Best Parks With Barbecues In Washington Near Me

Rock Creek Park Anacostia Park Picnic Grove #13 Fort Lincoln Park Great Falls Park Fort Washington Park Rock Creek Park Montrose Park West Potomac Park Mason District Park Anniversary Park East Potomac Park Dakota Playground Fort Hunt Park Fletcher's Cove Benjamin Banneker Park Potomac Overlook Regional Park Barcroft Park Alcova Heights Park Fort Foote Park

1. Rock Creek Park - Washington

· 3304 reviews

5200 Glover Rd NW, Washington, DC 20008

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Rock Creek Park: what do users think?

Maame N: Great picnic areas. Spacious and clean spaces. Bathrooms were relatively clean for a park. No funky smell, well lit, and ac controlled. Kayaking, pedal boat, and row boat available on the lake. Playgrounds are really nice. Home/bike trail available too.

Esther Y: You can park anywhere with a picnic area. However, traffic can get pretty bad during the day. Lots of trees! There is also a biking path on the side :)

Rosie C: A great place to hike especially during the fall. There are different routes you can take all ranging in distance and intensity. Make sure you get back to your car before dark.

Jessica Long: Beautiful paved trails. Wooded trails that were by the creek. It wasn’t the clearest which direction to go to stay in the main wooded region because there weren’t easily accessible or visualized signs with route maps. But lots of ground to discover.

EDP: Love this park. I wish I had more time to discover more of the location. There’s one section closed off to traffic which made it much more enjoyable.

2. Anacostia Park - Washington



· 529 reviews

1900 Anacostia Dr, Washington, DC 20020, United States

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Anacostia Park: what do users think?

Carolyn Grant: This is an underrated park, it has lots to offer. I took my class off preschool down here and just playing they had fun. People who know just know.... fishing ,roller skating ring, basketball, picnic, nature watching,walking,playgrounds. Rowing, Kayaking and so much more.

Nathan Lapin: Great trail to walk or bike. Has nice stopping points so one can overlook the river. We even saw a helicopter land nearby!

Margaritta L Martin: Washington DC has changed since I left the metropolitan area when I lived in Maryland It was my favorite park to go too and relax or grill near the river I asked my sister who lives in Dc did Anacostia Park and other Parks I visited existed and she told me all still do

Jessica Light: Nice little spot for a doggy play date

Brian Burrell (Big B): There can be heavy foot traffic. But good for a bike ride or walk sf cookout. Starting to be kept clean often

Richard Newman: Not the park I grew up with back in the day. My hats off to those who made what it is today 100% better. not the feds . everyday people !

K Wallace: When that weather gets warm in the park

3. Picnic Grove #13 - Washington

· 74 reviews

Western Ridge Trail, Washington, DC 20015

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Picnic Grove #13: what do users think?

TC Woodland: My family always has our family reunion here its great

Christine Dickerson: Super Pavillion for a socially distant party. Love the firepits. Picnic tables, space for children to play and a trail to walk...super day!

Ulas ISSI: So much beautiful place filled with inner peace..

Omer Duzyol: Nice place with abundance of picnic tables and a shelter, however, restrooms are a little inconveniently located.

Sheila Lo Monaco: It’s a great area to play and eat some snacks. Make sure to get in there early and have hand sanitizer and cover for the table. Bathroom aren’t available, no water fountain or place to wash hands but that is to be expected in the era of COVID-19. It’s a beautiful space

Megan Fox: Rock Creek Park is the perfect place to visit and spend the day! It is amazing that this is right in DC. You can bbq and have a picnic. There is also some historic sites to visit. For more of my DC photos and travels I post on ig @travelelsewhere

Pedro Mejia: Very nice place. Bring your own grill.

4. Fort Lincoln Park - Washington

· 375 reviews

3201 Fort Lincoln Dr NE, Washington, DC 20018

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Fort Lincoln Park: what do users think?

