Best Car Cranes In Washington Near Me

1. Bernard F. Crane, Attorney - Washington

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Bernard F. Crane, Attorney
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Address: 601 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20004

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Thu

Telephone: (202) 486-6555

Business type: Attorney

Bernard F. Crane, Attorney: what do users think?
Barbara Gray
Barbara Gray: I am 83 years old and I hired Bernard Crane to represent me in an auto accident. He was highly recommended by an attorney. The hearing was virtual. I personally believe the investigating officer had a connection with the individual who was involved in the accident because I received my violation citation 23 days after the accident. Mr. Crane did an excellent job in preparing the groundwork for the case which was submitted to the court several days before the trial. It was so good until the investigating officer asked the judge for a dismissal of the trial the day of the hearing. I thank Mr. Crane for his excellent work in getting justice when the cards were all stacked against me.
Rachel Morris
Rachel Morris: Mr. Crane was a pleasure to work with. He had a hard road ahead, as I was disputing against a State Trooper, but he took it on with the upmost confidence. Mr. Crane was professional, informative, and handled my case with care. Mr. Crane worked very hard and throughout the process he had to deal with not one but two unreasonable judges that barely gave him the time of day to speak. Nonetheless, he kept pushing and trying and finally the outcome I wanted happened. If you are looking for someone who will not stop trying and someone who really cares about you not only as a client, but as a human then please go with Mr. Crane. I could go all day with how happy I am with him.
Jimi Hendrick
Jimi Hendrick: Good lord, the command he had for the courtroom was impressive. He made sure he knew every detail of the situation in preparation of the case. In this case, it was a traffic violation. Due to the knowledge and due diligence, he helped defend me, I got off free with no need for my testimony. I was nervous when it came to lawyers and courts. But Bernard made it easy on me. This was money well spent. Thanks Mr. Crane.
Response: Thanks for the kind words. It was my pleasure helping you.
Bryan Smith
Bryan Smith: Thank you Attorney Crane. He took the time to listen to my legal situation and took steps on my behalf so that I have a chance to be represented fairly. Professional and Responsive.
Response: Thanks very much. Glad I could help.
Margaret Gilligan
Margaret Gilligan: I contacted Mr. Crane about a speeding ticket I received in DC. He was incredibly patient and generous with his time in addressing my concerns about the ticket and the impact it would have on my driving record and insurance. He took all my concerns seriously and walked me step-by-step through the legal jargon and policies pertaining to my case. He gave me the best advice for my situation, and I felt that he was taking my best interest under primary consideration.He is clearly very knowledgeable about traffic law in the District.
Ada Chan
Ada Chan: Bernard Crane is an incredibly dedicated and hardworking attorney. His work ethic and commitment to his clients is equally as impressive as his overall good nature. While his record speaks for itself, I would also highly recommend Mr. Crane to represent any of my friends or family in need of a good attorney with proven results.
Antonio Parker
Antonio Parker: I agree 100% with Amir Lynch. Mr. Crane is an angel sent by God....or whomever you believe in. I don’t know much about sports but, if we’re speaking football, he’s Tom Brady! Not only he is extremely intelligent and well know within the judicial system, he is also very fashionable. Mr. Crane is understanding, compassionate, sincere, straightforward and disciplined. About a week after I spoke with Mr. Crane, I had a personal incident with an ex partner. An incident that had completed nothing to do with why I was seeking representation. I currently work in the airline industry and due to my ex partner, I had no choice but to squat in the airport for two months. It was tough! Sleeping on the airport floor, bathing myself in the restroom sink and I worked 202.7 hours in what is equivalent to a two weeks time frame. I lost my partner, one of my vehicles, my self respect and was on the verge of losing my job. Mr. Crane saved me! I have now been offered a better paid position with more opportunity. If know one else reads this post, I would just like to say thank you Mr. Crane for being my knight in shining armor. God Bless you! -Antonio Parker

