Best Blind Restaurants In Washington Near Me

The Dabney Barrel Ben's Next Door Unconventional Diner BRESCA Firefly Tail Up Goat Corduroy Blue Duck Tavern Dirty Habit Kinship Ambar Capitol Hill CIRCA at Foggy Bottom SUCCOTASH Old Ebbitt Grill Lincoln Sax Restaurant & Lounge The Lafayette Le Diplomate The Fainting Goat


1. The Dabney - Washington

· 950 reviews

122 Blagden Alley NW, Washington, DC 20001

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The Dabney: what do users think?

Jiaren Li: Well deserving of the accolades! The meal was extraordinarily enjoyable and our waitress was both insightful of the food and friendly. I was surprisingly mind blown by the roasted vegetables - superb ingredients and good techniques make something appear so simple but feels like beyond my ability to replicate at home.

Jessica C: The Dabney is my go-to for special occasions. It’s pricey but whenever my friend from the west coast comes for a visit, it’s our fancy/celebratory reunion dinner. The wait staff is always friendly and they pay you great attention. There are lots of little touches that make this place great (i.e., my friend and I remembered how much we loved the bread and butter last time we came, and the staff gave us tiny jars of the butter to take home with us. The butter is so good you could eat it with a spoon). The snacks/first course were delicious. Even something as boring as a radish turned into a highlight of the meal (I avoid seafood but they made great substations with the pre-fixe menu to accommodate me). The meat is cooked beautifully (though I admit the lamb was fattier than I typically enjoy — see photo) and the egg tart was my favorite dish. The drink was aromatic and lovely. If you can save up for a fancy dinner, go.

Logan Kenney: Amazing farm to table meal, definitely worthy of the star! The food was perfectly prepared and the dishes were extremely well thought out. One of my favorite D.C. spots, it’s a must every time I go.

Beth H: A warm and relaxed place where culinary artists skillfully transform foraged and locally sourced ingredients into edible masterpieces. The finished product unfolds course upon course like symphonic movements, building on a theme, revisiting subtle refrains, interposing cleaver variations, and culminating in a memorable, once-in-a-lifetime edible aesthetic experience!

Nicholas Stephens: Absolutely loved it! Wait staff was super friendly, everyone said hello coming in and thank you, have a good night heading out. Our server, Christian, was very knowledgeable about the menu, offered great suggestions and was patient with our questions. Had a 5-course meal, including snacks, appetizers, entree, dessert and parting sweet treats for the road. A Michelin star restaurant tucked into Blagden Alley, worth the trip and the experience! Enjoy some of the artwork in the Alley, as well, right at the DC Alley Museum a few steps away. To the entire staff, thank you and I hope to see you again soon. Have a great night!

Julia Gooding: We walked in and we’re thankful to be able to have the choice of the fixed or a la carte. We opted to order from the menu. Warning: portions are really small, so be prepared to order a lot or don’t come super hungry. We joked you get but a dab of food (a La carte at least) at The Dabney, but it’s a tasty dab! Some highlights were hen of the woods, scallops, and the wild meringue desert. But I think the dark chocolate gelato could be darker and richer. Cocktails were interesting but I didn’t find them that interesting in terms of depth/layers of flavor. Really nice staff and positive experience, but a star off because my expectations (with the star) were quite high!

Matt Monarch: Great tasting menu, but probably not worth splurging on given the other options you have in DC. The catfish sliders are worth adding. All the other food pictured was very good but unspectacular.

Christine S: I’ve been here on several occasions, and the Dabney has always been consistently great. Quality of the ingredients really shine here, and the service is stellar. I still remember my first visit when I bit into a carrot and thought “this is what a carrot should taste like.” (LOL…I’m serious though). If you’re someone who appreciates quality ingredients from great suppliers, don’t miss out! From their latest menu (as of September 2021), I tried their chilled corn soup with Maryland crab, tomato tartine, lamb, and nectarine sorbet. I highly recommend the chilled corn soup! Cozy ambiance and great drink menu

2. Barrel - Washington



· 891 reviews

613 Pennsylvania Ave. SE, Washington, DC 20003

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Barrel: what do users think?

Jarron Brady: Came here because a friend recommended it and my expectations were definitely met. The brisket was really tender and so were the ribs, like fall off the bone tender. The sweet BBQ sauce was slightly sweeter than I usually go for but still good. The Mac and cheese was really good and baked well. The biscuit and ham appetizer was delicious, came out warm and the butter with it added a lot to it. I wasn’t in love with the creamy collard greens but it wasn’t necessarily bad, just not my preferred way of eating greens. The BBQ baked beans were super flavorful though. Would def come back.

Theo de Jager: Hipsterish but in a good way. Creative and tasty small plates, competent service with a personal touch. But the surprisingly good cocktails are the main payoff here. Particularly the deceptively named "milk punch." A magical elixir that tastes much better than it sounds!

Tonesa Snowden: Brunch is great with bottomless mimosas, food is delicious..make reservations fills up quickly

Patrick: Barrel was a great bar to go and chill out at. A group of us went after line dancing at Eastern Market and we were hungry and thirsty! The food was very tasty - big wedge cut fries with parmesan and really really crispy wings. I would totally go back. Oh and not to forget that the service was ready friendly and fun to talk to!

Scott Harriford: If you like to drink- try the happy meal. Food is decent.

Eric Parker: Stopped thru here for happy hour after work, I really enjoyed myself. The place is comfortable & clean, service is immaculate and drinks are good. The food is good also. This is a nice place I will be back.

3. Ben's Next Door - Washington

· 807 reviews

1211 U St NW, Washington, DC 20009, United States

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Ben's Next Door: what do users think?

E Gilbert: My best friend came into town and we want to do something fun so we went to Ben Next Door we had a ball. The atmosphere was great and the food was delicious 😋. The music selection was on point to match the unlimited mimosas that came in 3 types cranberry, pineapple, or orange juice. I will definitely be visiting again soon. The only thing I did not like were the bathrooms they were not being kept up at all I went to the two located towards the back and the back of the toilet was missing from one hopefully this will be fixed. But there was toilet paper, running water, and soap so I was good. I definitely recommend checking out the brunch here.

Makeda Fox: The food was sooo good !! I got the shrimp and grits, along with the bread pudding for dessert. Very flavorful, the vibe was amazing. Our waiter Kash was very entertaining, attentive and funny. BEST waiter EVER. 10/10 I recommend!!

