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1. Subway - Washington

路 214 reviews

555 13th St NW, Washington, DC 20005

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Subway: what do users think?

Rowan Horan: Decent subway but I don鈥檛 think it鈥檚 sanitary to have a little kid of an employee running around behind all the food.

Thomas Brablec: Service is quick and staff is friendly. Walking in is a little confusing due to the location of the Subway inside the building. Food was great and pricing reasonable.

Rajas Purohit: Excellent service with satisfactory precautions taken regarding social distancing.

2. Subway - Washington



路 154 reviews

1959 E St NW Space C, Washington, DC 20052

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Subway: what do users think?

Richard Hubble: Great service and the food was amazing. Loved the fact you go upstairs to eat.

Rashid Agina: Great place to relax as you absorb Washington DC and CHARGE your phone!

Jeffrey: This place is one of the most impressive Subways I鈥檝e ever visited! I go during lunch rush and they are ridiculously fast. These guys know how to make your orders quickly and accurately! Also, they鈥檙e super friendly and recognize their regulars. The get you in and out of the restaurant amazingly fast!

3. Subway - Washington

路 85 reviews

1129 18th St NW Suite 101A, Washington, DC 20036

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Subway: what do users think?

Roman: Nice staff, the guy had the patience to wait for my whole family to decide what to choose even after them asking twice what each ingredient was and what to put , food is good too.

Giant Giant: The Virgin Mary herself is proud to take a dump in here on a late weekend night. Thank you Subway for alleviating my intestinal needs!!!!

Chuck Bowman: Bathroom is clean, restaurant is clean, service was fast and my sandwich was delicious.

Kevin Kellison: Not that busy for lunch time

4. Subway - Washington

路 117 reviews

525 School St SW, Washington, DC 20024

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Subway: what do users think?

靾滌瀽chris.soonja: This location is my fav Subway because staff are so pleasant; just giving out good vibes. Thank you so much. Food is delicious, and location is clean.

Kanzan Cherry: Nice employees, quality food. I have been disappointed by many Subway restaurants in the past, but this one was great.
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5. Subway - Washington

路 72 reviews

1015 15th St NW, Washington, DC 20005

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Subway: what do users think?

Jeff Smith: We were in our nation鈥檚 capital for a conference. My son and I were still on west coast time so lunch was breakfast. Everyday we walked down from the Madison for lunch. It was such a special memory. We were in town for a week and the staff learned our orders by the end of our trip. The staff was so nice and accommodating. If you are in DC and need a good lunch, consider Subway. It鈥檚 a memory I won鈥檛 soon forget.

Jeffrey: Great experience using the Subway App. I arrived and my order was ready at the expected time. It was exactly as I ordered. Also, you get to skip the line and just go to the Express Pickup section. This Subway gets a perfect score in my book! I highly recommend it.

Diana Ovesov: The only place open for Xmas day in this area! We were visiting for the Holidays and Subway was a great last minute dinner plan. Service was great! Thank you so much!

Babette: Thank you for the great food & service!! From all my Grandbabies today!!

Ben Rubenstein: I have lunch here all the time. They are very nice and I usually get a seat. They play music by Eric Satie over the sound system.

6. Subway - Washington

路 101 reviews

1666 K St NW, Washington, DC 20006

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Subway: what do users think?

Colin Abbott: Very friendly staff who made the subs as requested. All produce was fresh and store was very clean

Anthony Kishore: Great place to grab a quick bite while touring!

Vijay devara: There is a guy who showed so patience in making the wraps there were almost 30 children bumped in and he kept smiling to all of them and made sure he did his best. Good service..!!

Muhammad Hanif: Got Big sandwich there. was a cold day outside and I got so peace inside the SUBWAY. Recommended.

Adnan Khan: One of the few outlets that still sell their seafood and crab sandwich. So full support from me

7. Subway - Washington

路 65 reviews

1444 I St NW 1st Floor, Washington, DC 20005

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Subway: what do users think?

Vincent Jason: They bake their own loaves. Very courteous associates. Very neat and beautiful place.

Pranesh Halder: We love going to this subway store for their fresh breads and friendly customer service. The owner and staff always have a big smile. The store is very clean and offers fresh ingredients. With the recent upgraded d茅cor it now has a more gourmet vibe. We will be back again :-)

Elvis Ackel: This place has always remained open during the pandemic and even street closures following inauguration in downtown DC and this has been a welcome relief for those who need food. Their service is good

8. Subway - Washington

路 80 reviews

90 K St NE Suite 105, Washington, DC 20002

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Subway: what do users think?

