Best Electric Scooter Shops In Washington Near Me

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1. ElectriCityBikes Tenleytown - Washington

· 82 reviews

4800 Wisconsin Ave NW b, Washington, DC 20016

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ElectriCityBikes Tenleytown: what do users think?

Chanpen Tee: The guy here is really nice. He gives us a lot of helpful info about the electric bike that we are looking for. The store is very clean. There are a lot of electric bicycle brands and options.

Emma K Alexandra: I’ve taken my bike in for maintenance twice and had wonderful experiences both times. First time they discovered a large issue with my bike & worked with the manufacturer to replace it under warranty. Took a bit but I got a new bike out of it. A+ Second time was for simple maintenance. They fixed up my bike quickly and it feels brand new again. Super friendly staff. Would recommend this place to anyone. I would love if they had bike rentals available when I bring my bike in for maintenance. It’s my primary transportation and I truly miss the convenience of an ebike while it’s in the shop.

Manuel Paniagua: I am a regular at Electric City Bikes, and that is because I really enjoy working with Paul. He is always on top of my bicycle repair requests, never failing to follow up with me on work progress or any other pending orders. The staff in general is very knowledgeable and professional. The environment at the shop is always very welcoming and relaxed. I highly recommend them!

Cynthia O: I had a great experience with Paul. He is extremely knowledgeable about all of the bikes and suggesting what would work for me and my lifestyle. He was always available to answer questions, and help me make the right decision. He even worked out delivery to NYC.

2. College Scooters - College Park



· 194 reviews

5112 Roanoke Pl, College Park, MD 20740

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College Scooters: what do users think?

Fria Moore: I came with my mind made up to at least purchase a scooter today. However I was met with knowledge, thorough communication and great scooter options. I’m super satisfied with my purchase a brand new Roughhouse 50 sport with all the bells and whistles. Thank you guys it was certainly a team effort.

sudipa shrestha: Visited here to get information on 50 cc scooter options after going to a few places. The Sales Manager did a great job providing us information on used and new options, different brands, price tiers and their pros and cons. Apart from excellent information, he was very approachable and was patient with our questions. After shopping around at various places, we decided to take our business to College Scooters because of the service we were provided. We were also able to use their Delivery service to transport the scooter across states. Overall, great service and highly recommended!

Besith Pineda: The Sales Manager helped me out with buying a used Buddy 50. During our first visit, he was super helpful and explained the various options to us in a respectful and honest way. We are moving away from the DC area, and although we had the option of buying a scooter locally, we decided to go with College Scooters due to the service they provided. Highly recommend visiting the store to learn more and make an informed decision. Thanks Sales Manager and College Scooters!

D Mack: Such a great shopping experience. All of my questions were answered and the customer service rep was very knowledgeable of the different models. Purchased my Lance PCH 50 on same day visit. Highly recommend this shop for scooters!

Zoe Tishaev: I came entered with virtually no understanding of scooters. Staff were very helpful and patient with me as I asked questions to understand more. Got to test drive different scooters to settle on the one I liked best! Staff clearly cares about their customers and puts a premium on customer service. Totally recommend shopping here!

Justin Casey: Thanks College scooters for bringing this old scooter back to life! Time to hit the road. Great service and staff! Did a great job!

Seth Gerlis: Service is excellent and gave lot of information. Store employees have deep knowledge about many scooters and also gave me some scooters to test before I make my decision. A good place to buy scooters.

K: I bought my Buddy 50 from them a year ago, brought it back for servicing. I have been very happy with there service and had a great overall great experienc with college scooters. I highly recommend !

Riley Reese: I just got my scooter from here and the service was great. They were very friendly and engaging in talks that would find the best scooter for me. Highly recommend this place for anyone looking for a scooter.

3. Lenox Medical Supply - Washington

· 91 reviews

1712 14th St NW #3-2, Washington, DC 20009

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Lenox Medical Supply: what do users think?

Zana T: Lenox Medical Supply provided a wonderful and seamless service to my family. We needed a manual wheelchair for a hospital visit and I called and explained our needs. We asked they deliver the wheelchair to a hotel in Baltimore where we were staying, and the wheelchair was delivered before we even arrive at the hotel. Lenox Medical brought the wheelchair and left it with a note at the concierge and we just picked it up and took it to our room. After the medical appointment, we left the wheelchair at the concierge for a pickup and Lenox Medical came and picked it up. The reservation, customer service and delivery was absolutely wonderful. Thank you for making the whole thing seamless and smooth. We highly recommend Lenox Medical Supply!

