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1. Gearin' Up Bicycles

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129 reviews
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Gearin' Up Bicycles

Address: 1811 Rhode Island Ave NE, Washington, DC 20018

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 12PM

Telephone: (202) 780-5174

Business type: Non-profit organization

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Gearin' Up Bicycles: what do users think?

M B (M B): Had a great experience here! I went to one of their Saturday bike sales and was able to find a nice bike with the help of the staff! They also have a shop that you can go to for bike maintenance and to learn skills from the staff. Would recommend to anyone looking for a good bike in DC.

Brandon Sousa: Really happy with my experience here. I had a flat and they addressed it immediately, I was back on the road in 5 minutes. Reasonable prices, I think I paid $40 total for the tube, the tube change, and a new tougher tire, hopefully keeping the bits and bobs out of my ride.

Grant Sexton: Had several things fixed on my old Schwinn Traveler. The price for repair was great, and the customer service was as well. They gave me a very down to earth explanation of some of the problems on my bike too, which I appreciated because I often have trouble tracking with “bike guys.”

Aurora Williams: Love that this in an option in our community. Very affordable, professional, and quick service. Was in and out with a fixed bike within 30 minutes. Very happy to make the trek and support this organization.

Bryce McKibben: Awesome place to stop in for a quick repair. Got a flat and came in around 4pm, and it was done in 30 minutes. Amazing prices, too. Will be coming back here again!

Nastacia Moore: The guys are so friendly and knowledgeable. I brought my bike in same day and they fixed it on the spot. I highly recommend this place.

Diana Nguyen: Just after moving to DC, this is where I bought my trusty bike. I was received with great energy and just overall amazing service. They helped me out on fitting me with a bike, describing the details/repairs of said bike (ie Shimano STI shifters, hieght adjustment, etc.), etc.. By far the nicest bike I ever did buy. You know I really love it here because I ended up naming my bike, Keith.

Cale Magruder: these guys are awesome. hooked my friend up with a new bike cheap, and tightened up a loosening crank on my bike for free. great people :-)

Zbigniew Kostrzewski: Fantastic shop and mission! Quick affordable and pleasant service! Highly recommended, well worth some travel easy street parking! All in on this shop and its mission.

2. Conte's Bike Shop

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183 reviews
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Conte's Bike Shop

Address: 3410 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington, DC 20016

Schedule: Opens soon ⋅ 10AM

Telephone: (202) 391-0804

Business type: Bicycle Shop

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Conte's Bike Shop: what do users think?

Emmalynn “Big Gurl Lady E” Sharf: For starters I wish I could give zero stars. I came back a week later to find out the refund from a bike I was interested in and put money down that Contes never refunded the money. Then in turn which meant I had to travel back to their store to see what was going on. Now the second time finally I got my refund. Then I went got my son a little bike as pictured below and I wanted to see how much it would cost for assemble the clerk labeled the bike as child single speed which is not correct and wanted to charge 3x times the amount then the bike being worth which is $26.99. For a parent to get this bike and then to take advantage of a women or a mother like that as a single parent is crazy when the clerks knew it would not take long to assemble. Look at google and you will see what a single speed children bike will look like. This bike below does not look like a single speed kind of bike at all. Never again shopping with or at Contes.
Response: Hi, Emmalynn. We take 100% responsibility for what happened here. We made an honest mistake in processing your return and we apologize for that. It may not look like it, but some of these children's trikes take a significant amount of time to assemble, so we have typically charged our "single speed" build rate as they both take a similar amount of time to complete. Knowing the issue you had with your return, we should have done a better job working with you on this item and again, we apologize for that. If there's anything we can do to win your business back or if you'd like to discuss this further, please reach out to Thank you!

Jeremiah Johnson: My bike is literally better after having had it serviced in Cathedral Heights Conte than when I got it directly from the factory. The store manager and Noah were extremely helpful and patient. They are customer service centered bike experts.
Response: Thanks, Jeremiah! Hope to see you again soon!

