Best Computer Repair Companies In Washington Near Me

Office Depot Tech Services P2P Computer Solutions Advanced Computer Support Inc. Laptop Repair Geeks of DC ComputerPlus: PC TEK COMPUTER REPAIR HelloTech: Computer Repair, TV Mounting Service, Smart Home Installation, & IT Support On the Go PC Repairs M &M Computer Consulting Firm Glover Park Computer Repair Speedy Yogi - Computer Repair Service -Washington DC DCITPRO (IC) Weekend Computer Repair and IT Services Truemath Technologies

1. Office Depot Tech Services - Washington

· 3 reviews

1875 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20009

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Office Depot Tech Services: what do users think?

Juan Pablo Risso: Great! They had just what I needed.

Nigel atherley: Great.staff

2. P2P Computer Solutions - Washington



· 33 reviews

1608 20th St NW, Washington, DC 20009

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P2P Computer Solutions: what do users think?

Melinda Roth: My MacBook died a slow and painful death due to the supposed geniuses at Apple...eventually I had no choice but to buy a new one or have a third party repair service fix it. The P2P experience was great -- they were professional but friendly, and reassuring that they would try to do this repair as quickly as possible. It turned out they could not do the repair but had to send it to Apple, but I ended up with a new hard drive, a new motherboard and even a new battery. This took one week and it is like having a new computer, and saves me $1000s of dollars that I do not yet need a new one (which is what Apple always wants -- to sell you the newer models of everything!). They communicated with me every step of the way and I would HIGHLY recommend them.

Michael Putzel: I suffered a double whammy: a head crash on my external HDD and deletion of my backup in the cloud—all in a matter of days. I struggled for weeks to determine what had happened and, more importantly, where I could find at least some of my years of lost data. When I unearthed an old Apple Time Capsule, I called Apple tech support seeking guidance on recovering whatever might be there. The “genius” I spoke to recommended P2P Computer Solutions, an Apple affiliate only a few minutes’ drive from home. I’d never heard of it. I arrived at the doorstep in an N95 mask and was greeted by a similarly protected tech who was unphased by my sad story and quite confident he could rescue whatever was on the old Time Capsule. He sent me up the street to Office Depot to purchase a new external Solid State drive made by one of two manufacturers he trusted. I did and hurried back to P2P’s hide-way office in an old row house. I left the drive, said a quiet prayer, and went home to await the verduct. An email arrived two days later informing me my data was recovered and waiting for me on the new drive. And so it was. Eric, the tech who performed the surgery, said there had been a few hiccoughs but nothing serious, and I went home more relieved than I’d been in weeks.

Josh Friedlander: Excellent service. Personal service with a small dedicated staff. “Not” a big box store. They also fixed my old MacBook Pro in store without sending it out. Would definitely go back to them.

pierre-gaspard Chauvet: This company was exceptional!Great service and prompt repair.I highly recommend them!!

Nuo C: Positive: Professionalism, Quality, ResponsivenessI love this place! My mac appeared to be black screen, and the Genius Bar said there may be something wrong about my main computer and I would lose my data. But P2P helped me out and transferred all my data to my new macbook!! They definitely saved me!!!

John Jones: Within less than a week (while we visited D.C. from abroad), P2P Computer Solutions was able to replace the battery and repair a 7 year old MacBook Pro, as well as resolve a hard drive issue on a Microsoft Surface laptop. They were responsive and reasonably priced. We could not be happier with their service, and will use them again.

3. Advanced Computer Support Inc. - Washington

· 18 reviews

4709 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington, DC 20016

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Advanced Computer Support Inc.: what do users think?

RJ McPherson: I took my high end gaming PC to Advanced Computer Support when my monitor went black and unresponsive after some years of use. The company I bought it from was no help and essentially told me I was on my own. At first they could not figure out why it was doing this, and because of this they were not going to charge me for their services. I made the decision to have it taken apart so I could sell the parts individually and it was during this time that they figured out that my monitor was black because of a bad LCD inverter! They promptly ordered a new one and reassembled my PC and it has been working fantastic ever since! Would highly recommend them to anyone experiencing issues with their PC!