Glorie Busjahn: The food was good. The staff were stellar, very kind. TheDC mayor just lifted her prejudice vaxmandate. I am happy to report that this subway location let us dine in without asking for vax proof.

Evan Ney: The food tastes nice and fresh, not like it has been sitting out. The place is clean.Very nice staff, as well. If you need a quick bite to eat, you should go there.

J: I had the turkey. White egg and cheese flatbread 6 in. It was $3.99 for the price it served its purpose. Aside from the more than questionable service with a hint of attitude (which could have been from working early morning). This place was cleaned and I love how the back was open and I could see them preparing for the day.

Sean Ray: The staff is awesome. They were very kind and was able to get my order right away.

John Houchins: Fast service even though they were very busy!

Olympia Frazier: I figure due to Covid and businesses being closed is why it is never crowded. There is normally only one worker and she is pretty nice 馃憣

Zahid Hussain: Great staff and they move the line.

9. Subway - Washington

路 56 reviews

3306 14th St NW, Washington, DC 20010

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Subway: what do users think?

Romona Foster: I stop in the Subway in Columbia Heights often on my way to class. It is always clean and the staff is always friendly. Their vegetable subs are always fresh, but they are out of the Balsamic Vinaigrette dressing quite often. Still, I give them 4 stars.

Nancy Cosner: Convenient for a quick stop to get lunch for work. Clean and welcoming.

Michael Tillman: Excellent customer service best in the world

Matt Krug: Friendly, quick, delicious. Mizon in particular provided excellent customer service.

10. Subway - Washington

路 199 reviews

1127 7th St NW, Washington, DC 20001

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Subway: what do users think?

Darlene jackson: I had just arrived in DC, 8 am and was glad to see the Subway after emerging from the Metro. The store was clean, the food was fresh, the coffee was hot and I was happy.

Kamal C: I was very surprised at how great the customer service was as well as the cleanliness of the restaurant,the speed of service, and also the management was great with his professionalism and recommendations. I have to say this is by far one of the best Subway locations I have ever been to out of roughly a dozen other locations. So great job @Subway on 7th and M keep up the great work I appreciate your service and hospitality. "much love" from @chefkamalc @subway #pastrami #pastramipanini #artisan #pressed #flavor #fresh #ingredients 馃憤馃徎馃 馃審鉂"" Hey everyone this is kamal and I like to do reviews in my spare time from work and if you enjoy any of my post please like with a thumbs up and follow me on here on Google Maps or Instagram @chefkamalc Thanks and stay safe 馃檹 mask up 馃樂

Paul Webb: Always friendly services, But subway needs to add more meat to their sandwiches.

Wayne Noble: I love there cold cuts

K. Antonio Wright: I was hungry & the pizza I ordered was delicious as always

11. Subway - Washington

路 80 reviews

2010 P St NW, Washington, DC 20036

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Subway: what do users think?

Ngenarr-Yassin Jeng: Quick service and friendly staff. Great sandwiches

Manuel 鈥淩eview what I see鈥 III: I have been in in Dc for a few days and have eaten at this subway Servall time and the food has been excellent as well as the service and they seem to always have a game of chess going I ask if I was welcome to come play and the lady told me yes. Very friendly staff and welcoming place. The food was always very fresh.

12. Subway - Washington

路 36 reviews

101 Independence Ave SE, Washington, DC 20540

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Subway: what do users think?

Jose Gaston Barriga: Excellent service. Soups, avocado and free refills are offered. The customer service is superb.

Alinuru com: Love books, Love architecture, and more... Enjoy your visit. Grab some food on the 6th floor with nice views.

Sebastian Beresniewicz: Great food, fast, but not exactly as friendly a staff as others

Tania G. Linares: Cool place to eat a sandwich or salad, specially for tourists who needs a quick meal.

Robert Bolar: Great place to get something to eat in the Basement of the Building.

Jon Setliff: Super convenient for Library of Congress staff who work in the basement of the Madison building.

13. Subway - Washington

路 105 reviews

1100 New York Ave NW, Washington, DC 20005

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Subway: what do users think?

Suzee Barrientos: Subway offering fresh ingredients together with good customer鈥檚 service. I sometimes wonder how many people working here since every time I see someone new. The place is super busy and if possible to come before or after lunch it can be a time saver.