Fred: Wonderful service… Joe and the team are true professionals. Prompt, efficient, and very courteous - they kept me posted on the status of a repair and stayed open late so I could pick up. Best bike shop in DC hands down!
Response: Thanks so much, Fred!

Justin Miller: I bought my son’s birthday bike here. The team was very helpful and supportive. Great communication, no ego, and patient. The mechanics added customizations that I requested, and had the bike ready for me a day later. My son was so happy with his new bike. Can’t praise or thank Conte Tenley enough. And for dad, I saw a bunch of great gear I want to add to my kit, so we’ll see you again soon!

Hope Neyer: Had a great experience with a quick trip through Contes today. Both of the young men who helped me were pleasant, helpful and not condescending, which isn’t always true for women in bike shops. Reasonable prices and pretty good inventory, even with pandemic shortages. Super convenient to where I live, too. Thank you Contes!
Response: Happy to be there for you, Hope! Thanks for the review.

dagboh: I had a sub-par experience at this shop when trying to get my bike assembled. I was told on two different occasions that it was ready. When I showed up the first time, my bike wasn’t assembled, and when I showed up the second time, they assembled someone else’s bike instead of mine. Beyond that, when I visited, it seemed like I was burdening the staff. Nobody came and asked me what I needed until I approached them, but they seemed fine approaching other customers. When I called about when my bike would be assembled, the person who I talked to (I think his name was Wayne?) seemed quick to silence me with an answer, which ended up being wrong. I enjoyed the service from the Conte’s Bike Shop in Navy Yard more. The person there was quick to help me fix the flat I had on my old bike and even did it the same day right as the shop was closing at 6pm. He was a friendly person (young Black male with glasses) who gave me some tips on how to maintain my bike, and even fixed the tension on my chain for free. I thought this service would be the same at the Conte’s Bike Shop on Wisconsin which I why I went there to get my new bike assembled. It seems I was wrong. When it comes to the labor, the bike was well-assembled and they installed the custom parts I ordered with the bike, which is why I’m still giving a 3-star review. They didn’t install the reflectors on my bicycle though, which is concerning. Edit: Not only did the aforementioned happen, but the pedal on the bike came undone on my first long ride! Was clearly because it wasn’t tightened enough... now the insides are stripped. Come on.

Killian Cervino: I really enjoyed getting my bike fixed here the employees are very fun to chat with and create a super welcoming environment!

Peter Jost: Knowledgeable, friendly and courteous staff made buying a new adult “comfort” bike a most pleasant experience.

3. BicycleSPACE- Ivy City

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188 reviews
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BicycleSPACE- Ivy City

Address: 1512 Okie St NE, Washington, DC 20002

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 12PM

Telephone: (202) 853-9390

Business type: Bicycle Shop

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BicycleSPACE- Ivy City: what do users think?

Alex Martin: Leave it up to the wonderful people of Washington DC to complain about “rude” behavior. Maybe like one dude in the back was a douche but at least he was an honest douche. If you appreciate radical honesty then this place is worth a visit. Also Justin new kid training had great insight to give when it came to my curiosity about fixed bikes. Last but not least the owner made absolute sure my bike fit my body size, far more than the competition ever did. Will send people to this location for sure.

Louise Pocock: I’ll preface by saying I’m not a bike head but went to this shop in my neighborhood after moving to DC because I wanted to make biking my primary mode of transport. These guys spent hours listening to what kind of bike I wanted and how I planned to used it and explained all my options and answered all my questions patiently and thoroughly. I not only bought a bike but learned a lot about bikes and how to take care of them. They got me set up with all the practical locks/lights/fenders etc for a very reasonable price. When I wrecked they fixed it right away and for free (no replacement part needed, just my fenders reattached). I have been back several times for other little things and they always help me right away and keep me riding. I love my bike shop!
Response: Thanks, Loise! We love taking care of folks & their bikes and glad we helped you integrate cycling into your daily life! Hope the next time we see you it'll be for a ride & not a repair!

Mike Carr: Many bike shops are plagued with pretentious staff. This is NOT the case at Bicycle Space. The employees are all super friendly and helpful. As an added bonus their location in Ivy City is easy to get to from most parts of DC and there is almost always easy parking right out front. This shop also sponsors many fun bicycle events in the area, such as the Saturday Cupcake Ramble lead by Lionel!