Sassy Sauce: Fort Lincoln park is a little more quiet than other parks that we visit in the city. There is a baseball field, tennis courts and a swimming pool at the recreation center. There are workout classes on the weekends and there are often large organized social events on the weekends. The Children’s park is a little small but kids still like to climb and jump around on the equipment.

Diema “Chef Dee”: Nice get away spot to stop and have lunch. Enjoyed the view and a brisk walk around the park.

Pamela Pynell: It was a nice setup I enjoyed it I enjoyed the people I enjoyed the family and I enjoyed the balloons going up in the air and it was a very nice ceremony well done

Allen Mayo: The park is nice but the basketball court is in disarray.

Cheyenne Glenn: Big beautiful park. Needs some love like many other public spaces in the city but a great place to play tennis with the family or just go on a walk with your dog.

Rossitza Newhall: The park is big and quite interesting. Seems like the visitors do not frequent it though. Saw only the tennis courts being heavily utilized. May be the swimming pool in the summer. The kids playground is minimal.

5. Great Falls Park - Great Falls

· 9668 reviews

9200 Old Dominion Dr, McLean, VA 22102

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Great Falls Park: what do users think?

Credible Critic: A beautiful park, well-maintained featuring its natural attributes splendidly. The observation areas are well situated for everyone, including the physical-challenged people. Many shaded areas for families to picnic or just simply taking a break to take in the views. We really enjoyed walking, hiking along the river trail. The trail took us right to the edges of many cliffs, showing the spectacular views of the water. A great area to enjoy nature, just a few steps from the hustle of the city. A must visit in the DC area.

Parker Kelley: Very fun experience and atmosphere ! I was thrilled to see that they do military discount upon entry. Finding parking was a little tough due to the amount of spots they have available. The park itself, including the bathrooms and walkways, were clean. They had a food truck serving different types of foods and drinks. The views of the waterfall is amazing & the hiking trails also has great views. I will definitely be back.

Jessica Alva: This place is beautiful! You only need to be a walker to experience its beauty. Lots of paved trails. However, there are pathways you can take that are also clearly marked. Plenty of placards to indicate what happened or what is going on at certain locations. There are the overviews of the falls; personally I liked overview 1 best, as it is the closest to the falls!

armaan Khan: Great place to visit. $20 per car entry fee. The pass is good for a week. Plenty of parking. Multiple view points. Trails is not harsh. White river rafting available. Rocky trail towards the end. There are snakes and spiders along the trail busy over the weekend. The currents are really dangerous. The water is calm near the beginning of the trail. Must experience it.

Steffanny Leiva: What a beautiful place to go for a walk! you really enjoy the view and the constant noise of the water throughout the trail. It is a place that I recommend visiting on weekdays, on weekends many people go and you cannot appreciate the true beauty of the Billy Goat trail.

Da-Wang Wu: There are three overlooks, and each of them has a great view. Although it’s an easy hike, I would recommend wearing comfortable shoes since there are still some rocks and ups and downs. The first overlook is just next to the visitor center, and the other two are within 10 minutes by walking. The entrance fee is $20, and National park pass can be used here. When the weather is good, parking lots can be filled up quickly. Highly recommend for a half/full day trip!

Jeff Kale: Well maintained National Park on the Virginia side of the Potomac River with breathtaking views of the falls and numerous hiking trails. Picnic area near the Visitor Center with charcoal grills and there was a Food Truck there today. Park entrance fees are $20 per vehicle unless you purchase an annual pass for $35 or have a Lifetime Pass. Great family fun!

6. Fort Washington Park - Fort Washington

· 1209 reviews

13551 Fort Washington Rd, Fort Washington, MD 20744, United States

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Fort Washington Park: what do users think?

Bridgette Jenkins: Great park with a lot of walking trails and historic sites. Really pretty drive through as well or a picnic and bike ride. We went on a Sunday around 10am and there were minimal visitors but got hot quickly so we left about 40min in. But there was still a lot left we didnt see so we plan to return and check out another day and maybe just picnic in the shade.

