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1. Ultimate Performance Personal Trainers DC - Washington

· 69 reviews

Suite #110, 1919 M St NW, Washington, DC 20036

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Ultimate Performance Personal Trainers DC: what do users think?

Dian Stevens: I started working at the DC location of Ultimate Performance in November 2021. I was in drastic need of a reset. I gained weight during the pandemic, thanks to many poor choices on my part, and I knew that I needed to take some action. Ultimate Performance exceeded my expectations. I worked with the amazing Owen Browne. Owen is a dedicated fitness professional. Owen is patient, calm, and invested in helping each of his clients achieve their fitness goals. I felt safe with Owen and enjoyed how he consistently challenged me. Please do, however, watch out for Owen with his rep counts. He always seemed to add a few extra reps just when I thought I was done. Ultimate Performance has a unique atmosphere. The gym is immaculate and everyone knows your name. All of the trainers take the time to motivate every client in the gym. Another bonus is watching the trainers work on their own fitness. The trainers all look amazing, of course, but there is no resting on laurels at Ultimate Performance. The trainers challenge each other just as they challenge the clients. It is a great motivator. I am grateful to Owen for helping me shed 28 pounds. In addition, my cardio endurance has improved, my clothes fit again, and I feel great both physically and mentally. So, if you are tired of watching the numbers on the scale climb ever higher, tired of the mental fog, tired of making excuses, and positively fed up with purchasing compression garments to fit in your clothes, then you should definitely consider Ultimate Performance. Working with Ultimate Performance has been one of my best decisions. I recommend Ultimate Performance without hesitation.

Henry Defriez: Fully recommended to anyone seeking to achieve big weight loss or other fitness goals. I have been working with UP for just over two months, and am halfway to my weight loss goal (30 pounds so far). My trainer, Evelyn, has been a fantastic guide and motivator in our sessions, but also outside the gym in monitoring my nutrition plan and helping me stay on track while travelling (picking restaurant menus, preparing hotel gym sessions etc.) While the focus is naturally on hard work, the atmosphere in the gym is friendly, supportive and relaxed. It’s not cheap, but it’s definitely worth it for the physical and mental health benefits, especially if like me you have been struggling to make those gains by yourself.

Alexander Ragonese: I’ve been working out with Robert at UP for a little over 6 weeks now. While I’m excited I’ve lost over 13 lbs, I am more excited how dramatically the UP program has improved my quality of life. I have more energy, think more clearly and am happier overall. I initially signed up thinking I would give this a try for a month and likely quit but I now struggle to imagine my life without the UP program. While it is expensive, you absolutely get what you pay for. The program is personalized and Robert is constantly available for my questions to ensure I stay on track in and out of the gym. I can’t wait to see what they next 6 weeks bring.

Brian Weiss: DO IT! It’s not just that Ultimate Performance and the program gets results (it does... I’m down 50+ pounds!), but it’s also a complete mind and body change that sets you up for long-term success. It really is training in the broadest sense, because yes, it includes strength and lifting, but it also teaches good habits on nutrition, hydration, sleep and overall wellness. The program emphasizes the interconnectedness of these elements with a cool app and a trainer who is always there for you (whether you’re in the gym or not). As for the gym in DC… a totally supportive community where the team knows your name, and everyone roots for one another. Special shout out to Gavin – a first-rate trainer who built a custom program for me (that drew on his deep knowledge about the science of fitness) and pushed me through every obstacle to get the results he said were possible on the day we met. He was right. Like I said, DO IT!

Alvin Saha: I HIGHLY recommend Ultimate Performance DC! My trainer, Malik Carter, has kept me motivated and stays on top of my nutrition every day. Without him, I would have not been able to achieve the progress that I’ve made so far. In 3 months, I have lost 15 pounds and have significantly reduced my body fat%. I went back and forth with myself for weeks before I joined UP, and I am very glad that I finally decided to make the leap. In fact, I’m so satisfied that I just signed up for another 3 month package so that I can continue my progress towards my body goals.

Lee Ann C.: No matter what age you are (I’m 64!) or what shape you’re in, you will feel welcome at UP, and you will have the best gym experience of your life. My personal trainer, Jonathan Cardenas, is world class. He’s laser-focused on my workout, making sure that I’m doing each exercise in the safest, most effective way possible. He creates meal plans tailored to my nutritional needs, and he provides guidance on what to order when I’m eating out. Best of all, Jonathan is tuned in to what motivates me. At UP, you will not get a “cookie-cutter” gym experience. This is a gym that is focused on you, the individual. The results you get will astound you.

