Best Apple Shops In Washington Near Me

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1. Apple Carnegie Library - Washington

· 537 reviews

801 K St NW, Washington, DC 20001

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Apple Carnegie Library: what do users think?

Vi Rodriguez: This is a very cool building to visit. The history behind it is also very interesting which you can learn all about it in the basement. The building is very clean!! Lots of staff available to help answer any questions you may have. The first and main floor is the Apple store but it’s not like a regular Apple store. There is a huge selection of all of Apple’s products. On the second floor is a digital art gallery and the library but they were both clothed when I came on a Saturday. Still a cool visit and it’s free to enter and walk around.

livingmytruth 2: Michael, Gunner and Taylor were absolutely amazing. This was by far the best Apple store i ever been in. As soon as i walked in the door i was greeted by Taylor and Michael. They made me feel at home. They answered all my questions and eased all my fears about this big new location. Then i met with Gunner ( who happens to be deaf) and he was absolutely a joy. He was efficient, fast and he really made me feel comfortable through my process of getting an new ipad. Way to go Apple, this is the kind of experience i am looking for

Daria Willis: The Apple Store was quite an experience! I loved it! The staff was wonderful! Knowledgeable, helpful and courteous! I had an appointment for a phone and I requested help with my Mac laptop. They took care of it, cleaned it up and now its almost like new even though it is 8 yrs old! Excellent!!!

Vinh Mai: Great layout, no pushy salespeople, very helpful staff. My guy Marcus was fantastic from beginning to me leaving with a new phone.

Charlie Olsen: Great service from the staff. Walked in and immediately had a staff member helping me and was out with my purchase in less than 15 minutes. Also the library building has a museum upstairs that’s really cool. 10/10 shopping experience.

Seva Narkute: I have received the best service at this Apple Store location. I highly recommend making an appointment before visiting as this beautifully located store stays busy, although the staff there has been extremely helpful and understanding even on the times when I showed up without an appointment. :)

Mauricio Pretto: I had one of the best experiences shopping in my life here The person that was helping me was death and had a interpreter in a FaceTime to help him. This is the true inclusion of technology. Amazing! I left crying of joy! Congratulations apple! This was incredible!

2. Apple Georgetown - Washington



· 1399 reviews

1229 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington, DC 20007

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Apple Georgetown: what do users think?

vze1nv91: At the moment Apple wants you to order their products online and only go to the store for pickup. I got there an hour before my reservation time and asked if I could get my product. They were gracious, did it and I was out in ten minutes. It was so enjoyable I almost splurged on an Apple Pencil. Apple is very particular about the buying experience and it shows in the professionalism of the staff.

3. Georgetown University Campus Apple Shop - Washington

· 8 reviews

Washington, DC 20007


4. Apple Pentagon City - Arlington

· 899 reviews

1100 S Hayes St, Arlington, VA 22202

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Apple Pentagon City: what do users think?

Demi Gonzalez: Very thankful for this Apple store today!! I unfortunately shattered my screen and had to bring it in for repair. It was very easy to get the repair done and it took less than an hour! Everyone I worked with was very patient and helpful during my stressful time. Definitely recommend getting Apple Care!

Regina L. Miles: I called here in an attempt to ascertain the next and best iPad Upgrade based on my needs. I had the pleasure of speaking with (Mr.) John. John completely listened to my needs and he very patiently answered all of my questions. John also showed me where I could do my own products comparisons via the Apple website and that helped me conclude that the iPad Pro is probably the best fit for me. Other than his Kindness, one thing that really struck me about John is his obvious Passion and Love of his job and helping folks make fully informed yet cost-effective/budget friendly decisions, especially in the midst of a global pandemic which is impacting the economy in ways in which the world is still trying to recover. But on a much positive note, John said (and I’m paraphrasing what he said here) that he is, has always been and always will be excited about the way Information Technology has and will continue to help make the world a better place. I totally agree with this wonderful statement by John about how information technology has and will continue to make this world a better place:)💻🖥🤜🤛🏾👍🏾👍☮️🗽⚖️🇺🇸🌐🌏🌍🌎🤝 🏽 🏽😁🤗😷😊📱📲⌨️

A Love: Jose helped me and it was such a wonderful experience. He has grade A customer service and it felt like working with a friend rather a team member. Thank you Jose!