JENNii: Good spot for a casual Sunday brunch with friends. It’s right next to the famous ben’s chili bowl on U street. They food and service was good as well. I would definitely come back to this restaurant.

Toshia Brown: Very nice vibe, excellent food, no mambo sauce or cornbread muffins but the kale was so scrumptious and tender; seasoned to perfection

Gaelle Claude: The service may be a bit slow but their food is pretty good. I tried their burger and it was amazing! The picture may seem basic but it was bomb! I’ve been there on occasions where I ordered the chicken and waffle, which I would rate 7/10 because the chicken is a bit salty. I loved the cocktail I ordered I believe it’s called a chi-chi colada.. amazing! 10/10. The fish and grits is pretty good, I would rate it 8/10. My friend says the salmon meal was decent but she didn’t enjoy the sugar on her sweet potato fries. Due to slow service over all experience is 7/10

Josephs Boy: I really enjoyed this place & the owner was really nice. I enjoyed the history of the restaurant that was shared. I sat outside it was live but I enjoyed it. The Jerk Pasta was delicious and the mambo wings were the perfect appetizer (u can always tell when people take pride in what they serve). I will definitely be back my next trip to DC.

ajia brown: Ate brunch here and the food and atmosphere was perfect. Black owned restaurant filled with lots of people the line is always LONG

4. Unconventional Diner - Washington

· 2009 reviews

1207 9th St NW, Washington, DC 20001, United States

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Unconventional Diner: what do users think?

Zeyu Hu: Went to Unconventional Diner for both brunch and dinner and let me tell you they didn’t disappoint at all. Brunch: Got three different items to share for brunch, and each was unique in its own way but complimented each other so well. The shrimp and grits were perfect. The BBQ shrimp had an amazing smokey smell which really made it stand out. The biscuits were also amazing, nice and crispy and the house made sausage was great. The blueberry pancakes were the fluffiest I’ve ever had, a great sweet treat to end the meal. Dinner: Came back for dinner a week later and it blew me out of the water again. As the name suggests, the menu has a large variety and when the waiter tells you you can’t go wrong with anything, they ain’t lying. We got such a variety of food - from French to southern, Chinese stir fry to Cuban. It just all works so well. Bottom line: A must visit if you are in DC. The best wait staff and service. But remember to book ahead!

Claire Mizutani: Went out to dinner with my family and a friend from school. Great food! I really enjoyed the mezze and the Mac n cheese. Speedy service and great labeling on the menu for those with dietary restrictions. I wish that the outdoor seating area had heaters but now that the weather is getting warmer that may be less of an issue

Christopher Guarin: Was in town to check out the Cherry Blossom Festival. We made a point to stop in for some brunch before walking all over town. We were definitely not disappointed. Everything we tried was delicious! From the drinks, to the Everything Lox, and Chicken and Waffles....every bite was amazing. We will be back for more on our next trip!

Eric Lee: Got the cheeseburger and fried chicken. Both were phenomenal. Simple dishes but everything was cooked and seasoned so well. Price for these dishes were affordable. Great vibe as well, pretty large space. Will be back to try more!

Queen Melissa: Wonderful for family outing , a date and friends brunch. Everything was outstanding. The cleanliness was good. The customer service and server was really nice. My kids loved everything and they are usually picky eaters. This was my first time eating shrimps and grits all I can say it was amazing. Overall,we were a satisfied family and will be back again.

Ben Multak: Unconventional diner dishes but delicious flavors. Everything I’ve tried here has hit and the restaurant itself is a well oiled machine. Highly recommend if you find yourself in the area. Really enjoyed the Crab Fritters and Fried Chicken

Sirius Fidelity: This was one of my favorite food places on my trip. The place was a pretty good size, clean, and bright. There also appeared to be outside dining as well. I ordered the kid size portion of the Blueberry Lavender Pancakes as pictured, and the Shrimp and Grits. Nothing short of amazing. Prices were reasonable and the portion sizes good. I highly recommend this place.

Christal Young: I love a place that has vegan as well as non-vegan options. This place was so good, I came back two days in a row. Their kale nachos were just superb and their cauliflower salad with falafel was also delicious and filling. The colors and ambiance are also nicely done. There are several dining spaces, including indoor and outside seating, each with its own vibe.

ReCreate Artworks: I found this gem about a 20 minute walk north of the mall. I cannot recommend it enough. There was plenty of seats, the staff was quick and efficient, and the restaurant itself was stunning. It makes you feel luxurious without having the price tag that usually comes with it. It’s very affordable but the quality of food is beyond the price. I got a double shot of espresso and the Brussel Sprouts with Fried Egg. 10/10.

Chunhee Hong: We had buttermilk pancake, corned beef hash, cappuccino and rise & shine. All delicious! The customer service and server were really nice. Overall,we were satisfied and will be back again to try other menu!

5. BRESCA - Washington

· 486 reviews

1906 14th St NW, Washington, DC 20009

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BRESCA: what do users think?

HK: We had a three course dinner and it was absolutely delicious. The amuse bouches were surprisingly delicate and layered in flavor. Dishes came out pretty quickly without delay even though the restaurant was packed on a Saturday night. Would like to visit again!

Tommy Waters: It was our first time at Bresca and I feel the need to leave a review. I don’t typically leave a review unless I’m “moved” one way or another. And this amazing place deserves any positive comment I could possibly leave and then some! From the caviar starter to the ending pieces of dessert heaven the entire experience was just incredible! One word of warning, this place adds on the dollars FAST…. But you will more than likely already know that with just the smallest amount of investigation. With that being said, DO IT! Add on the caviar, add in the wine pairing, add on the black truffle shavings…do it ALL! It’s more than worth it and you won’t be sorry! If you would visit this restaurant don’t expect anything other than a unique experience provided by the talented chef and his crew! Expect amazing service! Expect an outstanding welcome by the hosts/hostesses! Expect an incredible waitstaff team (and if you are lucky enough to have Sherman you are in for a treat)! Just expect an amazing time and pay the expensive bill with the included gratuity knowing they deserve every bit of it and more! This is not a restaurant to go to on a budget. But like I said you’ll probably already expecting it. It’s WORTH IT!!!!!

Amanda Anoh: Went there for the first time for date night. It was an awesome experience! the prices are fixed for the meal courses. The service is great and the food extraordinary. It is exactly a tasting if you will because of the portion but we got the 6 course meal, so it was filing. A simple decor but nice, with a true French approach to service as in silverware, napkins, waiters. The bar was nice as well. I enjoyed myself and will be back.