2. Insana's Towing & Crane Service - Washington

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Insana's Towing & Crane Service
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Address: 140 Ohio St, Washington, PA 15301

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Thu

Telephone: (724) 222-6930

Business type: Auto wrecker

Insana's Towing & Crane Service: what do users think?
Bob Grove
Bob Grove: My Motor Home broke down and Insanas was there in 45min. They towed it back to their shop, they let us plug the coach in. We stayed right there for three days waiting for parts/ FedEx. They stayed late on a Friday evening to MAKE SURE we were taking care of. So we could be on the road before weekend. The staff was GREAT. Very respectful.
Gerard Nissenbaum
Gerard Nissenbaum: Incredibly helpful folks. Available on the phone even when they were closed. Ended up having to spend a night in my van waiting for then to open but in the morning they fixed my alternator first thing, and didnt oversell or overcharge me (I wouldnt have known better if they had sold me a new alternator but Drew identified my problem as a loose wire and an hour after waking up I was back on the road!)
Walter Greathouse
Walter Greathouse: Disorganized, took them 2 hours to reach a truck that was minutes from their shop, then held the driver up for another 20 minutes until i could fill out a credit card payment form (even though i had given the owner the credit card info 2 hours before). And, WAY too pricey. Absolutely would not recommend.
David Thompson
David Thompson: Meet one of the owners. He screamed at me, his staff, and appeared to hate his work. Towed to his shop. His attitude did not improve. Not even offered a place to sit. His staff nice. I would not recommend.
Dan Caffarelli
Dan Caffarelli: Ridiculously overpriced towing. When they towed my car they offered to take it back to their garage to fix and being from out of town I agreed. They call the next day and tell me they cant fix the car and I need to have it towed somewhere else. So I had them move it to a new mechanic and they charged me $500 for both tows. in addition to the outrageous prices the customer service was very poor and rude.
larry wall
larry wall: I ran out of fuel on I70, we were around four miles from Insana Pete Towing. They brought five gallons of fuel and arrives at 5:30 pm and charged 27.50 for the fuel. They charged 250.00 for the service call. This was a total of 277.50 for the call. They were rude and non professional, they did nothing to get the truck running they brought the fuel and left. They were there maybe ten minutes, and charged 277.50. We were from North Carolina so we felt that they used this to take advantage of us. I would not recommend this towing company to anyone!
igareoc pop
igareoc pop: Worst Service, wanted to charge me $600 for unloading and loading two 4500 lbs beams on a flatbed trailer with a small forklift , after long talk with them they finally did it for $500, any other place could do this work for maximum $100. it took them only 10 min to unload and 10 min to load. i would not recommend this place to anybody, they will reap you off!!!
Patrick Wurst
Patrick Wurst: They did a great job when we broke down, and an even better job hauling our Freightliner back to Erie at very reasonable prices. Also the driver was really funny, thanks for your help!!
Edmond Gerveni
Edmond Gerveni: This guys are the best,thank you Bob

3. U.S. Department of Transportation - Washington

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U.S. Department of Transportation
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Address: 1200 New Jersey Ave SE, Washington, DC 20590

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8AM Thu

Telephone: (202) 366-4000

Business type: Department of Transportation

U.S. Department of Transportation: what do users think?
Carol Macinnes
Carol Macinnes: Very excited about the Tampa Heights project recently approved by USDOT. It is much needed for replacing water pipes, connecting communities divided by I275 through improved transit opportunities, inceasing the safety of intersections, creating bike lanes and Smart Streets. A wonderful investment that will help this area thrive again. Thank you all at USDOT and to the leadership of Secretary Buttigieg and his teams.
Darin James
Darin James: Great to see USDOT, under the leadership of Secretary Buttigieg, effectively implementing the historic Bipartisan Infrastructure Law.
Laura Montes
Laura Montes: Under Secretary Pete Buttigieg Transportation Department is now well known and has increased its profile.
Buffi Buckley
Buffi Buckley: Secretary Pete Buttigieg and the entire department are getting things done for us. Infrastructure finally means something again.
Bobbie Jansen
Bobbie Jansen: I’m so glad there’s finally someone who understands that transportation is about people!
Emily Loats
Emily Loats: I love Pete Buttigieg!! Best secretary of Transportation ever!!
Sydney Steinberg
Sydney Steinberg: Secretary Pete Buttigieg doing a great job.
Jenn Harder
Jenn Harder: Secretary Buttigieg is doing a fantastic job!
Akber Alwani
Akber Alwani: I sent complaint for the transport company and never receive the reply, the phone number they have never work, after 1 hr of being waited the line get disconnect automatically, so we have only this company who can help me for my dispute with moving company and likely they are currently helpless and hopeless.