Heba Kad: Amazing customer service! My husband and I came in to purchase 2 iPhones and an iPad and everyone was incredibly welcoming, kind and helpful!! Kevin is an asset to the Apple store team! He was so kind, patient and helpful when he helped us with a glitch with my husband iPhone. He was so professional and knowledgeable. Also the lady that handles pricing was amazing and helpful and another young man with the crutches, was so helpful! I just wanted to give everyone here a huge shoutout, I just greatly appreciate the amazing and caring customer service!

Chris Clark: This is my go-to Apple Store… a little bit smaller, a little bit less nuts than most Apple Stores! Great staff always makes me feel welcome and not like an idiot when I have questions.

5. Apple Bethesda Row - Montgomery County

· 676 reviews

4860 Bethesda Ave, Bethesda, MD 20814

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Apple Bethesda Row: what do users think?

Peter Shuck: My wife and I came here after we were refused service by the Apple Store in the Montgomery Mall (for no apparent reason). The experience couldn’t have been any more different. All of the staff were immediately welcoming and helpful. Evelyn, who helped us make our purchase, was great. We’ll definitely be coming back to this location for our Apple products in the future.

CAROLA CASALINO: Excellent service. Walked in to have my iPhone turn on. !!!!! Ended up buying a new one. No waiting in line. Fast service. Nice and super efficient Genius Bar staff, and Andy who helped me tons replacing my old cel. Apple Store Message was : “we are improving our customer service!!!!!” It was 0 good in 2021

Charles-Stephen Laubhouet: Nice store, well organized with friendly customer’s service! I went in a little earlier than scheduled to pick up my phone, and it was ready so i am thankful.

Glnsdigest: Lived here for 20 years. <3 I love the way it is, I hate that they turned Barnes and nobles into a store. And a Honda dealership? Cmon. We need more bookstores here.

Thomas Chinyani: A great place to walk around during the day and night time. Very quiet and peaceful at night. Also, if the weather is nice, it’s a really nice place to walk, sit outside, people watch and simply grab a bite with friends and loved ones and even business partners.

6. Apple Clarendon - Arlington

· 638 reviews

2700 Clarendon Blvd, Arlington, VA 22201

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Apple Clarendon: what do users think?

Diane InVa: I had such a wonderful experience at this store. My phone had a hardware fault and needed to be replaced. I walked into the Apple store with no appointment and no idea about what my options would be or how much it would cost. The team was so caring and supportive and managed to order me a replacement phone that arrived much sooner than I had hoped. Swapping the broken phone out for a new one was painless. I was just blown away by how quick, kind, and knowledgeable everyone I dealt with was. Absolutely great customer service. I walked in nearly in tears worried about whether I would have a phone in time for Christmas travel and I walked out with a smile on my face!

Bria Britt: This store was fully operational with an appointment only. I was buying an Apple Watch for a Graduation Gift in May. I bought the watch and bought myself a brand new iPhone 12 Pro Max (went back to upgrade to Max). Very knowledgeable sales people can’t remember their names but I’m very happy and my Grandson is too. Plus I purchased AppleCare with my purchases.

Shannon Elqorchi: I travel from Maryland to this apple store every time I purchase a new apple product. Their customer service is always exceptional and I am never disappointed. My experience today was no different. Thanks guys! You are appreciated.