Marisa Checca: I’ve been several times. Hands down one of the best restaurants in DC. I never knew I liked rhubarb until I tried their tart with foie gras, it was unreal. The seasoning and crust on their duck breast is the best in the city. Their petit fours, especially their Madelines, are some of the best I’ve ever had. They are always generous and give us extra if we ask :) I will keep on going back and back. Their staff is so friendly and I love the decor.

Alexander O'Neill: Definitely a interesting dining experience with food foams galore. If you can, grab one of the cute spots outdoors — it’s a little greenhouse laced with cherry blossoms. I’d recommend doing the three course set menu with the wine pairing. Splurge a little. The favorite dish at the table was BREACA’s take on cacio e pepe. The main course which for us was either venison or wagyu beef was the absolute line between cooked and raw — especially for venison. Regardless everything was very tasty and the staff was excellent. Overall a great time.

Reginald Anadio: Absolutely phenomenal! Highly recommend visiting Bresca. My waitress, Alex, was particularly welcoming, caring, and attentive. From start to finish, I was greeted by immaculate service. After spending a lot of time job hunting and landing one in DC, I decided to celebrate the moment at Bresca. They made the moment feel extremely special. From greeting me with complimentary champagne (Veuve nonetheless!) to tasting a delicious wine, they went well beyond what I could’ve expected. Thank you.

Gaya B: We had a great experience sitting outside in one of those cute little houses. Staff is excellent, really above and beyond experience. Professional and personable. The place has a Michelin star, so you can guess the food is good. :) You can play your own music via Bluetooth in the little house too!

Lin Dinh: Finally got to go to one of those “a little bit for a lot” restaurants and I do not regret it!! Really didn’t think these little bites would fill me up, but boy, was I wrong. Clean, sleek kitchen, very intimate and perfect date night location. The drinks were delicious and super unique. 10/10 would recommend!

6. Firefly - Washington

· 744 reviews

1310 New Hampshire Ave NW, Washington, DC 20036, United States

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Firefly: what do users think?

Sadhana G: Went to this beautiful place for brunch on a Sunday. The food was a whole new level of excitement! Presentation and quality of the food and the good ambience set the right tone for the weekend. But the only setback was the price. We had an Egg frittata, chicken and waffles and Egg Benedict-crab ( the chef special) and it cost us 70$. A great place to grab finger food in a cute setting !

Garner Marshall: Excellent breakfast spot. Indoor and outdoor seating available. Parking is pretty scarce around the area. Staff is excellent. Good is delicious. Music is diverse. Location is convenient. This is going to be one of my new favorite breakfast spots.

Mariia Sarlayan: Wonderful food, amazing service, beautiful interior, pleasant vibe. A bit pricey for brunch but worth it. I wish more tables outside had umbrellas for shades but even then the experience was memorable.

Linden Yee: Solid brunch, overall recommend. The eggs on the benedict were pretty undercooked but the flavors were good, and the chicken and waffles were really well seasoned. Service was pretty slow, and the staff seemed to be up against a lot. While the waiter was great, they appeared to be the only one working the entire restaurant.

Khadija Khan: The restaurant has changed a lot since the last time I was here! Really friendly staff and nice ambiance! My favorite was the peanut butter and jelly French toast with the jalapeño honey! It’s an Interesting combo but I really liked it. Our server recommended a really yummy mocktail! The food was a little pricey so I’m not sure if I’ll be visiting again any time soon, but the dishes were innovative and delicious.

Lisa Mayberry: Cute little place for brunch out of the way in a hotel down New Hampshire Street. Outside patio seating is nice for a cool day with the umbrella up.

7. Tail Up Goat - Washington

· 942 reviews

1827 Adams Mill Rd NW, Washington, DC 20009

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Tail Up Goat: what do users think?

Annette R: Medium sized, 1st floor restaurant with outdoor dining. Concept is small, medium, or large plates. The menu is not big but very diverse. Prices are reasonable considering that it has a Michelin star. Reservations required. Restaurant has music playing in the background at a low-medium level & patrons are talking at a medium to loud level. Unique cocktails. All of our dishes were plated beautifully and very tasty. The corn dessert was delicious. We also had the cod, rice with shrimp & rock fish. There is a 22% service charge included & it is printed on the receipt & told to us by our waiter.

Ho Diem Tho: 4.5 stars for all, i think This is the course food so you have to take from snack to desserts. It costs 95$/person. 22% service and tip recommended. I came with 3 of my friends, we ordered one wine bottle and the total paid is 585$ not including tip The meals are good excepting for snacks, it is too salty to me

Ina Li: Elevated bistro comfort food and nice ambiance on a quiet street. The salt cod fritters and the sourdough with ricotta and orange marmalade are the highlights are the meal. Everything is rich in flavors and on the heavier side. The only thing that bothered us was the 22% mandatory service charge, which really is a lot on top of the already pricy menu, even considering the covid hardship.

Natalia Suska: So so so so yummy!! My partner and I tried a variety of different foods and everything was excellent. The ambiance was great too. A bit expensive but I can understand why, given how unique and incredible the food was. I’d go back.

Natalie Caldwell: What an experience. A Michelin star restaurant restaurant with the most friendly staff, that doesn’t take itself too seriously. We were advised on everything - from the food to the best wine pairings with what we ordered (we even got a little something extra since they thought it was a better flavor compliment). Everything was inventive, unique, and so tasty. We cannot wait to go back! For the food - (this was shared between two adults) Spiced tuna crudo- some of the best tuna you’ll ever have. Melts in your mouth, perfect balance of flavor. Bacon braised salsify- um this was amazing. A root vegetable (carrot-like) that was braised in bacon fat and covered in bbq sauce. SO GOOD. Carolina gold rice- understated but fantastic. This paired perfectly with a French Chardonnay. Ribeye - fantastic cut and perfectly cooked. The rolls with the marrow butter were a total unsung hero. That alone was a winning pairing. Now dessert - HOLY MOLEY. Get the Honey tart. Imagine a mini pie with a crust of oats and coffee. The inside is filled with a whipped oat filling and crisped to a merengue on top. Omg - FRICKEN amazing. This was such a wonderful evening. Thank you Tail Up Goat for making it so.