2. Derrick Inglut Personal Training | DC - Washington



· 30 reviews

1150 18th St NW #130, Washington, DC 20036

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Derrick Inglut Personal Training | DC: what do users think?

eden berhane: I’ve been training with Derrick for about a year now. Like a lot of people, I’d put on some covid pounds and was looking for a diet/lifestyle change. Derrick has been fundamental in helping me achieve that. He provides you with a realistic diet plan (abs are made in the kitchen after all) and he’s knowledgeable about exercises and technique. He listens to the goals you have and will work with you to get there. As someone who used to dread going to the gym, I can’t say enough good things about Derrick. He’s held me accountable, given me tools I’ll be able to use in the future and has made exercise something I actually look forward to. If you’re looking for a trainer that knows his stuff and will help you reach your goals then Derrick is the trainer for you.

jp hooth: In the beginning of 2022, I was at my heaviest weight; I knew I needed to make a change and when looking for a personal trainer, I knew I had to be open-minded about selecting the right one. Thus far It has been an extraordinary experience working with Derrick, he has pushed me to new levels with my fitness that I did not anticipate I could achieve. Exercise, homework (cardio) and nutrition are part of a program designed to meet your needs. Derrick keeps track of your progress. I have never worked out with a trainer who has such a wealth of knowledge. As a personal trainer, he is dedicated to understanding how to help you achieve your goals and develop a plan that includes nutrition and lifestyle habits, but most importantly, holds you accountable for your progress. He keeps his workouts intense, fun and respectful of your injuries. He does not attempt to push you too hard, but just to the point where he understands what you can do. Although I have a terribly busy work schedule, Derrick has found ways for me to fit training into my schedule and stay motivated to keep pushing each week. Derrick always goes above and beyond to make sure I was reaching my goals, guiding me through my diet and pushing me through my workouts.

Tommy Rector: Derrick is fantastic at what he does. With him, I’ve lost a significant amount of weight and body fat, feeling the best I’ve ever felt. His workouts are intense, offering a wide variety of exercises. He helped get my nutrition on track, something very maintainable without any crazy diets. But most importantly, he has given me confidence. I now feel comfortable going to the gym by myself to continue a healthy lifestyle. He is the best of the best.

Lou Manzo: Derrick is the real deal. He gives you a clear manageable plan of cardio, weights, and diet. You will get the results you want, if you trust the plan. Plus, working out with him is actually fun. Every session has new exercises and I highly recommend doing “partner” workouts. His goal is to get you “shredded” so that your are self sufficient in the future without him. He will hold you accountable, but won’t stress you out. Highly recommend.

3. Fitness Together - Washington

· 172 reviews

3222 N St NW, Washington, DC 20007

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Fitness Together: what do users think?

David Miller: Fitness Together in Georgetown is an outstanding organization with fantastic people! Their focus is on the individual needs of the client. They perform an in-depth evaluation then design a detailed exercise program specifically designed for you. Their one-on-one personal training model is wonderful. My personal trainer, Max McClain, is extremely competent, professional, a great motivator, and in a single word, awesome! The nutritionist is also terrific! They have earned my HIGHEST recommendation!!

Charles Brountas: I have had a very positive experience at Fitness Together. They have a very professional staff that tailors a specific, goal-oriented program for each client. They track your progress in these goals through re-assessments every 6 weeks. Furthermore, the approach to health and fitness is decidedly holistic, focusing on nutrition and wellness as well as physical fitness.

Erin Dawson: The team at Fitness Together in Georgetown is amazing- I started just a couple of months before my wedding with some lofty goals. The whole team created a fun and challenging program for me, managed my busy work travel schedule, and helped me lose 7% body fat before the big day!

Anup: I joined FT a few weeks ago and have benefited greatly. After suffering from pain and limited mobility, I saw results in a few sessions. I mostly work with Jeff and Enrico; both have been great trainers who keep you motivated. They care about your health and well-being, unlike my experience at bigger gyms. I really liked the fact that there is a lot of focus on individual situations and highly personalized training. The nutrition guidance from Kristina is also useful. Stacy, the owner, is very responsive. Overall a great experience. I highly recommend the FT.

