten free is hard to find and vegan on top is harder. Loved everyone. Just be sure to clarify what items are not gluten free. They even put stickers on bagged items that are gluten free
Stephanie: A life savior. My son turned 5 yo and had been asking for his own cake. Tried to be a baker myself but no way I can make it even close to a design like this. The most important thing is its dairy and egg free. My son loves it and his birthday party. The owner is very accommodating and made it possible for me. I ordered early like a month but for some reason I missed her email but when I called her in a week notice she still made it possible. I am so lucky. Highly recommend.
Adriana R
Adriana R: This was one of the worst bakeries I’ve been to in the DMV area. Firstly the woman behind the counter just stared at me and looked away as I came inside, which was already super off putting. I got a lemon Bundt cake which was dense and dry and smelled like lemon but barely tasted like it I got a lemon shortbread which was incredibly underwhelming flavor wise but the texture was nice And I also got 6 cupcakes and 3 of them had vanilla bases that all tasted the SAME with super filmy and basically flavorless buttercream. The chocolate cupcakes taste like vanilla with a sprinkle of cocoa flavoring. Also the espresso buttercream is BITTER. I’m a baker myself but I wish I’d stayed home and made myself a batch of cupcakes. At most: 1.5/10 rating, definitely not coming back. Update after owner response; I don’t know if you’re trying to save face but we barely spoke in our exchange. I asked how big the lemon shortbread cookies are and you replied “as big as they normally are” and while immediately after saying that, you showed me, i don’t know if you confused me with a returning customer; but today was my first and last visit. I didn’t know your icing was vegan because we also DID NOT speak about this inside the shop. Thank you for replying but I will not be calling or returning ever again based on the experience and the fact that you are lying about a conversation we supposedly had. Best of luck to you and your business.
Response: I am super sad that you didn’t enjoy our baked goods and felt neglected by my customer service. I am the owner and I remember serving you fondly, as we had in pretty in-depth discussion about how we make our frosting vegan without any dairy and organic powdered sugar, and the sweetness level of the frosting, and why the lemon shortbread cookies were on the rack drying when you came in. Perhaps I didn’t make enough eye contact while I was packaging your baked goods, my hands are shaky and I like to focus on packing things so I don’t drop them. Usually even people without food allergies enjoy some of our products. Feel free to call the store when we are open next day I will be happy to discuss your customer experience with you. Regard, TaMeisha
Michelle Ely
Michelle Ely: We loved our cake! We have a family member with peanut allergy and decided to give OBB a try. We ordered a vanilla layer cake with chocolate frosting. It was excellent! Cake was moist and we enjoyed the fudge-like taste and texture of the icing.
Amanda Pollard
Amanda Pollard: Stopped by today for the first time. Personally I didn’t like anything I bought. The cupcakes are almost $4 for 1 and they are extremely dense and lack flavor. The cookies have a good texture but are lacking sugar or a cookie taste. Unfortunately I won’t be returning.
Anita: I bought 12 cupcakes for a super bowl party and they were disappointing! :-( They looked beautiful!!! However, the cake was dense and dry. And, the frosting was overly sweet. Everybody at the super bowl event had the same feed back. The cupcakes were way to expensive to have had so many leftover!
Kristie DaFoe
Kristie DaFoe: Great experiences both times I have ordered from them. The peace of mind for those with special diets (we had a celiac and an anaphylactic tree nut allergy in the group) was wonderful. The taste was also great too!

14. Captain Cookie & the Milkman - Washington

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467 reviews
new review
Captain Cookie & the Milkman
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Address: 2000 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20006

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM

Telephone: (202) 795-9184

Business type: Cookie shop

Captain Cookie & the Milkman: what do users think?
Claire Mizutani
Claire Mizutani: I stopped by for a late night snack but ended up picking up cookies for my family. I got an open faced ice cream sandwich(which I think is the way to go since the cookies aren’t really soft enough to bite through without swishing all the I cream out), ginger, oatmeal, double chocolate, chocolate chip, heath bar bits, and snickerdoodle. The favorites were double chocolate, ginger, and Heath. I wished the snickerdoodle had more cinnamon.
Michelle Haughton
Michelle Haughton: Delicious 😋Kudos to the sweet gentleman who made me a new sandwich after mine fell.Vegan cookies available.
Jerry West
Jerry West: We had Captain Cookie & the Milkman for an event recently and it was a HUGE hit! I highly recommend them for your events!
Hussain: - Edited on November 7, 2021. Came back to DC after a few years and went to visit my favorite cookie shop! However, it absolutely has gone down in quality. The cookies are cold, hard, and stale. I bought three, usually eating them all in one setting, only to leave 2 left to desire. Please restore the quality this great cookie company once had 🙏. Great Chocolate Chip Cookie! The best cookie I’ve ever bought because it tasted as if I made them myself. It was warm, soft on the center but nice and firm on the outer edges. Delicious cookie overall, the cookie you just have to try yourself. For $5 bucks you get two cookies 🍪 ,which are good sizes, and a small bottle of Grass-Fed Cow Milk 🥛 and they have all types of variety such as Whole, 2%, Soy, Etc. They even have vegan cookies so anyone can essentially try them!
Ryan Montgomery
Ryan Montgomery: What a cute little place!! Grab your cookie, ice cream, and bring your best girl to the sweetest little shop in DC! 😄

