Best Whole Foods Market Supermarkets Washington Near Me

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1. Whole Foods Market - Washington

· 1785 reviews

2201 I St NW, Washington, DC 20037

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Whole Foods Market: what do users think?

Win Anderson: This great review is solely because of the wonderful barista at the coffee shop. I was in town for a conference and went to whole foods three days in a row for coffee in the morning. Each day Tom provided wonderful coffee and friendly service. He is polite and personable and efficient. (This was in stark contrast to some of the register checkout clerks, who were downright rude.). The police officers were very friendly!

Cyndy Nguyen: I came here for the coffee bar and had a wonderful experience. The barista, Tom, was friendly and helpful. He gave me some information about the decaf coffee (doesn’t contain any chemicals). He gave me a sample of one of their green smoothies and made me a delicious brown butter cookie latte. I’ll come back for the great customer service.

Melissa Colón: I love stopping by the coffee bar for my daily fix. My drink is always perfectly made and the conversation is great! I’m hoping that eventually the hot bar breakfast will work its way back up to how great it was pre-pandemic.

Caroline McGuire: Tom makes the best smoothies at the coffee & smoothie bar! The whole staff is amazing and the store is always so well organized. Cannot recommend this spot enough!

2. Whole Foods Market - Washington



· 1966 reviews

1440 P St NW, Washington, DC 20005

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Whole Foods Market: what do users think?

José FERREIRO (ホセ フェレイロ): You may find anything here. Amazon fresh delivery here. Easy parking🅿️ you may find even warm food ready to eat. It is interesting to note that you will not find alcool due to local regulations. From meat, fish 🐠🐟 to pastry everything you need. Vegetables very fresh. Everything well. My favorite > the olives that were amazingly good.

Henok Garedew (Henny breezy): This Whole Foods conveniently located in downtown DC. The hot bar has amazing food (I have to eat in my car) The only thing I don’t like is after Amazon bought the store they no longer have dining area. Have lots of parking. Validation is required upon exit.

Joseph Althouse: I love WF. Every location. Cheese selection is fantastic. Seafood is fresh. Not all locations have the sourdough baguette but if you can find it I highly recommend it. I wish there was better line management at checkout. The lines always force customers to block areas needed by other shoppers.

Eric J: A lot much more welcoming that the one visited on colombus NYC!!!! AT LAST I WANNA SAY.Moreover fare for deli corners is twenty percent lower. What could I say more, staff is great price and quality there, thank you! 😊

3. Whole Foods Market - Washington

· 1068 reviews

600 H St NE, Washington, DC 20002

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Whole Foods Market: what do users think?

Kev- keepingitreal: Great place to shop for all your groceries needs. Whole Foods Market offers a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables to choose from, they also offer a place to return your Amazon order for a Amazon pickup this really convenient. Whole Foods Market store was clean, shelf was pretty well organized and stock, staff was very friendly and helpful. This store offers free underground parking to customers. The parking garage is located on 6th Street.

Joshua D App: Stopped by today to pick up pizza near closing time on a Monday night. Even with all the usual clean up rush, Diva (I believe that’s her name as it was through a mask) was very pleasant and helpful even though she had limited time and ingredients left and at the end of her shift. Extra stars for her! The rest of the store is as you would expect from a Whole Foods

Kathy Thomas: My entire experience at Whole Foods, was great. First off, there was plenty of parking, my son easily found a spot in their parking garage, which leads right into their store. You get a parking ticket and can park 90 minutes, free. The store was huge, there were plenty of carts. The fresh fish and meat were great, and we purchased a good amount of fresh salmon, and other seafood. I found everything I needed to cook for my son and I, which is huge. Fresh produce was great, I got fresh collard greens, kale, green beans, spinach, onions, to name a few. They also had personal items.

Stephanie Enaje: One of my go-to Whole Foods since they opened. Staff is always kind. Lines always go fast. Just a tidbit, the high PH water refill had/has a metallic taste that was off-putting hopefully management addressed it.