4. Leveluppt LLC - Washington

· 40 reviews

3430 Connecticut Ave NW #11252, Washington, DC 20008

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Leveluppt LLC: what do users think?

Kristen DiBlasi: I started working out with Cregory after a year of pandemic weight gain in the hopes of getting in shape for my wedding! I exceeded my goals and felt amazing and strong. I’ve kept up working with him to keep myself honest! Would recommend and so convenient to have him come to my home!

Lindsey Allen: Cregory is a wonderful trainer. He makes your workouts work for your schedule. Personable and motivating. After a few sessions, we got into a groove and he continuously adapts the workouts to my body. Happy to support Black Business. Incredibly queer friendly too :)

5. FIT360 DC - Washington

· 43 reviews

3058 Mt Pleasant St NW, Washington, DC 20009

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FIT360 DC: what do users think?

Gaby Madrid: FIT360DC is the BEST gym in DC!! 👏🏽👏🏽 They go above and beyond to make sure that everyone is staying safe and healthy during the pandemic. They also have a variety of workout options to fit your comfort level. I absolutely loved their in-person classes!! I recently moved and have joined their virtual classes. The virtual classes are just as challenging and engaging as the in-person classes. Brian, Edgar, and Amina hold it down for folks on the virtual side, and have kept me from turning into a couch potato 🙃💕

Ariyana Monee: Great gym. Just wish there was more (and safer) parking , especially in evenings.

Rizwaan Akhtar: An amazingly effective and inclusive gym. Though I left this gym a year ago due to a move, I still credit my physical wellness today to Brian and FIT360. Because of their both challenging and welcoming environment, I not only grew stronger and healthier, but I feel like I have a solid foundational knowledge to build on. I credit this a lot to Brian’s unique and effective instruction. Especially now after joining a new gym after my move from DC, I’ve really come to appreciate how high-touch their support is. I wouldn’t be able to weightlift, do kettlebell exercises, or use other equipment safely and confidently in my new gym today if it wasn’t for FIT360. Their trainers actually take the time to carefully instruct, give feedback, and keep you safe. Also this gym totally raised the bar for me in terms of what to look for in my new city. A gym can both motivate you to show up and know you’ll be welcome, and it can challenge you to be a stronger, faster, and fitter version of yourself.

Golzar Meamar: I was struggling to find a way to get back into strength training and moving my body intentionally during the pandemic. I am very lucky to live around the corner from this gem of a community gym! During the COVID-19 pandemic, Fit360 DC has been very communicative, flexible, and innovative when it comes to helping its members workout safely. The outdoor classes are challenging and efficient, and are completely masked and distanced, which has made them that much more valuable to me during the pandemic! The coaches are also informative and helpful, and challenge us consistently!

6. Capitol Hill Sport&Health - Washington

· 118 reviews

315 G St SE, Washington, DC 20003

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Capitol Hill Sport&Health: what do users think?

Edward Wendel: Great gym and great trainers. I have been using gym since its opening. I am now 81 (yes, I know, old). Have been training for several years with Razonte Dunn. He may be exceptional at training high performing athletes, but he also has a special gift for taking everyone seriously and taking them to the highest level they can achieve. He not only knows the mechanics of training, he communicates a desire to make you succeed that is contagious. This experience has been life-changing.

Asher Allman: Great gym at an affordable rate. Helpful and responsive staff, both in person trainers and with online/email inquiries. All the equipment you would need, and a really cool atmosphere/space. Big fan!

Rachael Hunt: I want to give 5 stars to Raz, one of the trainers. I’ve been working out with him in his group classes and it’s been a great experience. He is super enthusiastic and always plans engaging and effective workouts. He is a great motivator. If you are ready to push yourself, he’s the trainer for you.

Devon Murphy: Love this gym! Best gym in the area by far. My only recommendation would be to add mirrors in front of ALL the squat racks. It is beyond me why half would have mirrors and half do not.

7. Evolution Personal Training Studio - Washington

· 7 reviews

1327 Basement, 14th St NW, Washington, DC 20005

Evolution Personal Training Studio: what do users think?