Jessica Long: I was in the market for a new bike for commuting and racing as I start to get into triathlon training. The staff there was very engaging, kind, and knowledgeable. Definitely recommend it!

Julia Lo: As others have mentioned, slow service and poor communication. I came in for a quick/on-the-spot repair but halfway through the repair the bolt on my front derailleur broke off. I was told that the mechanic would take a look at it the following week to see if he could get the bolt off, or if we had to order a replacement. I checked in periodically and was often told that they would get to my bike and provide an update "later today" and "tomorrow". Long story short, my bike was at the shop a little over 3 weeks. I would have appreciated an honest and realistic time estimate from the beginning. My brakes, which were replaced during the visit, were also squeaky when It came back to me. I would return to the shop only to have the squeaking return after after a day or so. The mechanic often talked trash about REI, but in my opinion they have not proven to be any better.

Nick Webster: BicyleSPACE is a wonderful, friendly, downtown bike shop. I stopped in to look around and a knowledgeable staff member took the time to show me around in a no pressure manner. When I am in the market for a new set of wheels, I will be in.

Marc Pulliam: Not sure how they have 4 stars. These guys are very unprofessional. No type of customer service I call and ask if they sold bike pedals the response was were a. Bike shop how rude. Ordered a bike and had it shipped to be assembled which should had only taken a minimum of two days. My bike has been there over a week and all they can tell me is that they are backed up because there mechanic was tboned. They said they would follow up but I have not received any follow ups. At this point it will be faster to cancel my purchase and have a bike shipped to a different shop. No focus on customer service here don’t say you wasn’t warned

4. Trek Bicycle Washington D.C. Georgetown

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366 reviews
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Trek Bicycle Washington D.C. Georgetown

Address: 3411 M St NW, Washington, DC 20007

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11AM

Telephone: (202) 965-3601

Business type: Bicycle Shop

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Trek Bicycle Washington D.C. Georgetown: what do users think?

Sam Brecker: I came in for a lifetime warranty claim and it was handled flawlessly. They were super responsive by phone and email. Dropped it, they took a quick look, and corporate responded within a day. Only took about 3 weeks to get the replacement back and team handled all my accoutrement properly and answered all my questions. Trek remains to be a good brand for me!

mark Minich: had a great experience dealing with Adam Fulcher at Trek Georgetown store. Adam was friendly, knowledgeable and very efficient with my time. I was able to purchase two bikes and arrange to have them shipped to me all in the course of one phone call. I highly recommend Adam and the Trek GT store for meeting your cycling needs.

Hector Moreno: Great selection of bikes. Knowledgeable and respectful staff. Shout out to Jerrick for his help.

Perry Spring: Needed a long overdue tune up on my marlin 6 and Will was incredibly helpful and quick in servicing my request. The bike is riding as if it is brand new and I could be more appreciative of the time and effort that went into it. Thank you guys!

Michelle Olenoski: I love this Trek store. I bought a bike here in 2003 when I first moved to DC and the bike is still amazing and in great condition. I am thinking of upgrading soon and plan to come back to this same store.

Carl Mitchell: The best bike shop in the city hands down! Every bike here is literally a work of art, and if there is an issue of any kind, they make it right. My household alone is on our 3rd road bike from this store and they fix our non Trek bikes as well. Now if I can only convince my lady the whole family needs mountain bikes😅

Michael Belarmino: Great experience - they performed my tune-up in the time as promised, and very thorough in describing what my bike needed. I went for a ride right from the store and felt like new!

5. Vélocity Bicycle Cooperative

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120 reviews
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Vélocity Bicycle Cooperative

Address: 2111 Mt Vernon Ave, Alexandria, VA 22301

Schedule: Opens soon ⋅ 10AM

Telephone: (703) 549-1108

Business type: Bicycle Shop

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Vélocity Bicycle Cooperative: what do users think?

