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1. Roof Terrace Restaurant

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Roof Terrace Restaurant

Address: 2700 F St NW, Washington, DC 20566

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 5PM

Telephone: (202) 416-8555

Business type: American restaurant

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Roof Terrace Restaurant: what do users think?

Ron Milkowski: I have never been to the Kennedy Center and had no idea that there even was a restaurant. What a very nice dining experience. Santo our waiter was very knowledgeable with the food and drinks. It is a bit pricey but worth it. Even if you are not going to an event I highly recommend checking it out.

Anusha Chatterjee: Wonderful bar service! The food was so good. Had the tuna carpaccio and the salmon. Both were absolutely perfect! Lovely seasonal Cocktails. Perfect stop before or after the show. The bar has the full menu, so no reservations were needed. Lovely intimate vibe.

Craig Herrick: We’ve been here a number of times over the years though this was the first visit in two years. The Terrace has upped their game. My lamb chops and wife’s fillet would go over well in any finer local venue. The service was prompt and professional and based around our show time. Terrace maintains most of its vintage (60’s) vibe which is what I like about it.

Myrna Linzy: Very good. Waitress was very good in helping me with which meal. Picked my drinks. Awesome place.

Catina Carter: The food and service was outstanding. Wonderful place to have a beautiful experience of class. The views were wonderful as well.

Mary Robinson: Wonderful dinner before a show. Cant beat the views! Professional service throughout the meal.

Veronica Coleman: Wonderful evening at the Kennedy Center and dining at the Roof Terrace Restaurant. Great food. Great music.

Phil Cooke: Great setting at the Kennedy Center, ideal for pre show dinner. Service was excellent; overall, food was very good. Our party of four got fish, with the bass being the best, by far. Others, trout and salmon, were just okay. It is a little pricey, but the setting, service and convenience make it worth it.

2. The Rooftop at The Ven at Embassy Row

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The Rooftop at The Ven at Embassy Row

Address: 2015 Massachusetts Ave NW, Washington, DC 20036

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11AM

Telephone: (202) 265-1600

Business type: Lounge

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The Rooftop at The Ven at Embassy Row: what do users think?

farida popal: I was there on Saturday the 25th. We wanted to go to the rooftop bar. As soon we were at main entrance, the door man greeted us and guide us. When we went to the bar the atmosphere was nice. The drinks were a bet pricey and bar food was great! I’ll defiantly go again.

chrisy edme: The stay was wonderful! The staff at the front desk are amazing ! Specially Lyle at the front desk, he was just a sweetheart to us. We booked our stay prior to them implementing the daily amenity fee. He waived it off of our stay and informed us that he will be more than happy to still provide the perks ! We received some sent sachet of jasmine and lavender which were amazing :) In addition to that he provided us with late check out because our flight was later in the afternoon. He also gave us some great tips of how to get around since it was our first time in DC. Also my room was provided with daily housekeeping and my housekeeper was just a sweetheart too but forgot her name unfortunately. My only Con was the bathroom size, as it was super small and there was no ventilation.

Kimberly “ ” Watson: Excellent! Love the space! The art exhibit in the hotel was wonderful!

Reuben Wauyo: This is a beautiful venue and would seem to be all great but terrible customer service. Called for a reservation and information on restaurant and was referred to main line. To which someone picked up after I waited on hold, heard me then hung up. This is the most disrespectful and frustrating thing I can think of when trying to get things set for events. Calling back no one picks up and I have now been calling main line for 30 minutes to be assisted and again no one to answers. You would have to be crazy to work with these guys on anything important for you will receive absolutely no clarification or answers on any questions you have. I was very surprised to even see positive reviews at all. I really hope it’s an isolated event, but if I can help anyone else not deal with my issue I’ll be glad to steer you away and onto another location. I will update with location and name after my reservation is set with our new venue. Also to be noted, not even the central main line can reach these guys and are unwilling to even try. I believe we’ve definitely dodged a bullet.

Walter Hunt: Friendly staff , great location, very accommodating

3. The Potomac View Terrace

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The Potomac View Terrace

Address: 2215 Constitution Ave. NW, Washington, DC 20037

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM

Telephone: (201) 726-3742

Business type: Store

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The Potomac View Terrace: what do users think?

Colby Shomaker: I attended a wedding here and it was incredible. Awesome rooftop views, food was outstanding, and it’s close to tons of other places in DC.

Mantas Kubilinskas: Such an amazing place for weddings! As a wedding photographer I was amazed how amazing is! Amazing views, great location! Highly recommended!

4. Lost Society

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Lost Society

Address: 2001 14th St NW, Washington, DC 20009

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 5PM Fri

Telephone: (202) 618-8868

Business type: Restaurant

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Lost Society: what do users think?

Christina Arthur: I liked dining here for HH. The jerk chicken tacos and mojitos were good. The waiters are very attentive. While the menu is limited I think it creates better quality small bites. I really liked the buttermilk chicken sandwich, truffle fries and the Ceasar brussel sprouts.

Erika Walker: The food was outstanding! I had truffle fries, brussel sprouts, and the salmon with risotto and I enjoyed every bite! Everything is ordered and paid for through an app that charges a service fee and a fee to use the app you are required to use🤔. The amount of tip on top of those fees are optional. Drink options were limited meaning they had very few mixers so cocktails were pretty basic. The atmosphere is definitely for a young crowd. I would go again just for the food!

V. Josey Riggins: Vibe was good & chill, 21-& up but it was more of a 27&up crowd. I went for Sunday brunch, make sure you reserve a table because when you make a reservation online it’s just for entry. At 5pm they start switching out the table and the DJ comes. However the shrimp tacos are bomb af! The hash browns are good. There is no “technical” server. Everything is done through a QR code. So basically when you place your own order then a server will come over but just to make sure your okay. It was tricky because you will have to find someone if you have menu questions for food allergies and such. There are unlimited mimosas, however it is wayyy wayy too much juice, but I did like the fact a waitress came around with the champagne bottle. However I didn’t leave tipsy off lots of mimosas .. so they are weak LOL upstairs rooftop is a vibe, bathrooms clean and I like that they have multiple restrooms. Ok my review is finished ! Enjoy !

Angella Daluz: That’s society is a vibe, depending on what promoter is there that night. Rooftop can get really hot in the summers so make sure your edges are laid !

Gboss1232 love: The bouncer seemed to have lots of friends tonight. My sister and I waited for what was like 45 min. and when we reach the FRONT he turned his back to us and let about 5 others in in front of us. Also! $20 entry fee. African music upstairs.

S. Valencia Tyrell: Out for lunch on busy Saturday. Prices high, good environment for Z Generation. Drinks watered dwn. Good looking staff/plasant people. Best to reserve a table then just walk in. Would recommend if passing by. Probably would go back if I was passing thru DC again.S.