4. Washington National Cathedral - Washington

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Washington National Cathedral
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Address: 3101 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington, DC 20016

Telephone: (202) 537-6200

Business type: Cathedral

Washington National Cathedral: what do users think?
Claire Mizutani
Claire Mizutani: I went to Sunday Morning service with my parents now that they have opened up again. There were plenty of available seats and the ushers have all of us programs. The programs were in English and Spanish and offered explanations of what was going on and why things were in a certain order in addition to the prayers, hymns, readings, and instructions of when to sit or stand. The cathedral is beautiful and I would suggest going in the morning to get the full impact of the stained glass windows. I didn’t even Renner that there had been an earthquake in 2011 but there were many signs showing what was damaged and how repairs are going.
Peter Mathys
Peter Mathys: A beautiful and well-kept building, and a very peaceful surrounding area. The gargoyles are quite interesting and there is one that looks like Darth Vader. A sign tells you how to find it but we had a hard time locating it. I highly suggest stopping by when visiting Washington DC. The cathedral was closed to the public at the time we went, which was about a week ago.
Daniel Duran
Daniel Duran: We briefly visited the National Cathedral which we were beyond impressed with how amazing it looks! It was really clean and organized as we walked around and saw it from different angles! I’ll definitely have to visit again to appreciate more of the interior!
Jason Clock
Jason Clock: Beautiful gardens and green spaces adjacent to the cathedral are great for a relaxing stroll. The cathedral was unfortunately closed when I attended, but seeing the decorative architecture was amazing. Truly a massive structure, one worthy of the name.
Berkay Kaplan
Berkay Kaplan: Majestic venue and admission is free. The architecture of the building was captivating. I see no reason not to give here a five star.
John Thompson
John Thompson: Unfortunately, the building was not open, but we were able to watch a high school choir rehearsing in the courtyard. We were able to see some of the stones that fell or were cracked and taken out. They were lying on the ground beside the building. There is a nice garden behind the Cathedral where they were taking pictures of the wedding party.
Mark Kabbash
Mark Kabbash: Truly magnificent Cathedral. By far one of the most unique buildings in all of America! Please note the Star Wars stain glass window. There are unique ah ha moments almost at every turn. This is a must see. It will please your soul.
Sean Faison
Sean Faison: This was my second time visiting Washington National Cathedral. I was very excited to explore the building once again but sadly due to Covid-19 it is closed to the public. I spoke to one of the staff members and they were hoping to open to the public again in September 2021 but I highly recommend calling before visiting to make sure they are open. You can freely explore the perimeter of the building but if they are closed to the price all of the doors will be locked makes sure to visit when they open again! BTW, see if you can find the Darth Vader grotesque. I have circled where to find him on one photo.