Jonathan Beary: Great location for an outdoor walk with some amazing sight seeing. The fort is open for limited hours each day but the surrounding areas are still fun to explore. Portable toilets are available for the brave or desperate visitor.

Stella C: Very scenic and lovely to go on a walk and take in the local history. The core by the water and the paths are truly relaxing. You can go to the upper or lower levels or walk between to see all the park has to offer.

Rodricka Elliott: Fort Washington is a cool place to check out, especially if you are an American history buff. You have a chance to not only view the fort, but check out some artillery, period furniture, Harmony Hall (a plantation mansion overlooking the Potomac) and there is, of course, plenty of green space for walking. Also, every first Sunday of the month they fire the cannon, accompanied with a brief history of the fort, on the hour a few times a day. Warning: the sound is VERY loud so it may not be ideal for dogs or persons with sensitive ears.

Moving on with Old Man River Old man river: This fort right across the Potomac from Mount Vernon was built right before the battle of 1814. This is one of the brick and mortar forts built for coastal defense. This fort was to protect Washington DC. It was burned after the fall of Washington. It was then rebuilt and during the War between the states and upgraded with heavy guns. It was then upgraded for WW1. They kept the fort and building the same design.

Monica Arciga: What a wonderful surprise! This fort is huge with lots of green space all around. There are many rooms to imagine how defense took place. The views are great. I was hoping for a little more information about the fort and any battles that occurrrd. Plenty of parking.

Christann Chanell: I love the water. I love living near the water. Fort Washington Park is such a beautiful place to walk, sit, relax, read, enjoy an amazing sunset and even see a family of deer grazing on the grounds! A definite must see for anyone in the area!

7. Rock Creek Park - Washington

· 16 reviews

3545 Williamsburg Ln NW, Washington, DC 20008

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Rock Creek Park: what do users think?

James Salt: great little swimming hole. this is a river ford with concrete footing so easy on the feet. nice fishing hole with eels just under the bridge to the north.

Nnamdi Azikiwe: Our little Washington DC secret.

Marlene Lopez: Peaceful and beautiful

Laura Moreno: Nothing better than run/bike/hike to break the work routine in the rock creek park

Kenneth Cintron: Awesome..!!

Psychic Chevy Chase: Lovers quite time

TC Woodland: Love it

Jose Gonzalez: Nice place

8. Montrose Park - Washington

· 178 reviews

3052 R St NW, Washington, DC 20007

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Montrose Park: what do users think?

Austin Graff: In the north end of Georgetown is a large park that was once the estate of a ropemaker. He let neighbors picnic on his property and that legacy remains. The park became a public park in 1911. Today, it’s a large park with grassy areas with picnic tables, a playground, tennis courts and trails. One trail connects to those found in nearby Dumbarton Oaks Park, a public park behind Dumbarton Oaks Gardens.

Russell W Miller: This is a hidden gem in DC. The upper, street level of the park is a large open grassy space that includes a playground area and tennis courts. Walk back from the street through all of the this and the park turns much more natural and descends the steep forested hillside to Rock Creek. There are multiple paths down ranging from narrow footpaths to a gravel road. At the bottom is the dog beach. Many dog parents (and some people parents) come here to let their dogs swim in rock creek. The water is rapid but there is an eddy along the beach area to let small dogs swim. Bigger dogs will swim out into the current after balls and sticks. I personally only bring my dog here when it hasn’t rained heavily for at least a week and lightly for at least two days. This is because there are numerous sewage outflows into Rock Creek and its tributaries upstream of this spot. The bacterial counts in this waterway can be extremely dangerous after a storm. Even when it hasn’t rained recently the water is not considered safe for human swimming. I wade in with my pup but I am careful not to let any in my mouth and to wash my hands throughly afterwards. The pup also gets a full bath with shampoo after every visit. Despite all this it’s still my favorite place to take him in DC. He loves to run around without fear of running into traffic and explore the rocky hillsides and forest.