Rashida Thompson: If looking for good music, outdoor partying and 25 and older crowd this is the place for you. The shots were $20.

5. Top of the Gate

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Top of the Gate

Address: 2650 Virginia Ave NW, Washington, DC 20037

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 4:30PM

Telephone: (844) 617-1972

Business type: Cocktail bar

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Top of the Gate: what do users think?

Alvaro H. Torres: Amazing view and I would highly recommend it. The sunset was amazing and the food was delicious. I had a memorable experience and enjoyed it spending it with my wife and first born. If you are in the DC area, this is a must stop for the Watergate scandal and for the rooftop bar.

Adam Galazka: Amazing views at night. Service was great. Drinks were great as well. Definitely a little pricey on drinks but probably expected in a hotel. It did close at 1115 on a Friday which seemed a little early for a Friday night. We will definitely come back.

Claus R B: The view of this place is just AMAZING! Perfect for special occasions, we had a wonderful lady helping us to choose the appetizers and she was right...the shrimp is great and if you are hungry order the pizza. Drinks are expensive but worth it.

Zeeshan E: Booked a table for 3 a few months in advance to make sure we get a good view as we expected experience. The issues are simple but shocking. Started a boys weekend off by visiting this embarrassing place. 1) We were seated somewhere around the side towards the back on old wicker seating with no cushions. Be warned not all seating is good. The chairs are low and you have to stand to get a view. Some towards the front bar area seem nicer. 2) We waited 50 minutes for one round of simple drinks. @$20-$25 each for vodka and ginger beer or rum and coke. Our reservation was at 5PM hardly a crowd. 3) Waited another 40 minutes for food. Basic pizza and fries another $1xx. Total was over $200 and auto gratuity lol what a joke. We will NEVER ever come back. Terrible service, grossly understaffed and over priced. We will personally go out of my way to make sure everyone knows NOT to waste a second in this place.

Denise: I felt the previous views were unwarranted. This one of the best rooftop bars in DC. The view is amazing, service was professional, and drinks were on par. The prices are about right with other high class rooftops. I will be coming back here again soon.

Matt Ryder: Had the audacity to cancel a reservation we made weeks in advance the day of “due to a private event”. Note to management: if you’re going to be so bold as to tell all reservations they will be charged $50/pp cancellation fee for any reservations cancelled within 24 hours - you should do the same should the tables turn. Will you be paying me $100 now due to your lack of proper scheduling and communication to your guests?? 🤦🏻‍♂️

Maxwell D.: Frankly, really disappointing. There is so much potential here to be a destination bar and they absolutely squander it! The cocktails are $18, served in thin plastic cups, and of the same quality that you’d get at a cheap late night college bar. The food, which is hilariously overpriced, is also average at best. $29 for two pitiful skewers with overcooked steak on them and a $26 7 Eleven pizza with some olives and banana peppers thrown on it. The service was below average as well, with servers disappearing for long periods of time, employees literally throwing drinks off the roof, and an otherwise pleasant hostess that waved us through and advised us to sit anywhere despite having a reservation. The ONLY redeeming quality of this bar is the stunning views of Georgetown, Arlington, the Kennedy Center, and the low flying aircraft on approach to DCA. DO NOT come here expecting quality concessions and cocktails, or even decent service.

sdgainesdc: Limited menu, pricey, staff seemed pretty helpful. Not a place I would go too often but it was a special occasion.

Will Normand: The rooftop was practically EMPTY, and it was just 2 of us and we wanted to get a drink at the bar. They insisted we "check in" at the host stand prior to going to the bar, which insanely took around 8 minutes per group. Literally took 15 minutes of standing in line at the host stand with barely anyone in front of us to be able to get a drink at the bar. The host had zero sense of urgency, handled everything as slowly as possible. Very disappointing experience. Once we got to the front, they said we needed a reservation just to have a drink at the bar. Horrible, will never be back

6. Vue Rooftop

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Vue Rooftop

Address: 515 15th St NW, Washington, DC 20004

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 5PM

Telephone: (202) 661-2437

Business type: Lounge

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Vue Rooftop: what do users think?

Elizabeth T.: Awesome location for a rooftop - only issue is that the best views are by the standing bar which seems to be an odd placement considering the food is expensive and you would think that they would seat more people by the windows. Drinks are on the pricier side with beer starting at $11. We ordered the burrata and lobster mango to start - by far the highlight of the meal. For dinner I got the lamb burger and it was okay but I’ve had better.

Elliott Schellinger: The views of the Washington monument are absolutely unparalleled from the booth at the Vue Rooftop. This was my first time at the establishment and I must admit I am quite impressed. The staff and the management were extremely accommodating, even though our demands were somewhat obnoxious. They were willing to open up the private dining area just for the two of us, and let us experience the D.C. skyline at its absolute best. The food was quite delicious. The appetizers in particular were truly scrumptious; “calamari” and “Parmesan fries” are the absolute must, along with the “olives and bread” starter. The must have cocktail for me was the “power to peaches”, divinely smooth and summery fresh. All-in-all, it was a perfect bon-voyage evening before we headed back to NYC. Thanks to the staff and the management for wrapping up our Washington D.C. visit in a ribbon with a luxurious bow on top.

JR Franks: Definitely worth checking out for the views of the WH and Mall, and the rooftop itself is quite spacious with a good amount of seating. The drinks were (unsurprisingly) on the pricier side so I probably wouldn’t come back often. Didn’t try the food but the burgers looked excellent, I’d probably try one if/when I come back.

Pat S: We had a table of 13 guest for a dinner party. My calamari was hard and overcooked my entree the seafood linguine was distasteful. Our entire table didn’t enjoy their entrees. Beautiful views of the White House and Mall, and the rooftop it’s spacious with a good amount of seating and upscale. Good vibes and ambience for drinking and dance only, dine somewhere else. The drinks were on the pricier side my cocktail was $22, overall so I probably won’t come back as often.

JD: This is a great spot for the social fare and view. It was packed on a Tuesday evening. Food was okay. Service okay. Drinks are great. Service gratuity is included in your bill, so tip extra when warranted

Robert Chang: If you want a great view of the White House, definitely check out this bar. Definitely worth spending the price for a drink just to check out the view. The drinks are definitely on the pricier side and my Old Fashion was a tad small but once again, the view was worth it.

PGAmos: Fantastic view. The White House is hidden because of the trees but I’m sure it’s in plain view during the winter. I attended an event and everything I ate was tasty. The drinks weren’t bad either! I’ll be adding this to my list for out-of-town folks to visit.