Larry Gilstrap: If you are looking for intense, results-oriented, all-inclusive wellness training with a professional trainer, Evolution is for you. It is a training studio where clients work directly with personal trainers to achieve their goals and beyond using weight training, cardio, Pilates, and nutrition. The environment is friendly, supportive, encouraging, focused on fitness and not intimidating. It is truly a tremendous group of talented trainers and awesome clients of all ages. I have trained at Evolution for a few years now working initially with Jack Tisne and now with Joe Vancleve, both incredibly dedicated trainers. I also highly recommend Chris Coates for Pilates instruction. If this is what you’re looking for, give it a try. It is a rare find of dedicated and professional trainers working with motivated clients in a very warm and friendly environment.

8. Balance Gym Thomas Circle - Washington

· 85 reviews

1339 Green Ct NW Unit 1, Washington, DC 20005

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Balance Gym Thomas Circle: what do users think?

J: I was visiting DC and did a few CrossFit drop in classes. The coaches were excellent and welcoming, and all of the class members were very friendly. The facility is excellent. Thanks for making my visit so nice.

Alistair Perumal: Used this gym for a month in DCReally enjoyed the atmosphere and most especially the Sanitized environmentWould go again!

Jack Sykstus: Was a long time member. Went to both Thomas Circle and Foggy Bottom locations frequently. Great gym in the DC area, and live the CrossFit programming. Tons of options for fitness there. Go if you can.

Kristin Dion: The staff was friendly, the facilities seemed clean, hand sanitizer was well stocked, and the classes have been helpful!

Obi Asemota: I joined this gym with my wife about a year ago after seeing how well kept the place is, and how professional the staff and trainers conducted themselves. We’ve been doing our evening work outs ever since, and I must say, the ties we’ve made with the people here are just beyond words. One of the best gyms in DC, without a doubt.

Caetie Ofiesh: Easily the best gym in the city, reasonably priced and a great workout atmosphere - nice but not fancy, lots of people serious about fitness. Ive gotten some of my best training advice from staff there, Michael, Stacy, Aesha and others.

Brendan Gregory: Really awesome gym! Lots of squat racks and bars on the second floor. First floor is just for cross fit but the rest of the building is for regular gym members. They also have personal training in a separate studio right on 14th Street.

David Lapidus: Fantastic gym. Have been a member since 2012 (Thomas Circle location) and been happy the whole time. Plenty of squat racks and places to perform olympic lifts. GREAT membership options especially compared to the bloodsucking national chain gyms.

9. The Line Method - Washington

· 33 reviews

1847 Vernon St NW, Washington, DC 20009

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The Line Method: what do users think?

Misty Carter: I love Eva and the The Line Method studio for my fitness needs. She definitely focuses on physical, mental and emotional realignment. She has improved my flexibility and strength. It’s more than just yoga and pilates. This is not intimidating environment where anyone at any fitness level can get fit. I love how each workout is different and challenging in its own way. I also like the focus on warming up, as well using proper technique and posture. Highly recommended! If you are looking to improve your weaknesses of your workouts, Eva and The Line Method is by far the best of Washington, DC.

Al Cambronero: I’m so happy with the team over at the The Line Method. They really do blend methods that focus on creating strength, mobility, stability, and recovery. Plus super convenient to get to from right here in Washington, DC. The personalized instruction is key to enhancing your movement abilities. They worked with me 1:1. Interdisciplinary approach Eva has training ranging from strength to flexibility to mobility and beyond. Restorative fitness and positive energy, I give these guys 5 stars and if you are looking to level up your fitness I give The Line Method a great recommendation.

Adam Jachimowicz: Positive: Communication, Professionalism, QualityEva is a fantastic teacher. She is fun , yet pushes you to get a lot out of each session. I really appreciate her positive attitude and cheerful demeanor. I always look forward to sessions with her because I know I will feel great afterwards.

Phil Angart: After working with Eva for 6 months I have nothing but positive things to say. I started working with her while trying to work through some lingering injuries and she has helped me get to the point I wanted to be. She always listened and was attentive to how my body was moving day to day. No two sessions were alike. I have learned better form and more unique exercises that truly have made a difference. Highly recommend!

Zykia LaRue: Eva is a wonderful teacher! She is very knowledgeable and very thorough in her explanations of each movement. I 1000% recommend working with Eva- you will have an amazing experience!

Patricia I. Vásquez: Positive: Communication, Professionalism, QualityEva is a fantastic teacher. I have been training with her for several years now, twice weekly. I never get bored and I can feel the improvements in my body. She is constantly making sure the class is enjoyable and varied. She is also a delightful person.