15. Alexandria Pastry Shop - Douglas MacArthur

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307 reviews
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Alexandria Pastry Shop
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Address: 3690 King St H, Alexandria, VA 22302

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 7AM

Telephone: (703) 578-4144

Business type: Pastry shop

Alexandria Pastry Shop: what do users think?
chelsea gadiano
chelsea gadiano: Love the German cake I got for my husband’s birthday! They also write on it for free! And gave me plastic knife because we just moved and didn’t have anything yet. Got the candles there too! Staff was very helpful and friendly! Cake was moist, icing not too sweet, it was perfect! We loved it!
Emilie K
Emilie K: The pastries were delicious! Friendly staff - fast service. Lots of parking. I didn’t see prices listed (not a huge deal) my two pasties totaled $12. I’ll be back for sure when I’m down in Alexandria.
Diana Williams
Diana Williams: The quiche was great. Customer service, and the peach bar thing... hugely too sweet with a great deal of almond extract- were not good. Also parking spaces are very narrow, especially the disabled ones. Cute place- but we will stick to the savory side.
Karen Nussle
Karen Nussle: UPDATE: I am updating my review because Tom called me and made this right. He not only apologized for what is not their standard of work, but gave me a FULL refund! I was honestly stunned. And really appreciated it given the circumstances. I did admit to him that the food was fabulous. So I will likely give them another shot in the future. [Previous post: I would not recommend these folks if you need your catering to arrive on time. I hired them for a large family gathering before a funeral on a weekday at Arlington National Cemetery. I told them that timing was very important as we had no wiggle room in the time we all needed to leave for the funeral. 30 minutes past the time they were due to deliver the food they were NO WHERE in sight. I could not get a hold of anyone by phone. When I did finally get someone to answer the phone they said they could not contact the driver. I was about to order pizza when they finally showed up 40 minutes late! I never got a call to apologize or even acknowledge there was a problem. They just charged my credit card and moved on.]
Larry Bourget
Larry Bourget: Today I went into Alexandria Pastry new to the area was exploring. I went in saw some really nice Pastry patiently waited incline behind 2 customers who were being served once they were taken care of I stepped forward to give my order and the young lady completely ignored me and went to customers who entered after me. This was my first and last impression of the establishment
Response: Good afternoon Mr Bourget. Please accept my apologies for the poor service you received at my store. We stress the the sales people to ask who was next so that your experience does not happen. This is not the way I run my business, and I would like to make it up to you to show you we do and have good customer service. Please call me at 703-578-4144, so I can make it up to you. Tom Lally
Greg: Pastry shop with some cafe options for a brunch or lunch. Good selection of cookies, cakes, pies, and other baked goods. Ordered a specialty cake last minute which was easily fulfilled the next day. Staff have all been friendly and food was excellent.
Georgina Roth
Georgina Roth: Lovely selection of German style cakes and pastries - delicious! My German husband was very impressed. The cherry Streuselkuchen is superb. I really loved the quiches too. We will definitely be coming back :-)
Nicholas Carano
Nicholas Carano: Oh my GOODNESS!! What fantastic place!! Great selection of pastries, cakes, even speciality deserts!!! They also have soups, salads and sandwiches to sit down. Great little place, Staff is superior and friendly! This is one of our favorite must-go places here in Alexandria VA!!!

16. DC Sweet Potato Cake - Hyattsville

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21 reviews
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DC Sweet Potato Cake
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Address: 5105 Baltimore Ave, Hyattsville, MD 20782