4. Whole Foods Market - Washington

· 156 reviews

2323 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington, DC 20007, United States

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Whole Foods Market: what do users think?

Nils Hünerfürst: Great concept store. You can login with your In-Store Amazon Code and grab all your groceries and walk out. Super crazy.

5. Whole Foods Market - Washington

· 269 reviews

967 Florida Ave NW, Washington, DC 20001

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Whole Foods Market: what do users think?

Henok Garedew (Henny breezy): Another good thing comes to the area, This Whole Foods store is very very clean perfectly organized bright and have everything available very helpful and friendly staff, the self checkout is quick and easy as well. it must have a 5 star management team. Plenty of parking spaces available. DON’T forget the validation for your parking, or you will be blocking the exit. I highly recommend it!

g Bernard Wandel: Little by little they’re all the same Never in my wildest dreams would I have believed a WFs would enter this historic neighborhood Two blocks from the “World Famous Fla Avenue Grill” Near Howard U and the (not so) new 930 club Ah well, welcome The Rolling Stones next? 😉

Anna Muda: Since there is just opened Whole Foods it’s very quiet and clean grocery store. Always good selection of cheese, easy to find everything. Vegetables and fruits are fresh.

James Bowling: My went to the food bar there for lunch today. The food was incredibly good and the price was inexpensive for lunch for two and on top of that we set outside on their patio or balcony and had our lunch there it was just a really nice experience.

6. Whole Foods Market - Washington

· 568 reviews

101 H St SE, Washington, DC 20003

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Whole Foods Market: what do users think?

Henok Garedew (Henny breezy): This is one of the must visit Whole Foods when it comes to bakery and most groceries. Easy to find parking spot, clean in the inside and out, their hot food is so amazing and tasty, friendly stuff. Make sure to validate your parking tickets prior to exit the garage otherwise you’ll be stuck.I recommended it.

A Smith: This Whole Foods seems to always be fully stocked which is refreshing in comparison to some of the others. The staff is friendly and everything is well organized. I think they have the best selection out of the other locations in DC plus the wine and bakery section is impressive. Definitely worth a visit.

Iris Lazarus: Conveniently located in the SE / Navy yard neighbourhood, this whole foods offer several food options, especially organic. There are several restaurants and cafes within walking distance from the whole foods. Like other whole foods, this one also has free parking for a limited amount of time. Whole foods cafe is also open and allows people to sit and enjoy the bar food. Whether you are vegetarian, vegan, etc. Whole foods has a number of foods to select from. My friend and I visited this place in search of some vegan cookies, turns out that not just that they had several options, the cookies tasted great too.

Jennifer Hundley: Staff here are generally really helpful and friendly and the lines have not been long first thing in the AM or even at lunchtime before a storm. Organic produce and prepared items (guacamole or salsa) can be spotty, but supply chain issues are am issue at times. All in all a great place to shop and plenty of parking.

Sally Stoecker: I have a question: why has the price of tuna fish in the deli section (plain, Mediterranean, cranberry) risen so sharply in the past few weeks? Now up from $10.00 per container to 13.00? We love the store, products, staff…we just don’t understand some price hikes.

7. Whole Foods Market - Washington

· 517 reviews

4530 40th St NW, Washington, DC 20016

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Whole Foods Market: what do users think?

Khurram Sheharyar: Lots of fresh veggies, poultry, dairy, seafood and meat varieties available. Plus a cute little nursery near the exit offering a wide variety of plants to purchase. Highly recommended!

Matt R: There are a few reasons I tend to shop here. First, the parking structure isn’t ridiculously tight like a lot of them are (tip, enter from the back, it’s much less crowded). Second, they have a great beer and wine selection. The staff is helpful, too.

Ali Ibrahim: Great place! Friendly staff! Little pricier than giant but high quality organic products!! I have been using the salad bar for lunch and I am loving it! The selection is huge and great quality! I get a great salad within my budget of $10 ! There is also a nice seating area where you can get coffee or a beer if you like! I didn’t like the bathrooms in the cafeteria area! I have pictures but I won’t post them here! But i hope they will give the bathrooms some TLC! It’s a shame such a beautiful and clean store have such a nasty bathroom! can you imagine an employee going to the bathroom that has leaking water all over the floor dragging all those germs on his shoes near your food in the kitchen and everywhere? Hence the 4 stars! Please fix the bathroom!