Brianna dimercurio: Tonight I decided to dine at Tail up Goat and it was such a great decision. I started with the salt cod which has been a staple for around 5 years and it was crunchy, briny and delicious. The carrot and chickpea panisse was bursting with carrot flavor and was so fresh and hit the spot. I followed these with the sourdough with ricotta infused with turnip and a blood orange marmalade. The bread was crispy yet tender and the accoutrements were perfect. I finished with the honey nut squash which was roasted to perfection and the dill with the yogurt was clean and reminded me of summertime, and with the black garlic created a sweet finish. I did have a desert with almond Madelines and quince but it was devoured so fast, a picture was never captured. This place was perfect for a solo diner but also a small group or a romantic date!

Vy H.: Came here last night for dinner and glad we had reservations because it was busy! I love that this restaurant requires proof of Covid vaccination or negative test results in order to dine inside—made me feel more at ease. And the staff is so friendly and attentive! They start you off with a small complimentary shot of cantaloupe ginger non-alcoholic sparkling shot—tasty and pretty refreshing. The Chicken Liver Mousse (small plate) was delicious—but I did not like the plum jam that was on top, so I scraped it off. You can order extra brioche bread, 4 slices for $1. The Roasted Eggplant (medium plate) was okay, nothing too special—I did like that they added a small piece of pork belly in the dish! The Seared Tilefish (large plate) was good—the almond skordalia was a good addition to it, and the butter on top melted enough so the fish wasn’t too dry. I personally would have liked this dish to be more salty, it was a bit bland for my taste. Note: There is an automatic 22% service charge to your bill—they are very upfront about it and even stamp a note on your bill, to reiterate. Parking is a nightmare around this area!! I had to circle around the whole area 5 times before finding street parking a few blocks away—so factor in extra time if you drive here. I didn’t notice any parking garages nearby.

Josh Axelrod: A fabulous dining experience, from the immaculately crafted dishes, to the extremely helpful staff, to the romantic and cozy atmosphere. A worthwhile splurge for a perfect date night.

Alex Chen: It’s amazing when a meal is so good that no single dish is a standout (or, perhaps EVERY dish was a standout?). What sets Tail Up Goat apart is how perfectly balanced everything is: dishes feel both new yet familiar, presentation is a feast for the eyes, textures sing with each bite, and flavors blend together with a rare harmony. Everything we tried was accompanied with “ooohs” and “ahhs”. Ambiance was buzzy but still cozy around the prime dinner hour, and the service was attentive and helpful. We wrapped up feeling more than satiated, and I left already plotting our next return.

8. Corduroy - Washington

· 171 reviews

1122 9th St NW, Washington, DC 20001, United States

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Corduroy: what do users think?

J Taylor: We held a wonderful surprise dinner last Friday. The food was delicious and prepared nicely, compliments to the chef! The ambiance of the restaurant was perfect for our birthday celebration and the staff was phenomenal, especially Natasha!!! Everything was amazing! Thanks to Corduroy for making Friday a special night.

Morgan Fykes: Had a fabulous time back at Corduroy. The food was delicious and the service was good (poor guy was flying solo cause it was a VERY quiet night) - definitely enjoyed the meal and was glad to be back!!

Scott Plunkett: We just dined here for the Christmas Eve and I thought the experience overall was good with some areas of improvement. The service was acceptable but for the price I would have expected a slightly higher degree of attention to detail. Our waitress couldn’t really describe any dish in detail or how it would be presented when asked, and timing of service was a little odd as well. The first course came IMMEDIATELY, and I mean immediately after ordering before we had even time to butter our bread or take a drink of our cocktail, fine- but then afterwards the second course took a very, very long time to come out after we were done with the first course- just seemed a little odd, nitpicking maybe but I felt a little more continuity in timing would have been nice. We were about half way done with our dinner when someone came and asked if we were done- clearly we weren’t- again maybe too picky of me but there were leftover butter plates and other silverware on the table which weren’t taken away at the same time, just a little odd. Overall slightly slower/less attentive/aware service than I would have expected. But that may just be me using the high bar of DC restaurant service as an unrealistically high expectation. The food I thought was quite good, the tuna tartare and red snapper bisque were delicious. The sauces for each entree were amazing and the cuts of meat were perfectly fine but nothing to write home to mom about. Dessert was also very good. Overall I would recommend this restaurant to a friend and the combination of food and service was reasonable for the price point. Waitress could have known more about food and wine options and service could have been a bit more cohesive/attentive.

Keren Daniel: An absolute pleasure!All dishes are made from scratch, using the best ingredients, including desserts.

Jeff: So here is the deal. I got a dinner for 2 valued at $120 thru Verizon up program. After making the reservation I took my wife and we went to the restaurant. The restaurant is very nice and quiet with low lighting, it has a modern look to it. The lady who greeted us was super nice and gave us our Verizon up menus. Then came the server. When she saw we had Verizon up menus she looked not so happy. She never introduced herself. She took our order. I ordered green salad that was great. Then Flat iron steak with mushrooms for main course ( she never asked what sides I wanted when the plate can it had potatoes and green beans on it). I did not want to make a scene but anyway the food was excellent. Kudos to the Chef. Then came dessert it was Pistachio bread pudding, which was delicious. Other then the server being standoffish and not coming to check on us the restaurant was beautiful and the food was great.

lynda wright: There were 8 of us All LOVED the food and service. Only down side was the cigar shop next door. The smell was coming into where we sat. Several of the group were absolutely appalled. We do not SMOKE!! Understand the restaurant is trying to work out a solution. But next time we come we will change where we sat. BUT ABSOLUTELY 1 of the best restaurants in DC.

TYG Handyman: One of the best gems in DC. Wine list is great, service is excellent and food is awesome. Never had a bad meal. Chocolate tart, tuna with rice, all the soups just eat everything.

9. Blue Duck Tavern - Washington

· 1414 reviews

1201 24th St NW, Washington, DC 20037

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Blue Duck Tavern: what do users think?

Michelle Wiciak: Absolutely phenomenal. This place has the best duck ever. Honestly, everything we had was amazing--from the charcuterie board to the horseradish potatoes to the chocolate peanut butter cake. A well-rounded meal. Not to mention, our waiter did an excellent job at recommending our wine selection and paired beautifully with our dishes. Just an amazing experience and will come back when we are in the city again.