Susan FG: Food was great, as were service and views. One drink from the outdoor bar was not good, indoor bar drinks were definitely better. We still had to wait about 20 minutes for our table but that was not too bad

Christopher king: The view was pretty great. I ordered the lobster and rice because the bartender recommended it. The presentation was great but it tasted really dry. My friend got the crab cakes and those were delicious! Dont get the rice, it’s not worth $54. Probably wouldn’t visit again.

7. El Techo

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El Techo

Address: 606 Florida Ave NW, Washington, DC 20001

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 5PM

Telephone: (202) 836-4270

Business type: Bar

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El Techo: what do users think?

Alexis Farrar: The drinks was great we got passion Margarita drinks and Parton shots. We ordered the taco bowls and lamb tacos it was great as well haven’t had tacos that great in a while. The whole atmosphere was a vibe the decorations was fire we will definitely go back just make sure you make reservations.
Response: Thanks for the great review!

Patrick Young: Margaritas at happy hour were tasty, cocktails were tasty, and the decor was beautiful, but the rooftop had a plastic shield that blocked our view. We went here since we were looking for a rooftop bar experience, but it takes away from the experience if we can’t see out. The drinks were pretty pricey too even at happy hour

Tenny Kristiana: Love this place. Owner is kind and staff also really nice. Came here a bit late and it was full. We ordered nachos and it was good, love it. Also love their charcoal shot 😆

Moira Leonard: We sat at the bar in a gorgeous covered outdoor space. Our bartender Lina was fantastic and made us so beautiful and delicious drinks. I had the gin drink in the menu with rose and mint syrup among other things and my girlfriend had some special frozen concoction. Lina made some great recommendations and our tacos were fantastic. The carnitas with pineapple slaw was so yummy, but the SHOWSTOPPER was the handmade corn tortillas. They were so soft and held together so well. They were hands down the best tortillas I’ve ever had. If I’m ever back in DC I’m coming for the tacos and the cocktails.

Bobbi DeAnda: This place is a whole vibe!!! Such a beautiful setting! The only reason I didn’t give 5 stars is because about 3/4 of the drink menu was unavailable (and the drinks we got were tasty but weak). Tacos were yummy - and it was taco Tuesday. They messed up my order but brought a replacement quickly. The only other things, seating is not comfortable and it’s not accessible at all - no elevator and large staircase to get there. Other than those things, loved this place! Great service, cool vibe, and great selfie backdrops, haha! :)

Johnleia Lambert: El Techo is a vibe! The decor is dreamy, whimsical and simply beautiful. The avocado taco was a surprise treat on the menu. The texture was perfect and the ingredients paired well. The Imperio cocktail was refreshing and perfectly made. I recommend the birria tacos if you love lamb as much as I do. The meat was tender and cooked to perfection. Definitely go to El Techo if you are in the Shaw area.
Response: Thanks for the great review and please tell your friends!

Aaron Krahling: Great Atmosphere, Excellent Menu, Highly Reccomended My teenage daughter and I met a friend at El Techo last night and it was a very pleasant experience. We were greeted and seated promptly at our reservation time. The decor was simple but unique and pretty cool looking. The noise levels were low to moderate so conversation wasn’t difficult, which is my biggest pet peeve when dining. The wait staff was quick to greet us at the table and helped us with any questions we had about different dishes. At our friend’s recommendation, we ordered one of each of their fresh juices followed by their cleanse juice. These beverages were unique in their blends of (not all in one) beets, tangerine, lemon, ginger, apple juice, pear juice and several others that I’m not recalling at this time. When the server brought the juices, they also brought our order of chips/salsa/queso/guacamole. The guacamole was fresh made in house and spiced appropriately while the queso and salsa were far above average. After talking to the server for a while and asking more questions than most would tolerate, we ended up ordering 2 of the 3-taco trays. The juices kind of unexpectedly filled us up so we were light on the meal. The tacos we ordered were Carne Asada, Fried Avocado and Shrimp. They came served on corn tortillas, which weren’t too hard or soft, topped with lettuce, tomato (might have been pico) and onions and then of course whatever the main topping was. They were the perfect temperature and definitely fit in my top 5 best tacos I’ve had, which might sound sub par, but I’ve had hundreds at restaurants all over the country. Since we filled up on juices and tacos, there was no room for dessert but that’s okay. It gives me something to look forward to the next time around. Overall, I give this place a 9/10……………. because there’s no such thing as perfect.

8. Jack Rose Dining Saloon

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Jack Rose Dining Saloon

Address: 2007 18th St NW, Washington, DC 20009

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 5PM

Telephone: (202) 588-7388

Business type: American restaurant

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Jack Rose Dining Saloon: what do users think?

Oceanie De Silva: What an Amazing Whiskey Collection!! We had a night out of drinks here with our friend who was visiting us and we absolutely loved the place and the collection of whiskeys and bourbon and so many other stuff! The bar tenders are so friendly and knowledgeable about everything! I said I love fruity cocktails with either Gin or Vodka and instant cocktails were created! Must visit in DC

Meg Salocks: One of the best collections of Scotch Malt Whisky Society on the east coast, along with lots of other unique bottles with a real range in prices. The staff are eternally nice and thoughtful, and will happily help you find the right pour for your tastes. A date night favorite if whiskey is your thing.

Anindita Barman: This is a very popular place I could tell from the crowd that was in the restaurant even after the kitchen had closed. We had the "Jack Rose Barrel Picks" flight, the "Time in a Bottle" cocktail, whiskey Wings and fries. The whiskey selection in the flight was great, the cocktail and the wings were good as well, however, the fries were not seasoned or salted at all. Service was good but the host could have done better. He just stood there without greeting or anything so we were not sure if he was part of the staff. Upon asking if he worked there, he said he did after which we asked for a table and he led us to one. :/ Parking can be a hassle as the restaurant is in the heart of DC. There is street parking but finding a spot is up to luck.

Gregg Caldwell: Have been here two times and the service has been excellent and the bourbon knowledge has been on par. Not sure how long it would take a server to know what liquor they have and the ability to speak about each bottle? Place gets loud as it gets later in the night. Make sure to check out the upstairs area.

Kevin Raisch: As a whisk(e)y fan, I had to visit Jack Rose while in DC and it was awesome. Kyle, our whisky advisor, perfectly crafted a whisky flight based on my preferences and provided very detailed and interesting facts about the story and science behind each bottle. In addition to the 3,000 unique bottles of whisky they have food, beer, cocktails and two floors of space (including outdoor space) so it’s perfect even for those who don’t want whisky.

Larry Miller: Over 2600 different Whiskies in their inventory. Great selection of rare whiskey. Great cocktails, service and food. This was a busket list bar for me. Itcwas the worth the trip.

Michael McDaniel: Truly a must-go place for bourbon and whiskey lovers. For starting at only $28, you’ll get to experience 3 bottles tasting with an excellent background on each bottle by well-knowledgeable and passionate servers.The second floor is open air with different corners to experience.