10. SWEAT DC - Washington

· 143 reviews

3325 Georgia Ave NW ste 105, Washington, DC 20010

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SWEAT DC: what do users think?

Ariyana Monee: This is a damn good gym. I will say that I have not necessarily fell in love with every class, BUT i love the welcoming environment, texts, emails, website. The most negative thing I have to say about it is the location. The harassment getting to it is insane. There’s catcalling every time which is draining. I’m sure this isn’t their intention to make female customers feel unsafe but I do wish there were some security or something. My only other con is I wish there were classes that were specifically for intro people. My friend and I did a class today focusing on upper body but it was definitely not beginner friendly in our opinion. So we won’t do that class anymore. The HIIT classes tho.. those so far have been AMAZING & beginner friendly!!

Ali Tharrington: I have been a member of SWEAT DC now since May 2021. I love this place dearly. Seriously challenging workouts with super supportive coaches and a great atmosphere that makes me feel like family. Worth every penny I spend on their “unlimited” membership. I go every weekday before work and never have trouble parking. I take a mix of their Sweat X (HIIT) and SSC (strength training with weights) and love having the flexibility to build my own schedule. I anticipate being a member for a long time to come!

Kara Terrell: Great instructors that push you to focus on becoming the best version of yourself. I took two 60 minute classes and one 30 minute class - all were challenging but I loved the fast pace of the 30 minute class the most. We rowed, hit the ropes then worked our cores on the floor. #feelingstrong

Becky Rose Bitar: SWEAT DC is an AMAZING full body workout with great instructors who always have high energy, positive attitudes, and passion for what they do. They offer a wide range of classes for whatever you are looking for. The instructors are very accommodating if you have an injury or need a modification for any reason. The members are very friendly and offer a "community" experience every time you go. Not to mention the studio is always spotless and smells great (very important in gym). Branden Allen is one of their best trainers, although they are all amazing. GREAT GYM!

Alex Landau: I LOVE Sweat DC! It’s everything I was looking for in a gym. It feels like a personal training session in a group setting. The coaches and front desk staff are top notch- they’re supportive, encouraging, and just really nice people. They know your name and take the time to establish personal connections. I enjoy the workouts (they’ve pushed me to work harder than I ever have) and can already feel mental and physical changes in 6 weeks. I like the Sweat DC routine and how it’s the same each class but the exercises change and there’s fun equipment to use too. I didn’t think I would like having to schedule/sign up for each class but it has actually forced me to be more consistent with my workouts and establish self discipline with going on days even when I don’t feel like working out (afterwards I’m always glad that I went!). Thank you Sweat DC for the opportunity to be my best self and of course, get sweaty! ;)

Whitney Stringer: From personal training sessions to the variety of classes, Sweat DC is a true gem. Their entire coaching staff has such great energy, it’s contagious. The workouts will challenge you in a good way. I also love the music. Sometimes “workout” mixes leave you with corny versions of good songs, but not here. The low lights in class let you really focus on why you’re there , and bonus points that they’re a local small brand that welcomes everybody!

Morenike Ayo-Vaughan: I never write reviews but I came here to emphasize how awesome this space is! Coach G is a fun instructor who always challenges me every single time I take his class. I definitely feel like I get a fantastic workout in 45 minutes. The STRONG and HIIT classes are the TRUTH! Also, this is a small business and this is a small business worth supporting!

11. Ultimate Performance Personal Trainers Bethesda - Montgomery County

· 25 reviews

7400 Wisconsin Ave, Bethesda, MD 20814

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Ultimate Performance Personal Trainers Bethesda: what do users think?

James Shepherd: I am absolutely thrilled with the results I’ve achieved in 2 months training at UP. My trainer, James, has kept me motivated and held me accountable every step of the way. The workouts are always challenging and I am constantly rewarded with noticeable improvements each week. It is always satisfying to see the photographic evidence of my progress, which provides great motivation to ensure continued adherence to the diet plan and activity outside the gym. I strongly recommend UP to anyone serious about obtaining real results through an individualized workout and diet plan.

