Best Japanese Products Shops In Washington Near Me

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1. Hana Market - Washington

路 664 reviews

2000 17th St NW, Washington, DC 20009

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Hana Market: what do users think?

Nils H眉nerf眉rst: A little journey to Japan. When you feel some needs to shop into the world of japanese groceries then you have to visit Hana Market. After 1pm they sell fresh Onigiri. And mostly you will find all of the traditional japanese sweets like Baumkuchen and Rice Cakes. Really love this place.

Kali Smith: Very small store but has all the Japanese cooking staples needed for your kitchen. Very excited to see that there was bottled milk tea and some desserts. They also sell onigiri, but not on Wednesdays.

Hanna Foreman: Friendly owner and well curated store. Love coming here to pick up Japanese and Korean groceries. The instant ramen selection is great with Korean and Japanese options. Great selection of Japanese sauces, noodles, and seasonings. Snack aisle is always full of delicious surprises and I always walk out with something unexpected. Highly recommend if you鈥檙e looking for Japanese and Korean products in Washington.

Jennifer Sawyer: I鈥檝e been going since they first opened many years ago. They have always been friendly and always stocked. I love the selection and go once a month to stock up on my favorites. From Matcha to Japanese food novelty items. It鈥檚 your one stop shop when you aren鈥檛 able to travel to NJ to the nearest large Japanese Supermarket.

Stephanie G: A tiny treasure! Small but packed to the brim with all you could need to make ramen, dashi, udon, etc plus sweets and produce. Staff is sweet and helpful.

Andrea Bielli: A small store full of good original Japanese products.Great selection of noodles and rice crackers but is it possible to find a lot of different things from confectionery, frozen dishes and fresh vegetables. A must for having a slice of Japan experience in DC.

David Yip: Really small store but packed with most of the basic essentials without having to go to a bigger store. Needed my instant noodles and Onigiri fix and I found it in this store. Will try their Japanese style breads the next time. Only 8 persons allowed in the store and mask on, read the posted sign.

Vijay Sookdeo: This is the only Asian grocery store in the DC area where you can find certain Japanese products. It鈥檚 small, but well stocked, and the staff is very friendly. Do get some of the rice balls when they have them.

2. TOKIYA JAPAN - Washington



路 16 reviews

2002 17th street, Washington, DC 20009

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TOKIYA JAPAN: what do users think?

Georgia Lagoudas: I haven鈥檛 been in person to their shop, but they also have online ordering of special kaiseki Japanese meals. It was amazing! I stumbled upon this and ordered for a special occasion. What a delightful and unique experience. Kaiseki meals delivered to your door (shidashi style, which is like fancy to-go bento box), and they come by later to pick up the reusable ceramic containers. Don鈥檛 expect a meal with a pile of food, but rather delicious ingredients prepared in a very thoughtful and tasty way.

Chanpen Tee: The store is clean and well decorated. They offer a lot of Japanese hand made tableware. And many kimonos and clothing from Japan. The owner is friendly and helpful.

Kai: What a stunning store!From the cups & plates and kimonos, everything is beautiful!

Jay Gordon: Lovely Japanese items with a pleasant and knowledgeable owner. Many great gifts at reasonable prices.

Fawn Johnston: I visited TOKIYA after Christmas and spent time being educated by the very helpful and informative saleslady at the shop. I purchased many beautiful objects and hope to return soon. Thank you TOKIYA JAPAN for being in Washington !

Hareer Al Salihi: Loved their pieces .

Erin Hiatt: Beautiful pottery and very friendly staff

3. Maruichi Japanese Grocery - Rockville

路 327 reviews

1047 Rockville Pike, Rockville, MD 20852

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Maruichi Japanese Grocery: what do users think?

Pearl Tu: According to a friend, many products here are local, and I have found gluten-free and/or vegan options. Also, one of the most interesting and delicious foods was the no shi mochi. The staff was helpful with introducing and finding particular goods or reading labels. It has been a wonderful experience exploring Japanese cuisine that suits my dietary need and preference. :)

Michelle Camina: It is so hard to find Japanese specific grocery stores. At Maruichi, I appreciate being able to buy Japanese groceries without having to sift through aisles of Korean, Chinese, Thai, Indian, etc. foodstuffs like I have to at H-Mart or 99 Ranch. The staff at Maruichi are kind and professional. They carry a little bit of everything Japanese, which is way more than I am ever successful finding at H-Mart or 99 Ranch. And we always stop to eat at Temari downstairs. Love this place!!!