Michele Banks: Love this park. Tennis courts, playground, lots of beautiful old trees and the best squirrels in DC

Gigi Swift: Just a delightful park with decent public restrooms. I’m confused why the richest neighborhood has let the maze fall into disrepair for decades?

Lauren Roy: Great park for all humans, small and big and their canine companions. My kids love the playground, dated but great climbing and swings. Great ball chasing fields next to playground and the trails of Rock Creek Park directly below.

Brooke Powell: Idyllic hidden park. I just kind of wandered down a path and discovered it- there’s a charming map at the entrance explaining the features. My dog was in love with this place.

Dr Ngozi M Awa: Lovely greenery all round the park and very peaceful. A good place to go and relax. Only down side is dogs running around the playground, sitting and dinning without control. Perhaps the park management should designate an area for dog walking. They should also require dogs to be leashed.

Scott Marquardt: Nice facilities for young children, tennis players, picnickers, walkers and dogs (well, not much beyond open space for the latter)

Candy Stuart: We were so happy to have found a lovely park to BBQ

9. West Potomac Park - Washington

· 489 reviews

2912 Independence Ave SW, Washington, DC 20418

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West Potomac Park: what do users think?

I SLAY ALL DAY TRAVEL The Solo Traveler: I’m born and raised in DC and never been to West Potomac Park. Glad I came here to participate in the activities. This was for the Something in the Water Gospel event. It was a pop up church service and free! I love my city DC. 🙏🏿❤️

John Thompson: Actually, I met several US Park Police officers when I was stopped for driving 31 mph in a 15 mph area. I often drive through the park to access 395. Officers were great and professional. I was polite and guilty. Still got a 100.00 ticket for not having registration and insurance card in vehicle. The best part is that they did not keep the THC gummy bears on the front seat.

Michael B: A really great spot for social and intramural sports, but it is kind of hard to navigate to. Be prepared to make your way through hoards of mall tourists and find limited cabi bike parking.

Mina F.: Amazing place. I don’t know why the world’s is getting worse. Why we don’t Lear about this people again

Michael Gast: Love this park. We did the lime scooters and had a blast. It is amazing to see all the monuments up close.

Patricia Zimath: The Cherry blossom blooming are amazing

Abhijit Ahir: Loved the scenery and the quiet here! Great if you run or do long walks everyday. A little far away from the hustle-bustle of the Capitol area but definitely worth it. Just park your car in this lush green park, take a stroll alongside the beautiful Potomac river, and breathe some clean, fresh air!

Yadsendewodtitahw With Cheryl: Great event given by Pharrel Williams pop up church great success . Secure.. no biting mosquitos ect. Clean

Ryan Lemmer: Incredible spot to see the cherry blossoms. Well worth getting there early to get a spot. The area is safe and parking is reasonable.

10. Mason District Park - Annandale

· 627 reviews

6621 Columbia Pike, Annandale, VA 22003

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Mason District Park: what do users think?

Stephen Smearman: Over 3 miles of wooded trails, open space, streams and a pond, bbq picnic tables and shelters, turf soccer field, LL baseball and softball fields, a dogpark, 200 seat ampitheater w/ restrooms, and tennis courts.

Jeff Parnes: For first time in years the Fairfax Federation held its annual summer solisitice picnic. This year with fewer attendees, we met under the #2 pavilion shelter. It was sufficient for our crowd, and due to the good weather we able to use the outside picnic tables. Would do it again.

Cha: Nice park - renovated and well-maintained baseball field and soccer field, nice two tier playground with a swings, rock climbing, and playground structure. Pond with adorable turtles, dog park, and trails.

Jerry Miranda: Nice park for a picnic or for sports. Large fields - soccer, baseball, softball, frisbee, etc. Plenty of fee parking. Bathroom on site. The area is taken care of.

