Best Stores To Buy Overalls Washington Near Me

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Business in Clothing store:

1. Carhartt - Fort Washington

· 168 reviews

142 Waterfront St, Oxon Hill, MD 20745

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Carhartt: what do users think?

Eddy Ortiz: So I visited my local carhartt , located on the national harbor . The store was very well organized and I was surprised at all the options they had in store . One of the employees on the floor (I believe his name was Stephen ) helped me pick a few things out and was knowledgeable about sizing . I was in and out of the store efficiently and very happy with the tee shirts I picked up .

Daisy Rene: I appreciate the excellent service Malcolm provided. His attention to detail and great customer service was amazing. Even with my indecisiveness, he was patient and kept a smile the entire time. My husband loved everything he recommended.

Willie Mayo: Been going here for years. Love the customer service; Grace the manager is the best!

2. Madewell - Washington



· 41 reviews

1919 14th St NW Ste. C, Washington, DC 20009

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Madewell: what do users think?

Natalie Thomas: The staff here is so nice and helpful! Darcy especially was great and I forget the name of the other woman I worked with but she was super nice too! They helped me size my jeans correctly and didn’t make me feel rushed even though I normally get anxious trying things on. They brought me several styles and sizes and then were able to donate the worn pair I brought in (was hoping to rebuy the exact pair but it’s not made anymore, although I found another great pair that was similar!)

Sladjana Dankovic: Lovely atmosphere with energetic, kind and supportive employees. My thanks go to Rose and Christina (sorry if mispelled her name) for being patient with me. I am not an easy customer but they were assisting me with lots of patience listening to my "crazy" demands. Lol. Anyway, I am looking forward to going back to the store for more shopping.

Deanna Stanford: “This store looks amazing guys. It has such a beautiful set up. The shoes they stock are incredible. Honestly if you’ve never been here before then you’re definitely missing out on an amazing experience.”

Margaret Goss: I was impressed by how friendly and helpful the staff was. Obviously super cute clothes as well!

Laura Palazio: Great location with a good selection. Staff is always incredibly friendly and helpful.

DC Techie: Super nice and helpful associates at the 14th street location! Prices for one sale item was more expensive in store than online so be sure to check both

Jacqueline Bourassa: Very helpful staff, they always seem in a good mood, love their clothes!

Erika Burns Moore: High quality clothes at high quality prices. The employees are very friendly and helpful.

3. Target - Washington

· 777 reviews

3100 14th St NW Ste 201, Washington, DC 20010

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Target: what do users think?

Chaturbhuj bhojwani: Very nice and clean store parking available in the basement, Only problem always low on the food inventor and produce and grocery.

Cliodhna MacFadden: We purchased the Element 65” TV, and after 3 days the backlight broke. We tried everything to fix it. Without a box or receipt in hand, we brought it back to see what may be possible to do. Associates TK, Nicole S, and Anton were able to use the debit card used to purchase to look up my receipt to get our return sorted. We so appreciate them going truly above and beyond to show us their compassion and excellent customer service.

Adah Deveaux: This review is for the starbucks within target. My drinks were great but a little of a wait. The actual target was customary.

4. Filson - Washington

· 56 reviews

1631 14th St NW, Washington, DC 20009

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Filson: what do users think?

Autumn Boyd: We always love our visits into to Filson. Christina was extremely helpful and assisted me in finding the right fit and style of clothing.

Mike Wolff: Popped in today to see the Filson story at first hand. Very friendly and knowledgeable customer service team who explained some of the history, shared some stories and made me feel very welcome. Really liked their products and I will be back soon with my wife to pick some pieces up. Great work!

Allie Benedetti: Beautiful store, great quality clothing, very pricey. Sales team is so nice and knowledgeable, they are definitely chatty and do like ask you every few minutes how you’re doing - we were asked 4 times in the span of 10 minutes if we needed a dressing room lol, I appreciated the customer service although it was slightly overbearing.