Charles M: Excellent, knowledgeable and friendly customer service. Made an appointment and went in for a battery replacement for a three year old phone. Apple website says it should take about 30 minutes, this store said it would be an hour when I dropped it off. It took about an hour and 10 which is a bit slow, but was more than made up for by quality work and excellent interactions with every employee I talked to at the store. There were several interesting classes going on while I was there which seemed worth stopping by for later on. It’s a busy area so you may have to search a little for parking, but there is street parking available in the 1/2 mile area.

7. Apple Montgomery Mall - North Bethesda

· 912 reviews

7101 Democracy Blvd, Bethesda, MD 20817

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Apple Montgomery Mall: what do users think?

Adam Lee: We arrived 20 minutes prior to our appointment, and were told that we can only check in 10 minutes ahead. We waited on chairs outside the store, and walked in again 10 minutes later. After checking in, we waited for another 5 also minutes on some lower cubes. Then, the technician was able to quickly identify the hardware problems, and provided a list of recommendations.

Rachel Feldman: I went to the Apple Store to get my Mac fixed and I received the greatest assistance. Scott, my technician, was a life saver. He was super nice, reassuring, and patient. He helped me tremendously!! He is very good at his job and solved my issues effortlessly. I would highly recommend him as a technician!!!

Eunice: I stopped by Sunday afternoon for a battery replacement appointment I made on line through the iPhone battery section. The appointment genius was easy and convenient to use. There was a line already when I arrived and people were waiting for the store to open. Once it was open, we all went in quickly. Some reps came out to the line to check what people were there for to expedite the process. Once I was in the store, someone greeted me and sent me to the back of the store where about 5 minutes later I was greeted with another rep who explained the battery replacement service and checked me in. I was surprised it would take about an hour. But thinking they had other works to do and they needed to diagnose and check the phone, and there were so many people in the crowded store on a Sunday afternoon, an hour was reasonable. My phone is working really well now and I am happy with the service.

8. Apple Tysons Corner - Fairfax County

· 921 reviews

1961 Chain Bridge Rd, McLean, VA 22102

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Apple Tysons Corner: what do users think?

steve: I came in to have my iPhone 11 screen repair. Once I got to interacting, everything went very smoothly, from David to Paul and then on. In fact, maybe the blue shirts worn by the reps, that I had to identify them by, was good move. Blue is calming. And the interaction throughout was calm too. Thank you much for such good service!!

Scott Krieger: Yasmin and David are two of the best, most respectful and helpful customer service representatives I have ever had the pleasure of interacting with. Both of them were extremely helpful and they did everything they could in order to help us. We came in very late, without an appointment and they did everything humanly possible to resolve the issue.

Patrick McGartland: The back of my iPhone 12 Pro Max completely shattered and I had it fixed here. I was initially hesitant about visiting this location after reading so many 1 star (less than pleasant) reviews of customers visiting this location. I made the appointment anyway and had an overall great experience. I was educated about backing up my phone by Mike who initially helped me with the appointment I made on the support app. His council was genuinely helpful. He let me know the reality of what I requested ( wiping my phone with no back up and I would lose EVERYTHING) for the sake of expediency. Which was very helpful. I left and backed up over 256gb of data on very fast Wi-Fi which took about 3.5 hours. I retuned without an appointment and I only waited for about 5 minutes when Cody helped me complete the screen repair. Because I had apple care and no hardware damage to my phone even tho it was shattered and some hardware was exposed I only paid $24* to essentially get a new phone after not having a case on it for many months. Best deal ever. I retuned in an hour and they completed the work in the window they gave me. Another gentleman, (who’s name escapes me) helped me pay, reinsert my SIM card and pick up my phone. No mask required. No security guard barring people from coming in. Very smooth and easy transaction. I will be returning. A 5 star review was definitely in order for the entire staff and overall experience I received. Thanks guys!

9. Apple Columbia - Howard County

· 1042 reviews

10300 Little Patuxent Pkwy, Columbia, MD 21044

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Apple Columbia: what do users think?

hyuksung kwon: I’m not going to lie I had awful experiences from previous member and telling me “ I understand your frustrations” that’s when I snapped. Later on I found out he was not try hard to find the note it has on apple tech support. I’m not going to mention who was lazy to not help me . However later on Timothy helped investigate what was going on and take care, he actually put afford to find out what was going on like his own problem. I recommend Timothy to anyone whom has complicated problem. We need more people like him in apple store.