9. 12 Stories

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12 Stories

Address: 75 District Square SW 12th floor, Washington, DC 20024

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 4PM

Business type: Bar

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12 Stories: what do users think?

Megan Martinez: This place is perfect for celebration cocktails and happy hour. My husband and I celebrated our anniversary here and I took my sister here for her birthday. Both times the view was spectacular, it wasn’t too crowded, and the service is just amazing. Each time the waiter brought a couple celebration shots and it made the occasion even more special! Deon was so friendly and welcoming. I can’t wait to go back!

Jason Saville: My company rented out the place for a night and we all had a blast. Very beautiful place, lots of room, great drinks and fast service. The view off the roof top is really nice. I would love to go back.

Black Star Dust: As you enter it looks like a hallway to no where but once you take the elevator ALL the way up, you’ll definitely feel like you’ve arrived. The rooftop vibes are on point. Great outdoor patio seating with panoramic views of the Potomac and Potomac golf course/Haines Point. I had the delicious salmon and kale salad and an old fashion. Both were delicious. The music and vibes are top tier. Great for a date night or night on the town with friends.

Donna Thompson: Came here got a quick pre-show meal. The menu was very limited but it made due. The grilled shrimp and the lamb steam buns were top notch. Also service was great. The place was empty but they made sure to make us feel welcomed.

Nia Bright: Very limited menu option. Beautiful restaurant + vibe but I wasn’t very satisfied with the Turkey club sandwich. Not sure what kind of sauce the put on because the menu don’t state it. The bread on the sandwich tasted terrible so I didn’t eat it. The po boy is good when they don’t toast the bread too long. Crab tacos 4/5 tasted good but I wish it had more than just cheese and crab. The crab dip was very tasteful. They should up the chips portion. So anyway the experience was good. I just wasn’t satisfied. Very good service for everyone. Also love that it’s a 21+ location. Thank you for bringing out our friend cake with candles

Trena Briscoe: I recently celebrated my birthday with some close friends at 12 Stories at the Wharf. Everything from planning the event to having the party was easy and enjoyable. I reserved the Cove area of the club for my event, and it was perfect: The staff was attentive. The food was delicious! The music and the atmosphere were chic and elegant. I want to thank Judy Ava, the event planner, especially - she made me feel welcomed and handled everything with excellent care. I would be thrilled to host another event here.

Tina Beale: I was disappointed that we had a $75 minimum per person for bar food and was required to dress up for a lounge setting. The crab dip had mostly cheese and the drinks were water down. The Po Boy, chicken tenders and truffle fries were good. The View was spectacular but not sure it was worth the $500 dollars price tag for 90 minutes. That’s right you get only 90 minutes to enjoy the view. But at least I can say I tried it.

Candace L: Beautiful outdoor seating. It was cold outside but the heaters outside made the weather bearable. Our server was great, quick, and friendly. I tasted the chicken and burger. Get the chicken! It was delicious. My friend enjoyed the crab dip. Drinks were made quickly and tasted great. We made reservations and our table was ready when we arrived. Parking is a beast so arrive early. They stick to their 90 minute times on reservations.

10. Potomac Plaza Terraces

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8 reviews
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Potomac Plaza Terraces

Address: 730 24th St NW, Washington, DC 20037

Telephone: (202) 338-9262

Business type: Housing cooperative

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Potomac Plaza Terraces: what do users think?

Martha Edwards: I live here. Just bought an apartment in July 2020. Like the location next to metro, the river, and other downtown conveniences.

PMS R: Nice place n very close to metro

Ian O'Keefe: Great community

Steven Boas: Good

Raj Kedda: Great Place

11. Café Riggs

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Café Riggs

Address: 900 F St NW, Washington, DC 20004

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 7AM

Telephone: (202) 788-2800

Business type: New American restaurant

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Café Riggs: what do users think?

R. Michael Burns: The pancakes I had here were perhaps the best I have ever eaten, due in large part to the lavender honey butter, a truly unique flavor that I absolutely loved. The pancakes themselves were large and lovely -- fluffy inside, nicely caramelized on the outside. A bit pricey, but worth every penny and then some. I was less in love with the Italian chicken sausage, which was a bit dense and ever-so-slightly gamey somehow. Not bad, really, but based on the pancakes I expected better. I also wish they had a greater variety of non-alcoholic drinks. The atmosphere has a sort of old-school elegance with some really nice art deco accents and high, molded ceilings with large windows, giving the place a nice openness and making it a very nice spot for a fancy-but-not-too-fancy breakfast.

Muniba Khan: My friend and I came to Cafe Riggs on a Monday night while we were in from out of town. We were able to book a same day reservation, which was really convenient. The place is really elegant and beautiful, and the service was also stellar. I got the salmon and my friend got the halibut and both were incredibly delicious! We also got the cherry blossom sundae from the seasonal dessert menu and it was really great! I only wish that it had more cherry blossom and less vanilla. My friend tried some of their drinks- they had a special on Martinis for Monday, so she tried the three minis and said her favorite by far was the Vesper. Also, there was a cherry blossom vermouth cocktail off the dessert specials menu that she really liked.

Food Enthusiast: Gorgeous place! I tried the happy hour menu, the drinks were very good and the bartender was a very kind and thoughtful man. If you want to bring a friend to a beautiful place with great ambiance and good food/drinks, look no further! I will definitely come back to try their breakfast menu.

Bethany: Beautiful and delicious experience. This place was amazing. I had the Cafe Royale? It was eggs benedict with smoked salmon and it was absolutely perfect. It was more expensive than I would normally go for for breakfast but it was so good I would do it again. The room was beautiful, the tables were very modern and chic and the food was delicious.

harrisonaslami: Honestly the atmosphere alone is to die for. Went for an early lunch/late brunch on a Thursday. Was seated immediately - lots of seating. Ordered drinks and food and all of it arrived to the table within 5 minutes, presented well with fresh ingredients. Not exactly cheap but not outlandishly priced. Great service. Will come here at least once every time I visit.

Erica Ortiz: This transformed bank space wows with decor, satisfies with food, and stuns with service. The menu could benefit from more raw bar selections, or light fare for after work and happy hour crowds (dinner starts at 5:30), and some additional entree selections. That said, everything I have had here has been delicious and straightforward. A great place for a business lunch, or cocktail hour.