Stephen Griffin: This is our neighborhood Whole Foods, about a 5 min walk from our house. I like the size and the staff is very helpful - especially the meat and fish counter staff. In general the produce is ok with one *very big* exception. Inevitably, the pre-packaged lettuce mixes (spring mix, etc) have at least one variety that is slimy and ruins the rest. In other Whole Food stores the mixes are ok. The problem likely comes from poor drying, overly dense packing or storing at too low a temperature before putting them out on the shelf.

Dana Savage: My favorite grocery store in the area for most things. Their butcher and fish monger are both very knowledgeable and generally have a great selection.

8. Whole Foods Market - Montgomery County

· 554 reviews

4420 Willard Ave, Chevy Chase, MD 20815

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Whole Foods Market: what do users think?

Hanna Foreman: Produce section doesn’t have a wide selection but it’s good enough if you’re coming in to pick up odds and ends. The aisles are well stocked and items are fairly easy to find but the store can feel kind of cramped depending on time. The check out lines are well staffed and efficient. If you’re dropping in, highly recommend going to this location over the one by Tenleytown metro.

Nick Zanin: Good Whole foods location. There is parking around the back of the building and they validated. It seems generally busy when I am here.

Kelly: I love this store. However, a young gentleman who works at the store named Nizar is above and beyond. He helped me recently on 4/17, with my parking validation. I had just finished shopping and left my parking ticket in my car. I stopped Nizar, who was busy working in the lot, to ask if I could show my ticket at the exit to receive credit. Nizar, without hesitation, asked me if he could validate my ticket for me. He ran into the store and returned with a validated ticket. This young man is exceptional. Thank you, Nizar, for your amazing customer service. You are what makes Whole Foods Market at Chevy Chase so special. Keep up the great work! Management, please recognize him for the great employee that he is!

Joseph Seriki: Great sandwiches made by the gentleman on the grill. I only wish the hot-bar didn’t run out of Mac & cheese every night so early. Very clean and friendly staff.

Yolandi Venter: How I was reminded of home, shopping with mom and granny the minute I stepped inside. Normal, great stuff. Clean and bustling.

9. Whole Foods Market - Arlington

· 1562 reviews

520 12th St S Ste 100, Arlington, VA 22202

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Whole Foods Market: what do users think?

Mark: Shelves were empty at night before closing, but fully staffed during the day. Friendly staff and super clean. Pretty wide selection and a good lunch choice.

Kenia Hernandez: Their bakery is has limited cake decor but I asked for witting and if possible little flowers for my baby and they did so very cute! Simple but cute color scheme of pink and purple to compliment the berries! Very nice, cute, and delicious greatly appreciate it!

Shino Y: Overall i have great experience with this Whole Foods Market. I had an issue with Amazon WholeFoods pick up. A staff who packed my groceries lost one of the bag and gave me inconsistent information what to do next. Whole Foods staff tried their best to fix this issue and I am very satisfied with their service. I go there for grocery shopping almost every other day.

Lori AV: Definitely go to the barista and order the Deep Greens juice drink (soooo healthy and refreshing), your taste buds will thank you!!!

10. Whole Foods Market - Montgomery County

· 285 reviews

5269 River Rd, Bethesda, MD 20816

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Whole Foods Market: what do users think?

Ted Rosner: I love Whole Foods, but not the prices. I treat myself once a week for a quick trip to Whole Foods, I get myself a package of the Bell & Evans chicken wings and I get myself 1 pound Plus ribeye steak. Those are my two special treats for the week. Just look at those beautiful Tomahawk steaks!

Edward Grandi: A good branch of Whole Foods located in Maryland (no alcohol sales).