Jack Palmer: Drove over from Baltimore specifically to visit the store. Excellent,friendly staff, and small but well stocked store. Wanted to try on the Running Wolf sweater. Extremely dense heavy wool sweater that would keep you warm in the coldest of conditions. Have bought from Filson for at least twenty years now, and happy to say, they continue to maintain their quality.

Diane Schulz: This is the most fun store. I knew what I wanted and thought I would be in and out. I was offered a Saturday Moscow Mule upon entering and greeted by a personal shopper. She showed me around and then backed off while I enjoyed the space. The comfortable couches and sunny space give time to contemplate all the goodies you want to buy. Have loved the product for years but really love the store.

Kenneth Kilgour: For those of us of a certain age, Filson is now what that Maine retailer with the iconic hunting shoes used to be. Not all of their goods are made in the US, but most are. The quality is unfailing. And the folks at the DC store are knowledgeable and personal. This is one of the few brick and mortar stores I still shop at.

5. Old Navy - Washington

· 183 reviews

3100 14th St NW Space #117, Washington, DC 20010

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Old Navy: what do users think?

wind day: Great customer service ! I have been here quite frequently and the women working there have been super helpful and sweet. Even the male guards are polite and greet you at the door :) Great place to shop !

Michael Miller: Great customer service. Public bathroom. Clean well organized store. No on sight parking.

Mya Sinclair: Just fair that I will review after shopping here so mnay times. Love the Old Navy and what they make. Prices are OK and amazing on sales.

Darryl Carter Stevens: Everyone is friendly and helpful. My cousin and I went to buy some clothes for my nephew. It was easy to find his size with plenty of options we able to find some great stuff. Plus we were able to get a discount. A very pleasant shopping experience.

Rebecca Jones: Store is so neat and clean. Everything so well organized and Mgr and male staff member was so helpful and pleasant. Very nice store and they are having a great sale this week. Will definitely be shopping there more in the future.

Lonshanda hillard: I love to do in-store pick-up they are on point with it

Sheneil Black: Shout out to Latoya!!! I needed to swap something for a different size but they no longer had it in store. She kindly suggested she could order online for me. Thank you!

Nasser: Big loyal customer, good discounts but my slides literally broke after 1 yr

6. H&M - Washington

· 621 reviews

1025 F St NW, Washington, DC 20005

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H&M: what do users think?

Georgia Hensley: I really enjoyed visiting this H&M. We needed new dresses before going out for a night on the city so we stopped by the H&M closest to our hotel. My sister and I bought a few blouses and some really nice dresses. This place is clean, modern and shiny! Lots of inventory to look through. We were pleasantly surprised. Cute kids clothes as well. This H&M is located at 1025 F St. NW in Washington DC

Lorraine McGhee: The cloth is beautifully set up to pull you in, prices good. Helpful staff, need more smiles though. Other than that I will go there again to by clothes that actually fits my shape and makes me look 👍👍👍👍👍.

Renita Lake: I almost never walk out of here empty handed🤣🤣 I took advantage of the sale and bought 2 sweaters. The associates are always nice and friendly, and the registers are always speedy at this location.

May Arnold: I really like the fabrics they work with, it doesn’t give me allergies .

7. REI Co-op - Washington

· 671 reviews

201 M St NE, Washington, DC 20002

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REI Co-op: what do users think?

Michael Brown: As a company, REI should not inflict their political beliefs onto customers. That said, they carry good gear and this particular location is fantastic. Every time I have come here they have exactly what I need. The staff are friendly and helpful and generally knowledgeable. I don’t know who makes REI branded clothes and gear, but they do a good job.

Mike R: I like this store for so many reasons. First: they have excellent customer service. Today I walked in with my bike to get my flat tire fixed. A woman approached me and signed me in. Then a man walked up to me and asked if I would like to him to park my bike. I was appalled by this gesture. Second: This establishment has everything here. I mean like… leave that bike area if you want to. You will be buying anything from energy gel to underwear. Third: conveniently located right beside the metro.