Tilak Kalaria: Blue Duck Tavern in the Park Hyatt is an amazing dining experience. The ambience and the service match the excellent cocktails, wine, and cuisine. You truly get what you pay for and you do pay don’t get me wrong but WoW everything tastes excellent and the service team’s attention to detail elevates the experience. The bone marrow and the duck were my favourite dishes to name a couple. Intriguingly delicious was their house bread with olives! Excellent dining experience that is worth the price. Cheers.

Kim Nguyen: Wow. We were so impressed with the quality of the food here. It’s my first time in DC and after a bit of researching for fine dining restaurant, we decided to try Blue Duck Tavern. I was able to make a last minute reservation for 2 at 8:30pm. Their bone marrow and duck breast were so bomb. The service was amazing as well. Highly recommend!

Jerry’s Adventure: Service, value, flavor it hits all the marks The short ribs were tender and melts in your mouth. And with a smoky flavor 👌 the egg 🥚 is cooked perfectly as it gives a creamy texture to the dish. The biscuit holds up with good structure, but it’s flavor may not be as accentuated as it can be (mostly herbs) and can use a gravy. Pancakes were fluffy as expected and presentation is beautiful 😌 Overall a must go in DC area

Vivian Cheng: Went for lunch. Food is solid, well-executed. We had the cured ocean trout (delicious!) and the kale salad (perfect) with two entrees. Crab cakes are large and delicious. Well seasoned, paired with a salad. I had the confit duck leg. Flavorful, succulent, with a beautiful crispy skin. Sadly, we were too full for dessert. Well-worth a visit.

Tamila Torab Eghdami: It was my first time eating duck. The food was absolutely delicious! 😋 The service was amazing. Too bad we didn’t have time to go back for the second time but next time I’m in Washington definitely we’ll go back. We also tried their apple pie with tea and it was the best apple pie I ever had in my whole life. This restaurant worth your money and time!

Amer Alsamman: Went for our anniversary. The staff were curtious, and friendly. Our waiter went above and beyond to make make our experience great The apple pie was amazing. I had the beef rib which was good but had more fat veins than expected.

10. Dirty Habit - Washington

· 1124 reviews

555 8th St NW, Washington, DC 20004, United States

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Dirty Habit: what do users think?

Olivia M. Wilson: Went to Dirty Habit for brunch and it was good! The fruit was really fresh and the potatoes were crisp. However, the service was decent and they only have bar seats available. Maybe that’s because we arrived an hour before they closed for the afternoon. Either way, the food made up for it. I would definitely like to try their dinner menu.

Blvknative: Going to dirty habit for Valentines Day was top tier! The ambience was everything I was expecting! The deal as far as food and drinks were top of the line! Truly a captivating experience for my company and I.

Katlin B.: Best French onion soup I ever had! The vibe is trendy and the crowd is very eclectic. The food and drinks were amazing! Will return for soup. Thanks to the awesome host and staff! There is also a nice outdoor area as well.

11. Kinship - Washington

· 684 reviews

1015 7th St NW, Washington, DC 20001

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Kinship: what do users think?

Andrea Bindewald: My husband and I celebrated our 16th anniversary dinner here this week. We had an awesome time. The service was amazing, and the atmosphere was perfect. Great lighting, good background music, and the restaurant was cozy but not overcrowded. The food and drinks were top notch. Paced well. The plating was beautiful and the various combinations of flavor profiles was really interesting and delicious. Highly recommend making reservations as they book up sometimes a week out. Only open Wed-Sun

Guilherme Montassier: The ambiance is very modern and light. It feels like you are in an art gallery waiting for new paintings to arrive, in between exhibits. The food is definitely above your average restaurant, with well thought flavor combinations and lovely presentation. Most of the dishes did not dazzle me, but the kinship roast chicken is a delight. Roast chicken done to perfection. I was also very surprised by the black forest cake. Overall a good experience, but am not planning a return for now.

Shannen: One of the best dinners I’ve had in DC to date! My boyfriend took me here for my birthday, and there was a little handwritten birthday note at the table when we arrived. Food was amazing; we truly loved everything we ordered (the potatoes served with the ribeye were too salty, though). Drinks were good too. Service was awesome, and I wish I could remember our main server’s name, because he was incredible. In summary, I highly recommend this spot for your next special occasion!!

Manda B: Best dining experience of my life. We had an incredible amount of fun. And if Matthew is your server, consider yourself incredibly incredibly lucky Lobster French toast 👌 Duck dish. 👌 Carrot cake... Killed us ♥️👌♥️👌

Rebecca Kaufman: One of my favorite places to eat in DC. Is it expensive? Yes. Expect to spend about $100-$150 a person if eating well and drinking cocktails or glasses of wine. However this is one of the few places that you will never be disappointed with the quality of food, service, and general atmosphere. It is absolutely worth every penny spent.

12. Ambar Capitol Hill - Washington

· 2239 reviews

523 8th St SE, Washington, DC 20003

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Ambar Capitol Hill: what do users think?

Maya Bryant: I’ve been to this location for brunch twice so far. It’s a great place to go if you want to try multiple things. I went last time for my birthday brunch, which was on the rooftop floor. It was beautifully decorated and spacious for my party of 9. The food is always really good especially if you want to try new things. The crispy cheese slider really impressed me. Other great menu items include the mini burgers, beef prosciutto Benedict, and pecan and maple waffles. I would honestly skip the mac and cheese and bacon and grits, but it’s still worth a try being that you pay one price for everything. The staff was very friendly and accommodating. I definitely wouldn’t mind coming back for dinner one day.

Scott Nguyen: Came in with high expectations based on recommendations from friends and certainly was not disappointed! The food was so delicious and the service was top notch. We ordered a lot of small dishes with plenty of options for meat and vegetarian eaters. Our servers constantly had food orders taken and delivered, and we walked away very stuffed. Highly recommended.

arun varughese: One of the best restaurants in DC. The price is high but you get unlimited food of premium quality. 45$ for dinner and 35$ for lunch. The food quality is of the level of a good high end restaurant with normal ingredients. All items are small plates but it’s not an issue as you can order them again. My favorites are rainbow trout, lamb lasagne and slow cooked beef. Almost all their items are good. I did not like salmon as it tasted very bland.

Leighton Smith: Our experience at Ambar was phenomenal. One of my top 5 favorite dining experiences across the world. For only $45 (plus drinks if desired), you get 2 hours at a table to sample anything on the Balkan / Eastern European menu. Everything tasted fantastic. The service we received from Tamara and others was 5-star. I cannot believe how flavorful everything was. What an awesome cultural experience. Thank you Ambar!!