Caitlin DePorter: Good customer service, parking lot is only difficult if you let it be. Follow the arrows and it’s pretty straightforward.

11. Whole Foods Market - Arlington

· 988 reviews

2700 Wilson Blvd, Arlington, VA 22201

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Whole Foods Market: what do users think?

Audrey Speer: Very busy Whole Food due to its location. Friendly staff. They consistently have fresh produce and meat despise the recent produce shortages from COVID and storms. They had lettuce when all the other stores around did not! They have some speciality items as well, like the cheeses I needed one night

C. “Diamondz” Angulo: Everything is front face so perfect everything done in the store is perfectly done kind of high prices but it’s a great healthy food

William Herring: Shoutout to Mary from The Bakery department. Mary went above and beyond for me this past weekend as I was scrabbling to find a special cake for my son’s birthday. The customer service I received was beyond what i expected. Thanksgiving you so much Mary. -Fatou

12. Whole Foods Market - Vienna

· 672 reviews

143 Maple Ave E, Vienna, VA 22180

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Whole Foods Market: what do users think?

Harley Stine: In 1990 my office was across the street which is now a Weichert Real Estate office. At that time it was a Town & Country Real Estate office. My desk then was on the ground level in front of the window to the left of the front door. The Whole Foods store was a vacated Lowe’s Hardware Store at that time which remained vacant for many years until it became Fresh Fields which became Whole Foods and in my mind now, contrary to signage, is really Amazon Foods. The architectural limitation of the existing building when it became a food store is no fault of Amazon, Whole Foods or Fresh Fields. As the idiom goes “it is what it is” so please no whining about the small selections available on the premises. I look at it as a very good higher quality food convenience store. The location works for me. I shop there at off hours so I have no complaints about congestion problems relative to distancing policies. In my opinion produce section is especially well managed and produce is of higher quality. You can pick up a decent bottle of wine and they have Pilsner Urquell in the beer section. Benefit of COIVID is individual pastries are now cellophane wrapped. I also appreciate that the store is meticulously and conspicuously clean. Checkout cashiers clean/disinfect the conveyor belt after each transaction. Thank you.

Anastas Family: The best PIzza in town! Why can’t the other whole-foods (Reston, falls-church and Tyson’s) do the same quality pizza? I always have to drive to this location to get good pizza. Also love ALL their staff, always friendly and professional . Just wish they are able to train other branches to provide the same quality.

13. Whole Foods Market - Silver Spring

· 1180 reviews

833 Wayne Ave, Silver Spring, MD 20910

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Whole Foods Market: what do users think?

Nils Hünerfürst: Well sorted and organized but I often miss some cream cheese in nearly every WF market.

Jo Collins: The cashier was so helpful and friendly with customer service. She advised me to register as an Amazon Prime member to take advantage on extra savings on certain grocery items when I patronize Whole Foods. I believe this might be worth becoming an Amazon Prime member, again. Thank you!

Betty Barbour: I went there for fruit cheesecake shelf was empty. But other than that the store was nice and clean. But the store name should be Whole Paycheck. But you get what you pay for just expensive as hell.

14. Whole Foods Market - North Bethesda

· 1269 reviews

11355 Woodglen Dr, Rockville, MD 20852

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Whole Foods Market: what do users think?

Aurelie Boissy: Great store with lot of variety of food. I usually like coming here compared to other Whole Foods nearby since they usually have what I need. Others often runs out of bakery item quicker during the day. I have not been dissatisfied by the quality of the grocery here. In the past I thought things were pricey here but over the year I’ve learned that I wasn’t the case and having prime makes it even better. Outdoor parking get crowded quickly so you might need to park underground and ask if ticket can be validated.

Sree Sreenivasan: Just went in for a smoothie and a place to chat. Bustling, big WF. And the smoothie was great.

Angelica Mesa: The store is clean the there is a lot of products you wont see in you regular grocery store. I would plan and be prepared on how much i would like to pay for items like fresh meat poultry or seafood it can get pricey but the products looks top notch!