Jeff Apodaca: I recently rented a Travel Scooter for my Aunt who visited from out of town. The online order was followed up by a phone confirmation phone call. Everything was included In the price. The equipment worked very well and the customer service was top notch. They deliveryman provided a demonstration on all the fine points of the scooter and just like that we were using the device. I am very pleased and happy to say this company is number one in my opinion. Their were no hidden fees or tricks on words or high pressure sales. I highly recommend this company.

Chibuzo Daniel: Just wanted to thank you for your scooter rental service. It gave me the opportunity to see DC. I was VERY impressed with the battery life, it lasted the entire day. Thank you for your service and I will be using you guys again on my next visit from Texas.

Mary Johnson: I’ve used Lenox Medical Supply for the last 4 years for my mobility needs for myself and family members. They are very professional, courteous and attentive to you needs. I’ve not always gotten my order right, but they always made it right and didn’t charge me anything to extend service, or deliver a bigger scooter. The delivery team is amazing as well!. Lenox Medical Supply exceeded all my mobility expectations and beyond.

Didi Iheoma: I swear this is the best experience I have ever had trying to secure anything last minute. This company really came through in a clutch for me. I need a wheelchair for a disabled family member coming in to DC about weeks ago for graduation and I had no where to go. I found this company through google. I called then in late night and had wheelchair delivered by the morning and on time. I will most definitely use them again and recommend them to friends and family.

Kathleen Stratton: This company saved our trip to DC! We had contracted with Cloud of Good for a scooter and when we arrived found out they could not provide it. Lenox Medical Supply was sympathetic and very helpful in helping us to figure out a plan to pickup the scooter in a cab and then get to our destination. We highly recommend this company! Don’t go for the lowest price offer. Use Lenox Medical which offers a reasonable price so you can be assured your scooter will be there when you need it!

Kerry Reek: After another scooter supply company made my reservation, then canceled it hours later, Chris at Lenox Medical Supply really cam through! My mom was able to tour all of D.C. and keep up with the family!! Thanks!!

4. DUNN LEWIS - Washington

· 58 reviews

2007 Fenwick St NE, Washington, DC 20002

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DUNN LEWIS: what do users think?

John Cole: I had an amazing experience last week at Dunn Lewis. I’m a student in DC for a summer internship and thus don’t have a full set of tools or a workspace available to perform more than the most basic bike maintenance. I went to Dunn Lewis, and the extremely reasonable membership rates allowed me to change my sprockets and chain in their workshop, getting guidance and a bit of help all the while from the knowledgeable and friendly community inside. The kicker is that I’m not really a mechanically experienced guy. A basic 2 hour max procedure ended up taking me twice that, and they kept the shop open an extra hour just to ensure nothing was done too hastily and the bike came back together properly. I couldn’t give a higher recommendation of Dunn Lewis for motorcyclists of all skill levels so find community, tinker, maintain, and share love in such a unique hobby and lifestyle! It’s especially a great place for those with 0 mechanical knowledge to build confidence and familiarity due to the extremely supportive attitudes of the staff. Thanks a bunch Mason and Laurel!

Trinity G: I came here to purchase some riding wear as I just purchased my first motorcycle. The young lady that assisted me was knowledgeable and answered all of my questions, as this was my first time purchasing. She explained quite a bit and was very patient. I will be back. Thank you

Ian Hutchinson: Best place to meet fellow motorcyclists, work on your bike, and buy moto gear in the city!

5. dc scooter rental - Washington

· 134 reviews

1221 11th St NW, Washington, DC 20001

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dc scooter rental: what do users think?

Jeanne Larose: Greg was awesome! He was very responsive to texts and delivered our scooters to our hotel. We had so much fun with the scooters. We did need them for an extra hour and he just sent a link and I paid for an extra hour on my phone. Our family had a spectacular day seeing the National Mall and the National Archives. There’s no way we could’ve seen so much on foot in one day. Highly recommend.

Jamie Yadoff: Great last minute decision to rent scooters from Greg. The place was a smidge tricky to find, but once we did it was smooth sailing. We got a quick lesson and were on our way. (We started in Eco mode, which is slower, but within 20 minutes we’re ready to roll in Drive.). We laughed and had an INCREDIBLE day. Will absolutely rent again on all future visits. No other way to get around!