Chuck Riley: He has worked on my computers for years and I run a business, it is essential that they work correctly. I strongly recommend Advanced Computer Support Inc. They are honest, do impeccable work and are priced competitively! I can not say enough about this business. They have my business and will continue to use them.

Peter Forbes: I had an older laptop with many problems. Rather than buy a new one, ACS made mine perfect - faster, cleaned up and a new battery - for much less than a new one...not to mention the time avoided transferring files, etc. I highly recommend ACS.

Susie Baer: This is the best computer repair shop you will find. They are knowledgeable, friendly and very helpful. Look no further.

Earle Douglass: The owner was very kind and knowledgeable. I certainly recommend their services.

4. Laptop Repair Geeks of DC - Washington

· 124 reviews

1629 K St NW 3rd floor/suite 300, Washington, DC 20006

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Laptop Repair Geeks of DC: what do users think?

Matthew Bunyi: Super responsive and amazing customer service. I described my issue and they wrote back in an hour and they texted to let me know the response might be in my spam folder (which it was). They said they could not fix the issue with my laptop, but referred me to a reputable source that could (and this was all for free). Will definitely consult them in the future.

Sebastian Kennelly: My laptop has become a bit unhinged, and, needing a repair, I thought to contact this well-reviewed company. While I cannot offer a rating on their repair work, I can highly recommend their customer service and support: after seeking a quote on a hinge repair, Richard emailed me to let me know my laptop was in warranty and therefore this particular repair would be best done directly through Lenovo; but what is useful, he offered thorough and excellent guidance on how best to seek out the repair I need.

eambrose287: The Laptop Repair Geeks of DC are fantastic! I spilled water on my laptop and it wouldn’t turn on. I was so worried about losing important work and personal files. When I contacted them, not only did they respond quickly, but they also found that my laptop manufacturer accidental damage warranty was still active and they gave me the contact info for Lenovo to get the repairs done free. It was so refreshing to be in contact with an honest company that wasn’t trying to rip me off! Lenovo did cover the repairs, but I still needed to recover my data. The Laptop Repair Geeks offered me a great rate, picked up my laptop at my house the same day, and delivered it back to me with all of my files on a USB drive the next day. They were a lifesaver and probably saved me hundreds of dollars in repairs if they hadn’t looked up warranty status first. I highly recommend them!

Sharon Arana: Searched around for a place to replace my laptop battery and came across Laptop Repair Geeks of DC. The same morning I reached out for a quote I got a reply and set my appointment immediately after seeing their amazing rate. All the staffers I had contact with were kind, personable, and clearly dedicated to their work! I highly recommend them, I would totally go back for any issue I experience in the future! Thank you x1000!

Jason Kelleher: I have a Dell XPS 13 that had a swollen laptop battery and a nonresponsive track pad. I contacted Laptop Repair Geeks via their website and had a quote very quickly - along with insight into the trackpad likely not needing to be replaced (turns out the swollen battery interfered with its option) and 2 options for repair (one a bit less expensive than the other). Once they received the battery from Dell - which took a few days - they picked up the laptop at my home (masked and arriving AMAZINGLY promptly) and delivered it back to me less than 24 hours later. I was really pleasantly surprised at how efficient the entire process was - great customer service, reasonable pricing and an effective repair. I will most definitely use Laptop Repair Geeks again!

5. ComputerPlus: - Washington

· 52 reviews

1621 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington, DC 20007

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ComputerPlus:: what do users think?

Austin Hamling: Far and away the best computer repair in DC, and let me tell you why. I had my custom PC fixed here once in 2019 - they had it fixed completely in a couple days and for under $300, even though they had to buy a replacement component. I had an installation a week or so ago I was not feeling ready to do myself. Best Buy was my first try, but the service just to set an appointment was bad. I asked Computer Plus to help me out, and they did the work in just a few days, the majority of which was waiting for a part to be shipped in. The owner has been in the business for almost 30 years, so his prices are reasonable and reflect the experience of the team and the care they put in. There is also an option right on your initial ticket, to request an estimate before the staff begin work. I cannot recommend them highly enough. Imagine what they can do for your pre-built machine.