Khoi Nguyen: Great authentic Japanese grocery store located right off the Pike. Right above Temari. Always wondered where they got their fresh ingredients. Many of the food, sauces and other goods are imported from Japan. Prices are reasonable and this grocery store is really clean. Highly recommend this place if you want fresh fish and other authentic Japanese food items.

Jady Power: Rare, authentic Japanese snacks and ingredients. The store layout makes it almost impossible to practice social distance, but people seems fine with masks. Super friendly staff.

Dimitry Price: The best little slice of heaven there is. I order their sushi grade salmon fish every couple of weeks and it is truly outstanding. I have never had poor quality anything from this grocery store. The owner and staff do a great job with their quality of service.

4. UNIQLO Union Station - Washington

路 187 reviews

Union Station, 50 Massachusetts Ave NE, Washington, DC 20002

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UNIQLO Union Station: what do users think?

Alec Augustine-Marceil: UNIQLO is great but their old pop up downtown had a better selection. Odd location.

Rian C: As far as selections go, it can鈥檛 compare to the big box Uniqlo鈥檚 in other places, but you still get the essential Uniqlo items so that鈥檚 good. Seems to be well staffed and staff were friendly.

5. Bangkok 54 Oriental Market - Arlington

路 555 reviews

2927 Columbia Pike, Arlington, VA 22204, United States

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Bangkok 54 Oriental Market: what do users think?

S. K. Hill: As a frequent traveler to the actual Bangkok, this place makes me feel like I am there. They have all of my favorite little snacks that I usually purchase when I am in Bangkok. A great market. I love it.

Basel El-Shrafi: A super convenient, small supermarket with a large variety. Also, a lot of the pre made, to go food is really good and inexpensive. Only con is the tight parking lot in the back.

Shashank Ravi: Everything Asian (expect Indian) grocery you need is here. The produce is very fresh. They also have ready to eat food from their restaurant

F Elix: Small Asian Grocery Market. Lots of Ready Made Asian/Thai Food that are Tasty and Convenient for take out. Also, there is a clean seat down area that seats around 20 people comfortably. They serve Thai Foodand the beef noodle soup is Delicious! They also serve Boba Tapioca Drinks and Thai Coffe that is great for Hot Days like we are experiencing now in the DC metro area.

Joseph Raczynski: Great market - especially if you want some of the ready made Thai food for a reasonable price. They have a ton of traditional fare. The rest of the market has some of the staples. Really a gem on the Pike. Always feel free to reach out to me on Twitter @joerazz

Tess: Food there is inexpensive and very tasty!!The choice is huge for such a small place, I always find what I need. Everytime I go I love it and the cashier is nice. Thank you!

AJ Tucker: Thai owned so lots of Thai foods. Store is small but has good selection. Fresh made soup from cafe is very good. Have had freshness issues with the prepped food (not cafe) in the past, yet continued to shop here. Recommend going earlier in the day for fresher prepped food

6. Lil' Thingamajigs - Annandale

路 332 reviews

7031 Little River Turnpike #7B, Annandale, VA 22003

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Lil' Thingamajigs: what do users think?

Andrew Harper: I love this place, I鈥檒l definitely be visiting again and again to pick up gifts for friends鈥 and for myself! I found so many fun Pok茅mon items that I鈥檝e never seen at other stores.

t mac: A place of your kids are into anime. This is a place to go.

Joy Proctor: Nice store for some anime items for my daughter. We were able to find a Kuromi large plush doll and Bakago figurines. Worth the drive from DC but it is a small store with tons of Thingamajigs! 馃槅 The cashiers were also super helpful with some little known items.

7. Chinatown Market - Washington

路 23 reviews

521 H St NW, Washington, DC 20001

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Chinatown Market: what do users think?

Brandon Ly: It may be small but the owner (who is from Hong Kong) is nice and has been here forever (decades so I鈥檓 told). I was able to speak Cantonese with him and his store is well stocked. Although very small... he has his selection of veggies and snacks. Imagine a 7-11 mixed with asian stuff as well. Worth a stop if you鈥檙e passing by, even to get a cold drink.

Angelique Austin: Good if you need to grab something really quick. Some things are a little more. But it is convenient. Everyone is nice and friendly!

Brian Jones: Packed into a single shelf in this cramped bodega are the incredible ingredients necessary for Chinese home cooking and at super reasonable prices.

Edna Mark: lots of great stuffs you can buy here

Mohammed Kemal: Lots of great quality stuff

8. Hinata Sushi Carry Out - Montgomery County

路 137 reviews

4947 St Elmo Ave, Bethesda, MD 20814

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Hinata Sushi Carry Out: what do users think?

Jarred Whitlock: The sushi is really fantastic. Be prepared to wait a bit if you are planning to order in person. So, it鈥檚 best to call ahead, as it鈥檚 a small shop with limited throughput. The sushi is great though.