Anne Probst: Thank you Jeremy in cycling for taking care of my bike I commute on. Haley assisted and was down to earth and happy. High five to Micah in footwear who helped me find a size in a scarpa I haven’t been able to find in stores in 4 years. He’s super knowledgeable and was connecting with all the customers. Thank you REI DC!

Bogi Yohannes: Many thanks to Tim in the bike repair department for excellent work fixing my brake line and coming up with an alternate way to fix my broken basket being held by zip ties.Tim took the time to really give great customer service and make it an amazing experience.Thank you Tim and REI for the best bike department.You guys rock to keep us rolling.

8. Madewell - Washington

· 61 reviews

1237 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington, DC 20007

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Madewell: what do users think?

Robbie Hummell: Had so much fun shopping today! Surafel and Claire were extremely helpful and everyone in the store was great! As soon as we walked in they greeted us and informed us about the sales and told us not to miss the clearance section upstairs and we are so glad they did! Thanks for making us feel special! -Elaine and Peyton

Mike Steaks: This was a very nice Madewell location. I really appreciated their layout and placing the men’s section upstairs.

Miranda Franklin-Wall: I have been to this Madewell a couple of times for online returns and the employees are the friendliest, most helpful of any other clothing store I’ve been to.

Meg Smith: I love shopping at Madewell. Both the space and the display are gorgeous and irresistible -- simply walking through the store makes you feel good. Service is friendly and helpful and thankfully not overbearing. Changing rooms are large and plentiful. Fun, fresh styles and comfortable, affordable jeans keep me coming back for more. I just bought a new pair last week and have worn them every day since -- high praise indeed.

9. Target - Washington

· 108 reviews

1515 New York Ave NE, Washington, DC 20002

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Target: what do users think?

Sassy Sauce: This store opened a couple years ago and it’s always nice and clean. The day I went after work the store must have just received a truck because there were boxes of product on most of the aisles. But this store is generally very clean and organized. This isn’t a normal sized target though, it’s definitely smaller and has more of a convenient store type feel. But all of the normal Target staples are still there. There is parking under the store and it’s accessible using the escalators or elevator. There is a Starbucks as well. It’s a great store to visit!

livingmytruth 2: Joan has the best customer service ever. I came in this location with my 98 year old grandma and she made my grandma feel sooo good and proud and she really has a positive attitude. Thank you for making my grandmother’s shopping experience so pleasant . I will actually make this my home store now because of her pleasant demeanor

10. Target - Washington

· 33 reviews

3505 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20008

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Target: what do users think?

Kerry Delf: Small but fairly well provisioned food section, with both snack foods and some home groceries, heavy on the convenience foods. Prices are high but better than other stores in the area. Conveniently open until 11 p.m. on Saturdays, in an area where other stores close at 9 or 10, but it closes earlier on other days of the week. Free parking with store validation. Downside: Service was sparse and heavily dependent on self-service—there were no employees on the floor helping customers, and of three employees around the checkout counter, only one was operating a register, quite lackadaisically.

Peyton Doyle: Great small format Target in a really accessible part of Cleveland Park (and just steps from the Metro stop). Impressed with their selection of fresh foods. Nice home goods section too. Unique underground store. Really friendly employees! I will certainly be back.

Larry Gamble: I really enjoyed the atmosphere and the surroundings is a very beautiful place with a lot of awesome deals! it was a very nice experience for people are just super awesome everybody was all friendly and lot of excitement going on just keep it in the parking lot list fire I loved it

M P: Free parking but you MUST get your ticket validated in store. Great for quick Target run. You can always find helpful employees and if you don’t see what you are looking for ask and they’ll get it in stock. Great manager. Super clean store. Perfect location.

Sassi Whayz: Clean store, I love the floor separate.. x feels like a department store. Found a new favorite lady part cleaner

11. Target - Arlington

· 471 reviews

1500 Wilson Blvd, Arlington, VA 22209

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Target: what do users think?

