Best Hip Hop Shops In Washington Near Me

Joint Custody Urban Outfitters The Museum The National Hip-Hop Museum UBIQ - now atmos USA HR Records Smash Records DTLR Nordstrom Rack Som Records Stars and Stripes Washington DC Souvenir Store At Fashion Centre Pentagon City Blue Groove Soundz Uncle Tony's Donut Shoppe The Lab D.C. | Breakin' Academy

1. Joint Custody - Washington

· 144 reviews

1530 U St NW, Washington, DC 20009

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Joint Custody: what do users think?

Allison Giddens: Very cool record shop - fantastic selection in rock and metal. Super nice guy (owner?) at the front counter. Totally recommend checking out if you are in the area or visiting.

Stefane Sheryniele: Amazing record shop. Really cozy basement vibe with cool art. They have a great variety of records. I found a few I was looking for, for a long time. The guy at the register was also really nice. I recommend this place.

Alex Escamilla: My good friend John Puerto Vinyl, recommended me this store. This place has a unique way of treating their customers, prices are always right, and every single vinyl is always in almost perfect conditions, my new favorite record store. I would give an extra star because it’s the only store that I’ve been that has a bathroom, this makes the visit more comfortable if you’re in the needs of using it.

Akindele Campbell: Best record shop in the area. Great Soul, Jazz, Funk, Hip-hop, Reggae and African Selections. Discount section has so many gems. Overall great place for music lovers old and young, looking to build their collection

matthew mckenna: They have a great selection of constantly rotating used records, in all genres. They really exceed in hip hop, metal, punk/hardcore. I always find at least 10 things to buy.

2. Urban Outfitters - Washington



· 509 reviews

3111 M St NW, Washington, DC 20007

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Urban Outfitters: what do users think?

Rebecca Whitehouse: Big open store with good selection. The sale section is abundant and the downstairs mens section is substantial compared to other Urban stores. Good customer service experience as well!

Stuart Royall: Not for me but my 15 year old daughter loved almost everything. Nicely laid out and great vibe.

Michael uthe: This an awesome place with excellent staff. Very helpful and knowledgeable.

Aprils Advice, Advocacy & Advancement!: Expected NYC standard of excellent as the first store is there.

kwame S.: I love urban. They offer affordable classy clothing.

3. The Museum - Washington

· 169 reviews

2014 Rhode Island Ave NE, Washington, DC 20018

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The Museum: what do users think?

kia baker: My first time in the museum store they were very polite. Great customer service and the quality of their clothes is everything. They have that drip and that splat.

Garry Cameron: Beautiful Black Owned Business. Customer service was great. They were very knowledgeable about how to curate the styles of their clothing. Definitely felt like a great family vibe. Will be back again. Very soon. Love is Love

Keyz_ Inc: I love shopping here I love supporting black business, They always had something different in style to wear

Jonathan Brooks: They have an outstanding customer service and they treat you as if you are family 👪

Drew Washington: Y’all clothes are tough but y’all need better retail hours

Linda Lewis: Love Love Love this store clothes shoes socks are a great quality and very very nice and comfortable

Chandra Metts: Visited this store for the first time on 9/18. Nice selection and the customer service was outstanding. Everyone was helpful and polite. Will definitely be back again.

4. The National Hip-Hop Museum - Washington

· 20 reviews

2622 Georgia Ave NW, Washington, DC 20001

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The National Hip-Hop Museum: what do users think?

Listen Vision: Their new Art Gallery is amazing! What an awesome experience to see all the platinum plaques from all the legends and see videos never before seen, hats off, great job!

Randy Bazile: Shout out to Jeremy for being a great and fun tour. It was great seeing the greats in hip-hop work be honored in a creative way. The Big boom box in the museum stands out the most!

Antonia Malloy: This was great! We took our kids and all of us enjoyed it. My husband and I loved reminiscing and sharing our memories with the kids. What was even better was them showing us what they knew about old school and new school hip hop. Feels good being able to share our love for music with them. Music still connects us to our past and future. Only wish it was permanent and maybe bigger. Hip-hop is bigger than all of us.

Poinciana Haley: What a place! Our guide Marcus is a super knowledgeable, helpful and all around great guy. We learned a lot, enjoyed our time there and will return soon.

Cristian Reyes: Such a great visit! Loved the energy of the tour guide. Really made this wonderful experience. It was nice learning more about the history of hip-hop

Tanisha Dixon: AMAZING!!!! It’s been compacted due to COVID, but the tour guide was super knowledgeable and the artifacts here were engaging. WELL WORTH it!!!

5. UBIQ - now atmos USA - Washington

· 97 reviews

3124 M St NW, Washington, DC 20007

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UBIQ - now atmos USA: what do users think?

sebastian vonley: Dope ass spot with some really cool stuff. Tons of new and hyped sneaker releases were just chilling when I went in. The store is really dope and has a rustic vibe with old brick walls. Furnishings are new and very nice. Everything was well displayed and they had brands like pleasures, raised by wolves, reigning champ, a couple stone island pieces (some even on sale!) they had tons of coffee table books too and some small accessories like glasses, coffee mugs etc.

