Best Record Shops In Washington Near Me

Som Records Joint Custody Byrdland Records Smash Records HR Records Spin Time Records Uncle Tony's Donut Shoppe Joe's Record Paradise Blue Groove Soundz Record Exchange Silver Spring Crooked Beat Records Red Onion Records Memory Lane CD's & Records Sonidos Music & More Adelphi Records Inc


1. Som Records - Washington

· 162 reviews

1843 14th St NW, Washington, DC 20009

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Som Records: what do users think?

Aaron Phillips: Sweet basement record shop with a good selection of jazz, blues and various rock albums. Some cool obscure finds in there, but a good amount of recognizable stuff too. Has a good old school charm to it.

Ameen Karim: A wonderful used record store! Definitely a heavy focus on more instrumental, jazz, blues, and the like. Plenty of interesting finds in the world section and new releases as well. The guy at the counter was awesome and fun to talk to, was helpful and nice. Only problem was that the records were overpriced for the quality of the used records (VG to VG+), definitely should be more fairly priced

Marc Neilson: Delightful little shop with some excellent browsing racks. Found some great soundtracks and noticed tons of cool old and brand new stuff.

Sonia Cumber: Owner Neal is the best! Very experienced in vintage artist and albums!

Mark Manthy: Proprietor really knew his stuff. There’s a turntable with headphones right there so you can listen to whatever you want before you buy it. Walked out with a few very hard to find older Go Go records. He said he can’t keep them on the shelves so I was lucky. Great place. Can spend hours in there if you’re not careful.

Graeme King: Great local record shop. Helpful staff and a good selection of new and used vinyl.

Clara Hadley: Great selection of records!! The dude who worked there was super helpful as well! :)

2. Joint Custody - Washington



· 144 reviews

1530 U St NW, Washington, DC 20009

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Joint Custody: what do users think?

Allison Giddens: Very cool record shop - fantastic selection in rock and metal. Super nice guy (owner?) at the front counter. Totally recommend checking out if you are in the area or visiting.

Stefane Sheryniele: Amazing record shop. Really cozy basement vibe with cool art. They have a great variety of records. I found a few I was looking for, for a long time. The guy at the register was also really nice. I recommend this place.

Alex Escamilla: My good friend John Puerto Vinyl, recommended me this store. This place has a unique way of treating their customers, prices are always right, and every single vinyl is always in almost perfect conditions, my new favorite record store. I would give an extra star because it’s the only store that I’ve been that has a bathroom, this makes the visit more comfortable if you’re in the needs of using it.

Akindele Campbell: Best record shop in the area. Great Soul, Jazz, Funk, Hip-hop, Reggae and African Selections. Discount section has so many gems. Overall great place for music lovers old and young, looking to build their collection

matthew mckenna: They have a great selection of constantly rotating used records, in all genres. They really exceed in hip hop, metal, punk/hardcore. I always find at least 10 things to buy.

3. Byrdland Records - Washington

· 63 reviews

1264 5th St NE, Washington, DC 20002

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Byrdland Records: what do users think?

Saminda Wijegunawardena: Really solid store. Diverse collection of vinyl for such a small joint. Most records are new but they have a few stacks of used. Pricey but good cuts. I picked up an Al Green record, a classic Prince record, and a Thelonious Monk live limited edition for a total of about $80. Friendly staff, not snobby.

Corey Graham: Very cool joint with a massive new vinyl selection. Smaller but diverse used section. Loved it.

Kyle del Villar: An all around incredible record store that features new and old vinyl that can appease anyones taste. They also have a nice selection of record players and audio equipment to help people get set up or upgrade their current sound systems. This place is a must stop for music lovers.

RedRudaProductions: Great! Lots to choose from and they can order stuff for you. Good amount of classics on sale or on discount. They carry speakers, record players, and more. First time, I got there about 20 minutes before they open and a staff member open the door for me, he took time from eating his lunch to help me with questions. Really nice place!

Cody Cox: A very nice record store. They have a pretty solid selection of newer and unique records (while their used selection was more limited). Their space is very fun and they have a lot of offerings beyond the standard store (equipment and events). The only major drawback I thought was in the pricing department. From what I could tell average record was around $30.