W Williams: I’ve been working with Ultimate Performance in Bethesda for about two months now. The program is top-notch—every aspect is deliberately designed, from the workouts, to nutrition and regular touchpoints with your trainer to track progress and troubleshoot. My objectives from the outset were to develop better habits around exercise and nutrition to help me lose weight, reduce body fat, improve cholesterol and reduce my A1C levels. The results so far have been strong. I’ve lost ~22 pounds and decreased body fat by 6%. I also notice a difference in how I feel every day, both in terms of my mental health as well as my energy levels. The value of this experience goes beyond what I would have imagined. If you’re willing to put in the work, the team at Ultimate Performance can help your goals. I’m looking forward to the next few months ahead!

Will Ferrell: I would recommend Ultimate Performance for anyone serious about changing their body composition or interested in gaining education to achieve a healthier lifestyle. I achieved a desirable change during a stressful time during the pandemic and learned ongoing skills to help maintain a healthier life. UP provided accountability, enhanced my mind muscle connection, and showed me how important it is to dial in nutrition. I would definitely recommend UP for those who looking for change and efficiency, great results in a short period of time.

Doreen Gasaatura: I’d recommend Ultimate Performance Bethesda to anyone looking for a great gym. I’ve been training for two months and really happy with my results so far! All the trainers are super friendly and really motivating. My trainer Austin has been amazing and is so knowledgeable. I feel stronger and look forward to my sessions.

Thomas Cusack: The hype is real. Total accountability, no excuses, and a customized total approach to fitness and nutrition that, if followed, will reliably get you to your goal. Only three hours a week for three months and I’m back to college weight and stronger than I’ve been in years. My trainer Brandon G. is a consummate professional and an excellent coach, worth the investment.

Laurie Crain: Where to begin…I’ve lost 15 lbs in 2 months. I never could have done this on my own. My trainer James is amazing.He’s cool, motivating, understanding and easy to work with. My workouts are completely different than any type of exercise routine I’ve ever done before. The accountability on the app keeps me honest and successful. Most importantly, I’ve learned so much about how to successfully diet and exercise. I hope I never put on 20+ pounds in 2 years again; but if I do, I’ll be right back at UP or at least implementing everything I learned there to get the pounds off! It’s not cheap, but I’m so happy to have experienced success in this relatively short period of time that I consider it worth every penny!

Allison Rashkin: Great 6-week jump start with Ultimate Performance. If you are feeling committed, believe in science, and are ready to change and work hard then this program is for you. I’m a 47 year old active woman with two kids and I’ve been in a weight funk for a couple of years and unable to get through what felt like a wall (hormonal changes, a general feeling of defeat, changes in my metabolism). UP got me through this difficult time. There are some cons to be aware of (just my opinion ): cost, lack of community, one size fits all approach - part of my story is medical and biological. This program didn’t provide empathy or compassion when I was working to my max.

Timothy Shortley: Ultimate Performance Bethesda is the place to be. UP’s systematic approach, the management, trainers, and the facilities are stellar. After just 6-weeks, I met my first goal to drop 10 lbs, build muscle and endurance. I look forward to every workout thanks to Zach, feel real benefits from UP’s all-body approach, and their attention to detail. I am a believer!

Hersons Honda & Kia Marketing: Positive: Professionalism, QualityUP Bethesda is the nicest gym I’ve ever been in. Great space, new equipment, and Brandon, my trainer is top notch! I’ve belonged to many other gyms, but I’ve only had personal success at UP Bethesda. I’ve lost 25 lbs, gained muscle mass, and feel 100% better. I looked forward to my workouts more than ever!

12. Reformation Fitness - Washington

· 90 reviews

1218 9th St NW, Washington, DC 20001

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Reformation Fitness: what do users think?

DC Techie: Wanted to love the class/studio but had a mediocre experience. Few modifications provided during abs class made for a precarious situation for first timers. Teacher did not seem to notice anyone but the regulars. Room was packed. The sequence went too quickly. Given the class type, may have benefited from less moves or more repetition so we could work on form rather than struggle to get set up. Positives: clean studio with water dispenser and lockers. Variety of classes offered. Good AC and cool temperature in classroom

Bonafide Experiment: IMO, this is the best gym in DC. Love the energy of trainers and attendees here. The trainers are inspiring, professional, and attentive to each one’s posture and growth. They also have a supportive community where you feel welcomed even when you come here for the first time. I have been following their virtual classes but can’t wait to go back and take pilates classes when the summer ends.

Allie Medack: Awesome classes. Every time I go, I know I’m going to get a great workout. Whether you’re a beginner or someone who has worked out for years and loves to be pushed, the instructors tailor the class to your intensity levels and needs. This is my favorite studio in DC.