6. HR Records - Washington

· 48 reviews

702 Kennedy St NW, Washington, DC 20011

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HR Records: what do users think?

Chantaya King: My kind of record store! HR records is amazing! The staff is welcoming and answered any questions my friend and I had about records! I love digging with jazz playing in the background! The shop is well organized and they have plenty of records to dig in! HR is now one of my favorite D.C shops!

Julius Sheppard: Great shop. Knowledgeable staff. The recommendations are on point. Bought and sold some records and got good prices on both.

YanoNick: The staff is super cool and informed. I like the music playing. Affordable prices and wide selection of music for a novice like myself. They also do live shows and interviews.

Isaac Sawin: Best store around if you are looking for soul and funk records.

Morgan Lupton: Fantastic shop with an incredible selection. Really good mix of full lengths and singles from a wide variety of genres. One of my preferred spots for picking up Jazz, Funk, Soul, and Disco 12s.

Clifford Robert Booker Jr.: HR Records can still fill the empty spots in my Musical library !

Noel Johnson III: Awesome shop! Lots of good jazz, soul, and funk here. Saw lots of gospel and reggae 45s too. Will be returning!

7. Smash Records - Washington

· 137 reviews

2314 18th St NW 2nd floor, Washington, DC 20009

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Smash Records: what do users think?

POPTOGRAPHIX: A great record store if you like punk. Kind of small but lots of cool stuff at a pretty reasonable price. Overall nice record store.

Adrijana Parsell: Cool place! Any 80s or 90s rock fan would love this place, I found the picture mocking a shoplifter and no posers sign hilarious, but might not be for everyone. Pretty decent collection of vinyl, clothes, magazines and more

Allison Giddens: Cool record shop. Found a couple of fun things in the used "new arrivals."

Sex Pistoleros: Absolutely one of the best record stores for punk. Up there with Rushmor Records.

8. DTLR - Washington

· 139 reviews

3960 Minnesota Ave NE, Washington, DC 20019

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DTLR: what do users think?

James Coley: Great customer service I always get what I need Aaron was very helpful.

Bryan Woode: Friendly staff, affordable prices

Lord Tiger: The staff at this location was very friendly. I brought my client inside to check out the latest fashion and trends and the staff brought my client some napkins. She was very nice!

Wendy Paterson: Needed shoes on a trip and they helped me find what I wanted.

9. Nordstrom Rack - Washington

· 1054 reviews

1800 L St NW, Washington, DC 20036

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Nordstrom Rack: what do users think?

George Brightman: Plenty of stock, although uneven from department to department. Staff on hand were friendly, capable and obviously very busy ( probably quite a few out sick or under quarantine ) -- so bring your own sense of fashion, do some browsing, and go home with some serious bargains !

Leonard Schneider: Great location. Some of the Racks are hit or miss, this is one of the good ones. Nice staff

10. Jimmy Jazz - Hillcrest Heights

· 101 reviews

Iverson Mall, 3737 Branch Ave, Temple Hills, MD 20748

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Jimmy Jazz: what do users think?

Jill Bill: Great service there is a new manager and new ppl service was excellent store was clean and everything seemed happy Work there.

angela hamilton: Always have the latest gear. Fresh and up the date sneakers. Popular amongst teens and young adults.

Leon Johnson: Usually has good stock.

sincerely Josii: everyone is so helpful, they helped me find what i wanted!!

11. Sum Kinda Nice Entertainment LLC - Washington

· 1 reviews

1503 W St SE, Washington, DC 20020

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12. Som Records - Washington

· 162 reviews

1843 14th St NW, Washington, DC 20009

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Som Records: what do users think?

Aaron Phillips: Sweet basement record shop with a good selection of jazz, blues and various rock albums. Some cool obscure finds in there, but a good amount of recognizable stuff too. Has a good old school charm to it.

Ameen Karim: A wonderful used record store! Definitely a heavy focus on more instrumental, jazz, blues, and the like. Plenty of interesting finds in the world section and new releases as well. The guy at the counter was awesome and fun to talk to, was helpful and nice. Only problem was that the records were overpriced for the quality of the used records (VG to VG+), definitely should be more fairly priced

Marc Neilson: Delightful little shop with some excellent browsing racks. Found some great soundtracks and noticed tons of cool old and brand new stuff.

Sonia Cumber: Owner Neal is the best! Very experienced in vintage artist and albums!

Mark Manthy: Proprietor really knew his stuff. There’s a turntable with headphones right there so you can listen to whatever you want before you buy it. Walked out with a few very hard to find older Go Go records. He said he can’t keep them on the shelves so I was lucky. Great place. Can spend hours in there if you’re not careful.

Graeme King: Great local record shop. Helpful staff and a good selection of new and used vinyl.