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 12PM Fri

Telephone: (301) 577-7115

Business type: Bakery

DC Sweet Potato Cake: what do users think?
Jenny Coyne
Jenny Coyne: I just was walking by and someone told me I had to try it. I’m super glad I did. Sweet people to come into contact with, beautiful shop and really the most amazing cake! I think it’s better than other well loved DC cake shops!!! Seriously. Thank you!!!
Matt: Amazing. As a carrot cake fanatic, it was not hard to fall hard for sweet potato cake -- delicious and moist!! Excellent cupcakes too!! So glad to have them in Hyattsville.
Terrell Richmond
Terrell Richmond: I have had the sweet potato cake 3 times and each time it tasted phenomenal! The ingredients are fresh and the flavors dance on your tongue. I highly recommend it.
O S: Omg.. Since they have done their soft opening in Hyattsville, I have been there every other week... I have so many people hooked on their sweet potato cake and cheesecake!!! Never disappointed. The staff are super friendly and helpful!! I give them 10 stars and two thumbs up!
Sherisse Steward
Sherisse Steward: I ordered two cakes ($45) on Postmates to surprise my mom for her 80th birthday. After waiting an hour, the PM driver shared that the restaurant was not found at the listed location, a first. I emailed DC SPC to request hour and location updates across PM, UberEats, Yelp as well as its own site. The owner contacted me quickly to inform me that neither “Delectable Cakery” (PM), nor DC SPC (UberEats) have a 3rd party delivery relationship, the app listings were fraudulent, apologized for the inconvenience and would, in return, coordinate with the staff and have the order to me para gratis that week. I offered to keep the owner in the loop re PM’s $80 card hold release for the elusive treats, and, after several rounds of conflicting PM emails, all was resolved. I followed up with days later because ... my mom. No response, no cake.
Kevin: DC Sweet Potato cakes are a beautiful melody of flavors, a rhapsody to be cherished. Each cake pairs well with a silky cup of java. The original sweet potato flavored cake, pairs with Vanilla Macadamia Nut flavored coffee. The rum flavored cake pairs with an espresso or a medium roast.
Fee: Awesome cakes, awesome service. My friend from Boston comes to the Capital Jazz Fest every year and DC Sweet Potato cake always has a table there. She fell in love with their cakes, now she has them shipped to Boston! I highly recommend!

17. CakeLove (Warehouse) - Samuel Tucker

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33 reviews
new review
CakeLove (Warehouse)
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Address: 4940 Eisenhower Ave, Alexandria, VA 22304

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 6AM

Telephone: (571) 290-5191

Business type: Cake shop

CakeLove (Warehouse): what do users think?
Ami Hazell
Ami Hazell: I had the opportunity to have a chocolate cupcake with vanilla buttercream icing on top. The cupcake was on the small side and rather dry. The icing was at least and an inch and a half high. The icing tasted like flavored butter...kid you not!. I was hoping for something really wonderful. I was quite disappointed. The service was fine.
Miriam: The cupcakes were really good!! They were like really fluffy and moist and they were very thick yet they were not dense and heavy. Really good cupcakes, I had a red velvet but they also had unique different kinds like strawberry lemonade.
BlackmatterX: Love CAKELOVE at National Harbor and in Washington D.C. This place has amazingly delicious sweets. The services is also friendly and very warm.

18. Sweetbites Cafe & Bakery - McLean

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91 reviews
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Sweetbites Cafe & Bakery
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Address: 6845 Elm St, McLean, VA 22101

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 7:30AM

Telephone: (703) 448-1115

Business type: Bakery

Sweetbites Cafe & Bakery: what do users think?
Ginger White
Ginger White: Took a friend to an appointment and this place was close by. Absolutely awesome! Tried a mocha and a blueberry scone. Just yummy. You Virginia folks so lucky to have such an awesome bakery.
Jake and Danarae Stevens
Jake and Danarae Stevens: This place is AWSOME! Food was excellent, espresso yummy and the service was so sweet and friendly. I’d come here every week if I lived here 😊
Ana Cristina Canales Gomez
Ana Cristina Canales Gomez: The cinnamon bun is simply out of this world (tried the one without nuts). Cupcakes were really nice too. Has working WiFi, so its a nice place to work.
Marina Kessenich
Marina Kessenich: This brioche with pistachio cream and chocolate chips is one of the best sweets (and it’s not too sweet, really hits the nail on the head with balance). I was in the neighborhood and just wanted to stop somewhere for coffee so I def was not expecting to just happen across something this good. V happy.
Erum Sid
Erum Sid: bought a few chocolate croissants this morning, for 5 dollars/croissant would expect to eat something better then rock hard stale bread. please throw away your stale baked goods.
Alexandra & Jeremy
Alexandra & Jeremy: Sweetbites is a cute, quaint neighborhood cafe. It has some typical cafe fare and some more unusual fare. The coffee is very good quality and they use a lot of organic milks, which is great. The baked goods are generally excellent. Of note are the incredibly large and slightly salty, sticky cinnamon buns which go wonderfully with a cup of coffee. Also of note are the gluten-free bundt cakes they make - wonderfully moist and delightful. And today they had a pistachio, brandied cherry roll with buttercream frosting that was DIVINE. Honestly, one of the best desserts in a long time! Definitely worth a visit.
Sam Casselbury
Sam Casselbury: What an adorable little nook in McLean! Beautiful and clean Cafe. Very welcoming employees. They had the best quiche I have ever had. Everything is made in house. You should definitely stop by for a visit