10. Apple Fair Oaks - Fairfax County

· 844 reviews

11750 Fair Oaks, Fairfax, VA 22033

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Apple Fair Oaks: what do users think?

Madhu Kalepu: No complaints what so ever. My Mac has a battery problem, had to visit this store to get it fixed. Customercare was able to attend on the given scheduled time. Great Communication, repair, transparency. I was able to get the repaired Mac way ahead of schedule.

Laurie Roskind: Very busy today. You definitely need an appointment to do business. Found during the week before 3:30 is easier to just walk-in and buy or talk to an Apple associate

RCS S: The service is good and fast. The place is clean.

11. Apple Reston - Reston

· 875 reviews

11937 Market St, Reston, VA 20190

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Apple Reston: what do users think?

Susie Patrick: Based on the amazing customer service my mom and I had today at Apple Reston, I felt compelled to write a review. My mom made an appointment to get an Apple Watch for me and technicians Jonathan and Patrick were both outstanding. From helping me get my watch set up to helping my mom with other questions about her phone, they both went above and beyond to help us out. They made what is usually a boring and tedious experience, a really great one - and we both left feeling excited and confident about using our watch/AirPods/iPhone. Thank you to you both for your patience, kindness, and professionalism!

Dee Kay: I had a great experience picking up my online order today. I was literally in and out within minutes. I was dreading the process because I thought I would be waiting for a very long time, but everything went smoothly. I will definitely make more purchases at this location going forward.

Daniel J.: Aaron was great! Apologized for the wait and great customer service personality! Went to reset phone. Told me to make appt. and come back for Genius. Came back n waited for 30 min. Staff seemed unprofessional with lots of teenagers talking away with poor customer service. Could not distinguish who are staff or customers. I would come back just for Aaron as he made my experience all better from losing patience.

Brooke Hayes: Thank you to my tech Mo! I had the hardest week at different Apple store locations trying to fix my iphone and he was able to solve my problem in less than 30 minutes. He was kind, efficient and cared about my situation. Thank you Mo!

ابونوره ابوتوفي: The staff was so nice and respectful, there was so many parking lots for me to park in! The shop was so big and there display electronics worked very well. I recommend this Apple shop.

12. Apple Potomac Town Center - Woodbridge

· 696 reviews

15100 Potomac Town Pl, Woodbridge, VA 22191

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Apple Potomac Town Center: what do users think?

Terry McElroy: My visit couldn’t have been better. My IPad wouldn’t charge. I met with Jason and we hooked it up and tested different things, it turned out the charger cable was bad. He quickly got me a new one, I checked out right at the service bench and was on my way in 20 minutes. No waiting, no line, no appointment. I’ll definitely be back when I need an upgrade.

Nahu Dimitri: Purchased my new MacBook pro and AirPod pros without any trouble or ease. Thanks to the staff for making the transaction easy and concise. I hope anyone looking for an Apple product comes to this store!

Day Batson: Aiko thanks for being so patient with my niece , teaching her showing her iPhones ,and plus super friendly , gotta give her 5 starts on her customer service thanks

13. Apple Annapolis - Parole

· 627 reviews

1735 Annapolis Mall, Annapolis, MD 21401

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Apple Annapolis: what do users think?

Jacqulyn Henry: I worked with Danae today and she was fantastic. She was so incredibly helpful with my return, my trade in, and finding the appropriate size for my new loop band. I was so grateful for her excellent customer service.

Margaret Woda: Never disappointed at this Apple Store, whether it’s seeking service or purchasing an Apple device or accessory. It’s a 90-minute drive from home to this location for me - but I prefer the in-person service over online purchasing or support.