Clara Hadley: Great selection of records!! The dude who worked there was super helpful as well! :)

13. Stars and Stripes Washington DC Souvenir Store At Fashion Centre Pentagon City - Arlington

· 84 reviews

1100 S Hayes St, Arlington, VA 22202

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Stars and Stripes Washington DC Souvenir Store At Fashion Centre Pentagon City: what do users think?

Reaction Hour: The owner is sooo nice. We went to Dc for a school trip and decided to hop in while we were eating. The guy is super kind and reduced the price for some stuff bc we were short money. All the appeal is real and super good quality. After I left I was sending all my friends and peers in. Thank you so much.

Annette Frendo: Owner and staff were very personable and went out of their way to accommodate the needs of our group of traveling with eighth graders . Highly recommend visiting their store.

Raymond Palm: We were looking for souvenirs to take home..and here we found some at good and reasonable prices...nice service too

Milara Gatcke: Have been looking for great souvenirs around the national mall, and found nothing at all. Went to Stars and Stripes in the Pentagon City Mall and am extremely happy. We found everything we were looking for and the quality is amazing. Staff are friendly and helpful. Make the trip, it’s 100% worth it!!!!

Daniel Alcantara: This place is the best there are so many flags there, I love flags so much, and the people are so friendly there, this is the best place I have ever been in the pentagon city mall

B Linn: Stopped in for a few souvenirs for family and came out with two bags full! Super friendly owner and staff! If what you’re looking for is not in stock they will find it for you and ship it anywhere! Highly recommend a visit!

Deborah Nelons: In February, my best friend and I visited Washington DC and went to this store in Pentagon City Mall to get some DC souvenirs and clothing to take home. We were very pleased with their selection and variety of everything I could have imagined. Their staff was very helpful and enjoyable to work with and the quality of their products was superior to everything we had seen elsewhere.

shannon waters: Excellent experience! Plenty of attentive, knowledgeable, and friendly staff to assist. The store owner was onsite and treated each visitor with absolute respect. Exactly the customer service I desire when spending my time and money shopping. Will be visiting DC and Stars and Stripes again this spring!

14. "The Return of Black Broadway" Mural - Washington

· 1 reviews

1344 U St NW, Washington, DC 20009


15. Blue Groove Soundz - Arlington

· 33 reviews

5852 Washington Blvd, Arlington, VA 22205

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16. Uncle Tony's Donut Shoppe - Washington

· 16 reviews

1143 New Hampshire Ave NW Suite A, Washington, DC 20037

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Uncle Tony's Donut Shoppe: what do users think?

Kevin Wright: Lovely small and compact store. Records can be pricy but are fair. This place is the epitome of quality over quantity. Hip addition to a hotel lobby.

Matt's Garage & Misc. DIY: The record shop is inside the “Yours Truly DC” hotel lobby. Cool shop with lots of Soul, Funk, Hip Hop and Jazz

Rishi Kumar: Great little shop with a nice selection of funk, soul, pop, and rock records (all vinyl), both used and new. All the records looked to be in great condition. I picked up a great Herbie Hancock record, and I plan on spending a lot more money here.

Jay Herrera: Great customer service , and nice selection of old and used vinyl. Highly recommend !

Ronojoy Sen: Great selection and a cool location.

Ben Foulkes: Great shop with a great selection. Definitely has become my go-to record store in DC.

Dave Hoenack: A great record store!

17. The Lab D.C. | Breakin' Academy - Washington

· 24 reviews

6925 Willow St NW, Washington, DC 20012, United States

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The Lab D.C. | Breakin' Academy: what do users think?

Jocelyn: My son has been going to The Lab for 3 years (started when he was 5) and he absolutely loves it. The staff are personally invested in the wellbeing of the kids and passionate about teaching. My son was struggling before a tournament and Tazk took the time to FaceTime even though he was juggling so many other things. My son has grown so much emotionally and physically. I highly recommend their camps and classes.

Renata Ko: My 7-year old son has been breakin at The Lab for a few months. The instructors are excellent, patient with kids, and really good at teaching technical moves in a clear, relaxed and fun way. The school even posts tutorials that students can access from home to practice. We travel each weekend from Capitol Hill and it is so worth the trip!

Elisa Om: I enrolled my 5 year old son at The Lab to learn how to dance. The instructors are amazingly patient and I was in awe at how they were able to get my very timid son out of his shell. He has been having a blast and is always asking if its time to dance. Best dance school in the area.

Elizabeth Corona: The staff are awesome. They are all patient and professional. Our son loves going to breakdance every week. It’s been a great way to get some movement in without playing a contact sport.

Amanda Gresco: This is a cool and fun place to learn "breakin" for kids of all ages and adults too. There are regular events where the students can compete. Instructors are knowledgeable and encouraging. I definitely recommend it!

Cel Castillo: Positive: ProfessionalismGreat place for kids of all ages to learn the skill of dancing. Great dedicated staff who love their job.

Steve Spencer: Great place. My son has taken several classes and loves it

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