Alicia Halim: Of course we all love Target. The Rosslyn location was a gem.

Rina: I just purchased a laptop here 10 minutes after I called the store and told them that I was coming to pick it up. I waited a good 10 - 15 minutes to be assisted and Ms.Toi stopped what she was doing just to help me when she seen no one else would. Her kindness and patience is very much appreciated. She has amazing energy, was respectful and was really quick at getting me checked out . I would definitely visit again just because of her .

12. H&M - Washington

· 433 reviews

1133 Connecticut Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20036

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H&M: what do users think?

Chelsey Birgisdóttir: Olivia and Adrian were so kind and helpful during my shopping experience. They are GEMS!

Duke T. (Duke): Great. Guys fitting room closed--- go upstairs/elevator. Hugs

Sandra Andrade: Found items at great price.

Cristian M: Nice store but no kids section

Tino M-Ze: This store is big and they always have a wide selection of newly release clothes. The clothes isles are very organized and accordingly from smaller size in the front and larger size in the back. Therefore easy to find what you’re looking for. They got rid of their huge nail polish and makeup station and replaced it with jewelry. Don’t try to start a nice conversation with their cashiers because they are not interested in small talk even though your just asking them how their day is going.

13. Walmart Supercenter - Washington

· 7110 reviews

99 H St NW, Washington, DC 20001

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Walmart Supercenter: what do users think?

Sassy Sauce: Mixed experience with this store. It’s a good location and there is parking available in the underground garage. First 2 hours are free. The store has items locked in a case that I couldn’t understand. For example, women’s underwear and some personal hygiene items. Also, the store wasn’t too crowded while I was there and the associate I asked to help me gave me clear directions as to what aisle the product I needed would on. The parts of the store I visited were clean and the overall shopping experience was ok. No major complaints. Just strange observations about profits being locked behind glass.

14. Ross Dress for Less - Washington

· 416 reviews

1060 Brentwood Rd NE, Washington, DC 20002

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Ross Dress for Less: what do users think?

Sassy Sauce: I was searching for Christmas items on sale and there was a large selection of ceramic decorations on sale. A lot of items were at least 50% off or more. The store was clean and the staff was helpful. The store wasn’t over crowded and I picked up other items that were heavily discounted as well.

Toni Smith: Stop by Ross yesterday just to browse, when I stumbled across these items 2 which where on the clearance rack. I Love 💘 shopping at Ross. Still love shopping at Ross!!! Was there today 6/4 looking for some last minute items for my upcoming cruise on 6/6, was able to find everything except 1 item .

Woinshet Menegesha: I am very happy every things excellent

Katrina Wood: I enjoy shopping @Ross in this location. On Tuesday they have discounts for people 55 & older.

Haneefah Mitchell: I like this store it is very good for finding pieces to ware on any occasion

15. Urban Outfitters - Washington

· 509 reviews

3111 M St NW, Washington, DC 20007

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Urban Outfitters: what do users think?

Rebecca Whitehouse: Big open store with good selection. The sale section is abundant and the downstairs mens section is substantial compared to other Urban stores. Good customer service experience as well!

Stuart Royall: Not for me but my 15 year old daughter loved almost everything. Nicely laid out and great vibe.

Michael uthe: This an awesome place with excellent staff. Very helpful and knowledgeable.

Aprils Advice, Advocacy & Advancement!: Expected NYC standard of excellent as the first store is there.

kwame S.: I love urban. They offer affordable classy clothing.

16. Walmart Supercenter - Washington

· 5946 reviews

310 Riggs Rd NE, Washington, DC 20011, United States

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Walmart Supercenter: what do users think?

Kev- keepingitreal: This Walmart Supercenter offers a wide variety of fresh fruits, vegetables and other optional food and items to choose from. Staff was friendly and helpful. This location offers a free underground parking garage.