4. Smash Records - Washington

· 137 reviews

2314 18th St NW 2nd floor, Washington, DC 20009

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Smash Records: what do users think?

POPTOGRAPHIX: A great record store if you like punk. Kind of small but lots of cool stuff at a pretty reasonable price. Overall nice record store.

Adrijana Parsell: Cool place! Any 80s or 90s rock fan would love this place, I found the picture mocking a shoplifter and no posers sign hilarious, but might not be for everyone. Pretty decent collection of vinyl, clothes, magazines and more

Allison Giddens: Cool record shop. Found a couple of fun things in the used "new arrivals."

Sex Pistoleros: Absolutely one of the best record stores for punk. Up there with Rushmor Records.

5. HR Records - Washington

· 48 reviews

702 Kennedy St NW, Washington, DC 20011

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HR Records: what do users think?

Chantaya King: My kind of record store! HR records is amazing! The staff is welcoming and answered any questions my friend and I had about records! I love digging with jazz playing in the background! The shop is well organized and they have plenty of records to dig in! HR is now one of my favorite D.C shops!

Julius Sheppard: Great shop. Knowledgeable staff. The recommendations are on point. Bought and sold some records and got good prices on both.

YanoNick: The staff is super cool and informed. I like the music playing. Affordable prices and wide selection of music for a novice like myself. They also do live shows and interviews.

Isaac Sawin: Best store around if you are looking for soul and funk records.

Morgan Lupton: Fantastic shop with an incredible selection. Really good mix of full lengths and singles from a wide variety of genres. One of my preferred spots for picking up Jazz, Funk, Soul, and Disco 12s.

Clifford Robert Booker Jr.: HR Records can still fill the empty spots in my Musical library !

Noel Johnson III: Awesome shop! Lots of good jazz, soul, and funk here. Saw lots of gospel and reggae 45s too. Will be returning!

6. Spin Time Records - Washington

· 19 reviews

600 Pennsylvania Ave. SE #15123, Washington, DC 20003

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Spin Time Records: what do users think?

STEVEN WEBB: After a long time searching for a beloved album, and seeing too many listings of it for outrageous prices, I came across Spin Time. Got the LP for a very good price, and despite it being used, the copy I received was in fantastic condition. Sleeve was in mint condition, LP not a scratch or pop. And had it in a week. Would definitely order from them again.

jgs137: Highly recommend doing business with these guys! I have been supporting local record shops around the country since the beginning of the pandemic and these guys were beyond helpful. I had an issue with my mailing address on my first order and they responded and resolved it in less than 30 minutes. Incredible selection and very fast shipping.

Dave Gasbarro: Great experience! Jon took the time to answer all of my pre-sale questions concerning packing and shipping. My initial order ending up totaling nine albums which were packed beautifully and all arrived in perfect condition. I have placed several orders since and have been completely satisfied each time. Highly recommended!

7. Uncle Tony's Donut Shoppe - Washington

· 16 reviews

1143 New Hampshire Ave NW Suite A, Washington, DC 20037

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Uncle Tony's Donut Shoppe: what do users think?

Kevin Wright: Lovely small and compact store. Records can be pricy but are fair. This place is the epitome of quality over quantity. Hip addition to a hotel lobby.

Matt's Garage & Misc. DIY: The record shop is inside the “Yours Truly DC” hotel lobby. Cool shop with lots of Soul, Funk, Hip Hop and Jazz

Rishi Kumar: Great little shop with a nice selection of funk, soul, pop, and rock records (all vinyl), both used and new. All the records looked to be in great condition. I picked up a great Herbie Hancock record, and I plan on spending a lot more money here.

Jay Herrera: Great customer service , and nice selection of old and used vinyl. Highly recommend !

Ronojoy Sen: Great selection and a cool location.

Ben Foulkes: Great shop with a great selection. Definitely has become my go-to record store in DC.

Dave Hoenack: A great record store!

8. Fields Music Shop - Washington

· 1 reviews

3112 Q St SE, Washington, DC 20020, United States

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9. Joe's Record Paradise - Silver Spring

· 179 reviews

8700 Georgia Ave, Silver Spring, MD 20910

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Joe's Record Paradise: what do users think?