Adam Riemer: Ok TL:DR top ten French fries in the country. They’re right up there with the potato pillows at Arnauds in New Orleans. That’s why five stars instead of three and a half. The fries are crispy on the outside, salted perfectly and melt in your mouth. The server and hostess are incredibly fun and friendly. They’re also professional. Once small issue we had is that we wanted to use our coupon from open table, but it didn’t work because I messed up the date. I asked the hostess if I could rebook but she said it would be fine and was more in a hurry to listen, she just wanted to seat us. To be fair she genuinely didn’t understand why I wanted to rebook, but it’s no big deal. She did her job and when I requested a different table she was very professional and made it happen. She was fantastic, friendly and wonderful. It would have been nice to use the coupon though. I fully enjoyed the Cabernet Merlot blend from Markham and my friend thought the Rose was good. He likes sweet wines and they don’t have any, including in the sparkling section so this was a great alternative. The mussels were delicious, but the fries are the show stopper. My burger came out dry and overcooked to the point where I shoveled it all down as quick as possible so I could just get through it. The lobster ravioli was over cooked and tough. But it is what it is. I would absolutely recommend this place based on the atmosphere, fries and cocktails for a business happy hour or networking event. The atmosphere is perfect for date night, but the food wasn’t prepared right so I would not go here for an actual date. It was likely just an off day. If you’re looking for a bachelorette party, brunch spot or drinks with the girls, this is a definite yes!!!

12. Seabury at Friendship Terrace

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12 reviews
new review
Seabury at Friendship Terrace

Address: 4201 Butterworth Pl NW, Washington, DC 20016

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8:30AM

Telephone: (202) 244-7400

Business type: Retirement home

Near Seabury at Friendship Terrace:

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Seabury at Friendship Terrace: what do users think?

Lakeisha James Smith: I would first like to thank Tawanda J. for all the hard work and assistance that she gave in getting my sister in the much needed location. If you are looking for a great place for your family member that is a senior this is the place you should be looking at! The cost is affordable and the location is in a nice area.
Response: Thank you for the kind words, Lakeisha. We are so glad to have your sister as part of our community.

Robert Collins: I came to Seabury four years ago and have since found my experience to be better than I expected. The staff is competent and friendly and do a fine job. Not once did I have a feeling that I could do better elsewhere. The place is clean and well maintained and the staff are well trained and perform their duties as well (or better) that could be expected. I am very pleased !
Response: Thank you for the kind words, Robert. We are glad to have you as part of our community!

Tamara Ragin: I would like to thank Tawanda Jackson, Mary Toussiant and Saja Hogans for a wonderful experience helping me to navigate my brothers transition from a hospital/rehab into an apartment unit at Seabury that fit his needs. The staff was super nice, helpful and knowledgeable. They were always there to assist me with any questions or concerns that I had about the community and leasing process. My family couldn’t be more happier about the decision we made to choose Seabury as my brothers new home.
Response: We are so glad that we were able to help! It is an honor to be your brother's new home. From our family to yours... Welcome!

Adil Halla: I want to specifically thank Tawanda Jackson for her exceptional service. She really went above and beyond to accommodate our needs from day one. We have couple members of our family residing at seabury and the experience has been great. The staff is friendly and very prompt to residents needs around the clock. This is the place to feel home, safe and with community. Thanks

dianasophiaanderson: I’ve been a guest at Friendship Terrace for decades and have observed many changes. The current administrator runs the building more like a prison than a retirement community. She actually hired security guards and off duty cops to patrol a floor where she was trying to evict a resident as an intimidation tactic. The “guards” sat around playing with their phones for over a year; their presence was annoying and perplexing to the community. The resident she tried to evict was a friendly, harmless man. Recently, I heard same administrator harassing and threatening another resident, an 81 yr. old man who was suffering food poisoning, as she threatened to have him put in assisted living. She upset him so much he feels depressed whenever he sees her. Friendship Terrace used to be a friendly place but it is now a hostile environment with rapid turnover. Mice, roaches and bedbugs were all present in the apartment my friend moved into. Maintenance is poor and untrained. Unless the administrator is fired, as she should be for abusing her authority to intimidate vulnerable residents, don’t live in this building. At present, it is both a physically and psychologically toxic environment for the elderly.

Howard Frick: I am an 81 yr. old resident of Friendship Terrace that is disappointed in the management and maintenance of the building. The rod of my blinds has been broken for months and maintenance delays fixing the rod; thus, I have no light in my 400 sq ft efficiency. Furthermore, the administrator ordered pest control to drill holes in the walls and insert poison in the apartments. Had I had a say in this matter, I would have vehemently objected to these aggressively dangerous methods of pest control in my efficiency. There is asbestos and mold in the building and pest control forgot to seal all the holes they drilled. I have informed maintenance of this problem but no action to correct this mistake has been taken. Nobody is really in charge here because employees all pass the buck — do NOT take responsibility for mistakes. The hole in my wall is unsealed, leaving an opening for vermin, mold, asbestos and other deadly chemicals to escape. The ceilings are popcorn ceilings, constantly shedding a fine dust and there is no adequate ventilation in the apartments to clean the air. My respiratory problems have worsened substantially leading to multiple hospitalizations because of the indoor air pollution in the building. If you visit, check out the dirty carpeted stairwells that stink and again have NO VENTILATION. Appeals to higher authorities at the Seabury Corporation are routinely ignored. At my advanced age, I shouldn’t have to worry about all these issues. There used to be a kind social worker employed here but she resigned in protest when the new administrator started her post because her ability to help residents was being severely restricted. She told me in her own words that she was not being allowed to do her job and represent the concerns of the residents. Now there is no social worker at all in a building that houses elderly people, many of whom suffer severe financial hardship and need empathy and advice. This building needs serious review by HUD, DC Housing Authority and Poison Control. The administrator abuses her power in many ways; for example, by firing or forcing staff to resign and replacing them with her relatives. Friendship Terrace was originally run by the church across the street. Seabury Corporation took it over and replaced compassion with greed. This is a building that claims to be for independent seniors, yet condescends to them in every way. Forget about privacy. Employees enter your apartment whenever they want without your permission. Notices about various problems in the building are clipped outside your apartment door daily, making it obvious to staff and other residents when you are out of town. Your name is posted on your door. Residents are treated more like kids in a dormitory than adults. If you complain you are punished by the administrator who holds weekly staff meetings and gossips about residents. Perhaps, someone will read this review and finally seal the open holes in my wall and fix the blinds! Ironically, one of the only consistently kind and hardworking employees here is the accountant. Perhaps, if the rest of the limited staff were better trained and better paid they would be motivated to do better work.

13. Victura Park

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11 reviews
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Victura Park

Address: 2700 F St NW, Washington, DC 20566

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM

Business type: Beer garden

Near Victura Park:

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Victura Park: what do users think?

Frank: Cool art park with lots of open space that has a cafe serving light fare, beer wine and coffee.