Phil Morgan: Easy Online transaction for 5 scooters for 3 hours at 12pm on 20 DEC. We arrived at 12:10pm, and the 5 scooters were ready to go! All we had to do was call the number on the door and the guy renting them came down, and off we went. Every scooter worked well (No issues). We used them for 3 hours, no problems. The scooters made it really easy for us to get from one end of the Mall to the other (Much faster than walking, each scooter could make approx. 22 kph). We were able to see all of the major monuments along the National mall. I would recommend this scooter rental place. Easy transaction, scooters in good shape--We had a great time!

Art Ardolino: Excellent service. Joie was so accommodating. She dropped off our scooters at the top of the Smithsonian metro station, and they were there waiting for us when we arrived. We then used them to see most of the monuments and memorials with our kids. We all had a blast. Highly recommend!

Michael Riesmeyer: Great way to see the monuments when you are tired of walking. It was easy to book online and they dropped the scooters right off at our hotel. We then just left the scooters outside of our hotel at the end of four hours. We hired two scooters for four of us. We put each kid in front and the adult behind and it worked very well. Lots of fun for the kids (they gave us helmets too). We made the most of seeing things further away (e.g. Jefferson monument, Arlington Museum, White House). Four hours was just enough to do those three sights and eat lunch. Will rent again next time we come to D.C.

Lawrence Evans: Brought my nephew to D.C. for the first time and knowing we wanted to see as much as we could I decided to rent some scooters. Well with out a doubt this was a great idea, we were able to get to places that by foot could have been agonizing in the summer heat. DC Scooters were awesome and I believe the fastest out there. Highly recommend not just for seeing the monuments in a quick fashion, but also it was a lot of fun.

Nicole Faust: The scooters are awesome. The service is awesome. My husband and I rented some scooters to explore D.C., I would highly recommend scoot2u. It was super convenient to have to fully charged scooters dropped off to us.

6. Express Mobility Services - Washington

· 21 reviews

3220 N St NW #285, Washington, DC 20007

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Express Mobility Services: what do users think?

dc delivery: Absolutely amazing service. Used their go-go scooter for a 3 day festival and only had to charge it 1 time! Excellent service! Same-day on-time delivery, great pricing and friendly and communicative! ZERO HASSLE! I wouldn’t have been able to even go to the festival without this service at all. I was so excited to learn how easy their service was! WILL DEFINITELY USE AGAIN!

Karla Stewart: I learned about Express Mobility after the original company I had reserved a mobility scooter from canceled my order at the last minute. The hotel concierge at the hotel recommended Express Mobility and while they were more expensive than the first company, they came through and made it possible for my grandmother to get around during our visit to Washington DC. Delivery and pickup were easy and seamless. I highly recommend this company. The price is the only reason for 4 stars rather than 5, but given the circumstances the additional cost was absolutely worth it.

Sunny Kifle: I contacted Express Mobility Services last weekend to rent scooter for my aunt who was traveling from out of state. I must say the customer service I received, such as the quick response, politeness and accommodating with short notice to have the scooter fully charged and deliver at the door. Definitely exceeded my expectations. I completely recommend to anyone to give Express Mobility Services a try!!!

ariam gebrehiwot: I rented a scooter last weekend form Express Mobility for the weekend and it was at my hotel when I arrived. It was clean and fully Charged. It was so nice having the Scooter at the hotel! The DC Metro public transportation were accessible. I did not have to worry about getting around to the Museums and National Parks. I was able to use my Scooter in Downtown DC also. I highly recommend renting from Express Mobility Services.

Kat 1964: Customer service was top notch. Easy communication and delivery of the scooter to our hotel. Made our vacation so enjoyable. Would definitely recommend Express Mobility for your rental needs in the DC area.

Elizabeth Pura: Easy and excellent customer service. Looked for an electric wheelchair for my mom for a quick trip to DC last minute. Thank you for the delivery to our hotel (this was a plus). My family and my mother really enjoyed their short visit to DC. I’ve never seen my mother so happy and not feel like a burden by not being able to walk with the family. It was a great choice for us to rent and thank you for providing this service, which isn’t easy to find for senior citizens or people who have mobility challenges. We are truly greatful. It was a win-win for the entire family and my mom was able to enjoy the National Mall and see the White House with ease. It was also fun to see her learn how to use her wheelchair, we even did a trial run on our hotel floor. Can’t thank you enough. Thanks and God bless!

