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1. National Theatre DC

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National Theatre DC

Address: 1321 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20004

Telephone: (202) 628-6161

Business type: Performing arts theater

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National Theatre DC: what do users think?

Sassy Sauce: This is nice theatre and it’s relatively small compared to others in the city. When you’re on the first level, it’s hardly a bad seat there. The view from the back is clear and the acoustics are good. One thing I noticed is, when buying a ticket through Ticketmaster and a seat may be listed as handicapped or wheelchair accessible, it really isn’t. The wheelchair seats listed for this theatre are really regular seats without the capability of being removed for a wheelchair. So keep that in mind for different abled persons. Also, the balcony seats for the first level up are really nice. Highly recommend the seats that are immediately to the left and right of the stage. Great view! The family went from for a kid’s show and had a great time.

Amanda Randall: If there were a 4.5, I would give the theater 1/2 additional points, but the seating area needs upgrading for comfort and visibility. The play was fabulous. I’ve seen the show a couple of times, and this was by far one of the best cast. The National Theatre is lovely but could use some updating of the chairs and inside the theater. Tall people, be prepared for your knees to hit the seats. Other than that, it’s a great location, walking distance to dinner and parking all around.

Rita Moore: First time at this theater to see the musical Hair Spray. Great performance! The staff was very organized and friendly. The concession stand is over priced. Only other complaint is that the bathroom could use some deodorizer and the seats are not comfortable.

Scott Ellis: If you can afford to buy orchestra main floor tickets, seat and row space is nice. Otherwise prepared to be crammed into barely comfortable seat areas.The stage area looks completely outdated despite a supposed theater renovation. Sad that this the venue has not evolved.

S King: Great Audio. Comfortable seats. No obstructed views. Convenient to public transportation and multiple parking garages. . . . The only drawback is when there are major events happening downtown that impact road closures. Parades, protests, lighting of the National Christmas tree, marathons, etc.

RR: Saw the Illusionists last week and reminded me just how magnificent this building is. True without elevators and restrooms are on the second floor but there is no bad seat when watching . Nice bars and go to the second floor for no lines . You can bring drinks and food purchased inside . Lots of parking nearby and if you use spot hero I get very convenient parking at a discount . Several restaurants closed by if you arrive early and walk on E over to 12 or beyond.

2. Ford's Theatre

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Ford's Theatre

Address: 511 10th St NW, Washington, DC 20004

Telephone: (202) 347-4833

Business type: Performing arts theater

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Ford's Theatre: what do users think?

Max Wood: This is a must see if you value our American history. The Park Service now owns the theater and the Peterson house ( Where Abe died). Still an active theater. Nice museum in the basement. Beautiful building. Staff was helpful and friendly.

Matt W: Great little theater in the heart of downtown DC. Very historical with a neat, FREE little museum on Lincoln. Saw "A Christmas Carol" on their Christmas run and it was very well done. Staff were nice Seats were a little narrow Small theater so pretty much every seat is a good view

Bethany Hoopes: The museum is 100% worth it! You get a deep dive into the history and scene leading up to the president’s depth. They have an incredible amount of artifacts from the event all the way through to his funeral procession. It’s quite breathtaking. Highly recommend experience for everyone.

Rena Correia: A remarkable collection of Lincoln memorabilia with such interesting information from his years as a senator through his election to president and his assassination. There is a column of books at least 3 stories tall showing all the books that have been written about Lincoln, he was such an interesting man!!!! A must see when in DC!!

Coach Aundre Blasingame: Historical site. It has aged and been restored well. SAW A GREAT MUSICAL CALLED GRACE! I recommended you reading this review go see it. Had an incredible time.

Danielle Flickinger: It is absolutely wrong that they bring you into the history exhibit first and give you only 15-30 minutes max to see everything (could take two hours or more depending on if you read a view every exhibit). Then your rushed into the theater for the rangers speech and everyone was informed once you go into the theater there is no re entry to the history museum. So basically plan on coming several times if you wish to view everything. Most do as this is the actual items and belongings of Lincoln and pertinent to the entire point of this journey. Upset is putting it mildly. Waste of time and sadly had my kids with us to let them view such important parts of history and they couldn’t by any means. These people do not care about educating and why spend the money on the history exhibit if people basically can only make it through one exhibit and rushed out.

3. Arena Stage at the Mead Center for American Theater

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Arena Stage at the Mead Center for American Theater

Address: 1101 6th St SW, Washington, DC 20024

Telephone: (202) 488-3300

Business type: Performing arts theater

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Arena Stage at the Mead Center for American Theater: what do users think?

Sara Borgeson: The shows at Arena Stage are absolutely outstanding on so many levels! Give yourself a gift and get to one (or all) of their shows. I especially love all of the different stages they have at their disposal! The diversity they bring to the DC theatre scene is needed and absolutely wonderful. 5 stars, highly recommend!!

Andrea Wu: I came here to watch Seven Guitars on a Friday night recently, and the venue was quite awesome. I got under 30 tickets right a few hours just before the show, and they checked for covid vaccination and ID at the door. The venue was really clean and so were the bathrooms. The stage was unique as the audience sat all around the stage, really cool! The show itself was just alright as the story was slow in the beginning but picked up at the end. Cool spot though!