Brigette C: Perfect place to soak up some A/C with a beer on a hot Saturday. The outdoor area is very nice too. We sat inside by the window/wall and watched the activity on the river

Victoria Black: This is a nice spot, but the staff was not very friendly to us.I would come again but bring my own water (which they say you can’t do on their website) I should edit that, one staff member was helpful and one was not. The restaurant also does not have very many options food and drink wise and does not provide tap water to drink (which is against the law). We tried to get water and were told to get it out of the bathroom tap??? Very odd, not to mention gross. Prices were usual for DC. It is a nice spot but needs to execute better to live up to the Kennedy Center standard.

Jeremy Sherman: Beautiful space but food is terrible and way overpriced. Come to drink not eat.

TheOriginalBCB: A must hang in DC

14. Hillside Terrace

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10 reviews
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Hillside Terrace

Address: 1823 23rd St SE, Washington, DC 20020

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8AM

Telephone: (202) 575-2575

Business type: Apartment building

Near Hillside Terrace:

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Hillside Terrace: what do users think?

Wayne Steele: Rent to high not enough parking spot and the apartment floor and walls are thin that you can hear your people over top of you walking and moving furniture across the floor at night and morning

Cookie Lyons: When will they control the pest problem?? I have lived here for 5 years (shame on me)... I have killed at least 100 cockroaches. Huge and disgusting! My child is scared to go in his room. All of my neighbors have complained! All they do is spray. Do not rent here...
Response: Good Morning, Thank you for your review of Hillside Terrace. We are disappointed that your living experience has been an unsatisfactory. Please give the property manager Patrick McKenzie a call at your earliest convenience. He would like to come and inspect your unit and come up with a solution together. His direct dial is 202-408-3205. Regards, Christine Nesbitt

Breana Watson: I lived there for 5 yrs and I must say Kathy is the definition of the worst person on earth, her attitude sucks, and shes very unprofessional moving was the best decision of my life.
Response: Hi Breana, I'm so sorry to hear about your experience. I understand you have already moved out, but if you are willing, I would like the opportunity to hear how we could have served you better. If you would being willing to talk, please contact me at Thank you, Holli

15. Doyle

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202 reviews
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Address: 1500 New Hampshire Ave NW, Washington, DC 20036

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 2PM

Telephone: (202) 448-4301

Business type: Bar

Near Doyle:

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Doyle: what do users think?

Justin Leach: The servers were very friendly but 4-5 different people visited my table through the night, I wasn’t sure who my server was and who was just there to refill waters because everyone seemed to be switching roles. Even the host refilled my wine. They weren’t even too busy. I never got my salad, which in my situation was fine because I wasn’t too hungry anyway and really just wanted a couple drinks but normally would not be okay, and when I asked for the desert menu it took 20 minutes because they apparently only had one copy and all the tables were sharing it. Again, very friendly but confusing service. Can’t speak to the food because I never ended up getting mine.
Response: Thank you for sharing feedback on your recent experience at Doyle. While we're pleased to learn you found our staff to be friendly, we are disappointed to learn we felt short on delivering a memorable experience. Please know I have shared your comments with our team to ensure the high service standards we have set for our team are consistently upheld. Should your travels bring you back to Doyle, please let me know so I can personally ensure we have the opportunity to make amends for your recent experience. Regards, Julian Enright Senior Bar Manager

Alyssa Miller: I usually love the Doyle however - after over a month of not setting foot in the establishment I was charged over $85.00. Let me be clear - I have not lost my card, it has been in my possession the entire time. It has been impossible to get this resolved and incredibly disappointing in that the likely cause of this was a staff member running my card information and pocketing the money. My goal has been reversed and that has been not only incredibly difficult to do - I have been promised call backs from the manager that have never materialized. At this point I don’t see myself ever going back to what was one of my favorite places to enjoy a drink and wonderful atmosphere and I cannot in good conscience recommend it to anyone because they might be stolen from.
Response: Good Afternoon, Alyssa. We are deeply concerned to learn of this issue. After further review, it appears there was a delay of charge from the credit card processing company from your original visit. A member of our team would like to be in touch to provide additional details surrounding this charge. Please be assured that credit card details are never stored in our systems. When convenient, please send us an email with your contact information so we have the opportunity to make amends for this inconvenience. Regards, Julian Enright Bar Manager

Lina G: The best spot to kill your vibes. I felt disrespected. My taste buds felt disrespected. The three days old burger buns were offensive to my very culinary enthusiastic existence. The pickle wouldn’t take in the knife or teeth. The cocktail tastes like slushy. The bartender attends to customers not in the order of first come first serve, but in the order of shades - of course white to black. The manager looks like he hit the loto making management in the midst of lack of labor in covid era. If you came in ravenous, you’ll leave mortified or else you’ve simply lost your taste. What a shame it’s in the heart of DC. Sat June 25th, 2022. 11pm
Response: Thank you for your review. We are extremely concerned to learn of your recent experience at Doyle. We would like the opportunity to speak with you further to learn more about your visit, address any shortcomings, and see how we can make amends for your experience. When convenient, please send us an email with your best contact information so we can be in touch. I look forward to speaking with you. Regards, Julian Enright Senior Bar Manager

M Whittaker: Fun office happy hour in a perfectly air-conditioned environment! Tasty drinks and snacks for all co-workers!!

16. Clifton Terrace Apartments

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1 reviews
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Clifton Terrace Apartments

Address: 1350 Clifton St NW, Washington, DC 20009

Telephone: (202) 518-3030

Business type: Apartment building

Near Clifton Terrace Apartments:

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17. Blue Duck Tavern

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1414 reviews
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Blue Duck Tavern

Address: 1201 24th St NW, Washington, DC 20037

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 7AM

Telephone: (202) 419-6755

Business type: American restaurant

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Blue Duck Tavern: what do users think?

Michelle Wiciak: Absolutely phenomenal. This place has the best duck ever. Honestly, everything we had was amazing--from the charcuterie board to the horseradish potatoes to the chocolate peanut butter cake. A well-rounded meal. Not to mention, our waiter did an excellent job at recommending our wine selection and paired beautifully with our dishes. Just an amazing experience and will come back when we are in the city again.

Tilak Kalaria: Blue Duck Tavern in the Park Hyatt is an amazing dining experience. The ambience and the service match the excellent cocktails, wine, and cuisine. You truly get what you pay for and you do pay don’t get me wrong but WoW everything tastes excellent and the service team’s attention to detail elevates the experience. The bone marrow and the duck were my favourite dishes to name a couple. Intriguingly delicious was their house bread with olives! Excellent dining experience that is worth the price. Cheers.

Kim Nguyen: Wow. We were so impressed with the quality of the food here. It’s my first time in DC and after a bit of researching for fine dining restaurant, we decided to try Blue Duck Tavern. I was able to make a last minute reservation for 2 at 8:30pm. Their bone marrow and duck breast were so bomb. The service was amazing as well. Highly recommend!