Mariya Krutkova: I spilled an entire cup of tea on the keyboard of my laptop and really did not expect that it was going to ever be functional again. But the guys at Computer Plus must be magicians because they fixed it! Phillip was very professional and courteous and it was a pleasure to work with him. I paid more than I was told originally, but I suspect it was because they had to do more work on my poor laptop than they expected. Anyway, it was a lot cheaper than getting a new one and I am very grateful. Also, it was ready for pickup the next day! Thank you very much a wonderful service.

Jack Schultz: These guys were extremely helpful with my situation regarding my Dell laptop. Very generous with pricing and very understanding of the urgency of my computer dilemma. I highly recommend

William Harris: Positive: Professionalism, Responsiveness, ValuePhillip was very patient with me and went out of his way to try and accommodate me. He was also very communicative which is great when waiting for something like a laptop. Highly recommended.

Sunanda s: Recovered some files from my old PC.many other places said it was not possible. And reasonable charges.

6. PC TEK COMPUTER REPAIR - Bailey"s Crossroads

· 311 reviews

5622 Columbia Pike Suite 108, Falls Church, VA 22041

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PC TEK COMPUTER REPAIR: what do users think?

Alyssa Ford Morel: I called PC Tek Computer Repair when my computer slowed down to inoperability and I had no idea what to do. Abdel responded quickly and almost immediately figured out what was going on. He ordered the parts needed and worked over a holiday weekend to get me going again. I feel his service was above and beyond and reasonably priced. I will definitely call him first if I have computer problems again.

Andy O'Connor: Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, ValueIt was a pleasure to find a new doctor for my computers. He was very responsive to my kinda different needs that he had to get creative in order to resolve. I highly recommend him to you for any personal or small business needs.

Steve Zarpas: I’ve used Abdel at PC Tek for two important jobs. I dropped my old MacBook on a Thursday I needed it for a critical assignment due on Monday. Apple store said two weeks. Abdel replaced the screen and had it to me Saturday morning. Great price and turn around. This Christmas I wanted to upgrade my PC for gaming for my son. Nobody had powerful graphics cards. Once again Abdel came through with a very good used card. He went all through the machine, installed a new OS and Wi-Fi card. My kid was so happy I knew Abdel. Five stars.

Emilia Justiniano: Great and fast service! I couldn’t get over to his shop to pick up my computer because I didn’t have anyone to watch my baby so he kindly offered to drop it off at my house for me. 5 stars!

Sandra Stolt: I took my laptop to PK Tek when I couldn’t access it. Abdel is very professional, knowledgeable, hardworking and honest. He explained what needed to be done and how he was going to repair my laptop. He went above and beyond my expectations by recommending fixes that would make the computer more efficient. The cost was very reasonable considering the amount of work involved. I would recommend PK Tek and would definitely use them again if my computer needs to be repaired.

7. HelloTech: Computer Repair, TV Mounting Service, Smart Home Installation, & IT Support - Augusta County

· 388 reviews
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HelloTech: Computer Repair, TV Mounting Service, Smart Home Installation, & IT Support: what do users think?

Freda Nelson: Robert was very kind, knowledgeable and efficient! He installed my Ring doorbell and made sure it was connected to wifi before leaving. I would definitely use HelloTech again and/or recommend their services.

Feisal Jaffer: Great service from hello tech. Very quick to schedule an apptmt. The first technician ho came didn’t finish the job in time but I called for follow up and the 2nd was amazing! Fantastic service from Carlos. He was diligent, patient, thorough and made sure everything was working. Really wonderful.

Anais Williams: My tech was super friendly, answered every question I had, was quick, efficient, and did his best to not make a mess while drilling holes. He got my TV perfectly level and I just truly appreciate the care he took overall. He even managed to come early and updated me when he was en route every step of the way. HelloTech overall has been an A1 experience, even when I called for help after cancelling my initial appointment by mistake. I cannot speak more highly of this service.

