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Mister Rotisserie Super Chicken Silvestre Chicken Chicken + Whiskey Crisp & Juicy El Pollo Rico Food Corner Kabob & Rotesserie

1. Mister Rotisserie - Washington

路 74 reviews

3322 Georgia Ave NW, Washington, DC 20010

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Mister Rotisserie: what do users think?

Joselys C: Listen! When I tell you that this is by far the BEST food I鈥檝e ordered since moving to DC, It鈥檚 a fact. If you like generously seasoned, well cooked, savory plates, this is THE spot! Only thing is that I wish they had delivery outside of UberEats or Grubhub because those companies always up the prices. Either way, really glad to have found this gem馃檹

Jessi Gower: I cannot say enough amazing things about this place and the owner. The minute you walk in you get blasted with the most delicious aroma that can only be described as down right mouth watering. While waiting for our pickup order the owner chatted with us, made us laugh and made us truly feel like valued customers. He was so kind and friendly, I will truly never forget the experience he gave us while in his restaurant. It may have been short but it sure was sweet! He has made two new life long customers and I can鈥檛 wait to come back for more!! Thank you Mister Rotisserie!

Keshia Wideman: This was me and my husband first time eating here, and the food was delicious and a good full portion. Seasoned well with all condiments included. We will be eating here again, very impressed with the service.

Jill Lewis: You folks are AMAZING!!! Your generosity last night was so very much appreciated. Frank Nitty and his group were extremely pleased with the food. They had been eating pizza for a while and needed some real food. You took care of 60 people and delivered. Thank you so much.

Oneshia Herring: Mannnnnn listen. I just had the BEST ribeye sandwich. I mean melt in your mouth good. It was well-seasoned, tender, and succulent. The fries are fresh and crispy. They even put A1 sauce in the bag for me (without asking) and tried to bring my food out to my car, as I was waiting in the car with my dog. The customer service was polite and friendly. I definitely felt like my patronage was appreciated it. I will definitely be back! Thanks for making my day, Mister Rotisserie. Best of luck!

ottiviani morris: Great food open late and they deliver馃榿

2. Super Chicken - Falls Church



路 297 reviews

422 S Washington St, Falls Church, VA 22046

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Super Chicken: what do users think?

Jen Zelaya: BEST PERUVIAN CHICKEN. Love the plantains and yuca. The green sauce and white sauce are amazing paired with the yuca and dipping the chicken!!! I grew up in Falls Church and now that I鈥檓 away I鈥檓 definitely dreaming about super chicken 馃挱馃挄

Lovely Lisa: This food was super delicious. 馃い Great Customer Service. Thank you!!

Veronica Sanchez Salvatierra: Is very delicious. Very economic. You can buy a entire chicken ,soda and two sides. I love yuca and plantaings

Alejandro Aquino Perez: Food is always great, plantains are a must. My only complaint is that their salad has way too many onions. Employees are always friendly.

3. Silvestre Chicken - Fort Washington

路 469 reviews

954 Swan Creek Rd E B, Fort Washington, MD 20744

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Silvestre Chicken: what do users think?

Harry Blakey: Stopped to get a quick bite, took a few minutes, food was hot, staff friendly and helpful.

James Simmons: My first time there. Food is excellent and they give large portions. Friendly family atmosphere.

Velarie Harvell: Favorite go to for a quick delicious and healthy meal. Staff always friendly and efficient.

Arielle H: Food always tastes fresh and they NEVER get an order wrong. Ready in Finley manner too. Average pricing.

Symea Johnson: First time and it will not be my last time. Food was very flavorful and you get plenty. The sweet potato cake is awesome!! They are practicing safe distancing so it鈥檚 a good idea to call and place order over the phone. Very friendly, safe and clean.

Ms.: Delicious, meal was reasonable priced, less than 10 bucks

4. Chicken + Whiskey - Washington

路 1037 reviews

1738 14th St NW, Washington, DC 20009

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5. Crisp & Juicy - Washington

路 247 reviews

4533 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington, DC 20016

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Crisp & Juicy: what do users think?

Geoffrey Seeley: A Tenleytown hole in the wall, this carryout produces the neighborhood鈥檚 best Peruvian chicken, succulent and perfectly seasoned and cooked. The super platter is a half-chicken perfect for two; it comes with two side dishes. The fried yucca is an interesting substitute for fried potatoes, but definitely try the fried plantains, they are fabulous.