15. Whole Foods Market - Lyles-Crouch

· 1272 reviews

1700 Duke St, Alexandria, VA 22314

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Whole Foods Market: what do users think?

Henok Garedew (Henny breezy): I shop my most groceries from this particular Wholefoods location, very clean easy finding parking and very friendly staff, fast checkouts on point. Highly recommended.

Tea Jay: Great shopping experience and customer service for returns via Amazon. Great organic self care products.

M. M.: Everything I need food-wise is here! Love the hot food bar, salad bar, pizza bar, Plant Burger station, pasta station, and fresh baked breads! I also love that they have a plant section in front!

aaron ackley: Great garage parking. The store is great but the beer-bar / growlers / wine should come back pls. The old Wine Wednesdays were fun too.

Esperanza Yolles: I loveto buy my fruits there so fresh and just got today two Lamb of rack for my son who is coming from deployment tomorrow Oh Gosh feel excited a d I know he loves the Lamb of rack!!! ❤️

Loren Willcock: This is a pretty nice store. Prices are a little on the high side when compared to other Whole Foods. Probably just because of the area… Parking for large vehicles is extremely limited. Staff was friendly. Store was clean.

16. Whole Foods Market - Riverdale Park

· 1682 reviews

6621-B Baltimore Ave, Riverdale Park, MD 20737

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Whole Foods Market: what do users think?

C K: Always clean and friendly staff.Quality of the meat/seafood is always fantastic, bakery beats all other chains, and the homemade soaps are wonderful. Their organic seaweed brands are authentic too! They even sell clotted cream:)

Lyla: This location is clean, well stocked, the employees are friendly and helpful. The bathrooms are in the back near the refrigerator cases and meat department. The woman’s bathroom was clean with everything stocked (soap, towels, tissue). The bakery department has a great selection and the “bachelor bar” has a wide selection of hot & cold foods. I love the soups!

Dave Galpern: They just got self-checkouts installed which is great for those wanting to check out quickly instead of waiting in line however they are credit and debit only with no cash back or cash taken.

Elizabeth Mensah: This is a great WF - spacious, lovely staff, and car carts for the kiddies. Their pizzas are some of the best around and their produce is always so fresh. Just REALLY wish Maryland would allow them to sell alcohol!

Gwendolyn Benton: I liked my experience there bit someone needs to pay a little more attention to the freshness. When I lived in Silver Spring it seemed that the selection was better.

17. Whole Foods Market - Fairfax County

· 401 reviews

1635 Boro Pl, McLean, VA 22102

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Whole Foods Market: what do users think?

Rez Monz: Great grocery shopping experience is offered at whole food market in Tyson Corner. I enjoy going there , specially the fact that they have fresh juice section, very nice Pizza, it is really amazing!! Cakes are also very good. The only thing is that the average bill is around 15-25% more expensive than other super markets.

Bobbe Wright: Nice location, easy to park good selections offered but no hot dar.Excellent upstairs seating.

William Grant: Great place to shop good prices, great produce. My only problem, when something is on sale, store have low inventory. That was my main reason to stop ordering delivery from Whole Foods. You pay for delivery, but half of the items are out of stock. I never ordered replacements because they select wrong replacement or very expensive one. Whole Foods need check their competition. Other stores offer replacement were you pay the lowest price if original item was lower.

Fredrick Omeniho: Whole Foods Market at Boro Place is wonderfully located in the heart of Tyson’s Corner. I love this outlet for the pattern used in organizing the store, unlike the other stores. Although I didn’t get all that I wanted today. Wow, the restaurant on the second floor is appealing, well-spaced, and self server facilities for beer, wine, and more. Games are also available. You could also work from the restaurant.

Bruce F: Excellent selection of sale entries prepackaged for one or two portions. Great fresh pasta choice. large frozen and good nuts and pantry item selection. Poor sale item signage.

Joshua Flores: This is a very intense Whole Foods. Everything you can ever imagine is here.

Fahad Aqeel: My favorite Whole Foods in the area. Spacious with lots of food options and sitting area.