Anita Timrots: I want to give a shout out to the integrity of this business. I sold a very large collection of music and accepted the offer made to me, that felt very fair. A few weeks later the owner contacted me, because after a closer evaluation of the collection , he felt he had undervalued it and offered to send me a check to cover the difference. I was shocked. He could have easily said nothing to me and have considered himself incredibly lucky. But he took the high road and kept his promise. Such honesty was amazing. A good guy. I would for sure do business with them again.

Karen Lopez: Oh man, Joe’s is the best. The staff is always friendly and mellow. I could spend hours in here. Although I miss the old location, I’ve grown quite fond of this new one already!

Allen Robertson: Fantastic used vinyl selection. Found some uncommon records, so really nice. Does not offer new or re-releases though from what I saw. Really big store, will definitely come back.

Danielle Bourn: Awesome place! Tonnes of selection at a reasonable price. Lots of cool international records!

James Luce: Friendly place. Good selection.

Ron Robins: This is a wonderland for vinyl lovers but they also have CDs DVDs etc. Well worth a visit

10. Blue Groove Soundz - Arlington

· 33 reviews

5852 Washington Blvd, Arlington, VA 22205

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11. Record Exchange Silver Spring - Silver Spring

· 188 reviews

8642 Colesville Rd, Silver Spring, MD 20910, United States

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Record Exchange Silver Spring: what do users think?

Stirling: Sold a few music box sets and remastered/deluxe albums, wasn’t expecting to make a killing, just wanted a fair price and was offered just that.Good people, great selection of new/used music, nice little record shop!

Haleigh Rice: Wow! Today was my first time visiting and absolutely will not be my last. The staff here is so friendly and wonderful, The collection of vinyls they have are amazing, along with the prices (*Fleetwood Mac for $10, Elton John for $6?!*) Normally I visit a second hand bookstore/record store in Columbia and saw records at Record Exchange for way cheaper than I had found them at said second hand store, so I guess thats why I was so surprised at the decent prices at Record Exchange. Looking forward to my next visit!😊

Anthony Gianni: The best place to buy sell and trade records video games and more. If your in downtown silver spring you gotta make a stop here. Great selection, great people, just an amazing Record store to hang out and shop vynil. Do yourself a favor and check them out.

Kevin Wright: Love the location and great selection of music in all physical formats. Let the cd revolution continue!

Carly Cottone: The Record Exchange in Silver Spring is the best! My partner and I go weekly to check out their latest in new and used vinyl - all for great prices and we come across some great pick ups. Selection is updated often and they will do special orders! We usually end up checking out and buying some DVDs, CDs, games, and other things (buttons, incense, posters) while we are there as well - prices and selection are too good to pass up. The owners and employees are absolutely the best in Silver Spring and make you feel right at home while there with no pressure. They’re doing a great job keeping things safe with capacity limits and other social distancing measures. I love the Record Exchange!

Cecily Music: This is a great little store. The staff was so helpful! They had a good selection of old & new stuff. Definitely check out the thrift section in the back. I got some great selections for only $2

Daniel Sudoku: Great selection of all genres of records

Faith Young: My boyfriend and I love going to this place! Nice place to buy and trade old games. They also have box sets of shows that might not be on streaming services for great prices. 10/10 recommend!

12. Crooked Beat Records - Jefferson Houston

· 127 reviews

802 N Fairfax St, Alexandria, VA 22314

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Crooked Beat Records: what do users think?

Da Hun: Great record store. You can find all kinds of records, from the old time rock & roll to the new music. If you are in the area I definitely recommend stopping by.

Bryan Vorbach: Great little record shop. Constantly getting in new things and they also have a solid selection of used records and stuff from local bands.

frizz: A hidden gem off the corner of Madison Street. Cozy little shop, reminds me of what I wanted my bedroom to look like in middle school. A grand selection of new and used vinyl. Decent pricing. Staff is very informative. I didn’t buy anything here today but this will be the first place I visit when I wanna get my hands on some vinyl.