Jerry’s Adventure: Service, value, flavor it hits all the marks The short ribs were tender and melts in your mouth. And with a smoky flavor 👌 the egg 🥚 is cooked perfectly as it gives a creamy texture to the dish. The biscuit holds up with good structure, but it’s flavor may not be as accentuated as it can be (mostly herbs) and can use a gravy. Pancakes were fluffy as expected and presentation is beautiful 😌 Overall a must go in DC area

Vivian Cheng: Went for lunch. Food is solid, well-executed. We had the cured ocean trout (delicious!) and the kale salad (perfect) with two entrees. Crab cakes are large and delicious. Well seasoned, paired with a salad. I had the confit duck leg. Flavorful, succulent, with a beautiful crispy skin. Sadly, we were too full for dessert. Well-worth a visit.

Tamila Torab Eghdami: It was my first time eating duck. The food was absolutely delicious! 😋 The service was amazing. Too bad we didn’t have time to go back for the second time but next time I’m in Washington definitely we’ll go back. We also tried their apple pie with tea and it was the best apple pie I ever had in my whole life. This restaurant worth your money and time!

Amer Alsamman: Went for our anniversary. The staff were curtious, and friendly. Our waiter went above and beyond to make make our experience great The apple pie was amazing. I had the beef rib which was good but had more fat veins than expected.

18. Kids After Hours Oakland Terrace

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2 reviews
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Kids After Hours Oakland Terrace

Address: 2720 Plyers Mill Rd, Silver Spring, MD 20902

Telephone: (301) 933-1344

Business type: Child care agency

Near Kids After Hours Oakland Terrace:

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Kids After Hours Oakland Terrace: what do users think?

Danny Bowie: Very professional

19. Rosewood Washington, D.C.

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148 reviews
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Rosewood Washington, D.C.

Address: 1050 31st St NW, Washington, DC 20007

Telephone: (202) 617-2400

Business type: Hotel

Near Rosewood Washington, D.C.:

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Rosewood Washington, D.C.: what do users think?

C. Pine: Best hotel in Georgetown. I love the charm of this hotel right in the heart of everything. The friendliest staff and impeccable service and luxurious accommodations while steps away from shopping and more dining options. The library/reception area is a cozy and elegant pace for a nightcap or to lounge. The rooftop offers a fantastic view of the cityscape and is a great for private functions or if you need a peaceful place to hang out.
Response: Dear C. Pine: Thank you very much for this delightful review! We look forward to having you back with us in the near future! Sincerely, Rosewood Washington, D.C.

Mandy Jacqueline: The Lobby Bar in the Rosewood was amazing. Great service and wonderful drinks if you’re looking for high-class
Response: Dear Mandy: Thank you so much for your wonderful review! We are delighted you enjoyed your experience and look forward to having you back with us. Sincerley, CUT DC and Rosewood Washington, D.C.

Shana Acquisto (Luxury Realtor): Stopped in for a drink on the rooftop. Beautiful atmosphere. Drinks were pricey and honestly a bit too much sugar for our liking but some may prefer that. Very friendly staff once we got up to the rooftop and great service.
Response: Dear Shana Acquisto: Thank you for your kind review of CUT Above and for your honest feedback. We have shared this with the team. We look forward to having you back with us soon. Sincerely Rosewood Washington, D.C.

Tania Ferguson: The Rosewood DC is remarkably disappointing. More expensive than comparable rooms at the Ritz or Four Seasons, there are essentially no luxury amenities. The pool is the size of two hot tubs. Sadly, Cut the restaurant had a kitchen fire and therefore there is no way to get anything to eat at the hotel. I had to go grocery shopping. They did not offer any discount for this inconvenience. The did make the minibar complementary except for liquor….and there is essentially nothing to eat in the minibar. The room is incredibly small and the bathroom hard to manage in its size. The “partial canal view” is just a brick wall. One must stand to look out the window if water is to be seen-and only then with great focus. More accurately this is a brick wall view. There is no spa, the fitness facility is smaller than a bathroom with no modern equipment in it except a single peleton bike with bad pedals. The fitness facility is a really big disappointment-I’ve had to find a gym to go work out at. So I’ve had to leave the premises for food, workout, spa services….It’s a travesty to the Rosewood brand. They should close the hotel and renovate, modernize-or drop the prices to reflect the current facade.
Response: Dear Ms. Ferguson: Thank you for posting your thoughts about your recent stay with us. I am very sorry that it did not meet your expectations. We, too, are very sad that the incident in the kitchen has resulted in us not being able to occupy that space and provide the In-Room Dining you were hoping for - we hope to have this matter rectified shortly. I do hope that you enjoyed the complimentary breakfast we had set up in the lounge for all our guests. I also hope that the fresh fruit bowls that we delivered to you helped the situation. The room you occupied (about 420 square feet) does have unobstructed views of the canal, I believe the brick wall to which you are referring is the exterior wall of the building on the opposite side of the canal. As you know, there is no reference to a spa on our site but we do offer in-room massage services - one of which was offered to you with our compliments. We shall review the verbiage regarding the fitness center but the listing of equipment on the page is accurate. Overall, I am sorry that we didn't meet your expectations and hope that the reduction of your room rate that was offered helped to ease this a bit. I hope we have the chance to welcome you back in the near future and be able to deliver the experience you expect. Sincerely, Timothy Edgecombe Director of Sales

Mohsen: Enjoyed one week of stay at this hotel. Everything was perfect and felt personal. Fantastic staff.
Response: Dear Mohsen: Thank you so much for your kind comments - it was fantastic having both you and your fellow travellers with us. I sincerely hope we can welcome you back in the very near future! Sincerely, Rosewood Washington, D.C.

Kelly Smith: Great hotel. Near everything in Georgetown. Service is amazing. Nicest place in the area.
Response: Dear Ms. Smith: Thank you very much for your lovely review of Rosewood Washington, D.C. We sincerely hope we have the chance to welcome you back in the very near future. Sincerely, Timothy Edgecombe Director of Sales

Andrew Carmichael: Amazing hotel experience in a wonderful part of DC. It’s a smaller hotel that does a stellar job of balancing the finesse of a larger hotel with the intimacy of a boutique one. The team remembers everyone’s name and does to whatever they can to make your stay a memorable one.
Response: Dear Mr. Carmichael: Thank you very much for this wonderful review. We are delighted that you enjoyed the intimate experience that makes "The Gem of Georgetown" such a favourite among its guests. We hope to welcome you back in the near future. Sincerely, Rosewood Washington, D.C.

Lisa Morin: This lovely, small hotel was well located in Georgetown. The room was nice, quiet and the bed was very comfortable. The service from all staff was exceptional. They attended to every detail to make our stay a great one!
Response: Dear Ms. Morin: Thank you for your kind review of our hotel, much appreciated! We are glad that you enjoyed your stay and hope to see you again very soon. Please let us know if we can be of any assistance in the meantime. Sincerely, Gabor L. Vida Managing Director Rosewood Washington, D.C.