Lauren Kane: The trainers know you by name and it feels like a community. Any issues with passes are resolved swiftly and effectively. Really awesome staff. I moved from around the corner from the gym to all the way out in Maryland and I will still gladly drive the 40 minutes to go to a class at Reformation Fitness any day.

Caitlin Baker: The workouts are always well thought out and challenging and the teachers are awesome. The studio has a great community feel and the prices are reasonable. My favorite workout studio in DC!

13. Washington Sports Clubs - Glover Park - Washington

· 120 reviews

2251 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington, DC 20007

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Washington Sports Clubs - Glover Park: what do users think?

My Comment: Great neighborhood gym. Staff there -- Mahlape, Olga, Luis -- who are there in the mornings are friendly and quick to help if you have questions. You get a neighborhood vibe from the place as compared to the nameless big gyms. Especially during the pandemic you can see the extra effort they put in to keep the place clean, open, and welcoming. They make you feel part of a family. Glad to be a Glover Park member.

Jason Yeung: Been a member for several months now. I’ve haven’t had a negative experience with team members. The people that workout here are also very respectful and friendly. In response to a negative review of a team member I wanted to share my experience with her. Towards me, she’s always been friendly and hospitable. She does her best to remember everyone by name and notices when your workout buddy isn’t with you, even to the point of asking if they’re ok. The lack of a 5th star is not because of the staff. I wish there were bumper plates, another squat rack, and high quality barbells. That’s most likely a corporate issue.

Ricardo Martinez: I must disagree with a previous review. Malape is a value member of the gym, she is courteous, polite and nice in general. If there is a piece of equipment that is behind the desk, she would gladly point it to me so I can grab it (due to COVID). Luis is another great asset to the gym, he always looks to have everything ready and clean for us to workout early in the morning, always say hi with a smile and good attitude. I am appreciative of their work.

John Byrne: This is a great sports club with a friendly neighborhood atmosphere. Mahlape has always been an incredible asset -- friendly, professional and knowledgeable -- and Luis keeps everything extremely clean. The club was renovated a few years ago, and there is great equipment and a lot of space. Also, very easy to get to on Wisconsin Avenue.

Alexandre B. Sagna: I love ❤️ being part of Washington Sport Club Glover Park. The whole staff is friendly 😊. Brought two of my buddies to train with me and they loved it. Yes it’s tiny that’s true so if you don’t like being close to each other I recommend not to come around pick time 😊.

Joao Pedro: Very friendly staff and great customer service! I also want to kindly disagree with what was said in the latest review since I believe that the “older black woman”, as she was referred, is actually a valuable member and a very nice person who contributes a lot to the gym with her nice work. I only have great words to say about the whole team that works there. The gym is always super clean. The machines are well maintained, and there’s a good number of ergs, so I don’t have to wait to do my cardio.

Will Wu: Great budget gym in Glover Park. Been a member for almost a year and never had any problems with them. Would recommend

Vinicio Aguirre: Wsc Glover is a gym that I highly recommend to the neighborhood or anyone looking to go have a good workout. It’s had major changes since the original Covid transitions. The people there are welcoming and enthusiastic when it comes to its members. If you are an individual that is somewhat of a germaphobe, there is an employee by name of Shanica who works hard keeping the cleanliness of the gym to its highest standards. She makes sure the antibacterial wipes are always stocked and the workout rooms as well as mats are cleaned daily. Overall I believe you come to the gym you’ll agree with my review.

Bernard Holland: I have not been to WSC Glover Park since the pandemic and plan to rejoin when things quiet down. Before that I was there most days for ten years. The elderly black woman Lizzie was referring to is Mahlape who has been there for more than 20 years. Mahlape is the glue that holds that club together. All the people I know that attended the club adored Mahlape. I cannot imagine her being rude undeservedly to anyone. Moreover I have seen a few altercations between staff and members in my time at the club. Invariably it was the members who were at fault.

14. Washington Navy Yard Fitness Center - Washington

· 20 reviews

1244 Patterson Ave SE, Washington, DC 20374

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Washington Navy Yard Fitness Center: what do users think?

Lyric Hyatt: This gym is great and offers free personal training to active duty military members. They also offer group fitness classes and have three floors with a paddleball court, cardio machines, free weights and resistance machines, tons of workout accessories and locker rooms on two floors for men and women with showers.