Luwam Berhane: I was very pleased with Express Mobility. Excellent Service!!! The scooter was waiting at the hotel on check-in. There was a problem with the battery while we were at the Museum and after calling about it we had a new scooter delivered to us within 15 minutes! I would certainly recommend Express Mobility to anyone who needs mobility help. Thanks again. Joanne, NC.

7. Pedego Electric Bikes Alexandria - Jefferson Houston

· 158 reviews

210 N Lee St #102, Alexandria, VA 22314

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Pedego Electric Bikes Alexandria: what do users think?

jim shanks: Todd and his staff were very friendly and very knowledgeable on the electric bikes. Great customer service and no pressure at all on buying. They did an excellent job educating us on using the first ebike that we purchased. Will definitely highly recommend to family and friends!!

Alexis McVey: Todd was amazing with teaching us how to use the electric bikes and how to navigate riding in town and down Mt Vernon trail. Renting bikes and riding the trail was the highlight of our trip. Todd is the nicest guy and would recommend his shop to everyone !

Thomas Allen: Todd went above and beyond to help me experience an amazing bike ride to Mt. Vernon. What a treat to be given such excellent customer service! He deserves more than five stars!

McKinney Monica: Shout out to Todd at Pedigo! Had called to tentatively schedule a tour for friends visiting from out of town. Unfortunately one of the participants was not feeling well and needed to reschedule. I had completely forgotten that we had discussed a couple of potential dates and Todd called as a follow up. Didn’t make the tour, but the fact that he called to touch base…if the customer service is an indication of the tour-WE can’t wait! If this is something you are interested in, definitely contact them.

jeremy lippman: Fabulous experience. Took the water taxi over and test drove my first ebike. Todd, and his staff, were super friendly and very knowledgeable. They have bikes to buy, rent or test drive for enthusiasts of all ages, sizes, and experience.

Chris Langford: Our family of four rented bikes from Todd, the owner, on a whim to do a ride out to Mount Vernon, and we had a blast! Todd was absolutely fantastic; not only did he do an excellent job educating us on using his bikes, but he also gave us some great tips for our trip. We highly recommend Pedego of Alexandria. Note, our child was under 14, and so we got a two-seater Tandem, and we had no problems at all.

8. Cycles of Silver Spring - Silver Spring

· 114 reviews

8910 Brookville Rd, Silver Spring, MD 20910

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Cycles of Silver Spring: what do users think?

Rylan Harris: For Years I have been taking my Kawasaki Vulcan 750 to get serviced and regular maintenance at the dealer, the last time out they failed in terms of time and work, I hear about Cycles from some friends and read reviews on line. I called Jeremy he walked me through their process and expected cost, when I met him he was hones, personable and identified the work the bike needed and other problem areas, I will continue to use this shop and refer them business in the future.

Raymond Bushby: Took my bike for break service An oil change also once over. They explained everything clearly to me gave me options on things that needed to be repaired prepared all in all a great experience they will definitely be my service shop of choice from now on

Sasko Kirovski: Great people, take care of me right away. I bring my both rims to install new tires and l was very happy of the job they did it.

Aaron Gamble: Excellent customer service which is greatly appreciated by any customer. Hope this business continues to thrive as motorcycles become more essential. Thanks Jeremy and team.

Nathan M: I recently acquired a new to me 2003 Honda Shadow ACE edition. I needed to have it inspected for Maryland State Inspection in order to register it in Maryland. Jeremy made things easy and allowed me to wait on the inspection. They have experienced mechanics and are very thorough. They brought to my attention and made me aware of a few things that were going on with the bike that might need attention in the future. Highly recommend. I will be using them for repairs in the future.

Frank Borris: I had a great experience with COS. My bike is a Honda VTX 1300S and I was swapping tires and wheel bearings. In addition, I did some research on sealing the spokes in my rims to go with a tubeless tire. Jeremy and Rush gave me their honest opinion based on years of experience to keep the bike as it was designed. I respect that. I decided to make the modification and they agreed to swap the tires and bearings for me as long as I took responsibility for any leaks if my spoke sealing process failed. I found these guys to be straight shooters and easy to work with. All my questions sent by email were answered and they were patient and willing to be helpful.

9. La Moto Washington - Arlington

· 111 reviews

3206 10th St N, Arlington, VA 22201

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La Moto Washington: what do users think?