Bernice Richardson: Customer service was great!! The process was very quick and the sales representative made me feel very comfortable. I was completely satisfied and I definitely would recommend others.

James Albright: A peaceful oasis in the heart of our neighborhood. More trails than you might think. A successful stream restoration project on Turkeycock Run has increased the ecological health of the stream valley to our benefit.

Olga Sokolova: I really liked this vibrant park! People were celebrating birthdays, had picnics, plaid tennis and soccer ...I even found open to sky a little amphitheater. What a great place to recite poetry or sing songs. Both my dogs enjoyed the walk too.

Petites Etoiles: Lovely wooded area that has been significantly improved with woods cleanup, trails better marked and not very crowded at this time of year.

11. Anniversary Park - Washington

· 7 reviews

Washington, DC 20037

Anniversary Park: what do users think?

Greg Kahl: Good green space on campus. Is not very big, but my organization has held multiple events here. We use the barbeques in site with charcoal to make burgers and hotdogs. There are benches and tables to eat at our do crafts, etc. There is even room to throw a ball, but not enough to play many games. Overall a good outdoor space, but you may need to contact the university to gain access.

Mr. Vance: There is a cool little red cardinal that lives at this park. He is running the show, stop by and check him out sometime.

Noble LaRocco Masi: Small, shady park! Go there to read or let your Dog run around

12. East Potomac Park - Washington

· 4170 reviews

Ohio Dr SW, Washington, DC 20024

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East Potomac Park: what do users think?

Trent Heck: This was a beautiful and picture-perfect park, especially when the cherry blossoms are in bloom. The park is right next to a marina with shopping, fishing, and is fairly close to the Jefferson Memorial. There are cherry trees by the Jefferson Memorial as well. Like all national parks in the city, these are free and open to the public.

Renita Lake: Super crowded because of the time of year, but it has easily been 20 years since I was last at the Tidal basin for the cherry blossoms. IT was worth it and the weather was beautiful.

Mellie Davis: This is my favorite place to come bbq and spend time with friends. Easy Potomac Park and specifically Hains Point is easy to get to if you’re driving. Nice for a picnic and a sunset. There’s also mini golf and an actual golf course.

M.E.: This large area is utilized by bicycle riders, walkers, picnickers, family gatherings in warm, sunny days. Safe and maintained throughout. Restroom included. Several parking lots. Boat launch & boating school on premises.

Li Ju: Very hard to get a parking spot during peak season for cherry blossom. But it is truly beautiful here, enjoyed walking around here.

Archie: Its nice park area to watch cherry blossoms, boating, Jefferson monument and scenic view.Its awesome location with nearby parking and warf for cruise n taxi lines.

Teresa Rivera: Beautiful stretch along the river where you can walk, bike, sit and read, or just people watch under the cherry blossom trees

Sckethia Byrd: Lovely area to walk, jog, run, or just sit and enjoy the view. Lots of trees for shade. Very close to monument and memorials.

13. Dakota Playground - Washington

· 95 reviews

Washington, DC 20018

Dakota Playground: what do users think?

Sassy Sauce: Great park for big and small kids. They play areas are separate so that’s good if you have little ones learning to play independently or learning to share and play with others. The playground is clean. It’s easy to find parking on the weekends. The picnic area is shaded and has 2 large tables and plenty of benches for parties and barbecues.

Andres Mendoza: Pretty good park here in NE DC with 2 full signle rim basketball courts. The also have tennis courts 2 playground areas for the kids and a grass area where you can run around. I like to bring the kids to this park because there is something for all of them to do.

Prince “Kinggunna” Young: Great spot to host a cookout , basketball court is near too!

Guy Edwards: Very cool local park with exercise area for pull ups, dips etc, covered area for eating, basketball courts with youth clases and pick up games at the weekend and shaded areas for relaxing. Lots of new saplings planted too to help folks enjoy park even more and provide additional environmental services. Short ride from Rhode Island metro

Veda: We had a great time and the group of people that were on celebration invited us to join in! Always a fun place to take the kids to play on the playgrounds! Basketball courts are also there!