Nsoseh Quistoran: I went there to pick some stuff for myself. Good prizing and amazing products. Recommended to go shopping 🛒🛒

K A: Easy, convenient and affordable shopping. I really enjoyed shopping at this particular Walmart location. It’s big, organized and well stocked. They have different sections such as the pharmacy, bike shop, auto care, money center, entertainment and household items section to mention a few. Express Self Checkout✅ ♿️Wheelchair Accessible Entrance✅ ♿️Wheelchair Accessible Parking 🅿️ Adequate Parking Space ✅ Shopping Cart Conveyor ✅ 🚻Restroom ♿️Wheelchair Accessible Restroom

17. Ross Dress for Less - Washington

· 828 reviews

1600 Benning Rd NE, Washington, DC 20002

Address Website WhatsApp
Ross Dress for Less: what do users think?

Andres Mendoza: I love Ross. You can always find deals on Designer brands and it kinda feels like treasure hunting. This one is the closest to my house and I been coming here for years now. Found this great Polo fleece sweater for 75% off. And this is just one of many great finds throughout the years.

Nya H: You can always find a 💎 gem at this store again and again. (4/3) The associate at the register, Monique was delightful and pleasant, as well as the other associates and security.

Pauline Roshani Mzava: Ross never disappoints, however at times you have to take time looking for what you want to buy.

Christina Scott: Best artwork and furniture here - hands down. You just have to go on the right days when there is a new shipment in. For me, Wed-Fridays seem to work best.


18. Madewell - Merrifield

· 29 reviews

2920 District Ave Suite 110, Fairfax, VA 22031

Address Website WhatsApp
Madewell: what do users think?

Ana Sofia Siliezar: I come often here to shop and usually I stop by my favorite store Madewell. I got the impression that every time I come in, a staff Janina remembers me very well!! And she made me feel like the store is my second home!!! If you need help with opinion on the outfit you try on look for her!!! She has great tastes!!!!

Nicole Kitchen: Visited the store today and the manager helped me with a special request. She was amazing and accommodating. Worth it to pay for a quality product and great customer service experience! Thank you!

Emily Shouppe: Madewell has cute, comfortable, and durable clothes. The staff at this particular location was perfectly helpful. No pushiness with just the right amount of involvement in my shopping visit.

Dani Bryan: This is my all time favorite store. They sell small petite sizes some of the times. The staff is so very helpful. I highly recommend shopping at Madewell.

mintylollipop: Amiable, chill and helpful staff. They helped me find the perfect fit of jeans- Thank you ladies! Will definitely come back again.

19. Walmart Supercenter - Washington

· 6250 reviews

5929 Georgia Ave NW, Washington, DC 20011

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Walmart Supercenter: what do users think?

Arielle M. (Mermaid): This is the best Walmart in DC. I actually drive out the way to go to this walmart. They even have a better food selection than Giant. For Easter I found 48 count of empty eggs for 1.98!! Which is amazing because I would of spent way more if I went anywhere else!

Sarah West: A large mixed selection of items you can get any 3 for TEN DOLLARS. Selected high end new items are priced accordingly. Kids, mens, and womans apparel and shoes. If you have the knack for treasure hunting in thrift stores.....THIS PLACE IS FOR YOU. thrifty and unique pieces all year round

20. Ross Dress for Less - Jefferson Houston

· 653 reviews

112 N Washington St, Alexandria, VA 22314

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Ross Dress for Less: what do users think?

Cindy Ly: The store looks a bit run down, but if you have time, there are some great deals here. There’s a variety of stuff you can choose from.

Dan H: I will say this is a unique ross- Street parking “paid” The store is small to other locations- however they do have good finds inside, found a bunch of big and tall tees under $7 each! The jewelry was sorta plain and basic house goods were decent, no furniture- worth visiting.

Carole Klaue: Very nice deals. Four stairs to get inside as sunken shop zone. Nice prices and grandkids found some nice clothes. No masks required.

Matthew Garten: Lots of name brand at a bargain. Efficient,helpful staff. Very well set up for social distancing.

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