Stephanie Watson: Super friendly, knowledgeable staff, and fantastic experience! After explaining my bike needs, a specific bike was suggested perfect for my height. I took it for a little spin down the block and everything worked perfectly. I got to ride my new bike home and a great way to start the weekend!

A F: I’ve been coming here off and on for a decade or so and this is just about the best shop I’ve ever been to- not just for cycling, but for anything. Great people with a great mission, knowledgeable, fairly priced and very community oriented. Whether you’re looking for somewhere to donate, to buy a bike or cycling gear, or have work done, this is the place to go. I wish every shop was more like velocity

Rashawnda Watson: We came in prepared to purchase a bike today. Sadly, we were ignored. Then, to add insult to injury, we were directed outside “where the used bikes are”. Now I’m no bike salesman, but that can’t be a good sales pitch. You failed today, Velocity.
Response: Rashawnda, I’m sorry for the poor service. I understand how frustrating that must have been. Like most everyone at Vélocity, I’m one of the volunteers. I’d be interested in further discussing your experience if you’re open for a phone call. Please feel free to call me if you’d like. Lastly, in the event no one mentioned it to you, we only sell used bicycle and they our outside the shop. The bicycles inside are customers bike awaiting repairs. It's disappointing that our team didn't clarify with you that we only sell used bikes and point you in the direction of a bike shop with new bikes. Bayley Vanderpoel Velocity Board Member and volunteer tel:703-863-4464

Duvalier Hernandez: Great spot, so many cool things going on. Its a bike geek dream, parts galore. Thanks to the team that saved my ride with an allen wrench to remove my pedals.

Mariam Gimbi: Wow highly respect well done, best customer service plus advise I saved almost a lot of money, @ the end I only paid $80.00, thanks again, for everything wish you the best, wow🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️🙏👌👌👌💯💯💯💯

6. bikes@vienna

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60 reviews
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Address: 128A Church St NW, Vienna, VA 22180

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 12PM

Telephone: (703) 938-8900

Business type: Bicycle Shop

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bikes@vienna: what do users think?

Roland Thro: Over the years I’ve worked with a good number of the bike shops in DC and N Virginia so I think is fair to say that Bike Vienna is one of the best. My contact person was Beth Permenter and along with being very knowledgeable she’s also a joy to be around, Beth walked me through everything they had done to my bike (Tern GSD ebike) along with photographs taken during the bike service. Along with the extraordinary attention to detailed that was given to my bike during service I found the price I was charged to be extremely reasonable.
Response: Roland, thanks so much for your kind words! We try our best to provide good service and a positive experience. One thing we've learned over the years is that it's easy to service and sell products we use ourselves and believe in. Beth is a true evangelist for the Tern cargo bikes, and we are lucky to have her.

Ben Gibbs: Excellent place! I wanted a motor for my bike, and they were very helpful in deciding the right motor. They installed it so it works beautifully. And they took extra care in making sure it was installed correctly. I was so happy with the work they put into it that I took it on an 11 mile bike ride in the cold right after I got it. I highly recommend Bikes @ Vienna!!
Response: Ben - We are all so glad your are enjoying the new motor system on your bike! Thanks so much for your kind words. We look forward to seeing you again.

Kyle McCowin: I made an appointment knowing almost nothing about what I was looking for. They had a variety of trikes ready for me to try and did a good job explaining the differences to me without too much jargon or talking down to me. They were very upfront about wait times for different brands. I think we found the right bike for me.
Response: Kyle - I'm so glad we could help. Really enjoyed meeting you and helping you figure out the best choice for you.

Kevin V (Snoop): Tim and bikes@vienna are amazing. While deployed I was able to get my Brompton plus several accessories. Customer service was A++ and I would highly recommended bikes@vienna!! All precautions are taken to assure minimal amount of contact when picking up a bike or getting service.
Response: Kevin - Very glad we could help you out and get you the bike you wanted. Thank you for your service!

Wendy Wen: Excellent service and process to deliver the service! Used the shop to repair and assemble folding bikes. Extreamly satisfied. Awesome team! Thank you Tim, Beth and Daniel!
Response: Wendy, thank you so much for your kind words. We are truly glad we were able to help you with both of your bikes!