Doris Becerra: I enjoy this place... I love it. All the food was great!! I would recommend! The lunch was amazing and very quite place. I went with my baby, my mother and husband and all was perfect! The waitress was phenomenal and very nice!! She explained how its works and she brings to us every plate that we want it repeat! We love it the place. Some photos of the lunch.. but I must take more photos!!

Stefan Tobler: Wow, this was my first bottomless brunch experience in DC and I’m glad it was. Ambar is a hell of a deal with some delicious food and exciting atmosphere. The photos below are from breakfast but their dinner is equally as fun! HIGHLY recommend, one of the only places I find myself at time and time again bringing all my new guests!

Gina Abrams: Me and the crew had a great time! We went for brunch. We were seating as soon as we arrived! Melissa was an excellent host! She kept the food coming. Everything was good (except for the bacon was too salty, I typically eat turkey bacon). Make your reservations today!

Brittani Spaulding: My absolute favorite brunch spot ever. All you can eat food and drink for under $50 pp. Can’t beat it. Everything on the menu is tasty and the drinks are good. Make a reservation ahead of time. Make sure you come hungry and thirsty, the service is always great and plates and drinks are refilled quickly.

Viraj Patel: Great $35 unlimited plates brunch on the weekend. Be sure to get here at least an hour before closing so you have time to order all the plates. Best items: cheese pie, salmon Benedict, veal soup, kale Caesar, Balkan salad, grilled steak, fried chicken slider, pecan and maple waffle.

13. CIRCA at Foggy Bottom - Washington

· 1536 reviews

2221 I St NW, Washington, DC 20037

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CIRCA at Foggy Bottom: what do users think?

Kelly Crenshaw: We were going to another spot and one of my group said "what about here" as we came out of metro. They had a large party cancel so we were able to get in. Everything was great. Food was fantastic and we all were happy leaving. The mac and cheese might be there best I have ever had. I been thinking about and I can not remember a better bowl of mac and cheese... it was that good.

Jessica R: We decided to come here on a whim and thoroughly enjoyed our meal. We came for more of a late lunch/early dinner and even though we did not have reservations they still were able to seat us. They did have to seat us in their outdoor area, which was a little chilly but perfectly fine. Our server was very pleasant and attentive. The food was great! I got the blackened chicken mango salad and my mom got the barbecue chicken flatbread. Both were very good

Lori Kusterer-Farley: Great dining experience for our family ! Foodie place ! Loved the outdoor tent with heaters. Burger, wings and shrimp salad were amazing! Would definitely return ! Walking distance to a DuPont circle.

Ron Milkowski: Stopped in for a quick drink. Great bartender. Seems like a college crowd. Would definitely be back for dinner. Recommended.

Jessica Morales: This lovely corner is perfect, the menu is not big, but it has a good selection of different options. We had as an appetizer tuna poke nachos, the flavor combination and the fresh tuna was so delicious, and as a entree jambalaya, the spicy was on point and the penne pasta cooked to perfection, my husband ordered a braised short rib, the meat was so tender, the mash potatoes has this smooth texture so perfect. Thank you Michael, great service.

14. SUCCOTASH - Washington

· 1600 reviews

915 F St NW, Washington, DC 20004, United States

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SUCCOTASH: what do users think?

Bryan Mroz: Went on a Friday evening. It was full but we had reservations and we were seated quickly. Service was a bit slow but our waitress was friendly and knowledgeable. Food was perfect. We had Shrimp and Grits and Catfish. Great ambiance. There was love music mostly soul and jazz.

Vin D Sr.: Amazing menu and a fine meal. Staff was great and we enjoyed the atmosphere! Chicken and waffles outstanding as was the smoked steak! Sides were awesome too! So good we had to take a few orders to go! Highly recommend. Make a rez to secure a table at this hot spot.

Chris Taylor: Amazing space with comfy booths. They had live music which was a nice touch. The staff were friendly and attentive. The food was good, I enjoyed some food came as starters. Loved the milk punch cocktail and the honey old fashioned. A good spot.

15. Old Ebbitt Grill - Washington

· 12929 reviews

675 15th St NW, Washington, DC 20005

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Old Ebbitt Grill: what do users think?

Natalia Mednikov: There are straightforward American-style food. This restaurant is best known for its huge old-school oyster bar—think lots of dark wood, brass fixtures, and big mirrors. That oysters was fantastic and fresh. We’ve enjoyed also cheese sampler, fried calamari and baked oysters. Everything they do is absolutely delicious. The service was very fast and friendly. We were happy to choose this great restaurant to end our busy day in Washington, D.C.

Aditya Karandikar: Had an awesome time here as a late night/ early next day stop. The food was quite nice and fairly refined, especially at such a late hour! The atmosphere was popping as well which made it more enjoyable. Service was very friendly and they had great oysters. Fresh complimentary bread never hurts either…

Sam M: This place is one of the more famous restaurants in DC. I visited this spot during brunch and it was packed. I would definitely recommend making a reservation for both weekend dinner and brunch services. I started with New England clam chowder and some salad dish. For entrees, I got eggs benedict and catfish. All the dishes I ordered were pretty good. But, I definitely enjoyed their desserts more even though I was pretty full before it. Their key lime pie and salted caramel bread pudding were both amazing! Staffs were very accommodating and attentive during the whole service. I’m planning to visit this restaurant and will get some oysters and burgers next time. I heard they are pretty good. I definitely recommend this place to celebrate any special occasions.

Suzi Figueroa: Wow, wow and wow! A friend recommended this establishment to me when I asked for dining recommendations for my upcoming DC trip. I am so glad I listened. The warm and inviting ambiance matched the service. And the food? Oh my goodness. Delicious. My SO ordered meatloaf. Who knew meatloaf could take on a such an extraordinary presentation.

Elaine Viegas: AMAZING! There is no other word to describe it. Since we arrived until we paid the service was perfect. I couldn’t be more happy for their food, service and kindness on my birthdays lunch. We didn’t mention that it was my birthday but they saw on my profile and as soon as I arrived they asked to confirm and no only brought my desert with a candle and a cute chocolate happy birthday place on the top. Our server was amazing, she arrived singing happy birthday, was very classy and really surprised me. Thank you for the excellence in your service. BTW the food it’s top quality, my oysters and shrimps were fresh abs really tasteful.