5. United Crane & Rigging - Baltimore, MD - Baltimore County

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United Crane & Rigging - Baltimore, MD
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Address: 8200 Fischer Rd Suite 100, Baltimore, MD 21222

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Telephone: (410) 285-6363

Business type: Crane rental agency

6. Library of Congress - Washington

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Library of Congress
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Address: 101 Independence Ave SE, Washington, DC 20540

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8:30AM Thu

Telephone: (202) 707-5000

Business type: Law library

Library of Congress: what do users think?
Mireille G
Mireille G: Favorite place I visited in D.C.. Words cannot begin to describe how gorgeous this building is inside and out. Every single detail so carefully thought out from the architecture to the art. Definitely go visit if you can, there’s so much to see. Also try and get a library card if you can it’s totally free and a fun souvenir to keep. It’s a legit library card and you can use it to enter the main reading room but you usually need to make an appointment weeks in advance to get in room but the card is a nice memory to keep.
Nicole Pascotescu
Nicole Pascotescu: Beautiful. Photos will never do it justice, you need to see it in person! It’s literally breathtaking. It’s amazing to just stand in the middle of it and look up in awe. I went on a school trip from DC and it was a great learning experience. But really I’ve never seen such beautiful architecture and design.
Sonya Williams (Wildflowers and Hooyahs)
Sonya Williams (Wildflowers and Hooyahs): What an incredible experience! It took us about twenty mins to get library cards but it was worth it! We also felt the amount of people there on a Tuesday was weird but it’s popular for a reason. Will def return. The staff were so nice and knowledgeable.
VikinGA: Gorgeous! The national library of the United States and the largest library in the world! Its collections include more than 30 million catalogued books and other print materials in 470 languages. It holds the largest rare book collection in North America, including the rough draft of the Declaration of Independence and one of the Gutenberg Bibles!!!
Ashok Patel
Ashok Patel: Library of Congress, a national symbol of knowledge is the largest and oldest library of United States established in 1800. This is the research library for Congress and open for public for research only and the books or materials can not be checked out. The library is housed in three buildings on Capitol Hill. The research material is from all over the world in more than 450 languages. The library has more than 160 million items and everyday 10,000 new items are being added. We booked the timed tickets online to visit the library. I couldn’t get the timed tickets 5 days before but some limited tickets are released everyday morning at 9.00 am. Exactly at 9.00 AM I tried and I got the desired time slot. There is no entry fee. As a book lover, it was my dream to visit this unbelievable and incredible heritage library. Anyone can have access to the library if you have Reader Identification Card. The building architecture and the sculptures inside and outside are absolutely stunning. It is very theatrical, heavily ornamented and the decorative paintings and beautiful sculptures place this building among greatest art and architecture in America. The exhibition of photography and about Rosa Parks was very impressive. The mosaics, the frescos and the stained glass work is amazing. Thomas Jefferson’s personal library and the main reading room is great attraction. Unfortunately, we could see the main reading room from high above with limited sight through the thick glass. I wanted to see those millions of books on the shelves as I dreamed off, but what I saw was mostly exhibitions in a museum kind of setting. However, this is a must see attraction.
Richa Rashmi
Richa Rashmi: What an amazing Greek architecture! This place is a jungle of Corinthian columns, a sea of books and a sky of murals. It’s absolutely stunning. Be sure to checkout Jefferson’s own donation of myriad books along with an exhibition of Rosa Park’s works. Also, entry is by appointment only. There’s a book shop that hosts souvenirs ranging from books to crockeries.
Juhi Pac
Juhi Pac: Beautiful historic building with gorgeous architecture. There are two and a half floors of museum-exhibits of some of the maps and records that the library keeps. Absolutely worth it for the free price and close proximity to South Capitol metro station
Rany SADER: By far, one of the best experiences ever if you are into culture. A fan of books, I loved the place, the heritage, the building and the whole experience. Don’t think twice if you like a Library. One of the best I ever visited.
Jon Scott
Jon Scott: This is a must visit while in DC. The architecture and history was worth every minute. Take time to ask a Docent about specifics of the area you are in. Jim (docent) was so knowledgeable and spent ten minutes explaining the sculpture and paintings. The photographic exhibit was a bonus and Tomas Jefferson’s library exhibit was as well.
Alexandra B
Alexandra B: A library dedicated to knowledge and education in every way possible. One of my favorite places in DC. Every inch of this building is a tribute to history, the pursuit of knowledge, and the contributions of those who came before us. Note you have to reserve a timed entry pass online in order to visit the library.

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