Gregor Buchanan: Bike shops tend to come in a few different types, big stores with a high turnover with grumpy owners and techy kids working there for discounts and local independent owned operations that have one location and have true cyclists running the show. Bikes at Vienna falls firmly into the latter of these to bike shop categories and wow, do they know their products and they provide excellent service. I bought a Brompton 5 years ago from Tim and his crew and they have been exceptional not only in their service but also in their honest and friendly atmosphere they foster in the shop. Long may it continue!
Response: Gregor - thank you so much for your positive feedback! We really value having your business. And it's always fun when you come by.

7. Phoenix Bikes

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54 reviews
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Phoenix Bikes

Address: 909 S Dinwiddie St, Arlington, VA 22204

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10:30AM

Telephone: (703) 575-7762

Business type: Youth organization

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Phoenix Bikes: what do users think?

Amir Sajanie: I personally haven’t purchased anything yet from Phoenix but the associates there are nice and super informative. I spoke with Jonathan and he really took the time to go over the questions I was asking and helped me understand bikes better. Thank you for the awesome service and I will be back soon with Gods will!

Arren: Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Went in looking for a road bike and was able to try out several bikes to get a better understanding of the feel. I would definitely recommend coming here for used bikes since the parts and quality of the bike are overall great.
Response: We’re so glad you enjoyed your experience at Phoenix. Enjoy the new wheels!

Robert Pelley: For sure my new community and goto bike shop. They hooked me up and had me back on the road in under 25 minutes. My bike felt brand new. Thanks!
Response: Glad you're happily back on the road. Thanks for stopping by!

Abigail B.Y.: I bought a Retrospec bicycle online and had a hard time putting it together, I called the company, and they suggested that I take my bike to Phoenix bicycles for Assembly, glad I did! Drop off was easy. I got a text message when it was ready, and the gentleman who checked me out helped me load the bicycle to my car. He also made sure that the seat fit my liking and that I was pleased with the assembly. Before my visit, I had called the shop several times to reschedule my appointment, and in each call, they were gracious and kind to me. I took my bike on the road yesterday, and I have no complaints.
Response: Thanks for the great review, Abigail! We're so glad you had a great experience at our shop. Happy riding!

Jake Tuber: As a new rider looking for my first road bike, I went to the right place. Despite the heavy Covid precautions they took, Liam did a terrific job explaining some of the basics to me and helping me try a few bikes. I bought a terrific refurbished bike in phenomenal condition. Highly recommend!
Response: Thanks, Jake! We're so glad you stopped by and that you had a great experience. We hope to see you again soon!

Sajjad Ahmad: I was in Arlington and had my bike on the rack. I saw the shop and randomly popped in to ask for help with my pedals. The staff quickly helped me and got me back on the road. Awesome shop and service

Rebecca Clement: These guys are awesome! I bought my current road bike from them a year ago and it’s been working great. They helped me install a bike rack at no cost and gave me great deals on bike repair tools. This is a great little place with friendly staff and good vibes. Plus I feel like my money is going to a good cause.
Response: Thanks so much for your positive review! Glad your road bike is working well. We've since moved to a new location at the corner of Columbia Pike & S. Dinwiddie. We hope you'll come back for a visit and to see the new shop. Thanks for your support!

8. Conte's Bike Shop

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206 reviews
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Conte's Bike Shop

Address: 1118 W Broad St, Falls Church, VA 22046

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11AM

Telephone: (703) 639-0343

Business type: Bicycle Shop

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Conte's Bike Shop: what do users think?

Christopher McHugh: I had a full RETUL fitting with Clark at the Falls Church location on February 24, 2022. He was very knowledgeable and carefully considered my input. He answered many questions during the process concerning my set up and how my bike interacts with the body. Also they called in their master mechanic, Bob, several times to wrench on my ride. Awesome experience and excellent results.

Doug Greene: Great thanks to Richard this morning! I arrived at the shop (first visit) thinking I had a problem with the front tire valve. Richard expertly took a look and advised me of the actual issue, which we quickly corrected. He put air in the tires to spec and I was back onto the WO&D after only five minutes. I’ll be back to Conte’s, for sure!