18. Whole Foods Market - Idylwood

· 491 reviews

7511 Leesburg Pike, Falls Church, VA 22043

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Whole Foods Market: what do users think?

Corey Trusty: Ran in and out. Didn’t get anything, but it is always neat and clean. However I saw the best advertising for water ever…

The Traveling Foodie: Well, to be honest I had never been to a Whole Foods, so it was an experience. Love the variety of items and if you are into KETO, PALEO or Gluten free amongst others, this is your place. Wow. I got all kinds of KETO snacks, plus Russian bread, patè (refrain from negative comments), smoked mackerel, organic pickled beets, even Sage to burn around the house! $200 later, I left a happy camper. Will it be my everyday? No, because we are a family of 5 and $$ has to go to substantial items. Will I venture once a month? DEFINITELY, for all snacks KETO and wines amongst other deliciousness they have. Produce was very fresh. Meat cuts, a bit small for us. Love the organic varieties, picked up a couple of those and loved the ready made foods, makes it easy after work and/or lunch next day. I will be back, just we are more budget minded,but as far as varieties and selections. wow. On to my next market.....

Igor: Nice produce and friendly staff. Very convenient location, right off of I-66. They also carry Satsuma Mandarins which is extremely hard to find and generally no one has it other than Whole Foods or Wegmans. It appears every year around December and you can buy it until the end of January. Btw big thanks for that!

Nishant Sahay: Great location, great products and great service. This store is conveniently located and has all the regular products offered at other Whole Foods locations. I usually visit this store when I am need of some delicious bakery items and I am never disappointed. The prices are slightly on the higher side, though, but they justify the taste and quality. The service is great. I needed a medicine of certain potency, which was not available in the store. The cashier at the counter and the store manager were patient enough to hear my request and helped me with the details. Yes. I would visit this store again and recommend it to my friends.

J Siernos (GoGoJoe): Friendly and helpful staff. It is smaller than most other wfm but has a relaxed atmosphere to shop. Plus they have a good selection of lunch and pre-made foods.

Victoria Rangel: The Amazone box was a Little Hard to find but other than that they place is very easy is navigate

19. Whole Foods Market - West Springfield

· 483 reviews

8402 Old Keene Mill Rd, Springfield, VA 22152

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Whole Foods Market: what do users think?

Darlene: I went for a special birthday cake & bought the Berry Chantilly vanilla cake. It was a big hit & VERY delicious! I will definitely buy this one again and highly recommend it.

Chanpen Tee: The store is nice and clean. It is small but you still can find everything here.

Veronica V: Small but nice store. I love that I can return Amazon items without having to go to customer service. The vibe of the whole store is very inviting.

20. Whole Foods Market - Reston

· 574 reviews

11660 Plaza America Dr, Reston, VA 20190

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Whole Foods Market: what do users think?

Bonnie Wolfe: If you are still looking for that perfect Valentine💝 gift, visit Whole Foods in Reston. They have flowers💐, pastries🍰, adult beverages🥂, and other Valentine gifts🎁 for that special someone ... or even yourself!😁😉

Papiya Gupta: Birthday cake from the bakery was excellent. Guests had double and triple helps and said one of the best birthday cakes they’ve had in a while. Ordering was super easy and my little one loved the pink decorations on the cake!

Kevin Rogers: Great salad bar, great hot bar, great selection of expensive organic everything. It is called Whole Paycheck for a reason.

John Berry: I shop here almost every day because my work is located close to the store. Great service, great people. One question. Is it possible to get coffee service back up in the mornings? It closed for a time due to Covid, but everyone in our office really miss the ability to get coffee! I saw your response, thank you. We have about 10 people in our office that miss your coffee. I added a picture of my favorite spot where the coffee used to be.

First Last: I eat at the hot bar when my wife is away for extended periods of time. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, CHANGE UP THE MENU. It’s been meatloaf and chicken curry since 2019, how much cow is getting turned into loaf and thrown in the trash. How about a Mexican day once in a while? Maybe an Italian day with pastas or something?

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