Jelena M: Great food, great price, great service! The waiter we had was so nice, knowledgeable, and friendly! The calamari was very good, but watch out for the spicy peppers in it . My salad was yummy! I usually never order salads, but I am glad I did as the dressing was citrusy and refreshing! They also give warm bread and butter while you wait 😍

16. Lincoln - Washington

· 1091 reviews

1110 Vermont Ave NW, Washington, DC 20005, United States

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Lincoln: what do users think?

byron subero: This restaurant was great! The maitre d was very nice and informative about the restaurant and the art work. Food was delicious and the drinks was amazing. The peach moonshine was fantastic. Definitely need to go back to try their brunch.

Faith Mitchell: Enjoyed brunch at Lincoln yesterday morning. Loved the vibes as the restaurant is cute and they play good music. It is very clean and I felt comfortable enjoying a meal here. The menu had a lot of options and $50 for bottomless mimosas and food is a great deal. Definitely had some unique flavor combinations that we surprisingly enjoyed. The service was a bit slow as we waited for awhile to be served and didn’t get checked on as much as we would have liked. However, everyone was nice including the manager and, when we did get a server, we were well taken care of. Would go back.

Mikayla Ramirez: Nice atmosphere. Friendly and attentive staff. Indoor and outdoor seating available. Great food. Decent price.

Nonie Fields: My friend and I stopped by the Lincoln yesterday for lunch. The food was amazing and the ambiance and decor was aesthetically pleasing. Our server Brandy took great care of us she made our experience a million times better. I definitely will be back to try the dinner & brunch menu!

Bobby A: Got there for "Happy Hour". They have a wonderful appetizer selection as well as wines, beers, and cocktails. We enjoyed glasses of wine, beer. And a couple of scotches! The deli platter was good as was the fish taco. The romaine ceaser was really tops! Excellent waiter though they were busy. We sat outside but the inside is very nice. Also, clean restroom. Will come back.

Madison Garcia: I went to Lincoln last Sunday for their Pride brunch with a group of girlfriends and had such a fun time! The bartender, Nico, served us and gave us the best experience. The drinks were great and he was so fun and friendly. The food was delicious and the service made our time there even better. I will definitely be going back soon!

Patrick Baber: Delicious brunch and incredible staff. Highly recommend. Cool vibe and decor as well.

17. Sax Restaurant & Lounge - Washington

· 903 reviews

734 11th St NW, Washington, DC 20001

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Sax Restaurant & Lounge: what do users think?

Diana Feldmaier: SIR Sundays are BACK!! It is the best brunch I’ve been to. The buffet style food was delicious, lots of fun, great show, and unlimited mimosas! Bring all your girlfriends, you’ll have a blast!

Alexander Cárdenas: The experience was really good. I enjoyed the night with my friends, good drinks and the music was perfect. However, there was not enough air conditioning and very hot. Other that that good.

B Rene: I have to give Sax 4/5 stars because of my experience. I took my mother here for her birthday about a week ago for the dinner and show. The atmosphere is REALLY intimate/dramatic. Quick bite: they give you some type of flavor popcorn. Unfortunately, the server came around and took the bowl while we still has popcorn in it and didn’t even ask us if we were done or if we wanted more. I just thought that might’ve been a nice courtesy. Appetizer: we ordered the cocktail shrimp (there were four fairly large shrimp. They were seasoned and cooked perfectly! My mom had their blackberry mesculin salad which was really good as well. Neither of us really cared for the vinaigrette that comes with it (too vinegar-y), but their ranch (which I believe is housemade) was really great! Drinks:my mom had what was originally served as a house shooter (They practically give these away) district was pretty refreshing, cool, and crisp. It’s pink, and forgive me I cannot remember the name of it. I had the art of the tease, Which is either whiskey or bourbon-based, but really tasty! Comes with some type of sugar crystals on a stick that’s a little bit longer and thicker than toothpick. Would definitely order again. Dinner: I tried the lamb... not so great. But traded for the Oscar NY strip....BOMB. It came with asparagus beets in the crabmeat. I don’t even know how to explain the flavor in the party in my mouth! But definitely a must try if you plan to visit. It definitely made up for any concern I had about the lamb. My mom had the Chimichurri steak frites. They came up very tender and juicy. Not quite as flavorful as the New York strip, but still really good. For sides (yes, they are à le carte) we had the mashed potatoes and sautéed spinach. Both really good! Those are probably some the best mashed potatoes I’ve ever had in my life! Not sure if that’s a thing, but for me that night it was. Only issue that I had with that was they don’t seem to have enough sides. I took pictures of the menu, so you’ll see what I mean. I just feel like maybe a little more variety would have been more intriguing. Dessert:didn’t really look too appetizing. Again, not enough menu options, and the few items that were there didn’t really spark my interest. Because it was my moms birthday, they did bring out cheesecake with a candle and two glasses of champagne. Not bad. Definitely nice that they were thoughtful enough to bring her something and celebrate with her. The cheesecake that they brought out was really good… Unfortunately I don’t remember seeing that (non dulce de leche) on the menu. Entertainment: They have a different set every 40 or 45 minutes after the hour. Definitely not raunchy or anything classless, But I would not recommend this place for kids under 16 maybe even 18. As this was my first time, I wasn’t really aware that the show takes place kind of at the eye level of the people sitting upstairs, and we ended up sitting downstairs. Still a great deal because the entertainment was also on the floor, but I feel like there were parts of the show that we missed when they were doing floor work in the skybox. We would have been able to see that better if we were on the second floor. Now we know for next time though. Last tidbit: No matter the size of your party or the time of day or the day of the week that you come in, they will be adding 22% gratuity to your bill automatically. Overall, my first Sax experience was great. Definitely book a reservation. They do have a two hour maximum time limit that they claim that they strictly enforce. I took plenty of photos for you guys...enjoy and pay a visit

Desirea Conner: Sax is always a great time ! I went with my best friend for a pride event and we had so much fun !

Bryan Jordan: Awesome decor and entertainment. Easily spend $200 between two people, so bring your $$$ but the drinks and food were executed very well. The staff was very friendly and accommodating. Great place for a date night, birthday party, or special event. We will be returning again for sure, well worth the trip into DC.

18. The Lafayette - Washington

· 205 reviews

800 16th St NW, Washington, DC 20006

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The Lafayette: what do users think?