Addison Muska: Spacious room with good lighting. Pleasant stay with friendly staff and quality amenities. Location is close to all major sights and places. Would stay again
Response: Dear Addison, Thank you for your kind review of our hotel, much appreciated! We are glad that you enjoyed your stay and hope to see you again very soon. Please let us know if we can be of any assistance in the meantime. Sincerely, Gabor L. Vida Managing Director Rosewood Washington, D.C.

20. Riggs Washington DC

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223 reviews
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Riggs Washington DC

Address: 900 F St NW, Washington, DC 20004

Telephone: (202) 638-1800

Business type: Hotel

Near Riggs Washington DC:

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Riggs Washington DC: what do users think?

Cesar Desouza: The friendly staff is exceptional. They really care about you during your stay there. The room is comfortable, remodeled with good decor. But the bathroom is narrow, not enough for a couple to shower together. Perfect location. Close enough to all monuments and stores. The gym is well equipped and the restaurant is amazing. I recommend this hotel. Congratulations to all the staff and thank you for making my stay perfect.
Response: Dear Cesar, Thank you for choosing Riggs and sharing this great review of our hotel. It was a delight to welcome you and I'm elated to read that you enjoyed our pleasant team members and thoughtful design. We cannot wait to welcome you back again soon and introduce you to more and more of the best that Downtown DC has to offer. Yours in hospitality, Maximillian Sanson Director of Front Office

Hailey Davis: We are SO happy with our stay at the Riggs. We got the Bed and Breakfast package which was so convenient so we could start the day before DC got too busy. It’s the perfect location by amazing food choices for happy hour and dinner. We walked literally everywhere, or we took the metro railway, which has a station on the same block. The employees are happy and so kind. The rooftop view is stunning. Their bartenders take their job very seriously and they are basically artists with their drinks! Thank you for an amazing stay! We will be back.

Sherry Motta: Feels decadent. Lovely decor. Good service. Reservations even for breakfast make it convenient. Would be nice to have a few more unique/specialty items on the menu to go with the decor/ambiance. For example, we ate breakfast & enjoyed little touches like the honey lavender butter. Recommend a few more things like that to make the meal different from other places to get a meal.
Response: Dear Sherry, Welcome you and sharing our passion for delicious and eclectic menus is always a pleasure and I'm so glad you were able to enjoy some of our flairs. We're always looking for the extravagant ways of expressing ourselves and our heat for the culinary arts so we'll be sure to invent new and exciting ways to enjoy every mealtime and snack at Café Riggs and Silver Lyan. Yours in hospitality, Maximillian Sanson Director of Front Office

T & J Herzog: All around great hotel. Great location. Walking distance to all of the national sites and museums and also restaurants. Also quick walk to the convention center (we went for a volleyball tournament.)Clean and accommodating. Safe area. Fantastic customer service- especially the parking and valley service, which was extraordinarily convenient. I agree with the other comment that they treat everyone like royalty. They greet you by name as you come in and out. Highly recommend.
Response: Dear Herzog Party, It was a true pleasure to welcome you to Riggs and share our many amenities, services, and pinpoint-perfect location. I'm glad you made such good use of the latter, visiting your tournament (which I'm sure you excelled at!), the National Mall just a few blocks away and some of the best dining in the city. Our most prized element, however, has to be every member of our team. Their dedication and passion for the guest experience is always such a pleasure to indulge in. We hope to welcome you back again soon and introduce you to more and more of our wonderful team. Yours in hospitality, Maximillian Sanson Director of Front Office

Claudia Lewis: The Riggs Hotel is very nice and has a speak easy type bar downstairs. It’s in a nice area of the city with access to metro and Smithsonian. I’m giving 4 stars instead of 5 because the standard rooms are very small which is not accurately reflected on its website. The staff is amazing!!!
Response: Dear Claudia, Thank you for choosing Riggs and sharing this great review and important feedback. I'm glad you overall enjoyed your stay and were able to imbibe at Silver Lyan and explore the highlights of Downtown DC! We'd love to welcome you back again soon and introduce you to more of our luxuries, services, and features. We always try our utmost to make sure that the experience you receive at Riggs is reflected at the time of booking. We'll be sure to reflect on our presentation online to ensure this is upheld. Yours in hospitality, Maximillian Sanson Director of Front Office

katherine adelufosi: The rooms are beautiful. Close to a lot of the DC attractions.. What made it extra special is Tiffany from concierge . She went above and beyond to accommodate all my special request and needs. I truly thank her for her service.Staff is excellent and the food at Cafe Riggs is another highlight. I will definitely book here again in the future.
Response: Dear Katherine, It was a true delight to welcome you to Riggs and share so much of what makes us stand out amongst the competition. Tiffany especially is a bright, radiant example of the brilliant service we aim to provide every day to our many guests. Between the delicious food and luxurious amenities and services, we're so glad you were able to enjoy Riggs to the fullest. Yours in hospitality, Maximillian Sanson Director of Front Office

Chloe Reynolds: One of the most amazing customer services experiences I have ever had, they made us feel like royalty when we were staying one short night and came in looking like a gaggle of geese. Amazing food, and truly amazing people working there. So friendly and cute and everyone there was so happy to help and wish us a wonderful stay. Never suggesting anywhere else, this is the place!
Response: Dear Chloe, Thank you for choosing Riggs and sharing this amazing review of our hotel! I'm so glad we were able to provide such lavish and thoughtful service. It's a real passion of ours (you may have noticed)! With our eclectic menus, delightful team members, and grand atmosphere, I'm so glad we were able to share so much of ourselves with you. We're impatiently awaiting your next visit. Yours in hospitality, Maximillian Sanson Director of Front Office

Queenie01: 3 stars because this place is absolutely beautiful. I love coming to DC. Their food and scenery is always good. I was visiting for 24 hours and decided to visit cafe Riggs for bunch. To my surprise it wasn’t crowded. The service I received was completely horrible. My waiter was very unimpressed and uninterested in getting my order. It seemed like I was bothering him. after he got my ordered, not once did he come back to check on me. Funny because he walked pass me a million times checking on everybody else. I’m not going to make it a race thing, but Victor do better. I don’t plan on staying at this hotel or eating this this restaurant again in the future. What’s good is the scenery and food if the service is horrible.
Response: Dear Queenie, Thank you for the kind mentions and incredibly important feedback. It was a pleasure to have you and we'll be sure to reflect on this review with my food and beverages management team so we can chase our goals of being among the very best of Washington DC. Yours in hospitality, Maximillian Sanson Director of Front Office

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