Jamie Lee: So nice service, so fresh veggies, really clean and super friendly people.!! She explained in detail and that helped a lot to choose for my kids menu. Thank you! I will definitely come back!

R Wilson: The staff is very consistent here and always very friendly. The prices are what you would expect at a Subway sandwich shop. The area is clean and easily accessible from mini blocks around the DC downtown area. There is seating inside of this Subway for probably about 20 to 25 people maximum.

Lee Brannan: Just your average, friendly local Subway! Employees have always been nice over the past year, very fast service, and has a little table outside for dining if choose not to sit inside.

Jake D: Siraj (sp) is one of the kindest gentlemen I have met on the other side of a subway counter. I have seen him handle difficult customers with grace and humility time and time again. The food preparation is always more than okay, and the hours work well for my job.

Brad B: Good subway but super hard to find. You will 100% walk right past it. Look for the flag near the road that points you to it. Great to have a cheap option in this area of the city with so many expensive places.

Eileen Sickel: I did not eat there, but it was a beautiful little subway kind of small and private with lovely decorations. It was very clean.

14. Subway - Washington

路 19 reviews

1300 2nd St NE, Washington, DC 20002

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Subway: what do users think?

Kenneth Luntao: Tuna sandwich good

Avijit Ghosh: The service staffs are friendly and well mannered.

Tywone smith: Service is excellent

Alfredo Mart铆nez: Good

15. Subway - Washington

路 49 reviews

2029 K St NW, Washington, DC 20006

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Subway: what do users think?

Brenda Middleton: They have great wraps! I got the Cold Cut Combo and added bacon and Guac!

G W: Wheelchair Accessible 鈾匡笍

Francisco Nakao Jr.: Nice place. The staff is very quick and the location is good. I like the sandwiches.

16. Subway - Washington

路 14 reviews

4555 Overlook Ave SW Bldg #222, Washington, DC 20375

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Subway: what do users think?

Sheldon Brown: This store is on the grounds of my work place. The service is always pleasant and quick.

17. Subway - Washington

路 30 reviews

1613 17th St NW, Washington, DC 20009

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Subway: what do users think?

Angelique Turner: Fast service, fresh food. Got the steak, egg and cheese flatbread sandwich. Needed to be slightly warmer. Overall a good sandwich . Gentleman made it judt how i wanted it.

Chloe Vonswitzer: Great service. Excellent and fresh toppings. Love their fresh bread.

CryptoDice: Had very fresh toppings!!

18. Subway - Washington

路 46 reviews

800 North Capitol St NW, Washington, DC 20002

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Subway: what do users think?

toufiqul hoque: Food is delicious. Very friendly and helpful stuff. Also clean and quick service

Miss Faith: Came here on 1/16/2020. The gentleman who was working that evening hooked my sandwich up! He did a great job and was fast/efficient while being the only one working! Props to him! I am from out of town. I will come back.

Maricela Chavez Ruiz: Easy access to shopping centers, amenities, excellent customer services! Excellent prices $2.99 +tax ! In Washington DC Love it!

19. Subway - Washington

路 51 reviews

1712 L St NW Suite 112, Washington, DC 20036

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Subway: what do users think?

Joseph Raczynski: For a Subway, one of the bigger locations in DC. The sandwiches are standard - they just have more room than most. Always feel free to reach out to me on Twitter @joerazz

Crystal 鈥淐rys鈥 Wainwright: Have always had a pleasant experience at this location. The place is kept clean and the sandwich artists are nice.

20. Subway - Washington

路 80 reviews

1101 4th Street SW 4th Street Bldg, Unit 130, Washington, DC 20024

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Subway: what do users think?

James Miller: This subway was clean and they had all the meat and extras advertised. I wish they had more baked lays options instead of just regular. The service was good but there was a little wait to check out at the register.

Brandon Rohrbough: Very Convenient spot on 4th street. First thing I noticed was that the restaurant is immaculate. Everything very clean and in order. Greeted with a hello. Best of all the sub was very good. I had a steak, egg and cheese on Italian herbs and cheese bread. No complaints here.

Charles English: Outstanding! Very clean and the two gentlemen working were very pleasant and helpful. And the sandwich was delicious!

Jacob Zwillinger: Great staff, clean, and awesome location so close to the metro.

James Garber: Great location near the metro. This subway is my go-to when I need a quick bite. Brendan and Smurf as well as the rest of the staff are always friendly and helpful. And yeah Subway did good adding the carved turkey, A+

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