DM: If you want a Moto Guzzi (and you really should, I have three...) La Moto is the place in the DC metro area. They are located near the Clarendon metro and easily accessible by mass transit or car ( although it is street, meter parking only). During these odd pandemic times they have been operating in an appointment only mode. In my case that was not a problem. I knew which bike I wanted (a V85 TT Centenario) and conducted most of the discussions with the manager Stuart via email. Stuart offered me a test ride but I actually had quite a few hours on the V85 so instead I put a deposit down over the phone and the bike was fully assembled, tested, and ready when I had time to pickup a couple of days later. When I arrived all of the paperwork was completed and it was just a matter of a few signatures and a check. Stuart gave me a run down on the bike specific features and controls and I was off. Could not have been a more pleasant experience. A couple of weeks later I noted a minor computer related problem and scheduled a service appointment. The technician tried his best to resolve the issue while I waited and had lunch at the Silver Diner across the street but ultimately I had to leave the bike to allow for a more detailed diagnostic. Once the bike was ready all of the issues were completely resolved and I was in and out of service quickly. Great customer service on all levels.

Jahsonic: I was able to pick up my machine from La Moto and could not have asked for a better experience. The staff was friendly and professional, and my delivery told me everything I needed to know about my bike.

10. The Scooter Shop - Elkridge

· 159 reviews

6360 S Hanover Rd suite b, Elkridge, MD 21075

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The Scooter Shop: what do users think?

Cheryl White: I chose The Scooter Shop because I wanted to deal with a brick & mortar business in my region. Jim was knowledgeable & answered my technical questions as well as being friendly with good humor. I highly recommend The Scooter Shop & Staff.

Ken Cooper: From beginning to end the quality of service from The Scooter shop was exceptional. I ordered a Pride Victory LX Sport in March and it was assembled and delivered to me June 30th. Due to back order issues by manufacturer it took 3 months but the product is well worth it! Many thanks to Kat, the sales manager who was so nice and helpful when I visited the shop and helped picking out the model I wanted and that met my needs. (No pressure to buy at all). Thanks to Tyler who delivered my scooter to my home and took a lot of time to go over all of the features and how to take apart and put back together if I wanted to transport it in the back of my SUV. However, I bought a carrier to put on back of my car so I could transport assembled. Last, but not least, thanks to Jim the owner who was also helpful while I was there and was so knowledgeable and kind. Excellent customer service all the way around!

Cheryl Palmer: I would like to thank Kat and Laura at the scooter shop. It was a great experience being a first time customer. They were very attentive, patient with my mother and me showing the different mobile scooters they offered and explain each scooter I like in detail. They help me choose the one best for my mother. I purchase the scooter and will recommend this store to my friends and family thank you.

Susan Lilly: My first contact with The Scooter Shop was my conversion with the owner over the phone. He was knowledgeable and personable. My husband and I went to the shop on the following Saturday to purchase a specific electric wheelchair which I had already decided upon. The salesperson, Kat, treated us to stellar customer service. She got the chair I wanted and set it up to my liking. While there, I wanted to explore some of their other products. Kat explained all the features and other relevant information about several chairs that had caught my attention. She patiently allowed met o test out some of them even though she knew there would be no additional sales to reward her efforts. She followed up a few days later to check on how things were going. We were very satisfied!

Marsha Dyer: Recently we discovered a new store, The Scooter Shop had opened up in the Perry Hall area. We visited it and were very pleased to see that it was well stocked and the staff were very friendly and quite knowledgeable about the products they carry. We purchased a Zoom mobile wheel chair for my husband. I had seen this advertised on line but was hesitant to order online. When we saw it in the store my husband was able to try it out ( something you cannot do when buying online) and found it was a perfect fit for his needs. We not only purchased the wheelchair but also purchased a lift chair for me. The quality is excellent and has been a real asset to my recovering from knee surgery. Both items were delivered in a timely manner and free of charge which other stores that we have dealt with do not do this. We strongly recommend this store to anyone looking for devices to help improve their quality of life. Marsha and Bud Dyer

Patricia Collins: Retiring and decided my gift to me would be a mobility scooter. Purchased one on Monday. Excellent service. Love my scooter and would recommend The Scooter Shop to anyone. No high pressure sales. Loved the experience.

11. Coleman PowerSports - Falls Church

· 966 reviews

435 S Washington St, Falls Church, VA 22046

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Coleman PowerSports: what do users think?