S N: Stopped in for a quick service today on a bike I bought here a couple of months ago. They were able to quickly fix a few minor issues that had popped up during the break-in period. Good location with knowledgeable professionals and store layout that lets you find what you need quickly. This location is just a few hundred feet from the w&od trail in Falls Church and very convenient by bike.

Elspeth Payne: I came down to Conte’s from Silver Spring for a bike fitting with Becky Puritz. I’m not a performance rider, but I like to tour so I spend a lot of hours in my saddle. I was scheduled for the basic fitting. Becky started by measuring my feet - not just my shoe size, but where certain bones ended, how my weight shifts, lots of very specific measurements. She made a lot of small tweaks - made my shoes a more stable platform, moved my cleats back a bit, got the right size saddle, lowered and changed the angle of my handlebars and shifters, things like that. Becky was very thorough. One of the shop mechanics came in to help make a couple of changes too. It doesn’t feel like a new bike exactly, but it is definitely more comfortable post-fitting. I really notice that my shoulders and upper back stay relaxed now, and I’m not putting as much weight on my hands. I can reach both the shifters and my brakes much more comfortably. The fitting was worth the price and I wish I had had it done sooner!

Hugh Newcomb: Went earlier this week for a bike fitting with Becky. It seems like everybody here agrees, Becky is the BEST. She is knowledgeable, personable, and excellent at her job. The time flew by, and she made sure that she knew exactly what I was hoping to get out of our time, and that we achieved those goals and my future riding will be more comfortable and more efficient. My only disappointment is that I didn’t know about Conte’s and Becky a year ago when I started riding!

Alex Benitez: Great service! Very knowledgeable! Good place to bring your bike to repairs and nice new bikes too. My go to bike shop 👍🏼

9. REI Co-op

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671 reviews
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REI Co-op

Address: 201 M St NE, Washington, DC 20002

Schedule: Opens soon ⋅ 10AM

Telephone: (202) 543-2040

Business type: Bicycle Shop

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REI Co-op: what do users think?

Michael Brown: As a company, REI should not inflict their political beliefs onto customers. That said, they carry good gear and this particular location is fantastic. Every time I have come here they have exactly what I need. The staff are friendly and helpful and generally knowledgeable. I don’t know who makes REI branded clothes and gear, but they do a good job.

Mike R: I like this store for so many reasons. First: they have excellent customer service. Today I walked in with my bike to get my flat tire fixed. A woman approached me and signed me in. Then a man walked up to me and asked if I would like to him to park my bike. I was appalled by this gesture. Second: This establishment has everything here. I mean like… leave that bike area if you want to. You will be buying anything from energy gel to underwear. Third: conveniently located right beside the metro.

Anne Probst: Thank you Jeremy in cycling for taking care of my bike I commute on. Haley assisted and was down to earth and happy. High five to Micah in footwear who helped me find a size in a scarpa I haven’t been able to find in stores in 4 years. He’s super knowledgeable and was connecting with all the customers. Thank you REI DC!

H Gill: Great store! love REI… but checking out here is always a 15 min wait. The checkout line moves at a snail’s pace, and the managers/supervisors don’t seem to care. I’ve seen customers put items down and leave out of frustration.

Rebecca Tolbert: Generally a good store, but the parking situation is currently very weird. You park in the parking deck and then have to walk all the way around a whole city block because they have blocked off the elevator and stairs. So, you drive into the parking deck and then have this surprise journey ahead of you, through a sketchy alley and everything. Just wanted to give other customers a heads up!

R: Oddly enough they aren’t dog friendly yet I saw a pitbull walking around without a service vest. The area around is horrendous, good luck finding a parking spot. Really disappointed that REIs aren’t dog friendly yet their competitors REI and Bass Pro is.

Bogi Yohannes: Many thanks to Tim in the bike repair department for excellent work fixing my brake line and coming up with an alternate way to fix my broken basket being held by zip ties.Tim took the time to really give great customer service and make it an amazing experience.Thank you Tim and REI for the best bike department.You guys rock to keep us rolling.