Shareffe Boone: Seems to be a great space for kids families hosting cookouts and other outdoor events

Edward Hill: Nice place to have family gatherings. Highly recommended

Monica Trice: This was my first time at this park an it was very nice an peaceful an clean an will be back to visit.

14. Fort Hunt Park - Fort Hunt

· 584 reviews

8999 Fort Hunt Rd, Alexandria, VA 22308

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Fort Hunt Park: what do users think?

SamLia Camacho: Just a beautiful park. Ample parking spaces, separate bathrooms, lots of trash bins. Some picnic tables are worn out though. The scenery coming through the park is just breathtaking

Betsy York: A favorite location for a walk, picnic or a sweet romance. Just one mile north of Mt. Vernon mansion, home of George Washington. This lovely park is a neighborhood favorite for watching the Potomac River flow by.

Karen Reynoso: We recently rented lot D for my daughters 2 year old birthday party. It was such a cute place. The process to rent it out online was quick and easy. Their system automatically has reminders and noticed before your event. You have to get a license if you want to rent out a moon voice but other than that they allow beer and wine without an ABC license. There is so much park space around the gazebo that we set up a soccer field and had so much fun. The lot has a driveway up so you can drive up and place your grills or unload. They allow you to decorate and also placed a port-a-potty close since the neared bathroom facilities are pretty far away. There is also lots of parking. Great time and would love to rent it out again.

Kenneth Doo (KENN-DOO): Wonderful Park...Easy Location, so much Fun and GreatbPicnicGreat Picnic areas without reservations needed

Kev Ben: Nice, clean well maintained. Grass is not always cut but when it is, this is a nice place. Grounds need to be cut more often.

RIDE THE PLANET: Great place to spend time with family, pets and also to relax im the right spot. Road needs a little bit of work but in general is a good place to train on flat terran. I believe one lap = a mile.

15. Fletcher's Cove - Washington

· 158 reviews

Washington, DC 20016, United States

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Fletcher's Cove: what do users think?

Rosie: I loved this place. Set my portable hammock in the shade and let the day pass by. Plenty of families enjoying the place but not too crowded. Watch out for the ducks and their dropping in the grass. Go for a walk in the trial then relax and unwind here.

Leah Lambart: Fun park to bring kids and dogs. We had a fun time exploring this park and hiking trails. The trails were muddy at points but we walked in sneakers without any problem. They had many fishermen fishing off the side of the banks. It’s a great view of the river and nature. There’s plenty of things for kids to climb on and explore.

Johny Mccahill: Fletchers cove is a great place.You can find parking for your car or bike and look over the river and relax.Rent a boat and grab a snack and put in to enjoy nature along the shore and see ospreys and other wildlife abundantly.

Susan Reinhardt: Enjoyed a guided kayak tour on the Potomac on a spring evening just before sunset. Beautiful views, decent boats, and nice guides. A little pricey but worth it. We saw a bald eagle along the shore which let our boats drift nearer to him. Very cool!

Lauri Pesantez Pacheco: Beautiful place! To park there the car must go under a tunnel and there is a height limit. There is a boat/kayak rental and can use their ramp for personal kayaks for 5 dollars. There is also a free launching site that doesn’t have a ramp but is pretty easy to use.

Amjad Ibrahim: Really nice area I definitely recommend for a picnic and fishing

16. Benjamin Banneker Park - Arlington

· 149 reviews

6620 18th St N, Arlington, VA 22205

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Benjamin Banneker Park: what do users think?