MJ Bryant: Always entertaining! Plays cover historical events, places and people. Casts are extraordinary, realistic and take time to listen to audience after the plays. Awesome venue. Covid safety precautions.

4. Keegan Theatre

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Keegan Theatre

Address: 1742 Church St NW, Washington, DC 20036

Telephone: (202) 265-3767

Business type: Performing arts theater

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Keegan Theatre: what do users think?

Herbert Witzen: First time there. elegant, intellectual political small space. Think old church.They are replicating Greak dramatic plays from 500 BC. Near Dupont Circle & Embassies of poorer countries.

Dolf Kämper: Great production! Nice place! Needs a bar :)

pattie fekete: This play was called a Christmas Carol nothing about this was Christmas. What happened to the goodness of Christmas if I wanted to be depressed I would have watched the evening news!

Rob Williams: Visiting from out of town, we have been to shows all over the world, from Broadway to the West End, and to shows all over DC and we happen to catch Chicago at the Keegan Theater, and it was a fantastic production. The Keegan is a small, intimate theater with a neighborhood feel, but don’t let its size fool you. The production was first class! The actors are experienced and talented, the show was well produced, and the orchestra played beautifully. We will definitely be back, and highly recommend. Bravo!

Jessica Joyce: Very nice clean theatre- looks brand new. I saw An Irish Carol over the winter which was fabulous. Great story line & excellent acting, especially by the lead Kevin. Will definitely return again soon!

Renee Lorenz: Great show selections. Wonderful staging and direction. Wonderful acting. Been to two shows and going back for more! Plan to get to the theatre area about a half hour before Showtime as street parking spaces around this part of DC is difficult to find.

5. Warner Theatre

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Warner Theatre

Address: 513 13th St NW, Washington, DC 20004

Telephone: (202) 783-4000

Business type: Performing arts theater

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Warner Theatre: what do users think?

Phil Hardy: I love this theatre. The ornate architecture is simply sublime. I could stare at the walls and ceilings all evening. Acoustics are fine, seats comfortable and the bar lines move quickly. A take off a star because the toilets are in the basement. Takes awhile to get there and back.

Christina King: The historic Warner Theatre is a lovely experience. The atmosphere is stunning. Seats are very tight. So if you are tall definitely get an aisle seat.

Michael: Architecture is truly something to see. Acoustics very good, seats comfortable, bathrooms clean, ushers friendly and helpful, and A/C nice and cool. Every seat is a good seat, but recommend getting middle orchestra. Parking garage super clean and well lit and reasonably priced. ( I paid 18 bucks online for the whole day). Would go there again, for sure.

Louise Brady: The theatre is beautiful. We had a great view of the stage from the middle of the balcony seats. Though it looked like there would be a great view from anywhere in the theatre as its nicely laid out and not too big. Drink prices are quite high but they do accept card and cash. Water in a can was a bit different!!. Plus it was called Liquid Death!!! I would happily go to another event at this theatre.

Gary Lee: Saw Tedeschi Trucks in concert recently. The Warner Theatre was able to process guests through their COVID protocol, ticket verification and into our assigned seats quickly and efficiently. The concert was fabulous, the merch tables was manned by well-trained workers who kept the line moving; the snacks was in good supply and delicious warm pretzels was great!

6. Atlas Performing Arts Center

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Atlas Performing Arts Center

Address: 1333 H St NE, Washington, DC 20002

Telephone: (202) 399-7993

Business type: Performing arts theater

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Atlas Performing Arts Center: what do users think?

Patrick: Fantastic performing arts venue. The personnel were very friendly, funny and helpful to the artists. The theater is certainly a fantastic place for groups to get their fuse of cultural events and performing arts.

Michael Covington: Excellent venue for performances. Viewing angle from all seats are great.

Linda Neuman: This unique and gorgeous performance space never disappoints. We have seen several incredible shows here with creative staging and impressive acting. Located near many wonderful restaurants and bars, it is a great central point for an enjoyable evening out. Come by metro, then hop on a shuttle that runs up and down the street. We need more places like this.

D Waldo: A stellar cast performed the production of MARY SEACOLE. Mary, a British-Jamaican holistic nurse, frequently considered the black Florence Nightingale also nursed war wounded soldiers.

Justin Hanna: Join Triumph DC Church on Sundays at the Atlas at 10a. Atlas Performing Arts Center is a fantastic venue for arts and theatre as well as worship. Come join us and make some new friends.

ron lu: Awesome bunch of musicians from the Capital City Symphony Orchestra and the Director VickiGau is more than awesome!

Adrienne: Saw a fascinating and moving play called "The Agitators" about the decades long friendship between Frederick Douglass and Susan B Anthony. It was my first time to The Atlas and it did not disappoint. The show was great and the facilities are very nice. The picture is of an after show discussion with the Artistic Director, Playwright and Directo.
Response: Thank you!

Jabari Clark: Nice set of theaters with an organic, neighborhood feel. Friendly staff and clean facilities. Comfortable chairs and temperature. Not a fan of the service fee per ticket when buying as a bundle. That may prove to be cost prohibitive to some. No dedicated parking and street parking is limited. No local metro but streetcar stop is across street. Overall pleasant experience to bring local acts to the stage.

Tracey Newman: I am STILL talking about this performance! It was phenomenal! I am hoping there will be encore performances in the future. A beautiful kind was eloquently portrayed in this piece. Very well done!

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