6. El Pollo Rico - Arlington

路 2729 reviews

932 N Kenmore St, Arlington, VA 22201

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El Pollo Rico: what do users think?

Larry 鈥淏ig Schlim鈥 Mcleod: This is one of those days where my inbox & comments were flooded!! According to my Good Northern Virginian folks, it鈥檚 a STAPLE Peruvian chicken spot I MUST go to in Arlington V.A.!! When it鈥檚 that many folk pressing you out鈥he foods good鈥ET鈥橲 GO!! . Where I am: @elpolloricoarl . Location Reviewed: 932 N.Kenmore St., Arlington V.A. . Menu Includes: A Whole Chicken, 1/2 White meat or Dark meat Chicken, 1/4 White or Dark Chicken, Steak Cut Fries, Coleslaw, Rice, Plantains, Beans, Yellow & Green Sauce, Beverages, Flan, & Ice Cream. . Items Reviewed: Their 1/2 White Meat Chicken Meal (with Plantains, Beans, Yellow sauce & Green sauce-$1 for 4, $14.84). STAMP the Chicken!! STAMP the Beans!! STAMP the Plantains!! STAMP the Sauces!! STAMP the Price!! Everything was EXCELLENT!! The chicken鈥ucculent, the Plantains mildly sweet, caramelized perfectly, & tasty, the Beans were hearty with a hint of onion, garlic, and cilantro!! Their Churro Cheesecake ($5.23). STAMP!! Sweet, & rich鈥ust a delicious cheesecake rendering of a churro!! Their Inca soda ($2.73). STAMP!! I normally only get house made drinks鈥ut copping this soda rounded the meal out!! . Customer Service: Swift, Attentive & EXCELLENT!! . Online Navigation: Super Simple . Parking: Lot Parking/ It gets packed quickly. . Recommendations: Literally EVERYTHING I got above!! 猸愶笍猸愶笍猸愶笍猸愶笍猸愶笍=STAMP 猸愶笍猸愶笍猸愶笍猸愶笍鉃=A.DELICIOUS 猸愶笍猸愶笍猸愶笍猸愶笍=DELICIOUS 猸愶笍猸愶笍猸愶笍=DECENT 猸愶笍猸愶笍=PASS 猸愶笍=NAH #Bigschlimsreviews

Grace Liu: Usually not a big fan of chicken. But this one is different. Great flavor and unbeatable price. Plantains and fries are good too.

Wendy A: Juicy chicken, good flavor good. The green sauce needs to be more spicy. Also clean tables and bathrooms.

Paul Culver: Still my favorite Peruvian chicken restaurant in DC. The chicken is moist and has a nice peppery flavor. Like others, I wish they had other side options like yucca, but I will keep coming regardless.

J C: The absolute best Peruvian chicken in NoVA. The chicken is so moist, juicy and flavorful. Very inexpensive and filling. Side options include rice, plantains, fries and coleslaw. I got the rice and plantains and my favorite sauce is the mild yellow one. A must have place for anyone in the DMV.

Marlin Ramirez: Absolutely delectable, in fact I almost came from it being so good. I will be ordering again. It was yummy yum yum. 馃懘馃徎馃懘馃徎馃檹馃檹 please give me a discount because it was so good. 馃槉

James Jenkins: There is really only one thing to say about this family owned Peruvian chicken restaurant. The best in the entire metro area hands down not even a close second. I have been eating lunch there for over 12 years and never had a bad experience. The prices are great service fast and food amazing.

C Davidson: Superb chicken and sides. Parking can be tough, but it is well worth it.

7. Food Corner Kabob & Rotesserie - Washington

路 153 reviews

Ilab, Georgia Ave NW, Washington, DC 20001

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Food Corner Kabob & Rotesserie: what do users think?

Liberal Mani: Great food. Uncle is very kind. Food is cooked fresh. Their chicken rotisserie is out of this world. Please support their local business. Covid has hit them hard.

Raza Shafiq Ajmi: Great Halal food. It is Pakistani food. Chicken burger is great and cheap. People all really friendly.

Sadia Afroz: Decent portions. In addition to the rotisserie, we tried the beef steak sandwich which looked subpar but was surprisingly delicious.

Rene Wallis: They need support during the pandemic. Support this excellent, amazing high quality food and hardworking owner. So sad that Covid is crushing the folks who are working so hard to make it in America. , and had achieved stability before Covid. I LOVE this food and respect the owner of this resteraunt.

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