Shannon Israelsen: Benjamin Banneker Park is a top notch playground for kids. There’s a nice little area for younger kids with a slide, two swings, and a few other things to climb on. A small covered pavilion in the center with just two tables underneath, and 5-6 additional tables out in the open. A small little sand pit in the middle right next to the pavilion. And finally a large structure for the older kids or more adventurous little ones. My 3.5 and 1.5 year old only wanted to play on the large structure because of the slides. Here is why I not gave 4 stars: - The parking near the playground is limited to the street, which is part “permit only” and part 2-hour. It’s confusing because the 2-hour parking has a small stretch of permit-only parking right in the middle of it and someone could easily make a mistake and park in the permitted area by mistake. Also, the 2-hour parking areas are not right in front of the park. - The small pavilion only has two covered tables. The play equipment has no shade at all, so the small pavilion leaves something to be desired. If you’re looking for shade there is a grassy area with plenty of large shady trees, so come prepared with a blanket or chair to sit. - The large play structure has a couple points that made me nervous with my little ones that are just big drop offs with very small platforms to stand on. Yes, my kids were not the age intended for this, so it’s up to me to watch them closely, but the big slides are hard to resist and you really have to be up too with your little ones, from my experience. It is generally easier to get up to some of the slides because there are stairs instead of netting or more complicated climbing, so that is nice making it more accessible to the littles. Just keep a close eye one your kids. This park was a lot of fun and we’ll be back to enjoy it!

Sandra Penoyar: Great creativity motivation play equipment! Plenty of room to run in grassy fields. Separate areas for younger and older kids. Shaded picnic tables.

Pablo Varas: Brand new playground with multiple games and features. You will miss shade though. Many different areas to have fun, including a soccer field and a bbq place

Grant Cox: Excellent park that connects to Isaac Crossman Park and the W&OD Trail. Walking trails, soccer field and basketball court can be found, along with a very cool playground. The playground has unique features such as little climbing boulders, spider web net swing, twisty slide, pavilion and more. An added bonus is the playground has extremely bouncy and absorptive rubber flooring that keeps the kids safe!

Purna Prakash: Great place for dogs to hang out.Fresh water available.

Rutuja Yengul Apelagunta: Great place to walk. Good place for kids ☺️

17. Potomac Overlook Regional Park - Washington

· 462 reviews

2845 Marcey Rd, Arlington, VA 22207, United States

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Potomac Overlook Regional Park: what do users think?

Cristin Harber: Potomac Regional Overlook park is a off Military Rd, on Marcy Rd. It looks like a residential neighborhood but opens to a county maintained park. Pass the basketball and tennis courts up a short winding road that splits and forks to the right. A small tot playground and parking lot are at the top of the loop. Several walking trails split from a main trail. Heritage signs along the way explain a small portion of the land’s history. Most trails are easy for anyone. There’s a trail that along the creek. It’s hard to cross depending on the time of year. But there are several places to play in the water. Dog friendly.

Steve E.: Great park easy to get to. The parking is limited so find parking on street leading in rather than waste time on narrow road in and out. There is a fair amount of activity during nice weather so make sure you are prepared to see / pass other people and dogs. If you are looking for solitude this park may not be your best bet, but otherwise it is a great place to hike with your dog. Some hills but not challenging.

18. Barcroft Park - Arlington

· 574 reviews

4200 S Four Mile Run Dr, Arlington, VA 22206, United States

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Barcroft Park: what do users think?

Hind KH: I love it. I just discovered it since it’s near my apartment. It has place to gather with friends and path for walking and cycling with the beautiful sound of the stream.

Damien Lawrence: Often crowded but great park. Only 1 shelter.

Cristin Harber: Fantastic facility. The staff goes well beyond what you might expect and the instructors are knowledgeable and excellent with kids. The indoor gymnasium is clean and offers an excellent space for all levels of gymnastics. An upper level has seating for parents. There is plenty of well lit parking and outdoor space for various athletic programs. The space is well kept and a large expanse of sports programs are offered for all levels.

Beth Bolish: Who could ever believe that you can find such a gem within the city. Trails are well maintained by the city, the park is wonderful and when you are there you can imagine being in the forest instead of a major city.