Manali Desai: Such a sweet lady at the counter. She noticed I was looking for something and asked what. I said natto and she offered to call me the next day when they get their next shipment and hold onto some packs of it for me. I felt like I was back in Japan again with that level of hospitality. Also I was ecstatic when I was finally able to have some natto which is hard to find where I鈥檓 from.

Chanpen Tee: I just went to the grocery. I will try sushi next time. There are a lot of Japanese snakes and frozen food. The staff is friendly. Small place but i still can have what I need

Baochaun Lin: Small cozy Japanese grocery store with Sushi carry out menu. Be aware that the store is open until 7pm, but you can only order sushi before 3:30pm. Good sushi but the portion is on the small side for some of the rolls.

Patrick Quinn: Very friendly! Eat and shop in one single place! Even the daily specials are made to order! My new sushi spot!!! We will definitely be back!

G Kuhnsman: The most authentic sushi in all of Bethesda. Hinata is a wonderful, hidden gem of a spot for real, true-to-cuisine Japanese food and grocery. I actually stumbled upon this place walking my dog and it soon became a routine stop for us when we lived in downtown Bethesda. I would get their sushi specials along with some of my favorite Japanese grocery items reminiscent of my time working in Japan. The proprietor is very kind and friendly. She would take my order and would bring it outside to me as my dog and I waited for the food. Highly recommend this place to anyone who loves sushi or any Japanese food items. Five stars all-around!

9. Each Peach Market - Washington

路 178 reviews

3068 Mt Pleasant St NW, Washington, DC 20009

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Each Peach Market: what do users think?

nice lady: Just moved into the neighborhood and stumbled upon this cute little market. Loved discovering fun new local products and the produce selection seems to be ever evolving! Can鈥檛 wait to frequent this place more.

Lucas Taratus: Great food and a super helpful staff. I was looking for a potato the other day and the lady working produce was super kind and patient despite all my questions; best potato I鈥檝e ever had.

Laura Dodson: Small shop with good stuff stocked. I like shopping here to avoid the overwhelming nature of big grocery stores. It has what I like, and is conveniently located.

Kaila Gilbert: I got some of the to-go prepared food in back (tuna salad, fancy carrots) and it was 馃敟馃敟 also the walnut chocolate chip cookies are slept on

10. Whole Foods Market - Washington

路 1785 reviews

2201 I St NW, Washington, DC 20037

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Whole Foods Market: what do users think?

Win Anderson: This great review is solely because of the wonderful barista at the coffee shop. I was in town for a conference and went to whole foods three days in a row for coffee in the morning. Each day Tom provided wonderful coffee and friendly service. He is polite and personable and efficient. (This was in stark contrast to some of the register checkout clerks, who were downright rude.). The police officers were very friendly!

Cyndy Nguyen: I came here for the coffee bar and had a wonderful experience. The barista, Tom, was friendly and helpful. He gave me some information about the decaf coffee (doesn鈥檛 contain any chemicals). He gave me a sample of one of their green smoothies and made me a delicious brown butter cookie latte. I鈥檒l come back for the great customer service.

Melissa Col贸n: I love stopping by the coffee bar for my daily fix. My drink is always perfectly made and the conversation is great! I鈥檓 hoping that eventually the hot bar breakfast will work its way back up to how great it was pre-pandemic.

Caroline McGuire: Tom makes the best smoothies at the coffee & smoothie bar! The whole staff is amazing and the store is always so well organized. Cannot recommend this spot enough!

11. Whole Foods Market - Washington

路 1965 reviews

1440 P St NW, Washington, DC 20005

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Whole Foods Market: what do users think?

Jos茅 FERREIRO (銉涖偦 銉曘偋銉偆銉): You may find anything here. Amazon fresh delivery here. Easy parking馃吙锔 you may find even warm food ready to eat. It is interesting to note that you will not find alcool due to local regulations. From meat, fish 馃悹馃悷 to pastry everything you need. Vegetables very fresh. Everything well. My favorite > the olives that were amazingly good.

Henok Garedew (Henny breezy): This Whole Foods conveniently located in downtown DC. The hot bar has amazing food (I have to eat in my car) The only thing I don鈥檛 like is after Amazon bought the store they no longer have dining area. Have lots of parking. Validation is required upon exit.

Joseph Althouse: I love WF. Every location. Cheese selection is fantastic. Seafood is fresh. Not all locations have the sourdough baguette but if you can find it I highly recommend it. I wish there was better line management at checkout. The lines always force customers to block areas needed by other shoppers.