Luke Hahn: Kept extremely clean with well kept equipment. Some places will need some extra ventilation still is a great and versatile facility for a DC gym.

Burt Melzer: Great gym and fitness center. Good choice of cardio items as well as weights. This is on base so you need access to base to be able to get on.

Eric Driest: Has all the equipment to get a good workout in, can be crowded during the morning hours 🏋️💪

Vanessa Amaya: Great staff, very clean and organized gym!

Travis Greaves: this place is phenomenal and has everything I need.

Michael Concannon: Great location to work out!!

15. Balance Gym: Glover Park - Washington

· 49 reviews

2121 Wisconsin Ave NW Suite 60 (Level C1, Washington, DC 20007

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Balance Gym: Glover Park: what do users think?

C E: The Go for It spirit at Balance Gym is beyond impeccable. All of us want to help out in the contribution to our wonderful community held together by the strength of our Federal Government. Imagine sitting in front of a computer screen, organizing files and papers, having important meetings day and night about policies that affect the 50 States if not the World. Yes, I would go again to Balance Gym!

Grace Phillips: Amazing facility! Very clean! Staff is very accommodating. I was only visiting for the holidays and they have a one week and a two week option! Equipment is suitable for heavy lifters and those who desire a simpler workout. They offer tons of classes at great times. I think I found my gym away from home!

Stephanie C. Giancola: An amazing gym with a phenomenal staff! Jacob, the GM was extremely patient and tending to my million questions about what the gym has to offer. Boy, was I surprised! They have a variety of good equipment available, different sections to do turf workouts, weight lifting, cardio, yoga, etc. the building used to be a spa, so the locker rooms are dreamy, and they offer specials on esthetic/massage work upstairs. I was able to take a boot camp class before signing up for a membership. The class was challenging, but within reason. The coach was enthusiastic, and everybody was having a good time. There is a Crossfit section as well! And they even offer classes like solid core, with the Pilates machine! This gym has everything you need, even parking in the back! Ask for Jacob and he’ll set you up. Also—lots of cool freebies like a free personal training session and three free Pilates reformer classes to start you off!

16. Fort McNair Fitness Center - Washington

· 35 reviews

69, 5th Ave SW, Washington, DC 20319

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Fort McNair Fitness Center: what do users think?

Lawrence Phillips: Positive: ProfessionalismGreat place for fitness activity. all the machines were so nice.

J J: Older building but has 4 rooms of equipment (including a cross-fit room) to meet all fitness needs. Great place to workout!

David Banu: The gym was clean with a lpt of equipment and a large amount of space. They also had a basketball gym.

Maureen Hegerich: Love this place!

Aaron Charlong: Decent gym

Ben Underwood: Very well equipped facility with plenty of space and options.

Joshua Trimble: Not too bad, especially as post gyms go.

17. Lerner Health and Wellness Center - Washington

· 57 reviews

2301 G St NW, Washington, DC 20052

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Lerner Health and Wellness Center: what do users think?

erik miller: Excellent service, they get you in and out without wasting your time. I was surprised at how quickly they processed my information, and how courteous and professional everyone was during my entire visit. Thank you !!

18. Jade Fitness - Washington

· 6 reviews

1310 Pennsylvania Ave. SE, Washington, DC 20003

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Jade Fitness: what do users think?

Caroline Fernandez: Jade Fitness is a great boutique gym with an excellent array of classes. I had the pleasure of doing a workout with Drew and it was incredibly difficult yet fun. Drew is positive and supportive, even if you are not doing so great. The facilities are relatively new, so everything is clean and brand new! If you want to get your sweat on with only a few close friends, Jade is the place for you.

Esley S: Love love love training here. Great variety of classes. All of the instructors are so knowledgeable and friendly, they are great about understanding where you are fitness wise and modifying exercises to fit your needs.

Nicole Lohr: The staff and instructors are amazing. This place is great for all levels of fitness and everyone makes you feel at home. This is a great gym for motivation and learning.

19. Jacobs Fitness Center - Washington

· 8 reviews

Sports Center, 4400 Massachusetts Ave NW, Washington, DC 20016

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Jacobs Fitness Center: what do users think?

T Henry: My son goes to University nearby and has membership here. I went with him the other day and it’s a nice gym. Thanks!

Oliver Hunter: Good place to work out (when its not busy)

Cherise Woo: Perfect place to work out at American University

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