14. Apple West 14th Street - Manhattan

· 2359 reviews

401 W 14th St, New York, NY 10014

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Apple West 14th Street: what do users think?

Ruwan J.: when i don’t go to the super busy Apple Store in SoHo, i find that the slightly less busy Apple Store in the meat packing district is a great alternative. the store is pretty big and spacious, well-maintained, and up to those crazy high Apple standards of design. this is a multi-level store—there’s merchandise on all three floors with the Genius Bar on the top floor. most of your needs will be met by the first two floors which stock your iphones, Apple Watches, desktops, laptops and more. I really like how the set-up doesn’t feel crowded or crammed with merch. if you’re an over-the-eat BEATS Studio fan, they have all the latest color ways for them as well as the standard ones. the selection can’t be beat! there’s a ton of staff to guide and help you as well as to close your purchase via credit card or Apple Pay. this Apple Store is still controlling customers numbers inside so there might be a line sometimes. however i typically come during off hours so that hasn’t been an issue. this location is like a block away from Chelsea Market so its easy to kill time at the Apple Store before or after hitting Chelsea Market. when i am in this area, running errands—this location is a convenient stop when shopping etc. i haven’t tried but i am sure you can charge your iPhone on the floor display laptops and desktops.

Hany Kamal: Very good and big Apple store , 3 floors for everything you need,but preferably to have an appointment for maintenance.. Nice helpful and friendly staff … Bathrooms … Good Wi-Fi as usual …

Logan Hernandez: I would have given it a 5 star. I’ll start with the bad. I didn’t like that I was waiting more than I should have over either a mistake or workers being biased. I went in for a new phone, I was put on the list to get help from an apple employee. As time was passing by, I was seeing people get helped that came in after me. I made the assumption that they made an appointment online, fine. Almost 40 minutes pass by and no employee came and asked if I need help and you can tell they had time to do so. It wasn’t until after 40-45 that someone came up to me and I had to make sure that I got pushed in front of all the newcomers and he did find my name on the list.. so that raised a lot of questions. Other than that, the apple employee who helped me set up the new phone and everything was amazing. She was helpful and knowledgeable all the way through.


Ivan Garofalo: walked in order to buy a new Apple Watch and as usual apple never disappoints. Costumer service is outstanding and I’ve been able to complete my purchase having all my questions answered with professionalism. I recommend this store.

J M: Apple store no different from most. This space is less architecturally interesting than other NYC stores, but the retail space and service are similar enough. I found the staff quick and eager to help. However, the wait time for a genius bar appointment can be long.

Carlos Peralta: Super friendly and professional staff! Austin took care of me, my purchase and all my data for 5 hours! He helped me with everything I needed before, during and after purchasing my new iPhone!Definitely the best customer service ever!!

yonette Jewel royals: I am, a highly satisfied customer, with an amazing experience at AppleCare Genius Bar. This location is the best!!! Brant was very helpful, kind and catered to my every-needs. my experience with the Apple store has always been splendid. I am a highly satisfied customer and would recommend AppleCare services over T-Mobile any-day! Please make him Brant a supervisor he deserves to be a leader..

15. Apple Towson Town Center - Baltimore County

· 1258 reviews

825 Dulaney Valley Rd, Towson, MD 21204

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Apple Towson Town Center: what do users think?

Joe Bullen: I came to this store around 1pm on a Saturday afternoon to trade in my battered iPhone for a newly refurbished one. I did not finish getting everything done until nearly 7pm. This establishment still receives 5 stars because of the excellent customer service I received. Leslie, the store manager, emphatically apologized for the wait time while also reducing my bill because I waited patiently. Zach, one of the techs, advised me to visit my cell carrier so that I could get a new screen protector for free (saved me $45). Despite the long wait times, these people are obviously doing the best they can to deliver outstanding service. I am very happy with my new phone!