12. UNIQLO Pike and Rose - North Bethesda

路 294 reviews

11853 Grand Park Ave space 708, North Bethesda, MD 20852

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UNIQLO Pike and Rose: what do users think?

Lauri Pesantez Pacheco: Uniqlo is my favorite clothing store. They have lots of basics with good quality and great prices. It鈥檚 better to use the app as there are more options and promotions. Shipping is free if you pick up from the store which is awesome. Staff is friendly

Bianca S: Nice store with good basics for layering. I love the heatteck line it really helps keep me warm in the winter time. Overall everything is priced right and the staff here are very friendly and helpful.

Laura Inglis: Big store, well organized. Prices seem decent for the area and product quality, especially their jackets.

13. Whole Foods Market - Washington

路 269 reviews

967 Florida Ave NW, Washington, DC 20001

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Whole Foods Market: what do users think?

Henok Garedew (Henny breezy): Another good thing comes to the area, This Whole Foods store is very very clean perfectly organized bright and have everything available very helpful and friendly staff, the self checkout is quick and easy as well. it must have a 5 star management team. Plenty of parking spaces available. DON鈥橳 forget the validation for your parking, or you will be blocking the exit. I highly recommend it!

g Bernard Wandel: Little by little they鈥檙e all the same Never in my wildest dreams would I have believed a WFs would enter this historic neighborhood Two blocks from the 鈥淲orld Famous Fla Avenue Grill鈥 Near Howard U and the (not so) new 930 club Ah well, welcome The Rolling Stones next? 馃槈

Anna Muda: Since there is just opened Whole Foods it鈥檚 very quiet and clean grocery store. Always good selection of cheese, easy to find everything. Vegetables and fruits are fresh.

James Bowling: My went to the food bar there for lunch today. The food was incredibly good and the price was inexpensive for lunch for two and on top of that we set outside on their patio or balcony and had our lunch there it was just a really nice experience.

14. H Mart - Wheaton - Wheaton-Glenmont

路 1485 reviews

12015 Georgia Ave, Wheaton-Glenmont, MD 20902, United States

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H Mart - Wheaton: what do users think?

Jon Abulencia: Great Asian market standby. Anecdotally, I only buy my carrots here and no where else. You want spindly normal carrots? They got em. You want big honkers that you can use for stews, curries, or sliced and quick pickled for gorgeous side dishes? Boy do they got em.

Louise Gretschel: Kimchi and banchan are usually pretty solid at H Mart. Great selection of frozen foods, produce, Asian pantry staples, ramen, bulk rice, and marinated meats. Seafood/fish counter is huge. Even includes a little bakery up front with loaves of sweet bread and cake which i have yet to check out. Always spend way too much time here, in a good way.

Chomar: Clean grocery store with plenty of Asian flavor. The hot lunch bar serves kimchi, vermicelli, sushi an much more. They also have lots of fruits an veggies you can find at other name brand grocers like korean pears an king oyster mushrooms.

15. Filipino Global Market - Oxon Hill-Glassmanor

路 21 reviews

6365 Livingston Rd, Oxon Hill, MD 20745, United States

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Filipino Global Market: what do users think?

Jeannifer Braaten: Definitely on the go! Its close by MGM and whats awesome? Its right next to the liquor store鈥wesome!! (I wish they would sell Filipino鈥檚 favorite beer- The 鈥淩ED HORSE鈥) Prices is very reasonable. The owners are superb so nice. Thank you for that great service - 5 stars for you!!

Deborah Edwards: Best store ever lots of good deals and food love the fresh cook food.

Eve gernale: A great place to buy variety of filipino goods.

Mai Tai: Great place. Filipino friend turned me on to it.

Philippe Ablain: Nice place I used to go...

Fog runr: Friendly and helpful slice of the Philippines!

Mariano Sanchez: . B

16. Whole Foods Market - Washington

路 156 reviews

2323 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington, DC 20007, United States

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Whole Foods Market: what do users think?

Nils H眉nerf眉rst: Great concept store. You can login with your In-Store Amazon Code and grab all your groceries and walk out. Super crazy.

17. UNIQLO Tysons Corner - Fairfax County

路 761 reviews

Tysons Corner, 1961 Chain Bridge Rd, McLean, VA 22102

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UNIQLO Tysons Corner: what do users think?

Todd Mick: Everything was organized, despite being completely hectic. The lines went quickly for being rung up and Yuhanna was extremely personable, helpful, and knowledgeable on the product. Give that man a raise!

RCS S: There鈥檚 always a lot of choices to choose from. From kids to adult. Reasonable prices and nice design. Quality is excellent. Always on style.