Laura Xu Chen: Second time back in DC for a weekend and we are in Hay Adams again after 10 years. The food never disappoints and in fact everything was superb! Rack of lamb and Crab gnocchi were excellent. You have to order the soufflé! The ambiance was fine dining yet the wait staff are so warm and pleasant! We stayed for a 3 hour dinner and it was a beautiful and elegant experience

Adam Galazka: Amazing restaurant located in the Hay Adams hotel. Reservations were done via Google and confirmed by the restaurant a couple days in advance. Table was ready 45 minutes in advance. Their customer service from initial greeting through the whole dinner was amazing. Very good wine menu and you also have a cocktail menu as well. We tried a mushroom soup and octopus for appetizers. Ordered chicken breast and bronzini for main course. For our dessert we had creme Brule. Everything was amazing and tasty. We will definitely come back.

波。真秀ᶘ oᴥoᶅ: We went to the Lafayette for breakfast. Our waiter, Emmanuel, was extremely friendly, humorous and attentive. The French Toast came with hot maple syrup and the Lafayette Eggs Royale were accompanied by hollandaise sauce, which blended well with the rich salmon and eggs.

Shawni McGraw: We decided on this restaurant to celebrate our 27th wedding anniversary because of the spectacular views and ambience. When we found out that the view we were seeking was not available, the manager went above and beyond to get a private tour of just that view. He wanted our day to be special and he did just that. The food was fabulous and everyone is so customer focused. The mood was romantic with the live piano player and decor. I highly recommend this restaurant for your special day.

CRPARK LLC: Fine dining at its best. After graduation dinner with great down town DC vibe. Service was superior and the environment, on point.

Michael O'Reilly: **FUTURE VISITORS: THEY NO LONGER DO ROOFTOP DINING** This is a fantastic restaurant in a fantastic hotel, but they no longer do anything on the roof. The roof is now reserved for events and such, which is truly disappointing. What’s the point in going anymore? The ambience of the restaurant is nice, but not nice enough to justify going. The food is great, but there are better, cheaper options throughout DC. It is all fairly expensive as well, and for what? One of the main reasons to go was for the wonderful view, but if I no longer have access to that, then the Lafayette is no longer a #1 choice.

Stacy: Good but too expensive. The servers were all so friendly and helpful. It was unbelievably fancy. You are clearly paying for the experience.

Eduardo Rukos: Beautiful & very well executed French inspired menu with a lot of highlights. The staff was amazing and the desserts are pieces of art.

Mark Blanchard: Hands down the most beautiful venue in DC (at least when it was up on the top floor through the pandemic). Great food, great view from the top floor, and friendly staff.

19. Le Diplomate - Washington

· 4870 reviews

1601 14th St NW, Washington, DC 20009

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Le Diplomate: what do users think?

Thang Phu: Highly recommended! We stopped by for a late afternoon food one day and was amazed at how fantastic the food is. It was all so good, especially their desserts. I have travelled to multiple regions in France and I can attest the food here tastes the closest to food in France. They even have a wine carafe on the menu, just like France. I wished I lived near here so I could go treat myself now and then.

mike wittenburg: Five Stars for the food and the atmosphere. Visited on a busy Saturday evening and got a table without a reservation, amazing. So much seating available. Indoor and outdoor seating. Went with a couple of friends and the drinks and food were fabulous. Tuna dish is a small serving. Trout was great and the muscles were awesome. Apple dessert and vanilla creme brulee delicious. Definitely a popular spot. And the bread... So much bread... Good variety of bread to choose from. Enjoy!

Daae Katsicoyannis: The meal was incredible. I recommend going with friends and sharing everything. The service was also impeccable. You can tell that all ingredients at this restaurant are fresh and of excellent quality. It’s rare to find such an approachable restaurant of this league. I would recommend to anyone.

brian perkins: Loved this place for a few reasons. Let’s start with the bread. Why can’t all restaurants serve great, fresh, delicious bread? Because it’s not easy. I pictured the empty escargot plate because after dipping the bread in the garlic sauce it was game over. Add onion soup, superb steak frites, profiteroles to die for and you have a neighborhood gem. Not to mention the wait staff gives treats to dogs being walked by the restaurants. How great is that?!

Rob: The food and ambiance are always great. However, on multiple occasions, I’ve felt that the service is not what you’d expect from a restaurant of this caliber. Last time I felt a bit rushed and the service, while attentive, was curt. When our entrees arrived, a waiter couldn’t fully reach to place my friend’s plate in front of him. Rather then walk around the table (there was space), the waiter placed it on the table and gave the plate a quick flick of the wrist to push it over. It’s a small example but I think captures a similar sentiment seen in other reviews about the service.

Karissa Warren: Had an awesome food experience on New Years! Was a little disappointed they didn’t have their usual pastry assortment but every single item we got was delicious!! We really came for the pastries and croissants but were blown away by the food! If you want an authentic French croissant, they’ve got you covered! We will definitely be back!

Dee Ketterman: We’ve eaten here twice and love the food and decor. The feel of the restaurant more resembles an upscale bar with delicious food, as most people are standing and drinking rather than eating. I’d like to try sitting at the bar because I think it’d be a better experience to fit the atmosphere over a low table with people standing all around. The mushroom tart is fantastic and the French onion soup is the best I’ve ever had! The service was dressed appropriately but less attentive than expected, most likely because of how busy it seems to get. Regardless, I really like the food and hope to visit again soon.

Bibiana Oe: Very cute upscale dining experience! The waiter had many recommendations that were appealing. The bread with the butter is amazing! Ordered assorted oysters, mushroom tart, beef bourguignon, mussels and frites, and the profiteroles. Loved everything and it was good portions! Recommend for a lovely cozy dining in experience since the bar and inside of the restaurant is super unique!

20. The Fainting Goat - Washington

· 687 reviews

1330 U St NW, Washington, DC 20009, United States

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The Fainting Goat: what do users think?

Lyn Dirkx: We went here for brunch during Easter and we didn’t have a reservation, but there was 1 table for two left, so we didn’t have to wait. The bottomless mimosas had multiple drink options to choose from and all the foods we ordered were delicious! The place has a lot of atmosphere and is nicely decorated with plants etc. Good music was playing and the staff was really nice. I would come back all the time if I would live around here!

Victor Tommey: Food is not that great if I am honest. All American Breakfast comes with 2 pieces of lean crispy bacon. I asked to subtitle the egg for sausage— then bacon when I realized they don’t have sausage. I still only got 2 pieces for bacon. I realized the service was fantastic though, and Morgan was PHENOMENAL!! 10 Stars for HER!

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