MS Tabu Winslow Morris, MBA: This store is located on the 2nd floor inside Towson Town Center mall. I went in to get some help understanding a few features of my new iPone. I am a Android baby. This iOS system is different. When I was greeted, I was told I needed to make an appointment. I asked when was the next available time and it was an hour from the time I walked in. I took it. I walked around the mall and window shopped and purchased lunch at Starbucks. When I returned I walked in not knowing what to do next. Did they call your name or what? This time I had to ask someone what was I supposed to do when I have an appointment. Zach looked me up and checked me in. I saw individuals sitting at a tables at the front of the store. However, he asked me to stand at the table in the corner. I asked if I could go and sit at the tables by the front. He told me no but he could get me a chair. One of the security staff got me a chair and brought it to the table. I thanked him. I sat and I sat. I flagged Zach and asked if someone knew I was waiting to be seen. I asked if you have an appointment why do you have to still wait when you come in. He stated they don’t kick people out while helping them if they go over the 15 minutes. I understood that but it was over 15 minutes I waited. Finally someone over and he said I was in the wrong section. I needed to be at the tables at the front of where there was chairs. That is what asked at the beginning. He walked me over to two young ladies who assisted me in getting to know my iPhone better. I want thank the staff that assisted me. I know I will be back. I have few more Apple products that are on my radar. Happy Christmas and I pray we all have a safe New Year.

John F: In store service has always been top notch at the Apple store. The reason for 4 stars instead of 5 is due to how packed the store can get. Weekends around new product launches can turn into long lines. It takes the spontaneous art of shopping back a notch unless you re strictly browsing. If you park in lot C on the ground level, you are at the closest door to the store. Making an appointment ahead of time works best. Staff is always friendly and they can do paperless transactions.

Carl Council: This is a friendly and functional operating space that pays attention to the customer needs or vision. The staff was great! As soon as I walked into the store I was greeted professionally and I spoke to a professional within minutes to assist me with my purchase! Great job Apple store!

16. Apple Upper West Side - Manhattan

· 2265 reviews

1981 Broadway, New York, NY 10023

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Apple Upper West Side: what do users think?

Griffin Rapant: We are at the Apple store on 11/22/2019 and are really happy with our iPods and i do not want to get get rid of the iPod

Kamal: Went there to buy the safe mag battery pack and was shocked how fast my transaction was. I was there for 4 minutes. In and out with my new product. The gentleman who assisted me was great. Wish his name was on the receipt so I could mention him.

Alvaro Diaz: Absolutely incredible experience. I was assisted by Jonatan, tall guy, very pleasant. He explained a few things that were key factors in my purchases at the store. We also discussed music briefly! Such a cool guy.

17. Apple Manhasset - Manhasset

· 1067 reviews

1900 Northern Blvd, Manhasset, NY 11030

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Apple Manhasset: what do users think?

Zarina: Very nice spacious store. Parking available. Great staff who are attentive and courteous.I brought my nieces here for a work shop & staff were beyond great. My niece loved it here & definitely wants to come back for another workshop. Highly recommend this place.

Henry Mui: Genius bar appointment promptly handled, got iOS updated & did a hardware diagnostic check while there. Precautions & face masks required inside store, plenty of helpful staff. Problem solved & happy user leave to resume using the device

Austin Abraham: I technically can work there LoL. Shon & Anwar were very helpful though! Thanks again.

Kim Wilson: Just left the Apple store in Manhasset. Justin was so nice to help my husband quickly without an appointment. He quickly diagnosed why my son could not hear his incoming calls and we could not hear him. Justin was extremely knowledgeable, polite and professional!

Shadman C: I had an amazing experience at Apple Manhasset!! My Apple Advisor was Wendy, who helped me and my family with trading in some old devices for newer Apple products. Simple and easy buying experience. Would highly recommend to friends and family.

CRS PT: The staff is extremely professional, polite, and helpful. The classes that they provide are wonderful. This week I took two Apple Watch classes and the instructor was amazing !!!!!

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