John Nelson: I called Hellotech and explained my problem. They sent out computer technician Doh, who provided excellent tech service!! He was very knowledgeable about the computer solution I needed. He encountered a problem and was able to solve it with a perfectly good contingency plan. At the end, he asked me if I had any questions and walked me through how to access the peripherals in the future. This was a 10/10 service call!

Terri Blanchette: TJ was professional, prompt, pleasant to work with and did an excellent job! HelloTech is the perfect service for those less-technically inclined, or just too busy to mess around with the technicalities of life. Highly recommend.

Addie Robb: Hello Tech is a quality IT Service, Stacie the IT Tech was professional, gave quality service, was on time, and set up my Verizon router. He went the extra mile to ensure I was up and running, and that my work from home phone was set up. Great Company.

Davina DeDe Davis-Norris: SUPERB CUSTOMER SERVICE! EXCELLENT SERVICE! When I booked the appointment, I was not expecting same day service WOW!!! Carlos was prompt, professional and courteous. He finished his prior appointment a little early, so he called to see if it was ok to come. Really appreciated that. He helped decide the proper placement of my Ring to ensure the best security.

8. On the Go PC Repairs - Washington

· 96 reviews

1250 Connecticut Ave NW Suite 700, Washington, DC 20036

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On the Go PC Repairs: what do users think?

Christopher Loranger: The cooling fan on my laptop needed to be replaced and they were able to do it in under 48 hours! Bruce kept in contact with me throughout the process and was very professional. They even delivered the laptop to me on a Saturday, and the man who delivered my laptop was very helpful in showing me exactly what they had fixed. Strongly recommend

Kareem Primo: These guys are amazing, not only do they pick up your computer at your place, they also drop it back off as well! I was really happy with their service and professionalism and highly recommend them!

Terry Tyson: On The Go PC have done work for me for about 20 years. They always provided great customer service. They will pick your PC up and drop it off, while you stay in the comfort of your home while you save gas and time. They are very professional and timely whenever I call them. Excellent customer service ane the work is always top notch. Very professional business at a very reasonable cost. Highly recommend this company for ALL your computing repair services.

bonnie Davis: Absolutely wonder experience with “On The Go PC Repair”!! I damaged my external hard drive (EHD), originally smoked damaged during a fire, then years later, accidentally dropped. Hanging on with tape, eventually, I was unable to open any files. Error messages galore. Really, really, really needed my data from the external drive, which was not backed-up anywhere, being the sole source of my existence!! Found “On The Go PC Repair” via Google (searched for recovery of EHD data in the Washington DC metropolitan area). They provided pick-up transportation the same day by a super nice guy name Steve- Prompt. Professional. In store Manager, Bruce, kindly informed me the following day that data recovery was possible, but they needed at least a day or so to complete the job. Two business days later, Steve delivers a brand new EHD with all my recovered data! And now I am good to go!! Way to go “On The Go” PC Repairs!! Lesson learned though—I have a back-up to the back-up to the back-up!!

Lenora Quiver: My computer screen broke & I was looking for good computer repair company I came across On The Go PC Repair. I called them & asked how much would it cost to repair it & the turn around time. It was in my budget & he kept me informed the whole time they had my computer. They also brought it to my work to drop it off. I would recommended them to everyone I know & the people I work with. Great business in the city.

Jean Guerin: Excellent service ! Fast and friendly !Doubled the hard drive space on my laptop for a very fair price, they cleaned it so well that it works super fast ! Great company ! Thank you !


9. M &M Computer Consulting Firm - Washington

· 5 reviews

524 Roxboro Pl NW, Washington, DC 20011, United States

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M &M Computer Consulting Firm: what do users think?

Shawn Kenney: I am a tech geek myself and always look to Musa to solve tech related issues with my hardware or software needs...Simple hands on solutions that offer seamless integration btwn devices without the unnecessary drama or expenses..M & M is Fast ...Affordable....And Reasonable..... Gratefully Yours Shawn Kenney

vichelle taylor (smrtcookie814): My experience with Musa was great. Fixed my computer quickly good as new.

papa cee: I want to thank M&M for bringing my computer back to life, I really appreciate your work well done, once again thanks

10. Glover Park Computer Repair - Washington

· 8 reviews

4000 Tunlaw Rd NW, Washington, DC 20007

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Glover Park Computer Repair: what do users think?

bradley Wilde: One of the nicest and most helpful people I have dealt with. He answered my questions on the telephone without a charge. Many people would have insisted on a house call with a service charge. If I need my computer repaired at any time in the future this will be the business I called. AAA in my book.