19. Sunflower Bakery - North Bethesda

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25 reviews
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Sunflower Bakery
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Address: 5951 Halpine Rd, Rockville, MD 20851

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM

Telephone: (240) 361-3698

Business type: Bakery

Sunflower Bakery: what do users think?
Jules Polonetsky
Jules Polonetsky: Lovely baked items created by very special people. Spend your money and support independence and training for the employees. Gluten free options available.
Michael Palan
Michael Palan: Excellent bakery with a great mission full of heart and deliciousness. It was Purim and needed hamantaschen, and luckily I stumbled upon Sunflower Bakery. Their ‘taschen were super soft and super yummy. They were better than my mother-in-law’s homemade ones. Shhhh don’t tell her. Can’t wait to return to try something new!
Jack Luxemburg
Jack Luxemburg: Though out of the way in an industrial part of Rockville, it is worth the trip. The baked goods are excellent even if the selection is somewhat limited. That the bakery is also a training and employment center for people with disabilities makes buying there doubly good. There are a range of products that are gluten free, vegetarian and maybe vegan.
Robert: Really terrific organization. Cakes and cookies for my daughter’s birthday were exactly as ordered, ready for pickup as promised, and were all delicious. Thanks to the team at Sunflower for helping my child celebrate.
Response: Thank you! We are glad to be a part of her celebration!
Sydnye White
Sydnye White: Sunflower Bakery nailed the individually wrapped treats for the school faculty and staff during Teacher Appreciation Week. Muffins on Tuesday and cute cookies on Wednesday.
Mary Eva RB
Mary Eva RB: I placed an order through their website, and It came perfectly and delicious.I recommend them, not only because the bakery goods also because their mission.
Paloma Bolasny
Paloma Bolasny: One star for their hamentashen. Their version are not hamentashen, they are cookies in the shape of a triangle. And we all know that’s not a hamentashen!
Tatiana Harris
Tatiana Harris: Love baking there so much fun.

20. Tatte Bakery & Cafe - Washington

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86 reviews
new review
Tatte Bakery & Cafe
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Address: 250 Massachusetts Ave NW, Washington, DC 20001

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 7:30AM

Telephone: (202) 733-2387

Business type: Cafe

Tatte Bakery & Cafe: what do users think?
Jenna Wollman
Jenna Wollman: It’s not often that a location has amazing service, food, and even seating but this place had it all. It’s a great environment for anyone and everyone. Everyone there was so kind. My latte was amazing as well as my Turkey Avacado sandwich! We had the best, most relaxing time here. 10/10.
Victor Immanuel
Victor Immanuel: Food are good, Many choices for breakfast and brunch.Latte is just standard, is not my type of coffee (too acid).Overall good, surely I will visit again. 👍
Luisa Spizzotin
Luisa Spizzotin: I love this place. The cappuccino is like in Italy!! The staff is kind but the speed is not the best. However it remains the best place to have breakfast!
Jay Graham
Jay Graham: Adorable place with a stylish interior and patio seating. It felt very comfortable to sit inside and relax. The staff were pleasant. They have amazing looking bakery items, including gluten-free treats. I only tried one, but it was very good, and very reasonable prices for the level of goods. I also had their Tatte House Latte, and it was delicious. However, my partner had the chai latte and it was very weak, more milk than tea, and not much flavor at all. So maybe skip that, but definitely some great items to be had in this lovely cafe.
Munera A
Munera A: The bakeries and pastries were actually Delicioussss.. but we also ordered the shakshoka it was 5/10! The Mozzarella sandwich was below average. In my opinion they should work more on their salty foods
Mona Rezvani
Mona Rezvani: Come here and take your IG pics but don’t expect good food or coffee. The ambiance is good and the staff are helpful (some are just overwhelmed by the sheer volume of customers), but the food is a major pass from me. If Tatte is supposed to be a medley of Turkish/Arab/Moroccan/Mediterranean/Iranian/Israeli/generally SWANA-inspired cuisine, it misses the mark in a big way. Where’s the olive oil, cilantro, or feta cheese to accent the dishes? Why is the slata on my bread and not next to it? If zaatar is on the menu, why is it dry? Is shakshouka just a buzz word for “eggs served in things” because no North African home would ever serve you “corn and spinach” and call it a shakshouka. If you know, you know and sadly Tatte doesn’t.
Jennifer Schaffer
Jennifer Schaffer: My favorite bakery and cafe in DC. The gluten free baked goods are the best in the city! For a meal, I recommend the lamb hash and the avocado salmon toast. One of the best spots for both doing work during the day and weekend brunch. The gluten free menu is delicious and varied. Their coffee and chai tea latte are both good.

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