Tanya Crawford: My bike was delivered to me last Saturday. I posted a review of the bike sale and professionalism exemplified by each team member at Coleman’s PowerSports. Well, let me just state that the delivery driver was awesome. He was very friendly answered all questions (I ask a lot of question for clarity and to ensure my understanding) however, he was patient and understanding about it. He unloaded by bike with caution and careful. He backed it up in my garage for me with ease. Just an overall great experience. Barry once again delivered on having my bike thoroughly detailed! and my dude Parker called me and kept me abreast of any changes and the reschedule. Thanks a million guys for everything!

Andrew Sulgit: Alejandro and the entire crew at Coleman Falls Church did an amazing job from start to finish. Everyone was extremely nice, congratulatory, and helpful. It was a great experience.

Donovan Kim: I really enjoyed working with Cameron on my bike purchase. He was beyond patient with me and very knowledgeable. Working in sales myself, I really appreciate when I meet someone who knows their stuff. Cameron is not a pushy salesman, far from it. He takes his time and answers all the concerns that arise when purchasing equipment like this. He is excellent at what he does. I will be a returning customer. YCK

Denis Wallace: Service department is super responsive and on top of it. I’d trust them to do work on my motorcycle anytime. Granted I only had the tire changed and wanted to do the rest of the body work repairs myself, they had no issue with that. So once they had the pets in they notified me and once the tire was done I was all good to pick it up, even paid the invoice over the phone and all I had to do was look at the bike, sign a paper and she was mine again. Thanks Griff and Jackson for putting my mind at ease when I’ve never had anyone do work on my motorcycle before.

Bear Tidd: Alejandro is the best! I got my very first bike with him. So here’s some awesome stuff he did: - He’s super fast to reply and answer any questions. - He always remembers my name and will great me as soon as he sees me. It’s nice it just makes you feel welcome in the environment. - I’m have incredibly bad anxiety and I never felt anxious through the process. 10/10 would go buy another bike from him.

Sultan: Cam helped me purchase a Ninja 400 and one of the last in the inventory. He did a great job explaining to me more info about the bike and was able to answer all my questions. Overall I had a great time purchasing the bike and ringing the bell at the end was the cherry on the top. Thank you guys for all the help.

12. Walmart Supercenter - Washington

· 5946 reviews

310 Riggs Rd NE, Washington, DC 20011, United States

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Walmart Supercenter: what do users think?

Kev- keepingitreal: This Walmart Supercenter offers a wide variety of fresh fruits, vegetables and other optional food and items to choose from. Staff was friendly and helpful. This location offers a free underground parking garage.

Nsoseh Quistoran: I went there to pick some stuff for myself. Good prizing and amazing products. Recommended to go shopping 🛒🛒

K A: Easy, convenient and affordable shopping. I really enjoyed shopping at this particular Walmart location. It’s big, organized and well stocked. They have different sections such as the pharmacy, bike shop, auto care, money center, entertainment and household items section to mention a few. Express Self Checkout✅ ♿️Wheelchair Accessible Entrance✅ ♿️Wheelchair Accessible Parking 🅿️ Adequate Parking Space ✅ Shopping Cart Conveyor ✅ 🚻Restroom ♿️Wheelchair Accessible Restroom

13. Walmart Supercenter - Washington

· 7110 reviews

99 H St NW, Washington, DC 20001

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Walmart Supercenter: what do users think?

Sassy Sauce: Mixed experience with this store. It’s a good location and there is parking available in the underground garage. First 2 hours are free. The store has items locked in a case that I couldn’t understand. For example, women’s underwear and some personal hygiene items. Also, the store wasn’t too crowded while I was there and the associate I asked to help me gave me clear directions as to what aisle the product I needed would on. The parts of the store I visited were clean and the overall shopping experience was ok. No major complaints. Just strange observations about profits being locked behind glass.

14. Walmart Supercenter - Washington

· 6250 reviews

5929 Georgia Ave NW, Washington, DC 20011

Address Website WhatsApp
Walmart Supercenter: what do users think?

Arielle M. (Mermaid): This is the best Walmart in DC. I actually drive out the way to go to this walmart. They even have a better food selection than Giant. For Easter I found 48 count of empty eggs for 1.98!! Which is amazing because I would of spent way more if I went anywhere else!

Sarah West: A large mixed selection of items you can get any 3 for TEN DOLLARS. Selected high end new items are priced accordingly. Kids, mens, and womans apparel and shoes. If you have the knack for treasure hunting in thrift stores.....THIS PLACE IS FOR YOU. thrifty and unique pieces all year round

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