Kevin Wright: Super friendly owner and awesome legacy of selling music in the dc area. Nicely curated shop. Highly recommend.

stefan Voogel: A great place to buy good quality vinyl records both new and second hand! Owner Bill always there to have a good chat with.Very relaxing environment to shop for special vinyl records or collections. And if you can not find what you want just let Bill know and he will do his best to order it for you.

Jay Vallario: Super helpful. Have me great advice about turntables, irrespective of whether I was buying anything. Just low key, honest, knowledgeable people.

13. Red Onion Records - Hyattsville

· 89 reviews

4208 Gallatin St, Hyattsville, MD 20781

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Red Onion Records: what do users think?

Aidan Gardner: Very good selection, however, not too much metal/hard rock. Still great people there and a great series of jazz and hip hop

Daniel Tana: Really great shop. I grew up in Hyattsville and I wish we had anything this cool here when I was younger and had more disposable income. Even still, better relate than never! Very cool and helpful staff, and a huge inventory of records (and books, and CDs, and some cassettes) with a great selection of new releases and classic used stuff, and lots of bargains. They also buy records so if you have an old collection to unload, give them a call (so I can end up buying your old records). Lastly, they seem to get new stuff in all the time, which is great. I’ve started trying to go at least once a week to see what’s new and always seem to find something cool.

Connor Smith: Friendly staff and *tremendous* varied blues selection. And I’m not sure what that other reviewer was talking about; these are some of the very best prices in the DMV.

Evan Stephens: Very solid record store in the district. Selection of new vinyl and new arrivals are strongest. Surprisingly thin selection of classical pop and rock, but they also have a nice listening station and a shelf of oddities like books cassettes and other. Very friendly staff. Absolutely worth the trip

Davy Sundquist: Incredible selection of alt-rock and emo albums. Grabbed a nice Speedy Ortiz record today, and will be coming back soon. Clerk helped me find a place to get my record player repaired, too!

14. Memory Lane CD's & Records - Prince George's County

· 86 reviews

2809 Walters Ln, Forestville, MD 20747

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Memory Lane CD's & Records: what do users think?

Paris Gonzalez: My wife and I went on an impromptu date, and it was the most wonderful experience ever. I have never been inside an actual record store. I was so overwhelmed with the many selections of music and artist I have never heard of. Michael Earle was so personal and very knowledgeable about music. He asked me what type of music do I like and I said “Neo Soul”. He took me to a wide selection of Neo Soul and I didn’t know where to start. So he told me to start from the bottom. I became so damn excited like a little kid in the candy store. Michael gave me a awesome experience in Memory Lane CD’s and Records, Inc. I just want to say thank you to my beautiful wife and the store owner, Michael Earle for this wonderful experience.

Angel Stringer: After almost a year of them searching these guys found the record my husband got for me for Christmas! When they say they will look until they find, they mean it! Now I have a timeless peace of art that I will treasure forever. Thanks for holding out for us 😊

15. Best Records Entertainment - Washington

· 1 reviews

1140 North Capitol St NW, Washington, DC 20002, United States

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16. Sonidos Music & More - Beltsville

· 23 reviews

11011-B, Baltimore Ave, Beltsville, MD 20705

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Sonidos Music & More: what do users think?

DJ Fleming: Great place. Wonderful experience and nice people small and cozy with so many amazing music options

Ronojoy Sen: Great selection and fair prices at this local shop.

Cahba Kingwood: Great selections, good prices and chill owner and staff.

Measu Bellay: Amazing record shop with the dopest staff! Must go to spot with an awesome collection

Brett Merchant: I just sold my classic rock record collection that was taking up space in my garage. The owner is very easy to work with and she gave me a great deal for my vintage vinyl! She even offered to help me sell my 30 year old direct drive turntable!!! I highly recommend this shop!!!!!

Michael Honch: Good selection of records, with some really interesting stuff! Prices are fair and the records are clean. Cool staff. Well worth making them part of your record shopping plans!

Kyle del Villar: An all around amazing store with a great selection of records that cover a wide variety of genres. I’ll definitely be heading back soon.

17. Adelphi Records Inc - Silver Spring

· 1 reviews

Silver Spring, MD 20907, United States

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