Joel Cyriluis Santos Jr.: Visited Uniqlo USA for first time in 2019. Nice store by the way like any in the world. Would love to visit again.

J N: Great store and quality as always, no idea why the AC was supposedly broken. NYC Uniqlo claimed the same thing when we visited there last week. Places to sit down while adults are shopping would be a plus.

18. Whole Foods Market - Washington

路 568 reviews

101 H St SE, Washington, DC 20003

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Whole Foods Market: what do users think?

Henok Garedew (Henny breezy): This is one of the must visit Whole Foods when it comes to bakery and most groceries. Easy to find parking spot, clean in the inside and out, their hot food is so amazing and tasty, friendly stuff. Make sure to validate your parking tickets prior to exit the garage otherwise you鈥檒l be stuck.I recommended it.

Joshua D App: Stopped by today to pick up pizza near closing time on a Monday night. Even with all the usual clean up rush, Diva (I believe that鈥檚 her name as it was through a mask) was very pleasant and helpful even though she had limited time and ingredients left and at the end of her shift. Extra stars for her! The rest of the store is as you would expect from a Whole Foods

A Smith: This Whole Foods seems to always be fully stocked which is refreshing in comparison to some of the others. The staff is friendly and everything is well organized. I think they have the best selection out of the other locations in DC plus the wine and bakery section is impressive. Definitely worth a visit.

Iris Lazarus: Conveniently located in the SE / Navy yard neighbourhood, this whole foods offer several food options, especially organic. There are several restaurants and cafes within walking distance from the whole foods. Like other whole foods, this one also has free parking for a limited amount of time. Whole foods cafe is also open and allows people to sit and enjoy the bar food. Whether you are vegetarian, vegan, etc. Whole foods has a number of foods to select from. My friend and I visited this place in search of some vegan cookies, turns out that not just that they had several options, the cookies tasted great too.

Jennifer Hundley: Staff here are generally really helpful and friendly and the lines have not been long first thing in the AM or even at lunchtime before a storm. Organic produce and prepared items (guacamole or salsa) can be spotty, but supply chain issues are am issue at times. All in all a great place to shop and plenty of parking.

Sally Stoecker: I have a question: why has the price of tuna fish in the deli section (plain, Mediterranean, cranberry) risen so sharply in the past few weeks? Now up from $10.00 per container to 13.00? We love the store, products, staff鈥e just don鈥檛 understand some price hikes.

19. Whole Foods Market - Washington

路 1068 reviews

600 H St NE, Washington, DC 20002

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Whole Foods Market: what do users think?

Kev- keepingitreal: Great place to shop for all your groceries needs. Whole Foods Market offers a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables to choose from, they also offer a place to return your Amazon order for a Amazon pickup this really convenient. Whole Foods Market store was clean, shelf was pretty well organized and stock, staff was very friendly and helpful. This store offers free underground parking to customers. The parking garage is located on 6th Street.

Kathy Thomas: My entire experience at Whole Foods, was great. First off, there was plenty of parking, my son easily found a spot in their parking garage, which leads right into their store. You get a parking ticket and can park 90 minutes, free. The store was huge, there were plenty of carts. The fresh fish and meat were great, and we purchased a good amount of fresh salmon, and other seafood. I found everything I needed to cook for my son and I, which is huge. Fresh produce was great, I got fresh collard greens, kale, green beans, spinach, onions, to name a few. They also had personal items.

Stephanie Enaje: One of my go-to Whole Foods since they opened. Staff is always kind. Lines always go fast. Just a tidbit, the high PH water refill had/has a metallic taste that was off-putting hopefully management addressed it.

20. Hung Phat Grocery - Wheaton-Glenmont

路 203 reviews

11315 Fern St, Wheaton, MD 20902, United States

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Hung Phat Grocery: what do users think?

Chanpen Tee: This asian grocery has many frozen and dried foods They sell some fresh food and dessert as well. Rhe cashier is friendly

Allen S: Great Mom and Pop (literally) Asian grocery store that I have shopped at for 15 years. Also an excellent hot food bar with unique Thai offerings. Support small businesses and check them out!

Damien: Well stocked grocery store with affordable prices. Will come back for the fresh and affordable produce as well as specialty items.

Khoi Nguyen: Great selection of hot food and groceries. Love the hot food bar and bubble tea station

Michael Marks: All your Asian foods. Well stocked, fresh ingredients. Friendly, helpful people. Free parking.

Jeff Tong: The best Vietnamese grocery store in the area!

Nick Morandi: Excellent grocery, great prices and selection. The owner (I assume he is the owner, at least) is very nice and helpful. I love to cook Thai food and they have everything I need here and more.

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