10. Trek Bicycle Arlington Clarendon

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512 reviews
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Trek Bicycle Arlington Clarendon

Address: 2731 Wilson Blvd, Arlington, VA 22201

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11AM

Telephone: (703) 312-0007

Business type: Bicycle Shop

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Trek Bicycle Arlington Clarendon: what do users think?

RigGarage 22: I arrived to this Trek Bike Shop and was greeted by this nice lady that helped me with getting the bike I reserved for. I test rode it and was ready for purchase. Kevin the manager went above and beyond in helping me with the purchase process and gave me a beyond my expectation welcome! It is truly sad they are located so far away! I felt like I was their cared customer and treated me like I was their customer for many years! Such an awesome team and there was another great guy I forgot his name I think it was Jeff he did a fine job in tuning up my bike before I took it home. I am so excited of my New Marlin 8 Red and I want to thank from the bottom of my heart to Kevin and his Amazing team!!! Bless you all!

Lisa Young: The employees at the Clarendon store were super friendly and helpful. They walked me through when I should service my bike and how often my tires may wear based on the area I ride in. I purchased a new saddle, which was installed on the spot. Plus they gave me great tips on how to properly set the saddle. Great service and great experience!

Wesley Price: The staff at this store is extremely kind and knowledgeable. I was on the fence about which bike to select, so Kevin allowed me to test ride the bikes as much as I wanted in order to decide. The team even swapped the stock stem on one bike so I could test it out. Kevin made selecting new bikes fun and easy for both me and my wife. We will definitely be back in for service and accessories when the time comes!

Michael Salter: The Trek Clarendon service department always provides top notch professional service. They are tenacious to handle even the really tricky problems that involve troubleshooting older model bikes and they communicate clearly and openly throughout the entire process. I really appreciate all they have done for me and are the only bike shop I recommend to my friends. Thank you!

B Chisholm: I pulled my bike out of storage and realized someone in my building had dented my handle bar inward and my breaks weren’t working. The guys at the shop fixed it in literally 2 minutes complimentary like it was nothing. I had already filed an insurance claim expecting a $100+ fee. I’ll definitely be back. Great customer service.

JJ L: Very good customer service by staff that had very good knowledge about their products. Store seemed to have a good selection of bikes. Overall, had a very good experience purchasing a bike. Definitely would recommend.

Thomas Gelson: World-class service! I took my Trek 9.9 Speed Concept into Trek Clarendon for a major service overhaul. It has traveled all over the world with me in the past years as I am an avid triathlete. It needed some love after many miles of training and racing in all sorts of terrain & weather. An awesome bike, but quite involved with Di2 groupset, etc. John and his service team were top-notch in reviewing with me their recommendations of what had to be done. They then did the work in a meticulous and timely matter to make the bike look and feel brand new. Thus, resounding 5-stars and I highly recommend them.
Response: Love this review Thomas! Thanks so much for putting your trust in our shop to service your ride! Appreciate your recommendation! Cheers!

Adrian Ferrufino: I started Cycling a little over a month ago, been to a handful of bike stores and this is by far the absolute best. Zero pressure to buy anything from anyone. They all just want to help you. Kevin has been a great help with tons of great Information as has Alex. Everyone there has outstanding customer service and they are always so welcoming and take the time to answer all of your questions no matter how simple they may be. Update June 2020- about 12 months since my first purchase from them. Well I wish I could re-rate this with 10 stars. A lot of places will be good to you when you buy something then forget about you, this is NOT one of them. No matter what I need or how many times I go in to annoy them with a questions everyone, and I mean everyone, is always so eager to help. They have helped friends of mine get bikes and their experience and comments back to me are never anything but positive. This is truly one of the best, if not the best bike store in this area. I live less than half a mile from another bike store and rather drive the 20 minutes (or ride) to come here and get what I need. Alex, Kevin, Jeff and anyone else you encounter in that store will do everything they can to help you with whatever you need. If you want a bike or need service or accessories I would not go anywhere else.
Response: Love to hear this Adrian! Thanks so much for sharing your story!

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