Gordon Kelly: The odds of getting my laptop repaired were in not my favor because I have forgotten my charger and the computer place I called required the charge in order to check the computer. The guy at Glover park repair said that he has an universal charges that charges all laptops. The computer guy fixed the computer which had problem with Internet and could not connect to the Wi-Fi at my apartment. He lend me his universal charger while I had mine shipped back from California! Nice service - he came - pick up the computer, fixed it and brought it back, lend me his charger and took it back after I have received mine! Properly done and exceptional custumer service!

Abigegeil Molesor: The technician from Glover park computer repair was very helpful couple months ago when we opened our new office on Mexico ave.He set up 7 computers & printers and did a partial back up and cloud which will avoid some mistakes which could happen in a new place with a new staff. The price was very fair and the work was highly professional.He even did a follow up and called me to see if everything is working good.I highly recommend them,we were lucky to find Glover park computer repair right away.

Shannon Roy: They are not actually located there - the map is incorrect. They are near by - about 10 min. away - close to Tenleytown. They offer excellent customer service. Expect to meet knowledgeable technician here. The customer service here is what really sets them apart from other computer places. The prices are very competitive and they use grade A quality parts to fix your computer, Not cheap clones or third party. The turnaround time is excellent and their time- lines- accurate. This will be where I will always have my computer repaired from now on!

Carol Raul: Reasonably priced, Friendly and helpful - pickup and delivery was provided to me. My keyboard was replaced on my laptop because some of the keys would not work! Apparently individual keys are not worth to be replaced - but just the entire keyboard! Highly recommend!

曹孔德: Great guy, nice, friendly, and professional. Repair took place in my apartment, quick and on time. Fixed some wire issue and bios, nice work.

Pete Nettelbeck: Great experience working with Ivan. He is honest and reasonably priced. I will definitely give him my business in the future.

Mariana Alvarez-Almazan: Honest advice and quick service. Will contact again when needed.

11. Speedy Yogi - Computer Repair Service -Washington DC - Fort Washington

· 4 reviews

9111 Locksley Rd, Fort Washington, MD 20744

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Speedy Yogi - Computer Repair Service -Washington DC: what do users think?

Lauren Decosta: Fixed my macbook pro (which I was sure was a gonner) in record time and for a very reasonable price! They were also able to recover some of my files that were corrupted on the hard drive at no extra charge. These guys are the truly knowledgable computer repair specialists out there

Rosy Rose: Best computer repair service in the Washington DC is Speedy Yogi, as far I know. Every time I have gone there, (including this morning) they seem to fix things while just waiting there and only charge about half or less what I was anticipating. VERY TRUSTWORTHY BUSINESS.

Mircolancer Support: My laptop was not charging. Geekabc did their free diagnostics and gave me a detailed rundown of the issue afterwards. They replaced the powerjack and now my computer is charging now.

Forest Hayward: Speedy

12. DCITPRO (IC) Weekend Computer Repair and IT Services - Washington

· 1 reviews

13. UPand Running Computer Services, LLC - Washington

· 2 reviews

4740 Connecticut Ave NW #508, Washington, DC 20008

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UPand Running Computer Services, LLC: what do users think?

A Pearlman: Such a nice man. Very knowledgeable. Prompt with call backs and information about the issue. Definitely would recommend him to anyone.

14. Truemath Technologies - Washington

· 3 reviews

1444 I St NW #101, Washington, DC 20005

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Truemath Technologies: what do users think?

Mark Lukenich: I always feel welcome here and enjoy the conversations had while conducting business

15. All Faith Consortium LLC - Washington

· 1 reviews

2000 14th St NW #21, Washington, DC 20009

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