Ree A: nice park for walking , playing with various sitting area, for BBQ and walking.also, you can celebrate in the covered area. I like that provide a free wifi .A lot of 🐿there.

J Michael Daniel: Excellent sports facility for baseball and soccer in South Arlington. The baseball fields are generally in good shape and the facilities are well-kept. The fields have lights, so games can be played at night. The community center there has an extensive gymnastics area as well as basketball.

Live, Love, Laugh!: Beautiful scenary, nice trails where you dont feel secluded - my lil girl loves this park :)

19. Alcova Heights Park - Arlington

· 290 reviews

901 S George Mason Dr, Arlington, VA 22204

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Alcova Heights Park: what do users think?

Lukas Zajac: Great park, bring rain boots as there is a small creek that kids love to throw stick and stones into.

Cristin Harber: Lots of space and shade. The park has climbing equipment that all ages can use. Out kids found themselves in the middle of a giant game of freeze tag while others played basketball ball. Lots of room for picnics blankets and a casual game of baseball.

Aztecmami217: This Park Has Really Impressed Us. The Bathrooms Are The Cleanest We Have Seen Out Of Any Park/PlayGround in Arlington and Even Have A Baby Changing Table. The Playground Is Surrounded By Trees Giving It A Very Nice Shade The Whole Day Reducing Hot Slides, Swings, and Hot Weather For Children. There Is A Stream Next To It And A Basketball Court With Working Lights For Evening Play. There is A Baseball/Grass Field and Across The Street Are The Gazebos and Picnic Areas With Grills That Are Available For Reservation. Lots Of Shaded Street Parking Available And Even Wheelchair Accessible. Great Place To Be!!

Shannon Israelsen: Excellent playground with 3 elevated walkways and 6 slides. My 3 year old was in heaven. There isn’t a lot for the littlest ones, but there is at least one small slide and a small playhouse and two baby swings. Lots of room to run around. No sand at the playground, but there is sand volleyball across the street aka a giant sandbox. I’m the fall the trees and stream make for a beautiful setting.

Jessica Kingsley: Great park for after a t ball game! Good for multiple ages, shaded, and plenty of benches for adults.

Mohammed Rahman: nice shaded park with swings and slides and a nice creek next to it

Tracey Brown: A Very nice Family Park 🇺🇸

Peter: I love this park so much. I started coming here back in ‘84, yet so much has stayed the same over the decades. The park is very well maintained.

20. Fort Foote Park - Fort Washington

· 210 reviews

8915 Fort Foote Rd, Fort Washington, MD 20744

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Fort Foote Park: what do users think?

Carlton Willis: The park is one of the best in the area with the exception that trails can be blocked by falling trees and the grass tends to get too high during the summer. A little maintenance by the NPS and this does up to 5 stars, especially with the addition of interpretive signs a couple of years ago.

Tia Wheeler: This is a nice park for walking, but aside from a few markers and two cannons there is not much regarding the fort. There are some nice views across the river to Alexandria.

Iveth Garcia: I really do love it here. It’s one of my happy places. I well say though, there are days were you find the unexpected. Some good and sometimes smelly unexpected. It’s a very nice place to get your feet wet and maybe fish. I brought my kids here the other day. You do have to keep in mind it’s probably 20 something minute walk from the car to the beach area. It’s has very nice historical sites to see. A lot of hiking!

Heman Gharibnejad: It’s a bit strange to have a national park in the middle of a neighborhood. The area is not so well kept. But the giant guns are a real treat. Despite seeing pictures of them I was still shocked by their size and location. This is a very unique place.

Marleen Greenleaf: Great location for a walk or hike, but be prepared to be bombarded with bugs and cobwebs on the trail.

Lyssa McEachern: My favorite park to bring the dogs! It’s quiet and the other trailgoers are so sweet and friendly. My favorite part is the beach at the end of the trail!!

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